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‘Lone wolf’ myth covers up possible Mossad role in New Zealand terrorist attack

Max Parry

Al Noor mosque, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Ever since the news broke on March 15 of two consecutive mass shootings at the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre in Christchurch, New Zealand, corporate media has been determined to establish that suspect Brenton Tarrant acted alone in the terrorist attacks that took the lives of 50 innocent Muslim worshippers and wounded 50 others.

While mainstream media has been predictably eager to parade the tragedy as another chapter in the wave of rising Islamophobia and right-wing extremism globally, they have put equal effort into conscientiously avoiding any evidence that contradicts the ‘lone wolf’ theory they decided on in the initial hours following the first mass shooting in New Zealand since 1997.

Whenever terrorism is committed by Arabs or Muslims, the fourth estate is usually anxious to speculate whether or not the suspect is connected to a larger radical syndicate. However, the same scrutiny is seldom applied to white nationalists like Tarrant.

In fact, they are even hesitant to label it ‘terrorism’ at all, with everyone from The Daily Telegraph to the fanatical Zionist Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News settling for the choice words ‘mass shooting.’ While Tarrant denies being part of any group in his public declaration, he does hint that he is part of a broader extremist network:

I am not a direct member of any organization or group, though I have donated to many nationalist groups and have interacted with many more. No group ordered my attack, I make the decision myself. Though I did contact the reborn Knights Templar for a blessing in support of the attack, which was given.”

As many have noted, the “Knights Templar” is the name of an anti-Muslim militant group that another infamous right-wing terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, claimed to belong to. During the 2011 Norway attacks, Breivik targeted a government building in the city of Oslo and a youth camp of the ruling Labour party on the island of Utøya in a sequential car bombing and mass shooting that killed a total of 77 people.

However, the media and prosecutors in Breivik’s trial were insistent that the group was fictional and the only possibility was that he was an ‘army of one’ while suffering from a psychiatric disorder, another trait that is apparently only applicable to white-skinned terrorists. There was no serious inquiry into whether he was part of a larger nexus, even though he had direct contact with groups like the English Defense League (EDL), the British far right Islamophobic group led by neo-fascist agitator Tommy Robinson.

Breivik was portrayed as a fundamentalist Christian but was curiously a member of the Norwegian Order of Freemasons, an organization with a history of ties to the espionage world and susceptible to infiltration because of its inherent secrecy. The original Knights Templar, or “Templars,” were a Christian army founded in the 10th century who initially shielded pilgrims voyaging to the Holy Land and later fought against Muslims during the Crusades while the name is drawn from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

What has been downplayed by the yellow press is the specific brand of Islamophobic extremism that was the basis of Tarrant’s attacks. His ideology is revealed in a 73-page manifesto, entitled “The Great Replacement” in reference to the ‘white genocide’ theory held by white nationalist identitarians, which he dispatched less than ten minutes prior to the ambush in emails to several media outlets and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s office.

While the corporate press is correct that Tarrant and Breivik clearly follow the practices of the anti-Islam xenophobic movement on the rise in Europe, North America and now Oceania, the key element they have deliberately avoided mentioning is a strong collective affinity for the state of Israel.

The coverage of Christchurch has repeated the same pattern displayed following the 2011 Norway attacks where the distinguishing characteristic of the extremism both culprits adhere to is of a staunchly pro-Zionist variety which has been decidedly overlooked. In the eight years between the two attacks, the pro-Israel European right has only augmented in size.

In his manifesto, Brenton Tarrant even boasted the unverified claim to have had “brief contact with Knight Justiciar Breivik” while taking “true inspiration” from him. His Norwegian idol had his own 1,500 page manifesto where Israel was approvingly name-dropped nearly 400 times while he declared:

So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists.”

The combination of far right nationalism and support for Israel may seem like an unlikely combination, but it is an ideology shared by most of the Islamophobic and anti-immigrant political parties throughout Europe that have performed impressively well in European Parliament elections. These include Hungary’s Fidesz, the Italian League and Five Star Movement, the Flemish Flaams Belang, Poland’s Law and Justice, Belgian People’s Party, the Progress Party of Norway (of which Breivik was a member), True Finns Party, France’s National Rally, Alternative for Deutschland, and many others.

It is likely that Tarrant, like Breivik, is not anti-semitic and actually views Jews as ‘allies’ in a civilizational crusade against Islam. Just as Israel has helped orchestrate the US wars in the Middle East against its enemies that has contributed to the mass influx of refugees seeking asylum in the West, it has fostered the Islamophobic backlash to it by supporting the growing far right movement that is ascendant.

Following the tragedy in Christchurch, it was revealed that 28-year old Tarrant had traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including to Afghanistan, Pakistan and even North Korea. The year prior, he also visited Israel for nine days, just as his fellow Christian Zionist Breivik had done several times prior to 2011. Tarrant’s journey in Europe included a stop in Ukraine, a hotbed of neo-Nazi activity and as it happens during the massacre he donned the SS wolf’s hook symbol used by the right wing paramilitary group Azov Battalion to which Israel has provided weapons support in its fight against pro-Russian separatists.

The blend of such considerable travel activity while stockpiling a cache of semi-automatic firearms with a digital footprint espousing his extremist views online makes the likelihood that Tarrant managed to remain under the radar of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS) difficult to believe. It is especially doubtful they would be unable to detect him considering he was reportedly interviewed by New Zealand police prior to obtaining his firearms license in 2017.

Judging by the Facebook live-streamed video of the massacre shot by the suspect himself wearing a GoPro head-mounted camera that resembled a first-person shooter video game shows he was no amateur and possibly professionally trained as a militant. Given his extensive travel and the apparent expertise used to carry out the attacks, there are many legitimate questions about how his ventures were sponsored and whether he had accomplices.

Police found undetonated car bombs in addition to his arsenal and believe he was planning on carrying out a third attack with them. What was he doing in his travels? Was he really able to finance everything alone using crypto-currency investments as purported by the media? He could very well have been a patsy in a larger plot or received support from abroad. For instance, from a certain national intelligence service whose notorious motto is “for by cunning stratagems, you wage war.”

Mossad covert operations have been exposed several times over the years violating New Zealand’s sovereignty and international law which caused a series of diplomatic rows between the two countries. Most recently was in 2011 following a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch which caused significant damage to the city and killed 185 people, coincidentally the very same week as the attacks in Norway by Anders Breivik.

Incredibly, a stone structure of a building collapsed onto a van during the earthquake which killed a man inside who turned out to be an Israeli national. His death accidentally unearthed a ring of Mossad agents after the man was discovered with multiple fake passports and USB flash drives which contained confidential data believed to have been illegally downloaded from the New Zealand police’s national computer system.

The other agents in the Israeli sleeper cell were able to flee the country less than a day after his body was discovered, probably to avoid the fallout that occurred after an earlier incident in the country just a few years prior. In 2004, two Israeli men who turned out to be Mossad agents were arrested trying to obtain fraudulent passports and travel documentation that included stealing the identity of a quadriplegic. The two men were subsequently jailed for six months for engaging in criminal enterprise.

Pictured: Uriel Zosha Kelman, an Israeli spy, arrives in court in disguise in 2004 (left) / Zev Barkan, another spy (right).

Mossad seemed to have developed a habit of revealing themselves in light of the infamous arrest of five of its agents in Secaucus, New Jersey on the morning of September 11th, 2001 by the FBI who were tipped off that a group of men were observed suspiciously dancing and celebrating while watching the WTC towers ablaze and collapsing across the Hudson River.

The “dancing Israelis” were found with $5,000 in cash which raised suspicions while their vehicle was traced to a shady moving company called Urban Moving Systems that was suspected to be a front for an intelligence operation after their headquarters was abandoned and its owner, Dominick Suter, immediately fled to Israel following their apprehension. During their two month detention, the CIA intervened and halted the probe while the agents were subsequently deported in a deal with the Israeli government for overstaying their visas but not before it was confirmed that at least two of the men were intelligence officers and no ordinary moving company employees.

The world was briefly reminded of this mysterious case when Donald Trump as a presidential candidate in 2016 made the wild exaggeration that on 9/11 he had personally observed “thousands of Muslims” celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers across the river in New Jersey. It is likely that Trump mixed up two different reports from 9/11, one of Reuters footage widely circulated by major networks of a small group of Arabs in East Jerusalem celebrating the attacks and the reports about the Israelis arrested in New Jersey who were initially believed to have been of “Middle Eastern appearance” and descent.

One wonders if Trump would accurately recall his other observations that morning now that he is in the service of his Saudi and Israeli masters. Needless to say, this widely suppressed story which should have been front page news led many to rightly suspect there was prior knowledge and even direct involvement among Israeli intelligence in the 9/11 attacks, along with a trove of other evidence.

A Mossad agent hides his face in court during the 2004 Israel-New Zealand passport scandal

The New Jersey cell were also in possession of foreign passports. Mossad has typically used fake passports, including that of Australians and Kiwis, regularly for its clandestine operations and carrying out assassinations like the 2010 targeted killing of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai which one of the spies apprehended in New Zealand, Zev Barkan, was involved in. After the arrest of the two spooks in New Zealand in 2004, the government imposed diplomatic sanctions against Israel and temporarily severed high-level contacts between the two countries in what became a significant diplomatic rift. WikiLeaks diplomatic cables revealed that the U.S. was not at all pleased.

Relations had returned to normal between the countries until December 2016 when along with Malaysia, Senegal, Venezuela and others, New Zealand co-sponsored the controversial United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 which condemned Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories during the last months of the Obama administration. The same motion briefly became mired in the Trump-Russia investigation when former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI about lobbying activities related to the resolution during the transition between administrations on behalf of Israel.

The Trump White House has since proven to be the most fanatically Zionist presidency since the foundation of the Jewish state in 1948. Over the years, New Zealand has shown a willingness to stand up to Jerusalem and its brazen disregard for international law that other nations could learn from. Despite being a small nation, it has played an important role in pro-Palestinian activism and the prospect of Palestinian statehood just as it did in protesting South African Apartheid in the 1980s.

In 2018, when New Zealand-born popular musician Lorde canceled a concert in Tel Aviv in solidarity with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, she became the target of vicious Zionist smear campaign which saw right-wing Trumpist Rabbi Schmuley Boteach take out a full-page ad in The Washington Post denouncing her as a bigot while a $13,000 lawsuit was filed by the Mossad-linked Shurat HaDin lawfare NGO. Meanwhile, unlike Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Jacinda Ardern has been critical of the Trump administration’s move of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, stating it undermines the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

New Zealand’s relatively even-handed foreign policy has likely rattled the Zionists and their far right Islamophobic counterparts in the West and it is possible that it is viewed as a threat to the interests of Israel and the U.S. The feasibly manufactured terrorist attack against New Zealand has greatly disrupted the small country, a state which in 2018 had its lowest homicide rate in 40 years and averages well below 100 murders per year, making this attack an extremely rare occurrence for the peaceful country.

In light of the attacks on the mosques in Christchurch, it could now end up acquiring the police state model of the U.S. and Israel as part of the global ‘War on Terror.’ The country immediately issued a ban on semiautomatic weapons following the tragedy in a disturbing rollback of civil liberties while engaging in an unprecedented censorship effort to criminalize sharing and possession of Tarrant’s manifesto and video. Prior to Breivik’s perpetration of the attacks in Norway, there had been significant political tensions between Oslo and Jerusalem in the months leading up to the violence due to Norway’s intent to recognize a Palestinian state and the circumstances in relations between New Zealand and Israel prior to Christchurch is eerily reminiscent.

Israel has a storied history of being a state sponsor of international terrorism as well as the use of ‘false flag’ operations to achieve its political objectives, most notably in the 1954 Lavon Affair, codenamed Operation Susannah, where the Aman branch of its military intelligence services recruited Egyptian nationals to commit bombings to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood in order to maintain desired British military presence in Egypt.

It continues such cloak-and-dagger tactics to this day with the use of terror proxies such as the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) and Mojahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) to undermine Iran, as well as the arming and funding of al-Qaeda affiliated Syrian jihadist groups against the Assad government. If it is willing to co-sponsor radical Islamists with its ally Saudi Arabia to attack their mutual regional enemies, now that the ruling Likud Party has made strange bedfellows with far right Islamophobes in the West it is within the realm of possibility it would continue to do the same especially when the victims are Arab or Muslim.

Regardless of whether or not there turns out to be any Mossad fingerprints discovered on the Christchurch shootings, if the world is serious about confronting the emerging far right internationally it must be willing to accurately diagnose the phenomenon. One of its most distinctive attributes is its Christian Zionism and a shared belief that the Bible gives Israel evidential right to Palestinian land and that Jews are inherently non-indigenous to Europe.

The ever-expanding colonization of the West Bank and Gaza has solidified Israel’s nationalist foundations, especially now that Arabic has been removed as a second official language and the passing of the 2018 Nationality Law defining Israel as an ethno-nationalist state with Arabs officially second-class citizens. If Israel did not directly participate in the 9/11 attacks by infiltrating the al-Qaeda cell in Hamburg, Germany and directing the airplane hijackings as many legitimately suspect, it has certainly facilitated the U.S. wars in the Middle East against its regional enemies and now it is nurturing the Islamophobic far right in the West hostile to the flood of displaced refugees fleeing them.

Israeli policy has principally benefited from all this but one can only expect the hasbaric retaliation of ‘anti-Semitism’ smears like those against UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota for pointing this out. In the meantime, the Russiagate hoax has deflected attention away from Jerusalem toward Moscow in regards to foreign cultivation of the growing far right nationalist movement in the West. One hopes the recent bust of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report will put some of the distraction to rest and shift the speculation toward Israel where it belongs.

Finally, the political confusion of zealots like Tarrant needs to be addressed as entirely predictable instead of as unintended consequences of the War on Terror and the financial crisis. Recently, 2020 Democratic U.S. Presidential candidate Andrew Yang became the subject of establishment-led smears simply for acknowledging verifiable facts about declining birth-rates of white Americans where he was vilified as adjoining with the views of those like Tarrant. Yet these statistics designated by race that Yang recognized are expressions of the results of class conflict while genuine anger is being misdirected toward immigrants instead of capital and its never-ending changes in labor demands.

This is the cycle which must be broken if this holy war between the West and Islam stirred up by Zionists or what the orientialist Samuel Huntington called the ‘clash of civilizations’ is to end. If not, we cannot only expect the U.S. empire to continue its downward slide and its fear of a multipolar world to culminate in an internecine that will turn the whole world into a tragedy like Christchurch.

Independent journalist and geopolitical analyst. My work has appeared in CounterPunch, Greanville Post, OffGuardian, Global Research, Dissident Voice, and more. Max may be reached at


  1. Antonym says

    When are we going to review the 50,000 dancing Islamists in Pakistan on 9/11?

    • different frank says

      Antonym, you scripts are poor. Ask your team leader for a better one.

  2. mark delmege says

    conflating all that with NZ is just dumb shit.

    • Tigger says

      Funnily enough, Mark. I made a similar list before even reading the article. viz.

      #1. Several years back Mossad operatives were found to be travelling on fake New Zealand passports.
      #2. The Christchurch earthquakes uncovered an active Mossad cell in that city.
      #3. After the letter from two NZ women to Linda Lousadi (?) that led her to cancel a performance in Israel, that country ‘declared war’ on New Zealand.
      #4. The terrorist spent some time in Israel before travelling to New Zealand.

      I have also read somewhere that he has Jewish connections, but this may be speculation only.
      HOWEVER – you may be sure that New Zealand will get to the bottom of this, even if they’re very quiet about it right now.

  3. BillyBakke says

    This article brings to mind Umberto Echo’s book Foucault’s Pendulum (maybe its the whole Knights Templar shenanigans) with its smorgasbord of cherry picked links, speculation, supposition and a whole load of unjoined dots. All of which are needed to back up the clickbait headline. The author notes the terrorist Tarrant may or may not have been a pro-Zionist because Brevik was and so is every Euro far right organisation that said author can think of, including the laughable EDL and the clown that is Tommy Robinson (who left the EDL years ago). And the Fivestar Movement pro-Zionist really?

    And look here are some more unconnected facts about Mossad over the last 20 years and some stuff about 9/11, because, well why not! Also did you know that Israel is rather put-out by NZ over some UN resolutions and just NZ’s all round good guy-ishness and solid support for the Palestinian cause… err? And seriously wtf has Lorde got to do with all of this?

    Then in conclusion after saying that its all Mossad’s doing the author retracts by stating, “the political confusion of zealots like Tarrant needs to be addressed as entirely predictable instead of as unintended consequences of the War on Terror and the financial crisis”. Then he seems to suggest that immigration IS a threat to white Americans. They’re all immigrants bra. Before finally arguing that we ARE in a ‘Holy War’ and a ‘clash of civilisation’ and it will be the DOOOM of us all, which is nice.

    Excuse the rant, lots of the authors world view maybe be right but this article is just a load of lazily expelled hot air.

    • You beat me to it, Billy: a ‘smorgasbord of cherry picked links, speculation, supposition and a whole load of unjoined dots.’ That’s exactly how it reads to me . . .

      And indeed, as the most likely and most plausible ‘explanation,’ as intimated by Parry himself, intentionally or not, maybe the outrage comes down to nothing more than ‘the political confusions of the zealot, Tarrant,’ that is to say, if the broader social, economic, and political context in which this tragedy occurred are completely ignored.

      It’s not as if what happened in Christchurch didn’t happen in a society that at bottom is divided along class lines — is it? Or that in New Zealand (or Australia, or in the East or in the West), that basic or essential characteristic of capitalist society cannot but manifest in a variety of toxic guises, refracted as it is in the cross-cutting cleavages of race, politics, religion, ethnicity, gender, or other social characteristics that can and do congeal into elements of variously and virulently contending social identities, be they assumed or imposed.

      I dunno, but in societies rife with discrimination and oppression, where the subordination and exploitation of people en masse is the rule, under conditions where minds cannot but become irreparably crippled by the insidious effects of ‘the injuries of class,’ the real surprise to me would be the absence of people like Tarrant going off in the way that they sometimes do.

    • Mossad is a deflection. There has been much careful analysis of footage and manifesto, without claiming a Mossad connection. Mosad makes it all about antisemitism and facilitates even more censorship.

  4. The blend of such considerable travel activity while stockpiling a cache of semi-automatic firearms with a digital footprint espousing his extremist views online makes the likelihood that Tarrant managed to remain under the radar of the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS) difficult to believe. It is especially doubtful they would be unable to detect him considering he was reportedly interviewed by New Zealand police prior to obtaining his firearms license in 2017.

    Doubtful that NZSIS didn’t know about it? Hilarious. As it was clearly a staged event with the same hallmarks seen in the UK, the US, Canada, Oz, Europe, Russia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Russia, Syria – you name it – every intelligence agency and its dog knew and/or were involved in it.

    This article strikes me a little as distraction propaganda – Israel is so very, very useful as distraction (not that they’re not responsible for God knows what but that doesn’t mean they’re not used for distraction propaganda purposes) – both Israel and Saudi Arabia were so intensively exploited as distraction propaganda in 9/11. My goodness. Even before I twigged to it I didn’t pay the slightest attention to the 28 pages – I guess I instinctively knew it was a load of cobblers.

    • Thank you Flaxgirl! All this talk of Mossad will serve to divert attention from the essential issues, which are whether the event was a black op., and if so exposing it, whether anyone was murdered, and the extent to which the NZ government is involved. Judging by the world-wide clampdown – Mike Adams own video platform, Brighteon that he founded to get away from censorship was threatened! – Jacinda Ardern has some very powerful friends. Focusing on Mossad makes it all about antisemitism and facilitates censorship. I’m looking hard at anyone pushing the Mossad story, frankly.

      • flaxgirl says

        Yes, Barbara, whenever I see Israel pushed where you can see that whatever their involvement they’re not primary I’m very suspicious too, especially, with regard to 9/11 – I mean, I know they were obviously heavily involved but the main perps are rogue elements within the US government and bureaucracy (no doubt, many of whom are dual US/Israeli nationals) and it is they who need to be focused on.

        There is absolutely no doubt that it was a black op. As it’s obvious no one died (almost always no one dies in covert operations I don’t think, except assassinations and very similar operations – it’s only in clandestine operations that they die – that is, those operations done in secret without media coverage). As far as I can tell, staged events all have a very similar MO with a little variation.
        This video shows unquestionably that it was a staged event:

        I have a website on these events if you’re interested.

        I believe from at least as far back as Pearl Harbour through the Bologna Station bombing in 1980 through 9/11 up to Christchurch (and many, many recent events) all involved staged death and injury. I have an exercise on my website on staged death and injury for 9/11 and also show same for Bologna. In the case of Pearl Harbour, there are no signs of injury in any of the alleged injured in images on the internet and it would seem reasonable, no? that if they had advance warning that they could easily have evacuated everyone to avoid death and injury. It’s just like 9/11 – instead of evacuating only some from the buildings, they evacuated everyone. My theory – and I advise very, very strongly that it’s a theory – is that in their “peace” talks Japan and the US agreed that Japan would bomb. I mean, they’re all selling arms to each other, etc – they have to use them somehow.

        • flaxgirl says

          And just to add. While the lives were spared on the day of the catalytic event in the case of both Pearl Harbour and 9/11, so very many more lives were lost afterwards. That’s human logic for you.

        • Thank you flaxgirl. Fortunately your website is still alive – the videos you’ve linked are not. As I said, NZ suddenly seems to have powerful friends – very flattering …

          • Barbara, This video works just as well – Also, you can simply go to and click on Christchurch on left to see all videos on that subject. If the link doesn’t work first time try again, sometimes it’s not very responsive. The site is just an individual doing the best they can – nothing like YT.

      • mark says

        There’s no point trying to whitewash the unparalleled record of Zionist Terror over more than seven decades.
        Murders of distinguished figures like Count Bernadotte, UN Envoy, who had put his life on the line during WW2 to save persecuted Jews. Or the British High Commissioner. Or the murder attempts against the British prime minister and foreign secretary, to give just a few random examples from a very long list..
        Mass casualty terror attacks and false flag attacks directed against their most servile Shabbos goys. USS Liberty. 9/11. Lavon Affair, again, to name just a few of very, very many.
        With ordinary Jews treated as expendable collateral damage in false flag attacks on synagogues in Iraq and Egypt.
        It was clear in the 1940s that if a Zionist Regime was ever established, it would never be anything more than a rogue, terrorist, pirate state, and a safe haven for international terror, financial chicanery, sex and organ trafficking, the drug trade, and all forms of criminality.
        There is a consistent unbroken record of murders, terrorist bombings, poisonings and false flag attacks, combined with brutal, racist war crimes of a Nazi character, committed on a Nazi scale.
        You can try to stick your head in the sand and ignore it if you want. Whatever makes you feel better.

        • flaxgirl says

          You misunderstand me, mark. Focus can be put on Israel as a distraction technique that is completely irrelevant to who Israel is, what they’ve done and what they are doing. Completely irrelevant. Propaganda can actually be the truth but it’s how the information is used that makes it propaganda. For example, Lee Harvey Oswald said, “I’m just a patsy.” This was absolutely the truth but this statement was scripted and used as propaganda to make skeptics of the official story think that Oswald saying this provided a reason to bump him off. No! They faked his death and this is very, very obvious in the fact that the famous photo of him does not match a still from the video.

          Propaganda is more subtle than we realise. You need to remember that there are different streams targeted at different groups. The perps understand there is a significant percentage of the population who tend not to believe their stories and they target us in a special way.

  5. Bootlyboob says

    I was watching this as it was reported and supposedly there were multiple suspects. Now there’s only one? Possibly misreported because he was on the move.

    Anyways, I’m completely sick of this whole narrative of the world being run by communists and these communist Marxists are all Leftist Jews. It’s the most batshit crazy idea I’ve ever heard. They’re sitting at home posting this shit on Youtube and Facebook (which they call Leftist by the way) like parrots. Maybe that’s the point. It’s not meant to make sense.

    • flaxgirl says

      There’s often multiple suspects, Bootlyboob. That’s a feature of staged events. They had them in Sandy Hook and Las Vegas too – no doubt others that I can’t think of or am not aware of.

    • flaxgirl says

      And yes it’s not meant to make sense. They always inform us of their staging through things that don’t add up, smiling grievers, unbelievability, etc. Always.

      • Totally agree. Anti-vax friend said a year or two back something like, they like you to know that they know that you know. Since then, that thought has recurred in multiple situations. They know you are powerless – increasingly powerless, thanks to assets like Jacinda 1984 Ardern

  6. Wilmers31 says

    It was never credible to assume that Israel, Mossad, NSA, 5eyes would NOT monitor and infiltrate all groups. The back story of Tarrant was never credible, either.

    The kind of money he spent could not have come from legit sources. Would the Australian or NZ tax office issue a general statement? No, all silent. It will soon be under super-injunction, the censorship tool that is tighter than the Stalin regime.

  7. Sandy Robertson says

    For fuck sake, Tommy Robinson is NOT the leader of the EDL!!! And he is not a fascist. He is well known to have QUIT the EDL over six years ago precisely BECAUSE he objected to far-right agitators taking it over.

    • different frank says

      Just a racist cokehead then.

    • BillyBakke says

      I agree Sandy, the obsession with Tommy Robinson in the English press, to me, is a perfect example of the establishments tried and tested policy of divide and rule. God forbid that we have any working class movements in England. There may be a large element of tribalism within movements such as the EDL and the FLA and they do in the bell curve of their support attract some unsavoury far right elements but they are in no way facist organisation. Collective, grass roots power must always be destroyed by those in established power and their lackeys in the MSM. The easiest way to do this is to call them racist, homophobic and sexist. And, unfortunately it works. Not just by the process of labelling but also that through such labelling the movements attract and are then taking over by extremist elements. And in MHO the middle class left are complicit in this through there cultural guilt and their inherent snobbishness.

  8. The author may or may not know that Knights Templar is a branch of Freemasonry. They are explicitly Christian (which doesn’t at all bring them approval from Jesus Christ). If she is aware, that’s simply not clear from the way she discusses the Knights Templar, even though she correctly notes that the name refers to the Temple in Jerusalem.

    As for Jacinda Ardern, she’s no hero in my view. (See “NZ Threatens 10 Years In Prison For ‘Possessing’ Mosque Shooting Video; Web Hosts Warned, ‘Dissenter’ Banned” by Tyler Durden – This article is a good complement to William Craddick’s detailed reports on Disobedient Media.

  9. dfhdnjdn says

    includes video – 1 minute 26 seconds
    The Prime Minister of New Zealand received great praise for wearing a hijab when she visited the survivors of the attack; since then, she has continued to wear the hijab in numerous public appearances. For this she has won continued praise. Many non-Muslim women, too, have emulated her, wearing hijabs in solidarity with Muslims, showing their hijabbed selves on Instagram, together with virtue-signaling sentiments of solidarity (“we are with you”), or identity (“we are you”), each text more treacly than the last. And in Australia, too, not to be outdone, a hijab campaign promoted on social media has also taken off among non-Muslim women. Hugh Fitzgerald

    • All such head covering disgusts me. If she is wearing it freely, fine. But they wear it because they are in fear of displeasing their family, friends and community if they don’t. Therefore, It’s oppression. It’s mild, but it’s still oppression. As long as you bring the subject up…

      • Alliyah Brown says

        Oh, oppression? You mean how most women won’t go out to a party without putting on some makeup because it wouldn’t be accepted by family, friends and the community? What a laugh. Hundreds of thousands of Muslim women wear the hijab because they WANT to, because they force society to see them for their intelligence and not the size of their lips, breasts or buttocks! But hey, keep telling yourself they are oppressed if it makes you feel better.

      • mark says

        Yes, let’s ban all religious symbols, turbans, crucifixes, niqabs, dreadlocks, skull caps, prayer shawls. Odd how all these people who found it so offensive Ardern was wearing a head scarf had no problems with Blair, Trump and Co. prancing about in kippahs.

      • Tigger says

        I suppose you’re disgusted by our Queen as well, then. :>))

        But as for your comment on ‘oppression’ – I’ve travelled to North Africa and the Middle East over the past 20 or so years and it has become noticeable that the headscarf has become more popular amongst the young women of late – never more so than when America has bombed or otherwise attacked Middle Eastern countries.

        Another trend, seen in Lebanon and here in the UK where I now live, is the ‘fashion hijab’, where extremely attractive and heavily made up women wear designer scarves, surmounted by sunglasses (yes, even in winter).

        • Is head covering the ‘only’ trend. Anyway, I have my view of the matter. Oppression is oppression. The UK Queen? She’s a parasite. And she has nothing to do with what we’re talking about.

  10. dfhdnjdn says

    “Breivik was portrayed as a fundamentalist Christian but was curiously a member of the Norwegian Order of Freemasons, an organization with a history of ties to the espionage world and susceptible to infiltration because of its inherent secrecy. The original Knights Templar, or “Templars,” were a Christian army founded in the 10th century who initially shielded pilgrims voyaging to the Holy Land and later fought against Muslims during the Crusades while the name is drawn from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.”

    1. There is not, nor has there ever been a ‘fundamentalist Christian’ mass murderer. Either the crime was committed before they were brought to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ – in which case they were not fundamentalist Christians at the time OR their faith was a pretence.

    2. Freemasonary and biblical Protestantism has never been compatable.

    3. Knights Templar are Roman Catholic. Roman Catholicism is counterfeit Christianity and therefore practices those things which are contrary to scripture and deviant from the Word of God.

    4. If you are wrong on the above three statements in one sentence, your views on everything else can legitimately be questioned.

    • Robert J. says

      > Freemasonary and biblical Protestantism has never been compatible.

      Wrong. Not to make a big point out of it, secondary stuff in the context of this article. An ancestor of mine, a good number of generations ago, who was born a Catholic, became an atheist and married into a militant atheist family of Freemasons. As such he became a rather famous character for his humanistic activities. At some point in life, though, he discovered his own spiritual values and converted to Protestantism (possibly of the Anglican creed, I’m not sure). He then founded his own freemasonic lodge. Those were the days when Freemasonery was still a symbol of progress, fighting against obscurantism and oppression. The first turn came later, when the world’s Freemasonery got divided in the same way as the Socialist International did.

      Long-gone days…

      • Freemasonry was never anything other than pagan (without God) and darkness. (A lot of people have Masonic family members and friends. That doesn’t make Masonry righteous. I have a friend who knew that Masonry was off, but joined anyway, solely for gain. I had a foster father, a great guy [relatively speaking] who was a Mason. A friend’s dad was a Mason. Similarly, almost everyone has a friend or family member in the military and what is the military good for?) Even so, Masons should be as free to practice their religion (depending) as other religionists are. But their oaths, especially in Britain, caused problems. Barristers and police who were brothers and who took their Masonry seriously took oaths that conflicted with other oaths that they took in relation to their professions. Martin Short goes into some detail about that, and legislative measures taken to deal with the problem, in his book.

        • mark says

          Freemasonry is a form of devil worship. I have known a number of committed Christians who left Freemasonry when they realised its true nature.

          • Indeed. It is an overt form of Devil worship. Most of the world worships the Devil.

          • Deceit works into any mind that sets itself above others. So it may be that you have a point with Freemasonry as a structure of elite or exclusive ‘knowledge’ – but I don’t accept smear as true just because someone says so. I can also see a usurping and distortion of Jesus life and teaching by a mind under fear that regards itself ‘Christian’. So calling out the ‘devil’ may be where the devil most cunningly hides. Looking first to our own vigilance feels the core message, rather than ‘mapping out’ others as mass targets for pre judgement of denial and penalty.

            So I do not need to defend Freemasonry – but to hold awareness that dogma, and persecution for non compliance or conformity is not a new thing and that while God or the ‘Voice for God’ delivers us NOT unto evil but may of course deliver us THROUGH its temptation to a self God did not create and so which has no true existence – by recognizing and releasing false ideas or false idols whose cost worked through us unawares.

            A pattern I often see is where a corruption in the ‘Temple’ leads its followers astray, to both captivity and their own compliance in effecting a form of slavery as freedom. This can be in any field of elite expertise such as medical, scientific or political as well as religious and in mere opposition to the same.

            There is much that cannot be accepted (appreciated and understood) now that will in its time and timing be revealed. I see that we keep a self ‘secret’ or hidden by making a mind of appeal to ‘mysteries’ whereby to get busy in ‘closer and further’ from truth in image and symbols which are not ‘sinful’ or wrong so much as mistaken for or substituted for Living Reality in a way that becomes afraid of our own truth. So Fig-leaf thinking makes a world guarded by idols and priesthoods that make such fear into the attempt to get or become something in our own right. What else could possibly deny love but a fervent belief we are seeking or protecting it? (Not least from an ‘evil’ self that is ‘hidden’ in the minds of others until we release as we would be released).

            Does that make me the ‘evils’ I see in the world? Or does that transform my world into an opportunity to wake from an evil dream? When I regard my very existence as threatened, do I subordinate all else to survival? Isn’t there a fear that is blind to all else but such a ‘self’? Perhaps this is what we at some point realise we need saving FROM by re-cognising and being reconciled to a true awareness of existence we do not make, but under the WISH to make (or possess and control) reality, do we render a belief to a power that brought hurt into the Heart of God – and split a mind of interjection by which a seeming gap in wholeness engenders nightmares of the attempt to survive in terms of the wish and fear of such a power. Be mindful what you wish for! Or better, be willing for alignment in true desire instead of wishing under a false.

            Was Scottish Freemasonry a major factor in the founding of American Independence?
            I have no argument that ideas and institutions can be corrupted and I have read much that associates Freemasonry with negative agenda, just as with other organisations.
            I also see that secrecy invites any and every negative imagination – as it also invites corruption. But there are conditions where to simply show yourself to Herod (any establishment fear of change as threat), is to invite Big Brother’s Boot on the rising of a new consciousness.
            The underlying PURPOSE is my sense or discernment of the ‘spirits’. And of course this is not what we tell ourself but the truth that reveals itself in its fruits.

            I have never known or been approached by Freemasonry in any way I am aware of. But I do not see resisting or identifying AGAINST evil as the way to starve it of attention or negative worthship – as a worthiness of putting in front of us in order to magnify with attack. Giving ongoing attention is giving energy and value. I see a true freedom of Spirit in knowing the purpose of which I am now accepting and aligned. Rather than conflicted and shifting purposes in which each knows not what the other hand does while working both sides against the whole.

            Worldly power corrupts the mind that wants it – regardless the form it takes. But I hold that mind mistaken and therefore correctable though its own recognition of a mis-choice instead of struggle in the terms that false framing sets.

      • dfhdnjdn says

        None of that makes them Christians. You need to read more.

      • Andrew Mcguiness says

        So long as we’re quibbling, the Anglican church isn’t Protestant. The Creef has, ‘I believe in one apostolic and catholic church …’. Apparently, the distinguishing tenet is belief in the transubstiation of the host at communion.

    • How many books on Freemasonry have you read? I can’t count the number I have read. And I’m not wrong because you ‘say’ so. I recommend Stephen Knight’s books, along with Martin Short’s (faulty but good) book that used much of the late Knight’s research. Actual freemasons, namely the ones who built the cathedrals of Europe, were indeed Catholic. The later usurpers of the work-related customs of the Catholic stone masons were not Catholic and were interested, for the purposes of assembling their cult or order, in Temple symbology and in using techniques (secret handshakes etc, meant originally to determine what pay to give workers, according to Short) to establish exclusivity for their new masonic order, which eventually spawned many orders that each had their own characteristics. (Original, or ‘Craft’, Masonry had only 3 levels. Many later branches of Masonry had many more levels. More levels equalled more cool.) Masonry, for example, excluded women – until the Order of the Eastern Star. Aleister Crowley was a Mason. The American, Albert Pike, was the famous general who was both and Mason and a Satanist.

      • dfhdnjdn says

        Read more. None of that makes them Christian.

        • We don’t even know who or what “them” refers to. If you’re referring to authors, What do you know without even asking me what books? Do you know who Stephen Knight and Martin Short are? Do you know whether they were pro or anti Masonic? Are you saying that good people can’t write about bad people? Don’t tell God.

  11. Mucho says

    This essential talk from Christopher Bollyn is full of amazing evidence of how the Zionist led “War on Terror” actually began life in the 70s at a conference in Israel and became “operational” on 9/11. This truly is a must watch presentation

    Christopher Bollyn “The War on Terror among Truth Seekers”

    The interview with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barack on the morning of 9/11 which Bollyn discusses is here

  12. Robert J. says

    I’m quite prepared to believe in secret operations, false flags, assassinations perpetrated here and there, in other words anything sleazy committed by Israel, directly or indirectly. A Palestinian friend of mine who knew his thing once explained to me how easily the Israeli could squeeze the balls of some obscure imam and have him brainwash some young sod into going out and suicide-bombing his way about. I have no doubts either regarding the connections between Israel and the ultra-right, even and especially the established brands — viz. reborn-Xristian–for-the-occasion Bolsonaro’s come to power.

    In this case, however, there is one slight weakness in a scenario like this one. It makes perfect sense to commit such acts as those committed against synagogues, ethnic albeit non-religious Jews (Charlie Hebdo), Jewish cultural centres and the like in France, in Argentina and elsewhere. It also make perfect sense to ask, how come those things don’t happen in, say, Russia, Italy, Mexico or, yes, Brazil?

    But what could be the point when the victims belong exactly to those Israel generally speaking considers as its enemies, as in Christchurch, or even in Breivik’s case? I’d appreciate if anyone would be so kind as to explain this to me. As for creating a mess for the sake of creating a mess (i.e. destabilizing societies), as oftentimes has happened in Europe (think: Years of Lead in Italy…), or as the US & Co. constantly yet incompetently attempts to reiterate all over the planet, I don’t think that Israel has either the capacity or the desire to do that.

    Two more quick remarks. Max Parry may know some things, but to associate the Italian Five Star Movements with the Zionist and islamophobic ultra-right scum shows a crass ignorance of the most basic facts. Parroting the pseudo-left establishment’s venom is the last thing we need here. Let’s say that wherever he belongs, Max Parry should try to inform himself properly before writing such deleterious nonsense.

    On the other hand, he could have listed the ultra-right Danish People’s Party, which after the EU’s rebuke of Austria’s Freedom Party, was the first of its kind to gain admittance among the well-behaved. And, most importantly, the first of its kind to exert real political power — which after 18 years of hard work has led Denmark to become that beacon of xenophobia and US-friendliness which it is now. Point in case, its foreign affairs spokesman Søren Espersen, a Nazi friendly young man, later got married to an English Jewish woman. Their daughter is an Israeli citizen and lives there. Most interesting, he once declared that Israel was his second homeland — not such an innocuous statement for a Dane, especially one of the ultra-nationalist kind.

    • “Two more quick remarks. Max Parry may know some things, but to associate the Italian Five Star Movements with the Zionist and islamophobic ultra-right scum shows a crass ignorance of the most basic facts.” I wondered about that too. I just figured he knew something I don’t. I’m not an expert on the 5 Star Movement, but what I recalled was that it was a movement of non establishment activists.

      • lynette cracknell chaplin says

        As a supporter of the 5 star movement, I can assure you that they are NOT supporters of zionism or islamophobic.

    • Jen says

      “… But what could be the point when the victims belong exactly to those Israel generally speaking considers as its enemies, as in Christchurch, or even in Breivik’s case? …”

      I should think the point depends on what the end objective might be: if the objective is to pressure New Zealand into adopting laws that ban or restrict free speech or which have the effect of victimising particular groups like Muslims or extremist groups advocating white supremacy and relaxed gun laws, and the New Zealand government does indeed start moving in that direction, then whoever cooked up the idea and plan in the first place has won.

      The Christchurch mass shooting incident might be part of an ongoing destabilisation project that has as its aim to separate groups along ethnic, religious and other identity-based criteria and to set them against one another. The implication is that there will be more such incidents in other parts of New Zealand. The end result of the use of identity politics to weaken, polarise and fragment society may be to create marginalised groups ripe for radicalisation and exploitation.

      Radicalised Muslim youth in Europe and elsewhere provided part of the cannon fodder for ISIS in attacking the Syrian government and among other potential beneficiaries the Israeli government and the Deep State elites that control it stood to benefit from the Assad government’s downfall.

      That there seems to be nothing in the attack for Mossad to profit from could be the perfect rationale for Mossad to carry it out, especially if the attack is intended as one stage in an ongoing plan not intended to be straightforward for most people to follow.

      • Robert J. says

        If it were the US or some other nation of a geopolitical importance, quite possibly. But considering the size of New Zealand, its location on the planet, its little relevance in the average human being’s consciousness, sorry, I don’t buy it.

        Small addition: recently I read (can’t remember where that was…) about New Zealand being a favourite place for some US billionaires to take refuge the day “the world ends”. You think “they” would want to do that to those guys, ruin their silly rich dream?

        • Jen says

          From Max Parry’s post:

          “… Tarrant’s journey in Europe included a stop in Ukraine, a hotbed of neo-Nazi activity and as it happens during the massacre he donned the SS wolf’s hook symbol used by the right wing paramilitary group Azov Battalion to which Israel has provided weapons support in its fight against pro-Russian separatists …”

          Elsewhere in other news:

          Ben Norton, “Israel Is Arming Ukraine’s Blatantly Neo-Nazi Militia the Azov Battalion” (July 2018)

          John Brown,”Rights Groups Demand Israel Stop Arming neo-Nazis in Ukraine”

          Israel could have reasons to instigate trouble aiming at dividing and polarising New Zealand society along ethnic and religious criteria for reasons Parry has already covered: New Zealand had a spat with Israel over Israel’s manufacture and use of fake New Zealand passports with stolen identities after the Christchurch earthquake in 2011 accidentally uncovered a Mossad passport-making scheme.

      • Robert J. says

        Makes sense, possibly, if you’re a Brit. But for any commoner outside of Britain, especially in the Catholic world, the religion of Britain is “Protestant”.

      • Tigger says

        “That there seems to be nothing in the attack for Mossad to profit from could be the perfect rationale for Mossad to carry it out, especially if the attack is intended as one stage in an ongoing plan not intended to be straightforward for most people to follow.”

        You make good sense. it could well be an attempt to radicalise young Muslims and lead THEM to commit retaliatory offences – not only in New Zealand but worldwide.

        If so, it’s been a spectacular failure. Hurrah for my lovely compatriots.

  13. Antonym says

    Your “fireworks” travelled 50 miles / 80 km to “empty land” in North Tel Aviv with 7 wounded

    Clever move from Hamas to distract any attention from their own domestic street violence now inside Gaza, as you can blame the sure Israeli retaliation as bad. Not that Western MSM & blogs like these need any help in their analysis as the culprit has been determined in advance, again and again and again: the Juice.

    • different frank says

      HAMAS. The One that Israel bankrolled. That HAMAS?

      • Antonym says

        As you believe that the Zionists are behind everything, you must also be one of them…..

          • Pesky Puss says

            It really annoys me that HAMAS is brought into the equation as a bogey-man. You may or may not like them but they are political party, democratically elected to power. They filled a vacuum created by the fact that the PLO or whoever which runs the West Bank is venal and corrupt and has sold the rights of the Palestinians for a schilling. And what has ”cooperating” with Israel brought them – all of them will be in Gaza-like Bantus very soon. It’s death by strangulation or on-off strangulation. The STERN and IRGUN terrorist gangs’ handiwork won the Israelis’ power, but this does not seem to be a matter of concern. It ought to be if you want to be picky.

    • Haltonbrat says

      Israel are the terrorists and always have been. The world should definitely be boycotting these Israel psychopaths who kill Palestinians at random as part of their genocide.

    • mark says

      Hamas was created by Israel. They even gave it guns – the old Zionist ploy of divide and rule, using hard line Islamists, to undermine Arafat.
      This latest trouble is a transparent election stunt by Netanyahu, to divert attention from corruption scandals.
      In just one of their many Gaza pogroms, 20,000 tons of bombs supplied completely free by the stooge goys were dropped, a higher explosive yield than Hiroshima. .
      But of course to Israel’s Fifth Column abroad, any reaction to their increasingly brutal, racist terror is “terrorism.”

      • Antonym says

        And still the Gazan population exploded, that is in numbers of new babies.
        What is the reverse of genocide?

        • Makropulos says

          It seems that Israel is far outstripping the rest of the world in technology. They now have the capacity to create bombs that create explosions of babies!

        • mark says

          Maybe that’s why the Zionist Cabinet Minister, Shaked, called for all Palestinian mothers to be exterminated, so that no Palestinian children could be born.

          Or why the Times Of Israel, a national newspaper, quite openly advocated genocide, for the “Palestinian people to be exterminated at concentration camps in the desert.”

          Or why Israeli rabbis called for Palestinian children to be murdered.

          Don’t worry, pal, all the shabbos goys like Theresa “Je Suis Juif” May, Boris “I Am A Fervent Zionist” Johnson, and Tom “I Am A Proud Zionist” Watson, will make sure the IDF Kiddie Killers get all the British sniper rifles and dum dum bullets they need completely free, courtesy of the goy taxpayer, to carry on gunning down thousands of kids in Gaza.

  14. BigB says

    “The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.”

    “It would be extremely naive to expect the dominant classes to develop a type of education that would enable subordinate classes to perceive social injustices critically.”

    “The history of education shows that every class which has sought to take power has prepared itself for power by an autonomous education. The first step in emancipating oneself from political and social slavery is that of freeing the mind.”

    Quotes from two of the greatest ever political educators: Antonio Gramsci and Paulo Friere. It would indeed be naïve to assume that we have been educated in a way that might lead to our political and actual liberation. The greatest coup in all power and class struggle is to assume that the current hegemonic paradigm we have been educated into is anything other than a regime of truth and power that favours the status quo: and only the status quo. That hegemonic paradigm is based entirely on the Cartesian Error. Divide and rule by installing a divisive and dichotomous Architecture of Belief and Power: imprinted on each generation of naïve young minds. And see how it works.

    Friere used the entirely apposite “Banking Metaphor” for the empty deposit account of the child’s consciousness – being filled with the paradigmatic power structure by the capitalist state educator. Dichotomy after dichotomy; boundary after boundary; discrimination after discrimination. Divide and rule. Divide and rule. Divide and rule becomes an internalised behavioural consciousness and cognitivist affair. For life. Unless we engage in auto-didactic de-schooling and self-education to address the Cartesian Error. Then the current practico-inert stasis – the present limit-situation – becomes the praxis …not of revolution – but of evolution.

    Every presenting Event is a bifurcation point between the involutionary, old, redundant, Cartesian Error and terror campaign – and the evolutionary new organic peace process. The new cannot be born of the old. The new can only be born of the new.

    More verbiage? Maybe, if you choose to ignore it. What happens when we split our consciousness – along the societal fault lines of the Cartesian Error – between them and us; self and other; friend and foe? We nihilate our power to truly create and evolve – as a diversified autonomous unity. The people have all the power: only the people can evolve consciousness beyond the present limit-situation. Only by evolving beyond the Cartesian Error of them and us, self and other. Discrimination is bad education. If sectarianism can be educated in: it can be educated out. Before received dichotomies become more stabbings or shootings. Before inherited boundaries become more ghettos or apartheid walls; before habituated discriminations become more acid attacks and hate crimes. Divide and rule. Divide and rule.

    All we ever succeeded in doing was dividing and conquering our ability to evolve and make a difference. Without the Cartesian Error there is only a Universal Humanity. There is no them and us; only bad education. Inherited bad education. Them and us; oppressor and oppressed; self and other – without differentiation: together presenting the power to co-mutually create and co-evolve.

    • milosevic says

      Let me guess, next you’ll be telling us to love our oppressors. I’m sure nobody’s ever thought of that idea before.

      • BigB says

        Because hating ‘them’ really works. Witness the whole of inhumane history as a behaviourally patterned template for what comes next. Somehow, somewhere, communities have to break the habit of centuries. Only the oppressed are ever in the position to do that. Hatred is bad education. Education into algorithmically encoded response. He thinks he is free of mind control: is the most controlled of all.

        • BigB says

          BTW: I’m not telling anyone what to do. Everyone is responsible for their own mind. I’m trying to suggest a way out: rather than repeat the timeworn cyclical oppression. Projected racism is a weak response: a performative powerlessness. That power is better employed in healing – not hating.

        • milosevic says

          Is the ruling class going to love us back, or is this going to be a strictly one-way relationship?

          — because those never end well.

          • Allowing ‘love’ to embrace the extension of humanity in terms that are tangible and practical, I don’t see that we ‘love’ in order to get something back – but because that is who we are.
            If love is a core recognition is is held or kept in mind by extending it.
            I don’t see ‘love as ‘being nice, or virtue signalling or some kind of moral superiority but as without such pretensions.
            Seeing others as beings of choice is not seeking to make their choices for them. But it may be witnessing to or reflecting their current choices in such a way as to encourage them to own them instead of passing off as being forced to, helpless, or justified, and consider make a better choice – including in the light of such a lack of sympathy and support for its presentation.
            We most hate in others what we cannot abide in ourself.
            If we can be with what we hate, it must transform.
            But to recoil and attack is to maintain an inner condition as justification to hate the hater – and feel vindicated in directing it away form self.

            The hate does not actually leave the mind – but is put out of mind and out of our power to change or rather out of range of willingness to allow power of life to transform it. (us).

            I am not addressing ‘the world’ but our unrecognised predicament. The baiting to hate is an inducement to exchange a sanity of being for a personal gratification that then demands repeating and feeding as a protection that locks the hate in and becomes defined or confined by a ‘deep state’ of fears and denials that block any positive outcome.

          • BigB says

            I can only go back to how Caitlin Johnstone summed it up. There are three major outcomes to the current civilisational crisis. Absolute fascism, absolute annihilation, or absolute freedom. Continuing the cycles of hate, fear and anxiety absolutely ensures either of the first two outcomes will be further actualised. And absolutised. Call it peace, call it love, call it empathy, call it what you want, sacralise it or secularise it – only an extraordinary response by everybody has any chance of actualising absolute freedom. Its peace or Mad Max or Hunger Games or 1984 or Brave New World or some sort of Ballardian/PhilDickian shit. We are running out of time and options: except to choose which dystopia we want. This world is already dystopic for the majority of humanity and our co-evolved biotic extended family.

            No offence, but you have been reticent to share any insightful analysis or praxis of action. Maybe there is nothing that can be done, but I am unwilling personally to accept that yet. Our main drawback, as I said, is bad education. We are not the identities and partially pre-assigned roles were handed before birth. If I go out, I choose to go out a free man. Whatever they do, they are going to do without my approval anyway. I presume you noticed that we have already been completely politically disinherited.

            • milosevic says

              It seems to me that loving your ruling-class oppressors pretty much guarantees that the outcome will be absolute fascism, or absolute slavery, which is the same thing. Coincidentally, or perhaps not, “love your oppressor” is the primary message of most forms of organized religion, which is always elaborated by the ruling class to serve their own interests. Funny how that works.

              Presumably, the emotions of hate and anger evolved for a reason, to tell you when you shoud defend yourself or your group. Organisms which decline to defend themselves when necessary, usually end up as either slaves or food. Being food is obviously an evolutionary dead end, but people who are content to be slaves can probably persist in that condition for as long as their masters find them useful, after which they can perhaps be repurposed as soylent green, or fertilizer.

              As for what praxis of action I favour, I think that the 1793 model of pitchforks and guillotines has real potential, if properly directed. At least those people were able to cast off the slave ideology that they had been indoctrinated with for generations. I gather that you yourself have abandoned the relatively crude ideology of Catholicism, in favour of the much more sophisticated slave religions elaborated by the Indian ruling classes, for thousands of years.

              • BigB says

                Touche. As a case in point: you say “presumably” which is a poker ‘tell’ that you have inherited these ideas uncritically from the consensus. Ideas that were always current, but were made scientifically current by Hubert Spencer (survival if the fittest) social-Darwinism; E O Wison’s sociobiology; evolutionary psychology; Dawkins, Dennet and the genetic determinist fascists (which Dawkins denies, wrongly); Pinker, Hicks, Peterson; among untold others who less vociferously contributed to what I call the 3 F’s (fighting, fitness, and fucking) regime of power that has become the obsessive moral touchstone of authoritarians everywhere. It’s like this, the say – metaphorically waving the research that ‘proves’ the dictatorial ‘idee fixe’ of would-be scientific fascists everywhere.

                And so long as we prove them right with pre-programmed ‘genetic’ algorithmic evolutionary behavioural responses – they have a point. And we are stuck in the ‘biologically determined’ socio-Darwinian dialectic of oppressor/oppressed – which suits the oppressor with their monopoly on the really useful violence. I raise your pitchfork with an armed drone or attack helicopter. Remember the “Collateral Murder” vid Chelsea Manning leaked. You won’t even see it coming.

                My point entirely is that better biology, sociology, and psychology have come to challenge this regime of truth and power. We are not the identity we are handed at birth. Or the one that has become the fixed, hypostasised authoritarian worldview of authoritarians and despots everywhere. So why do we conform to it when empiric, scientific, research and information is abundantly available to undermine any hierarchical Cartesian Error regime?

                Friere’s answer is that the oppressed, having been habitually oppressed for so long, have become accustomed and infantalised by authority – fearing their freedom. See the Milgram Obedience experiments for what the authoritarian personality will do for authority. Thinking for ourselves – being our own intellectuals – is the only solution I see. Even if it seems infinitesimally unlikely to succeed: that can change. But only if we put our minds to it.

                We have nothing to lose but our fear of freedom: which is our current limit-situation.

                • crank says

                  BigB, Milo,
                  Someone (I can’t remember who) wrote words to the effect that ‘the Left’s concern is the poltics of what should be, the Right’s concern is the poltics of what is’.
                  Are we not conflicted beings, both idealistic and bound by a physical, relative world? This is how I understand the human condition. The religious message that underpins our historic society is one of forgiveness and tollerance, peace and care for the dispossessed. And we all know how that worked out.
                  How would it have worked out without that message though?
                  What if ‘the message’ now is one of revenge, war and greed ? Should we not concern ourselves with where that message comes from, who promotes it ?
                  Do ideas exist outside someone’s thinking? If not, then at some point ideas come face to face with the physical system that gives them a footing in this world. Maybe at certain points ideas have to confront each other through physicality (pitchforks, drones etc.) ? Maybe at certain points, there is no other way?
                  I wish it were not so. The idea of universalism is, today, being driven out of this world by a relatively small group of exceptionalists who have command of the violent means to do so. What do we do?

                  • BigB says


                    If I can make a quick psychological process model: then I can make my reply.

                    The five senses constitute the sixth: the active experiential sense-mind. This is the primary cognitive root consciousness of experience.

                    In Western – now global – tradition – this actually and actively experiencing core cognition is all but vestigial. It is relegated to a ‘pre-ontological’ proto-self level: usually referred to as the ‘pre-reflective self-awareness’. Being, essence. and the ontological mind of Reason supervene the experiential.

                    If you can understand this basic heuristic of how the mind is hierarchically structured: you can understand the core fascism of Reason, Instrumental Rationality, Will, Intellect over the experiential of actually being here, actively experiencing life.

                    The entire Western onto-theological tradition is built on the Cartesian Error: which is a bit like putting a misplaced concrete cap on the experiential, and using that as a false Foundation to build …well, the world-as-it-presents. We built an entire civilisational edifice, by burying experience beneath the basement. If that makes sense, you understand the human condition – we live in a world without our own true feeling, experiencing selves in it. The cold, desolate, collection of disconnected objects that is the passive, inert ‘deadground’ that miraculously supports the thinking, subjective Being – thrown, Abandoned, and terminally anomie.

                    That would be Sarte’s take, anyway.

                    Conflicted! Terminally schizophrenic! Our Idealism has taken on a life of its own, in terminal conflict with our suppressed, unique, creative, core. That we have ever reached such heavenly heights in music, art, literature, spirituality and even science is a testimony to the impressibility of the human spirit.

                    How would it have worked out other – sensitivity to initial conditions of the system do not allow us to speculate how a variable could change the outcome. The result would be different every time – see Lorenz and that mad butterfly. It is what it is. Likewise, how it may progress is a guess. Thinking we can determine all the hidden variables and potentially ‘control’ Nature is perhaps our biggest conceit. One that drives science to this day.

                    Revenge: on whom? The Universe/Nature is/was/ever shall be beyond our control. A better education, inquiry, and understanding may allow us to jettison much of our Cartesian Error folly and grandeur and take our place IN Nature – not above it.

                    Do ideas exist outside someone’s thinking? There is a dialectic in between the subjective and trans-subjective mind that intensifies thoughts and ideas. But to be productive: what is a ‘subject’ and what is a/the ‘mind’. No one has defined these properties scientifically yet. The nature of the subject is being addressed within ’embodied cognition’. Distinct subject/object boundaries are blurred.

                    Violence is a breakdown in true communication via dialogical means. If and when violence is hypernormative…. Lets hope we can open some Socratic/Frierian dialogue before then. We are in true meaningful ‘biosemiotic’ (beyond language, the organic language of nature) dialogue with Life: moment by moment. If we enter into that Life dialogue fully – we can leave revenge and violence in the Stone Age – when perhaps they were the justified response to a hostile environment. Not any more, we make the environment hostile for ourselves. With better education, we can unmake the hostility, and make a welcoming meaningful environment for all.

                    Seems unlikely, but I do not care for the other species ending scenarios.

                    • milosevic says

                      we make the environment hostile for ourselves.

                      It’s funny how you vehemently objected to this very idea, when it was suggested in relation to the Exceptional People.

                      But of course, they wouldn’t be Exceptional, if the same considerations that apply to everybody else’s experience, were expected to apply to them. To question their exceptional status, is the real anti-semitism.

                      It is the very essence of GoodThink, to instinctively know which exceptions are exceptional, without knowing that you know it. Cultivating this ability requires a consciously unconscious effort at mystifying your own consciousness, until all apparent contradictions fade into the mists of higher enlightenment.

                    • crank says

                      With respect BigB, I do not read you answering the questions. I rather read you descending into sesquipedalian ramblings.
                      However much we might agree with the ultimate truth of the yogi, we none the less live in the world of the commissar.
                      Jackie Walker, Mark Wadsworth, Ken Livingstone, Tony Greenstein, Asa Winstanley, Gilad Atzmon, George Galloway, Chris Williamson….
                      When the Gaza bloodbath kicks off who will dare speak for the victims of that ‘Cartesian error’ ?

                    • BigB says

                      Crank; Milosevic

                      Duly noted: but with no alternative – we will always live in the world of the Commissar …with no alternative.

                  • Are we conflicted being or conflicted mind running under a narrative justification that in a sense usurps, masks and runs on top of the ‘natural’?

                    Is this not the same as saying Idea moves prior to any splitting through the lens or mind of personae?

                    The nature of an internal division developed from a time of terror as a mind of dissociation or separateness seeking both saving from destruction and alignment with such power through magical or ritual reenactments and sacrificial laws of obedience, appeasement and atonement along with a deep fear of guilt and punishment for being OUT of accord with a Divinity or experience of power in the world that set a sense of guilt and punishment for great fear and suffering.

                    This operated a segregative and separative development of feared and fearful consciousness that is both victim and victimiser or power over life and others.

                    The reintegrative movement to an embracing Consciousness to its fragmented defended dissociative sense of exclusion is a reawakening,to a transcendence of tangible embrace as living perspective in place of a complex masking substitution – that maintains itself on the basis of fear and conflict and is thus protecting a hidden agenda as if such is a salvation of a self BY hiding, denial and projection of a mind predicated in definitions of prediction and control.

                    No words can communicate anything to an unwillingness to hear, see or accept and understand – that runs in the form of an already set of mind justified exclusion and denial of communication or self-transparancy. Hence I invite curiosity of a willingness to see for ourself – which means open the territory of NOT obeying fear’s dictate in order to SEE and know more directly.

                    The developments of Religion are of the usurping or marketising and weaponising of the movement for healing and reconciliation for purpose of possession and control. But only in terms of the official narrative or consensual ‘reality’ of human thought – because the movement of awakening, release and embrace in wholeness is not ‘in time’ so much as within being waiting on willingness of recognition and acceptance by expression. In that sense the true ‘religious’ or spiritual urge can never fail so much as meet a communication failure.

                    Forgiveness is a release of self-hate and self-rejection that will always project onto others and world. Fake forgiveness keeps the grievance as a basis to make a ‘better’ or ‘superior’ self to the ‘other’ who is then not only witness to old or ancient grievance but a new sense of ‘spiritual superiority’ – (sic).
                    Redeeming the true by recognizing and releasing the imposter is opening a true appreciation of others and world from the conflicted alloy of a love and hate that can and do readily shift into each other. But it is not ‘organisable’ or definable as a weapon or movement for effecting power in the world’s terms. That is, in human terms. The idea of power itself needs redeeming from the mind that thought to usurp it for possession and control.

                    A lone wolf myth covers over a captive mind by splitting off to set against itself.

                    If you only make for a ready market – you will only serve the already established sense of a captive or subject reality. For anything new to come through calls for moving past the edge of the map, or model of established narrative. No one can then understand IN TERMS of the old – but can feel something prior to thinking or from a different place than the focus in possession and control. This has a different quality – and within its quality is a tangible recognition or knowing again – excepting a true presence is always anew.

                    Re-aligning from recognized presence is different than persisting and surviving a past that dictates a future in its image. Re-vision is also seeing anew from a more aligned presence.

                • milosevic says

                  Get a grip. Even animals experience anger and hate. If you don’t know this, you must have never seen a “vicious” dog. Most of the process of domesticating animals is breeding these emotions out of them, so that they don’t revolt against their oppressors.

                  Doubtless, five thousand years of killing off the most rebellious slaves, has had some similar effect on “civilized” human populations, but the selection programme is not yet complete, so organized religion was invented to suppress whatever independent instincts still remain.

                  socio-Darwinian dialectic of oppressor/oppressed

                  You must have had a really privileged life, if such things are just theoretical abstractions to you. There’s no mystery about the class location of most western “Buddhists”; it’s easy to imagine that oppression is just a lack of enlightenment, when you’ve never actually experienced any, yourself.

                  – which suits the oppressor with their monopoly on the really useful violence.

                  The fascination of ruling classes everywhere with “gun control”, as seen right now in New Zealand, suggests that they doubt the security of this monopoly. This is probably one of the primary reasons why such events are organized.

                  I raise your pitchfork with an armed drone or attack helicopter.

                  A person more concerned with real politics, than philosophical pretension, might have interpreted that reference as metaphorical. However, the drones and attack helicopters will be of extremely limited utility to their owners, if all the pilots have been run through with pitchforks. Sometimes, mediaeval methods can still be effective solutions to real problems.

                  Why don’t you take your middle-class pacifist twaddle to some place like Syria or Venezuela, where people are confronted with these issues in the most acute form imaginable, and see how much traction you get? No doubt they would be greatly relieved to learn that the fascist death squads threatening their communities were merely an illusion, created by their “fear of freedom”.

                  • BigB says

                    Yeah, yeah, yeah, viscous dogs behaviourism …is that all we are in your estimation? It is precisely because we have worn an ‘animal’ or ‘Charaktermaske’ for so long: and are so afraid to lose it – that we have become our own capitalist violence personas.

                    What you will not get – mainly as you won’t drop your guard and get into a meaningful dialogue – is that peace is not mine, nor anyone else’s. Peace is about a meaningful relationship, voluntarily entered in to – despite the violence and chaos that abounds.

                    No, you cannot take peace to Syria in the time of conflict. But did you take your violence there? It is a spurious thing to say. Denigrating ‘me’ says nothing to peace. It does not interact with anything I have said. Previously, you rejected ’embodied cognition’ with a similar set of reactionary rhetoric. Probably without looking in to it. You can deny it, but these avenues of human inquiry into consciousness, cognition, linguistcs, etc are going on anyway. Perhaps they may lead to a new more organic peaceful process – akin to Buddhism. Perhaps we will just kill ourselves first?

                    That would be a shame, to never drop the violent Charaktermaske that capitalism handed us, and we voluntarily decided to serve. What are you afraid of, dropping the mask? Or are you waiting for it to drop you?

                    There is more to life than its violent portrayal that capitalism has turned into a consumer artform. We can turn away you know? And drop our guard to peace.

                    • milosevic says

                      “Let them eat enlightenment.”

                      Maybe you can package up that mystical, obscurantist BS and deliver it by the truckload, to the poor misguided fools who are currently tormented by illusions of Imperial death squads. Or try selling it in Gaza; more than food, shelter, and clean water, they need the spiritual nourishment that can only be provided by sages such as yourself, in order to realize that all their problems would evaporate like mist, if only they would voluntarily enter into a meaningful relationship with their zionist oppressors.

                      organized religion: still distorting social reality and warping vulnerable minds, in the service of the ruling class, after all these millenia.

                    • BigB says

                      M: well, if you are not actually is a warzone yourself – or your life is not actually threatened by violence – and you are essentially advocating violence …you have to ask: who does that actually help?

                      If you think that violence articulating violence is all there is: you can pack that up and take it to a fight near you. I’m sure there will be plenty to chose from.

                      Capitalism is systemically violent because people have to accumulate material causes to articulate some sense of self-esteem – usually temporarily. But self-esteem is experientially available for a minimised close to free non-material cost locally. Package that up and wars become unnecessary. It is only pathological modernism and its artificially inflated materialist lifestyles for some that necessitate wars. Who would want a mobile phone at the cost of 10 million human lives? No one has done a true cost accounting in terms of human suffering that pathological modernity costs. The true costs are externalised and offloaded on the poor. We can end all wars with more honesty, shared responsibility, and having an actual conscience about modernist lifestyles. Then no one goes to war. No one has to suffer for dissociated and disowned materialist profligacy.

                      Violence is not a natural condition of humanity. It only becomes ‘natural’ to protect private property rights that we do not need if we are spiritually self-sufficient. Violence is part of the 3Fs DNA of heritable capitalist traits only in order to protect the overaccumulation of pernicious faux-prosperity for the self-seeking few. Why does the whole of humanity have to suffer for the minority? Why are we destroying other cultures and the lifeground of a future humanity for some privately owned ‘stuff’ that costs untold human and environmental suffering? And why are we reflexively defending violence that could be completely stopped by better education and better choices by those who have no need of violence.

                      It ends when those who love peace learn, with critical consciousness, to organise as fully as those who love war. As MLK Jr may have said.

                      Peace is the enemy of power. Violence only serves it.

                    • milosevic says

                      — no comment on realistic options available to people in Syria, Venezuela, and Palestine, then. I thought not.

                    • Beware the temptation to use the suffering of others as a weapon for your own vendetta.

                      And in general terms to the use of ‘victim’ as the leverage to power or assumed moral superiority.

                      You may have a point in suggesting that a talking school ‘enlightenment’ may be some private bubble – but in your own words you could also have said, “Let them eat ignorance!”.

                      Anything used as a weapon will then turn against us – and this includes using idea or symbol of life, truth or freedom.

                      Weaving a private agenda into truths or setting truths in framing of a private agenda operates ‘disinformation’ or deceit. The deceiver quoted Scripture to Jesus – but to a sense of self-specialness that Jesus gave no attention or welcome to – including in terms of parley or thinking about or arguing with.

                      Alighting in truth as true moments of recognition and appreciation is a shift of consciousness and not a leverage of another’s to extend one’s own.

                      I do not have the right to judge another’s life. When we actually get involved in anything we find general brush strokes of judgement give way to uniquely nuanced entanglements of human conflict and desire.

                      Situations or problems carry the seeds of their own answer in the way they are set up but are further protected from resolving by the projection and entanglement of the fears and desires of others. Insofar as you uncover relationship – honour your relationships.

                      Some uncover freedom in the most unlikely place or situations – because it is not a matter of comfortable insulation from the hated and feared – but a clear appreciation of an alighting in and freeing from a false or unnecessary sense of self-struggle.

                      When temptation is no longer tempting, one is no longer fishing in such waters or tuned into that frequency of fear and desire of a personal self-specialness. But while I notice by my own reactions that I can be ‘taken in’ I need to be vigilant as a true self love – because without a core self-honesty I cannot live or give into ANY relationship – and MUST use them to support a habit that runs in denial by default. Because no one really LIKES being used – excepting in the trade or contract of a mutual agreement to GET from instead of share with or share in life.

                      In an inflamed situation, the first need is to calm it enough to see what needs to be addressed first – and then the calm in which to do this effectively while monitoring the situation as an ongoing prioritising of need. Fools rush in on the basis of a phishing misidentification.

                      To participate in conflict by embodying a fascination in the excitement of its apparent dynamic is to crowdfund – as an active audience at the Amphitheatre. The mind in a sense of outraged subjection and limitation fantasises victory and vengeance as a thought-adjustment to an otherwise miserable sense of self and life. What it it is not ‘the world’ that denies us – but our own take on it – that we unmindfully set up from a confusion of conflicting desires?

                      What if freedom is ultimately a permission slip to allow who you truly are to be you?
                      Ah! – But do you WANT it? There’s the rub!
                      At least in grievance we had some sense of specialness of being denied but chosen to be given vindication as a result of subjugation of enemies and threats.

                      Wolves run in packs as a family or tribe but humans made a collective identity of lone wolves when they lost their true belonging to an armoured sense of surviving in exile. ‘Always coming home’ became never truly homing, and no home became the attempt to get it from others who are seen as deniers and undeserving.

                      Without calm, there is no perspective – and yet for true desire – a moment or an instant of willingness is the receiving of true direction. It is not for the little mind to manually manage being. But to recognize where and when to get out of the way.

                  • mark says

                    My dog could be unbelievably “vicious.”
                    He would attack Alsatians 3 times his size.
                    But only after they’d been threatening him.
                    He once half killed a huge Great Dane that had gone berserk, killed another dog and then attacked him. He left it in a bloody mangled heap for a vet to sort out.
                    But otherwise he would never harm anything or anyone.
                    That’s the necessary approach in a world controlled by Zionist mad dogs and Neocohen mad dogs.

              • BigB says

                Herbert Spencer, even, as you are so keen on pointing out typos – or in this case, misremembering.

                • milosevic says

                  I’m sure that I have not the slightest idea what typos you are referring to.

                  It’s disinformation and propaganda I’m concerned with, not minor errors in the written expression of such.

                  • BigB says

                    Nanking for Nanjing.

                    Can you not even see the exceptionalism inherent in the idea you can police consciousness. How are you going to stop all the neuroimaging and neurocognitive research that has been going on for the last 30 years or so?

                    I’ve just read again that there is a consensus for the soft version of embodied cognition. That means that there is a degree of empirical findings that confirm the the brain has at least some predictive processing mechanisms – not a representational or sign-manipulation model. There is the parallel field of AI and robotics that further confirm radical constructivism of reality. In effect, robots using 18th century minds do not work. Robots with 21st minds – as I have alluded to – do work. How are you going to erase all this propaganda and disinformation?

                    If robots with 18th century representative processors do not work: how can we be expected to use outdated mechanical processing? Here is some disinformation and propaganda papers to get you started.


                    • milosevic says

                      In effect, robots using 18th century minds do not work.

                      — maybe that’s because they don’t love their oppressors enough.

                      I don’t think that article means what you think it means; it certainly says nothing about “radical constructivism of reality”, which has nothing to do with predictive processing. If objective reality was a mental construct, then predicting its nature would be less than trivial, in fact a null operation.

                      It’s because reality goes right on existing, independently of what any mind thinks about it, that it’s taken three billion years of evolution to produce brains with even very limited predictive abilities. It’s a hard computational problem, with serious consequences — a probable result of wrong predictions is that the consciousness making the error will soon become permanently incapable of making any predictions at all. As when one predicts that jumping off a cliff will result in flying like a bird, or that loving your oppressors will deflect the violence they are intent on inflicting upon you.

                      Thus, does evolution produce gradual improvement in the predictive abilities of the organisms that it operates upon.

                    • BigB says

                      What do you suppose ‘Inside Out’ architecture and ‘hallucinated consciousness’ really mean? Or the failure of Input/Output classical models? It means that the external objective reality input – of 3 billion years of evolution – cannot explain the subjective reality output. There must be a better explanation than the one contained in the Cartesian Error consciousness programme. One that will produce a better, more evolved, consciousness.

                      As an input/output tracking device – with a 5-100 msec processing lag – we could never hunt game or catch prey. Even with a 5-10 msec processing lag we would severely lessen – if not curtail – our aim and ability to catch prey. Big processors (big brains) = big, slow, bodies and huge calorie intakes: etc

                      So we developed ‘Top Down’ internal reality simulators with ‘Predictive Processing’ with ‘Bottom Up’ real world input reduced to ‘Prediction Error’ coding – constantly updating the model with micro-adaptive learning potential. To enhance the stored sensory memory data. Stored in neuroplastic organs that are constantly evolving in structure and function. No two are ever the same.

                      It’s all there. The language is not helpful because it has to fit with the current Cartesian Error Protocols. The computer was seen as the last metaphor for mind. We are not computers. Maturana and Varela put it in more humanisitic language. I merely put down the aggregate of papers entailed in one link as a marker: to say I did not just make up a whole area of research.

                      Gradualism and chance – even necessity (competition for scarce resources) – is old hat in biology: autonomous agency of the embodied and embedded organism in its co-evolved environment is the new. But that is another whole field of research. It is out there if you are interested. The old Cartesian/Newtonian/Darwinian/Spencerian/Skinnerian protocols are being replaced – or at least severely modified. The day to day consciousness of the political mind is lagging centuries behind. That is my entire point. There is an autonomous auto-didactic education for radicalists available. One that is evolutionary, as much as it is revolutionary.

                    • milosevic says

                      So much pretentious verbiage, for so little meaningful content. You must be some kind of academic. An academic human, that is, in contrast to “binra”, who appears to be some kind of machine text-generation algorithm.

                      If you’re so convinced that your advanced consciousness creates its own reality, why don’t you test that theory, by jumping off a cliff, and trying to fly like a bird? Please let me know if you’re successful. If I don’t hear from you, I guess I’ll have to draw my own conclusions.

                    • BigB says

                      Which is exactly why I laid down the marker. Embodied cognition is an emerging field in biology: with parallel research going on in AI. It is not something I or anyone else can simply make up. Nor is it something that anyone can deny, just because the implications challenge their scientific pseudo-genetic cognitivist thinking.

                      Thankyou, at least for granting me human status. Binra is human too. That is one of the implications of postmodern science – we are all human. Objectifying – as a first stage dehumanisation – another person, group or race – on 19th century biological and 20th century psychological grounds (as in evo-psychology) is substantially outdated and unnecessarily divisive.

                      There are no races in reality. There are no races in biology. Race is fast becoming a political ideological abstract construct and central conflict creation vehicle. Racial, ethnic, religious, gender, social expectations, identity are all part of the nexus of negative social archetypes. It is these that shape brains, hormones and behaviour – bi-directionally. We are all victims of a radical constructivist power and capitalist untruth regime based on bad biology, bad psychology, bad ecology, bad economics, bad everything based on the Cartesian Error Protocols …or Capitalist Extinction Protocols.

                      Affirming these as real is bad education. If you reject better, more up to date research that begins to correct the radical dehumanisation …well that is your prerogative. But you cannot deny rapprochement is happening. You can blame the ‘Joos’ for humanities problems – or you can try and include everyone in a Universal Humanist healing. The Jews are just as much victims of inhumanities bad, repressive capitalist evolutionarily redundant ideology. Nothing can substantially change until the ideology changes. We cannot be reduced to neural substrates of behaviours; further reduced to ‘selfish’ gene clusters; reductively treating each other on a reward and punishment schedule; that stops our evolutionary development in the Stone Age.

                      I guess you think we can. That is your personal constructivism that is at odds with reality – not mine.

            • The only whole state is that of love. Fear or conflicted division is split by definition, Their is no absolute fear – but fear given to fear is the idea of death or non-existence. Fear as the power to conflict, overwhelm and blot out the mind – against which is the identity set in power. Victim and victimiser are two shifting facets of one idea.

              The use of ‘absolute’ in Caitlin’s idea is serving dramatic purpose. ‘Between the devil and the deep blue sea’ (no choice worthy of the term ‘choice’), is the resort and resource of waking to and calling on freedom which is for a true basis from which to live. And so it is the condition of finding our willingness to question everything or rather the basis of our beliefs and understanding – that we have given deep and personal investment to and find our sense of self and world from.

              Freedom, like innocence is, or is not. And the seeming of partial or relative freedoms – of being more or less free, is engaged in narrative agreements or presumptions as to what is more free, or more true or less innocent and etc. All of which is the mind in judgement.

              A mind is free to follow the line of its thought but it is not free to choose whether to be the function of mind as the acceptance and projection of thought. We shall suffer and be-live the limitations that we accept true as a basis to live, as our world, and as define our identity, by wanting them true, and so seeking and finding reinforcement and protection for their persistence, prevailing or survival.

              A mind without discernment can wander into anything and become conflicted, afraid and set against its own good as if set on victory or salvation in the frame of lovelessness, because love is discernment or recognition of truth.

              The idea that there is something we can or must DO is thus set in the terms of what we currently accept or believe ourself to be in relation to others, perceived like ourself and a world of mutually reinforced agreements and definitions.

              Like a phishing ruse, we have usually already reacted from such core beliefs and definitions without any awareness of having accepting them, and so we do not ask or notice what we are already doing, so much as what we should now ‘do’ given certain events, situations or triggered and concerns.

              So the saying, ‘don’t just DO something, stand there!’, Is an invitation to pause the habit of ‘already thinking and reacting’, so as to open to Silence – which is unadulterated or unconditional receptivity or transparency to being. Even an instant of a little willingness in this direction opens a shift of perspective – but note it cannot BE itself if framed as a means to get something. True desire calls upon Itself while thinking ‘thinks’ some more.

              In this way, instead of seeking to bring light or awareness to a predefined package of acquired or inherited problem, we release (our grip-investment on the) problem to the light in which it is revealed corrected – or as a step within a process of willingness for correction.
              Nothing of being is coercive upon its own – and this is the discernment of love and freedom.

              While we have the body we are in act – for even choosing not to move is an act. But we can and do choose the basis from which we act – and so we can know our purpose and align in wholeness or joy – or act out conflicting and shifting purpose that knows not what it does.

              The purpose for which we use the mind, the body and the world, is what gives it all the meaning it has for us. Know then the purpose currently active in your thought, word and deed and align in truth instead of running, or being run by seeming. To have accepted a loveless purpose is to have made a correctable mistake, and not to have become hateful, evil and worthy of denial, rejection and attack.

    • Ramdan says

      This deconstruction can only take place by the individual questioning the very basis of its thought process. As this seldom happens, discussion of humanity’s current state of affairs remains constricted to the limits of the prevailing fallacy…
      Unfortunately, based on this prevailing twisted mankind thinking process, those who efectively hold power will continue to conduct as if it were true, condemning humanity to its own demise

      • I would see the fallacy as protected by the assertion (in others) that it seldom happens.

        Of course the current narrative sets the range of what can be said, heard or accepted – but the willingness to embody life is its witness whatever form it takes.

        I am not suggesting anything but challenging our own thoughts or narrative presumptions – as the way to live. IE: Not as a way others should live or should be convinced or persuaded to live.

        The sense that ‘few do it’ becomes the justification for ‘voting’ with the perceived many.

        Again – no sense of ‘should’ but the undercurrent curiosity of noticing how the mind operates to not know what it does.

        Let the dead bury the dead can also be taken to mean – bring attention fully into – and with the living. In this sense the choice for unconsciousness is not truly death, but a decision to avoid or delay life – now – until conditions line up – such as everyone else changing first.

        Life here is intended to mean discovered, recognised and shared, rather than thought about and substituted for in prejudgements that map out a world in which all the reasons why we cannot align in such life now – operate a business that effectively puts it off in preoccupations with past and future lives, real or imagined. (Which in context of the thread can of course include a dream of victory in vengeance over a perceived rival or enemy).

      • BigB says


        I think what my friend Binra is trying to say is that is also a present limit-situation. We cannot know what is to come. We can only build strong defensive paradigms from which we extrapolate future scenarios based on the relative contemporary values we assign to ‘them’ and ‘us’. But there literally is no ‘them’. I am looking at the future now, and it is perfect. There are no boundaries anywhere. To infinity …and beyond!

        This isn’t some weird metaphysical dream position or private reverie. This is, as far as words can map the meaning, the aperspectival nonduality that the Cartesian Error supposedly foreclosed. But you cannot foreclose reality, or keep a good reality down – not forever. Although it might be slow to permeate this forum: there is a mass convergence of science, spirituality, and nondual reality going on globally. And yes, even though it may be well intentioned – a lot of it is bunk New Ageist techno-hippy chic. But the core of it is real: which David Ray Griffin (himself a process theologist – after Whitehead) has termed – ‘constructive postmodernism’.

        There’s hours of this stuff on GooTube – much of it shite: but it is also the core of biology (embodied cognition); physics (Prigogine’s time asymmetry; open dissipative systems); cognitive neuroscience; cognitive linguistics; to name but a few areas of humanity’s continued inquiry into nondual reality – toward a second order (observer conscious participant) understanding. The Cartesian Error paradigm is in what Kuhn might call ‘model drift’. There are too many anomalies for it to be stable. Quantum mechanics kicked it in the balls, and it never really recovered.

        What is yet to fully form is the new emergent paradigm of scientific nonduality, Dynamic Systems Theory, and organic process psychology. But all these fields are well formed, if not locally. There is the basis of a modern autonomous education: one that quickens the more it is shared.

        What is retarded, in more ways than one: is the political consciousness that will accompany the Cartesian Error reform program. There you do have a very cogent point. We are doing Greco-Roman-Christian politics with 18th century Cartesian Error metaphors, mediaeval institutions and capitalist social behavioural programming. And getting exactly the results you would expect from the Enlightenment Protocols – various forms of micro and macro imperialisms. But that can change. Part of that change is that we are no longer bound by linearised force on mass mechanised Newtonian ‘billiard ball’ causality. Nondual reality is dependent on formal – information and biosemiotic exchange – not forceful material and effective causation. In other words, consciousness is not time, space, or causally limited. It is everywhere and nowhere, just waiting for us to stop imposing Cartesian Error imposed reductive materialist boundaries on it. The boundaries are in our heads, not in reality.

        [As people love to mock: I should add that the Cartesian Error imaginal world for all its unreality is psycho-active and causally efficacious; can kill; and has all the big bombs – which needless to say: can make an awful mess of my reverie. It still does NOT make it real though. Not in any grounded lived experiential sense that matters.]

        • Ramdan says

          Thanks for all the references.
          From this side I tend to favor a more simple approach: Silence is the only truely meaningful thing there is and can be said of anything.
          Silence and peace are the only things that remain when everything else have gone.
          Beyond that, everything is more or less just “mind creation” (even if with good intentions) with all the traps that go with it.
          Then, go for silence, listen to silence, live in simplicity and all divisions will fall on its own.

          • Silence is the ground from which all arises as it is.
            It only seems naked to the view of the emperor under self-doubt and division.
            So to become receptive, we need listen there, rather than suffer misinterpretations of an established habit, or set of thinking as if their conclusions are themselves self-evident or ‘should’ be.

            Insofar as we recognize truth and accept it, we have aligned to think and speak and act from it – and this is expression, embodiment and action.

            The uncovering of our own self-illusion cometh when we thinketh not – both in its unexpectedness, and in our forgetting or neglecting to take thought for ‘ourselves’.

            Some willingness or desire for truth is needed to make opening through which we can notice or be prompted to notice what we were unaware of before.

            ‘Most people’ would not understand all of what I just said – but everyone has the capacity to be still an instant and know – without any prerequisites but the desire to know in place of previous convictions carried forward as factual.

            Congruity of thought, word and deed is not only unconflicted, but unified.
            All the King’s horses and men cannot bring such an outcome, but a simple recognition of a moment’s stillness can offer no obstruction or opposition to it.

            Wholeness is not a goal, so much as a prior condition from which we can live and bring to our relationships, our endeavours and our world. This is very different from our mind training and so it is either unseen, or feared as a loss of the ‘devil we know’ to an unknown onto which we project greater fears.

            Division or conflict is the condition through which fear, manipulation and deceit operate.
            The nature of fear and deceit as an active and destructive agenda to our peace and well being – and indeed remaining consciousness in which to recognize we have a real choice is of global proportions. But it must work through our own will to do so and while we focus outside on what everyone else thinks or does, we are perhaps still in the business of wanting to manipulate or impact other people’s choices, as if that is where our salvation or freedom or power lies.

            That is the thinking of the ‘world’ but we are not the masters of such a mind even if in seeking it, we think to have gained a world without paying a price.

            The time of the lone wolf is over:


    • Education is a big factor. I like the quotes. But there’s also free will. Anyone decent, educated and without compulsion, or much compulsion, can up and change his or her mind at any time about anything. It’s a free universe. One day Chomsky is defending the weak. The next, he’s blathering about Assad’s (non existent) barrel bombs. And you ‘can’ sell your soul, which means that you can choose to stop doing evil, after selling your soul, but that doesn’t mean that your everlasting fate (which includes termination) can be changed back to a good one. And what will be the quality of one’s ‘good’ without God’s blessing?

      • milosevic says

        One day Chomsky is defending the weak. The next, he’s blathering about Assad’s (non existent) barrel bombs.

        As other people have observed, really effective disinformation should be about 90% true. If it’s all lies, even stupid people will eventually start to notice. It’s the positive re-enforcement derived from the factual part corresponding with actually existing reality, that keeps people coming back for the fake news.

        However, there can be no one-size-fits-all disinfo campaign, without risking the loss of large parts of the audience. The ratio of factual and counter-factual content, must be adjusted according to where on the ignorant/educated spectrum of opinion it is targeted. If the content of Operation MK-CHOMSKY is about 90% true, the content of Faux News is about 90% false. Too much lying in one case, or too much reality in the other, would tend to alienate their respective audiences.

        Occasionally, this general policy seems to be abandoned, as in the long-running “Syrian Revolution” and “Russian Meddling” propaganda campaigns, and the info/disinfo ratios for the ignorant/educated audiences may even become inverted. This is a sign that the ruling class is starting to panic, because they perceive that they are losing control of the situation, and their ideological hegemony is beginning to break down. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

        • That’s assuming that Chomsky was always fake. I personally don’t believe that.

          • milosevic says

            I don’t suppose that he’s completely fake, even now. It’s an interesting question, how he explains or rationalizes to himself what he’s doing, and to what extent the fakery is externally directed, rather than the result of unconscious biases, or a mistaken understanding of how power actually operates.


            • Indeed. We can only speculate on most of that. I have my own theories, based on observation. I have dozens of books by and about Chomsky. I realized that while he critiques establishment news and scholarship, he has a relationship with those sources, and a bias against new alternative/progressive media, and may not always – nowadays especially, as he ages and possibly relies on others for research and info – see fake news for what it is. Now, If the State sees that, Imagine how easy it would be to plant info in fake alternative/progressive org like The Nation or Mother Jones that someone could point Chomsky to. I noticed that he never quotes alt/progressive orgs that I’m familiar with, even though they quote him, usually, but not always, favorably. And examining his statements about the internet is revealing. On the one hand he thinks there’s value there and he warned (in 2000) about those who would take away the internet (even though that happened in 1995, as Yasha Levine reveals in his book “Surveillance Valley), but on the other hand he slams those who get on the internet and read a bit and start to blather like they’re experts. Obviously, That applies to some people, but you wouldn’t toss out a statement like that without qualifying it. If that indicates that Chomsky himself eschews online information, I would suggest that that’s at the expense of his being able to grapple with any fake news that, unawares, he’s been fed.

              Who knows?

          • If he believed challenging 911 would undo his reputation and a lifetime’s work, he may have been self-protectively aligned with a mis-step that then rendered him a captured opposition.
            While there could be different ways that some subjects become a no go area the end result is we self-censor.
            I feel that the framework of politics expanded or if you like the goalposts have been moved.
            No need to invest in demonising a fallen idol – if such he revealed himself to be.

  15. mark says

    You can’t take anything at face value any more.
    The false flags and hoaxes are coming thick and fast, virtually on a daily basis.
    Many of these are clearly Zionist orchestrated and serve Zionist interests.
    Most of the so called extreme right groups like “Robinson” and the EDL, Wilders in Holland, Breivik and others are Zionist Fronts designed to stir up trouble with moslems.
    But there is also a large British element in hoaxes like Skripal, Litvinenko, the Steele Dossier, Russiagate and others.
    We should be ready for false flags like CIA mercenaries opening fire on crowds in Venezuela to smear the Venezuelan police, like they did in Ukraine and Syria.
    Or a staged attack on a US ship blamed on Iran.
    Or maybe another Lockerbie.
    To justify another war for Israel, smearing “dangerous” popular politicians like Corbyn, or more repressive laws and censorship.

    • different frank says

      Tommy ten names is in my opinion pure MI%.

          • Sandy Robertson says

            He’s never denied that and openly says he’s a Zionist so it’s hardly a revelation.

        • Sandy Robertson says

          So he put himself through all that opprobrium and shite in jail and physical attacks and the scaring of his kids because he’s a dedicated asset because he’s so dedicated to the authorities because he is a dedicated public servant whose anger is all faked? I doubt it.

            • Sandy Robertson says

              I presume you base that slur on the comment he made to a pretty girl that she was “fit” for a Muslim, and she happened to be 15? Amazing, isn’t it, how the instant she turns 16 thinking she was pretty would no longer make him a paedophile? He has never been accused by the police or MSM of any paedophile offences, so given the fact they monitor his every move and pounce on him at every opportunity I think that’s rather significant.
              Robinson has raised the serious question of Islamisation in the UK and this is your contribution to the debate going on? No thanks.

          • different frank says

            You think he was in prison?
            More like a MI5 safehouse.
            Anyone see him there?

            • Sandy Robertson says

              Journalists on his release, the prison governor… You seriously think he was starved and lost weight as part of some secret plot with Tommy Robinson as 007? Deluded…

          • mark says

            Maybe for the £10,000 a month Zionist money he gets.

            • Sandy Robertson says

              Any proof of that? In any case, so what, as he’s openly Zionist. He will need lots more to cover all the lawsuits he’s bringing against BBC, Facebook (for falsely saying he called for the beheading of Muslims with zero evidence) and the tens of thousands in costs he has to pay the corrupt Cambridgeshire police.

              • mark says

                Why should I provide proof of it (something very simple to do) if you couldn’t care less anyway?
                If you’re happy with foreign terrorist regimes fomenting violence and disorder on British streets, that’s fine.

                • Mishko says

                  Another instance of Israeli meddling. THAT is the trouble with our Tommy-boy,
                  not his Islamisation schtick. Islamisation is obvious, and conducive
                  to the strategy of tension. Therefore the PTB love it and cannot get enough of it.
                  OMG Islamophobia!

  16. milosevic says

    The usual purpose of zionist false-flag terrorism is to make themselves look like victims, and Arabs look like perpetrators. This event makes Arabs and Moslems look like victims, and zionist sympathizers look like perpetrators, so it’s hard to see why zionism would have organized such a thing. How do they benefit from public sympathy for Moslems?

    • Without buying into your frame completely – is it possible to weaken and gain assets from setting your rivals against each other?
      The undermining and destruction of the European cultural identity may also be a self-destructive urge – but I see that it gets a lot of ‘help’.
      The destruction of the Moslem cultural identity no less.
      Incitement to hate, guilt and fear is not unique to any one group of manipulators.

      But TO WHAT END or PURPOSE any such ‘war of deceit’?

      Is it anything other than vengeance given power?

      I see this is the movement in consciousness that gave rise to a ‘world of sin, ruled by guilt, and hidden fear’.

      “We shall arrive at our starting place and know it for the first time”. (T.S Elliot – as recalled from memory).

      If we now KNOW – then do we still choose to start from here?

    • crank says

      The theory that I have read (not from Max) is that zionists want to inflame a global religious/ race war between Christians and Muslims: a great conflagration from which the state of Israel will emerge as ‘a peace maker’ amd ‘a light unto the world’,. Kushner as Moshiach etc. etc.
      ‘Christchurch’ is a place name with a certain resonance, it has to be said.
      For me, at this point, just about anything is on the table. The world is insane and religious fundamentalism knows no bounds. A self willed prophecy ?

      • reenmac says

        In that case ChCh was the stupidest place to do it The people of ChCh have really suffered, and quickly open their arms to each other after each new disaster.
        The response to the mosque massacre has been a coming together in love and forgiveness, not revenge.

    • Haltonbrat says

      True, although Israel’s Operation Trojan made the USA believe that Libya was responsible for attacking US troops so Reagan bombed Ghadaffi with the help of Margaret Thatcher.

      • milosevic says

        Even if true, how is that not “making Arabs look like perpetrators”?

    • mark says

      It’s called “Grey Terror”, the aim being to create a general prevailing atmosphere of anxiety, tension, confusion and uncertainty.

  17. Yarkob says

    and here is the Mossad’s uppity younger sibling, the IOF, storming a kids school to arrest a CHILD. But of course, as Antonym will surely tell us: this goes on all the time in the rest of the “Islamic world”

  18. Yarkob says

    “For instance, from a certain national intelligence service whose notorious motto is “for by cunning stratagems, you wage war.”

    The author is being slightly disingenuous in his translation of Mossad’s motto (let’s name them, eh) the more generally accepted translation is:

    By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War

    It concisely sums up their MO. Mossad are not like your average run of the mill “intelligence agency” Anyone who knows anything about them knows this. The CIA/SIS they are not.

    Meanings and context matter. Especially in these days of universal deceit.

    • Yarkob,

      Mossad’s motto has changed but it seems their former motto is from the Bible, translated in Wikipedia as “For by wise guidance you can wage your war”. Their current motto is also from Proverbs: “Where there is no guidance, a nation falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” It’s not as if I want to defend them in any way whatsoever but I just thought both translations seemed a little odd. I think whatever they do, their motto will have no to little bearing.

      Mossad’s former motto, be-tachbūlōt ta`aseh lekhā milchāmāh (Hebrew: בתחבולות תעשה לך מלחמה‎) is a quote from the Bible (Proverbs 24:6): “For by wise guidance you can wage your war” (NRSV). The motto was later changed to another Proverbs passage: be-‘éyn tachbūlōt yippol `ām; ū-teshū`āh be-rov yō’éts (Hebrew: באין תחבולות יפול עם, ותשועה ברוב יועץ‎, Proverbs 11:14). This is translated by NRSV as: “Where there is no guidance, a nation falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”

      • Yarkob says


        You are doing the same thing as the author. Why?

        As I said: the more *generally* accepted translation is:

        By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War.

        Even the Mossad accept this, probably as it makes them look a bit more shady.

        From Viktor Ostrovsky’s book (

        “My first six weeks were uneventful. I worked at the downtown office, essentially as a gofer and filing clerk. But one chilly day in February 1984, I found myself joining 14 others on a small bus. … This course was to be known as Cadet 16, as it was the sixteenth course of Mossad cadets.

        He walked briskly to the head of the table while the other two sat at the back of the room. “My name is Aharon Sherf,” he said. “I am the head of the Academy. Welcome to the Mossad. Its full name is Ha Mossad, le Modiyn ve le Tafkidim Mayuhadim [the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations]. Our motto is: By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”

        Your answer coupled with your clear and repeated disnfo regarding 9/11 makes me wonder who you really are..Hasbara?

  19. olavleivar says

    Much of what the Author concludes is correct .. but he doesnt go far enough …. He may not have understood the whole issue ! … Whenever something happens ..which is difficult to explain ..always ask the Question : QUI BONO ? …. Applying this I was able to deduct who was the ARCHITECT in the Attack against IRAQ ..even before it was undertaken ..just as an Example. …. Besides .. The JOOS have accomplished what they want regarding the DESTABILISATION and DEMOGRAPHIC EXCHANGE of EUROPE …. THEY DONT NEED MORE !…That Train is … well on track !… Now is the time to play the other Horse .. in order to create unsurmountable HATRED between Muslims and Europe…… WHY ? … Well ..They want the LEVANT to be THEIR TURF ! …Simultaneously playng the Corrupt totalitarian Muslim Monarchy Card .. establishing good relations in that direction we see in the Covert Israelian Assistance to the al SAUD Family .. in Jemen and elsewhere.. while having succeeded in destroying all PROGRESSIVE Levantine Countries in the neighbourhood … The Joos have 1000 of Years of Experience in handling perverted Oriental Rulers .. from Persia over Spain to the Ottomans ! .. And the general Oriental Populations they just need to give enough of a Roughing .. then they will submit ( read Jabotinskys Analysis on the Subject ) …On top of this ridding the Area of competing competent Etnicities like Armenians and various educated Christian denominations .They also need a destabilized and impotent Europe with lots of Hatred at Europes southern Borders in order to succeed. THEN : The 2500 Year old DREAM of GREATER ISRAEL from the NILE to the EUPHRATES … as formulated by Ben Gurion … may become a reality…… OPEN YOUR EYES and USE YOUR INTELLIGENCE ! …… Do NOT fall in the trap of analyzing what happens under terms of LEFT / RIGHT or any other Idiotic irellevant political Aspect… All these Issues are just pawns on the Chessboard , which has included the Young Turks , the Armenian Genocide , WW 1 , the Bolshevic Coup against the Czar as well as WW 2 ..and many other Events…. It is THAT SIMPLE and ENTIRELY OBVIOUS !

    • Maggie says

      Olavlievar –
      You speak the absolute truth. Succinctly. Sadly 90% of the population will not be looking up from chewing the cud and will not be opening their eyes, because the reality is too frightening.
      The truth that WE are so impotent is not something that many can face.
      Time to ALL rise and support Palestine, and boycott Israhell and the USA.
      And to call the conniving liars out at every turn.

      Voltaire said “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.”

  20. lynette cracknell chaplin says

    A very interesting article giving much food for thought. As an Italian, I must make a correction, the Five Star Movement is not right wing, they agree with the League which is centre right regarding immigrants, most of the boat people arrive in Italy and the other EU countries are not responding to our request to share the burden and to take measures to stop this influx ..

  21. Johnny Nineball says

    So, to recap: the headline’s claims — that it is merely a myth that the shooter acted alone, and that there was a possible Mossad role — are backed up by precisely zero evidence in the body of the article. Instead of providing even the tiniest shred of support for the intriguing headline, the article dwells on completely unrelated events as if to imply that if there were probable Mossad agents up to no good at other places and other times, then why not this place and this time too.

    And that makes this article…an unhinged rant. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    • Bundy says

      This place here is crowded with a bunch of pathetic and sad Jew-obsessed sickos appeasing their frustration and trying to enrich the poor content of their miserable life by developing spectacular conspiration fantasies.

      • Yarkob says

        And Jews like myself?

        “Obsessive” Jews who can see through the repeated bullshit done “in their name” and glossed over by pathetic and sad sickos appeasing their fantasies about the media telling us the truth, the whole truth and only the truth, and letting us know exactly what happens and what to think, every single time there is another atrocity, without missing anything that needs further investigation? i.e not doing their fucking pathetic little jobs, as someone will be along soon to just thrust a press release into their hands to save them from having to use their tiny brains.

        Are you a journalist? Your near useless reply suggests that perhaps you are? if not, come with some real information, rather than just insulting people who aren’t devoted to sucking up the lies perpetrated by the media, day in, day out.

        /end rant

      • George Cornell says

        You are entitled to your opinion and surely entitled to express it here. But with so much content and referenced substance here, in addition to emotion and opinion, why not take on specific issues and debate them? Name-calling is what adolescents do in the schoolyard, and what adults do when they are fact-deficient or unable to debate. For example the scurrilous claims that Corbyn is anti-Semitic, would be a good issue for you to comment on as there is so much material. I imagine that your command of the English language inhibits you, but let me encourage you that many readers here can look past awkward phraseology. Have a go.

    • Sandy Robertson says

      The guy is so deluded he thinks Tommy Robinson is a fascist and the leader of EDL. Robinson quit EDL over six years ago precisely because he objected to real far-right fascist (who loathe him) usurping the movement he began. He started it by burning a Nazi flag in front of a banner saying Black and White Unite. Sad to see Off-Guardian running the same sort of misinformation as the Graun itself.

      • different frank says

        Tommy ten names mates.
        Michael McQueenie, EDL Blackburn, has just been charged with two counts of rape against a 14-year-old girl and sexual assault.

        Richard Price, former EDL leader: on the sex offenders register. Price admitted four counts of making indecent images of children and two charges of possessing cocaine

        Michael Coates AKA Micky Blue Eyes NW Infidels: charged with 2 attempted rapes and other sex offences.

        Brett Moses EDL Hull: 12-month prison sentence for sexual grooming.

        Matthew Woodward, Deeside EDL: charged with child pornography and soliciting a 13 year old for photographs.

        Alan Thomas Ellis, Deeside EDL: convicted of sending texts of a sexual nature to a 14 year old girl.

        Archie Sliman, EDL : kidnapping and sexually abusing 10-year-old girl.

        Stephen Payne SDL supporter: convicted of grooming a 13 year old.

        Nigel Hesmondalgh, BNP: jailed for possessing a series of degrading photos and videos of children.

        Liam Pinkham NWI who condemned himself by admitting togrooming a 15 year old.

        • Sandy Robertson says

          I repeat, he LEFT the organisation over SIX YEARS ago. He can hardly be held responsible for what these people have done. Paedophiles are found throughout society. If you found a dozen lawyers were paedophiles would you say anyone in the profession was approving of paedophilia? No.

          • different frank says

            He started a campaign to get Richard Price released from prison though.
            That blows your argument out of the water.
            He does not care about children.

            • Sandy Robertson says

              Have you read the EDL statement about Price? His SECOND HAND computer was found to have a tiny number of photographs of kids at the lowest level of POSSIBLE paedophile use, that had been left by a previous owner, eg kids in a swimming pool, that sort of thing,not porn. Police call these level 1. Price wasn’t allowed to see them. He was told if he didn’t plead guilty he’d get dragged through the press and he foolishly agreed. Theres no real evidence that he’s actually a practicing paedophile. I certainly don’t think Robinson would defend him if he thought he was.

              • different frank says

                But he did.
                He protects his paedophile mates.
                You are clearly a hasbara troll.

                • Sandy Robertson says

                  “But he did” – who is “he” and he “did” what? Price or Robinson? Not very clear. And I’ve no idea what “hasbara” is so you can be sure I’m not affiliated. And I never troll. I was from an old Labour Clydeside household so am hardly a candidate for being far right. I was approached by paedos several times as a kid so I would never defend them. I look into things rather than accepting MSM versions. I’d need to see some real evidence that the guy is a paedophile before condemning him. There have been ordinary women accused just for posting a pic of their toddler in the bath. Show me some evidence that Price is actually a practicing paedo. If not let’s agree to disagree because there’s no point continuing this discussion. Have a good weekend.

                  • different frank says

                    I hope you daughter marries a MUSLIM, and has many MUSLIM children.
                    You are a sad apologist for a racist.
                    Your politics is petrol through letterboxes

  22. No matter what comes up as newsfeed, the experience of being deceived needs remind us to be vigilant against it in all or any forms.
    Post truth politics is where ‘everything is a psyop’.
    That the ability and freedom of communication among people or institutions to bring about outcomes is being progressively denied or paralysed by the usurping of communication as a weapon of deceit. Vigilance then, is also watching our mind, the terms and phrases and meanings we adopt or accepts as currency of genuine exchange, and NOT allow our own mind to be ‘hacked’ and used as a proxy for loveless or hateful agenda.

    Holding a love of truth, does not have to commit to beliefs as to ‘what to believe’ in merely disinvesting automatic acceptance of credulity. Hate demands a target – but the undoing of hate is hurt in the heart – which is at least IN TERMS of love and can be owned and brought to healing. While invested hate can only be ‘solved’ or vindicated in the destruction or payment exacted in pain, form the ‘other’ who is given the power to have caused our life to be ‘broken’.

    Deceits may work both sides of any situation. Anything that polarises in hate cuts us from our Self – and our ability to connect and communicate with others.
    If we abhor hate, then we should give it no welcome, rather than give its backstage access or privileged access to to our defences.

  23. different frank says

    Regarding Breivik.
    Ole Dammagard’s piece is worth a look.

  24. crank says

    if the world is serious about confronting the emerging far right internationally it must be willing to accurately diagnose the phenomenon. One of its most distinctive attributes is its Christian Zionism and a shared belief that the Bible gives Israel evidential right to Palestinian land and that Jews are inherently non-indigenous to Europe.

    This is the crucial statement for me. To understand Israel, more people need to be prepared to delve deeper into the ideas that sustain it and which motivate its supporters. The (failed in my opinion) notion that still prevails on the Left, which argues that Israel is solely a ‘client state’ or ‘an outpost’ of US empire just doesn’t hold together -once a reader starts to ask real questions. Yet to ask such questions is often to ask to be effectively excluded from most anti-zionist discussion of the Left.

    I don’t regard myself as ‘Christian’, but I have seen that any proclamation of coming from ‘Christ’s Church’ is regarded as dangerously ‘reactionary’ by most people of the Left, despite the fact that the values which seem to undergird socialist politics are essentialy those aligned to (springing from?) the Christian message. Instead of claiming the mantle of the New Testament teachings away from the false prophets of the Christian Right, the Left have withdrawn into Liberal atheism, that is a disregard for the aspect of human life that looks beyond the materialism of the market or the state for a larger meaning to human existence.

    I fear that the zionist oligarchs have more than their own personal wealth and temporal power in mind in theiir actions and organisation, and not in a good way. The planning for a ‘new temple’ in Jerusalem looks real enough, and the far right will be the foot soldiers to see its implementation.

  25. The antisemites get in the way of the antizionist Palestinian cause. Idiots.

  26. Makropulos says

    “…..corporate media has been determined to establish that suspect Brenton Tarrant acted alone…..”

    Ah that old one again. It must be the media’s biggest hit. In more ways than one.

    • John says

      And in other (((hidden by the MSM news))) Israel attacked one hundred positions in Gaza because they claim Hamas (that famous Israeli invention) fires some fireworks into wasteland. By the way when was a Jew last Killed by a rocket or these constant suicide bombings that haven’t happened for a while? Great too that he jews take the high ground to cheer children being bombed despite being militarily trained and apparently being terrified out of their foreskins about hamas fireworks when everyone knows the high ground is what you attack first! And yet these people keep handing each other prizes at their own owned awards do’s and pretend to smarter than the Goyum

    • different frank says

      Auschwitz Survivor – Israelis are behaving like 1930s Germans behaved – Hajo Meyer

    • Robert J. says

      Al Jazeera a reliable source again? That’s new to me. Not to say that Hamas and Israel don’t have many common interests.

  27. Antonym says

    Why provide “antisemitism on the rise” with more ammo Max?

    • Brian harry says

      If there are SO MANY “anti-Semites” in the World, making comments critical of the Semite’s behaviour, maybe they’re right……Maybe the Semites should correct their behaviour, no?

      • mark says

        When you DO bad things, people SAY bad things about you.
        The Chosen People have never been able to grasp this.

        • And who are God’s chosen people? Jesus said that if his disciples remained in his word then they’d really be his disciples (John 8:31; And no, I’m not saying that Jesus is God. But Jesus is God’s chief representative.) It’s not rocket science. As for the Bible saying that Jews own Palestine because God gave it to them, Those who think so don’t know their Bible. Today’s racist, violent, Godless Jews in Israel are due to be removed from ‘their’ land, not by their weaker Arab neighbors or law-abiding people anywhere, but by the One who they have offended deeply and who they call out to daily, along with many others, to “Bring it!” They do that by all that they say and do. The Bible has a lot to say about those who God’s word exposes. They are always depicted as stinging (burning actually) from the judgment but responding with blasphemies against God rather than humility and repentance.

          • All are called but few have chosen to listen. Yet there a two Calls within us.

            The OT sense comes from under a ‘Jealous god’ of terror with whom a covenant is sought by which to be ‘saved’ from destruction and ‘set over’ others – ie – it is a worldly kingdom.
            The Old Call is a call to sacrifice, ruled obedience and alignment with power.

            The NT sense is a a Call to Life Now – not ‘in a minute’ or after attending the dead.
            By substituting ritual forms of allegiance, the Call to sacrifice can be persisted in AS IF a Call to joy.

            Those who judge themselves as the ‘Chosen Ones’ have in a sense chosen to represent self-specialness and self-illusion in the play of personal identity. Everyone in the world has some capacity for self-specialness because that is the nature of our investment in it:

            But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
            “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
            “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
            “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.
            ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

            But it could be used as another term for ‘the deceiver’.

            That people behave according to the model that they have learned is simply true.
            Its easier to deceive others than convince them that they have been deceived (Twain) because any sense of self is protected over and against threats to its existence.

    • John says

      Being anti Jewish should be the order of the day everyday antonym. Funny how Hamas is a Israeli invention ain’t it?!

    • George Cornell says

      Good question. Are you confident it would not otherwise just be invented?

      • John says

        There was no will of the people for a Hamas movement theyvpreferred fatah and the plo

    • Makropulos says

      Once again that magical incantation “antisemitism” chanted out to make all the bad stuff just ….go away.

    • Some Random Passer-by says

      As I have seen, those who plow iniquity and sow trouble reap the same.

      Job 4:8

  28. Fair dinkum says

    ‘There will be wars and rumours of wars’
    ‘Nation against nation, Kingdom against Kingdom’
    Sad, when the Bible gets it right.
    Meanwhile, the world’s biggest business, the arms trade, gleefully rubs its bloody fists together.


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