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All Major Candidates in Israel’s Presidential Election Are Far-Right

Eric Zuesse

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If “far-right” or “nazi” refers to proponents of racism, capitalism, and dictatorship, then all of Israel’s Presidential candidates are nazis — not German ones, of course, not members of Hitler’s German (the original) Nazi Party and a dictatorship of and by Aryans against Jews, but instead Jewish nazis and a dictatorship of and by Jews against Palestinians.

On April 6th, Joel Greenberg, of BBC Monitoring, headlined “Israel election: Who are the key candidates?” and he described each of the seven, and the proposals from each. Here are highlights from his descriptions:

Benjamin Netanyahu is the only one who needs no introduction to foreign audiences: He is well-known to be a racist against Palestinians, and he is a strong supporter of corporate Israel, and of apartheid in which Palestinians are legally discriminated-against and in which Jews have the right to take Palestinian land and used it for new settlements by Jews. “During the election campaign, he has warned that his challengers would allow the creation of a Palestinian state, calling it a mortal threat to Israel.”

Benny Gantz: “Mr Gantz’s election ads have trumpeted his military record, featuring a body count of Palestinian militants and scenes of destruction from the war in Gaza that he oversaw in 2014. Seeking to draw right-leaning voters away from Mr Netanyahu, Mr Gantz has talked tough on Iran and echoed the prime minister’s positions on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.”

Yair Lapid: “Mr Lapid has supported ‘separation’ from the Palestinians and in the past endorsed a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, though he has not repeated that call in the current campaign. He has also been outspoken in his opposition to political alliances with Israeli Arab parties.”

Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked: “The education and justice ministers are presenting themselves as genuine right-wing alternatives to Mr Netanyahu.”

Avi Gabbay: “A former cabinet minister who was previously CEO of Israel’s largest telecoms company, Mr Gabbay appealed to right-wing voters after he was elected Labour’s leader in 2017. He dismissed the notion of evacuating Jewish settlements in the West Bank and declared that ‘the left has forgotten what it is to be Jewish’, echoing a phrase once used by Mr Netanyahu.”

Moshe Feiglin: “A religious West Bank settler,” he is “a maverick politician with a mix of libertarian and ultra-nationalist views.”

For more on each of the seven, see Greenberg’s article.


    • Jen says

      The Jerusalem Post – a right-wing newspaper even by the standards of the country in which it publishes – engages in the kind of deliberate fear-mongering that pulls D H Fabian’s strings and which sends brainwashed Israeli Jewish people running to vote for the very psychopaths who benefit from that fear.

      Does anyone really fall for the suggestion in The Jerusalem Post that neo-Nazis in Germany empathise and express solidarity with Palestinians?

      The neo-Nazis are more likely to wish that whatever the IDF is doing to Palestinians, they could do the same to Palestinian and other Muslim immigrants and refugees in their own neighbourhoods.

  1. Paul says

    It is extraordinary that in Britain today you can be arrested and charged with ‘hate crime’ just for criticising Israeli foreign policy and suggesting it is similar to other regimes of the past. A political opinion has been made illegal. The pressure is so great from the British Jewish community that nobody dares speak out and others – like parts of the Labour Party – cheer it on in a desperate attempt to gain acceptance.

  2. Jen says

    No fewer than seven presidential candidates and out of the lot of them, Satanyahoo who is also facing charges of fraud, bribery and corruption along with his unlovely wife Sara, turns out to be slightly less of a bloodthirsty psychopath than all the others.

    Meanwhile Israel has one of the highest (if not the highest) levels of child poverty among developed countries. Eighteen families own or control 60% of the country’s corporate wealth and this wealth is concentrated in four industries: banking and finance, IT, chemicals and the security industry. Israel is the second most unequal country in the world after the US and spends less than 75% of what the average Western country spends on redistributive social services and other programs like health care,unemployment, infrastructure and job creation.

    In short, Israel is a failed state.

    • mark says

      And this on top of the tribute money they extract from the goys in the USA, $23,000 per year per Jewish household ($0 per Arab household.)

  3. Gezzah Potts says

    Does it really matter who wins the Israeli election? For the Palestinians, the result will still be the same: evicted from their homes, their land stolen, peaceful protesters shot in droves, children shot, people in wheelchairs shot, paramedics shot, neighbouring countries like Syria repeatedly bombed, and the choking blockade of Gaza will continue while Apartheid Israel repeatedly violates international law and UN resolutions. And nearly the whole World looks the other way. And I am so fucken tired of all the Hasbara trolls and apologists for this racist regime; those people who defend war crimes and the murder of children. You have no morality. You have lost your humanity. You disgust me. Palestine is yet another example of the complete hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the West. Such ‘shining beacons’ like the UK, Australia, United States rant and froth about Venezuela. But they are fully complicit in Israel’s many crimes. And are silent on the slaughter in Yemen. Stomach churning.

    • mark says

      Ah, but these are the Chosen People. You have to realise that the rest of humanity are just donkeys and insects, put on earth to serve the Chosen People. We should be as proud as all the Friends of Israel that kids are being gunned down in Gaza by the thousand with British sniper rifles and dum dum bullets supplied completely free by Theresa “Je Suis Juif” May. Certainly makes you proud to be British.

  4. Fair dinkum says

    So much evil concentrated in one place.
    Even Satan would be squirming.

    • hotrod31 says

      Perhaps you are unaware that ‘Satan’ … looks like the front-runner to win the elections. Bibi is … Lucifer personified.

  5. Israel exists under profoundly different conditions. Jews are, indeed, indigenous to that bit of land, the historic Jewish nation of Palestine, restored in 1948 and renamed Israel. It’s a tiny country (roughly the size of New Jersey) — some 1% of the Mideast region with the remaining 99% consisting of the various Arab nations. Those Arab nations are armed to the teeth by China. Russia, and the US. Remember the US response following 9/11? Fear pulled most liberals well to the right, applauding as US troops launched the longest war in this country’s history. Israel exists in that same state of anxiety, for obvious reasons. What has come out of the last couple of years of daily anti-Israel rhetoric, surprisingly one-sided reporting, has been a surge of anti-Jewish violence in the West.

    • vwbeetle says

      The Jewish colonists who flooded into Palestine between 1917 and 1947 with the intention of taking over and getting rid of the native Palestinian Arabs were indigenous to Poland and Russia. As the King-Crane Commission, sent to Palestine by US President Wilson in 1919 stated “The fact came out repeatedly in the Commission’s conference with Jewish representatives that the Zionists looked forward to a practically complete dispossession of the present non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine, by various forms of purchase”.

      To suggest that the presence of some sort of Jewish entity in a part of Palestine 2,000 years ago gave Jews from Eastern Europe a right to sovereignty in Palestine in the 20th century is an insult to the intelligence of any rational person. As the King-Crane Commission of Inquiry, “For the initial claim, often submitted by Zionist representatives, that they have a “right” to Palestine based on an occupation 2000 years ago, can hardly be seriously considered”.

      • hotrod31 says

        You’re so right. The Jewish proponents of those spurious claims are so full of manure that they are unaware that they are neck deep in shi-it. And … of course ‘they’ are supposed to be the intelligent ‘chosen ones.’ The quicker the dullards in the herd see through these delusional parasites – the better it will be for humanity.

    • Francis Lee says

      ”Those Arab nations are armed to the teeth by China. Russia, and the US.”

      I take it your mean Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Gulf States. It’s Israel that is armed to the teeth; it is poor little Israel who is the nuclear armed regional hegemon which is armed to the teeth. Armed to the teeth with a propensity to mass murder – murder of Palestinians in Operation Cast Lead 2008-09 where the IDF massacred 1400 Palestinian civilians including 350 children and suffered themselves 10 deaths (4 of which were due to friendly fire.) And then the repeat performance in 2014, Operation Protective Edge resulted in death ratios of Palestinians killed 1600, Israelis killed 6, – children killed Palestinians 550, Israeli 1, houses severely damaged Palestinian 18,000, Israeli 1 – Houses of worship damaged or destroyed Palestinian 203, Israeli 2 – kindergardens damaged or destroyed Palestinians 285, Israeli 1, – Medical facilities damaged or destroyed, Palestinian 73, Israeli 0.

      These figures say it all I think. Although I expect you will engage in the usual Jesuitical reasoning to prove that Israel is the victim in this one-sided bloodbath barbarism which broke every rule of International Law and even common decency.

      I hope you sleep well.

      • Gezzah Potts says

        Francis Lee: exactly correct. Its long overdue for people to stand up to this insulting and frankly, offensive crap that poor l’il Israel is the innocent victim in all this. What garbage. Nuclear weapons and billions in military aid and a modern airforce. Oh, and its way overdue people called out the anti semitic screeching for the scam it is. They are thugs and bullies and cowards. Call them out. Enough. By the way, I highly recommend Mondoweiss, Electronic Intifada, and B’Tselem for anyone slightly confused by the situation in Palestine.

    • Haltonbrat says

      The Jews seized Palestine through terrorism and the genocide continues to this day. Merely mentioning Israel’s crimes against humanity is regarded as anti-semitism by Jewish pressure groups. Does the small size of the country excuse Israel’s crimes against humanity? How ridiculous is that. You are simply quoting from an out of date hasbara manual.

      • Robbobbobin says

        “All Major Candidates in Israel’s Presidential Election Are Far-Right”

        Executive Summary: “All Major Candidates in Israel’s Presidential Election Have Learned Well How to Play The Democracy Game.”

        Like it or not, Israel is a fully-qualified Western-style representative democracy. Israel’s democracy is not a sham; modern Wrstern-style representative democracy is the sham.

    • Gezzah Potts says

      dhfabian: please wake up and stop drinking the Kool Aid. Its bad for your health. Furthermore, may I suggest looking at Mondoweiss, B’Tselem and read the interview conducted by Jimmy Dore with Norman Finkelstein on The Saker website. Still not convinced? Have a look at the Amnesty International reports on Israel. Oh yeah, and I gladly gave you a thumbs down sweetie….

    • Maggie says

      B*llocks! What anti-jewish violence in the West???
      You are full of your own self importance and are living in cloud cuckoo land, a legend in your own mind. No one gives a damn what or who you are or what religion you follow.You are totally insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
      What people DO care about is that you condone the MURDER of INNOCENTS in order to take their land.
      This world has millions of cities that you can inhabit and you have been welcomed in every country on this earth.. but that welcome is wearing thin, and you only have yourself to blame…
      You support LIARS, THIEVES and MURDERERS and in doing that are equally culpable..
      I am not a vengeful person but I make an exception in your case. I wish to
      God that the Arab nation WAS armed to the teeth so that they could route you and the scum you support, and send you back from whence you came. Unfortunately, you have burned your bridges everywhere and the world has woken up to your evil plans.

  6. Escapee says

    I was just getting use to Ben Nutanyahoo. Israel is so far away from my space here in California, like if I need to immerse myself in more fake news political bs.
    I’m escaping……

  7. The entire nation is ruined. Most of the Israeli population are behind their nazi political (and other) leadership. Noam Chomsky (who I realize Eric has no use for, still…) and Edward Herman, in their stellar two-volume work, “The Political Economy Of Human Rights,” distinguishes fascist countries that impose fascism on the populace against their will and fascist States that have the support of the general population, calling the former “sub-fascist.” Nazi Israel is ‘not’ sub-fascist.

    See “Netanyahu pledges to annex West Bank if re-elected” by Jean Shaoul – https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2019/04/08/isra-a08.html

    • mark says

      Nazi Scumbag A or Nazi Scumbag B. What a choice.

  8. wardropper says

    Of course they’re all far-right.
    The decent, intelligent, human ones were screened out long ago.
    In case today’s secular society needs reminding, St. John’s Book of Revelation explained it all in some detail a couple of thousand years ago, and it is still widely available for reading in the Bible today, thank you very much.
    It is particularly recommended to study the bit about “The Mark of the Beast”, without which you don’t get to take part in the organization of anything.
    Boy, is today’s mankind slow to learn…

    • wardropper says

      Of course “The Revelation” is part of the New Testament, and so Zionists’ interest in what St. John has to say is somewhat restricted.
      Well, it’s their loss.

    • Do you remember the US reaction after 9/11? Even liberals moved well to the right, saluting those troops marching off to launch the longest war in US history, slaughtering countless people in the Arab nations. Fear does that. Israel exists in that state of fear daily. Note that the past year has brought near-daily attacks on Israel. We ignore these attacks, yet shout with moral outrage when Israel hits back (even as the US maintains its war of retaliation for the 2001 attack on the US).

      What we resist doing is putting the issues into context. Jews are indigenous to that bit of land, restored and renamed Israel in 1948. It’s roughly the size of tiny New Jersey — some 1% of the Mideast, with the remaining 99% of the region consisting of the Arab countries.Those Arab countries are armed to the teeth by China, Russia, and the US. And contrary to all the talk about AIPAC, it is the Arab oil lobbies that have their hands firmly around the throats of those in Congress. So what does it tell us when the sole Jewish nation is portray as a military mega-power trampling over the Arab world while keeping the US Congress on a leash?

      • Rhamphotyphlops says

        The US public were puppets manipulated by the zionist media on behalf of the zionist terrorists that pulled off 911.

      • mark says

        9/11 – a performance conceived, written and performed by the Chosen People and their Neocohen Fifth Columnists.
        To incite war after war after war between the Christian and Moslem goyim to serve Zionist interests.
        The past year has brought daily Zionist aggression against Syria and Lebanon in support of its ISIS cannibal headchopper proxies with their holiday camps on the illegally occupied Golan Heights. And daily shootings of Gaza kids by the IDF Kiddie Killers with their British sniper rifles and dum dum bullets supplied free by Uber Goy Theresa “Je Suis Juif” May.
        The Fake Khazar Jews are indigenous to Caspian Khazaria, an area the size of France. Why can’t they all go back to their ancestral homeland, stop leeching off the rest of humanity, and leave the rest of the world in peace?
        The Arab countries are not armed to the teeth by anyone. They are like a flock of sheep surrounded by ravenous Zionist wolves.
        America is just AIPAC’s bitch. They will soon be making new born babies take their loyalty oaths to Israel. Oil interests, like everything else in the Bitch JEWSA, is completely controlled by Zionist wire pullers.

      • Constantine says

        Another obnoxious racist Zionist spewing lies and ignoring deliberately horrendous crimes. All backed by an abundance of supremacist myths and victimization of perpetrators.

        As for anti-Semitism, it is precisely people like you that fuel it.

      • John says

        One: we know you’re a yank
        Two: we know you’re a shill
        Three: the Jew is our misfortune
        Four: where’s your little Jew shill mate antonym? Has he had to use a different name because he keeps getting found out?
        And Five: how’s the weather in tel Aviv

    • mark says

      The Mark Of The Beast.
      Star of David.
      6 sides.
      6 points.
      6 triangles.

      Or go pay a visit on Kushner at 666 Fifth Avenue.

  9. mark says

    What makes them support the Apartheid Regime?
    The good little goy whores like Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Bolton, May, Johnson, Gove, Fox, Blair, will do anything to earn their shekels.
    AIPAC and the Friends of Israel should issue industrial strength knee pads to all their good little goys. Comes in handy for all the grovelling.
    You have to feel sorry for Adelson, Saban and Soros.
    It must be really difficult keeping track of all the hundreds of good little goy whores they’ve got in their pockets.

  10. Jules Moules says

    What a depressing bunch of nut jobs.

  11. SharonM says

    My goodness! Really, what on god’s green bean can make someone rational support Israel’s regime? They have sooo marginalized(wait!,”marginalized” is ridiculous, more like they’ve sent to another planet) the voices of reason in that terror State.

    • John says

      Oy vey Sharon remember the 6 million lampshades

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