Venezuelan Tragedy: United States planning another coup d’état in Latin America

Gabriella Lima

Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido, Colombia’s President Ivan Duque and Vice President Mike Pence (AP Photo/Martin Mejia)

Washington is making extensive preparations to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela. The American authorities intend to adopt the most stringent measures, including the physical elimination of the current president, Nicolás Maduro, in order to promote their interests in the region.

In his recent speech on CNN, U.S. Secretary Mike Pompeo stated that the U.S. “will take action” in Venezuela in order to support its opposition leader Juan Guaido. ‘Maduro’s days are numbered’, he added.

Thus, Washington is obviously not interested in a peaceful way of resolving the Venezuelan crisis. In fact, the American scenario does not provide any resolution of the crisis. It all comes down to the financial and political interests of the United States, which are promoted by the American intelligence agencies and special services.

Guaido’s entry to the Venezuelan political arena is caused not by the economic and political crisis in the country but by the U.S. plans to strengthen the influence of Washington in Latin America through its political puppet.

Military support

The United States is using its security agencies to overthrow the government in Venezuela. Washington is also planning to ship weapons through countries neighboring Venezuela for their subsequent transfer to the opposition.

Pompeo’s threats followed opposition clashes with police on the border with Colombia. Guaido and his supporters went there as well, ostensibly for receiving humanitarian aid from the U.S. Such coordination and sequence of events raise a lot of questions. Apparently, Washington intends to use Columbia as a foothold for its military intervention in Venezuela. The White House is deploying the U.S. Special Operations forces in the country, despite the discontent among the local population.

The fact is that the Colombian authorities have long been controlled by the United States. Back under Bush’s administration, the country has begun receiving considerable financial assistance, although it had no positive effect on the economic performance of Colombia.

According to Colombian economist Alvaro Pardo, the current economic situation in the country is even worse than in 2003. And it is no better than in Venezuela. But the American authorities haven’t rushed to save the Colombian people and overthrow their government.

It is because the United States always strives to invest its money in the projects it can benefit from.

Financial support

While Washington spares no expense to support its special services’ operations, it found a way to save money on supporting the Venezuelan opposition.

The U.S has frozen Venezuelan financial assets clearly in order to invest them into making Guaido legitimate leader of Venezuela, which once again confirms the American intention to eliminate the country’s legitimate leader as well as demonstrates the U.S. absolute indifference to the fate of Venezuelan people.

Information support

In addition to financial and military assistance, the United States is actively pushing news about the brutality of the Venezuelan current government seeking to undermine its position, wreak havoc while promoting its protégé. Fortunately, many European citizens analyze the information they get and don’t hesitate to express their concerns.

As can be seen, Washington is using all means to overthrow the government non grata justifying its perfidious intervention with such beautiful abstract concepts as “freedom” and “democracy”. The end is not difficult to predict. After all, the United States played out such scenarios more than a few times.