What If The United Kingdom Never Quite Left The European Union?

David Lindsay

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I am writing this from one of the areas the votes of which decided the EU referendum. We voted to reject 39 years of failure under all three parties, going all the way back to the adoption of monetarism by the Callaghan Government in 1977, the year of my birth.

Brexit needs to meet our needs, which are for trade deals with the BRICS countries even while remaining thoroughly critical of their present governments, for integration into the Belt and Road Initiative, for full enjoyment of our freedom from the Single Market’s bans on such measures as State Aid and capital controls, for an extra £350 million per week for the National Health Service, and for the restoration of the United Kingdom’s historic fishing rights in accordance with international law: 200 miles, or to the median line. We must not be opposed in principle to trade deals with the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. But the NHS and food safety standards are among the things that are simply not negotiable.

Then again, what Brexit? As things stands, either the United Kingdom is to become a colony and a satrapy of the European Union, taking the rules without making the rules and having to pay while having no say, or it is simply not going to leave the EU at all. Either outcome now seems equally likely. Therefore, five points of primary legislation have become necessary.

First, the restoration of the supremacy of United Kingdom over European Union law, using that provision to repatriate agricultural, industrial and regional policy, and using it to restore the United Kingdom’s historic fishing rights.

Secondly, the requirement that all EU legislation, in order to have any effect in this country, be enacted by both Houses of Parliament as if it had originated in one or the other of them.

Thirdly, the requirement that British Ministers adopt the show-stopping Empty Chair Policy until such time as the Council of Ministers meet in public and publish an Official Report akin to Hansard.

Fourthly, the disapplication in the United Kingdom of any ruling of the European Court of Justice or of the European Court of Human Rights unless confirmed by a resolution of the House of Commons, the High Court of Parliament.

And fifthly, the disapplication in the United Kingdom of anything passed by the European Parliament but not by the majority of those MEPs who had been certified as politically acceptable by one or more members of the House of Commons. Thus, we should no longer be subject to the legislative will of neo-Fascists and neo-Nazis, of members of Eastern Europe’s kleptomaniac nomenklatura, or of Dutch ultra-Calvinists who would not have women candidates.

Moreover, even inside the EU, we need a British Government that will work for trade deals with the BRICS countries, for the Belt and Road integration that Italy is already pursuing, and for trade deals with anywhere only if they protected the NHS, food safety, consumer rights in general, and workers’ rights.

David Lindsay is a freelance journalist and an Independent political activist based in Lanchester, County Durham.

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David Lindsay is a freelance journalist and an Independent political activist based in Lanchester, County Durham.

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It’s symbolic of the declinine of British political culture and indicative of the competence of the ruling elite, when the real debate about Brexit begins to take place… after the referendum vote. I suspect the next referendum will be about reversing decimalisation and returning to pounds, shillings and pence, inches and yards. Why not?


We need to bring back furlongs, bushels, gills, chains and hundredweights as well.


Jesus, how misguided the British elites are! In their wild arrogance, narrow-mindedness, incompetence, aggressiveness. How much they could do for their people! How many opportunities are missed. How much time is wasted. How much benefit is lost. How many relationships are spoiled. What an interesting and useful projects could be implemented – in the economy, in the field of security, in the cultural sphere, in politics and so on.

How much Britain could get from cooperation with Russia! Look, Turkey agreed to such cooperation (in many respects by going “against” the NATO colleagues) – as a result, Turkey is now one of the most important countries determining the balance of power in the Middle East, and taking a direct and important part in such a global issue as the Syrian settlement. Turkish experts themselves admit that, they say, “thanks to Russia, we have reached the international level, Russia has led us to the top echelon”. If the British elites came to their senses and stepped onto the right side of history, standing next to Russia, they could bring many benefits to their country, elevating its status and role in international affairs (not to mention participation in a truly important and useful matter, like the settlement of the Syrian conflict).

Unique and global in importance is the Northern Sea Route along the long Russian shores – how much Britain could derive from cooperation with Russia in joint development of this route, which in the near future will have a direct impact on the global economy. Already now there is a battle for influence in the Arctic region and for the possible control of paths and routes north of Russia. I am sure that Britain could have a very good and profitable contracts with Russia. Russia is always glad to cooperate. But when a partner starts to pretend that he is the boss who came to teach a stupid student, the conversation/deal ends. Sorry, this trick will not work. Not with us.

Large-scale gas projects – “The Power of Siberia”, “Turkish Stream”, “Nord Stream-2”, etc. – how much benefit would Britain (both the elites and the people) have for possible participation in these projects together with Russia.

What an unique opportunities are in the Crimea! Tourism (last year 7 million people visited Crimea), winemaking, travel, construction… In all of this, Britain could take part, earning on it and delivering benefits and income to the British people.

The Russian Far East is also in many ways a unique territory. Cooperating with Russia, the British authorities could take part in interesting projects that Russia is implementing with the countries of the region – Japan, China, South Korea…

The security sphere – Russia has a unique experience in this regard, which could be very useful for Britain. Russia survived two Chechen wars, many terrorist attacks (we all remember Nord-Ost and Beslan), thereby obtaining “practical knowledge” of how to deal with this threat. Russia has unique developments in the field of information technology (for example, the facial recognition system ‘FindFace Security’, recognized by many as the best in the world), very useful for ensuring security of public events. Of course, Russia could share all of this with Britain (on a reciprocal basis, of course), which, maybe, could prevent the tragic incidents (at least part of them) that occurred in Britain and killed innocent people…

Tight cooperation with BRICS, already mentioned by the author of the article…

Truly the enormous opportunities offered by peaceful cooperation with Russia – to enrich yourself, to develop, to increase your status and role in international politics, to improve security etc. But all this was rejected by the British authorities. To all these opportunities, the British authorities preferred hatred, lies and contempt towards Russia. Well, that’s their choice.

Jesus, how misguided the British elites are!

(sorry, maybe a little bit off-topic, but considering that I’m a resident of Russia, not of Britain, I think it is logical that I looked at the situation from a “Russian” point of view)


I am not a fanatical EU supporter by any means, but I am afraid the last three years demonstrates in spades why leaving is a bad idea. We have seen a British elite talking among themselves and projecting their own wishes on to the public. recklessly ignoring both public opinion and economic reality. Are our government any more capable of representing the British people in trade and laws than the EU? I doubt it, on the evidence of the Brexit negotiations.
It seems to me that some kind of semi-detached Common Market-style arrangement would probably be the best chance of keeping the country together while not harming our economy unduly. All we need now is the leadership!


I fear that the benefits of leaving the European Union, after almost half a century of closer and closer integration with what is our biggest market for goods and services; is a warm, rosy and dangerous illusion. I suppose it’s natural for people to cast around looking for somone to blame when their lives aren’t what they thought they would be. Americans did it when they voted for Trump. The Brits chose Brexit. Both are mirages. Look at the map. The UK is part of Europe. The only question, though it is an enormous, complex and important one, is what kind of relationship is the UK going to have with the rest of Europe, no? I’ve heard Brits talking about Europe as if the UK is going to have a total clean break from Europe. This is an illusion. The UK’s economy will still be aimed at Europe, by far our biggest and closest market.

The idea that one should make it more expensive and difficult to export and import in relation to our biggest market, seems extraordinary to me. Why would anyone want to do this? Then there’s this almost quaint idea of ‘national sovereignty.’ How real is this concept in the modern world? I can see that people are nostaligic for a world they think existed decades ago, but reality doesn’t give a damn about what people desire or think.

As far as I can see, the UK has a choice. It’s a harsh one. It can become little more than an American protectorate, little more than a vassal state. Or, it can exist as a centrally placed state within the imperfect European Union. None of this is ‘ideal’, but neither is the world. The UK isn’t going to suddenly blossom outside the European Union, on the contrary. The tremendous damage we’ve witnessed over the last few years, brought on by this Brexit fantasy, is, unfortunately, only a taste of what’s to come.


The EU was never destined to be be our biggest market ! Currently UK does nearly 60% of all trade under WTO rules & US is our biggest trading partner.

Re-think who you use as sources – BBC etc lie a lot ……….


I know I’m wasting my time, but …has anyone ever heard of entropy? Well, you soon will, and bio-physical limits. And violence. And tribal blood-scrambles over scarce resources. The longer we engage in fantasy magic realist thinking – the closer we get to our planetary limits. The less we understand how the earth system functions: the more difficult it becomes to do something rational about it. Other than articulate violence with violence: which will be the likely outcome. And with the earth system working at 170% of a bio-sustainable rate: we may well have already passed that event horizon.

We are past peak-everything: and EROI is kicking in – and yet we act and fantasise like we can keep going forever. Why are we so entangled in AI-magic unicorn thinking? Fantasy politics that entails a fascist-violence teleology. I’d like to know, if only for personal reasons. We are unlikely to stop our self-inculcated mythical fictions on my say so: so we will just ignore EROI and dream on. I’m stunned.

Does anyone seriously think we can have a globalised techno-industrial society of symbolic, iconic, negentropic, materialistic wellbeing, autonomy, and egality? Just because we think we can. Does anyone actually want one: given the current levels of dehumanisation and alienation. Or will technology fix our broken reality: end knife crime, house the homeless, and heal the self-medicating broken teenage suicidal hearts? Because that is the only reality and value it has: as a mythological panacea for all corporate ills and as a techno-utopian imaginal. Of a make-believe technocracy ruled by the corporo-technocrats. Sounds like heaven to me.

So, everyone has heard of entropy no doubt – they just think it does not apply to our common techno-dreams …or ecstatic scientific socialist hallucinations would be better. It is like witnessing a modern-mediaeval ergotic mass-hypnosis and collective hallucination of the humanoid-virgin Sophia (or should that be a hologram-Jeremy?): the first citizen of the ASI-hyper-reality.

It is easy to ignore some raving bloke on a forum who wants to piss on the common science fiction fantasy by saying entropy prohibits BRI and globalised megalopalistic designer techno-consciousness NEOM reality. But it does. Get real.

Those who engage in this parallel world alternative thought-reality might want to gen up on entropy and EROI. But I have said all of this before. So ignore my raving, and carry on. Don’t let entropy get you down.

Back in the real world, the EU is tooling up to deal with such AI techno-dreamers. I mean, its politics are also fascist-fetishist-eroticised-nocturnal-emmision-spaffed-desire-fantasies too. But the weapons, drones and attack helicopters will be real enough. And while we are silo-daydreaming-techno-erotic-desires, we are stumbling machine-drunk across the event horizon of their reality. Welcome to the real world. Oh, it’s too late.

Simon Hodges


It’s amazing. Not only are people prepared to give up sovereignty and democracy to the EU and globalists they are fully prepared to give up personal sovereignty and privacy too. Corporations such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft are filling people’s homes with surveillance equipment which if the government imposed people would be up in arms but because its a corporation people sleep walk into accepting it. The consumer is fast losing sovereignty over his or her possessions and they are starting to rule us. The human owner and user is at the end of the queue when they boot up their PC or Laptop and it gives priority to updating itself and all the software installed on it.

People can no longer think or act for themselves. A girl in my office gets out of her seat once an hour and does a few meaningless exercises because her watch and fitness tracker told her to do so. People can no longer think for themselves or even manage their own fitness improvements as they outsource their own personal management to machines. What hope for democracy then?

Where does it end? Will we see a techo backlash or are people just not fit for democratic purpose and self governance any more?



I despair. The girl at work can be used as a metaphor for the techno-Borg collectivisation of thought. She has no real reality of her own. She has lost her autonomy unto a ‘machinic-Becoming’ – probably without ever noticing. To be clear, I am not talking of an actual person: just using this as an analogy. There are enough people who really are seduced by the techno-sky-castle to justify my statement. Unfortunately, among them are the ones who make the big decisions day in, day out.

If we define a world without entropy: it is not the real world. If we have a set of definitions for a negentropic economy: it is not the real world. If we define a set of definitions for a negentropic environment: it is not the real world. If we base our socio-political-economy on these hidden variables: it is not the real world. If democracy is a bunch of people who have internalised these hidden variables as the basis of their own reality: and who legitimate these unknown parameters by ceding their autonomy and collective sovereignty to them: this is not the real world. It cannot be said to be real democracy: to give ones legitimation to a hidden set of parameters that do not exist. No amount of legitimation can make the unreal real.

Our unreal liberal ‘democratic’ constituencies of consensus reality are becoming increasingly difficult to believe in. Every metric I have read – apart from the fantasy ONS and Mark Carnage counterfeit descriptions of full employment – tells me the world economy is stalling. A bit like the poor, unfortunate crew of a Boeing 737 MAX-8: political-economists are looking through the set of fantasy definitions, trying to take back control, and pull the plane out of its self-induced stall. Unless they account for entropy, they will not be successful.

What I despair at: is that we still believe they will. I can only attribute this to collective ego-investment. For which, technology has become fetishised as a magic ego-hallucination. More of everything that has caused untold human misery and peak-inequality: will end human misery and erase inequality. This is transhuman transcendental insanity. I call this the ASI-Ubermensch – the artificial supra-intelligent Overlord – in control of a subordinate nature – and of an auto-subjected humanity. Technology is feeding machinic-dreams of our own divinity. We have become our own techno-Idols.

We had a ‘petroleum interval’ which promulgated materialism to new heights. But the real benefits were monopolised to create a new technocratic cognitive elite. A great deal of the unfree ‘free’ energy was squandered in a century of world war and immiseration. We went from Einstein’s equations to nuclear war in thirty years. That is what technology really is. A prosthetic extension enabling the worst of our traits. One that has taken on a life of its own: to which we are its automatic subjects. How anyone can imagine that the harnessing of infinite ‘free’ energy – because that is what it would take – would lead to a peaceful, egalitarian, outcome, is beyond me. We need to grow up and get real, real fast. Technology – appropriate technology (within an entropic framework) – is a good friend. Unfortunately, as Jacques Ellul warned, it makes a very poor ASI-Overmaster. As the pilots of that metaphorical Boeing are about to find out.



All things considered, we’re more likely to go out by nuclear war well before environmental deterioration could finish us off.


Caitlin Johnston summed it up perfectly recently. There are three main outcomes to our current situation. Absolute Fascism; absolute annihilation; or absolute freedom. There is only one of those outcomes I prefer, and it seems the most unlikely. But it is the one I will continue to advocate for: even though it seems to me that very few even understand what freedom is. It is not something technology can manifest. We have to do it for ourselves.


That’s Johnston with an ‘e’!


You cannot win.
You cannot break even.
You cannot leave the game.



You cannot quit the game

I disinherited Steve from a whole £3 a month when he ‘quit the game’. His ecological attitude turned to ‘spend now/pay later’ – which was ironically to invest in a future technofix for the entropy we are creating. Let the children deal with it is not an attitude I can contribute to. Not even 3 quid!

There are solutions being created – as mentioned – what we cannot sustain is the current levels of techno-industrial production. And we do not need to. I am not a techno-Luddite, nor do I want a reduced standard of living – especially not if my poverty is to maintain someone else’s immoral standard of living …but I do want to survive. Preferably without fascist control.

The laws of thermodynamics are broken everyday – it is what is called life. Living organisms operate far from thermodynamic equilibrium – as open dissipative systems. It is not negentropic: but entropy can be delayed locally and order maintained. In a self-organised ecology: free energy is the main input – every waste output is another organisms input. Only small amounts of converted heat are lost to the environment. Once everything has bio-decomposed: there are minimal wastes. The human scale reproduction of this would be termed a ‘circular economy’. Permaculture with carbon cascades is an example of this in action. From the living organismic level: to make an open dissipative system functionally permanent – you need to increase its scale. That cannot be done within the current TNC power regime. We need a new regime of bio-power.

So you cannot win; you cannot quit – but you can break even …almost. What we cannot have is techno-industrial future based on capital and labour and negentropic waste-free thinking. Or the current regimes of truth and power such inherently flawed illogical thinking sustains. We need to severely reduce our inputs and outputs in-line with the bio-physical sustainability of planetary resources; redistribute minimised production pan-globally and fully equitably; absorb all current hierarchies of power to create a ‘level field’ of minimised consumption and maximised autonomous unity; decentralise; localise; enter into common ownership of all shared life resources; moderate private property rights; etc.

However insane and unfeasible this may seem, the alternatives are even more insane and unconscionable. Entropy can be a great egalitarian leveller, or the end of us. For those who it is not even in the reckoning: it will not go away by not thinking about it. We cannot quit the game: but we might break even …nearly. With life, near enough is good enough for me.


For some, turning down consciousness is deemed an answer to the problem of conflict. So turning down industry is a similar strategy. Symptom management so as to persist in an ‘out-of-true’ sense of self, life and world.
Broad spectrum Meds are already in place – with the IoT life can be micromanaged globally toward the phasing out of carbon life forms and upgrading to silicon consciousness.

Wholeness is not the result of all the kings horses and all the kings men – but the prior state and quality of being – of Life and of a Living Universe that is more like to an organism – excepting it is the ‘environment that brings forth’ through self sustaining expressions, rather than an autonomous life packages murdering each other.

My point is that quality is missing in large part from any economic strategy or system of survival. The qualities of Life are Felt – not as emotional reactivity but as one with the very nature of being – as as alignment with rather than set over the nature of being.

While we judge profit in terms of private and competing agenda – masked in PR – as a way of getting at other’s expense, and within the temple that has been usurped by moneylenders controlling energy supply – then everyone plays apart and is set against each other in manufactured scarcities, instead of playing and feeling a part of a wholeness or indeed a living culture rather than a corporate identity. (On revisiting this I would note that the effective deceit is the feeding of such a role as an appeasement or atonement for guilt. Anyone can get high on being part of a movement that may in fact be orchestrated and used for loveless agenda).

While it may have been meant differently, I feel that there is a ‘game’ that once recognised, can be released by non-use and disinvestment – but the game is a kind of consciousness set against itself but kept hidden by false flagged diversion and outsourcing of conflict, guilt, and penalty to others. As if a private agenda MUST exact sacrifice – but by redistribution – others can be induced or forced to pay.

We have to fit our thinking and its extension as technological ability to ONLY serve wholeness of Life – and in transparent and accountable factual fruits and not via fake-science backed astroturfing by globally orchestrated manipulations that must be right because – they are global ‘experts’ and key opinion leaders and corporate ‘incentives’ are offering to save the world from ever shifting evils without which the Economy would collapse, the Sky will fall and our core species-trauma will be relived.

This was the ROOT of the god-king idea from which civilisation and consciousness as we inherit, has developed.
It may well have been altogether necessary under catastrophic conditions – but to re-enact the archetypal patterns of survival in the dark, is insanely redundant now that the time of terror is passed – or would be if we did not invoke and embody it as the basis for protection and power.

Dissociation from terror is a split mind. Philosophical rationalisation developed for the narrative or mythic modelling of self and world in a sense of both escaping the stick (of a fearfully conditioned past) and catching up with the carrot (regaining the golden age/paradise/ideal order). Both of which deny the presence of wholeness now – from which Life rises always new.

And emotional (identity) investment in carrots and against sticks works Big Brother’s Boot or Herod’s infanticide or any other sacrifice of truth to the illusory promise of power.

Focusing in presence – as the shared quality of being is walking away from systems thinking and being in the alignment of what is given to share instead of making plans and sacrificing (others and) self to them.

The systems mind simply CANNOT see, believe or imagine anything but chaos from releasing its control. But You are not a system – but a relational awareness of giving and receiving, and you can open the experience of recognizing what you need as you need it in a way that the little mind CANNOT interject. It can only block, in order to usurp by manual override which is the inducement to external dependency in place of an integrity of wholeness.

Most cannot simply abandon their meds without an inner support (that has outer companioning) – and so we have a re-integrative purpose in place of the drive to survive at any cost (amygdala capture in fight and flight).

Notice in any true appreciation that the moment that we even think of keeping, grasping or controlling it – such as wanting it to last – we ‘kill it’ or exchange a true intimacy for self-struggle. So adept the mind at blocking or shutting down Intimacy (love) that its Orwellian or Herodian nature can be easily revealed.

Is it love that we are actually terrified of?

When I found that out it changed my whole approach.

Simon Hodges

Since Blair and Brown politicians have abdicated from power and have outsourced and handed it over to third parties. We saw it in the response to the GFC where the governments abdicated a response to the central bankers and the central bankers in turn abdicated responsibility by giving $trillions to the same market actors who created the crisis without any direction as to how the stimulus was to be ‘invested’.

The same with the EU. Politicians transfer power to third parties so they no longer have to be accountable and democracy gets lost in a blame game when everything goes wrong and the next financial crisis hits some time in the near future.

Our parliament clearly doesn’t believe in national sovereignty, democracy and it doesn’t believe in the power of its own authority. If this is the case one wonders by what rationality they have the temerity to even stand for election? What’s the point? Since the Brexit betrayal all they have confirmed is the totalitarian philosophy that THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE to rule by markets, corporations and supranational Nazi political constructs such as the EU which is a key component of the neoliberal and neoconservative imperialist globalist new world order. These are the people they serve, not the general public. Democracy in the west has been revealed to be a complete sham and voting is entirely useless given there are no alternatives to all the important decisions.


The European Court of Human Rights is not part of the European Union, as you appear to think. It was created by the European Convention on Human Rights back in 1959 under the Council of Europe – again not part of the European Union – whose members are all signatories to the Convention – all forty-seven of them, including, for example, Russia, a country that I am sure no one thinks is part of the European Union.

David Lindsay

It is all of a piece. If you need that to be explained to you, then there is no point trying to do so. But I doubt that you really do.


Sorry mate Brexit is about the upcoming hand over from the Queen to either her first son or his first son…and the dominions of the crown…which cannot be given to the thing called the EU. Brexit could not have taken place nor could it have succeeded without Royal help.


“Brexit could not have taken place nor could it have succeeded without Royal help” — Same goes for the Entry into the EEC. It’s called “royal assent”.


Brexit: out of the frying pan into the proverbial fire? How would Brexit enhance workers’ rights in and of itself? As things stand, isn’t it just as likely that things will get much worse, along chlorinated chicken lines? What kind of trade would be we be doing with Brazil, and what about THEIR
workers’ rights?

Some Random Passer-by
Some Random Passer-by

Do you work for minimum wage? ZHC? Obviously not, otherwise you’d be reading The Mail or Sun (people like me are few and far between (I don’t like reading about who shagged who and whose new song is great))

My wages are already climbing because free movement isn’t so popular now. Rose warned business that wages would rise if we voted out.

If the middle class and above wasn’t so self centred, maybe the vote would have planned out different? But they are, so here we are.

I can’t really afford (proper, decent) chicken, so it makes bugger all difference to me. The middle class scare stories only frighten the middle class…

Oh yeah, one more thing. Given the pace that minimum wage is rising compared to everyone else’s pay cheques, how long before the middle class lose their status? Unless you’re a barrister or doctor, it’s coming for you too!

Thom Prentice
Thom Prentice

I would add environment, ecology and stopping global heating by moving to zero carbon to the proposed protections. RE; “only if they protected the NHS, food safety, consumer rights in general, and workers’ rights.”

David Lindsay

I recommend reading the BTL responses to that (linked article), which show it up for the hogwash that it is.


The structure of rules and regulations that operates a paralysis of powerlessness, for any real change, is set up to protect a top down canopy or ‘trickle-down’ economy, of outsourced pain, penalty, pollution, sickness and enforced dependency.

Monopoly cartels and monocultured humans operate a mafia-like capture or infiltration of regulators as the fronting mask of a sold out leadership.

Corporate and state dependency swap roles as good and bad cop – where both operate the capture and management of people as systems of control – using the face or terms of ‘security’, healthcare’ or a ‘growing economy’.

The word and phrase usage is developed as doublethink to feed and entrain the people in compliance and conformity to their own self-deprivation, degradation and destruction. There is a vision of the future rolling out in which the population is culled, herded into smart cities and indentured to robotic status with privilege to exist subject to compliance in selling out on others – or released and discarded where robotic replacement renders useless.

‘Trade deals’ are many things, but they are also psyops for the imposition of globalism by stealth, through regulatory systems of complex instruments for packaging toxic debt. They replace any remaining vestige of sovereign will with technocratic systems of incentivised controls – in real time – through the IoT – behind the math and the mask of a science corrupted to conform to marketising and weaponising intent – as part of full spectrum dominance of the flow of energy, funding, information, and thought.

When the psyoperatives generate and insert their framing and phrasing into usage by media and astroturf PR, why do we simply adopt it?

‘Brexit’ is a psyop. ‘Populism’ is a charged battery by which to use us against our Good.
The nature of the deceiver is extremely quick and ingeniously – even insanely clever – because it uses our own mind against itself. In this sense it isn’t ‘out there’ so much as an inner condition through which we are vulnerable to our own fears and therefore targetable by any who see or set the lure as a way to break in and steal the mind, so as we then give power away in a false exchange.

Reading humans as systems or golems of programmable and manipulatable unconsciousness is also the meme of a scientific reductionism that works to undermine freedom in the same way and as part of the same ‘mindset’ of unconsciousness or denial as source of power. To those ‘in power’ it compels them to loveless denial of their own being in return for private fantasy gratifications, and those who have not, are compelled to cling to even the little that they have in fear of losing even that – and so are both defending against a change of the mindset.

The idea of freeing from a faceless globalist technocratic dictate via corporate-proxy led bureaucracy masked with social concern is attractive to any who have become aware of what lies beneath. But the timing and the manner of it is no more a grass roots movement than any other top-down agenda.
In a win either way scenario – the inflaming and fuelling of the ‘populism’ as association of nationalism, racism, and ‘backwardness’ or ‘denialism’ of progress – as dictated and managed by ‘scientific consensus’ or ‘moral necessity’ is no more than persisting in ways to break in and break down what remains of humankind for its remodelling and replacement – subject to status.

Trade deals are not simply agreement to trade, materials, goods and services, but are vast and complex documentation drafted in secret by armies of lawyers.
Regulations and laws that protect the whole and which are applied in that spirit – are part of a just and true account. This purpose is hated by those who would work by guile and deceit to capture and control the means to power over others. Not just in false bill of goods unfit for purpose – but in generating false political systems of captured opposition by which to induce the unwary or unconscious to conform and comply by inducements of the carrot and the stick.

A choice between IsrUs and EU is no choice at all. The only choice is excluded by the framing of the debacle. Sovereign Will. The attack, denial and usurping of the true will by a mind of deceit is nothing new. Only the global ripening to the technological reach in ways that promise power but deliver powerlessness is new in scope and scale.
The mind can be used against itself in self conflicting and self-depriving ways that seem to be aligning in power and protection while actually inducing and maintaining powerlessness and vulnerability.
The slogan ‘Slavery is Freedom!’ was never intended as a future in the book Orwell wanted to call 1948, but a revealing of the mind that is systemic to a corporate and collective unconsciousness.
While the cost can be hidden, the game seems worth the candle, but as the true account can no longer be successfully denied, the ‘game’ is revealed a sick nightmare and the guilt as usual is outsourced to populations of ‘human-haters’ – who align or turn a blind eye to the denial of human being under narratives of moral crusades and scapegoating hatred of ‘denialists’ who don’t comply.

If we are deceived in even the mind we took to be our own – where is the true?
It is where the false is disinvested to let truth be.
Listening for the true will, is abiding in willingness for consciousness as a gift – rather than a masking manufacture.
Trying to marketise and weaponise a sense of private possession and control is tuning in to the purpose that uses denial as a source of order over chaos without recognising each gives cause to the other.

Thom Prentice
Thom Prentice

Fine term “paralysis if powerlessness”

harry stotle
harry stotle

Pro-Brexit political figures tend to divide into two main camps: those on the true-left like George Galloway who regard meaningful democracy as the bedrock of our political values, and those on the far right like JRM, Nigel Farage, and Priti Patel who are salivating at the prospect of handing over what’s left of Britains capsizing economy to their allies in the banking and corporate world.

Since there is not a snowball’s chance in hell of socialism gaining sufficient traction to translate into a parliamentary majority the most likely post-Brexit scenario is venture capitalism feasting on what remians of Britain’s dwindling wealth while hard fought for rights such as employment conditions or benefit entitlement will whittled away in order to funnel more money to off-shore business accounts.

The NHS will be one of the jewels in the crown since it costs £120 billion to provide and will be a major sweetner in any negotiation with new business partners – once this happens, and there is a very good chance it will just like the US health care needs will be stratified by ability to pay rather than clinical urgency.

Some Random Passer-by
Some Random Passer-by

NHS is already gone. So many companies either hide behind the NHS logo, or claim to be working in partnership.

Virgin suing the NHS for losing a contract and the ads for immediate doctor access (at a price) are some of the evidence to prove this.

Then there’s the asset/land sell offs, and semi closure of services (in the name of centralising) in order to sell off yet more sites.

All that’s going to be left for the Septics will be the inflated insurance policies. They’ll be a few UK firms snapped up too (Interserve for example), whether they like it or not.


Magna Carta 1215 is the bedrock of British Law. It is a fallacy to imagine that sovereignty can be voted away, or sold off to the highest bidder. The present ‘governance’ of the UK is a government of a foreign occupant with no, (zero), Lawful standing. Article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215 commands the sovereign subject to ‘distress and restrain’. Article 61 was invoked in late March 2001. What are you waiting for?

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Hey guys, what a relief, nothing to worry about, coz’ one of the Top 10 stories in the Fraudian today, states clearly that >>>

“Uri Geller promises to stop Brexit using Telepathy”

There you go, nothing to worry about any more . . . 😉

Oh wait, has anybody seriously checked Uri’s bloodline & security clearance @GCHQ ? !

I dunno’ ’bout Alice, but who d’f**k is URI to interfere in politics & bent forks for [email protected]

World gone MAD ! ?

(& NO, i did not open the article designed for dumbos & dumbed downers, but i’m guessing the request for your money was longer than the article) 🙂

When 2 years of Mueller finding effectively nothing to incriminate Trump on ‘Russiagate’, the above story serves as fine example & signal of the Rocker-Feller’s Deep State concerns >>>

Expect FAR worse ! !
BTW, Christchurch ?
BTO. “You ain’t seen nothin’, yet . . .”

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins


Somebody should start a campaign to cancel Geller’s passport, under suspicion of working for a foreign entity, Mossad, and interfering in UK Politics & Politicians’ lives, after all, the nation has already had their referendum. His statements, no doubt are Tantamount to TREASON
and clearly against the will of the people !

Sanction him Publicly ! !

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

It’s truly becoming hard to remember that the Guardian was once considered by some to be an almost serious journalistic effort, turned ‘Hell hole’ : now, the expression ‘heel hole’ 4whores of the AshkeNazi Khazarian Mafia, seems more apt, as their news becomes more & more of a joke than

The SUN !

What a dumbed down bent spoon-fed bunch of morons for MPs, you get today in the UK . . .
let alone, poverty stricken joe public.

Not even one MP publicly discussing seriously CLIMATE CHANGE and how WE have Geo-engineered the >>>

WEATHER, the Tech. involved & its’ Moral implications.

The UK has only one option. GTFO out of Europe, raid GCHQ, suspend or arrest all personnel and start getting the SCIENTIFIC FACTS on the table, before you even discuss Climate Change or any other political matter, for that MATTER is key to comprehension of everything-everything !

or do you wish to just delegate the knowledge you need to conclude anything scientific, to your >>>

M A S T E R S ? like Geller ?

Search Uri Geller, as CIA/DS operative and FFS stop giving the BBC your money.

“Bend it like Beckham & Geller” , predicting the Sun ? !
& the Guardian ! ?

ROFL LMAO absofirkin’lutely’unfirkin’believable 🙂

Denis O'hAichir
Denis O'hAichir

The Brits ending up a colony, subject to a foreign parasitic superstate what a shame.


Which parasitic superstate – EU or USA? They’re both draining UK down and using us.



Jim Porter
Jim Porter

As soon as I read £350 million to the NHS, I was wary. That was a lie made up by the politicians you complain about. There would be that much to share and the NHS could get a fair amount. You seem to be too interested in what the EU legislation would be doing. Repeal the 1972 act that put the EU laws above ours and we can tidy up all the rest at our leisure. WE gave the EU most of the things people say we will miss when we leave, such indoctrination is shocking. The media often say ‘you don’t want to go back to the 70s’ – well, yes I do actually. Well paid jobs that paid for rent and food with a little left over for leisure, double pay on holidays and Sundays (triple on bank holidays in some cases). I haven’t even put my rose tinted glasses on yet.

David Lindsay

What is to stop us from spending the extra £350 million on the NHS? It is not “a lie” at all.

Geoff D
Geoff D

No, none of them were lies,they need us more than we need them, the German car manufacturers will be screaming to do a deal, we have all the cards, we can have our confectionary whilst devouring it at the same time, they will blink at the last minute, possible 80,000,000 people can come here from Turkey , bloody difficult woman,easiest trade deals in the history of mankind, Irish border is dead easy to resolve, the list is endless, and still people are being fooled by them, unbelievable

David Lindsay

I am now working with all of the non-Labour members of Durham County Council and with the trade unions, to bring Volkswagen’s production for the British market to County Durham after, or even before, Brexit. I am more than open to further suggestions along similar lines. Among many other things, this project will guarantee the financial future of the Durham Miners’ Gala and of the Durham Miners’ Hall. The absence of the County Council Labour Group is that Group’s own sorry fault.


The Irish border is a red herring. We’ve had free travel with Ireland since 1922. The Irish border has only ever been closed once for a couple of weeks – just before D Day in 1944. The only problem with the border has been pig smuggling – pigs being smuggled by farmers back and forth across the border to collect double subsidies from Eire and Britain.

The trade issue could have been resolved with a five minute phone call. “We’re going to carry on importing your goods free of tariffs and quotas, until such time as you impose tariffs and quotas on our exports. Then we will reciprocate, euro for euro.”

The only reason the whole process has been so torturous is because the political elite wanted it to be. They never accepted the referendum result and sought to undermine it from the moment it was announced.

This could have all been resolved nearly 3 years ago.

Jim Porter
Jim Porter

I never said that £350 million to go to the NHS was a lie, I said I was wary, because it is an irrelevance – the amount would be decided by whatever government was in power and I can’t think of one that would spend it all on one single project.

Jim Porter
Jim Porter

Ignore that, I shall refrain from trying to edit on a phone from now on 🙁


Why not spend £500 billion on the NHS instead?
That’s what we have paid into the EU.

Every day we stay in the EU costs us another £50 million.

Helmut Taylor
Helmut Taylor

Dave, ole boy. Yer tokkon’ from a nationalist pointa view; bit non-u in the present climate of global outreach, eh? Or have I misreadyas?