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Russiagate: A Moral Reckoning is Due

Renee Parsons

With Russiagate, the Democrats created some powerful karma to answer for; especially for the likes of Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Eric Swalwell, (D-Calif.), both of whom persist in the mindless search for the Holy Grail. After cheating Bernie out of the nomination in 2016, the Dems had not yet learned their karmic lesson when they lost the Presidential election. The Mueller Report is but the latest of that karmic reckoning.

There is no pride in being one of those who “got it right” that there was no evidence, not a scintilla of material fact to prove collusion between the Trump campaign and the dastardly Russians. As the country has been torn asunder by a two year politically tainted investigation begun with no evidentiary standard and no probable cause, there is little satisfaction to be gained.

That being said, I am royally pissed off at all the players who supported this unprecedented farce as an attack on the country’s rule of law. How could the autocratic digital giants, the intel community (which missed 911), the already discredited MSM and the pathetically trivial Democratic party think they could get away with lie after lie? Because they counted on the Democratic rank n file and other hypnotized Americans to believe anything they are told – repeat a lie often enough and the masses will own it.

The determination of no new indictments and no collusion is little cause for celebration in that the country should not have had to endure the extended anguish of an insistent, irrational, near-hysterical drumbeat generated by the MSM and Democrats as co-conspirators. It is fair to say that all participants were consciously aware that they were repeatedly lying to the American public just as it is highly probable that Special Counsel Robert Mueller who was appointed in May, 2017 knew well before the 2018 mid-term elections that allegations of collusion and obstruction were unsubstantiated.

Now that the Report into the Investigation on Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election has been delivered, all can rest assured that the American system of government works, that the checks and balances did their job and that American democracy survived another close call.

As a result of the hyperventilating hubris, the word ‘collusion’ has now become an empowered part of the lexicon. There is now an implicit warning for any candidate, or indeed any citizen, to be wary with whom they speak, be wary of their associations, to not fraternize with just anyone and to be ultra sensitized to meeting with any potential adversary, even in the legitimate interests of diplomacy.

In addition, without the political will to do so, there will be little initiative for PTB (powers that be) to undo the new generation of intense political repression and censorship initiated by Russiagate that can be traced directly to HRC’s loss in 2016.

Two weeks after that election, the Washington Post, long believed to be a CIA asset, combined allegations that Russia exploited American online platforms “critical of the US government” with the now discredited creation of ‘fake news’ that 200 American websites were “peddlers of Russian propaganda.”

As Attorney General William Barr quotes from the Mueller Report:

The Special Counsel found that Russian government actors had successfully hacked into computers and obtained emails from persons affiliated with the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party organizations and publicly dessiminated those materials throughout various intermediaries including Wikileaks.”

This statement is in direct contradiction with Bill Binney, former NSA Technical Director for Analysis and co-founder of NSA’s Signal Intel Center who conducted independent forensic research. Binney concluded that the data was ‘leaked by a person with physical access to the DNC computer” and that the “DNC data was downloaded to a storage device and transported to Wikileaks, like on a thumb drive or cd rom.”

While neither Mueller, any Congressional committee nor the FBI ever contacted Binney regarding his findings, the DNC refused to turn over their computer to the FBI for forensic testing. After the full Mueller report is publicly available, Binney’s feedback promises to be enlightening.

As some Democrats and MSM continue to spin the illusion of a pending obstruction of justice charge, Barr’s letter relying on the Mueller Report is clear – the “Report identifies no actions that constitute obstructive conduct” and that ‘evidence does not establish that the President was involved in an underlying crime,” therefore, there is no proof ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ that obstruction occurred. Legalese 101 says that obstruction cannot be alleged if no crime was committed but when did proof or evidence ever make a difference to the co-conspirators. Review of the Mueller Report itself will provide further details.

It was the unverified Steele dossier that provided the FBI with the basis for its submission to the FISA Court that Russian collusion had occurred and in order to obtain the necessary warrants (four of them) to spy on the Trump campaign; specifically US Naval Academy graduate, the hapless Carter Page. Prior to its FISA Court submission, the FBI knew that the Dossier was a bogus document. We know that the HRC campaign and the DNC funded Fusion GPS firm to get the dirt on Trump. Fusion then brought in Christopher Steele who put together a salacious piece of garbage that the FBI took and ran with.

The dossier was then circulated by Obama CIA Director John Brennan and publicly released by BuzzFeed and CNN in January, 2017. Former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper provided ‘inconsistent information’ to the House Intelligence Committee that he “flatly denied” any media discussions regarding the dossier and then “subsequently acknowledged discussing the dossier with CNN’s Jake Tapper” and perhaps others.

CNN (Tapper, Carl Bernstein, Evan Perez and Jim Sciutto) went on to win White House Correspondents Association’s 2018 Merriman Smith Award for outstanding reporting with the Judges noting that the “depth of reporting demonstrated in these remarkable and important pieces, and the constant updates as new information continued to be uncovered showed breaking news reporting at its best.” The WHCA gathers annually to “celebrate the First Amendment and the crucial role of journalism in informing and protecting the public.” BuzzFeed, which broke the original story, did not share in the $2500 award.

In reality, the award apparently struck other WHCA members as unusual, considering the entire story took little actual reporting and instead relied on leaks from Brennan and Clapper.

There should be enough shame to go around but there appears to be no evidence of a conscience or the need to pay a karmic debt among any of the perpetrators.

In the aftermath of Mueller, Judicial Watch has filed an FOIA suit to obtain the records of communication between Brennen, Clapper and CNN including all documents related to the dossier.

In a September, 2016 text message from FBI attorney Lisa Page to Peter Strock, she relates the preparation of talking points to brief FBI Director Jim Comey on the efforts to bring down Trump. In that same message, Page adds that “POTUS wants to know everything we are doing.”

The question arises whether the usual mealy-mouth Republican establishment and a previously compromised FISA Court will step up and better protect the Constitution than they have in the past?

Renee Parsons has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and president of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter. She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist for Friends of the Earth and staff member of the US House of Representatives in Washington DC. She can be found on Twitter @reneedove31


  1. “… Washington Post, long believed to be a CIA asset, combined allegations that Russia exploited American online platforms “critical of the US government” …”

    All of the media which cover the world have international correspondents who work hand in glove with other ‘colleagues’ on the ground. TheWashPost is no exception.

    As far as Russia is concerned we need to finally come to the conclusion that there is no point in togetherness. America wants obedience, Russia cannot give that without wrecking the country. Instead of possibly clashing, it would be better to simply ignore each other completely.

    Russia does not need America and America does not need Russia. Russia should get out of the Olympic movement, the Council of Europe and all the other organisations except UN and health.

    The Western organisations are a waste of time, NGOs are toxic.

  2. rich_wicks says

    People who believe that the Intelligence agencies “got it wrong”, that the US “press” was “mistaken”, and that democratic leaders just made “honest mistakes”, are just not cynical enough.

    This was nothing less than an attempted coup. The intelligence agencies knew they were lying, so did the propagandists that call themselves journalists, and 95% of all “politicians” are just car salesman whose job is to sell whatever idea they’ve been told to sell.

    There will be no accountability, because they work for the establishment that runs this country. The establishment that lied us into the Iraq War, the establishment that has been bombing the world for 17 years, the establishment that has us at war in Afghanistan for NO STATED REASON, the establishment that re-introduced slavery in Libya and has left it civil war, and has been bombing Libya to take over the Golan Heights.

    There will be no accountability.

    Stop believing you live in a representative republic where all these people whose job is to KNOW what is going on, oddly fall for the most obvious propaganda, and seem to be less informed than you are. They aren’t less informed, what they are is way less ethical. They are just a mafia, and they’ll always lie to you.

  3. harry stotle says

    According to the doctrine of ‘liberal TV hosts’ the US is the world’s policeman, and yes, while they have made one or two mistakes like murdering their own president, bombing their own citizens and pursuing a policy of illegal regime change things would be even worse if they ceded this onerous responsibility to Russia or China.

    Or at least this is what passes for political analysis in the US MSM.
    Light entertainers who fail to subscribe to ‘liberal TV host theory’ are unlikely to get much airtime – because of this we have a vast echo chambre of grinning idiots forever reminding us how virtuous US foreign policy is.

    Are the likes of Stephen Colbert immensely cynical or are they just thick as shit?

      • harry stotle says

        Thanks, Milosevic – lets just remind ourselves that at least the likes of Lee Camp and Jimmy Dore have done their bit to challenge and subvert ludicrous MSM lies about RussiaGate.

        YouTube and FB censors must be on red alert everytime their counter-narrative enters the public domain – needless to say commentators like this are virtually persona non grata at neoliberal organs like the Guardian.

        No doubt head shill for RussiaGate, Rachel Maddow, will continue to spin rather than admit she has been exposed as a delicious example of all that stinks with the ‘liberal’ media.

  4. Gezzah Potts says

    Oh My God….. another photo of bloody Maddow. Again. Can’t you just show a blank TV screen? Its very simple – these bastards will never apologise, there won’t even be an admittance of mistakes made, there will be no mea culpa’s, there will be no contrite… ‘Dear viewers, please forgive the disinformation we gave you’, there will be nothing. Nada. Nix. They’ll already be working on the next hoax involving Russia, China, or Iran. As I said a few days back, I hope many more people switch these dangerous cretins off for good.

  5. Collusion there has been lots of collusion. All between the MSM and the Neo-liberal/Neo-con Globalist elite [you can’t get a cigarette paper between them on most issues].

    We have seen endless cases of the suppression of facts all gathering pace over time. Just to take a quick snapshot over the last 2 decades serves the purpose well:

    Yugoslavia attacked by NATO; 9/11; 7/7; Iraq War; Libyan war; Syrian war; Russian collusion [in everything]; Ukraine; MH-17; Manchester bombing; Salisbury; White Helmets; Yellow Vests; Julian Assage; Chelsea Manning… Please feel free to add more.

    If you read the Gladio piece you will realise how this suppression via false flags and terror has operated over the last century https://off-guardian.org/2019/04/06/operation-gladio-the-unholy-alliance/

    Of course the manipulation of facts and therefore the making of history is in the hands of the deceivers. Nothing new there. Bernie as much as he was robbed of the democratic party nomination is only a small part of the deception.

  6. Martin Usher says

    I have always thought of the Russia collusion thing as bogus because nobody commenting on this — pundit, politician whatever — has taken the trouble to distinguish between Russians as individuals and the Russian government. This blending, the idea that the country is an organic mass that moves as one on the whim of a dictator, is a Cold War artifact, a propaganda theme that is used to paint all Russians as ‘them’ but its never been realistic, even during the depths of the Cold War.

    So it just happens that I personally believe that Trump was up to his eyeballs with Russians because there has been a need in the past (a need that might even exist today) to move mountains of questionable cash out of that country. The kind of real-estate business that Trump specializes in is perfect for laundering so regardless of whether he was actually involved in it or not nobody should be surprised if the Treasury Department takes an interest. Its also reasonable to suggest that some Russian oligarchs know people in the Russian government; there’s nothing sinister in this as such, its just like the US where oligarchs seem to not only form the Federal government but own it lock, stock and barrel.

    There’s a 300 page report which a hand-picked political operative, an ally of the President, wished to dismiss with a four page summary. That won’t fly. Its obviously reasonable that parts of the report that deal with Grand Jury testimony can’t be made public but there’s absolutely no reason why an appropriate House committee shouldn’t look at it in the raw…….except for what’s on the other 296 pages…..

    • Yossi says

      You personally believe? Just like Maddow believed. Oh dear.

  7. There was no intel failure on 9/11. There was collusion with the State Departmet in Riyadh to provide visas to the so-called ‘terrorists’. These people had contacts with the FBI and DOD. The upper levels of the intel community had to have been aware of the plan and that plan was executed sufficiently well to achieve its aims, invasion of Afghanistan and the war with Iraq.

  8. edward says

    The DNC et al seem not to have learned from history:

    When you strike at a king, you must kill him.
    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

    This ignorance may prove very expensive for the world.

  9. I’m intrigued by the role that much of the media have played (perhaps with MSNBC in the lead), in effectively promoting the right wing agenda since the 1990s, on behalf of the Clinton wing. This has served powerfully to divide and conquer those who (as 20th century history indicates) would have otherwise united to push back. We’ve seen this most clearly in liberal support for the Democrats’ war on the poor, in striking contradiction of their claims of supporting socialism, equality, etc. Over the past two years, we’ve seen liberal media used to maintain surges of “outrage” alternating against Russia and Israel, two countries that were reduced to warped symbols by media. I think we need to give some serious thought to the intent and consequences of those efforts.

    • mark says

      You must have an industrial strength magnifying glass and the acute hearing of a bat to have detected any “outrage” towards our precious little Israel in the Zionist MSM.

  10. Francis Lee says

    The deep state, political, military, corporate and other such organizations are unaccountable bureaucracies. They have a will to expand both internally and externally and command an increasing share of the (shrinking) national pie. This is true of all bureaucracies, in all states in at all times. It is true of the EU Parliament, Council of Ministers, NATO, NSA, as well as multiple sub-bureaucracies which are spawned by their larger parent organization. This ‘iron cage’ of bureaucracy as it was defined by Max Weber (1864-1920) is fundamentally parasitic. As Bureaucracy develops its prime mission undergoes a fundamental change: from being a means to an end the bureaucracy becomes the end in itself, this is usually referred to as goal displacement. And these characteristics are nowhere more in evidence than in political parties. Modern political parties are no longer about the raising awareness and realization of political ideals, they are simply considered as routine administration at best, or, at worse simply serve the career aspirations of the pushy middle-class graduates. If you ask the typical politician what his ideal are his response would be a mild bemusement, or perhaps a reply of ‘What would you like them to be.”

    This also has become a characteristic of the military organizations – e.g., NATO. It was Jospeh Alois Schumpeter who noted that that in Egypt that a ‘class of professional soliders’ formed in the war against the Hyksos persisted even when those wars were over, ”along with its warlike instincts and interests.” Schumpeter capped this part of the narrative with the pithy summary of his viewpoint: ‘Created by wars which required it, the machine now created the wars it required.”An apt summary of NATO I would have thought.

    More generally

    ”Bureaucracy is the sworn enemy of individual liberty and of all bold initiative in matters of internal policy. The dependency on superior authorities characteristics of the average employee surpresses individuality and gives to the society in which employees predominate a narrow and petit-bourgeois and philistine stamp. The bureaucratic spirit corrupts character and engenders moral poverty. In every bureaucracy we may observe place hunting, a mania for promotion, and obsequiousness towards those on whom promotion depends; there is arrogance towards inferiors and servility towards superiors.” Roberto Michels ‘Political Parties’ 1911.

    The the political parties, system, the military, the deep state, the surveillance agencies, the media, have effectively fused into one massive and unaccountable Leviathan. This has been the case for decades and pointed out by that astute observe C Wright Mills in ‘The Power Elite.’

    Plus Ca Change

  11. mark says

    A moral reckoning may be due, but there won’t be one.
    As usual, those who peddled these lies will be handsomely rewarded, and those who challenged this hoax will be ruthlessly punished.
    The Rachel Madcows, the Anderson Coopers, the Jake Tappers, the Don Lemons, will continue to trouser their $30 million a year or more. They will just move on to the new lies and the next hoax.
    There will be zero accountability
    Just like 2003. Those who peddled the Iraq WMD lies, like Judith Miller, and enabled a criminal war of aggression that destroyed a country, cost hundreds of thousands of lives and millions of refugees, are still ensconced in their jobs and carrying on business as usual. The few journalists of integrity who questioned and opposed the war, like Donohue and Chris Hedges, were immediately dismissed.
    In our societies, there is no downside to lying, or (to put it charitably) getting things disastrously wrong, with horrific consequences, provided you are a loyal servant of the ruling elite. Instead, “We just have to move on, it’s all in the past.” Let’s-Move-On-Ism.
    The Ziocons who incited the slaughter, the Kagans, the Frums, the Perles, the Boots, are still deferred to as “experts” and “scholars” whose precious insight is eagerly sought by the MSM as they shill for further wars for Israel against Iran and others.

    There will be a reckoning, but of a more diffuse and nebulous kind, yet ultimately one that is far more significant.
    About 9% of Americans still believe the MSM. One of the few positives about Trump is that he has called out the Fake MSM for what it is. It is despised, ridiculed and reviled as never before. It has forfeited all integrity and credibility. It will not recover this, despite the consequent desperate attempts to shore up its monopoly by government subsidies and frantic efforts to introduce rigid censorship and control of social media.
    The same distrust of elites and the dwindling support for the institutions they represent is reflected in the increasing instability and turbulence we see throughout the western world, with Trump, Brexit, Gilets Jaunes and populist election successes.

    • “Ziocons…” This term shows that you, yourself, have bought into the Big Lie, represented here by the fashionable anti-Israel campaign that, in itself, defies logic. It is a flat dismissal of those who support Israel’s right to survive, in spite of the odds. Such campaigns are dependent on general public ignorance about the target, whether it’s the poor, Israel, or Russia. These campaigns have been powerfully counter-productive, playing into the hands of the hard right by dividing and conquering the rest of us.

      • Francis Lee says

        ”It is a flat dismissal of those who support Israel’s right to survive, in spite of the odds.”

        Oh, and the Palestinians, presumably they do not have a right to survive. Operations Cast Lead (2008-09) and Protective Edge (2014) accounted for 3000 Palestinian lives (mainly civilian and including hundreds of children) to less than a dozen Israelis. As for the odds, well Israel has a modern air-force, army (which admittedly isn’t much good at fighting other armies, but superb at massacring the civilian populations in its occupation of Palestinian land) courtesy of the massive support of the US with both financial and militiary hardware. After all Palestinians are sub-human according to Menacham Begin ‘Beasts on two legs’ and will be ethnically cleansed from Israel’s god-given right to possess the land that God gave to them. And what can the Palestinians in terms of defence of their homes and livelihoods in Gaza do – not much. There must be more
        lebensraum for new settlers illegally occupying Palestinian land. Israel survives because the odds are stacked precisely in their favour and the Palestinians are friendless and therefore ripe for liquidation.

      • Michael Leigh says

        It is in fact very easy to calculate the peoplke who have financially backed, which-ever Trump family member actually manages the financial affairs of the ‘ debt-laden tower of Trump’s ‘ so called ‘ credit-worthy-ness. indebitness ?

        And their is enough available clues as to who is keeping the Trump tower up – which is obvidiously
        Israel. In a word he the Donald Trump is a debitor to Israel, and thus this explains why he has extended the USA exceptional illegality to condone the recent theft of Syria’s Golan Heights, and also we should note the geographic location of base of Syria Golan Heighs, with its access to the only major water source in the stolen territory of Palestine!

      • mark says

        These are the people who were the architects of all the murder and mayhem we have seen throughout the world in most of the wars so far this century, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and elsewhere, and who are even now tirelessly plotting and scheming, bribing and blackmailing, to engineer yet another war for Israel on a much larger scale against Iran. The dual nationals like those named and so many others, and the wire pullers like Adelson and Saban who exercise such a stranglehold over US politics and media on behalf of the genocidal Zionist Regime. The US is just Israel’s bitch, providing the dumb goy muscle, blood and treasure to serve Zionist interests.

        Every country has a right to survive. South Africa had the right to survive, but the Apartheid Regime to which Israel sold atomic bombs had no such right. Israel has the right to survive as a state for all its citizens. It has no such right to survive as the world’s only explicitly and openly racist state with its own Nuremberg Laws, a terrorist pirate regime which tramples over basic human rights and has no place in the community of civilised nations. Germany had the right to survive. The Nazi regime had no such right.

        The Palestinian people have the right to survive. That right is being severely tested by the IDF kiddie killers who gun down thousands of kids trying to escape from the Gaza Auschwitz with their British supplied sniper rifles and dum dum bullets, courtesy of the Zionist May government.

      • Tom Dicanarry. says

        Israel has no right to be, or to survive. It is a monstrous tyranny, built by terrorism and surviving by genocide on land forcibly stolen from its rightful owners, the indigenous Palestinian people.

        The sooner that this cancer is removed from Palestine, the sooner there will be peace in the region and in the wider world.

    • asldkfj says

      Holding up the fascist Trump as being a legitimate critic of MSM is the propaganda of a segment of the confused left, that of course, of course doesn’t support Trump, except when they do. What, Trump doesn’t have his supporters in MSM? He most certainly does, and I’m not just talking FOX, Sinclair Broadcasting, or right wing radio talking heads. NPR, CNN, MSNBC and the rest of corporate media has plenty of support for Trumpism as it relates to the wrecking ball of Austerity on steroids that is his Administration. Trump has plenty of support all across mainstream media for his pro corporate policies and agendas, for his stacking the courts with corporate friendly Federalist Society judges, increasing the MIC power and budget, and the rest.

      Oh poor Trump, a victim of that MSM that propelled him to the White House with more unopposed coverage of any other candidate. The same MSM that amplifies his _____ing constant lies and base attacks and stoking of hate for power.

      Corporate Democrats of course, in secret, love the fact that Trump and Republicans will accomplish a decades worth of incremental Austerity that they embrace in just a few short years.

      What bugs the hell out of me about leftists that actually do support Trump (but don’t of course) is that they never bring the valid criticisms of Corporate Democrats (e.g., Bill, Hillary, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein et al ad nauseam) and also point out just how extreme this Trump administration is in regard to such valid criticism.

      No, they hold Trump up as one who has valid criticisms of MSM. A ___ing fascist and pathological liar, not including anything having to do with Russiagate. This jerk has been a pathological liar for decades as this globalist billionaire born with a 400 million dollar spoon in his mouth took that power and set out to destroy lives including scores of lives of “the little people” like workers at his construction sites.

      But do you ever hear Trump leftists pointing these things out? No.

      They love their Trump, but of course they don’t. Nudge nudge.

      • Seamus Padraig says

        Is that you, David Brock? Don’t you have any Bernie Sanders discussion groups out there to cognitively infiltrate?

      • mark says

        Trump has called out the fake MSM for what it is. You don’t have to like Trump or set up a fan club for him, or agree with his policies, to recognise that simple fact.

        • wardropper says

          Problem is, Trump only calls out the fake MSM for what they are when it suits him (and his controllers).
          And it doesn’t always suit him.
          He might also change his mind tomorrow about whether he wants to call out the fake MSM.
          Basically, he doesn’t even digest information as well as the rest of us digest food:
          In one end, and out the other works for us regarding food, but this president takes information in one ear and it travels its short journey unguided and unimpeded until it comes out of the other a few moments later.

          • mark says

            That’s true enough.
            But a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  12. TFS says

    You would expect Trump to revoke some Press Passes at the Whitehouse and set up some comission that could fine the media organisations.

    You know the kind of organisation, like the one we have here which just found George Galloway biased.

    • ZigZagWanderer says

      “which just found ” …. are you talking about the 2010 Press TV series ?

    • aldfjk says

      Trump is interested in reportage of objective truth? That pathological liar and fascist? Wouldn’t Trump and his ilk be the ones that would also find George Galloway biased?

      Surely by now you understand the side Trump is on, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with objective truth, transparency in government, or justice.

      • Savorywill says

        Whoever you are, aldfjk, you are not making any comments that have any value here, so why do you bother? Of course, you hate Trump, a view to which you are entitled, but blathering the same old talking points of the Trump-haters, like him having been born with a $400 million spoon in his mouth, which is probably completely incorrect (more like just a few millions, I suspect) but you don’t care about that, right. No one is fact checking you, so you are just making meaningless comments not expected to change any minds or actually educate anyone, I suspect.

    • Maggie says

      TFS – So now we are to call TRUTH biased?
      As Orwell said ”’In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

      I can’t say I am always thrilled with George Galloway’s deliverance, but for me he does ALWAYS tell the truth and is brutally honest..

  13. Loverat says

    Good point. The motivations and much of the reason for the continuing stupidity in the UK is the ‘Special Relationship’ Next time a visiting US President visits watch the cringing spectacle of journalists asking the US President questions who is their best friend.

    One of the things I was thinking the other day when reading Andre’s article was why there don’t appear to be many pyschologists studying the mental processes and behaviours within governments and media and writing about them on sites like these. All I have seen is some saying in MSM Trump has personality disorders which is obvious – and obvious why MSM is running these stories.

    I’m sure armed with a real knowledge of world events widely available through a little research, such experts would have a lot to say about Obama, Clinton, Pompeo, Bolton, Maddow, Luke Harding, Charles Lister and Eliot Higgins to name a few. Perhaps one or two qualified pyschologists could add their observations. Certainly would be gratifying for the rest of us, many of whom I am sure study these people to be confirmed, yet again, we are right – and that they do indeed locking up.

    • Seamus Padraig says

      One of the things I was thinking the other day when reading Andre’s article was why there don’t appear to be many pyschologists studying the mental processes and behaviours within governments and media and writing about them on sites like these.

      Well, for one thing, that would violate the so-called ‘Goldwater Rule’:

      “The Goldwater rule is the informal name given to section 7 in the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Principles of Medical Ethics, which states that it is unethical for psychiatrists to give a professional opinion about public figures whom they have not examined in person, and from whom they have not obtained consent to discuss their mental health in public statements.”

  14. summitflyer says

    Now that many in the US have realized that there are no Russians under their beds , in Canada obviously impervious to the fake information ,out comes our illustrious foreign minister ,Chrysta Freeland ,stating that they expect the Russians to be interfering in our Fall elections.You would think that after 2 years of looking for the proverbial Russian needle in the haystack and finding absolutely nothing ,Freeland would not be showing such stupidity .But we are talking about someone who has insisted that the coup in the Ukraine was all Russia’s fault.
    This is actually hard to believe that it is happening.

    • Archie1954 says

      Just be happy, when Trudeau leaves, so does his inexperienced and foolish Minister of Foreign Affairs!

    • nondimenticare says

      Chrystia Freeland – the “liberal,” “feminist” Mike Pompeo, constantly on the receiving end of kudos from our press.

      • Seamus Padraig says

        But of course! Didn’t she used to write for The Fraudian?

    • I think Manafort was still advising Ukraine and getting paid for it, when the coup happened. So it’s Manafort’s meddling for sure, maybe with some Russian thrown in.

  15. bevin says

    The clear culpability of the British government and the obvious connections between the SIS in all its tweedy squalor, the Integrity Initiative, the Skripal scandal and the nonsense of Russiagate is something that Americans ought to ponder.
    The British Establishment including the military, the secret services and the intellectual mire-the great dismal swamp of academia- have an interest in maintaining the Russian ‘enemy’ as a reason for their continued existence under US patronage. Without the Russian menace there is no point in the Special Relationship. And without that the Establishment collapses and its members, who dominate British society, are reduced to the need to work. And there is none.

    • Archie1954 says

      The manufactured Big Lie about the Russian “Reds” are coming, is going to destroy all of us, unless saner heads prevail! US propaganda is full of lies, accusations and insults and unfortunately is very persuasive, especially if the great majority of the population is grossly ignorant, as Americans are!

    • ZigZagWanderer says

      Perfectly put Bevin …. I’m sure it didn’t escape your notice the speed , post Skripal , that Private Pike announced the building of a spankin’ new cyber warfare facility to specifically counter russian misinformation.

      Conveniently located in the south of england the tax payer will provide two thousand jobs for establishment little darlings .

    • I would add that liberal;s need to re-examine their anti-Israel campaign, in light of how clearly the right wing has used Israel as a cattle prod to poke at liberals.

      • mark says

        The bought and paid for right wing, the Tommy Robinsons earning their £10,000 a month in Zionist money, the Geert Wilders Brigade trooping in and out of the Israeli embassy to collect their money and get their instructions, spend even more of their time shilling for Israel and waving Israeli flags about than they do inciting hatred against moslems on behalf of Israel.


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