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US Has A Plan For Eastern Syria, And It Relies On ISIS

Ahmad Al Khaled

After over a month of fierce clashes in the last stronghold of Islamic State in Baghuz village, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have announced “final defeat” of the terror group.

SDF, a force comprised of Kurdish and Arab units that is considered the closest ally of the US in the fight against ISIS in Syria, managed to overcome ISIS defenses with the support of the US-led International Coalition. The clashes resulted in severe casualties on both sides, while hundreds of terrorists, as well as their wives and children, surrendered to SDF.

The terrorists in SDF custody were presented a deal which involves fighting against the Syrian government forces in oil-rich desert area in eastern Syria, informed sources reported.

US military offered the terrorists an opportunity to “redeploy” to Al Tanf area located on the Syria-Iraq border where US maintains a small contingent of forces, according to the sources. Holding the families of the captured ISIS members hostage, the US demanded that the terrorists launch an offensive against the Syrian army and establish control over Al Shaer, Al Maghara, Al Jazal and Tuwaynan oil fields. Another goal of the offensive is capturing Khunayfis phosphate mine and forcing the Syrian troops to abandon the checkpoints on the strategic Damascus – Deir Ezzor highway.

First batches of ISIS terrorists have already arrived to Al Tanf and were positioned at the training camps in the area. They have already set up ambushes and executed surprise attacks against the Syrian troops, killing at least 20 soldiers during the past few days, sources added.

The terrorists are benefiting from difficult terrain and establish hide-outs and weapon stashes in caves and wadis that are abound in this desert region. They also enjoy continuous support and reinforcement from Al Tanf.

However, informed sources claimed that this clandestine operation is only a part of a bigger long-term plan of the US command to preserve American influence in this resource-rich area. According to the plan, after ISIS succeeds in capturing territory from the government forces, the SDF will intervene to “liberate” and seize control of the desert areas acting under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

These claims are supported by the rumours that the SDF command rejected appeals to relieve the fighters of their duties hinting at a possibility of another “large-scale” operation in the near future.

This scenario is painfully reminiscent of the path the Pentagon took in northern Syria, where SDF overcame ISIS after the terror group had captured the area from the government forces. Should this plan succeed, the US will get to keep its military presence in Al Tanf.

Ahmad Al Khaled is Editor-in-Chief of the Special Monitoring Mission to Syria


  1. Michael McNulty says

    With a lot of so-called ISIS members you can tell that beneath their face covers they don’t have beards. No Muslim extremist would shave his face, and as many are white some are undoubtedly special forces and the rest must be mercenaries. If ever there is an “unlawful combatant” it should be the mercenary.

    • The US wouldn’t know what to do without its mercenaries. This goes way back. I’m just finishing Michael Klare’s “War Without End” (published 1970, 1971 & 1972) and part 3, the final part of the book, is titled “The Mercenary War.” (Too bad that Michael Klare has gone over to the dark side though. He sides with uncle Sam when it comes to Syria.)

  2. Einstein says

    NewsNow is headlining the DAESH “recapture” of Albukamal.
    But when you look at the report, it’s from 2017!
    Are DAESH suddenly going to recapture Albukamal with American help?

  3. Michael Cromer says

    ISIS is considered by the Pentagon to be The 51st State.

  4. Maggie says

    So this is the new ISIS? LOL.. Five in the photot are built like brick sh*t houses and are clearly Western European SAS Psycho Mercenaries.. The big bear guy at the front has been there many years to have grown the bushy beard to look the part, and is wearing an all weather SAS watch. The tiny one is obviously their lackey. They think we are all as stupid as Trumpety Trump.

  5. mark says

    The Kurds are just a Zionist/ US catspaw, they have no independent agency.
    Just useful idiots and cannon fodder.
    Like ISIS, the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, with their Golan holiday camps.
    The Neocohens will use the bogey of their ISIS creation to justify a continued presence and continued aggression in Syria.
    The only antidote to this is a steady stream of body bags covered in the stars and stripes.
    The old, old story of dumb goy muscle and money fighting endless wars for the Chosen People.

  6. Andrew Mcguiness says

    This is an interesting article, and (apparently) informative. I would, however, like to know more about the Special Monitoring Mission to Syria and the Conflict Overwatch group; and to be able to cross-check the information in this article with other sources.

    • Wilmers31 says

      If you do that professionally, fine.
      If you do not, then all you need to know is that everything must be done to keep the conflicts at least simmering so that they can be re-activated again quickly.
      If these conflicts were solved to the point that they are quiet the surveillance and military costs could go down and that would not be appreciated by the investor class. Leftie and far-right movements, religious fanatics, tribal groups – their controversies must be nurtured or the taxpayer would not spend billions if not trillions for the huge surveillance apparatus.

  7. “However, informed sources claimed that this clandestine operation is only a part of a bigger long-term plan of the US command to preserve American influence in this resource-rich area. According to the plan, after ISIS succeeds in capturing territory from the government forces, the SDF will intervene to “liberate” and seize control of the desert areas acting under the pretext of fighting terrorism.”

    So, Putin can (reportedly) establish a red line in Venezuela and actually send in soldiers and materiel, but when uncle Sam crosses the line in Syria, as we see in the above report, it’s crickets?

    • Wilmers31 says

      Russia cannot be drawn into too many fights. In Syria they have Iranians kind of next door. Don’t underestimate them. And then there is Turkey – a wild card for everyone. American dominance in Syria is not a given. For Venezuela a bigger effort is needed.

      • Sorry, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. If Russia can’t be drawn into too many fights, then maybe it should finish the one it’s in and leave Venezuela alone, not that I like the idea of Venezuela being all alone against uncle Sam and his tools.

    • Maria Birchwood says

      The big difference is that the legitimate President of Venezuela has invited the Russians to help them to stop an American invasion in their country, much the same as the missile crises when the Russians deployed missiles pointing at Washington until the U.S. had to back down their aggresive stance and promise to never to invade Cuba again, with that commitment by Kennedy, the Russians also agreed to withdraw the missiles from Cuba. Now, the bully boy from the White House has discovered that Venezuela has the largest deposits of oil in the world & they want that oil at all costs by imposing crippling sanctions, cyber attacks in the Venezuelan oil refineries, attacking the electric power plants which BTW Russian & Cuban specialists have worked to repair them in the 4th black out, the Venezuelans have suffered. So there is a HUGE difference between being INVITED to be INVADED by a foreign country who lusts after the oil reserves.

      • Well, I know what I said. Maybe my plain English isn’t being understood. I’m not going to respond to anymore comments in response to my original comment here because this conversation doesn’t make any sense to me. Sorry. There is ‘no’ difference. Russia was invited into Syria by Assad and into Venezuela by Maduro.

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