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Discuss: Julian Assange Arrested

This morning, officers of the Metropolitan police were invited into the Ecuadorian embassy by President Lenin Moreno. They proceeded to arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and literally drag him out of the building.

Arrest video:

The important facts of the case are as follows:

  • Julian Assange is not wanted for ANY CRIME, except skipping his bail. This carries a maximum sentence of 6 months under UK Law.
  • The Swedish authorities have dropped all their investigations of him for sexual assault. Read more on that here.
  • Assange has said, many times, that above all else he is avoiding being extradited to the US. US officials have, in the past, referenced the idea of assassinating him, and their intelligence services are known to use “enhanced interrogation” techniques (aka torture).
  • The UN has found, multiple times, that Assange’s detention was inhumane and illegal under international law.

Take a moment to imagine Assange was Chinese, Iranian, Russian. Any “enemy” nation.

Imagine a journalist had published leaked documents proving Vladimir Putin’s complicity in war crimes, imagine he had been hiding out in an embassy in Moscow for 8 years, despite the UN finding his detention to be “arbitrary” and calling on Russia to end his “deprivation of liberty”.

And then imagine a whole bunch of FSB officers carried him out like a hunting trophy, threw him in a van and drove him off to God know’s where.

How would our media cover that? Would they make jokes like this?

No. There would be outrage. There would be scorn from the “international community”. There would be sample chapters of Luke Harding’s latest book. The attitude to whistle blowers, WikiLeaks and the persecution of Julian Assange has always been a key test for the mainstream media’s claimed “values” of free speech, liberty and honesty. It is a test they have failed a million times over.

The Tories, and others political figures, have been quick to “congratulate” Ecuador on their decision:

This has been long time coming, with months of frenzied negotiation between the US and Ecuador occasionally showing on the surface. The Guardian’s totally false story linking Assange to Paul Manafort, and all the other “Russiagate” bullshit, was designed to further demonise Assange in the eyes of “The Resistance” and others of their ilk.

These deceived liberals will probably happily applaud the arrest of a journalist for simply telling the truth. These are dark times.

So the important questions become:

  • Will the US attempt to extradite him?
  • Will the Swedish prosecutor re-open the rape case, as has been hinted?
  • Will the media do their job properly? Or will they just publish more smear pieces?
  • Will Julian Assange ever be seen alive again?

This story is developing. Any updates will be posted as they arrive.


WikiLeaks have announced that Assange was seized under a US extradition warrant:

Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.


  1. harry stotle says

    I see the loathsome Jess Phillips is trying to make this an identity politics issue all over again (which is why she is on the front page of the Guardian, of course)

    For the expenses loving MP the treatment of Jualian Assange is all about the terrible harms inflicted on 2 women despite a mountain of compelling evidence suggesting he may have not have committed any crime at all (the first prosecutor didn’t think so, while concerns expressed by the women about an hiv test were subsequently inflated by their legal team into sexual assault charges).

    Needless to say Jess is reticent about fabrications told by fellow party members which not only led to horrific wars but enriched those who told self evident lies, nor does Phillips touch on her party’s vital role in propping up the reputation of US neocons both before and after the killing started.

    It goes without saying this ghastly women has nothing to say about the literally terrifying ordeal Assange has already been put through (with worse to come) nor does she seem very interested in the fact that a corrupt leader who is weak domestically has been bought off by US loans to act at their behest (the tried and trusted method employed by neocons that brings so much misery to the rest of the world).

    It would go against every atom in my body to ever support the tories but if, at a general election, the only choice was between Phillips and a tory I would find it impossible to say who was the worst.

    • Funny that Assange isn’t famous for his history of rampaging sexual abuse prior to the American deep state wanting to extradite & torture him. Then just like when you’ve been waiting for a bus for ages, two accusations of sexual misconduct arrive at once.
      Indeed, it is Jess Phillips who is making women’s issues a “political side salad” by ignoring the elephant in the room, that they are purely a smokescreen to excuse the extradition and torture of a journalist.
      Does she not understand that the inappropriate-politicisation of women’s rights being used to imprison a dissident journalist, is not going to help further any genuine feminist cause.
      She fails to consider that the allegations are being used to achieve something entirely different than serving justice to the two women involved and thereby completely destroys her own argument. Would she really be speaking about him if he were not a political dissident?

    • Loading the Guardian on the web currently puts this story (link below) at the top right of the page.
      Title- Failure to extradite Assange to Sweden would endorse ‘rape culture’, say women’s groups
      Sub title- Campaigners fear rape allegations are being overlooked as US case against WikiLeaks co-founder takes centre stage.
      The story is second in prominence only to a story of Teresa May being urged to quit.
      Apparently, Sarah Green, co-director of End Violence Against Women says “He’s always benefited from his cult hero status, painting himself as a victim and being very righteous. Yet this is about rape, it’s what he is accused of. It’s extremely serious.”
      Alarmingly it is also stated that “Further pressure came from Sweden itself, with one of the women who accused Assange of sexual assault calling for him to be extradited to the Scandinavian country, adding that she would still be prepared to testify in court.”
      Are we really living in a world where a woman (or anyone else) can make an unsubstantiated claim about misconduct during a sexual engagement (that they have consented to), and this would stand up in a court of Law as adequate evidence for a conviction. This seems very far from “Beyond all reasonable doubt”.

      • mark says

        One of the two women involved, who has a history of being “dumped”, published a detailed revenge guide for women recommending the use of false and malicious sexual allegations.

        The CIA was planning to set him up with child pornography, but went for the bogus rape allegation instead.

        From now on, who would risk being alone with a woman? – The Pence policy.

    • mark says

      Labour, Tories, Liberals, just 3 cheeks of the same arse.
      Like my old grandad used to say, they all piss in the same pot.
      Don’t expect anything of Labour – they’re just as contemptible as the Tories.
      Maybe in some ways, with people like Phillips, they are even more repulsive, if that is possible.
      They are all vermin, absolute filth.
      Voting is a complete waste of time, no, it’s worae than that.
      It just gives a fig leaf of respectability to an openly corrupt, repressive, criminal regime.

    • So somebody from a wealthy family helped out Assange with some legal fees! Not just anybody but someone with Jewish family. What I really don’t understand is if the Jewish global conspiracy is so all powerful and all the Jews support Julian Assange, then why did they not get the global government (of which they so obviously in control) to simply drop all his bail charges. This way their friend Assange could have avoided being imprisoned in the Ecuadorian embassy for 7 or 8 years.
      Or maybe someone philanthropic, who happened to be a wealthy Jew or was from a wealthy Jewish family, thought it would be a genuinely constructive idea to help out a truth telling journalist.
      I have some wealthy Jewish friends, do you think that makes me a bad man too?

      • hegelsdass says

        to Engineer Change – the Shapers need Cicerones….the elevation and collapse is only a facade – it confuses and divides – destroys – turmoil for the Mother Systems newest Panacea…a Cure of their making….for a disease of their making – and so comes the repair – in their Image.

    • Plain as daylight. Like I said dwell into the rabbit hole connect the dots or as Piarandello use to say
      “Cosi e si vi pare.”
      Like Iaid not much in the wikileaks files about the bastion of ME democracy (the colonial outpost known as ISRAEL” I would say to Mark Record and all the Assange pom pom queens
      Pilger said it aptly on GOING UNDERGROUND RT.UK
      ”There are maybe a handfull of credible journalist”
      BUY DECEPTION YOU MAT WAGE WAR. Rothschild motto par excellence”

      • Plain as daylight Wikileaks has received assistance from somebody Jewish. Well that was a remarkably shallow rabbit hole. And as for that that infamous old supporter of Neo-liberal Imperialism and militant Zionist (advocate of Assange too) Pilger. Well, join the dots and Pilger’s clearly the controlled opposition put there by Ikeanesque lizard shape shifters. Thanks for removing those scales from my eyes falcemartello.

  2. Jinky says

    I still consider him controlled opposition

    • Thats rite just like Howard Zinn was and Chomskey is today.
      Remember I am an Antonio Gramsci disciple.

    • justme says

      Well, I don’t think Assange considers himself to be “controlled opposition”, and this is much more important to me than whether he is or is not manipulated by the western KGB analogs. What he has done speaks for itself.

  3. Gezzah Potts says

    Mark Record: being with other like minded people – in person, helps break down our feelings of isolation and feeling ‘unhinged’. And its also good to get other people’s perspectives face to face. Youre not that far from London (South Coast?). Don’t know your politics, but I know there’s an Anarchist presence in the Brighton area, various left wing organisations, Environmental groups, Anti Austerity groups plus others that oppose the excesses of Neoliberalism and Militarism. Go with what you feel comfortable with. Good Luck….

    • I used to do quite a bit of political stuff in Brighton and while there I was once accused of being an Anarchist by the local police. Initially I took offence at the description but then people I was organising with explained that they were indeed Anarchists. They said because I opposed unjustifiable and unjust forms of authority, the police might have correctly labelling my political leanings. Whenever activists got decent sized groups organised into doing anything worthwhile, there would be a clash within between the Anarchists and Communists followed by endless argument over minute details of philosophy. It was fun though and maybe I should dip my toe back in the water there occasionally.

  4. Estaugh says

    J wasn’t arrested, he was kidnapped.I can see ‘Ultra Virens all over this act: Acts are lawful or unlawful. Acts must accord with British SOVEREIGN law, something the natives of this nation has been denied for the last 50 years, since GB was shoe-horned into the EEC in 1972, by a simple majority vote in HOP of 8. ( About 1%) majority; and that following an extensive FCO financed campaign in favour of the union. In other words, fraudulent means were used by FCO to achieve the result. The use of fraud in lawmaking abolishes the legitimacy of a law, and such laws have NO lawful authority. The signing of the ‘Treaty of Maastricht’ is another example of the ongoing treason extent in GB at this time. I am not optimistic as to the ‘lawyers’ of Assange actually being able to think outside the box and actually challenge the present ‘governance of occupation’ on its lawful standing. The case is clearly politically motivated, and they are seeking to cover-up Crimes of State(s). **** ‘No one is above the Law’. Good of you to remind yourselves of this ‘Maxim’; this would include the ‘Body Politic’, the ‘Military’, the ‘Civil Institutions”, or even the ‘reigning Monarch. **** Just a reminder that ‘Article 61’ of the Magna Carta IS up and running, it IS by ‘Royal Command’, (ie, NOT a simple request), and it is high time that this pre-parliamentary enforcement clause be used to full extent. By comparison, article 50, being bandied around by the EU-ropy-ones is a corporate scribbled note complaining about the office tea- service.

  5. I suggest people of interest view the recent episode of Going underground RTUK or Ru John Pilger tells it like it is and further more Jeffrey Robinson goes into a bit of legal dictum.
    I would also suggest people dwell into the rabbit hole of Jullian Assange from his early years.
    He was a free lance computer hacker and has worked for both British and US secret services in his early days was an analyst hacker for the NSA . Well established facts. Further more his legal team is owned and financed by Lord Rothschild.
    Hence all is not what it seems.
    Further more Julian did seek asylum in the Russian Federation but they would not touch him with a bar of soap. Speaks volumes to me.
    POST SCRIPTUM; I acknowledge full heartedly that wikileaks has served the dying fourth estate well in investigative journalism but being the cynic from child birth I tend to be of the side of caution and me smells and anglo-zionist rat behind Julian Assange

    • It is what Assange now symbolises that is important. If he has done something funny a long long time ago, then what does that matter?
      Many years ago I went out with a Woman who suffered from a personality disorder. Our relationship did not work out well and it took a while for me to figure out that there were issues (she did have a medical diagnosis I discovered). She was not a nasty person but her behaviour was often hurtful. Despite the high emotional cost incurred, I discovered how complex personality disorders are and the struggles that people with these disorders go through. It also caused me to spend a long time reflecting on my own behaviour and evaluate if there is such a thing as “normal”.
      If as the Judge says, Julian suffers from a Narcissistic personality disorder, then I have even more respect for him than I had previously.
      To do such a giant service to society as he has done, while struggling with a personality disorder, would be truly a remarkable thing for anybody to achieve. However I suspect the Judge was viewing things through there own distorted prism of reality.
      We need to concentrate an the important mollifications of this case for other journalists if feel at this time.

      • @Mark Record
        Did you not read my Post Scriptum.
        Punto Uno: Why are Solicitors and Barristers connected to Lord Rothschild handling is legal status.
        Punto Due: Analyse wikileaks and why the colonial outpost known as Israel get little mention or leaks about it.
        Punto Tre: Balfour declaration and the colonial outpost known as Israel is well known fact to be a Rothschild construct.
        Punto Quattro:Anglo-zionism predates Herzl.
        I will quote Tolstoi once again

        • @Mark Record
          Mossad saying
          Intellectual honesty is dead and buried and people in the west post modern world live through only selfish emotive constructs.
          Try to at least use factual historical veracity when debating someone instead of ones personal selfish endeavours.
          As I have contextually and demonstrated indisputable facts to my arguments
          I suggest you view Snordster from South Africa on youtube maybe that might enlighten you and further more being an academic and law student and Masters in Nursing I have well founded background on research and historical analysis and a Gramscian disciple
          Hope you may find the truth for that will only bring humanity freedom from the worst wealth gap since the Gilded age.

          • Howdy Falcemartello,
            Perhaps the Russian government didn’t want Assange because he has previously been critical of them?
            In what way are Julian’s solicitors connected with the Lord Rothschild? How would this prove he is a fake anyhow?
            I am not 100% convinced you have “contextually and demonstrated indisputable facts to (your) arguments”.
            Admittedly it is hard to understand Assange’s inner motivation for so vociferously revealing dark state secrets. It is hard to imagine how such actions would not eventually result in an authoritarian backlash similar to that which he is currently experiencing.
            Maybe he is a Mossad agent. However it does feel a stretch to see how the Mossad are going to further their cause (for instance annexing the Gazza strip) by getting a guy to fake being a prisoner in the Ecuadorian embassy for 7 or 8 years. That would certainly be a very cunning deception in my book!
            Say for sake of argument that he is a plant. How will it help any of us if we allow him to be extradited and set a precedent for persecuting journalists?
            Maybe he has a narcissistic personality disorder and he is motivated entirely by a continuous demand for attention to give himself a transient self identity. This does not make the facts he has revealed any less valuable does it?
            Incidently, I thought the modern Israel project got kicked off by the Christian Zionists. I doubt it is a generally accepted fact that Israel is a Rothschild construct. Presumably you realise that biblical Israel predates the Rothschild banking business that started in the 1760’s?
            I do feel it is particularly unhelpful to view everything from the perspective of it all being a Jewish conspiracy.
            POST SCRIPTUM
            Falcemartello, how would you like me to use the factual historical veracity of my personal selfish endeavours. This sounds like a sentence generated by a ChomskyBot! I do like the sound of it though (;-})

        • mark says

          This is an old chestnut.
          When Wikileaks was first set up, it concentrated on countries like Kenya (extra judicial killings) and the former Soviet Asian Republics (repression, corruption) and so was suspected of being a NED/ CIA type regime change front.
          If this was the case, it would have carried on demonising Washington’s enemies in the style of other bogus NGOs like Amnesty International, Medecins Sans Frontieres and Human Rights Watch, occasionally issuing some token criticism of the US to give it a fig leaf of impartiality.
          Instead, the revelations did real damage in showing the true ugly face of the US empire and its satellites. War crimes, atrocities, involvement in terrorism, blanket surveillance, Vault 7, torture, repression, abuse of power and general hypocrisy. These things would otherwise have remained concealed.

          It’s healthy to remain sceptical with controlled opposition like Democracy Now and Counterpunch around, but I can’t see Wikileaks in that category.

        • Frankly Speaking says

          “Why are Solicitors and Barristers connected to Lord Rothschild handling is legal status.”

          Has it never occured to you, and many others here, that the vast majority of people of Jewish faith are not engaged in some kind of global conspiracy???

          Your earlier point that Assange may be a stooge and “anglo-zionist rat behind Julian Assange”. Well, he’s not exactly profited from it has he?

          Occam’s razor:
          Assange, using his skills and experience from his earlier days, prised open the secrecy around what he saw (and we see) as the utterly corrupt and evil rulers of this world, regardless of their nationality. religion, etc. He especially uncovered the mindboggling hypocrisy of the West. He was attacked for it. A decent noble was disgusted with what he saw and decided to help him financially and recruited legal people in support; their religion may have just happened to be Jewish. Period.

          • falcemartello says

            @Frankly Speaking
            Julian Assange leaks was instrumental in bringing down Bear Stern Banking House.
            Things are never black and white. As we debate about the sanctification of Assange we n the west are experiencing the largest wealth transfer and consolidation of wealth and power that surpasses the middle ages.
            Further more not looking at the history and what wikileaks has produced very little about Israel. and for those of you using the jewish /semitic cannard I am also a serphardic jew and not blinded by ideology. I have mentioned it b4 and will mention it again. Assange like many things in the information overdrive of our post modern era are all distractions from what is really happening.
            The bestiality that has been inflicted to the people of the maghreb and the middle east is unforgivable. one must look at the greater picture and what is there end game . What I mean by them is the oligarchical class and their plutocrats.
            not one individual has been made to account for from the EU Nato or the Clinton regime for the crimes against humanity with regards to yugoslavia. Bush and Blair regime war crimes as well and docius in fundem the colonial outpost known as Israel all their crimes from 47 to this day so hang on to ur hero. Me being of the left side of the political spectrum loathe Chomsky and loathed Zinn for most of us in Naples new they were controlled opposition. Why would the Rothschilds be so interested in backing him because the Rothschilds have a great history of human benevolence.
            just look they have achieved their goal we are debating about Assange and not about the theft of our childrens and childrens future.
            Classic Kansis city shift look over to ur right while I rob u from the rite.
            Again I will quote Pirandello “Cosi e si vi pare”
            I also said that he had contributed to the dying fourth estate in investigative journalism because it brought to us the bare face paradox of man and society lack of governance and the fruad western culture and civilisation has become.
            Just like Trump he has taken the veil off the farce and now their gangsterism is in our face because we no longer have an Obama or a Blair with their smooth linguistics which was pure cover of modern day fascism.

    • Falcemartello. You’ve obviously hurt someone’s feelings, as some idiot has downvoted your factual comment.

      ‘No!’ they cry. ‘Let me have my heroes. Assange and Snowden are the good guys – not the limited hangouts who exactly conform to Cass Sunstein’s recipe for such. Let’s ignore all the uncomfortable details, like their endorsement for the untenable official narrative on 9/11. Let’s just dance to the mainstream media’s tune, closing our eyes to the strong likelihood that even if we’re contradicting the (absurdly caricatured and overplayed) message put out by MSM and the government, our dance is also being choreographed.’

      Please let us have our moral high ground and our illusions.

      • @ FS the sad reality and the whole post modern cultural marxist to use d another terminological nefarious construct like ethnic cleansing and balkanisation. So i digress.
        again as a an academic and a humanist . I will use my words lack of INTELLECTUAL HONESTY.
        Historical truths . The Trial of Aristotle where he argues for his defense . For his own prosecution. Which proves my argument. How dellussional western society has always been and Socrates proved it himself
        Who controls the narrative controls the construct.
        Gianbattista Vico figured it in 1728 and we in the west still don’t get it . My oh my what sheep we have become.
        The digital age has ruined critical thinking.
        Simple facts of language
        Ones religion does not make one a semite. For using simple logic one would then deduce that all catholics are Italian all Lutherans are Germanic and all Anglicans are Anglo-saxons,
        Reason and LOgic we were all born with it which has been all thrown out with the bath water. How Skinnerean we have become in our dying western exceptionalism.
        Artificial intelligence the greatest oxymoron of our times.
        2 chez FS
        Great Neapolitan expression
        “Chi viva di speranze muore disperato ”
        “He who lives in hope dies in desperation ”
        Neapolitans the last bastion of western realism. and Gianbattista Vico proved it in 1726 read his book very enlightening.

        • You say “He was a free lance computer hacker and has worked for both British and US secret services in his early days was an analyst hacker for the NSA. Well established facts.”
          Are these indeed established facts?
          As an academic and a humanist, could you give these facts a credible reference?

  6. I went to Parliament yesterday with a “Free Assange” placard .
    Nobody else was there protesting his cause! Not one other person!
    An international news team were delighted to find me because they had been searching in vain for people to interview about his case. They wanted to know where the rest of my group was who were championing Julian’s cause. Ummm.
    There was a impressive army biker noise protest for a significant proportion of the time I was there.
    They were protesting the charging of Soldier F for Bloody Sunday murders. I don’t now enough details to have a firm position on their protest. Obviously, Bloody Sunday was a crime but it is hard to imagine it was entirely the responsibility of Soldier F.
    I had mixed exchanges with the army protesters. A surprising proportion of them spoke to me in support of Assange.
    There was a hilarious situation when a group of climate protesters insisted the army biker noise protesters switch off their engines and stop making pollution.
    Although a number of people in the general public acknowledged support, there were an unpleasant number of others asking me how I could stand for a “treasonous rapist!.
    Soldier F had support from the noisiest protest I have ever experienced outside parliament.
    Assange had virtually no support whatsoever.
    Those who doubt the smears about Julian apparently lack the courage to challenge the narrative of our main stream media. The story is now quickly slipping from the news cycle, soon to be forgotten.

    • Gezzah Potts says

      Mark Record: at least YOU did something Mark. Its a start, aye. The vile comments about ‘treasonous rapist’ from those passersby shows the effect propaganda has on people. Its sad, and yes, its bloody frustrating. To paraphrase John Pilger, I wonder how many of them have had their brains ‘pickled in the formaldehyde of identity politics’. I suspect quite a few. And yes, fear does keep people from raising their heads above the parapets and raising hell – that’s a big one as to why people stay away from protests. I went to the Rally in Melbourne yesterday coz I feel such disgust at what has been done to Julian Assange, and I also see very clearly where all this is heading: think Orwell 1984. Orwell was right in his prediction by the way. Mark – there must be Wikileaks or Assange support groups in England, even if only the big cities like London. Do an internet search – link up with others, but good on you for getting off your backside.

      • Thanks Gezzah,
        Good to hear stuff was happening in Melbourne yesterday.
        Travelling up to London felt like being in a surreal film the last couple of days.
        There were papers on every train seat (evening standard) headlining with Assange’s image and a title something like “Criminal Finally Faces Justice”.
        I’m starting to wonder if is just that I am out of my mind.
        There was a man outside No10 for a while yesterday with “End MI5 written on a piece of cardboard.
        He paced up and down in a flustered manner and I wondered if we might both be completely unhinged.
        You are correct. I do need to look out some other people do do stuff with in the UK.

        • justme says

          “He paced up and down in a flustered manner and I wondered if we might both be completely unhinged.”.

          Yes, this is what their whole point is.

          The subconcious/implicit message is: to report about crimes committed by the state is a “crime”, while murder of civilians, if done by the state, is not.

          Demonstarting outside of No10 however, especially on your own, is probably a sure way to lose one’s job.

    • John says

      Ill give you my opinion on the army protestors. For some forty plus years these soldiers knew exactly what they did and knew it was wrong, they were promised immunity from prosecution for being good little androi…. I mean soldiers and are now pissed off so they now stand around outside family vigils about murdered loved ones giving it big licks claiming the families involved are either IRA or liars. They are neither. And usually in those god awful southern English accents spouting the usual MSM narrative on the north of Ireland i.e defending catholic’s, and then just being stuck in the middle of an ancient religious dispute (believe that you’ll believe anything) These people these soldiers are everything that’s wrong with the western world. Narcissists. Collateral damage would have been a british video if this were some thirty years ago or more not an American apache gunship video

    • Frankly Speaking says

      Well done Mark, you are very honourable soul.

  7. UreKismet says

    It is apparent that the amerikans have hit the same wall as they already knocked themselves out at during the Oblamblam era when they reluctantly gave up and temporarily dropped the charges against Mr Assange.

    Englanders have been too preoccuppied with extraneous european matters to ‘reform’ their judicial system meaning that the odds of amerika successfully winning an extradition case against Mr Assange are probably no better than 50-50 with a massive downside in that if Mr Assange does resist extradition, amerika Inc will have shot its bolt for ever.

    If after a lengthy quasi trial in england, Mr Assange were to succeed,then in the eyes of the world he will be judged to have been found ‘not guilty.’ Then as long as he resists the temptation to visit Disneyworld or one of the other temples to the tackiness of amerikana, they will have buckley’s chance of ever slotting him up at all.

    So now we see a rerun of the original strategy, pressuring Sweden into reviving the original nonsense case which utilizes the draconian ‘european arrest warrant’ (I guess Mr Assange is definitely a brexiter now).
    As these are fastracked with less opportunity for judicial oversight, amerika will whisk Mr Assange off to Sweden where even if the put up sex charges fail, getting the man into amerika will be a doddle as the extradition treaty between Sweden and amerika is barely more difficult than getting a euro arrest warrant between Sweden & england.

    We can be sure that the Swede pols will be shitting themselves as this situation is definitely lose:lose, or zero sum or whatever hinky little metaphor scum currently use to describe a situation where every outcome is bad.
    Yer actual ‘Swede in the street’ who has been exposed to nearly 10 years of this overwrought nonsense where lies peddled as gospel have been mostly shown to be typical pol deceit, will not be impressed at the thought of having to relive a humiliating chapter that revealed their political and comprador class to be satraps of amerikan bullies. The swede pols know this and they will be looking for a way out. In addition we don’t know if amerikans have ensured they have kept an agent of influence in place within the Swedish prosecution service to take over from the now retired, thoroughly duplicitous Marianne Nye.
    If they haven’t they are truly fucked since the case appears to have no substance other than the testimony of a self admitted vengeful human who publically advocated lying and deceit as a primary method for ‘getting back’ at former lovers.
    imo those supporters of Mr Assange who can by way of their financial or geographic situation, provide assistance to Julian should first of all concentrate on destroying any attempt to revive the Swedish nonsense.

  8. nwwoods says

    The statute of limitations on the Swedish matter runs out next year. Assange will remain in custody in the UK and the US for considerably longer than a year. The US case is weak and they know it, but they will get their revenge by torturing him for years in custody with isolation, sensory deprivation, temperature extremes, and lack of timely medical attention as they did Manning, which incidentally was ruled by the UN to constitute torture.

    • mark says

      What a pity Blair isn’t in Belmarsh now instead of JA.
      But he gets to enjoy his £80 million fortune, 7 mansions and huge property empire, while organs like The Guardian run puff pieces on him so he can pontificate on issues like Brexit.
      Some Clown World we live in.

      • Paul says

        Is JA in the Special Unit at Belmarsh, pending Category A status? It’s a prison within a prison and usually reserved for terrorists or organised crime gangsters who may escape. Even your meagre access to daylight is a corridor under an anti helicopter net. Searches happen constantly; surveillance is 24/7. Solitary confinement and reduced food await the bolshie as well as a list of sanctions John Bolton would be proud of; no access to your prison account so you can’t buy anything for example. Restricted visits behind bars and reduced to the minimum. All visitors to have security clearance – which can take 6-9 weeks. Restricted access to a phone call. 24 hour lights in the cell. Restricted and monitored interaction with other prisoners. Forget the family funeral; security couldn’t possibly take the risk! It’s hard to imagine what danger JA poses or how he could fit the criteria for Category A prisoners.

  9. British Justice says

    Assange didn’t accuse anyone of anything.

    He gave the world the unequivocal evidence of colossal crimes continually committed by the US and their lackeys against defenseless people and nations .. Crimes committed under the name of ‘Freedom’ and ‘Democracy’.

    But British and American press found that ‘Assange eats like a wolf’ makes better headlines than exposing the hypocrisy of the whole system of governance and compliant media.

    The vile mainstream press has never stopped attacking and vilifying the messenger.

    Now a British judge is accusing Assange of ‘Narcism’ and ordered his arrest.

    ‘Thought Crimes’ against the state?
    What a sick joke the system has become!

    • Paul says

      The icing on the cake is the surreal interview of HilRy Clinton in closely zipped up soft leathers saying it’s necessary for him to pay the price for his crimes. Chilling. If you ever doubted she isn’t a thoroughly nasty piece of work, watch the video.

      • John2o2o says

        I never doubted it after the sickening “we came, we saw, he died”.

        • George Cornell says

          And the harridan, wicked witch of the West “Cackle, cackle”

          • Shardlake says

            Wasn’t she the lady who mis-remembered being shot at as she disembarked from an aircraft during the Bosnian conflict ? I’m sure as Hell remember if I had been shot at in a war zone ! How could anyone mis-remember an occasion like that ?

      • Gezzah Potts says

        Paul…. I think I’d rather eat maggot cheese from Sardinia than watch a video of that truly psychopathic evil woman. The West is in a very sad, sick state.

          • Gezzah Potts says

            Milosevic: thank you so much Milo for the clip. Very thoughtful of you😫. I’ll go and have a fag and strong coffee first then watch it. Unfortunately am out of maggot cheese at present….

  10. I think it really important, during his latest incarceration in a British Jail, that Julian spends some time with a nice jail warden, I have known a couple for a long time. The one in the Scrubs is one of the nicest, kindest blokes I have ever met. We meet quite regularly. He even invited us to his party in Shepherd’s Bush, and some famous people turned up.

    I don’t know any of them at Wandsworth, when Julian Assange was jailed for a couple of weeks in 2010, at the same time as John Anthony Hill – who was in there for many months – who no one had heard of – except those who had seen his video “Ripple Effect”

    I’ve never met him either – but at least the jury found him not guilty, and since then he has been a free man, so far as I know. I hope he is well.

    “7/7 Ripple Effect 2 by JAH – Muad’ Dib”

    John Anthony Hill and Julian Assange both look much the same now

    Gurus and Truth Tellers.

    They let me go, cos I’d had a shave, and my wife complained.

    “Why have you Arrested My Husband?”

    I hadn’t done anything wrong either.


    PS Message to Off-Guardian. I worked in IT, for many years. Don’t fix it, when it ain’t bust. I like the layout of your website, and the fact that you can’t edit your own comments. I’ve even been thinking about sending you a Tenner. (£10)

    Keep it up guys – you are doing a magnificent job.

  11. mark says

    “A woman has been raped by Assange and another woman has been subject to a series of sexual assaults by him………..they deserve to have their day in court………..he needs to be extradited to face the charges and face justice in Sweden……….”

    Emily Thornberry and similar right on, politically correct female liberals and faux leftists.

    All this for a sex smear set up with no charges and no more to back it up than having sex without a condom.

    • harry stotle says

      Her parliamentary colleagues need to face charges – they are rsponsible for mass murder while Assange is only guilty of exposing what they have done.

      Of course we can only speculate as to why Thornberry goes AWOL whenever the matter of investigating Iraq comes up.

      But as disingenuous as she is Thornberry pales into insignificance compared to the massive integrity fail exhibited by Killary – ‘its not about punishing journalism’, lol.

      • wardropper says

        For such a pushy, arrogant woman, I’d say Killary sounds extremely uncertain of her ground here…
        It’s like, “Well, I think … although the charges were dropped … well, I think we have to … it’s not about punishing journalism … it’s erm … about … well, we have to look at what he has done … and he has to erm … although the charges were dropper … erm … answer for what he has done …”
        If only a reporter would just ask her, “What, exactly, has he done, apart from revealing the most iniquitous wrong-doing ever perpetrated by the American authorities?” … “Are you embarrassed, Mrs. Clinton?”

    • Paul says

      I thought the idea was to get Sweden to resurrect the original complaint and extradite him there because they were the first to ask. It would relieve the UK ‘Government’ from having to agree to what might be a very unpopular request by the US to torture him for the rest of his life for snitching on them. It might also give him a better chance of having the request refused on the basis Sweden has a stronger moral compass than Britain and is possibly less frightened of Trump, as they weren’t involved in the attempt to unseat him (courtesy Mr Steele and his old employers).

    • She is ‘right’… after all, it is you and leftists like you and Assange, the Immigrationist Feminazis of this world, that have created the conditions for these kind of allegations to thrive and prosper, even if fake. Now you have to suffer the dire consequences…!!! It’s called POETIC JUSTICE…!!!

      • John says

        I see plenty of left wing groups supporting assange I erneut very few right wingers bar tucker (I used to be a liberal with a bow tie a few years ago) Carlson. Left wingers have no powers in Europe it’s all centrists or center left all the way to right wing. Whether you like it or not

    • John2o2o says

      I think it worth saying that under UK law there exists a “presumption of innocence”. That is to say, a person is innocent in the eyes of the law until proven guilty.

      So Julian is guilty only of skipping bail.

      It is worth also saying that this case highlights the grave dangers of the current popular attitude that anyone making an allegation of sexual misconduct “must be believed”.

      I have never thought this a reasonable attitude and as a matter of principle I never believe allegations of sexual misconduct that cannot be evidenced other than by an accusation.

      I very strongly believe that the accusation of rape made against Julian is false. Julian was at that time already a figure hated and feared by powerful repressive governments and regimes the world over. This includes the regimes of Barack Obama and David Cameron.

      They are I believe a crude and malicious smear designed to prejudice public opinion against Julian. I do not believe them. I will never believe them.

      • mark says

        The Metoo campaign apparently think it’s perfectly acceptable to make false sex allegations against men who have slighted or offended them in some way. Any men who are sacked, jailed, or have their lives ruined are just collateral damage in a worthy cause.

        This will blow up in their faces. We will end up with sex segregation more rigid than anything you see in the moslem world.

        Already, you get people like Pence who will never be alone with a woman. This is spreading throughout wider society into everyday work places, factories and offices. Men don’t want to train or mentor women, work with women, talk to women, or even look at women at work unless absolutely unavoidable. It isn’t worth the risk, when people have been sacked for looking at someone, or coughing at someone “in a sexist way.” You get the spreading Men Going Their Own Way movement, where men avoid women entirely apart from casual relationships on their own terms. The result is a burgeoning population of Cat Ladies and men devoting their lives to beer and football, with no families and no children being born.

        On one level, it would be a welcome development if the “rape” case was resurrected. This hoax would be exposed for what it is and laughed out of court, and there would be some comeback for the women who enabled this. But of course that is just a ruse to spirit him away for the rest of his life into the 2.3 million strong US Gulag, after a “trial” in a secret court, with secret charges and secret evidence..

        • Paul says

          Mark, you do come up with some riveting stuff. Love it.

    • The women in question did not even want that to be made a case. One of them, Anna Ardin, has come out in a tweet that there should be no investigation and he should not be sent to the US.

  12. I don’t care what if any organisation Julian Assange, may or may not have been working for in his youth, and may be even working for now. I think I have read most of the stories, and some of them I know are true ( I did at the time read the Swedish tweets – from the 2 girls, which were also published in Aftonbladet (the equivalent of The Sun during the invite to the next party) “Think pretty blonde girl – sheer delight -He’s staying at my place – we’ve arranged a BBQ for him”

    I know about all that, and I know that he has still not been charged with any offence, except skipping bail.

    I don’t care if he is or was a spy. It’s quite obviously a hazardous occupation, and I think it extremely likely that he is now being thrown to the wolves, and may not survive it.

    At the end of the day, he is a human being who has displayed great courage and integrity, at revealing the most despicable war crimes.

    What I find really depressing and upsetting, is not the MSM. It’s obvious they were all long ago bought and paid for by the war criminals.

    It is the performance of our British Members of Paliament and our English Judiciary – not just on Assange, but on BREXIT too.

    It is as if, I in England, am living in NAZI Germany in 1939 or the USSR during the Trotsky or Stalin purges.

    I never thought it would come to this.

    But here we are.

    “If you tolerate this, then your children will be next.”


    • Ramdan says

      Orwell’s 1984 is set up in Britain…he call it was the ideoogy of the day…though you could argue that he simply skipped the “national”(socialism) part…..
      He saw it coming….though more accurate would be to say that he saw trough the masks back them, he knew what was going on backstage.

      • John says

        Orwell was a grass more British military intelligence and spent his time during the Spanish civil war ratting out his comrades and writing instead of fighting. Why people treat him like some kind of truth teller is beyond me

    • George Cornell says

      His offence is that of embarrassment. He exposed and embarrassed the American warmongering, mass murdering, oil-thieving, regime-changing, “democracy” exporting, wedding bombing machine.

    • British Justice says

      Great comment from tonyopmoc:

      “.. he [Assange] is a human being who has displayed great courage and integrity, at revealing the most despicable war crimes.

      What I find really depressing and upsetting, is not the MSM. It’s obvious they were all long ago bought and paid for by the war criminals.

      It is the performance of our British Members of Paliament and our English Judiciary ..”

      Also, thanks Kit Knightly for exposing the fine expose.

    • John2o2o says

      “I don’t care if he is or was a spy.”

      He is not a spy Tony. He was never a spy.

      • Badger Down says

        Assange was, however, an Australian citizen. The Australian government is unfit.

        • Mucho says

          Brendon O’ Connell is an Aussie who did time for his efforts exposing Zionist and criminal activities in Western Australia. Interviewed here by fellow Aussie researcher Max Igan.

          • Gezzah Potts says

            Mucho: greatly appreciate this link, aye. I’d never heard of Max Igan or his show ‘surviving the matrix’ until now. I have a vague recollection of the name Brendon O’Connell. Jesus, Mary & Joseph, what an eye opener this was. Pretty stunned at what I just heard – thank you. The World indeed is a theatre, and a bloody surreal one at that.

    • John says

      The purges aren’t as scary as you’ve been made out to believe and Trotsky was a spy it’s been well known he was a Jew spy sent to undermine the revolution. He was a rat

  13. TFS says


    I’ll say it again. You have the means to affect change.

    Off Guardian and its ilk have the chance to co-ordinate a response and show those of similar mind how to make their outrage felt.

    As a start, change you browser search engine from Google to Duckduckgo (its a start).

    There is nothing that the regime of Donald Trump fears most, than the loss of a $.

    Make MLK and Ghandi Proud.

    • Or use TOR – a Direct Link to the people in The US Inteligence agencies who designed it.

    • John2o2o says

      You mean the regime of John Bolton. Trump does as he is told.

    • We are having elections in Australia on the 18th May. The politicians are forced to talk to people.

      Greg Barns, Solicitor in Tasmania, is right when he says the NYT is tainted as a political participant. Their darling David Brooks said in 2011 on PBS ‘this time we have no Mitterrand to help us”, referring to the unrest in Egypt at the time.

      So – US colluded with French President Mitterrand. That must have been for the German re-unification where the French oil company received my family’s land in East Berlin for nix.

  14. The best thing of all this affair is that the hardened Bolivarians of Ecuador, with President Lenin Moreno at their front, are the ones that have ended it, in the only way it should have ended, even the first day. Today the Bolivarian immigrationist dream and its allied asinine causes, have become what they always were, a nightmare, only supported by the ill informed, witless and racist left around the world. Ecuador was fooled by its own ignorance and the mirages of support from a deranged left in the West, but today rectifies the situation by handing over this outlaw to the proper authorities. Well done Ecuador…!!!

    • Ramdan says

      Espartaco, it was clcar and isipublic domain that Lenin Moreno IS NOT a BOLIVARIAN and he never was. actually, by the 2 week in the goverment the party he betrayed broke up with him.
      Everyone knows that Lenin Moreno is another genuflex (even from a wheelchair!!).
      The rest merits no comments.

      • Anyone minimally informed would know that Lenin Moreno was the VICE PRESIDENT of President Correa for almost 7 years, nominated by Correa’s party to the presidency and that the feud between Correa and Lenin Moreno is a consequence of Moreno’s efforts to stop the indefinite re-election of presidents and, therefore, convert the country in a Monarchy. To know that, of course, you have to be MINIMALLY informed…!!!

        • mark says

          Moreno is a corrupt Washington puppet whose financial shenanigans in tax havens have come to light.
          He is using the Assange issue to throw up a smokescreen, like a squid squirting out a jet of black ink.
          He was in the pocket of the Neocohens, allowing US bases to be reactivated, Supporting his fellow Washington puppet Gweedo, and generally selling out his country to Uncle Sam.

        • Ramdan says

          Brutus was the stepson of Julius Caesar, and Judas a disciple of Christ….

          What you just mentioned does not turn Lenin Moreno in a bolivarian anything…if, maybe would be more accurate to say he is an ex-bolivarian (just to use your words)…or an ex-socialist or a “use to be leftist”….
          On that light the irony you mentioned in your original comment simply is lost and your comment becomes what it is: a manipulation of the language to subvert reality.

          The rest, again, is just your personal perception (even if twisted…but this is my personal perception!)

    • mark says

      Looks like the hasbara factory has put another shift on.

      • Maggie says

        Nice one Mark… they are so bloody obvious.

    • Maggie says

      So this is what a dumb *uck looks like… Capable only of watching the brainwasher in the corner.

      ”COINCIDENCE: Ecuador receives $4.2 billion IMF loan weeks before Julian Assange arrest
      April 11 2019”

      What possible motive could Ecuador have for allowing British police into the Embassy?
      As they say, follow the money.

      In February, Ecuador signed a $4.2 billion financing deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the Latin American country tackles a widening budget deficit and ballooning debt levels.

      Also, President Lenin Moreno confirmed that the country will receive an additional $6 billion in loans from various institutions, including the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.
      The maturities on these loans extend up to 30 years and interest rates will not top five percent.
      Despite several budget cuts that critics say is austerity, the President promised that most of the funds will be allocated to social investment, including the growing number of police officers and covering the annual bonus given to retirees……
      What interesting timing to say the least!

      Ecuador housed Julian Assange for several years, and then about two months later the Ecuador government says to the rest of the world: Come! Come! You can arrest a journalist and publisher!
      Just be sure to give us money!
      It stinks.

    • Had Ecuadorians received their full compensation from the US oil companies who soiled their lands, they would have had money to build up their country. The US likes to keep others poor so they are more obedient.

  15. Spinnysidetrack says

    when we get the minutes (etc) of these puppets in power, colluding together, collaborating against us as one – then I’ll show some interest – until then – it’s mostly no more than a widening distribution of chickenfeed,iand n the grand scheme of things. low level pecks of little danmage.

  16. mark says

    The lying MSM are now running a pre planned coordinated campaign to cover up and distract from their criminality.
    The UK/ US/ Ecuador Regimes arranged this all in advance.

    They are now putting out stories like Assange coating the walls of the Embassy with excrement, assaulting staff, etc. We have to expect much else in a similar vein. They will probably start talking about resurrecting the non existent rape case as a further diversion, to give the hacks another talking point.

  17. BigB says

    Sorry guys, shoot me down if you want – but this is down to us. We can blame the state – as a separatist, isolatable, entity (no such thing exists without constituent legitimation) – if we want …maybe, if we are prepared to live in a cave, eating moss. Otherwise, if we use oil, electricity, plastics, drive ICE cArmageddon machines, use mobile phones and devices, use the net and social media, etc – we are all to blame.

    Modernity is the culprit. Capitalisation is key. Every individual – outside the Global South – is part and parcel of this. For better or worse – we are all in this together.

    The states behaviour is all too predictable: and can be accurately determined – to a high degree of accuracy – from now on. That is: ALL states will tend toward autarchical protectionism and narrative control – merging state, neo-state corporate, recuperated civil society and the charity industrial complex, the 4th Estate media and other Ideological State Apparatuses (ISAs such as academia, education, etc), preparing civil contingencies, forming supranational depoliticised simulated democracies and “strategically autonomous” militarised trading blocs (i.e. the EU), and preparing to mobilise rapid response paramilitarised Repressive State Apparatuses. In other words, everything that is happening.

    Humanity is redundant. We are not needed for mass production. Except for a minority highly skilled, technically proficient quasi-militarised production workforce – we could have been robotised decades ago. But the capitalised relations of production were maintained as the relations of hierarchical rule. Robotisation was outsourced and delayed. Service industry McJobs and Uberised debt-fuelled living standards forestalled our immediate decline.

    Identity is being commoditised and consumerised as state and neo-state conformism. For this, there needs to to totalised cyber-narrative control. TOTALISED. And capitalised data control as a predictive response tool; surveillance capitalism; and socio-Darwinian reward/punishment schedule identity engineering toward consensus conformism. Dissent is thought-crime – or it soon will be.

    So, we blame the state – fair enough. They are in the firing line. Or scapegoat Americanism or Judaism – well that’s a well greased predictably slippery slope to fascism. The missing factor that makes the state behaviour pre-determined and predictable – and exposes scapegoating as a narrow minded unnecessary fear response – is entropy. The underlying factor that is governing the global dynamics is addiction to hydrocarbons. If anyone uses oil, or oil products, or products transported by oil, or food grown by oil (and gas), or basically has anything to do with modernity – we must all take some blame. That’s all of us – #MeToo!

    Not only for Julian, but for the thousands of Julians to come. This is just the start. Who knows where this will end, but it will not will end well for humanity. I’ve just given a synopsis of this on another forum (as a reply to Norman Pilon): hydrocarbons negate socialism – it is that simple. As net energy decreases – state protectionism and narrative control will increase – as an inverse proportionality. They have to maintain their share of the profit. Even if that profit was equitably distributed – there is not enough hydrocarbon energy left for socialisation. If our response – through misunderstanding – is to fracture and factionalise already strained communities: we all but seal our fate.

    To be sure: it looks pretty much sealed already – but it is not inevitable. In-depth analysis can reveal the entropic root cause – and possibly find socialised solutions on a Universal Humanity basis. Factionalisation and scapegoating will not. We are all Jullian now. The truth will out.

    • Definitely agree with this: “The underlying factor that is governing the global dynamics is addiction to hydrocarbons. If anyone uses oil, or oil products, or products transported by oil, or food grown by oil (and gas), or basically has anything to do with modernity – we must all take some blame.”

      As hydrocarbon based capitalism careers into this next cataclysmic crisis the ruling class can only pull out all the stops for the control of their wealth and power. We see this everywhere geopolitically.

      Knowledge and communication are central to this as that is the way information/learning/enlightenment is shared. This is why there is an attack on those like Julian Assange. Without communication the truth lies buried. And the control of information is the control of wealth and power. Time is the other factor as the ancients knew, with time truth will be revealed – [my caveat] as long as the information is not corrupted.

      And that is what we face. What we do is ours to answer we know the problem it is written large.

      • BigB says


        Yes, it’s obvious when we understand the underlying dynamic. Unfortunately, vested interest distorts consciousness. What would be the most insane response to entropic diminishing of our energy supply? Divert all available resources and excess capital into militarisation, cyber-security (dissent thought-control), and autarchical protectionism? Militarisation and Atlantic (EU-NATO) Integrationism versus Eurasian Integrationism to compete for scarce resources. Utilising depleting resources to catalyse the quickening depletion of resources, risking internecine warfare with missiles that could have been hospitals; nuclear weapons that could have been socialised educational systems; tanks that could have been community welfare schemes. It must be the states fault?

        Well, yes. But not completely. Because all of our subjectiviesd choices contribute to the state agenda. So long as we, the people, are addicted to lifestyles afforded by cheap oil and the “free gifts of nature” – we play our part in this too.

        Look at what has happened in the last 100 years or so – the life the Petroleum Interval has afforded us. We have created the most powerful plutocracy in history: and known nothing but war and emnity. For rival state and oligarchic factions, for sure. But humanity bought into the techno-industrial lifestyle that underlies modernities obsession with fake prosperity. Can we rightly blame ‘them’: or was it ‘us’ – even as has become apparent only one faction was truly benefiting? And what if we, the people, somehow took over with the same hopes and aspirations ‘they’ had? Absolute disaster!

        The subjectivised choices of around only 30% of humanity brought us here. The repeat subjectivist choices – even under new management – will all but ensure our demise. We will destroy ‘us’ even without ‘them’. We all know what the state is going to do. We might not all know why. It is the not knowing why that breeds so much disinformation for all included factions. That’s all of us. Capitalism flourished through artificial scarcity. It will destroy itself when scarcity is real. Only those not directly invested in the state power regimes can find another way.

        Herein lies the rub: scarcity is falsehood – even now. We are whole in ways that we can never realise under capitalism. Capitalism monetises decay, atomisation, and falsified desire – to be and to have something we are not capable of having or being without a financialised materialised techno-fetish. Our material and spiritual needs are able to be met close to negentropically locally – without central command or globalised state and supra-state superstructures. Only when society wants to disengage from the capitalised progress and absolutist growth protocols – that entropy forbids – and we do not want anyway. Not that we know it. But we might yet work out that entropy is humanities best friend. As capitalism ends: humanity begins. If we don’t all kill each other in the meantime! The other more common solutions are unconscionable anyway. We might yet give peace a chance – however unlikely it seems.

        [BTW: time is part of the problem – not the solution. Capitalised, physicalised, mechanised, conceptions of time are more than partially responsible for this mess. Time and entropy work together. As Eliot put it in Burnt Norton: “Time past and time future/ Allow but a little consciousness./ To be conscious is not to be in time”]

        • Ramdan says

          “Only when society wants to disengage from the capitalised progress and absolutist growth protocols”….

          This is the thing, society disengaging from the dominant worldview…unfortunately this can not happen on a large-enough scale…
          Only if each one of us deeply underestand that we are responsible for everything that’s going on, that our life decisions are the one than determine if we plug ourselves into the dominant perspective or not, then peeople can change…even if that means dropping everything you use to cherish…cause once you see the Truth there is no going back, what you used to cherish will become tasteless….
          But that change have to happen individually, from inside-out.

    • tonyopmoc says

      BigB, I don’t blame you, and to some extent agree.

      However, instead of using the modern tools and techniques that you deprecate “oil, electricity, plastics, drive ICE cArmageddon machines, use mobile phones and devices, use the net and social media”, I think you should consider as an alternative the tools and techniques used by Stanley Green. He reached a truly massive audience, far greater than the readership of Off-Guardian.


      “Stanley Owen Green (22 February 1915 – 4 December 1993), known as the Protein Man, was a human billboard in central London in the latter half of the 20th century.[1] One writer called him “the most famous non-famous person in London”.[2] According to Lynne Truss, Green became such a ubiquitous figure in and around Oxford Street in the West End that, like Zelig, he was “present in every black-and-white picture of London crowds that one has ever seen”.[3]

      For 25 years, from 1968 until 1993, Green patrolled Oxford Street with a placard recommending “protein wisdom”, a low-protein diet that he said would dampen the libido and make people kinder. His 14-page self-published pamphlet, Eight Passion Proteins with Care went through 84 editions and sold 87,000 copies over 20 years.[4][5] ”


      • BigB says


        You can scoff: but entropy won’t take any offence. It is humanity’s silent partner: we either take it in to consideration – or we ignore it. Entropy carries on regardless. All negentropic socio-political economic policies – considering only capital and labour – will be shown as imaginary over time. Energy – particularly our master resource oil – is capital. Not enough cheap energy – due to declining quality of energy resources – means interminable secular stagnation and debt-funded stop gaps. All debt funding is only viable if it produces real economic growth. Otherwise, even sovereign debts become unrepayable.

        Fortunately, outside this forum – many more qualified than I have attested to this. As Steve Keen put it:

        “Capital without energy is a statue; labour without energy is a corpse”

        Entropy and debt will precipitate a predictable and deterministic state response. They will ignore entropy, refuse to cancel debt, and become autarchically self-protectionist. This leaves us with the infinitesimally small probability of doing something positive about it. If we enter autarchical self-protectionist mode too …BOOM!

        I guess I’m going to need one of those motorway sized hoardings to fit all that on.

        • BigB,

          I read, 20 years ago. I understood the logic of it completely. In fact I was extremely worried for the future of my children and grandchildren. Then I did a great deal more research and analysis. I won’t bore you with the details, as you won’t believe me. Very few people do. However, I did feel better at the time re the future of my children and grandchildren. I would still feel the same now, except for the most dreadful performance since then, of the people in control. I have no respect for their competence, because they keep making the most awful decisions, which are completely counter-productive to both the future of our planet, and all species that inhabit it including the human race. There are elegant solution to all our problems, but all these Malthusians in control want to commit mass genocide, using an enormous amount of energy. The do this whilst presenting an economic system encouraging all companies, instead of building products to last, an exceedingly long time, building products to fail, which end up in land-fill, so they can build replacement products in order to maintain profit. It didn’t use to be like this even in The UK.

          I read a lot of Dmitry Orlov, and often agree with him, but not about Peak Oil. Believing in such stuff can be extremely dangerous, especially for the millions of people killed, by the war criminals such as Dick Cheney and Tony Blair.

          So far as Assange is concerned, and BREXIT, the performance of all British institutions, has been completely dire. It is far worse than I could ever believe possible, even if the equivalent did happen to The Germans and The Russians, mostly before I was born.


          • BigB says


            Oh well, we sort of agree – even about Peak Oil, funnily enough – except on the competence of ALL or decisions. I would say, though you might disagree – this world is fully intentional …the result of millennia of poor decisions. For sure, the cognitive elite can take a asymmetric share of the blame – they have after all moulded a system to entirely suit themselves. But to assume that the current system will run without ‘them’ is naive, I feel. The current system is time-bound, falsely spatialised, and entropic. It also thrives on an anthropocentric cosmogony without any room for real valorisable humanity in it – which is entirely the kind of Carrollian paradoxical nonsense I intended. It suits our current world system perfectly.

            Humanity cannot arise in a world of fragmentation and separateness – only continued inhumanity – such as we see evidenced here. Which will increase due to entropy, debt, and diverging statist self-protectionism. Fortunately that inhumanity is time limited. Unfortunately, time is short and the probability of finding ourselves in a dying world is limited. The state is not necessarily time-limited – but will have to reinvent itself in a manner befitting the Hunger Games to survive. No one wants that.

            But there is nothing like a good healing crisis and threat of extinction – or worse, capitalised barbarism – to bring humanity to its senses. Whatever happens, the dualised dichotomy of ‘them’ and ‘us’ is a falsehood, limited refuge, and root sectarianism. Whatever happens, we are all in this together. Exploiter and exploited, oppressor and oppressed, master and slave are in a co-dependent dialectic only the underdog can break. Not whilst we are dependent on oil. There is no replacement for oil. Hope is no replacement nor motive force for post-capitalism. Sorry, but thems the Laws of Physics. I didn’t make them up, but neither can I break them for some techno-utopia outside of space and time and entropy. Not if oil has any part in it.

  18. Just before we were censored, excommunicated and expelled from ‘Fakebook’ and Twitter, persecuted by the ‘Purple Shirts’ of Podemos, the Bolivarian Nazi Party in Spain, we warned Assange, the Ecuadorian Embassy and its Government, that his irrational and mistaken support for the Catalan Independence Movement in Spain, a movement of a corrupt and reactionary nature, was incompatible with the interests of the huge colony of Ecuadorian immigrants in Spain. We told him that a change in the political situation in Spain and, especially, an awakening of the Spanish Working Class against its treacherous political class, could not tolerate attacks against the unity of Spain from the embassy of Ecuador. He, in an arrogant and interested manner (he seems to be in the payroll of the Catalan secessionists), ignored the obvious. Today, Assange cannot claim ignorance or innocence in a matter that, as an information expert, he should have researched more thoroughly. Ecuador is just defending its vital interests. The workers of Spain too.

    • mark says

      It looks like the brutish and thuggish British Secret Police have been taking lessons from Madrid’s Fascist Boot Boys as they smashed up polling stations and clubbed down women and elderly people waiting quietly in line to cast their referendum votes, without a peep of protest from the Oh-So-Democratic EU.

      Lying MSM hacks (who strangely had no interest in covering Assange being dragged out of the embassy kicking and screaming) were trying to put out stories that JA had left voluntarily and given himself up. Luckily footage emerged of our secret police thugs so the hacks had to do some rapid backtracking and go from their usual lying to their standard sneering and smearing.

      The Catalan people will gain their freedom and independence, just as the truth can never be concealed in the long run, no matter how great the fascist brutality.

      The current regime in Ecuador has shown itself to be an obedient satrap of Washington. It will have to answer to the people of Ecuador for this in due course.

      The British ruling elite think they have resolved the issue with typical thuggish repression. In reality, this is only the beginning. They have opened a bigger can of worms than they can possibly imagine.

      • chaize says

        Indeed. With reference to your last paragraph, of all the innumerable villanies committed by successive british goverments, this is one of the vilest. Ecuador appears to have done a lucrative deal with the IMF – via the US. No doubt the UK has also done a deal. Bastards!

        • Maggie says

          It appears that I am commenting too quickly FFS!!!
          Chaize – The Maybot needs as many distractions as possible!

    • smokely says

      JA has the right to make his own decisions about Catalina.. for the most part the decisions of JA have been based in Human rights, not political or economic gain.. If you don’t support “no conviction for Assange” then you don’t support human rights, cause his plight is about nothing else but the right of humans to investigate their governments for fraud and criminality and to reveal what the investigation turns up. .. If does not matter what JA said, what JA did or might have said or done, that does not meet your agreement, what matters is that everyone in the world is or should be entitled to obtain from any government by any means possible, any information of any kind.. (government by its very definition cannot ever be allowed to keep secrets from those it governs) nor can governments be allowed to prevent publication of those discovered documents and writings to the public. because government is subordinate to human rights. After all why would humans create governments, if they human rights were not superior to government. No government has the right to keep anything secret, and doing so, infringes everyone’s human rights. The governed have an inalienable right to whatever any government or any one operating under colour of government says, it does no matter what the governments do to try to stop or hinder such human rights, the right of humanity to open government is inalienable..

    • mark says

      Interestingly, he was to be the target of a smear campaign to “take him down” by the Mossad Office, Shai Masot, Friend Of Israel Joan Ryan, and corrupt Zionist civil servants.

  19. Gezzah Potts says

    I just attended a Rally in Melbourne demanding the release of Assange and Manning. I went there today preparing to be arrested if needs be, tho I have never been arrested in my life. The mask has been removed to reveal the true nature of the West. I urge everyone reading this: whatever City you live in, whatever country you live in, whether it’s the UK, Australia, United States, wherever…. If theres a rally or protest anywhere near you…. GO. Just Go. Also, bombard your MP – email, phone calls, fax, stand outside their office with a bloody placard. Make their lives hell. They are apparatchiks of the Empire. They are complicit. Stand up people. Say No More. Resist this evil.

    • Robyn says

      Well done, Gezzah. I’ve just starting whipping up friends and family to email MPs.

  20. Mandrau says

    Can’t sleep this night, tossing and turning, the vision of Julian Assange being dragged out of that Ecuadorian embassy seared into my brain. My stomach on fire with disgust for what that P-O-S war empire with the stars and stripes flag is doing to Venezuela and around the world – stealing, sabotaging, threatening, murdering and lying, lying, lying to us all. The collaboration and complicity of my Canadian government – the descent of my once loved CBC into a propaganda rag. Yea, I made the mistake of reading a few dozen comments below their Assange arrest article which was minimizing to say the least and those comments – a propagandized mob with no empathy like the mobs that cheered at executions in the old days. The mint tea is just not doing it for me tonight – I need something stronger but I quit drinking cause that’s what the empire wants us to do – to numb out on booze, narcotics, tranquilizers, entertainment and whatever so we don’t care what they do in our name. I won’t give them the satisfaction. I’ll stay clear-eyed and awake with Julian tonight and be damned to the war-mongers of the world, to their MSM collaborators and to those who sell their humanity away for a few pieces of silver.

    • Robyn says

      Here in Australia, I’m with you, Mandrau. This has really got me down. It seems like the end that we’ve all known we’re heading for, the end of hope for the planet and humanity.

      With heavy heart, and for what it’s worth, I’m asking friends and family to send an email to their MP. Apart from turning up for protests, it’s one thing we can all do.

  21. zach says

    liberal media showering itself in the brown stuff yet again, acting as human shields for US war machine.

  22. David Eire says

    Sad day. A man who should be applauded being treated like a common criminal.

    • mark says

      That’s just the way things are.
      The war criminals go free, collect their millions and tens of millions, and preen and posture like elder statesmen. Blair with his 7 mansions and huge property portfolio and £80 million fortune.
      Those who reveal evidence of the same war crimes are hounded, intimidated, threatened with murder by leading politicians, kidnapped, stripped naked, thrown into some dungeon in the vast US gulag and tortured for decades.
      That is the true nature of the US Empire and its satellites like the UK.
      The mask has been removed.
      No matter what they do to JA, the true losers will be the US/UK/Australian regimes and their “justice” systems used for political persecution and intimidation.

  23. Jen says

    It seems that the US government can’t quite make up its mind as to what to charge Julian Assange with, that would justify his extradition. If memory serves me correctly, the initial charge against Assange, for which a Grand Jury was assembled in Virginia (?), was espionage. Now the charge has changed to conspiring with Chelsea Manning (after that unfortunate was arrested again and presumably put through various tortures to break her down and extract a false confession) to crack a password to access and hack US government computers. So Assange is to be charged as if he were a computer hacker, not a journalist or a publisher.

    The sordid role of Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno should not go unnoticed. He is currently on the ropes as leader for his involvement with two investment companies run by his brother and registered in Belize and Panama, both known to be tax havens. He has been involved in bribery. He has used Ecuadorian law to raise charges against politicians associated with the previous Correa government, including Correa himself, in a way that smacks of the treatment other former Latin American leaders like Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff got in Brazil, and Cristina Fernandez Kirchner got in Argentina. He has had Assange under illegal surveillance for a year and cut off Assange’s contact with the outside world. Now he is using Assange to deflect international attention away from the corruption probe being conducted against him.

    Also Ecuador needs a loan and can’t get it from the IMF unless it gives up Assange.

    • mark says

      They were repeatedly accusing him of “treason.”
      Apparently, everyone in the world now owes allegiance to the US Regime, whether they are citizens of Australia, Ecuador, or Outer Mongolia.

    • John2o2o says

      Comment by Clive P on Craig Murray’s blog today:

      “The US charges are old hat, investigated under Obama and not proceeded with. It seems obvious that the U.K. government agreed with the US that the extradition request should be on a relatively light charge so that there was not the outrage that an espionage charge would generate causing problems for the government. Once the extradition is completed the US will find ‘new’ evidence for much worse charges. This would require UK consent but I would assume that all this was worked out beforehand and the US told consent will be given.”

      Craig replied:

      “Thanks Clive. Yes, that is exactly the analysis of the legal team too.”

      • Paul says

        The fact the Guardian has been headlining “5 years for Assange” with the “only” not explicitly spelt out, is a good sign that they appreciate the sensitivity of sending him to a maximum security prison for the rest of his life which is much more likely. If the extraditing party agrees to further charges there is no legal bar against it. The Guardian is as bad as the Murdock press, it should be boycotted.

  24. Everyone please listen to this track a couple of times before proceeding!!!
    XL, Elvis Presley – A Little Less Conversation (Elvis vs JXL)
    I live on the south coast and had to make a lame excuse to my boss to disappear at lunchtime to go to the Westminster Magistrates court to protest outside Julian’s hearing.
    Sadly, only about two dozen protesters were there.
    News cameramen and reporters substantially outnumbered protesters..
    Notably only five or six white Europeans bothered protesting!
    First or second generation immigrants (non European ancestry) were by far the main cohort getting active and making any noise (all my respect to them too).
    Since I am white British myself but in a mixed race relationship, I felt some pretty deep shame this afternoon about the degree of political commitment from other people of my race (Assange aside).
    I certainly don’t want to discourage people with non European backgrounds from engaging in our fight to save Assange from extradition.
    However, it would be nice if a few white British people could distract themselves from Tommy Robinson fer a few hours and commit to doing something more constructive!!!
    Whatever our race, could we please share some tangible plans for action on here?

      • Hi dhfabian,

        The issue for me is white Europeans have an unfortunate and dark history of imperialism.
        I would include the invasion of Iraq, Libia, Afghanistan & the violence we are committing in Yemen and Syria as part of this ongoing history of white European Imperialism.

        There are two key elements to this.

        Firstly, we have an elite in authority that engineer the mechanisms of imperialism.

        Secondly, we have a supine population that allows this behaviour to continue. Presumably most feelingOK with the status quo.

        It is telling that only people with a background from countries that suffer from our oppression, can be bothered to turn up and support someone who has exposed the ugly nature of our war crimes.
        It have witnessed with disgust, the rise of hatred towards refugees fleeing the violence caused by our own society. Tommy Robinson ant the widening support for him is a prime example of this hatred of the people we are victimising. Where is the anti war movement right now? What are other white British people actualy doing to remedy the obvious injustices. Diddly-squat, that’s what we are doing. We should be ashamed.
        Ignoring the race issue (in my opinion) is a little like believing the British slave trade was entirely a result of market forces and a healthy example of free trade.

    • How about a few of us stand outside No 10 with some placards? Around midday.
      I know it’s a trite suggestion but if only one in a thousand Londerners turned up it would be newsworthy!

      • Gezzah Potts says

        Mark Record: Do it mate, take placards, take pots and pans, give the witch May a screaming headache. With this disgrace, we are now looking squarely into a fascist dystopian future. They have removed their mask. Anyone in the Greater London area – get down there if you can. Make lots of noise Mark – greetings from Melbourne, Australia.

    • John2o2o says

      I’m white British and I detest “Tommy Robinson”. I pay him almost zero attention. Your prejudices are showing Mark.

      • More of an observation than a prejudice I am afraid.
        UK population is 87% White British (Wikipedia).
        Admittedly the Central London population is much more diverse with Westminster being 61.7% White British (Wikipedia).
        My estimate is that the proportion of White British protesters outside Westminster Magistrates court was less than 20%.
        Take a look at EDL and Tommy Robinson supporters. Not many south American and Middle eastern faces amongst them are there?
        You may not like Tommy Robinson John2o2o but neither did I meet you protesting today outside No10 today.
        Have a wild guess at the racial profile of 100% of the people who harangued me today about Assange being a rapist and having irresponsibly risked the lives of servicemen!
        It is an unpleasant reflection of UK society but it is sadly only an observation. Maybe it is something we could change?

  25. John2o2o says

    It is interesting that senior members of the UK government have commented on this case.

    How often do they comment on such matters?

    Julian, an Ecuadorian citizen is apparently guilty of skipping bail in 2012.

    How is this a matter then for the UK government? How is this a matter for the Prime Minister to comment upon? it is nothing to do with Theresa May. It is none of her business.

    The fact that the government feels it has some role to play in this only demonstrates to me that the UK is now an authoritarian state that considers that it has the right to comment upon and influence matters of law.

    Julian is a political prisoner.

  26. Snifta says

    It was a honey pot set up. One of the ladies ran off to rejoin her relatives living in a kibbutz. Both sleep with him because he is hung like a horse. The arrest was timed for the australian federal election caretaker government provisions which kicked in yesterday to allow cowardly bootlicking Australian politicians to wash their hands of the matter. Only UK Labour is standing up for Assange.

    • mark says

      The original plan was to set JA up with paedophile pornography.
      But they quickly realised that was a non starter, so they went for the bogus sex allegations instead.
      I hope these two women are held to account for their part in this conspiracy.

    • Derek says

      “Both sleep with him because he is hung like a horse”
      Got any proof?

  27. Ramdan says

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      • Ramdan says

        Thanks Steve.
        I would add: The first line could well be:

        “First they came for the immigrants..”
        “First they came for the workers…”
        “First they came for the poors…”
        “First they came for the yellow vest…”
        “First they came for those which do hunger and thirst after righteousness….”

    • Haltonbrat says

      These days it is only Jews who come for the Jews, in the case of self-hating Jews who stand up for Palestine.
      Incidentally am I correct in thinking that Wikileaks revealed virtually nothing about the actions of Israel?

      • That’s right, Haltonbrat, Israel remains virginally unbesmirched by Wikileaks, which is no small achievement for a country with its fingers in virtually every fetid and steaming shit-pie worldwide.

        Something else which is conspicuous by its absence is 9-11 – a crime perpetrated beyond any doubt by Israel with the help of American dual nationals and their lackeys. Indeed, Assange himself has expressed annoyance towards any challenge to the official version of 9-11, using the term ‘conspiracy theory’ with which to brush it aside.

        But let’s not dwell on such awkward matters while there’s a moral high horse from which to decry the western slide towards fascism and proclaim our shame today (and probably only today) at being British.

        • Robyn says

          I’ve heard that said too, but Wikileaks can only publish what they are given. Surely the test would be whether someone leaked anti-Israel material to Wikileaks and it was never published. So far I haven’t read any whistle-blower saying that they provided leaked material and Wikileaks sat on it. Ditto for 9/11 material. JA’s personal opinion on 9/11 is irrelevant. He might believe in fairies – so what.

  28. Ramdan says

    Democracy is dead……actually it never was just all a show to keep masses entertained in discussing if being gay was good or not, or whatever else…
    Now, when the time comes and there is nothing to pretend, all masks fall and the farse is revealed in all its nakedness….
    The Heralds of western democracies called others Orwellian and we believe them….
    They will sustain that claim stronger now, not wanting to accept their own evil…or just playing the wolf crying wolf.
    They are responsible, we are responsible.
    Mankind is yearning for a wake-up call and we will get one only to want to hang up after…but it might be too late.

  29. harry stotle says

    I see Jeremy Cunt is living up to his name when he says “Julian Assange is no hero and no one is above the law.”

    The outrage expressed by Assange and his supporters is entirely due to the fact state violence internationally and domestically IS above the law.

    They literally get away with murder on an epic scale then go to any lengths to silence anyone who exposes either their crimes or the endless bullshit they come out with to rationalise their campaign of terror.

    The MSM, especially the Guardian always sides with the opressors rather than the whistle blower.

  30. MichaelK says

    Probably the worst and most disturbing part of this whole Assange Affair is how easily liberal/left opinion has been manipulated and groomed by the British state and the corporate media, turning Julian Assange into a monster who has to be vilified, ridiculed and destroyed.

    The Judge calls him a ‘narcissist’ for refusing to accept the role and the labels the state chooses to apply to him in what amounts to a tragic and absurd piece of political theatre. In Britain accepting ones role has always been hugely important.

    The Guardian is, as usual, ghastly in its coverage. Their terrible middle-class, student attempts at ‘humour’ have always revolted me. Today they even dregged up the fake news story about Assange meeting Paul Manafort in the embassy in ‘secret’, so ‘secret’ it never happened! A completely false, fake, lying story. Shame on the Guardian!

    They attempt to link Assang to Russia, Trump and Rape, without missing a beat. It’s so low down in the media gutter it reeks of putrid ideas and deseased minds groping through the filth for anything they can throw at Assange in the hope that some of it will stick.

    I used to like reading the Guardian, once opon a time. Now, I find it a truly vile rag and the people who work there beneath contempt.

    The shocking attitudes of many people towards Assange remind one of the way the Nazis used the Jews as scapegoats and people it was allowed to hate. When did liberals become so fucking credulous that they are ready to swallow any amount of bullshit served up by the Guardian? And how can decent, honourable people work for the Guardian any longer? Why are there no people with courage and a willingness to speak out when it targets individuals in a liberal version of the witch-hunt?

    • Yarkob says

      “Probably the worst and most disturbing part of this whole Assange Affair is how easily liberal/left opinion has been manipulated and groomed by the British state and the corporate media”

      i’m surprised you’re surprised. have you been living under a rock for the last 15-20 years? no offence, but Iraq (x2) Afghanistan; Libya; Syria; countless fake terror attacks; Brexit..need i go on? the problem is with value systems. most of the people you’re talking about don’t have one. they need to be told what to think or they’ll just splutter and die on the spot, like a car that’s run out of gas. empty-headed vassals for whatever information de jour needs to be fed into them. i’ve watched it happen in slow motion since the turn of the century. education; media; social networking.

    • “The most disturbing part of this whole Assange Affair is how easily liberal/left opinion has been manipulated and groomed by the British state and the corporate media, turning Julian Assange into a monster who has to be vilified, ridiculed and destroyed.”

      Isn’t it equally disturbing how easily the rest of us have been polarised, as a direct result of what you describe, into making him a folk hero?

      Isn’t this precisely what Obama’s mentor, Cass Einstein, meant by “cognitive infiltration’ in the pre-Snowden, pre-Assange days.

      Control the ‘conspiracy landscape, especially online.

      Dictate the agenda on all sides of the debate.

      Isn’t this exactly where we are today?

      • *Cass Sunstein. Clearly my spellchecker had never heard of this scumbags.

    • mark says

      The frivolous attitude of the MSM was shown in both the Assange and Snowden cases.
      JA was ridiculed by the MSM for wearing a pink shirt when he first took refuge in the Embassy.
      In the same way, they were sneering at Snowden for only having a “wispy” beard, not a very “manly” beard.

      • Mark, they may be sneering at him but it doesn’t make him any less of a fake.

        • justme says


          he published facts about US crimes.

          And you?

          • Who, Snowden? What evidence of US crimes did he publish that we didn’t already know about 7 years before it was published?

            Are you suggesting the serialised Snowden hard drives saga pimped by the Guardian and followed by the embarrassing debacle of Guardian staff smashing up the hard drives at the behest of GCHQ was real?

        • mark says

          If he is “fake” he revealed evidence of blanket US surveillance of all humanity, including people like Merkel. Organised Vault 7 false flag hacking of the internet. US war crimes and atrocities on an industrial scale that would otherwise never have seen the light of day. Intrigue and subversion throughout the world. And much else besides.

          • “Including people like Merkel”

            Yeah, ‘cos that really damaged USA’s relations with Germany, didn’t it?

            Oh wait. Obama and Frau Merkel seemed to be getting on just fine a few days ago.. Oh well.. probably Germany’s just a colony of the US still. Or something. They’re not all on the same page, conditioning the plebs. No, not at all, no.

            Have you seen the pics of Merkel holding what is presumably her mobile next her to head and doing a comic sad face? ☹️

            I suggest you look it up because it might give you an alternative perspective on the whole sorry farce we’re expected to swallow. There’s also that great pic of Alan Rusbridger doing a similar cartoon frown as he holds up a piece of motherboard, or something, following the conclusion of the Guardian- Snowden scam. The Guardian posted a video, lest anyone forget, of its staff smashing up computer hard drives with hammers, officially on the orders of GCHQ, who apparently have never heard of the Copy-Paste function common to computers these days.

            I mean, for fuck’s sake.

            • mark says

              Merkel just swallowed this like a good little Washington satrap.
              But it showed up the true relationship for what it is.

  31. Michael McNulty says

    I suspect more than being a puppet of the US Britain has lost its sovereignty to the US. I wouldn’t be surprised (though we’d never hear about it) if the US regime said to the UK regime, “Arrest Assange or our own forces will snatch him.” Maybe his arrest was less about collusion, more about compulsion.

  32. Francis Lee says

    In connection with the whole Assange affair we are witnessing another downward shift of Anglo-American ‘civilization’, such as it is. It was Commander In Chief of the German forces in the western front – Ludendorff – during WW1 who described the British infantry as being ‘Lions led by Donkeys” In fact he didn’t say this, it has been attributed to a British politician, Alan Clark. But it would be pretty accurate description in any event. The Donkeys are the British ruling elite of course, who during the course of the 20/21st centuries have been responsible for the decline of Britain into a fawning sycophant on the teat of US imperialism. We stopped being an independent nation state when the US told us to end our system of imperial preference in 1946, and then during the Suez Crisis in 1956 which effectively ended British independence.

    As for the US, what we have is a long-run decline since 1945; a decline brought about by imperial overstretch, political corruption, an economic system based on money-printing (an equivalent of coin-clipping as was the custom in Imperial Rome, an absurd toleration of the control – particularly of foreign policy – by an outside agency – Israel, and a degeneration of the ruling class which is so complete as to make any recovery impossible. In short the US is ruled by incorrigible imbeciles and pyshcopaths. The American ruling class is led literally by Elephants and Mules apparently. It is questionable whether a super-power can remain intact with these lunatics at the helm.

    So behold the Anglo-American elite in all their works!

    More to come I fear.

    • Rhisiart Gwilym says

      Unfair to elephants and mules, Francis: innocent and likeable creatures, with no crime-sheet to their names, unlike the criminal scum who run the Anglozionist empire.

      • Francis Lee says

        I meant these harmless animals with a reference to the logos of the US Republican and Democrat party.

      • Whenever we come to a zio-(fill in the blank), we know we’re dealing with a mere bourgeois reciter of meaningless memes. And/or a fascist.

        • George Cornell says

          Whenever we come to a poster responding only to Zio- issues we see Hasbara troll factories.

    • mark says

      I disagree with you on timing, FL.
      It was summer 1940.
      Britain was bankrupt, and Churchill went cap in hand to Roosevelt for $5 billion in weapons and supplies.
      Churchill himself had been personally bankrupt since 1929, when he lost all his money in the Wall Street Crash.
      He was bailed out by the Jews to the tune of £1 million in today’s money, and was in their pocket afterwards.
      Roosevelt drove a very hard bargain, and Britain was reduced to a vassal state.
      Britain was required to sell all its assets in North and South America, built up over 100 years, in TWO WEEKS. Everything was snapped up by US investors at a huge discount.
      The Du Pont chemical conglomerate was sold off at a 50% discount.
      British companies were not allowed to export any goods to markets where they were competing with US companies.
      So the US swept the board, taking over British assets and British markets.
      The US took over direct control of the British economy.
      Britain had to hand over its gold reserves. Britain was only allowed to hold as much foreign currency as directed by Washington.
      There were many other terms and conditions.
      Churchill invented all the “Special Relationship” BS to cover up the humiliation. Roosevelt never took any of this nonsense seriously.

      Incidentally, Lend Lease was only finally paid off on 31/12/2006.

  33. Willem says

    This is how the news is spun in NL

    Assange revealed lies from the government
    he also revealed state secrets from the government

    Privacy is important

    C/ Assange should be charged for breaching privacy related issues.

    In other news…

    There is no outrage at all

    I feel very sorry for Assange. He looks really ill and fragile…
    Sad day for humanity

  34. With an election coming up everybody needs to write to his/her MP. I hurriedly wrote this to my MP, Steve McCabe.
    “Dear Steve
    I have just heard about the arrest of Julian Assange with an arrest warrant from the US for his extradition. Theresa May has already shown her record on this with the extradition of Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmed who were both wrongfully imprisoned in Maximum Security Cells 23 (sometimes 24) hours per day.
    We are not the slaves of the US and Julian Assange should never be extradited for telling the truth about US war-crimes in Iraq. If this goes ahead it will be the end of human rights and the start of something akin to Nazism in my beloved country. I am writing to you therefore to intervene, together with other MPs who believe in human rights and justice.
    I shall probably write again on this issue when more is known. In the meantime please do everything in your power to prevent this travesty. Thank you.
    John Goss”

    I should have mentioned that Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmed were kept in solitary confinement. This would probably be Julian’s fate.

  35. IntergenerationalTrauma says

    The well paid completely amoral jackals in Western MSM and politics are no doubt howling and yapping like the crazed corrupt idiots and servants to power that they are! If they martyr Julian we must stand up together no matter the personal cost! As this Western cabal of greedy amoral idiots takes the entire planet toward oblivion it becomes increasing clear that we literally have nothing to lose by resisting – as we are about to lose everything, including a habitable planet, if we do not!

    • Haltonbrat says

      Are you aware of what Assange actually revealed? Veterans Today have long said that he is an asset of MOSSAD. VT usually get it right and Assange revealed nothing damaging to Israel.

      • JudyJ says

        Assange/WikiLeaks are dependant on information fed to them by third parties for their revelations. They don’t go searching for it, or dream it up, themselves. If no one has come to them with ‘revelations’ about Israel’s activities you can’t hold Assange responsible. I take it you have evidence that he refused to publish leaked secrets about Israel?

  36. Well, just one more confirmation of the fact that the current United States has finally turned into a USSR of the ~60-70s. The widespread censorship, the persecution of the unwanted, the “only correct” opinion of the nomenclature…

    In 1974, the USSR authorities deprived Alexander Solzhenitsyn of citizenship and expelled him from the country, because he dared to write the “GULAG Archipelago”, telling the world [his version of] the truth about the notorious labor camp for the “objectionable”.

    In February 2019, the Ukrainian regime detained, deprived of citizenship and expelled from the country Gedeon, the bishop of the canonical UOC-MP, because he dared to speak in the US Congress and tell the truth about the persecution of the canonical Orthodox church in Ukraine.

    April 2019. The US arrests journalist Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy, chasing him for divulging the truth about Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo etc. Assange was instantly deprived of Ecuadorian citizenship. A bold journalist faces either the death penalty or life imprisonment in the US.

    Since the expulsion of Solzhenitsyn from the USSR, I don’t remember a thing like that – many years of deliberate persecution and mockery of a man who revealed facts to the world. By the way, the USSR in this regard was much more “human-loving” and “merciful” – Solzhenitsyn was “just” deprived of citizenship and expelled from the country. Nobody arrested him, put him in a cage or pursued him for years. The USA noticeably outdid the USSR in their thirst for revenge on the objectionable person, who opened the world to the true ugly twisted face of the “shining city upon a hill”.

    I will also take great pleasure in observing the reaction of world “human rights fighters” and all kinds of “activists” to actions against Assange. Something tells me that I will observe emptiness and silence, decoratively framed by timid “critical” statements calling for “respect human rights”.

    • Michael McNulty says

      Since the US demanded NATO troops be stationed in Baltic countries bordering Russia this time it was the US which put up the Iron Curtain.

    • Martin Usher says

      I’d actually dispute the “USSR of the 60s/70s” simply because whatever the USSR had become at that time it still retained a germ of its original communist idealism. The US has its own founding mythology but it was never based nebulous concepts like ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’ but more of a Libertarian mindset where freedom was espoused unless it interfered with business and democracy was always reserved for the right (“correct”) people.

      The Assange saga had to end this way. When was just a matter of timing, I figure it happened now because the Mueller report is in, its under control (as in “dropping from the public consciousness”). I’d really like to find out why the Swedes think they need to dogpile on the action — the entire thing was quite obviously a put up job, a way of getting Assange arrested and held for later consumption.

  37. His attorneys said Assange jumped bail in 2012 over fears he wouldn’t have received a fair trial. The judge called his fears “laughable.’ He then called Assange a “narcissist who cannot get beyond his own selfish interest.”

    So aside from the obvious feelings of personal disdain on the part of the judge, and his loathsome, petulant name-calling, the judge is sort of like saying he will guarantee that Assange will receive a fair hearing?

    I mean seriously.

    • Jim Scott says

      Exactly my thoughts of the judge James. Clearly he is a hanging judge because unless he is a qualified psychiatrist or psychologist he should not be making comments that are inappropriate for a judge or magistrate.He also must be living on the moon if he doesn’t understand reality. Has he not heard of Guantanamo Bay or seen the Iraqi’s being tortured and murdered during and after the Iraq War, which itself was a criminal enterprise.

    • Loverat says

      I could possibly understand a judge making such comments after a full evaluation of a case preferably after hearing evidence from experts, even if he doesn’t himself have the specific qualifications. But certainly not before. It’s obvious the judge has preconceptions and predetermined the case which is deeply troubling. No proper judge can make such an assessment unless it is based on the evidence before him, not hearsay. Deeply troubling that our judiciary is being used for political purposes.

      Not the first time but this is definitely very troubling.

      • JudyJ says

        During my Civil Service years I worked for a misogynistic bully who took sadistic pleasure in belittling and playing controlling mind games with all his staff. I was appointed to carry out a review lasting 12 months on the mechanics and funding of a national scheme. On ‘Day 1’ (and resisting the temptation to tap the side of his nose) he announced to me what the outcome of the review was to be. He was held in high regard by the Department’s Ministers at the time; well he did have a brown tongue when it came to protecting his own reputation and career. Luckily the review was never completed because other events came to the fore. When I left the Civil Service after 23 years service, disillusioned by this experience, I wrote a letter to the HR Department telling them exactly what I thought of this manager and the detrimental effect he had on staff morale, but I very much doubt they took it any further.

        My point is that not only was this man a devout, practising Christian, he was also …a local Magistrate. And these are people who are supposed to command our respect, be professional and beyond reproach. I would happily have taken the first person I met on the street to pass judgement on someone charged with a crime and know they would have got a fairer hearing than being up before this b*****d.

    • Robyn says

      ‘Narcissist’ is a very common slur used by anti-Julian brigade. It looks to me as though this excuse for a judge has just unwittingly outed himself as a cheerleader for the anti-Julian puppets/muppets.

  38. asdflkj says

    Thank you Assange for revealing dark secrets of the US government e.g., the work of Chelsea Manning, etc and ultimately the dirty tricks of Clinton turning the DNC into her own PAC. A sincere thanks.

    Thank you for nothing for actually wanting Trump to be elected and working with his ____ing goon squad. I mean, surely you realized at the time the jerk was a fascist.

    And damned if that fascist didn’t return the favor.

    Gotta love that Trump. (the Deep State made him do it of course)

    • John2o2o says

      Not everyone in the world gives a shit about who becomes US president. I certainly don’t and I doubt that Julian does either.

    • Robyn says

      As if Hillary would have been a beacon of humanity, global justice, and open government. LOL.

  39. Jack Morgan says

    Cool site. Will refer to others. We should never be censored from telling the truth. The core fact of life in this world is the root of all evil emits from corrupted govts, and the bigger and more powerful they are, the more corruption you find. These corrupt azhlz want to hold together their systems of power, so they do everything they can to keep it. They manipulate ‘law’ to their advantage. Govt and other related weasels are above the law. They protect themselves by reciprocal blackmail arrangements, or some other sinister thing, like death threats to family members. Besides, since they are all in the same club, why out each other? Why not preserve their above the law status so they can do whatever they want without fear of prosecution or reprisal? And most certainly the jud3n press is part of that scam. The status quo jud3n press wouldn’t dare relentlessly publish stories, built on honest reporting (those were the days, right?) that would up end the status quo leading to a paradigm shift to the things that are Absolutely Right and Good, for the good of one and all. Instead, we are locked into this loop of evil, a satanic illusion perpetuated by the Beast. But now comes Julian Assange. An actual reporter, or a conduit for real reporting for the things that are materially and vitally important for the Good and Moral people to become aware of. Ah, but of course, this genuine agent (as far as I can determine) of the vaunted 4th estate, is now persecuted by the Beast, the Liar, the offspring of lucifer.


  40. Loverat says

    Reading some of the comments here, I think we all have to accept that this country has long been taken over by traitors in our government, like Jeremy Hunt, others in all political parties and most of the media including the disgraceful Luke Harding. Time to support Assange but also keep fighting on all fronts and stay on the right side – the truth. Those on the other side will get what they deserve. In the end, these people always do.

    Be proud that you have the intellect and tenacity to discover the truth and the compassion to try to use this to help free the world from these lunatics and criminals. That’s more than the other 95% of the population can say.

    • mark says

      That’s right so far as it goes.
      But – and it’s a big but:-.
      These people have no scruples or moral standards whatsoever.
      They routinely lie, cheat, steal, smear, torture, blackmail, and murder on a massive scale.
      That is their stock in trade.
      They use the law for political persecution and intimidation.
      They use trumped up bogus charges to torture and imprison people for decades.
      They have institutionalised torture and salivate over its use.
      That is the nature of the people who rule over us.
      Arrogant, corrupt, mendacious criminal terrorists with no redeeming features whatsoever.
      They are worse than any serial killer or child murderer.
      We owe them absolutely nothing.
      They are the enemies of all humanity.
      They need to be treated as the enemy without any reservation.
      Nothing is off limits.
      We are entitled to do to them what they do to everybody else.
      They deserve no consideration whatsoever.
      We need to fight fire with fire, get down in the gutter with them, and do to them what they are doing to everybody else.
      Use every dirty trick in the book and others that aren’t even in the book.
      Anything goes.

      • Ramdan says

        We have to resist:yes.
        We have to fightback:yes
        We have to be strong:yes
        We have to unite:yes

        …but we dont have to use their own tactics, we dont have to descend to their level, we should not use the same weapons they used..or we will end up being like them and that will solve nothing.
        We need to be creative on the way and means we use in our fight but it should not be guided by hatred or revenge, cause otherwise we will become the monstrosity they are and the battle will be lost. We don’t to become the very same beasts we are trying to defeat.

        • Question-This says

          I 2nd that, if we behave like them, we become one of them!

        • mark says

          You will never get rid of these people by civilised debate and rational argument.
          That is the hard truth.
          That just doesn’t cut it with these fascist goons.

          • Ramdan says

            In my humble opinion, this is not a matter of “them” in the sence that even though there are visible figures is not a matter of individuals but of ideology and way of tthinking.
            Basically we are confronted with a way of thinking, a particular worldview or perception from where all the praxis stems.
            Targetting individuals does not change the thought behind and even if you are able to topple those individuals their worldview remains…thats what happened with Obama or the Clintons, “nice, smiley guys” that seems different outside…another wolf under sheepskin.

            Is not toppling people is toppling worlviews, changing paradigms.
            Is about bringing more and more people out of their dream.

  41. Escapee says

    Just when you need a distraction to masked a failed presidential coup, stalling a Brexit exit, millions of illegals invading with impunity, out of control government debt, gobal Deep State corruption, ad neausium…..

    They arrest the leader of Wikileaks. The last of real news journalism.

    Where’s the global protests? The million man women march?

    It’s no surprise the fake news media will carry on their business as usual model, now that their only completion is rounded up and disposed like a bad Apple.

    Watching history in the making and no one shows up.

  42. Imagine if this had happened in Moscow and how it would have been reported?

    And then consider the principles that Assange represents and you see the complete disconnect. We truly live in strange times in dangerous times where fascists in Ukraine can be elevated to the level of revolutionaries. While truth sayers like Assange are condemned and persecuted.

    So where is Peace Laureate Obama now with his claims that Whistle Blowers should be protected because they are the checks and balances between the people and corruption? The orange one is just a rabid dog on this too -Bibi’s bitch

    Is the republic truly a dictatorship? I think the answer is now clear.

    • Fellatthelast says

      I find it remarkable that someone has given this a thumbs down. Trump, the satsuma, is not is the sole problem, it’s the deep state/elites who run the show, and they are the one’s who should receive maximum scorn, but it does appear that the intelligence service disinformation departments at it already with the sole thumbs down (or perhaps this person is just a feckin idiot).

  43. Jim says

    No doubt, thanks to Assange we know how evil the ordered actual and secret wars are. For the executers of the army, Mr. Assange showed us, that they can fire, as soulless machines, as soulless and inhuman, as the sprites on the computer screens they see to target and kill innocents. Mr Assange you are right to show it! It is a must! But for some this had to be hidden.

    To remember, should I write Mr.(?) Obama he ordered the use, in one year, of 27000 drones, guided by computer screens.

    With Mr. Assange it should, not at all, be the accusation for hacking, which should be juged, but, on the contrary, the orderered nightmarish executions. Mr. Assange brought it to our knowledge, but with him some authorities hit yet the wrong victim instead of the real criminals, as they are not ashamed, it seems, to do…

  44. Dr Lexus says

    Yo, scrote. It’s Uncle Albert, ‘tard. The news says he’s like, all f***** up and his s***’s all ‘tarded. There’s like, all this evidence – you know, like, you know.

  45. Northern says

    So many politicians and supposed journalists struggling to hide their joy at this one.

    Cognitive dissonance – when you want to mock the arrest of Julian Assange by posting a meme, but the EU has decided memes are to become illegal..

    Fuck this country and our craven, invertebrate politicians.

  46. Betrayed planet says

    Where is my comment Off Guardian?

    • I know how you feel. Most of the time mine take hours to appear so that its hardly worth bothering.

  47. Betrayed planet says

    The arrest of Assange today is indeed the final blow to our pathetic attempts to pretend we still live in a democracy. That the stinking fetid right wing government of the insane and pathological May are salivating to turn Assange in to the even more fetid US is no surprise. That the bulk of the population are in no way concerned by this arrest, by this travesty whereby a truth teller is incarcerated by a bunch of hard right fuckwits, a pathetic vassell of the US regime is no surprise.
    As we trudge that well worn path to fascism, to the degradation of the rights of our children, through ignorance, greed and a reprehensible bunch of hangers on to the coat tails of the US is bad enough, that we do so whilst pretending we still live in a democracy shows that we no longer have the essential critical thinking skills to save ourselves. We no longer have the ability to understand our incarceration, our freedom already taken and subverted through a non functioning MSM, a corrupted mal functioning government of spivs and liars and a population of idiots, unaware of their captivity so long as they can spend, drink and surrender to a status quo of hard right dominance where free speech and human rights dead.

    • Jack Morgan says

      left/right two players manipulated by the same (((hand))). Just different styles of control, where control is the objective, the anti-thesis of Liberty (not to be confused with license).

    • Tina says

      So what is the great British Public going to do about it – or will they fall back upon their apathy?

  48. A day of Infamy! Shame on GB (perfidious Albion, also called the “51st State”), Ecuador and Sweden!

    • Julio says

      “Great” Britain, Make America “Great” Again, “Greater” Isra-hell… Let’s hear it for “Greater Zionism”!

      History… rhymes:

      “What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security.

      Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, ‘regretted,’ that unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these ‘little measures’… must someday lead to, one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing…. Each act… is worse than the last, but only a little worse. You wait for the next and the next. You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join you in resisting somehow.” — They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45 — Milton Mayer

  49. The state we’re coming to is quite unbelievable. Sociopaths are in charge everywhere it seems. Everyday one comes across sickening news stories. I read earlier on Spiked how thousands of young children are being put forward for gender reassignment by psychotic parents who think it clever to treat their children as their own private political gender experiments. Also on Spiked was an article on the progressive assassination of Roger Scruton by the ‘New Deep Statesmen’. He replied on the Spectator and his last paragraph particularly resonated.


    We in Britain are entering a dangerous social condition in which the direct expression of opinions that conflict – or merely seem to conflict – with a narrow set of orthodoxies is instantly punished by a band of self-appointed vigilantes. We are being cowed into abject conformity around a dubious set of official doctrines and told to adopt a world view that we cannot examine for fear of being publicly humiliated by the censors. This world view might lead to a new and liberated social order; or it might lead to the social and spiritual destruction of our country. How shall we know, if we are too afraid to discuss it?


    Where will the loss of sovereignty whether it be national or personal end?

  50. JudyJ says

    “He has hidden from the truth for years”, a Twitter quote from Jeremy Hunt. Hypocrisy and irony on so many levels.

  51. Apparently, the US have made a formal request for Assange’s extradition and judging by the comments emanating from the UK government, they can’t wait to send him to a US Gulag.

    Brit Home Sec says:

    Nearly 7yrs after entering the Ecuadorean Embassy, I can confirm Julian Assange is now in police custody and rightly facing justice in the UK. I would like to thank Ecuador for its cooperation & @metpoliceuk for its professionalism. No one is above the law
    — Sajid Javid (@sajidjavid) April 11, 2019

  52. Yarkob says

    we allowed this to happen. Some of my “friends” are cheering this news. Makes me feel sick, to be honest.

    the irony of seeing a report in FakeGuardian about Navalny’s detention conditions the day before yesterday (but swiftly removed by today) was not lost on me

    • Paul says

      FakeGuardian reports a woman at the scene who wouldn’t talk to them but only ‘villified’ the newspaper. It didn’t explain why she felt that way. Must be a mystery to G hacks!

      • Yarkob says

        Oh I think they know why they are ridiculed. What i don’t really know is how some, formerly “cool” “journalists” have reconciled their taking of the shilling to the extent they have with their former views. I can only think that they were bullshitting all along. Any port in a storm etc.

  53. Fair dinkum says

    As old empires implode Truth is buried under the rubble.

  54. Anna says

    I’m not sure what’s worse, reading comments online from liberals who hate Assange for ‘getting Trump elected’, or the gloating of our politicians and their lacky hacks? Our poodle government reveals itself for the waste of oxygen it is, (incredibly – even more than ever) whilst over the US, our own Russiagate hoax sucks any life out of the remaining peace movement. Which of course is definitely NOT a means to further control the plebs but a very sensible EU military unification to ward off the genetically evil land-grabbing Russians and the GWOT (which absolutely isn’t a homegrown creation).

    Competition time – who has the worse government, the UK, US, Australia or Ecuador?

    Today, as in too many days – I’m ashamed to be British.

    Sending love and hope to Julian and his family.

    • Gezzah Potts says

      Anna: that’s what disgusts me also – these fake phony ‘progressives’ – completely pickled in Identity Politics who will gloat and applaud this, completely forgetting the famous poem by Martin Niemoller. Along with the fake socialist groups in Australia who have refused to mention Assange for over 7 years, and who have deliberately boycotted rallies supporting Assange and Manning. I have a couple of liberal friends who will shed no tears for Julian Assange, and in the past have lambasted Wikileaks for putting our allies in danger. No mention at all about the actual war crimes committed. Says it all.

      • I don’t get! How can anyone who calls him/herself left, diss Assange? A sure sign of a degenerate culture, all round. Shameful. I must say that RT have given almost non-stop coverage of the abduction and with interviews. Excellent. This event actually might ‘clear the air’ a bit. Now we find out who are friends really are.

        • Haltonbrat says

          So why do Veterans Today say that Assange is a MOSSAD agent. I am not aware of anything of significance that Assange has revealed and certainly nothing damaging to Israel.

          • Robyn says

            That’s the point – they say Wikileaks HASN’T published anything against Israel and take that as evidence that he’s a Mossad agent. That is when he’s not being a Russian agent. Try to make sense of that logic!

          • Talking of protest, here’s a useful resource for anyone taking non-violent, direct action:


            This from their Website:

            If you are arrested and charged as an XR activist you may wish to use the Conscientious Protector approach in a criminal court as a way of ensuring you get to fully express the reasons WHY you have taken non-violent direct action. By doing this you are also taking part in a wider narrative of reframing those standing up to sound the alarm on climate breakdown as Conscientious Protectors (not criminals).

            You can watch the full length training talk here.

            Below is a summary of key points and stages in the process. Please make sure you are a signed-up Earth Protector – if you can do this before taking direct action, so much the better.

      • “How did so many otherwise cultured and educated Germans go along with the obvious excesses of the Nazi Reich for so long?” it is often asked.

        Well, we can now answer that question just by looking around us.

        How is it that so many ostensibly “progressive” and “inclusive” liberal elites can support the U.S. Empire’s persecution of an internationally recognized journalist?

        The answer is a combination of: (1) state propaganda, (2) class tribalism, (3) material self-interest, (4) political naivete.

        It’s not so easy to adopt a comfortably superior moral pose toward those cowardly “upstanding” Germans of the 1930s-40s when you realize that many of your friends and colleagues–and perhaps to a certain extent you yourself–are just as upstanding, just as cowardly, just as complicit as were they.

        • sabelmouse says

          the collective subconscious wanted it.

      • The way I see the ‘liberal views’ are a cover intended to deceive. These writers prattle on about matters such as racism, inequality and feminism, which are unimportant to the masters, so that when they are needed to attack the likes of Assange (or, in a different way, Corbyn), it gives them more credibility.

      • John2o2o says

        The American people got Trump elected. Deal with it.

        The rest of the world really doesn’t give a shit who is occupying the White House. They are all the same.

  55. different frank says

    The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.

    –Frank Zappa

  56. Francis Lee says

    ”I am a writer. The impulse of a writer is to keep out of politics. What he wants is to be left alone so he can go on writing his books in peace. But unfortunately it is becoming obvious that this ideal is no more practicable than that of the petty shop-keeper who hopes to preserve his independence in the teeth of the big chain stores.

    TO BEGIN WITH THE ERA OF FREE SPEECH IS CLOSING DOWN. The freedom of the press in Britain was always something of a fake, because in the last resort, money controls opinion; still, so long as the legal right to say what you like exists, there are always loopholes for the unorthodox writer. For some years past I have managed to make the capitalist class pay me several pounds a week for writing books against capitalism. BUT I DO NOT DELUDE MYSELF THAT THIS STATE OF AFFAIRS IN GOING TO LAST FOREVER. We have seen what happens to the freedom of the press in Italy and Germany, and it will happen here (the UK) sooner or later. The time is coming – not next year, perhaps not for 10 or 20 years, but it is coming – when every writer will have the choice of being silenced altogether or of producing the tripe that a privileged minority demands … I have got to struggle against that, just as I have to struggle against rubber truncheons and concentration camps…”(George Orwell – Why I joined the Indepdent Labour Party – June 1938)

    • mark says

      Christchurch and a few false flags and the “need to protect the children” will provide the pretexts to close down the internet and impose rigid censorship. Facebook are already begging for state censorship. Civil liberties are being shredded.

      The real casualties of this sorry affair are the corrupt, politicised US, Swedish and UK so called “justice systems” , used by the criminal terrorist regimes of those countries for the purpose of political persecution. They are rotten to the core and deserve no more respect than the worst third world banana republics. They are no more “independent” than the prosecuting authorities in North Korea. And the servile media puppets cheerleading their masters.

      The sneering contempt of the judge at today’s hearing is reminiscent of the Nazi judge Freisler.

      Following the bogus sex smears and the threats by US officials to “whack the son of a bitch in the street”, JA is being handed over to a ruthless terrorist regime which has long since normalised torture and ludicrous sentences of hundreds of years imprisonment on political trumped up charges.

      Sweden, Ecuador, and the UK are contemptible satraps of Uncle Sam, and fully complicit in his endless atrocities and human rights abuses.

      The one saving grace is that they have now taken off the masks and revealed their very ugly faces for all the world to see. This is just the start and not the end. These fools don’t realise the can of worms they have just opened.

  57. summitflyer says

    No one should be surprised .It was never a matter of if but a matter of when .So here it is in broad daylight ,one of the last chinks in the armor of the FREE press ,crucified for the protection of crimes by the state.
    A sad day for freedom.

  58. Some Random Passer-by says

    Reading the comments from UK “journos”, all I can ask is, does anyone have their addresses?

  59. BigB says

    Gutted …but we only have ourselves to blame. Our collective servile support for the global omnicidal and terror regime that threatens all life on earth …is what gives these bastards their authority. And our collective inability to either see that, or do anything credible about it – makes whatever is to come – in its fascising authoritarian death march – all but inevitable. It’s a bit late when you have a jackboot on your face, to realise how these authritarian power structures are legitimated – by us. As they said in Spain in ’30s – “If you tolerate this, then your children will be next”.

  60. Gezzah Potts says

    I allowed myself to watch 7-8 mins of coverage on ABC here in Australia. My stomach heaved listening to the absolute slime Jeremy Hunt prattle on about the UK being a law abiding country, and that Assange was no hero. The United States will go all out to get him extradited, where, if he is, he will be given a show trial worthy of Stalin. Thats of course, if he dosn’t meet with a fatal ‘accident’ first, which is highly likely given everything we know about the Deep State, and the psychopaths involved in it. Edward Snowden stated it was ‘A dark day for press freedom’. And the Australian Govt being the complete subservient vassals they are will do nothing to help Assange, unless there are massive protests and sustained pressure on them to act. Things seem pretty surreal at present.

  61. Moneycircus says

    Please keep As Blockers on if you must read the State Guardian.

    It doesn’t deserve a penny.

    • sabelmouse says

      read? i can barely look at the front page it has become so bad. i bet the ”thank you for great journalism” comments i’ve seen must be paid posters.
      it’s become unbearably bad, even before THIS.

    • Jack Morgan says

      How can anyone read that site? (((MSM))) is sickening, all of it. I am thankful that there are still people with a sound mind, like yourself, and the site owner here, around to remind me to tune out the ‘j3w’ and listen to you

      • mark says

        We may soon have to go underground, like Samizdat.
        We need to be ready for that.

  62. UreKismet says

    well according to the graun

    The home office has confirmed the US request for Assange’s extradition is for an alleged “computer related offence”.

    A Home Office spokesperson said:“We can confirm that Julian Assange was arrested in relation to a provisional extradition request from the United States of America.

    “He is accused in the United States of America computer related offences.”

    So that is it.
    God we’re a weak bunch. I betcha I’m not the only one who was Walter Mittying running a tunnel under the ecuador embassy and springing the man, but of course none of us did it. If only more humans had Assange’s courage.
    There will be no guilt inspired pardon for Julian, agent orange doesn’t feel guilt and silly dems tell themselves WL was working for the rethugs n russia forgetting that WL also published whatever docs they were given on those scumbags as well.

    My special contempt is reserved for the Guardian who launched their online presence thanks to WL/Julian and are now cowering in the shrubbery tossing limp-wristed brick bats at the man n acting all holier than thou..

  63. Philpot says

    Disgrace and shame on UK. It was like watching a Jew being dragged off to be put on a train to Auschwitz. Shame on us.

    • Eva says

      you are absolutely right – what a sad but extremely appropriate comparison and yet – this is 21st century! I feel sick!

    • Escapee says

      They at least didn’t send heavily armed federal agents to arrest him before dawn like they did Roger Stone.
      The Brits are so civilized and proper.

    • chaize says

      The only adjective applicable is ‘vile’.

  64. John A says

    With regard to Sweden reopening the case, one of the lawyers for one of the alleged ‘rape’ victims has raised this, but the chief prosecutor dealing with the case has now retired, and the general legal opinion is that the level of evidence is very low and the passage of time also means memories fade and therefore it is highly unlikely that Sweden will. Obviously, if the US pressurises its blond Scandinavian poodle, that might change. The current Foreign Minister was quick to support that guy in Venezuela, and defend Swedish funding of the Atlantic Council and the Ukraine coup regime, so anything is possible.

  65. timfrom says

    Well you could at least spell his name right!

    Assange with two esses!

    • sabelmouse says

      at least? seems the rest is more important.

      • wardropper says

        I agree with both of you.
        Of course the rest is more important, but such a misspelling can also easily imply disrespect.
        Ludvig van Bethoven, John Clese and Ringo Star would understand too.
        But, to the matter at hand: This is a lowpoint for modern western society, and although I would like to think that from here on we could only go upwards, I am no longer optimistic.
        One of those wretched cases where you reach the bottom, but keep digging…

        In truth, I no longer think that our current “representatives” are straightforward evil incarnate, or that they are simply what we’re stuck with – end of the matter…
        I now believe that they are actually not very bright, in any real human sense, and that is why they are chosen.
        I wouldn’t even rule out the word, “subhuman” for many of them.
        Anybody in my wider family would knock the spots off them if it came to a serious discussion about morality and human mental evolution, but their brain cells can’t even reach into that territory… It would just be a non-starter.

        What to do, dear people?
        This clearly cannot go on. It will kill us all.

          • wardropper says

            Hmm. I’ve talked to MPs before – even in person…
            Always polite.
            Always do nothing.
            They fear nothing today. Their privileged position and good salary protect them pretty well, while the sort of people who are not so easy to corrupt with bribes or threats are as rare as Julian Assange, and are quickly screened out of the running where significant positions are concerned.
            Even an MP who is moderately concerned about the wishes of his/her constituency can relax in the knowledge that ex-MPs can still do pretty well for themselves until they retire/expire.

            • Jim Scott says

              Actually wardropper, as a politician who has never taken a bribe or corporate money I know there are politicians who do fight for causes as I did. In my experience they are not from the established Parties. In Australia it is the Green Party that stands up for Assange and the Conservatives and Labor who cosy up with the US Regime on every occasion. I am pleased to see Britains most moral politician Jeremy Corbyn who is supporting Assange.

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