What “community standards” did this comment breach? #19

The following comments – sent in to us by a reader – were censored by The Guardian. Which of the well-publicised CiF “community standards” did they breach?

Removed comments, posted under their Politics live thread on the 20th of February:

Another user actually commented on the fact the thread had been removed:

…that thread was also removed.

So: Which of the Guardian’s “community standards” did these comments break?

  • Does it “misrepresent the Guardian and its journalists”?
  • Is it “persistent trolling or mindless abuse”?
  • Is it “spam-like”? Or “obviously commercial”?
  • Is it “racism, sexism, homophobia or hate-speech”?
  • Is it “extremely offensive of threatening?”?
  • Is it “flame-wars based on ingrained partisanship or generalisations”?
  • Is it not “relevant”?

If none of the above – why were they taken down?

See our archive of censored comments. And if you see any egregious examples of the Guardian censoring its “free” comment sections – email us at [email protected], and send us screen caps if possible
UPDATED 4/3/2019 to correct an incorrect link

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Generally, we seem to be moving into an era were more and more texts and utterances are being proscibed and made forebidden, a totalitarian era and one pushed by ‘liberals’ typified by people employed at the Guardian. It’s like ‘witchcraft’ and the ‘witchunt’ is returning. Mass hysteria too. It’s rather disturbing.


I think there’s a rather obvious ‘subtext’ in the comment and why it was deleted. That without saying so directly it completely undermines and demolishes the Guardian’s line on Corbyn and antisemitism in the Labour Party, that it’s little more than ‘fake news’ with a partisan political agenda. One doesn’t have to say this. It’s implied. And that implication is enough to get the comment banned and disappeared


Yes, having played the lie, they are trapped in defending it – and will have to cover the lie with lies and so it is a pact with the devil, because a lie of a life can only front the appearances of life that is hollowed out until they face what they did and own it. Regardless the ‘circumstances’. I don’t know the circumstances but I have no doubt that assets are acquired by ‘fair deceits and foul entrapments’.

Commenting to Guardian (if you are going to go there and want to) might be an art form of how to communicate in ways that get past the censor but make some undercurrent statement that can be recognized by ‘floating voters’ – because no one but those already opening to question the narrative is going to read anything that is not supporting their world-view.

Hurt feelings about being deleted on Guardian are pathetic – excepting if you are just finding out the world according to the Guardian is not what you thought. But then to keep trying and complaining about it?

The MSM is an agency of ‘narrative dictate’ or mind control for those who think they have one but never use it to question an increasingly insane narrative – and an organ of PR and disinformation that also clickbaits with anything about nothing to suckle ad revenues.

While we can, it might be better to track reliable witnesses and buy their books – etc – because the net is ‘being choked’ back. And also to walk and be in the natural world and share life in real relationships. A fake or hollow society cannot continue to function with every increasing overheads. I don’t see the need to bring it down so much as grow something real that can abide through these times.

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking

I just got modded / deleted this morning at the Guardian Of The Establishment, once again.

It was a discussion under Stewart Lee’s funny yet saddening piece on Brexit and British politics. Somebody pointed out that Henning the German comedian on BBC QT highlighted that the timing of the recent resurrected anti Corbyn accusations of him being anti Semitic was rather strange and probably no coincidence, to which there was a stunned panel and audience silence (i saw QT myself and chuckled at the rush to get the show back on the Ministry Of Truth’s approved track).

Below that comment I reminded readers that in January 2017, the Israelis sent back home one of their London embassy employees for getting caught on Al-Jazeera saying that the British Foreign Minister Alan Duncan and other MPs would be “taken down”, therefore, I queried as to why were no journalists were asking questions of the Israeli ambassador and their policy towards Corbyn. No accusation, just to ask them him the question due to the previous incident.

I counted 15 upvotes in the first half hour, before I noticed a couple of hours later when returning to read replies that my comment had been removed.

I wasn’t surprised to be honest, there is no longer any truth allowed in the comment section ascwe know. They did allow an unfounded slur and accusation to stand that a member of the ERG “looks” like a kiddy fiddler – until I remarked about it and said it’s libellous, then the mods immediately removed his and my comment! Incredible that the mods let that stand, yet my reference to a true and daming incident of interference in British politics by a foreign power was removed.


Why do people continue to legitimize this shitty deep-state propaganda outlet by paying attention to it?

Just leave it alone to rot in peace; eventually, anybody with a brain will notice that everybody else with a brain has left, and only morons, shills, and conformists will remain.

You are only serving to reanimate the rotting corpse by continuing to engage with it. Leave it alone, for the maggots and cockroaches to enjoy.

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking

I occasionally still visit the Guardian and in doing so, I hope, in a very small way, to try enlighten at least one other Guardian reader to realise that what they read there should be taken with a pinch of salt, at best. Even if I get banned and need to change my account, it’s worth it if at least one person sees the light.

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking

Dear Admin, when will the upgraded website be available please? I’m yearning for the ability to edit my posts for at least 5 mins after I submit them in order to be able to correct them. You notified us, I think in November, that the upgrade was “imminent” ? Thanks in anticipation.


Yes it would be nice.
But I note that we are digitally trained to be interface driven rather than intention directed.
I can type up a response, (in a text app) and when I would have posted it, stop and do something else (maybe initiate a 5m alarm) and then review it before sending.
Being interface driven is easy, automatic, guided and supported, and generating our own consciousness is seemingly upstream, calling for awareness that we usually wake to having forgot some time later.

I like that some comment systems have an edit or timed edit facility – but I also notice what comes up around these issues.
Technocracy is in some sense an interface driven society, in which thought and response are framed by laws, memes and incentives to serve the intent of those who make it – and the willingness of all who take the ride because its a ‘no brainer’ – with no call to challenge and transform our thinking


so what you’re saying is, that the state authorities know what’s good for us, and any malcontents have only themselves to blame for their troubles, and should be given exemplary punishment, to the fullest extent of the law.

and that dissidents should be flogged, shot, beheaded, hung, drawn, and quartered (but not necessarily in that order), and their pitiful remains suspended from a gibbet, for not less than six months, pour encourager les autres.

and lastly, but certainly not least, always blame the victim, but never explain or apologize, especially on Tuesdays.


Well no milosevic – that isn’t what I said. But If that is what you are taking from it that is yours.
You can know what is good for you but it wont come just from hating those who don’t see you or care to.
What you take from anything is what you make of yourself. For yourself – and the people that are in your life.
We live one day at a time.
Hate gives power away – as I see it – so I own what is mine and learn to live with who I am.
I cant live other people’s choices and putting my mind into them is not the truth of them – but more about me.
But I prefer a world in which there is real choice (not just fake choices to the same end result) and that mean weighing up what is real or true of me and being that. How honest can we afford to be with ourselves? Isn’t that what we are quick to hate in these others who sell everyone else to save their own?

‘They’ work to keep the mind asleep – and the people employ ‘them’ to be provided with sleep.
Is that at all true?
If I want ‘them’ to serve waking up, I change MY purpose – regardless what ‘they’ choose.
A willingness and desire to learn is not denied – or to put in another way – all results are valid data when you know what it is you are seeking. Some things come into your life to show you where you now KNOW you don’t want to go – or be. Or you could know if not fixated on what’s wrong with everything and who’s to blame.
You have to live with yourself. I think that’s it.
How you choose to do that is how you choose to relate to whatever comes up for you.
Power in the world has had a blind hate for millennia. It is not new.

If the ‘rules’ that run the game are to change it will only be from people growing new ways to be – despite the conditions and ‘incentives’ that make that seem impossible or unthinkable. Shift happens.


so what you’re saying is, you can earn thousands of dollars per week, working as a government disinfo shill, from the comfort of your own home.

and that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, but at least a significant proportion of them can be convinced that obvious bullshit tastes delicious, if it’s adequately flavoured with pretentious verbiage.

and finally, that making total nonsense look like it’s something other than the randomly-generated output of a computer algorithm, isn’t as easy as you would think.


Well I must be doing something right. to earn the smear by baseless accusation treatment.
If you simply asked you could engage in communication, but if disruption of communication and division is your intent – you will leave that as your very last option – but when you are willing to talk, I will listen. Otherwise – you clearly have your own agenda that I obviously am not supporting for you. I am not accusing and attacking baselessly accused ‘dis-info agents’ or inciting fear, hate and suspicion here. You are.

While I have read that GCHQ etc are budgeted to operate cyberwar – (fuck up the internet) – I also see that so many are willing and witless to work that purpose for free. Just to feel ‘better about themselves’ by shitting on someone else.

As I said you are growing what is yours by what you choose to make of what comes up for you. I don’t give you shit – you can change what you receive as simply as changing the measure of your giving.

I don’t care if you are the thing you accuse me of. I am not interested. You are the one who has to live with your choices. I know you have a real choice that hate cannot see. Hate, cannot see.


so what you’re saying is, people who don’t want to be mistaken for a deep-state disinfo robot, driven by a random-number generator, should take care to avoid writing like one.

well that’s wise advice, indeed. I can’t imagine why nobody ever thought of that before.

New AI fake text generator may be too dangerous to release, say creators

The creators of a revolutionary AI system that can write news stories and works of fiction – dubbed “deepfakes for text” – have taken the unusual step of not releasing their research publicly, for fear of potential misuse.

OpenAI, an nonprofit research company backed by Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, Sam Altman, and others, says its new AI model, called GPT2 is so good and the risk of malicious use so high that it is breaking from its normal practice of releasing the full research to the public in order to allow more time to discuss the ramifications of the technological breakthrough.

At its core, GPT2 is a text generator. The AI system is fed text, anything from a few words to a whole page, and asked to write the next few sentences based on its predictions of what should come next. The system is pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible, both in terms of the quality of the output, and the wide variety of potential uses.

When used to simply generate new text, GPT2 is capable of writing plausible passages that match what it is given in both style and subject. It rarely shows any of the quirks that mark out previous AI systems, such as forgetting what it is writing about midway through a paragraph, or mangling the syntax of long sentences.

From a research standpoint, GPT2 is groundbreaking in two ways. One is its size, says Dario Amodei, OpenAI’s research director. The models “were 12 times bigger, and the dataset was 15 times bigger and much broader” than the previous state-of-the-art AI model. It was trained on a dataset containing about 10m articles, selected by trawling the social news site Reddit for links with more than three votes. The vast collection of text weighed in at 40 GB, enough to store about 35,000 copies of Moby Dick.

The amount of data GPT2 was trained on directly affected its quality, giving it more knowledge of how to understand written text. It also led to the second breakthrough. GPT2 is far more general purpose than previous text models. By structuring the text that is input, it can perform tasks including translation and summarisation, and pass simple reading comprehension tests, often performing as well or better than other AIs that have been built specifically for those tasks.

That quality, however, has also led OpenAI to go against its remit of pushing AI forward and keep GPT2 behind closed doors for the immediate future while it assesses what malicious users might be able to do with it. “We need to perform experimentation to find out what they can and can’t do,” said Jack Clark, the charity’s head of policy. “If you can’t anticipate all the abilities of a model, you have to prod it to see what it can do. There are many more people than us who are better at thinking what it can do maliciously.”

To show what that means, OpenAI made one version of GPT2 with a few modest tweaks that can be used to generate infinite positive – or negative – reviews of products. Spam and fake news are two other obvious potential downsides, as is the AI’s unfiltered nature . As it is trained on the internet, it is not hard to encourage it to generate bigoted text, conspiracy theories and so on.

Instead, the goal is to show what is possible to prepare the world for what will be mainstream in a year or two’s time. “I have a term for this. The escalator from hell,” Clark said. “It’s always bringing the technology down in cost and down in price. The rules by which you can control technology have fundamentally changed.”


What “community standards” on Off-guardian, do I breach milosevic?

I don’t join at the level of the apparent conflict perhaps, but I do look to what lies beneath – and in consistent phrase and prose, seek to articulate something of the underbelly of the beast – and the nature of our use of and subjection to it.

The psycho-physical nature of our world is a recognition through which false framing can be evaluated and released. Until an individual accepts their own part, they be-live the part the framing in the false assigns them. No one is apart and alone – and the willingness to open psychic – Felt – connection is the release of the dictate or compulsion to ‘go it alone’ which is the basis of ‘power struggle’. The experience of being ‘apart and alone’ is terrible and thus masked over so as to make such a life bearable. Terror hidden becomes ‘normalised’. The social norm becomes alienated avoidance through the forms of joining. The ‘algorithm’ runs automatically as a virtual ‘reality’ as a dream of a life.

The joke is that the robot mind is the vector through which truth, life and love are denied, in protection of a robot life.

Jesus called them – ‘those who know not what they do’ – because they are programmed to know only what hate, fear and guilt dictate as ‘survival’ in place of eyes that see and ears that hear.

You set the measure of your own receipt. Properly understood, this IS your freedom revealed to your remembering. If I were to be caught up in my own drama as a sense of struggling in conflicted and loveless feelings and someone or something reminds me who I am by waking me from what I am not – then I don’t care who or what is the vector or agency of that recognition. I am simply grateful for the grace of remembering – and presence of joy shining now.

If – as your mind paints and projects – I am an AI robot OR a (very well paid) disinfo shill – what would the PURPOSE be? How might that reveal itself?

As I understand such a purpose is to incite division in doubt and conflict along with smear and disinformation along the usual practice of the dark arts – as regularly spewed by robot news and robot news anchors. Some of this happens in life anyway because the ‘dark arts’ are only a professionalized version of the attempt to manipulate others and shape or change the outcome – and perceived world – to serve self-interest.

So the only basis I can see for your fear and hatred (why attack if not deemed worthy of attack?) is that I do not incite or join in hatred – even though I do not hold back from acknowledging the hateful nature of the robot mind of power struggle, one-up-man-ship and a sense of self-conflict taking global proportion that degrades and destroys life on Earth.

Those who make of hatred a religion demanding sacrifice of the living will judge against any who don’t bend the knee, as set against them. Their ‘power base’ depends upon maintaining hatred as justified in attacking ‘others’. There is no love but weakness – or power of hate presented perhaps in the mask of love’s protection.

If you find I leak or work a hateful agenda – let me know because that is not my desire – and what I hold as desire is warm and alive and free to move and be. If I have slighted you in some way that has set you into personal vendetta – it was not my desire or intention. I do not focus on the personal – so much as the universal or impersonal nature of communication.

“All about me’ is a self-specialness that makes a strange kind of robot of a living being. We are all entangled in the personal sense in different and shifting patterns. You have entangled with me for your own reasons. If you want something, why not ask for it? If you actually wanted to ‘test me’ to see if I would make a mistake and reveal myself as what your thinking is telling you, then how would you go about it and what would you look for?

All you have – as far as I see it – is a lack of understanding what I am saying. That in my view is not because it does not carry meaning – felt, chosen and shared – but because such meaning simply cannot operate, run or exist within your current thinking or ‘operating system’.

So I am not speaking to the robot – who cannot hear – but to the one who chooses such a masking defence and becomes trapped or subject to its dictate. This is literally the scenario of being trapped in your own thought which a MOMENT’s pause and reflection would reveal absurd. If you hate yourself – which self is which? Thought-confusion is correctable.

You are the mind in which thought arises and yours is the power to accept, or not give attention to what you hold in mind, give value to, and live the experience of. This is always true because mind is always active – regardless any virtual representation in its own thought.

Being aware of our thought is different than being the robot of its running. A true self-awareness is a flowing unselfconscious spontaneity or joy in being – whereas the robot of a self-conscious ‘manual override’ is battling life as if it needs to overcome, replace it, or escape it in worship of static fantasy reflections. (Re-enacting the past in symbolic representation).

Fear, hatred and guilt in living runs back to our ‘separation trauma’ and yet is re-enacted daily as our world – and in a deeper sense as the re-enacting of the moment of an interjection or imposition upon life – by which who you truly are is denied or hidden for a masking defence.

That I reiterate the same core meanings over and again is not for me a waste of time or even repeating myself – but standing in the rising from a new appreciation. In truth we are always rising anew from the very movement of being. In robot-world, a continuity of joy is replaced by thoughts and objects assigned shifting meanings from an ancient past made in anger.

I’m up for a reset in terms of a reevaluation of the joyless, and of forms of pain masking as joy.
But I understand that our personal and collective emotional and intellectual investment in the masking of a false sense of control is set against life, as distrust, fear and hatred of life – whenever it violates our narrative dictate or programming.

Here is a real choice – do we re-cognise the living of which we are integrally a part of, or persist in the masking defence of some seeming payoff relative to an otherwise discomfort?

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking

Cut it out Milesovic, no need for that completely unsubstantiated nonsense here. Binra is as much anti Establishment as anyone here, and he conveys in a different way, as a philosopher and spiritually connected person.


Binra is trying not to be mistaken as an A.I disinfo robot by people who have such a purpose in life.
While a sense of joining may strengthen purpose by sharing it – my purpose is not defence so much as owning our own purpose and living from there.
The culture that we grow is by our active purpose – and our acts are responses from our perceptions which are always interpreted through a persona of cultural inheritance, acquisition and conditioning experience.
Unquestioned presumptions look out as if seeing reality and act in such a way as to reinforce the perception-belief and then defend it as our self.

Looking at our reactive mind while looking out into relationship (world) is an ability that grows from accepting love.
I don’t know any other way of undoing the defences that lock us into our particular entanglements and survival strategy.
Love is – in my view – already the Fact – but a mind of love betrayed, killed, abandoned and lost is a Fict of love scarred, shattered and made scared by running with the hooked bait of a conflicted confusion.

Awareness of the difference between a fict and a fact is the key to choosing one and letting the other go. So we are released of our illusions as we release them in others. No – I do not always remember this.
Spiritual is in a sense not more than unified purpose. But associations and derivative symbols of both love and fear operate a conflicted mind at both personal and collective levels.

The dis-establishment of a false or distorted sense of self and world opens the way for the natural and spontaneous re-establishment in our mind of what is already in it – but which cannot be accepted or recognised without willingness of consent to let in because Love is never coercive upon its Own – or its would cease to be All That Is and would split reality to an insanity. The mind can believe this – but it a lie cannot become true excepting to give truth to it – which is sacrifice of the living to prop up the dead. This is the ‘world’ we have made and believe, suffer and die in.

The intensity of the conflict – felt as attack and pain of loss is not being negated as our human experience – but its basis is being revisited in the desire to re-envision or indeed to truly See.

The re-enactment of separation scripts is what is in any case ‘going on’, the spiritual dimension is the willingness to bring this to a present awareness, one willingness at a time. Our mistake is trying to bring light to the problem. Which is exploited by the mind that frames ‘problems’ as an inducement to give our light to its framing – and feed its hidden agenda.

I know what I am talking of – but can only share it with a willingness to also share it. That’s how love communicates itself as a synchronous wave or movement of recognition. Humanity is in the nadir of a reversal, and the ‘flip’ to right ways up thinking, is the result of being sick of a manipulative and meaningless world (and thus of the thinking that it reflects). Milosevic may be sick of all kinds of hateful elements in his world but holds onto the hope they can be eradicated, denied, shut down, killed or rendered impotent. From where I stand I know that what I give out sets the measure of what I get back – and while self-hatred is not without its moments – I have no desire to invest in persisting that sort of experience for myself or others. I think we only learn from pain when we begin to recognize our part in its persistence and thus stop doing that by doing something else. That recognition is a gift of love – not pain – and yet it is exactly where the pain or fear is, in the instant we cease trying to reject a part of our self as if to get rid of it.


Thank you. It’s been a tough day – I needed that…..


As the Labour front bench and supposedly ‘Corbyn friendly MPs’ are being flipped or taken down, we have to wonder if Jon Lansman has ever ‘had lunch’ with Lord Levy ?


So the Obsessive Groan is on the run!

Last night very late I checked to see what drivel in-Cohen-rant and his fellow crusader ‘Ridiculous’ Rawnsley came out with to throw at the Corbynites.

Well there was nothing! From either of them. I assumed they were having a belated half term.

So what a fine surprise to find that not only were we blessed with the mucous of the Blair Bitch but the dreary- duo had their articles sneaked out this morning!

But with no comments allowed. Lols.

Run rabbit, run rabbit, run, run … they can’t stand the heat.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

harry stotle
harry stotle

Rawnsley produced this cracker laden with language redolent of Soviet era. Russia.

Comments switched off of course.

Meanwhile over at the virtue-signalling wing of the Guardian, doe-eyed journalists continue their production-line of articles that all more or less coalesce around a single theme: why is everything so utterly shit under Britain’s neocon axis.

The likes of Andrew will never understand, of course, at least until he has first hand experience of what it feels like to be fucked over by tory austerity policies.


A caveat to the buffoonish or benign approach of the Guardian:

The MOMO manipulation and control exercise (it was NOT a ‘hoax’). I saw the effect it had on a 7 yr old and a 12 yr old and it was mentally devastating and, possibly, life threatening. I do not think the little one will ever recover from the experience – I have never seen such terror in a child.

The Guardian reported it as a momentary hoax and gave space for a primary Headteacher to say that his decision not to discuss it with the children was clearly justified as there was ‘no panic’ at the school.

There was a noticeable change in the children’s behaviour up to FIVE weeks before the ‘outing’ of the ‘hoax’ and research needs to be done on the amount of damage this has caused and exactly how this manipulation and control of our children took place – if the children will talk, that is, having been told that they or someone in their family will be murdered if they speak.

This reporting is pure evil – there is no other word for it.

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking

Interesting. It appears that MOMO is another element in the Orwellian, totalitarian mind control being inflicted upon the Anglo Saxon world.


I don’t recognize the MOMO acronym – but I wholeheartedly recommend a short book by Michael Ende called Momo that speaks simply and deeply in story to a loss of awareness of being to the stolen mind. The book was – I believe – blocked or limited in the US as its revelations are counter to the narrative/mind control of the ‘Grey Men’.
I will now see what MOMO stands for in Orwellian terms.
I notice that some terms are ontological – such as War on IS. Or have divine association as in war on ISIS.
Name magic is one of the oldest kinds of spell.


OK – MOMO acquainted.

Is it a black op?
Where is Internet surveillance when it could identify the first examples of such a meme?
Internet surveillance is a black op. Oh well!

If we are within a convergence point – as I feel we are – then an identification in fear as the basis of control over others seeks to maximise its ‘mindshare’.

By fear – I mean inclusive of all its progeny – so hate works the same agenda – and does so as a sense of righteous reaction to evils – in power expressed blindly or ratcheting up of ‘security’ that disempowers the protected in false flagged dependencies.

Because fear (and its begotten) are contagious – incidences of hysteria can start to occur as if at random – and spread like disease – and I feel this is the undercurrent of much we regard or portray as disease.

The book I recommended is a true antidote to MOMO the psyop.
It is for adults with children as well as for the true child in us all.


I am a massive fan of Craig Murray, and have been for about 10 years, though I have never actually met him, nor any of his moderators.

I can accept that over the last couple of years, the vast majority of my posts on his blog, never even appear though some do, several hours later…

I wonder if this one will…

“I contributed to Craig Murray’s legal defence fund, when he was being viciously attacked by the online Daily Mail a couple of years ago.

He promised to publish his accounts.. and if there was any money left over – to distrbute it to other similar legal defences, under similar attacks

Did any of the surplus, go to defend for example Gilad Atzmon?

I don’t mean to be rude, but I would like to see Craig Murray’s accounts as he promised he would publish them on his blog.

Even George Monbiot did that.”

It hasn’t yet appeared.

What am I to think?

I don’t want my money back. I just want to see my small contribution used as promised it would be.

Maybe it has been – so let’s see Craig Murray’s accounts.

That seems quite reasonable to me.



Try mentioning woolwich or 7/7

harry stotle
harry stotle

Or the Parsons Green bomb: the incident that gave us the infamous toothache model.

Strictly off limits to raise doubts about the veracity of media reports, especially the quality of photographic evidence.

Luckily the young woman managed to survive the carriage ‘fireball’ without getting a spot of soot on her pristine blouse, while the unmeltable plastic bucket containing the incendiary device was apparently donated to a local window cleaner.

Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson

Tony: contact Craig Murray about it.


So the ‘Integrity Initiative’ has managed to firmly steer the Guardian into the lying and deception path.


Facts really should be sacred, but on the Guardian facts are usually scared.

I see little point is talking at length about this matter. Everyone with anything going on between their ears knows that Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of those subject to this smear are not antisemitic. Jeremy is supportive of Palestine. That is all you need to know.

And there is no point in trying to prove that Mr Corbyn is not antisemitic by providing examples, because this is not about truth and reality, this is about removing Mr Corbyn from the position of leader of the Labour party.

His enemies are peddling lies.

Those of limited intelligence and/or of limited attention spans are only going to be exposed to the MSM lies about Mr Corbyn, they are not going to be reading detailed accounts showing that he is not anti-semitic.

I repeat, anyone with anything going on between their ears knows that the antisemitism smear is just that. Everyone else is either thick or has a pro-Israeli agenda.


Everyone with anything going on between their ears knows that Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of those subject to this smear are not antisemitic. Jeremy is supportive of Palestine. That is all you need to know.

yah, but I keep hearing that “anti-zionism is the same thing as anti-semitism.” I don’t want to tell them that they don’t understand the content of their own identity; that seems like it would be kind of anti-semitic. So I guess I just have to accept that anti-zionism makes us all anti-semites. But now that I’m comfortable with my anti-semitism, maybe I CAN contradict them, and argue that I’m not anti-semitic for opposing their fascist terror state, after all.

I’m so confused. All this hasbara is making me feel queasy.


“So I guess I just have to accept that anti-zionism makes us all anti-semites.”

No, unless Zionism is your thing, just anti-FAsCemites. New fascisms need new descriptors.

Proud to be anti-FAsCemitic.


Reflections on upping the anti.

Life didn’t have a name until the idea of naming spelled it.
Life cannot be spelled out, and Be Life.
The image and model is… image and model.
Life is Life – whether taken in vain or shared in true receipt.

So the mind of the judge spelled itself ‘in’ with the life it judged its own set against the ‘other life’ outside – into which it projects the anti-life intent so as to maintain plausible deniability or a mask of relative innocence.

Life in form thus split into life and anti-life – with anti-Life as the claim to power of a life set apart and into conflict with what seems to be anti-life or enemy, as the cause of pain of loss and death.

This reversal is of a sense of opposition to ‘What Is’ – as if ‘What Is’ – is lacking, inadequate, powerless. Thus an act of making powerless is masked as an act of self-inflation.

An image or idol of Life is not the Creative power OF Life – and investment in form is giving sacrifice of power to an illusion of power in forms of outcomes given personally invested meanings. This is enacting fantasy over Life’s forms as an attempt to regain a lost love or power that is in truth the assertion OF ‘special love’ and false power.

Private agenda in search of allies or reinforcement by which to maintain private agenda over wholeness feared as the exposure and loss of personal power. Self- exposure – or self-honesty – is denied or defended against by exposure OF others and their denial or attack in forms of withdrawal and withholding of Life.

The mind of separation is thus contagion of fear and hate that would subvert the shared purpose of Life in Expression – such that each sees its own shadow in the other and attacks it there, making temporary and shifting alliances in a world of shifting and treacherous meanings.

Denying another’s freedom of Life in Expression is denying our own and yet blind, hateful and destructive expression is a ‘set of mind’ that must be identified as lawless or a corruption of the Law in which a seeming love operates its antithesis and propagates itself to the unwary as if a power set apart and over love made weak.

So the educational correction to the mind unwatched and unwary, is the social laws in which cause and effect can be restored their rightful place, and fantasy recognised as such – NOT given power over the living – but given up to the desire of the true call or need that runs unseen beneath it. Because the urge to dominate or possess is at root the desire for completion and wholeness of self sought externally – where it not only CANNOT be found, but in which the pain of self-lack will forever drive the need for ‘more’ that can never be enough.

Lack of peace or conflict CAN be made as power set against Life in vengeance for a sense of being failed BY Life. But in cannot become true, and can only seem to exist and persist by generating reaction of support for the lie by means of inducement to deceit.

The insinuation of self-lack into relationships and social order is thus the vector of subversion to resentment, envy and grievance of an abnegated responsibility for one’s own choice – inverted as accusations of blame on the other. Fantasies of freedom and fulfilment as a personal vindication are then nurtured as a ‘secret mind’ that is hidden from relational honesty to become a social masking currency or coded responses.

In this way the tares overrun the wheat and the institutions of service to life become the means of its denial, oppression and destruction.

The idea of the harvest is in testing the fruits now – not else-when. The ability of the mind to delay or procrastinate is the insertion of processes, requirements and conditions to be met – before addressing or owning what is active in our name, is our ability to hear another call than our Life – and follow it as if a way to become ‘more’ of something we therefore identify in lack of and be-live by acting from as true of us.

The complexity of the mind as a defence is beyond the mind’s ability to war on and win. In a sense it is always one step (or many) ahead – because it runs beneath all ‘sides’ of every conflict as the preserver OF conflict – which IS the primary means of blocking or diverting a free awareness of its maker – which is a wish that You can withdraw allegiance from – once seen for what is is.

Love, self, reality – all were known wordlessly as one without a second from a timeless appreciation before a mind unlike was invoked to mask off in self-differentiation.
And still are Life – beneath the conflicted diversions of a mind set against itself.
But for the willingness to listen, alight, and align in true appreciation.

To see illusions for what they are in purpose and in cost, is to be brought to disinvest them.
But to react in terms of their framing is to keep them – and pay the cost.


It is no coincidence that the “anti semitic” smear is being directed against Corbyn and Labour at the same time as it is now being used by Macron against the Gilets Jaunes. I’m only surprised it wasn’t used against Brexit as well.

The aims are the same in both cases
Corrupt, arrogant, remote, incompetent, deeply unpopular neoliberal elites seeking to suppress and delegitimise popular opposition.

The Board of Deputies and its French CRIF equivalent striving to criminalise any and all criticism of Zionist atrocities as these become more and more blatant and can no longer be hidden by a pliant Zionist controlled media.

These elites try to portray themselves as “centrists”, though they are invariably constructs of the powerful vested interests and the Deep State. The “centrist” orthodoxy they seek to enforce is made up of neoliberal economics and financial stringency, austerity, gross inequality, declining living standards and security for the vast bulk of the population, defunding and privatising public services, food banks, blanket surveillance and shredding of civil liberties, stringent censorship, and unquestioning support of the Zionist Regime in Israel.

Almost all mainstream politicians, Tories, 80% of the PLP, The Blairite Backstabbers, the so called “Independent” defectors, the minor parties, all subscribe to this orthodoxy. Those who don’t, like Corbyn, are “to be driven out of public life”, as the Board of Deputies makes clear.


Has the Obsessive Groan released any sacred facts on how many of their free commentators have been disappeared?

Or is that against their community standards?


Isn’t it being run by MI5 these days? (Only half joking).


Yes see my reply to Robbo below where i share my experience of high tech (miltary grade) employed in disappearing an email from a sensible moderator, from my inbox.


Under a post-truth dictate, the ‘favoured’ get to kiss the boot that stamps them so as to preserve at least some illusion of freedom in its framing.

Sometimes it seems just to be ‘going with the flow’, after all everyone else is doing likewise or meets exclusion and penalty – but at some point it is not only a step too far, but a step in which previous missteps are owned and repented of.

Worth cannot be painted on afterwards. (But a glazed mind can be fired in hate projected away onto others and by attacking their hate, seem to be worthy by contrast)

Emotional blackmail that yet leaves its victim with an acceptable life may persist as an ongoing compliance.
But the cost of such a life becomes, of course, all that is worthy of living.
Repentance is no more than the re-wakening of the mind to truth it thought to have lost – and become unworthy of.

But the illusion of attacking truth is a self-attack projected or asserted to others – according to their willingness to join in hate – perhaps under the pretext of escaping its cost.

Media of the mainstreamed narrative are a front without substance. It isn’t that something cannot leak through, but that they are purposed to narrative control beyond any otherwise bias of ‘selling’ news.

All narrative realities are invested identity. Truth cannot be mythically or dramatically defined or pictured.
In the insanity of ‘identity’ manipulation as a weapon on life, the obvious (to me) response is to ‘dig deeper’ to a true foundation from which to live – not just an acceptable compromise – but to know the gift of life in sharing it – whatever the appearances suggest.

Over use of the anti-semitic stick dilutes its allegiance in terms of anything but its stick.
Jewish people are firstly, people or living human beings, as are all other people.
There are no exceptions or special perpetrators or special victims excepting in the mind of an ‘exceptionalism’ in which standards apply to ‘others’ but not to one’s own words and deeds.

If Jewish or any other peoples are afraid of being turned on by ‘others’, they might be more critical in those in leadership roles or positions of influence who claim to represent their interests or use their cultural identity for political or power struggle rather than for meeting in mutual worth. (And of course there are such examples).

Populations are commonly set up and sacrificed by their ‘leadership class’. This is not special to Jewish people nor are they specially exempt from such a fate. Power corrupts when it is taken as a personal identity to which truth of others becomes a footstool or prop for its acting out.

On surface there seems no common worth among human beings because of investment in power struggle. The use of victimhood as a call to outraged sympathies of special treatment for asserting vengeance on ‘others’ is not where justice is found – or there would be no law BUT that of vengeance and no power BUT the power to exact it, and love BUT self-specialness at expense of ‘others’.

The mind locked into such a sense of self is not able to see or hear anything but what its mind dictates.
This is the nature of the human condition-ing, hence the saying – ‘who has eyes to see, let them see!’ and who has ears to hear, let them hear!’.
the mind was not created as a weapon or defence but as the extension of its own line of Creation.
The mind of its own spin is divorced from its true appreciation – and insanely interprets everything and everyone else as at fault. Resting the mind so as to be found or received in the heart is nothing more than a disinvestment in illusions of a narrative continuity that seeks to vindicate brokenness, grievance and the wish for power at persona level.

If you get what you wish for, you will pay the price of having given power to a lie, until you change your mind about your mind. Transparency and accountability to truth does not make a slave, but freedom from secrets and lies. In a world of lies, this may seem too high a price for freedom, but what is truth in its OWN terms?

Off Guardian is of course very much On Guardian in terms of critical comment. But can this grow beyond disillusion, betrayal and resentment to offer a positive – but not unreal – alt-news to the mainline fix of the daily meds?

The twitter post of Corbyn’s history is such a positive – and so the framing might be more empowering if NOT calling on the shaming of a lack of integrity, but giving focus to that which integrates a willingness of recognition and acceptance by the releasing of a hate agenda or the son of hate agenda or the son of the son of a hate agenda.

Anti – anything is not signalling virtue and those who shout loudest and point accusation soonest are of course those with most to hide. Hiding fears and guilts is protecting them from healing AND giving them power to work from the shadows of our own denied – but still active – mind.

The hate held in the human heart is like a bank account overflowing – as demand of debt repayment. Or like a battery whose charge is such as to continuously short circuit any channel of communication. Repenting of a destructive mind is not a basis for societal validation, but the uncovering of the extension of a worth you did not know you had, and still are. Without an ‘other’ to extend to, love would be forever lost to a mind in its own spin.

The ability to dissociate is dangerous to our self and society. Feeding blame and shame hate feeds or reinforces the justification in dissociating – because it is a hateful act that can be focused in as justification to exclude, deny and defend against by attacking first.

I don’t see Corbyn as having vision, so much as an honest willingness to represent those who extend their communication of trust to him. But he is clearly NOT ‘according to plan’ even if some of his ideas may become global dictate – such as state dependence on basic support provisions – (but subject to social score against penalties for non compliance).

I hold that there is a common human worth – that is neither left or right, premature or tardy. But it can only be lived through our current sets of beliefs and perceptions – that are then transformed or integrated to a living context.


tried to post this last night but had the same problem as other:

*It would appear the comment in question violated the new (“post-Brexit” / welcome to “Trump-land”) rules of Western corporate journalism. By these new rules under no circumstances can anything or anyone that supports the ‘common good’ be allowed to stand unsullied – in this case that would be Corbyn and any of those pesky “socialist” ideas he might be secretly harboring. Additionally of course – to suggest that anyone (like Corbyn) who actually does speak up for the “common good,” might also somehow also manage to NOT simultaneously be antisemitic – well, this is now strictly and absolutely also forbidden. Corbyn, by supporting the common good, must now also by definition be “antisemitic” according to the “new rules.” Corby=common good=antisemitic. Hey, I didn’t make the new rules, I’m just explaining them.

By this same new “logic” and formula a fellow like “random Guaidó” the new Venezuelan presidental-regime-change-CIA-mannequin-bot cannot possibly be considered “antisemitic” because he of course ONLY speaks for the wealthy oligarchy and the empire, and thus could clearly care less about the “common good.” Random-Guaido=oligarchy pawn=no anti-semitism-problem. I hope explanation this helps clear things up. These are the new rules, get used to them.

PS – oh, yeah, and of course it goes without saying that certain of the “old rules” remain in place. So even thinking about Palestinians as human beings deserving of basic human rights is of course categorically considered “antisemitic” and pretty much the same as holocaust denial or somehow seeing apartheid within Israeli society, where we all know, there is only freedom and democracy, just like here in the U.S. In fact, here in the U.S. it is only because of our deep love of freedom and democracy that we violated every law know to humankind when we randomly appointed “random-Guaido” as the new president of Venezuela! We also like that he isn’t “antisemitic” – by our new definition. 🙂 *(satiric commentary alert – for anyone a bit too serious to have already figured that out).

Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson

I think I’ve cracked it. The post must have been in breach of the fifth condition insofar as it was deemed extremely offensive or threatening to racists wishing to smear Corbyn with racism.

lynette cracknell chaplin
lynette cracknell chaplin

I have had many of my comments censored by that awful guardian. There is much more freedom of the press in Italy judging by the comments that are accepted and published .


A badge of honour.


I immediately gave an uptick and then copied the post into a doc for later reference. Really excellent stuff. I hadn’t realised that it was then modded. What a joke!


No need for me to worry about being modded by the Guardian, as I’ve been banned again. One of my previous bans was because of some sarcastic comments I made about Owen Smith, around the time he challenged Corbyn for the leadership of the LP. Smith is a man who’s so insignificant that I honestly just looked him up on Google, just to check I’d got his name right. I mean, I wouldn’t mind so much being banned over someone who was, at least in some small way, interesting, but Owen f**king Smith…?

As for the Guardian’s little army of censors, I mean, ”moderators”, well, they seem to be a pompous, humourless and, deep down, unhappy group of people. Those who are higher up at that rag, though, might just fall into the category of ”full-on evil.” For all their hand-wringing articles about social injustice, they seem determined to bring down a man whose stated aim is to do something about resolving it.

Their cushy lives depend on toeing the line, of course. Dutifully printing what they’re told to print, while continuing to insert their nauseating little message about how independent and fearless they are. It would be laughable, if the potential consequences weren’t so serious.

The Guardian is worse, much worse, than the S*n, the Daily Heil and all the rest of them. At least one knows what one’s going to get with those demented right-wing purveyors of lies. The Guardian, though, presents itself as something different. To call it ”a snake in the grass” would be an insult to the suborder Serpentes.


“The Guardian is worse, much worse, than the S*n, the Daily Heil and all the rest of them. At least one knows what one’s going to get with those demented right-wing purveyors of lies. The Guardian, though, presents itself as something different.”

Indeed, I often think of Democracy Now!, among others, as one of the most dangerous news outlets. Over the years they build up credibility and gain the loyalty of their leftwing/progressive (in the true sense) readers, to the point that their words are taken as facts. Then, after a smooth, gradual transition to MSM propaganda, they are still treated with respect and believed, having also changed the mindset of the audience without its even noticing.


Same applies to Counterpunch.


Given Off-G takes Counterpunch cast-offs…



The Guardian are certainly enforcing the narrative on this.
Labour members seem fairly united on this, as the first motion to support Williamson’s re-instatement gets near unanimous support.
(Sheffield Hallam is reputedly a constituency with one of the highest average wealth indexes in the country).
Resolution carried at Sheffield Hallam CLP on February 28 2019, by approximately 40 votes to 1 with 0 abstentions:


‘What “community standards” did this comment breach?’

The final, reserve, catch-all community standard they didn’t have space on the screen to list even though it’s quite a short list so they could easily have jostled the others up a bit to make room for it, namely: “You post, we moderate, so FOAD.”

If you bother to think about it, in rush hours their setup will be handling so many simultaneous comments that it has to be fully automatable, and so will be fully automated, as there’s no way their moderators are going have time to attend to the drudgery of removing unacceptable comments by hand, laboriously cutting and pasting their standard “all gone” template in its place, removing them completely from the poster’s profile (thus facilitating a potential, implied–but effectively totally memory-holed, so–undefendable slander on the poster’s judgement, something that’s particularly egregious in the case of a real-name poster), etc. And, of course, retaining an indexed but visible to staff-only copy for later referral in case of a dispute, Reader’s Editor perusal, new moderator potty training, miscellaneous legalities, etc.

So if all that is probably automated and a single button-push is the sum total of effort required of a moderator to remove some free comment–and, possibly its et seq (an additional button push?)–how come, given that the list of community standards is admirably precise and finite, just one more button-push, to attach the transgression’s number to the “comment removed” notice for all to see, has never been implemented (thus rendering the recurring question behind this O-G section redundant)? And how come a removed comment does not remain visible at least to that logged in commenter in the commenter’s profile, thus rendering all puzzling, pre-recording and screen shotting, etc., by a commenter genuinely concerned to establish the nature of his or her transgression, unnecessary?

Succinct answers on the back of a postage stamp addressed to The Guardian Media Group may be binned without notice. Like we said, FOAD.


Yes their catch-22/fight clubby rule was cited for my disappearance for mentioning SCL/CA on an article about the deep state!

To paraphrase what an never ending correspondence tried to establish – ‘You have been barred because you were barred sometime in the past and you have had some comments modded but we can’t tell you which! Even though the comment you were barred for didn’t break any CS’

There is no escalation to a higher line manager and only some single named modmanager who is otherwise unidentifiable and refuses to provide details of their boss!

Incidently not every mod seemed to be in agreement – once i had a reply late at night about a particular comment that had gone in response to some caustic (later i discovered to be a Hasbara) troll there, who i had hooked and skewered – the email in the preview screen explained that that mod had looked at it and reinstated it as it hadn’t broken any CS.

Then as I hit the button to open the email so I could thank that mod – it disappeared!

My comment had disappeared again, and it seems so had the moderator, whose name i hadn’t noted! I was met with no response about the phantom email.

That showed the tech employed, an email sent could be magically removed from my inbox.

Other dark arts are practiced such as watching as you type a comment. The emergence of the DS since proves they have access to such tech.

However, its an illwind … I discovered bountiful hours to find all the many indy bloggers and sites and their many knowledgeable punters, here included, that has brought the msm propaganda machine into sharp focus.

To understand that the fluffy Cadwalldr and Jones are cut from the same cloth as Harding/Freedman/Cohen and there is not much more than a ciggy paper between them and the shameless blustering haridans (Toynbee/Moore/Hyde etc or blaggards (Rawnsley/Harris/Mason etc).

Still the urgent desire to control the btl narrative is dumb militaristic waste of effort and public funds. As they are finding out as ever more of the remaining denizens see their ‘neighbours’ disappeared daily and new ones joining to state the counter narratives that we share.

The idiot 77 Brigade and co are daily shown to be no more than a child with a finger in the dyke!


“…the email in the preview screen explained that that mod had looked at it and reinstated it as it hadn’t broken any CS.

Then as I hit the button to open the email so I could thank that mod – it disappeared!

My comment had disappeared again … That showed the tech employed, an email sent could be magically removed from my inbox.”

Interesting. Care to say, if it isn’t infringing on your sense of privacy too much*, what mail agent (Outlook, Thunderbird, …) and service (IMAP, POP3, webmail…) you were using to receive/lose that email? ISP and/or mail provider could be interesting too.

“Other dark arts are practiced such as watching as you type a comment.”

Not quite as you type, but in small interim packets at defined points during composition. They’ve (where “they” in any of this does not necessarily mean “the Guardian”, who may being played for hackable suckers by third parties just as much as they play their BTLers for clicks per penny) have increasingly backed off the keystroke-realtime elements of that behaviour over time. Custodes overload, AI progress, or both, my guess. Or it could be that it’s only implemented full-on for those definitely in the black book or prospective unknowns being vetted for that privilege.

* because, to any “global adversary” with a good memory, providing such information in a public space could represent a small but real privacy risk.


Apple IoS.

It should not be a surprise that the algos will channel one to a human watchman, wherever they are based geographically, the 24/365 indicates across the world.

Snowdens revealed the chest full of golden tools and toys that exist.

The occasional soldier who over steps and edits your words as you type because you just won’t stop attacking the target! Is spooky but not ultimately scary. We are always more monitorable, some of us are silenced, but if we resist from a public forum, using public facts then punching up – means occaisonally we make contact with their gonads. And they wince!

It is satisfying.


“The occasional soldier who over steps and edits your words as you type …”

Could that be a spelling or grammar checker? I don’t know much about Apple except they’re good at helping Chinese management eploit Chinese workers and being as shocked each time they’re told so as they were the time before. That and all their current OSs are influenced by Jobs’ wilderness years. As big IT goes, I’d guess that their commitment to consumer privacy is a little more sincere than average. Other than that, there’s not a lot in your reply to comment on. Good luck with the dragons there be.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

The above statement is true, with the exception that if any members of the small group are ardent Zionists/Jews/sponsored by Israel, and their aim is to change the UK Labour Party to benefit the state of Israel, one is forbidden to mention their Zionist/Jewish/Israeli affiliations, or even that the group exists to serve a particular purpose (even with the group hiding in plain sight and directing a sophisticated PR campaign. Oops, to note such a PR campaign is again an an anti-semitic trope), as to do so is to indulge the anti-semitic trope of Jewish cabals exerting power over public affairs to the detriment of other, wider interests.

Basically, this group would like to expel every single member, having branded them anti-semites, who is familiar with/has posted links to the Al Jazeera documentary, The Lobby, which provides incontrovertible evidence of Israeli government attempts to interfere in UK democracy through attacks on politicians who have criticised Israel/dared to oppose the continued outrage of Israeli slaughter of Palestinians and occupation of their lands.


Jewish Power is the ability to prohibit discussion of Jewish Power.

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum

Those poor buggers that work for the Guardian must have a lot of sleepless nights.
Especially with TRUTH shining a brilliant beam of light into their constantly averting eyes.


Just following orders sah!



Link to St.Theresa regime’s ban on a Lebanese resistance organization against foreign invasions, which is legitimate under International Law:

“Labour to accept Hezbollah ban but queries Javid’s motives | Politics …

4 days ago – Labour to accept Hezbollah ban”

Where is Jeremy Corbyn?

harry stotle
harry stotle

“Labour to accept Hezbollah ban but queries Javid’s motives | Politics …

4 days ago – Labour to accept Hezbollah ban” – Where is Jeremy Corbyn?

The media has worked tirelessly to forge an indelible link (in the minds of the public) between Corbyn and antisemitism a smear campaign that has exceeded all expectations after similar attempts to taint him as an IRA sympathiser or Russia intelligence asset proved less effective.

The campaign reached its apotheosis when Labour friends of Israel walked and when the unbearably smug Tom Watson started purring about his one-man campaign to institute kangaroo courts should the slightest whiff of impropriety be fanned his way.

Needless to say it is now impossible to switch on Question Time without either the panel or the audience feeding the narrative that in 2015 the Labour Party morphed into Britains very own version of the Brown-shirts.

Corbyns slim chances of overturning 40 years of neoliberalism have faltered, probably fatally because of these poisonous tactics (which was the point all along of course) – and now we can look forward to the alternative; never ending austerity while right wing factions in the tory party continue to build links with kindred spirits in Europe and the US (which will almost certainly mean the end of the NHS amongst other things).

Having already been vilified for recognising Palestine it just seems utterly pointless to go into the trenches to fight over Hezbollah AND try and defend allegations about blindness to antisemitism given his accusers include senior members of his own party and virtually all of the MSM.


Nowhere to be seen, clearly. And that demonstrates very clearly that Corbyn cannot be trusted to stand for what is right, just, moral and ethical when it matters most. Hizbullah like Hamas are resistance fighters, not terrorists. And every people have the right to resist their oppressors, their invaders, those who ethnically cleanse them from their lands and homes – and that is in international law. But then, we know that only when it suits their purposes do the western nations, especially but not only, FUKUS, follow the tenets of international law.

There is one sort of anti-semitism; and then there is another. One is abhorrent, the other fine and dandy – and isn’t called anti-semitism, nor even racism. Yet Hizbullah members have a far stronger claim to being semites than do the vast majority of the Ashkenazi. (Strictly speaking it is the languages that are semitic – Arabic and Hebrew – not the speakers themselves.)


The brown goy stooges have to show themselves to be exceptionally subservient to their Zionist paymasters. Have to keep those shekels rolling in.