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Owen Jones Unpersons Chris Williamson

Kit Knightly

UPDATE & CORRECTION: Owen has claimed he changed the article in question some time before the expulsion of Williamson. We have now checked his claim on the Wayback Machine and it appears to be true.

Syme was not only dead, he was abolished, an unperson.
George Orwell – 1984

Chris Williamson should never have been suspended from the Labour Party – he should never have been rebuked or chastised for his words at Sheffield. He told the truth, and those who have deliberately taken his words out of context to vilify him in smug, dishonest editorials, have a political axe to grind that is nothing to do with genuine antisemitism.

This should be the position of everyone on the left who has a genuine interest in a socialist Labour government. Sadly, it is not.

Williamson has been thrown under the bus. Ritually sacrificed. That New Labour climbers like Tom Watson, and braying media whores like Rachel Riley, play an active role in this surprises nobody. Their glee is as evident as it is toxic. But the betrayal from those who are notionally Corbyn supporters is equally foul.

Owen Jones took to twitter to virtue-signal away, and celebrate LAbour making the “right decision”, whilst decrying those on the left who were angry about it.

But then he went even further, too. He full-on 1984ed the man. Shoved him head-first down the Memory Hole: This was brought to our attention on twitter:

It is totally accurate.

In April last year Jones posted an article to his medium account, headlined “Delegitimising the British left”, it contained this paragraph:

Now, forget that left-wing politicians — Chris Williamson, Laura Pidcock and Clive Lewis among them — are subjected to relentless online pile-ons from both Tory and Labour MPs and hostile commentators.

It now, contains this parapgraph:

Now, forget that left-wing politicians — Laura Pidcock and Clive Lewis among them — are subjected to relentless online pile-ons from both Tory and Labour MPs and hostile commentators.

For anyone doubting us, here is the current version, and here is a archived version from last year.

Owen removed Williamson’s name. He did this within 24 hours of the man’s suspension.

It doesn’t really matter how the removal came about. The question isn’t “Why?”, we know why.

The far more troubling question is “How far will this neo-Stalinism go?”

Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.


  1. John says

    The dog at the end about so called neo stalinism is to be expected of middle class Trotskyist fake socialist guardianistas

    • GeneralDreedle says

      Did you mean fake socialist off-guardianistas?

    • Seamus Padraig says

      I’m beginning to think that airbrushing away Trotsky’s followers one of the best things Stalin ever did.

  2. Rhys Jaggar says

    One interesting thing is that criticism of Jews must be equally valid as criticism of everyone else, otherwise we are a racist society.

    It is axiomatic that individual Jews carry individual responsibility for their behaviour and hence no personal criticisms can be anti-semitic.

    The anti-semitic argument must be limited to linking Jewishness to particular malignant traits.

    Even then it is justifiable to ask questions like: ‘Why are so many US-Israeli dual nationals in critical US Government roles and does that impact adversely on how US policy is formulated and enacted?’

    That is reasonable because Jews form a small minority of the US population and should not be some master race controlling the vast majority.

    It is also justifiable to question the impact of AIPAC on US Representatives and whether it appropriate for an organisation representing Israel to attempt to manipulate election outcomes so blatantly, particularly given the ridiculous furore about Russia purportedly doing the same.

    In the UK, it is NOT axiomatic that the UK must be a vassal of Israel and it is undoubtedly an electoral hot potato to suggest otherwise. Telling Muslims to treat Jews with respect in the UK is just basic good behaviour, it is not necessary to kiss Tel Aviv’s backside every morning, noon and night. Telling every other non-Jewish UK citizen to treat Jews with respect is equally basic courtesy.

    It is not anti-semitic to evaluate Israeli policy with regard to Gaza, the Golan Heights, Lebanon and Syria in less than complimentary lights. It is merely applying certain basic common standards of international law.

    It is not anti-semitic to say that if Israel carries out murderous missions contravening international law, then there should be consequences.

    It is not anti-semitic to say that extreme Zionism is a fairly repulsive concept. It is an opinion not an edict and one which is more commonly held than many might be comfortable with. It is not saying Zionism should be made illegal, it is expressing strong views against the concept in principle.

    It is not particularly fair, however, to tear into Israel whilst giving Saudi Arabia a free ride, certain absolute monarchies in the region a free ride and Iran a free ride.

    I must say I have lived a very sheltered life as I have never once heard rude and antisemitic language used against ordinary UK Jews in the forty years when I might have actively thought about its implications.

    To hear that the Labour Party is infested with such folk is somewhat surprising and begs the question as to how you actually define anti-semitism in the Labour Party.

    Strong criticism of opinions held by prominent UK Jews is not anti-semitism.

    • Philpot says

      Rhys, your very sensible and we’ll argued statement would be diced, chopped and edited by the Zionist mafia to render you ‘anti-semitic’ too.

      This whole nonsense about anti-semitism is just a very clever, well rehearsed and very effective tool to control any criticism of extreme Israeli policy. It is actually causing genuine (misdirected, completely unfair and unmerited) anti-semitism in response to its brutality. It is innocent Jews who suffer from the violence of these Zionist bullies.

      The Labour party should have stood their ground. They cannot ever win now in this battle.

    • milosevic says

      The anti-semitic argument must be limited to linking Jewishness to particular malignant traits.

      You mean, like “anti-zionism is the same thing as anti-semitism”?

      Because that necessarily implies that zionism is the same thing as Jewishness. But this idea is currently promoted as the core idea of pro-semitism. Which then means that pro-semitism and anti-semitism are actually the same thing.

      Having arrived at a contradiction, we may fairly conclude that Jewishness is the root of the problem, and the solution is to abolish it. This can best be accomplished by treating people who persist in identifying with it, with the same contempt that is currently reserved for similar varieties of fascists and racists, such as nazis.

    • Maggie says

      Well reasoned Rhys and no one can argue the points therein. However you have missed the reason WHY anti semetism is such a hot potato.

      ”The Lobby part 1 of 4”

      Where you will see that directions come directly from Israel.

    • Haltonbrat says

      I have not noticed that Iran has colonised or committed genocide another nation so your argument as used by Zionists doesn’t hold up. As for Saudi, is not Israel helping them with their invasion of Yemen. Next you will be saying “and what about Venezuela”, well Israel have been seeking to punish Venezuela because of their criticism of Israel in 2009 after Operation Cast Lead which resulted in the Israel ambassador being expelled. You are simply trying to whitewash the crimes of Israel.

  3. John2o2o says

    Here is a list of all of the good things I have to say about Owen Jones:

    (Yes, it’s intentionally blank).

    • That’s not quite fair. Owen Jones often sticks up for Corbyn compatible Labour policies. However, although I have noticed him joining the anti-Corbyn MSM side on several occasions before this, this case really takes the biscuit. It seems as if he has a fit of terror induced sycophancy and decided to squeal on his own parents to the inquisition in order to insure himself against their suspicion, or possibly from room 101. Chomsky has exhibited similar hard to credit and unforgivable behaviour with his “Who cares [who was responsible for 9/11]” remark a few years ago. There are some very strong currents running not far below the surface of current affairs, most probably financed by the US and channeled via Mossad and MI5.

  4. crank says

    Richard Seymour’s ‘hot take’ in eight bullet points:
    1. There are racists on the right of Labour
    2. They are racist against ‘blacks, Muslims’, but not Jews
    3. They are scared of the new active Leftwing membership
    4. The membership should respect the feelings of these racists and not say anything to upset them
    5. The Labour leadership should expel anyone who doesn’t respect the racist’s feelings or says anything to upset them
    6. Zionism had nothing to do with the Rothschild dynasty (honestly)
    7. There is no witch-hunt of anti-racists and Leftwing voices in Labour
    8. Online media is bad

    Did I misread it?

    • Makropulos says

      Oh Seymour. Just as Corbyn bent over backwards – and then bent over backwards again to reassure everyone there was no anti-Semitism in Labour, so Seymour is forever serving up careful statistical analyses to reassure us of the same. And the more obliging they are in their efforts the more fuel they add to the accusations. I have now got to the stage where the moment I even see the term “anti-Semitism” I glaze over. Like the term “conspiracy theory”, it is a mind block. It says “You shall not pass!” as it redirects us all into safe harmless pastures.

  5. DunGroanin says

    David Hearst is the Editor in Chief of the Middle East Eye. He left The Guardian as its chief foreign leader writer…

    He has written from first hand experience, it’s a must read!

    Maybe Owen Jones can be asked to comment on Hearsts’ latest article on the AS ABC campaign?

    “Milne went on the MEMO trip as a columnist. When pressure grew on The Guardian to acknowledge paid trips, Milne discovered that the British pro-Israel lobby, BICOM, had arranged over 50 visits for Guardian journalists to Israel in recent years without any paid visit being acknowledged by the newspaper.
    Many Guardian journalists had been on BICOM freebies more than once. I was one of them.”

    And the protagonists of the campaign:

    “These interventions by yesterday’s spooks are not casual, nor are they ill-timed. They are a direct attempt to stop a popular and democratically elected leader from becoming prime minister.

    They are, therefore, actively, consciously and cynically subverting British democracy. You may like Corbyn or loathe him. That’s up to you, but you may never be allowed to express your opinion at the ballot box, if these guys have their way. And how would you feel if the tactics used on Corbyn were used on you? What would you do if your character had been assassinated repeatedly and you had no means of redress? Is this the way you want politics conducted in ” the mother of all parliaments”?”

    Who else does Hearst think is ultimately to blame for the AS campaign!

    “The problem lies with the Board of Deputies which claims to speak for all Jews in Britain. These are the leaders who have appointed themselves judge, jury and hangman in each and every allegation of anti-Semitism.”

  6. Hmm says

    Sadly those who now pass as journalists view themselves as ‘experts’ rather than as jacks of all trades, masters of none. He thinks he can present opinions as facts and that no one will notice. Mr Jones is a fake lefty as far as I am concerned. The clip of him strolling around London with that other fraud, Paul Mason, pointing at mansions and suggesting they were owned by Russians sealed it for me. An pair of ill-informed hypocrites.

    • Denis O'hAichir says

      I agree with that assessment of Jones.

    • And of course Harding… the spin-master of prejudiced opinions into fascist facts.

      It goes without saying it’s okay – even mandatory to be Russo-phobic at the Graun!

      But simply question the Zionist state of Israel and it’s a kosher pastrami slice up for whoever dares to commit the treason. For treason is what it is fast becoming in the USA, UK and France as Micronman is set to create such legislation to try and eliminate the Gelet Jauns. Such duplicitous unfounded cries of wolf only serve to fuel the rise of true Jewish anti-Semitism.

      Some, including myself believe Russian anti-Semitism has already taken over at the Guardian.

      • DunGroanin says


        Luke ‘the farce is with him’ Harding is a MINION – certainly never a ‘master’ of anything except self delusion.

      • Haltonbrat says

        With the Grauniad it goes back to editor CP Scott who was an ultra Zionist. But who now is pushing Zionism in the Grauniad hierarchy?

  7. Anna says

    And meanwhile David Icke has now been banned from Australia with the charge of being a Holocaust denier, (which he isn’t) but even if he was, how should that be allowed to prevent his access to a Commonwealth country? Zionist run hate groups….

    • Mikalina says

      My understanding is that the Aussie amphibians were really upset about the bad press they were getting and, the frogs being the most vocal, called for a boycott. They’ve had t-shirts printed and everything…….

      • mark says

        France is even worse than America now. They prosecuted some youngsters for wearing BDS T shirts. Can’t “offend” the Chosen People.

        • Some Random Passer-by says

          A boycott of France may be in order

      • Mikalina says

        My “frogs” was just, you know, those little amphibians – it was NOT a code word for anything……..

    • mark says

      He had a theory that the world was really run by a cabal of intergalactic space lizards.
      At least I think that’s what it was.
      Maybe he’s right for all I know.
      It would certainly be a welcome improvement on the people currently running things.
      Anyhow, he was followed around to book signings by a bunch of Zionist weirdos, who claimed that the space lizards were some kind of code word for Jews.
      They threw a custard pie in his face at one of these.
      Icke handled it quite well. He just tasted it, shook his head and said, “No, no. More sugar! More sugar!!”
      Even the space lizards are anti semitic now.

  8. mark says

    Oy vey! Somebody’s telling the truth!! The truth is anti semitic!!! Close it down!!!

    We have now moved fully into a world of innocent until accused. Automatic guilt of “anti Semitism” upon accusation, of just supposedly “offending” somebody at the Board of Deputies, the Friends of Israel, or the Mossad Office. Don’t argue, don’t ask why, don’t try to defend yourself, just prostrate yourself before your Zionist Masters and crawl on your belly before them. If you go really overboard with all the grovelling, you can hope they may just go easy on you and go looking for other victims instead.

    Britain is now just as Zionist controlled as the US, where supporting BDS carries 20 years’ imprisonment and a $250,000 fine. No doubt our Zionist Masters will soon pass the same laws here and require us all to take our Israel Loyalty Oaths, when they get bored with banning Hezbollah and anyone else they dislike. There is a complete Zionist stranglehold over our political and media life, just like Canada, France, Australia, and so many other countries.

    Anything that contradicts their narrative to the slightest degree will be ruthlessly punished, however mild and innocuous it may be. These people will take exquisite pleasure in destroying Williamson’s career, with all the goy stooges like “I Am A Proud Zionist” Watson and nauseating little turds like Owen Jones enthusiastically joining in. That’s what they do. Every so often they will pick out another victim to destroy, maybe a few Tories this time, like Alan Duncan and Crispin Blunt, who have been in their cross hairs before. Pour encourager les autres.

    So if the IDF kiddie killers want to gun down another 500 kids in Gaza tomorrow with their dum dum bullets and British sniper rifles, you’d better make sure you’re quick off the mark in cheerleading for it. The only problem is, whatever you do to please our Zionist masters is never enough. Give Israel £10 billion and you are anti semitic because you haven’t given it £20 billion. Fight 5 wars for Israel and you are anti semitic because you haven’t fought 10 wars for Israel. Jesus Christ himself couldn’t please these people when he walked the earth, so what chance have any of us got?

    • What we’ve seen in the West is a surge of anti-Jewish bigotry, sometimes in the form of opposition to the right of Israel to exist, that has resulted in a surge of anti-Jewish violence. I salute those who speak out against fascism, even when that fascism is reframed in terms that appeal to a faction of the “left.” There is no way to justify the misrepresentations and lies used to incite this hate.

      • vexarb says

        @dhfabian: “What we’ve seen in the West is a surge of anti-Jewish bigotry that has resulted in a surge of anti-Jewish violence.”

        I think you have put the cart before the horse. For years I have been warning my Jewish relatives that Israel’s mindless violence would give an excuse for old-fashioned visceral Antisemites, common in the prewar Britain of my youth but rare after the well deserved revulsion against Hitler, to come crawling from under the stones where they have been hiding and say, I told you so Hitler was right. The wonder is, that old fashioned Antisemitism is still so rare 70 years after the death of Nazism (see post by Prof.Harvey Goldstein, Where are the Facts for these accusations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party?).

        Israel’s success in every field (except humility) has the Zionazis suffering from an excess of Hutzpah; the Greeks also had a word for that: Hubris.

      • IntergenerationalTrauma says

        dhfabian – ah yes, the very same dhfabian who does his zionist troll shtick at GreanvillePost, Consortium News and here. Always dependable as a voice advocating for poor misunderstood Israel, and always ready to point out how any critique of Israeli policy or mention of Israeli influence on American politics is by definition “anti-semitic.” Given the consistent themes of your posts, one could be forgiven for thinking you’re simply a paid troll, but perhaps not, perhaps you’re simply a true believer in apartheid, lawlessness and mass violence as instruments of state-craft.

      • mark says

        The only “surge of anti Jewish violence” is the propaganda construct manufactured by our Zionist masters.
        Like the 163 bomb threats to US synagogues made by a Jewish man in Israel, to stir up trouble for Trump.
        Or the Jewish cemeteries vandalised in France by a French Jewish man to divert attention from one of many Zionist pogroms in Gaza.
        No doubt we can expect to see a lot more in a similar vein. The Mossad Office and the Board of Deputies are probably breaking open the boxes of spray cans as we speak.
        Then it will be “another epidemic of anti Semitism” made possible by “the institutionally anti semitic Labour Party and the anti semite Corbyn.”
        The stupid goyim always fall for it.

      • mark says

        Apartheid South Africa didn’t have the right to exist.
        South Africa does have the right to exist.
        Israel has the right to exist. So does Palestine.
        The genocidal Zionist Terror Regime does NOT have the right to exist as the world’s only openly racist stae.

      • Some Random Passer-by says

        @dhfabian What of the Sargeant’s affair or the King David’s Hotel bombing?

        • Haltonbrat says

          That is only a minute amount of terrorism committed by Jewish terrorist gangs. See the book “The State of Terror – How terrorism created modern Israel” by Thomas Suarez which gives a huge number of referenced examples of Jewish terrorism.

      • John2o2o says


        We have seen no such thing!

        Have you considered writing fiction? Oh, wait …


        Lies, lies, lies, lies. Yes, the accusations of antisemitism are lies designed to silence those who do not support the Israeli treatment of Palestine.

    • What you write is an outstanding example of the mindless ranting of the anti-Jewish zealots. Clearly, you have no idea of what Zionism is, but you gleefully join the ignorant anti-Ziono-(fill in the blank) chanters.

      • mark says

        What you write is an outstanding example of the arrogant racist entitlement of the Talmudic Supremacists. You have no idea of the crimes and atrocities of our Zionist Masters, or gleefully support them because they are only inflicted on the goy donkeys.

      • John2o2o says

        You can be Jewish without being a Zionist. Which kind of destroys your argument.

    • Haltonbrat says

      Or offending the UK Likud office in the case of Gilad Atzmon.

  9. Jay-Q says

    I have to admit, I am struggling to get my head around what is going on at the moment. Whatever it is I do not like it one bit and feel that we are now in a very, very dangerous place in British politics. The darkness at the heart of the political establishment and mass media is astonishing, what makes it worse is how blatant and dogmatic they are about it.

    Having just watched Witch Hunt I am even more alarmed.

  10. Yossi says

    No argument with the comments about Jones, but let us not forget that Williamson himself called Gilad Atzmon anti-semitic based on as much evidence as that employed against Corbyn. Let us also not forget that he voted in favour of military intervention in Libya.

    • crank says

      Important points, one that I’d forgotten, and one that I am shocked to learn.

      • harry stotle says

        Meanwhile migrants are being tortured in Libyan detention camps set up with EU money to stop them reaching European waters.

        Needless to say Blairite MPs are too busy weeping over controversial tweets to worry about the untold misery they are complicit with.

        • Mikalina says

          The Houses of Parliament are a puppet show – for the masses – and puppets have little wooden hearts…..

      • Haltonbrat says

        The false rebellion in Libya as in Syria was set up by the UK et al.

    • vexarb says

      Yossi, thank you for that; a man who voted for the rape of Libya is obviously of unsound judgment. But Williamson (and other Labour Leaders including Corbyn) are not being being assaulted for poor judgment; they are the victims of a concerted attack with trumped up accusations, in a cynical MaCarthyist witch hunt for non-existent “anti-Semitism”.

      • vexarb says

        Correction, that should have been “erratic judgment”. Here is Mr.Williamson showing good judgment again:

        Chris Williamson: ‘Venezuelan economy crippled by U.S. sanctions’

        To err is human. But I repeat, this MP is _not_ being attacked for erratic judgment: he is a victim of the MaCarthyite “anti-Semitism” witch hunt.

    • writerroddis says

      True, Yossi, but I’m willing to cut Chris Williamson some slack. Re Atzmon he wavered in the face of withering fire of an intensity I’ve only once faced (35 years ago over defence of the Provisional IRA). Maybe you have, and can therefore validly judge the man – as opposed to the deed – but IMO he made good at Sheffield, hence the furore.

      On Libya, well, it’s been a journey for many of us. I can’t claim to have followed CW’s career closely but have heard him described as a former Blairite. If so, he’d appear to be on a leftward trajectory. In which case, it’s likely that – again as for many of us – the scales have begun to fall from his eyes re the extent of imperialist villainy.

      In any case, on this issue, Williamson is to be defended unconditionally.

  11. stevehayes13 says

    The treatment of Chris Williamson is in fact a proof of the confected nature of the “the Labour Party is institutionally anti-Semitic” scandal. The jumping up and down with moral outrage is the only “evidence” that is being offered against Williamson. The tactic is simple: shout anti-Semitism and if anyone is brave enough to challenge the accusation, call them racist too. This is a totalitarian tactic. But it is one that suits the enemies of Corbyn, as it enables them to avoid having a debate about policy. The last thing his enemies in the party want to have to do is explain why they are in favour of wars of aggression and regime change operations, austerity for the working class and fabulous wealth for the rich and routine and systematic tax avoidance, or their support for the state of Israel. Jonathan Cook has written a number of excellent articles of this issue, such as,

  12. DunGroanin says

    Jones flip-flopped out of relevance two years ago – his invented media personality of right on identity politics is straight from the post modernist mind controllers. Whether he was groomed or he made a considered choice – he sups with the senior msm devil mentors – what has he said about II/IoS? Except follow the lead of his beloved masters?

    His job is clear – ABC!

    Watson / Cooper / Ben / Kinnock / various spice girls..

    Ready to burn Atlanta as they retreat.

    Frankly I don’t give a damn – for the Funny Tingers. Their political careers are over next time they stand in an election.

    Steve Bell has managed to get the clarity through in this weeks ‘If’.

    The Establishment are proceeding with a Parliamentary coup – because the Labour membership is digging in against the barrage. And the secret polls will show that the voters too are becoming further entrenched. The brits do the best underdog defending in history.
    No amount of lying msm bs can turn the heads of these getting their politics from grass roots campaigners.
    Labour have them.
    Tories/Libs/Tingers DON’T.
    They are left pandering and promoting the kippery youth/TommyRotten paramilitary types to stir up shit.
    Expect riots by ‘robbed brexiteers’ and neo-loons.

    If you didn’t watch Starmers speech yesterday – check it.
    Yet again he wiped the floor with them.

    For these these who think they are old (Nu) Labour who pat themselves for having got Blair elected – you didn’t do it , it was Murdoch and the powers – selling you the idea that it was a hard won victory. They the ‘NuLabInc’ activists who never had much time for JC – and appropriately also these with a biblical bent – as they blinker themselves with ABC or No Brexit and all such false gods, remember that the Hebrews who escaped from Pharoah were led by an old beardy, who eschewed the fase idols, and gold and led the people to their new home – yet didn’t get to cross into it! Job done.

    That is why the combined attack on JC personally are pointless. That is why it has failed again and again. When they finally figure that out – expect similar shit to rain down on the leaders that JC is nurturing on the front benches – I’m sure dossiers are already bulging on Starmer and co.

    Though it’ll be too late and we will finally after 40 years in the neoconlib desert have got to the promised land.

    Jones and his idolators and identity politics divisions will be dust or wailing in the left behind desert.

  13. “The party that has done more to stand up to racism is now being demonised as a racist, bigoted party.

    “I have got to say I think our party’s response has been partly responsible for that because in my opinion… we’ve backed off far too much, we have given too much ground, we’ve been too apologetic…

    “We’ve done more to actually address the scourge of anti-semitism than any other political party. Any other political party. And yet we are being traduced.” Chris Williamson

  14. crank says

    I am actually quite relieved that this has happened now, whilst Labour are not in government.
    I think we’ve had the blinkers taken off and can see that Corbyn is weak, effectively no more than a brand, a cargo cult, an empty vessel into which fanatical racist ideologues can fill the void.
    He is a liability to the membership and the electorate and should not be in the job. He is not capable of leadership and strategy. Maybe events in the next few days will radically change course, but that seems to me like hope for something long dead.

    I don’t think we are ‘through the looking glass’ either. If one approaches understanding this situation with a consideration of Jewish politics and history then it is quite clear what is happening. The phenomenon of the Corbyn movement is being used as a vehicle to silence any criticism of Israel, zionism, or Jewish power more generally, and to break any genuine anti-racist and anti-imperialist Leftwing politics in the UK (and further afield).
    ‘Secular Jew’ is, when you think about it, an oxymoron. Its an ethnocentric identity that is intrinsically bound to a racist ideology. The Left need to just get honest about this.
    There is very little antisemitism on the Left, and that is the problem. They need to find a way of criticising the idea of Jewishness, without attacking people simply for ‘being Jewish’.
    I think we will see this change as a consequence of what is happening. Left thinkers have a duty to front this as an equitable, peaceful and anti-racist response to the world we find ourselves in. If they don’t the Right will take the ball and then all shit will break loose.
    People are scared.
    Anti-Jewish sentiment has a horrific history that we don’t want to see repeated. The actions of Watson and the Labour Right, Owen Jones and his fellow liberal psychopaths, the fake Left Novaramedia journalists, the Jewish ‘community groups’ – all of them are behaving in a way that will make such horrors much more likely to happen again.
    Honest, fear free dialogue about deep ideas is what is needed. We have instead a braying hysteria and totalitarian thought control.

    • crank says

      …the actions of Watson and the Labour Right, Owen Jones and his fellow liberal psychopaths, the fake Left Novaramedia journalists, the Jewish ‘community groups’ …
      I forgot to include Momentum, who arguably have been the most significant actors in this whole charade. Corbynism looked to Labour membership for its powerbase, less so the unions, and even less so the various lobbyists of old. Who claimed to organise the members into an effective force? Lansman – who it should be clear now, is a quite ardent zionist and the very definition of a trojan horse if ever there was one.
      If I take one thing away from this all, it will be the memory of the Momentum coup. If I’d been more astute and experienced, I would have seen how this would likely pan out right back then.

    • crank says

      For those down voting that comment above, consider that Corbyn has allegedly expressed his ‘heartfelt wish’ for JLM to remain affiliated with the Labour Party.
      Think about that for a minute. He wants his enemies who we all know are an extension of a fascist government in Israel to remain close to Labour with him at the helm.
      Where’s your fucking ‘optics’ now Aaron Bastani?

      • crank says

        Not ‘his enemies’, but in truth the enemies of the 6,000 unarmed palestinians shot in the past 12 months that Labour members voted to support, the enemies of Labour members themselves who voted him in Jeremy Corbyn (do they want JLM to remain close to Labour ?), and the enemies of anyone who is disturbed about the McCarthyite weaponisation of ‘anti-semitism’.
        Leadership ?

      • crank says

        British three-year-olds have been told “the non-Jews” are “evil” in a Kindergarten worksheet handed out at ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools in north London, it can be revealed.

        Documents seen by The Independent show children are taught about the horrors of the Holocaust when they are still in kindergarten at the Beis Rochel boys’ school in north London.

        Is this an aberration, an extreme example that can be taken out of context and used by racist antisemites to paint a distorted picture of the small yet by far the most societally successful ethnic minortiy in the UK?
        Is it rather something that is typical in that community, something that has gone on for centuries, millenia even?
        Does it matter enough to warrant talking about ? Should discussion of it be confined to Jewish people? Should discussion of it be banned ?

        [Israel behind escalations in India-Pakistan ; regime change in VZ prepared under Israeli flag, Kushner warming up his ‘peace plan’ ….]

        [don’t worry I will go away soon].

        • mark says

          It is no aberration. It is entirely normal. Hatred of all goys is inculcated in them from a very early age.

      • milosevic says


        — but that’s nothing compared to the Romans, who holocausted SIXTY-FOUR MILLION JEWS in just one city:

        There were four hundred synagogues in the city of Bethar, and in every one were four hundred teachers of children, and each one had under him four hundred pupils, and when the enemy entered there they pierced them with their staves, and when the enemy prevailed and captured them, they wrapped them in their scrolls and burnt them with fire.

        Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Gittin, Folio 58a

        • mark says

          That’s pretty small beer. According to the Talmud, “4 billion” were holocausted. 4,000,000,000.

          • Yr Hen Gof says

            Never let the facts spoil a good story. I thought 64 million for a small terraced farming village (Betar) was pretty impressive, considering that was about the population of the Roman Empire.

    • milosevic says

      There is very little antisemitism on the Left, and that is the problem. They need to find a way of criticising the idea of Jewishness, without attacking people simply for ‘being Jewish’.

      I just thought of a great new slogan for this campaign:

      how about “anti-zionism is the same thing as anti-semitism“?

      We should copyright that immediately, before somebody else thinks of it.

  15. Kit, re the Update and Correction: does OJ say why it was he amended the original article to erase Chris Williamson, whenever he did it?

  16. Betrayed planet says

    Never before in my life have I felt such a violent anger about the now completely insane behaviour of the faux arselicking left in this now beleaguered country and its unfortunate people who continue to face DAILY an onslaught against their rights, their children’s future, their very freedoms and the complete end to peace in daily life as the psychopathy and pure evil of the government and its lackeys plums new even more insane depths.
    Corbyn has been destroyed. There is a vague chance that the far right, Blairites and the rest of the filthy scum that have co opted democracy have overstepped their nasty little mark. The vicious campaign against Corbyn , Williamson, and anyone who is even vaguely genuinely left wing is now so obvious even to the most naive of us. The drip drip condescension from the DM with Wills telling the British people to CHILL, MPs just got another raise in salary today, you genuinely couldn’t make this shit up. An almost nonexistent Anti Semitism has been poisoned by the right to the point where it is going to creat a real Antisemitism as people remain poor, overworked, ill mentally and physically, in deep deep depth and worst of all with no fucking future under the extreme right wing media and government now controlling the country.

    • Francis Lee says

      ‘An almost nonexistent Anti Semitism has been poisoned by the right to the point where it is going to create a real Antisemitism.’

      That’s exactly what is going to happen. It’s the boy who kept crying wolf. Until no-one eventually took any notice and there was a real wolf.
      What did Williamson acutally say which in any way vilified Jews? What he did was point out that Corbyn and the leadership of the LP should have stood up against the outrageous ACCUSATIONS of being anti-semitic. Now the term anti-semitic cannot even be contested. Anyone can now be labelled an anti-semite is one who doesn’t swallow the whole zionist agenda. The whole UK political class is becoming a front for zionist interests and interference. Labour Party Friends of Israel, Conservative Party Friends of Israel, all bought and paid for. What we have here is a foreign state – Israel – interfering in the internal affairs of another – the UK – without so much as a by-your-leave and being defended by the liberal-left which apparently believes that it has every right to do so. It is quite outrageous and shows how far the pseudo-left are a thoroughly reactionary and spent force; it cannot argue its case so resorts to the fog-horn propaganda of the media.

  17. Paul says

    It’s like being at an Alice in Wonderland tea party with rationality turned on its head. How can it possibly be ‘anti semetic’ to say in the midst of a media storm the issue is being misused by Labour’s enemies? The implication has to be that ANY combating of anti Labour hits from the Israeli and Jewish lobbies are simply NOT ALLOWED. One thing is for sure the half million must keep firm. The entire country knows it’s all a big Get-Up. It’s Watson’s Party that should be expelled.

  18. harry stotle says

    Can anybody explain to me why Blairites are horrified by an MP who wants to see a documentary yet remain unrepentent about their own complicity in policies that have devastated so much of the Middle East and N Africa?

    I mean do they think it is another group of MPs and not them who should take responsibility for what has happened there, or have they got their head stuck so far up their own sanctimonious arse that they simply fail to understand how their political choices play out in the real world?

    Labour paid a high price for political office: a greedy, murderous leader and a dire group of MPs prepared to sell the country out for neoliberalism while pretending otherwise with rhetoric heavy on identity politics but low on impact (if we take redressing Britains growing wealth inequality as a key measure).

    Jones distancing himself from Williamson is par for the course while Freedland has already perfected the art of faux outrage over 6-year old tweets while pretending not to notice that Israel is led by a right wing government that would make earlier generations of Jews feel deeply uncomfortable about the way they treat the Palestinians.

    • Haltonbrat says

      Which “earlier” generations are you referring to?. The Jewish terror gangs were arguably worse than the current Israeli government. See Thomas Suarez’ book “State of Terror”.

  19. ronan1882 says

    For two years before the last election Owen was loudly pronouncing – along with the rest of the comnentariat – that Corbyn would lead Labour to unprecedented electoral disaster. Astonished and alarmed by how out of touch he and the gang were, he regrouped and determined to lend his ‘left’ credibility to the neverending rightwing AS smear. History will show he supported Corbyn and the movement for ‘a transformative left wing government’ like a rope supports a hanging man.

    • @ronan1882 ” he regrouped and determined to lend his ‘left’ credibility”

      Owen Jones had credibility? When?

      Owen Jones is a self serving narcissist shilling for whoever gives him an opportunity to mug for the cameras and in preparation for his next underrated book. With any luck his flip-flopping will earn him a smack in the face from his own feet. His insincere veneer has slipped so many times it’s a wonder he can recognise his own reflection. I don’t really understand why Corbyn keeps this toady little creep around.

      In case you wonder. I’m not his best fan.

  20. Marou says

    Watching the predictable and predicted cannibalism of the loathed Labour Party entryists is a source of endless delight – keep at boys. It’s a sight for sore eyes

    • mark says

      Enjoy your delight while you can.
      Our Zionist Masters are overreaching themselves.
      They have broken cover.
      Previously they were content to pull the strings and dish out the bribes behind the scenes.
      Now they have taken off the mask.

  21. This isn’t neo-Stalinism: it’s pathetic, identity politics driven, abject surrender in the face of enemy fire – if you must use an analogy from the USSR, neo-Gorbachevism would be more apposite. As a Welshman, I prefer Jones the Invertebrate. With friends like Jones and Mason, Corbyn doesn’t need any enemies.

    • vexarb says

      M.Brebi, neo-Stalinism for sure. The editor of the scientific “Journal of Irreproducible Results” once showed me what he said was a contribution from the Soviet Union: Two photographs of their astronaut team; the photographs were identical — except that a face had vanished from one of them.

      Well done, Comrade Joneski! You earn the Order of Loyalty.

    • Ken Kenn says

      The main question for all concerned alleged ‘ lefties ‘ is if you can’t handle this minor heat – how are you going to react when the real heat is put on a Corbyn led government ( that is if that it happens of course) and the foes are much stronger than the TIGs?

      I trust Corbyn and a few others to withstand it but there are a lot of Nervous Nellies who populate the Labour Party despite its alleged takeover by the ‘ Hard Left ‘

      Momentum is one grouping I’m not particularly struck by and that’s for starters.

      Truth is you would be lucky to count on two hands genuine Corbyn supporters in the PLP.

      I trust the vast majority of the membership but not necessarily the apparatus and the PLP.

      In a GE there would be many apologising for being anti – austerity.

      The measure of the task for Corbyn is indicated by how many Labour MPs abstained on the Welfare Bill when Labour was led by Harriet Harmless. It’s a good indicator of not being seen as just the Party of the Poor.

      To win those Nellies around will take some doing I’m afraid.

      • harry stotle says

        Sadly you are right, the Blairite rot epitomised by Margaret Hodge, Tom Watkins and Sadiq Khan (all disciples of war, big business and social injustice) has metastasized throughout many tiers of the party.

        Meanwhile Yvette Cooper is trying to surppress WitchHunt apparently oblivious to what book, or in this case film-burning signifies.

  22. bevin says

    Jones has turned flinching and sneering into a very profitable art form.

  23. Some Random Passer-by says

    Jones is a shit. His noise about Corbyn being unfit, and his then poor excuse of “listening to the voices” confirmed to me that he is there as a token leftie.

    Mason is another.

    They must be making some serious cheddar, whilst millions use food banks.


  24. timfrom says

    If Corbyn can’t find his spine now and make a major speech standing his ground, he’s done for and Israel will own the Labour party…

    • Yarkob says

      Horse: meet stable door.

      That boat sailed a while ago

    • Dungroanin says

      Tim, think Corbyn has not got spine?
      Where have you been? From day one of his surprise leadership win – there has not been such a attack on a politician and long standing MP of a very represenative of the population constituency.

      The question that is not addressed by the media is just how come a foreign country has so many formal and informal ties to MP’s of all parties of a third country? How come so much money is contributed to certain individuals? How come the msm seems to coordinate their ‘atrack’?

      It is the elephant in the room.

      The only time the msm are forced to give fair coverage is during the short few election weeks. That is when Labour should expose the ABC AS BS’ers to the watching public.

      In the meantime there is plenty of rebuttal going on where it matters – in the streets, pubs and work environment. Where real daily issues are discussed.

      • Yr Hen Gof says

        If Muslims were as well represented in Parliament as British people of the Jewish faith, they would have over 200 Muslim M.P.s.
        Tommy Robinson and his ilk would have apoplexy.

    • Shardlake says

      It’s too late, even now, Friends of Israel influence over the Labour party is almost complete. It’s become practically impossible to raise objection to accusations of Labour party antisemitism without being labelled an antisemite. There’s no appeasing that will satisfy this faction within the Labour party as their aim is purely and simply to remove Mr Corbyn from his twice elected position as leader. It matters not one jot whether he is good enough to be leader – the proper thing to do would be to put somebody else up for election if he is regarded as unfit and let the Party decide.


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