DISCUSS: Theresa May Promises to Resign

The weird world of post-Brexit vote UK politics swirls around some more. Now, in order to try to force her deal through the commons, May has pledged to resign as Prime Minister.

The field is set for a Tory leadership contest – the field for which is as narrow as it is unpromising. Boris Johnson is national joke, and sign that Britons will so far as to actually vote ironically. Michael Gove is a slimy lunatic, so right-wing that Ken Clarke and Liam Fox “raise their eyebrows”. Sajid Javid is as forgettable as he is unpopular. Amber Heard was found in contempt of Parliament less than a year ago.

In the final analysis we will have a Prime Minister the people didn’t chose, leading a parliament with no majority to force through a deal that’s already lost a commons vote. Twice.

British “democracy” is becoming a joke.

  • How long before a General Election simply has to be called?
  • Will the Labour MPs who scheme to replace Corbyn sabotage their own party, again?
  • Will the Independet Group be wiped out of Parliament?
  • Will the Tories hold off on the GE until Corbyn has been further smeared and/or forcibly removed? Or will the just fix the vote?
  • Will the increasing attempts to dismantle the very idea of Brexit be successful?
  • Is Brexit ever going to actually happen?

Discuss below.


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