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Mexico: “Spain and the Vatican should apologise for their crimes”

Andre Vltchek

Several years ago, the renowned linguist and thinker, Noam Chomsky, asked me, point blank, as we were working on our book: “On Western Terrorism – From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare”:

Do you think it is possible that most of Europeans really don’t know about crimes their countries committed all over the world?”

“They don’t know… They don’t want to know… They make sure that they will never know,” I replied.

That Europe and North America have been constructed on hundreds of millions of corpses of, what George Orwell used to call, un-people, is fairly well established and proven fact. But somehow it never entered the sub-consciousness of the white race which is inhabiting what we now call the West, but also many parts of the ‘conquered’ world, from Latin America, to Africa and Asia.

Horrors of the past are carefully softened by shock-absorbing academic jargon, when they are addressed at such institutions like Cambridge, Oxford or Sorbonne universities. Or they are belittled, even dismissed, by loud cheers and clicking of the glass, in the Europeans pubs.

It is not something that is mentioned directly in ‘polite society’.

And yet, the topic is not only related to the terrible world history.

All that we are experiencing now, all over the world, is to some extent related to this past. From wars to plunder of the natural resources; from shameless ‘regime changes’, to fearless provocations of the West against Russia, China and Iran.

Even what people read and how they think has roots in colonialism, holocausts and slavery.

To even mention the topic cost many brave men and women their lives. Patrice Lumumba, who denounced colonialism, was murdered by the Brits and the U.S., without any scruples. President Sukarno was overthrown and imprisoned, until his death. So were many others.

Denouncing colonialism and crimes against humanity committed by the West; its kings, armies, religions, even common citizens, is a dangerous undertaking, often ‘punishable’ by death.

Yet crimes have been so monstrous, that regularly, great and brave people keep standing up and pointing fingers at Europe, the United States, and at the elites of the European stock, in South America and elsewhere.


So did, recently, a left-leaning President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), who wrote a letter to King of Spain, Felipe VI, and to Pope Francis, demanding apology for the ‘abuses that were committed during the conquest of Mexico.’ He declared in Tabasco State, in front of an ancient pyramid:

“There were killings, impositions… The so-called conquest was carried out with the sword and the cross.”

President Obrador triggered literally a storm, at home and abroad. Fierce national debate erupted among Mexican intellectuals, academics, public figures as well as common people.

Spanish government of Pedro Sanchez rejected the letter “with full firmness”. Obviously, “Euro-socialists” have very little to do with the internationalist struggle, these days.

The right in Spain spoke with even greater spite. According to The New York Times:

Campaigning ahead of next month’s general election, Pablo Casado, the leader of the conservative Popular Party, described the Mexican demand as an affront to the Spanish people. Spain, he said, should instead celebrate “with pride” its historical role in Mexico, “the way great nations do it, those that have contributed to the discovery of other people.”

An insult, of course, but a predictable one.

“We saved what was left, and we built new culture, but this genocide is something that has to be acknowledged”, explained an academic from UNAM, John Ackerman.

“It is not disproportionate”, Jesus Ramirez, Spokesperson of the Presidency, told a Mexican newspaper La Razon. “They (Spain) asked Jews for forgiveness, for the expulsion in 1492, and Germany did the same, for holocaust.”

Spain clearly indicated that there would be no official apology, and to its rescue came, almost immediately, such staunch supporters of the West, as Colombia with its bunch of pro-Western (and Western-paid) intellectuals.

Despite the fact that Spain murdered millions of indigenous people on the territory of today’s Mexico; people who were, during the conquest, enjoying much more advanced civilization than that of Spain itself;despite the fact that there were countless rapes, cases of torture and religious bigotry, as well as unbridled looting, there seems to be absolutely no remorse coming from Madrid.

Deeply rooted complex of superiority is, once again, clearly in control of the behavioral patterns of the Europeans. Response of Spain is overall bombastic, arrogant and dismissive.

Vulgarity and arrogance of Spanish regime should not be seen as something new, or unexpected. This is how the U.K. responds when India or Pakistan or some African nation tries to open a legal case, trying to hold it responsible for genocides, slave trade or forcefully triggered famines. This is how France acts when accused of crimes against humanity in Africa, Asia or Caribbean. Or Belgium, when told that it is responsible for at least 9 million lives in what is now Congo, during the reign of the King Leopold II. Or Germany, for the holocaust it committed on the territory of today’s Namibia. And on and on it goes, as the list of crimes of the European countries is endless, as well as unrecognized.

Spain is no exception. It is just that in the past it grabbed one tremendous piece of pie – bigger than it could swallow. And its kingdom was too bizarre, grotesquely fanatic and primitive; too religious and greedy. It could not really govern well over its colonies, and so it was looting and murdering, and forcing people into Christianity, while, at some point, losing much of its ‘profits’ to other European states that were simply ‘investing’ into Spain’s ‘expeditions’.

Mexico suffered terribly, especially from Spanish conquest, but not only from it: it was also bled by France, the United States and others. But Spain began the attacks, and logically, it should be the first country to profusely apologize.


Not everyone in Spain is ‘outraged’ by the demands of AMLO. Some acknowledge that past should not be buried, that it actually is tremendously relevant.

“Lopez Obrador is president with plenty of dignity. He is right to demand apology from the King, for cruelties during the conquest”, declared Ione Bellara, MP from a Spanish political party Podemos.

AMLO is now governing the most populous Spanish speaking country on earth, with population around 3 times bigger than that of Spain. His words matter. Position of Mexico matters. It cannot be simply dismissed, in either Madrid, Vatican or in Brussels.

Mexico is an extremely complex and divided nation. As almost all previously colonized countries are. European elites had been implanted into Mexico, India, and dozensof other countries. Where they were not implanted directly and permanently, like into Indonesia or Malaysia, locals were handpicked, ‘educated’ abroad, and then injected back, in order to serve Europe in particular, and the West in general.


In a university town of Cholula, near the city of Puebla, Spaniards slammed their church on top of the biggest (by volume) pyramid on Earth – Tlachihualtepetl. It is still sitting there: the church on top of the pyramid, unapologetically. Local authorities are even proud of its presence, promoting it as a ‘major tourist site’. I hope, one day, UNESCO includes it in the “memory of humanity” list, as a symbol of cultural vandalism.

I talked to one of the curators, Ms. Erica, asking her about this insanity. That was just few weeks before AMLO was sworn in as president. She explained, patiently:

“We are strongly discouraged from speaking about brutality of the past. Mexico’s attitude towards its own history is truly schizophrenic. On one hand we know that our country was plundered, raped and abused, by the Spanish colonizers, by the French, and then by the U.S. But we, scholars, teachers, curators, are literally ordered to ignore it, to ‘be positive’; to ‘look for good things’ in what was done to us, and what we inherited.”

Recently, all this is changing. Now, it is possible to speak, to remember the past, and to demand.

In India and the Middle East and Africa, people are monitoring developments in Mexico, carefully.

They are also studying the situation in Europe and in North America. Both parts of the Western world are overdue for hundreds of apologies. Frankly, they also own the world hundreds of trillions of dollars, for murder of hundreds of millions of human beings, and for destruction of the entire continents.


It is possible that Pope Francis would be much more forthcoming than the Spanish regime.

“With this Pope, it could be the new beginning for Catholics and Christians in general”, I was recently told by a renowned left-wing theologian and philosopher John Cobb.

In 2015, Pope Francis already spoke to farmers, garbage collectors and indigenous people in Bolivia, wherehe asked for forgiveness:

I say this to you with regret: Many grave sins were committed against the native people of America in the name of God… I humbly ask forgiveness, not only for the offense of the church herself, but also for crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of America.”

Many are convinced that the Argentinian Pope Francis is a closet socialist. AMLO may receive an apology from him, but not from Spanish government.

But the discussion is on. Entire nation is debating its past.

As I have been writing this essay on board of a 9 hours 30 minutes long Aero Mexico flight from Buenos Aires to Mexico City, I managed to engage half of the crew in the debate.

“This has nothing to do with me”, declared an elderly steward, after reading part of my essay.

“But I want to know the past of my country”, protested a young flight hostess. “It is all connected to our present, and future.”

“AMLO is fighting for Mexico!” was the prevalent opinion.

He is. The Western empire is resisting. But ideological fight for justice is on.

First published by NEO – New Eastern Outlook

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Three of his latest books are Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter.


  1. IntergenerationalTrauma says

    If there is one thing far too many of us from European roots seem to struggle with, it is in simply accepting and facing the past as historical fact, and in honestly considering how that past relates to our world today. It seems that the cognitive dissonance produced by honest self-reflection on the reality of Western genocide and mass murder of innocents (the second of which which continues to this day) is simply more than many of us can live with psychologically. This results in reliance on psychological defenses to keep reality at bay – i.e. “denial” (‘no real genocide of Natives took place’) – “rationalization” (‘the Natives killed people too’ – so somehow the slaughter of millions was justified) – “minimization” (‘it wasn’t as bad as historian’s say it was’); etc. etc.

    I’ve often encountered the response from fellow American’s that the only reason Native Americans didn’t conquer and pillage the world is that they didn’t have the technology and therefore the ability to do so. Of course educating them about Admiral Zeng from China – who traversed a huge area of the world with a massive armada and huge army – yet neither pillaged, murdered or enslaved those many lands he encountered – is rather difficult such “thinkers” to process, since it challenges their entire view not only of history, but of human nature itself. The reality that culture “shapes” what we imagine to be some set “human nature” eludes it seems most of us in the West, who prefer to simply think that “god blessed us” by allowing us to murder, steal, plunder and enslave the planet in his name.

    I applaud those in Mexico, and anyone anywhere who is broaching this history, as without facing and contemplating the reality of the Western pillage of the entire planet we are certainly in no position to move toward a peaceful world which might offer us some possibility of long-term collective survival. As long as we in the West keep “projecting” our own distorted image of human nature onto everyone else on the planet (i.e. “everyone is violent, greedy, and lacking empathy”) we’ll always live in the paranoid fear that those we have plundered lay awake at night plotting to do the same to us.

    The 12% of the planet that comprises “the West” does not represent all of humanity by any means when it comes to our concepts of “human nature.”


  2. The cult of apology is blame and grievance worship as the ongoing power struggle of victim and victimiser that cascades down the generations through families and cultures and human condition-ing of separation trauma.

    A true remorse or repentance is the willingness or need to release the error or sin, and part of this may be that the victimiser is captive to a denial upon their life expression that in a sense they need to kneel in acknowledgment of the victim – who is in truth a part of the Self – and wait on being seen to be released.

    The terms victim and victimiser above are not particular to the person – because the patten of such an energetic passed down through families and through social or collective events.
    The breaking of One – into getter and loser or superior and inferior, included and excluded, is the fragmenting of the individual to a split personality. Everyone you have ever wronged is within you, and ‘you’ are not just a personality fragment in the ‘seeking’ but One – and so the reintegration to One or wholeness of being is the uncovering of patterns of entanglement that can seem like a terrible burden of sin or irrevocable guilt. But which bring us to our current or active purpose and it is in this moment that recognition and release replaces the ‘seeking’ for becoming more from another’s loss, of using sacrifice as a way to forfend a greater evil running beneath the mind that is driven thus.

    If the past had to be ‘paid’ there never would be a future and the wish and belief that its DOES is exactly Big Brother’s Boot stamping on the face of a rising willingness for sharing in the presence of Life.

    The past HAS been ‘paid’ by FACT it is PASSED – but as with the murderer in the film The Mission, is dragged around as a terrible isolating burden of self-hate and self-denial – that is made visible in the conscious acceptance – and ripens to the moment of release to a greater love that sin by its own persistence must kill or rule out – but which is IN Life AS Life regardless the mind of its murder, denial or loss to evils.

    FACT was used for an unchangeable – not a theory or image running in agreement until its status is questioned and changed. The mind of man is recoiled from One – in shifting and restless seeking for vindication or escape from the self of division.
    Yet the mind that makes itself is not a true creation but a self-illusion with the truly given – and given as A truly and unchangeably given – rather than a special gift for a special self made in image from a sense of lack or fear of exclusion or loss.

    A true reconciliation is in the Heart of One – and this will never be to or for or by a ‘special self’ but in a world built on ‘specialness’ or judgement, is a way of release from judgement by accepting the special function of living your life as a gift to the awakening and healing unto One. For each is unique and holds specific patterns of denial and therefore opportunities for release. So in simple terms truly living the life you already are – is the gift to the whole and not enactment of sacrifice of self or other by which to make illusion ‘real’ as a gift to a fantasy born of fear and invested with terrible necessity.

    It is very easy to seek and demand from others – what we are in some sense denying our self.
    Grievance or trauma is a package of toxic debt set by a mind that sees itself too big to (be allowed to) fail or too broken to love.

    I cannot demand that those who have hurt me in this life apologise or see what their effects are without cherishing and protecting and keeping them and holding the intentions or mind that I gave them – as a past that condemns them even now. But I can release and be released in that the release of an exclusion allows the natural and spontaneous inclusion to One Life – which is NOT a forced ‘inclusion’ of the attempt to usurp life as special by virtue of grievance and claim.

    Everything goes awry from the attempt to usurp what is NOT ours, that then costs us the awareness, appreciation and sharing in what Is (ours to live and share in being).

    In the film; The Mission, geopolitical events overtook a local expression of a shared worth. There are of course further cultural issues within what the film portrayed, but my point is that there are collective agreements running beneath and within the structure of our world and mind that give rise to destructive outcomes in the world. The deeper aspects of the human conditioning are set in physical frame. But the ever changing is NOT a place to invest a fixed identity against change. The idea that Truth is destructive is part of the image and model of Self Reality being given to fixed and enduring forms – begotten there and suffered there as the necessity-driven-belief ‘One must sacrifice for part to persist and prevail’ or ‘your loss is my gain. Power struggle can be aggressive as it can be passive-aggressive in more insidious or socially encoded forms of hate or denial of the other.

    Sympathy excludes and denies One as a reinforcer of grievance and lack under the pretext of joining in giving worth to their result.
    Compassion embraces by extending relational worth that acknowledges what is – as it is without giving the power and the framing to victimhood or lack of worth and true presence.
    Receptivity to the presence of another is not coming in with the role of ‘saviour’ as if to then feel better about ourself. But is its the willingness that ‘knocks on the door’ of another that shares a gift according the the capacity to accept and share. There is much we have in love received that we are as yet unaware and so in a sense it waits upon our acceptance even though the gift is already given.

    Fear and guilt usurps our living – but cannot be pretended, magicked or re-defined and packaged away AND the fruits of a truly shared life en-joyed. Our relationship with One, with our brother as our self are of a kind and inseparable. But this is not the burden that it may at first seem though it will bring the already burden into awareness. That is unsettling and uncomfortable – but there is something true here and worthy of abidance for its becoming clearer in me.

  3. mark says

    The Jews are still kvetching about the Pope and the Vatican.
    They reckon he’s got a lot of their looted treasure, like the Jerusalem menorah, that was nicked in Roman times, hidden in underground passages beneath the Vatican.
    They demanded the right to rummage around and search through the Pope’s stuff hidden underground.
    But the Vatican just told them to get stuffed.
    The Pope’s got more balls than Jeremy Corbyn.

  4. mark says

    The REAL HOLOCAUST in the New World by the European countries and the USA cost a MINIMUM of 100 MILLION LIVES.
    The true figure is probably very substantially higher.
    Catholic religious dogma of the time stated that children were innocent of Original Sin until the age of 7 years. So children under 7 were sought out and their brains bashed out against a wall so they would go straight to heaven.
    There were 10,000 tons of silver in the Roman Empire, and very little gold.
    In Medieval Europe, there was just 4,000 tons of silver. The rest had gone to China to finance imports of luxury goods like silk and spices. Then, as now, Europe produced nothing that China wanted.
    The New World, like Africa, was just a treasure house to be looted. Two billion ounces of silver were extracted from Potosi in Bolivia alone with slave labour worse than anything seen at Auschwitz.
    Far more valuable mundane treasure was extracted in the form of maize, potatoes, chocolate, quinine, turkeys, hardwoods.
    The so called “holocaust” of the 1940s seems pretty trivial by comparison.

    The Belgian genocide in the Congo Basin from 1890-1910 in the quest for rubber and ivory cost a minimum of 10 million lives, half the population of Central Africa, In the resource wars of the past 20-30 years for coltan and uranium at least as many people have been slaughtered, and virtually every woman in the region has been gang raped and tortured.

    The French slaughtered well over 1 million Algerians in their conquest of the 1830s.
    750,000 Libyans (half the population) was exterminated by the Italians in the 1920s – 1930s.
    The Germans exterminated 80% of the native population of Namibia in the first few years of the 20th century.
    Britain exterminated most of the Aborigine population of Australia. Aborigines were hunted like rabbits by shooting parties, with women organising picnics to watch all the fun. Like the barbecue and picnic parties by Jews watching all the fun during the periodic pogroms in Gaza.

    But you won’t see a Potosi or a Congo or an Aborigine Holocaust Museum on every street corner. Or a Jewllywood Potosi/ Congo/ Aborigine Holocaust blockbuster once a fortnight. There aren’t many Indians or Congolese or Aborigines in Jewllywood.

  5. Robert J. says

    Far from me the idea of decrying Vlček’s argument, but we should keep two things in mind.

    The pre-Hispanic populations of Mexico were far from being a peace-loving, gentle bunch. Mexico was already a singularly brutal society when Cortés conquered it, and it is well-known that he took advantage of the resentment harboured by other ethnic groups against the Aztecs, who only relatively recently had taken over most of the land. Compounded with the fanaticism and the violence the Spaniards were imbued with after years of warfare against the Arabs, this has given us the particular culture of violence characteristic of today’s Mexico.

    Difficult to explain in just a few words, but anyone who has lived in Latin America will know that the kind of violence specific to Mexico is of a “different” kind than the violence one meets in, say, Guatemala, in Brazil, (relatively non-violent) Costa Rica or for that matter in the US of A. “Cruelty” is the keyword here. Best reference I can think of, offhand: Iñárritu’s Amores perros, not for the faint of heart and as far as you can get from any Hollywoodish crap (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amores_perros).

    The other point has to do with something specific to our 21st century: economic warfare through litigation and trials and the immense expertise the US has gained in this particular field. Think of a. Argentina and her debt sentenced by some US jurisdiction; b. Moreno (Lenin) selling Julian Assange for debt relief; c. Bolsonaro giving away to the US the Alcântara Launch Center against the better judgement of Brazil’s military (and in exchange of who knows what); Iran sentenced, also by some US jurisdiction, to reparations for 9/11 (2001). Not to mention the sanctions craze which, as sick as it sounds to normal people, still allows the US to confiscate and run away with anything, anywhere, anytime.

    What I’m getting at here, is that under the current circumstances, no government, Spaniard or else, left or right, honest or not, in their right mind would dream of acknowledging what’s demanded of them by López Obrador, if it may lead to the whole country being impounded by some court in the US. Not necessarily tomorrow, but think, in 10 or 20 years’s time, if Podemos came to power in Spain while some Mexican variant of Bolsonaro set loose a whole gang of lawyers in, say, Bogalusa or Yuba City? (And made sure the judges had their mind straight, like the great “corruption fighter” Moro, currently Brazil’s Justice Minister who got his fine position for, while still a judge, sending Lula in jail.)

    Just to say that I can guess what’s behind Sánchez’s blunt refusal, regardless of any personal feelings he might have had.

    • Two wrongs don’t make a right.
      Aztecs were a God Chosen race whose ritual human sacrifice ‘saved the world’ by forfending the end of the Sun – or Age. (I believe the Hopi only enacted ritual dance for the same result).
      The Aztecs made war upon and dominated other races to maintain the supply of human sacrifice. There is European documentation of observed sacrifice where 18000 people were ritually killed for the course of one event, and that even while fighting with the Spanish they would divert large resources into the transport of captives to ritual sacrifice.

      This does not mean they deserved genocide – along with other tribes or cultures. It means there is great fear in the human psyche by which we seek to escape destruction, prevail over, and invoke and develop this mind as a cultural, religious or magical identity.

      I wrote more from this but moved it to its own place as a response to the article.

      • Robert J. says

        Nobody’s talking of right, wrong or deserving. Just making factual statements.

      • milosevic says

        18000 people were ritually killed for the course of one event

        don’t forget about how they threw babies out of incubators, so that they could store their chemical weapons and viagra in them. or the secret nuclear research program they were running in their pyramids, so that they could speed up the production of human soap and shrunken heads, because they hate our freedom. or the Day of Infamy when they disguised their torpedo boats as rainclouds, so they could make a sneak attack on the Spanish armada that was just minding its own business in the Mexican Gulf. or when they hijacked four pterodactyls and crashed them into cathedrals, while shouting “allahu akbar”, just because EvilDoers are like that.

  6. summitflyer says

    Another very good article from Andre Vltchek.He is stating what most of us on this forum know to be truthful .My thanks to OffGuardian for posting it.The past is being exposed like never before , it is not always good to look at , but we must , in order to go forward .Failing to do so is to condemn us all to its continued brutality.

  7. Escapee says

    So what am I supposed to do, pay reparations for crimes I’ve had nothing to do with? It’s not enough we are endlessly taxed, audited, surveyed and questioned on the state of our being, while our overlords saddle us with debt beyond a point of no return. I’ve heard demands from these so called “tribes”, “natives”, “indigenous people”, seeking repayment, special rights, allowances, exemptions, sanctuary cities/states, ad neausium. All I can say is f*** Y**. I don’t owe you nothing.

    • milosevic says

      A sensible person might suggest that it is exactly the overlords who should be paying reparations. Those who had nothing to do with historic crimes, and are not currently benefitting from them, should have no objection to that, unless their overlords have brainwashed them into some form of cross-class national chauvinism, so as to identify with their own oppressors, and disdain people even more victimized than themselves.

      Which would be quite stupid, to say the very least.

      • mark says

        All the National Trust stately homes were built with the loot from the slave trade and sugar plantations. Maybe blacks should get in free as their reparations.

    • mark says

      Why not? You are constantly paying tribute to your Zionist overlords.

    • Escapee says

      I would expect nothing else coming from someone using an alias of Milosevic who led the Socialist Party of Serbia.

      I don’t believe in free shit or reparations. I stand my my comment,

      • milosevic says

        “Which would be quite stupid, to say the very least.”

  8. Ole C G Olesen says

    Well … what the Europeans did or not did.. was PEANUTS against what the Aztecs did..on an almost daily basis… You should try to EDUCATE YOURSELF .. Regarding the NEW Diseases ,, the Europeans brought with them ..and which was the MAIN REASON for Indian Death at the time .. Europeans can hardly to be blamed MORALLY … and Europe itself had been exposed to similar Attacks … far more DEVASTATING than what has been experienced elsewhere. And THEN … Current Population Statistics do present CONTRADICTORY EVIDENCE to the AGIT PROP by LIBTARD LEFTIST …. So … use Youyr brains .. Folks ..and dont fall for above uneducated RUBBISH … which in reality is GLOBALIST PROPAGANDA

    • Writing in block letters really makes your argument unassailable; and of course the tens of millions of people,non Aztecs among them, mass murdered in the Americas just became alive again, didn’t they.

      • mark says

        Some Indian peoples were warlike, like the Aztecs or Apaches.
        Others, like the Cherokees, were not. They adopted western practices and farming methods.
        They were all exterminated just the same.

    • milosevic says


      4chan is requesting your immediate return.

      • Gezzah Potts says

        Milosevic: Hmmm, some of the zombies appear to have escaped from Breitbart, 4Chan, and other such esteemed sites in the nether regions of the internet, and, um, discovered OffGuardian. Unfortunately….

    • Ramdan says

      Ole, are you aware of the consequences of the kind of thinking you embody?
      Are you aware that your claims only show a complete and utter disrespect and and total disregard for life?

      Are you aware that this kind of thinking is the same that Hittler had? That this kind of thinking was the justification for the Jewish Holocaust, and nowadays for the Palestinian Holocaust??….
      And for the extermination of armenians, tutsies, kosovars, muslims, north-american original populations and every other ethnic group around the globe?

      This kind of thinking you embody,- so prompt to justify the destruction of human life (and of life in general) is at the root cause of all human suffering and of the sorrowful human history.
      This kind of thinking you embody is what makes me feel ashame of being called “human”.

        • Ramdan says

          Thanks Milosevic for the link…I could only get to the Creators Religion (WTF!!!???)….and then some of more shit disguised as no-shit….
          I think now I have even more reasons to feel ashame….

    • different frank says

      Some babies were dropped on their heads but you were clearly thrown at a wall.

      • milosevic says

        See the link just above, for a discussion of this now-widespread psychological disorder. Having immersed themselves in a fascist cultural environment for years, they are now so full of shit that they’re no longer capable of perceiving it. They are afflicted with a full-blown mental illness, which they contracted more-or-less voluntarily, but has since rotted their brains so thoroughly that most of them will never escape from it, or even formulate the desire to do so. As the discussion above explains, engaging with them is always a mistake.

    • Some Random Passer-by says


      Your posts remind me of that SpongeBob upper case/lower case meme. You know: THe OnE THat’S WrItTeN LIke THiS.

      • milosevic says

        4chan trolls think it’s clever and sophisticated to feign illiteracy; it’s what they call “irony”. Some of them become so practiced at it, that they no longer know whether they are merely pretending to be illiterate morons, or actually are. In their intellectual culture, this is considered to be an accomplishment.

  9. Denis O'hAichir says

    When we Irish (those of us with a sense of justice) look at the “landlord” houses in our country we can’t help but despise the building’s no mater how well built and designed as they’re built by thieves on the backs and with the blood of our ancestors, don’t lump all European whites in with your analysis.

    • I agree. The Brutish treated the Irish as vilely as they treated us, the lesser non white breeds without the law, the new caught untamed peoples, half demon and half child.

      I will never forgive the Brutish. None of them, to this day. Not until they apologise for what their ancestors did and what their so called historians like Niall Ferguson still attempt to justify.

      • bevin says

        The British Empire was every bit as bad as you or Andre suggests.
        But to understand how it arose and how to defeat it-for it still operates under the Stars and Stripes- it is necessary to understand that its first victims were the British themselves. Its origins lie in the Reformation- a massive dispossession and privatisation of communal property- the enclosure process, another dispossessing movement which created private capital out of stolen land and labour, and the purloining, through various means, of the loot that Iberia was taking from America and Asia.
        In point of fact, historically, one of the first consequences of peasant dispossession was to create a pool of labour which served at sea and in land forces to extend the imperial system.
        So far as the nationality of the men expanding the empire is concerned, at every stage the same expanded pool of labour-Irish soldiers, Highland Regiments, west country mariners, Bengali Artillery, Gurkha guards, Sikh policemen, slave regiments, employed against Jamaican maroons-was set to work enslaving and looting others.
        If no nationality is untainted by guilt one class-that of the labouring people, disenfranchised in every sense, escapes blame. For they were and are slaves of a system which never benefits them.
        To understand the Empire it is first necessary to understand that it is the project of a tiny minority, a ruling class, which is just as likely to include men like Modi and Sissi, not to mention women, as those like Trump and Macron. Nothing is more calculated to give the imperialists comfort than clashes between people of different ‘races’ or pigmentations, with varying cultural and religious ideologies.
        So far as Ireland is concerned Jim Larkin and Connolly, not to mention his lieutenant Sean O’Casey, understood who is to blame for the condition of the poor, and for the past century they have been who they are today.

    • mark says

      You Irish were the original New World slaves, before the African slave trade took off.
      From 1641 -1652, a period of war and Cromwell’s rampage through Ireland, the population of Ireland fell from 1.5 million to 600,000. 500,000 were killed in the war. Probably most of these (a third of the population) died of starvation, exposure or disease. The rest were herded like cattle into Connaught. 400,000 were rounded up like livestock, branded, and loaded on to slave ships to the Caribbean and the American colonies, where they were sold at slave auctions to plantation owners. An Irish slave cost £5. An African slave (relatively rare) cost £50. Plantation owners bred cheap Irish slave women with more expensive male African slaves. A lot of Caribbean people can claim Irish ancestry.
      Irish slaves were treated far more harshly than African slaves, out of religious hatred. Priests were especially sought after for the slave transports to try to stamp out the Catholic religion in Ireland.
      It may be some small consolation to know that Ireland killed Cromwell. He died of malaria contracted on campaign there. He refused to take quinine for it, because it was associated with Jesuits, who arranged for it to be collected from South America.

    • milosevic says

      That seems unlikely. People in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania might have some thoughts on the subject of Russian imperialism.

      What was the process whereby the Central Asian republics, such as Kazakhstan, were incorporated first into the Russian Empire, and then the Soviet Union? A comparison of Russian expansion eastward into Asia, with US expansion westward into North America, might show some similarities.

      • bevin says

        ” People in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania might have some thoughts on the subject of Russian imperialism.”
        All three of these countries were, at one stage, outposts of imperial aggression against slavic populations, bases for Swedish, Teutonic and Polish colonialism.

      • @Milosevic. “People in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania might have some thoughts on the subject of Russian imperialism.”
        Why have you chosen the three countries who have the biggest nazi concentration within their ranks outside of Ukraine?

        • milosevic says

          Yah, history always begins when the Exceptional People start experiencing some blowback. What happened before that is a complete mystery, but surely irrelevant.

          Nicholas Lysson — Holocaust and Holodomor

  10. Hugh O'Neill says

    I rather suspect that JFK would agree with this argument 100%. He was a great supporter of both Sukarno and Lumumba. Another enlightened leader was Dag Hammarskjold, UN Secretary-General. See Jim de Eugenios’s article:
    (consortiumnews.com/2013/11/25/jfks-embrace-of-third-world-nationalists/ )
    Being of Irish origins, I rather like the story of the Irish newly arrived in America being conscripted to fight against Mexico: they switched sides and fought with the Mexicans against the Yanquis. Viva San Patricios! Note too the exploits of Bernardo O’Higgins in Chile. The Irish were always up for a good scrap.

  11. Martin Usher says

    I don’t know that much about Spanish history but if English history is anything to go by the government has always been ‘equal opportunity’ — they treat their lower orders just like the natives in some far-off colony. This should help adjust the perspective of an article like this because its just not fair to heap the blame on a population for the sins of its ruling class. (Remember, even in a democracy “no matter who you vote for, the government always gets in”.) We’re the guys in the metaphorical trenches — we don’t get to debate whether we go over the top or not when that whistle is blown, its what we’re expected to do…or else!

    • Ramdan says

      …just to give you a small hint, all of the aboriginal population of Cuba (≈ 200 000) was exterminated by Spaniards…maybe you’ve heard of Colon…. the guy that portrait himself as an explorer of new routes…that happend to “discover” the New World just by chance and came in the name of “God” but actually mentioned the Lord only a few times while always talking of how much gold there was in the new territories…..

  12. Fair dinkum says

    The history of the world is a history of the few exploiting the many.
    For that we deserve extinction.
    Cosmic justice writ large.


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