Hamas Won Again

Gilad Atzmon

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won a decisive victory yesterday. He is likely to carry on to a fifth term in office. As of this morning, the right-wing bloc has a clear advantage of 65 seats (out of 120) over the centre/left parties and seems more likely to form a coalition.

The meaning of yesterday’s election results are obvious and undeniable. The Israeli left is now marginal, verging on non-existent. The Israeli Labour party has been reduced to a miniature caricature, pretty much the size of Meretz, themselves a parody of left thinking. Needless to mention that these two parties are Zionist to the core. They deny the Palestinian right of return and believe in segregation between Jews and Arabs by means of a two-state solution.

Netanyahu is, beyond doubt, the most sophisticated player in the Israeli political theatre. In the weekend he vowed to annex the West Bank Settlements. By performing this election ploy, he managed to completely obliterate his hard-line rivals on the right such as Bennett-Shaked’s New Right and even Zehut, which promised to be a ‘rising political force.’

As for this morning neither Zehut nor Bennett, who promised his voters he would be the next Defence Minister, made it to the Knesset. Netanyahu has also managed to reduce the USA into a subservient colony. We saw President Trump working hard for his friend in Jerusalem, recognising Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights and castigating Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a ‘terror organisation’. But most significantly, Netanyahu is also Hamas’s favourite prime minister.

Hamas knows very well that Israeli centrist government are genocidal in their approach to Arabs and Palestinians in particular. Hamas remembers Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak. They clearly prefer Bibi. They know very well that Bibi has been anxious to operate in Gaza. Hamas knows very well that Israel is running out of military and political options, let alone solutions to the conflict. Hamas voted Bibi. It entered ceasefire negotiations with Israel just a few days before the election.

There is good reason to believe that Hamas would prefer to deal with Netanyahu rather than with a ‘centrist’ party led by three war criminals. Hamas won again, it has pushed Israel into a state of further paralysis. Israel does not have a prospect of a future in the region. Israel may not be defeated by Quasam rockets but by its own Ghetto mentality.


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Apr 13, 2019 7:16 PM

Amazing research from Know More News, with 9/11 expert Chris Bollyn, who specialises in Israel’s War On Terror and the relationship with 9/11 (the War On Terror is a pre-planned, Israeli strategem, kickstarted by 9/11, conceived in Israel in the late 70s).
They look at the new Hollywood production “Vice”, a film primarily about Dick Cheney, and they uncover how Hollywood has manipulated the script to make it appear that the Iraq invasion was all about Dick Cheney, how Israel was against it. Then they let the hounds loose, exposing the lies for what they are, by showing multiple video clips of Netanyahu, in front of Congress, demonising Iraq, begging for war. Total must-watch show

Apr 13, 2019 11:13 AM

Let us start at the beginning.
PUNTO UNO: Hamas was financed by the Wahhabist and midwifed by Shin -Bet. Well known facts to most Palestinian and Pan Arabist purist ( Edward Said, Nasser and Hafiz Assad).
PUNTO DUE: Most Pan Arabist have more often than not have always preferred dealing with the Likudniks than the so called old guard Israeli Labour Party.
Many times in in the late great Yasser Arafat would always prefer dealing with the Likudniks for their bare face racist fascistic ideology was never disguised behind hollow platitudes and empty rhetoric.
IE:Yitzhak Rabin.
Golda Meir during my childhood would always state that there never was a Palestinian people or that did not exist that it was all an Arab myth and the Ottoman Empire of past proves this. Hence during her rein the beginning of erasing past Arab history with relation to Palestinian past history and Palestinian self determination.
Ben Gurion direct quotes and well researched by Ashkanazi Zionist historian Lenny Brenner who documents the full historical alliance between anglo-zionist and world zionist to the German Nazis from 1933 to the 1942. (Which the anglo-zionist used against ex-London mayor of London Hon Livingstone and are presently using it against Jeremy Corbyn as I rite this blog.(The anti-semitic canard)
PUNTO TRE: Menachem Begin who to most intellectual honest historians would identify as the founder of modern day terrorism would be considered in today”s political spectrum left wing compared to any political entity in the west.
Ben Gurion many times was quoted in the 50s and sixties of openly stating that we the zionist have stolen the land from the Palestinians and if I were in there shoes I would be much more brutal and realistic with fighting against any Hebrew speaking middle eastern entity.
Conclusion Tolstoi’s words ring so loud and clear.” History would be a wonderful thing only if it were true.”
I suggest any decent human being who is really interested in Palestinian and justice and self determination for the Arabs and the Maghrebians read Lennie Brenner and Edward Said.
This will not end well for the colonial outpost of Tel-Aviv it self imploding as we speak. The real semites of the levantine basin and Lebanon and occupied Palestine never left and have history and time on their side. Hence Salladin the great liberator of the Arab lands has only gone dormant for the greatest threat to anglo-zionism and zionism in general as Edward Said has often been quoted is Pan -Arabism hence the destruction of the ME and the Maghreb was always their plan because great leaders like Qadaffi and Nasser and Assad will be and have always been a threat to them.

Apr 13, 2019 5:03 AM

In the history of the world so many many millions have died but we are free to discuss them and they are not continually fed to is in the form of Hollywood movies and the like, school trips, history lessons in school museums around the world etc.
We read and learn and discuss.
How many died in the Gulag camps in Siberia ? 1 million ? Two million ? 20 million ? Let’s read about it and make up our own minds.
In some countries that uphold the principle of speech especially when you say something about for example prophets of certain religions, will put you in jail as a result of breaking the law because you dare think and say it was not 6 million killed in the Holocaust but less.
Or even question the accuracy of the six million figure.
Now, why do we need a law for this ? And for none of the other wars ?
Makes you think that there is something going mg on that is not quite right when we cannot question something that is fed to us from kindergarten.

Apr 13, 2019 4:15 PM
Reply to  Liam

The number of “Jews gassed at Auschwitz” has just been downgraded again to “1.1 million.” Until very recently it was 1.4 million. Previously 2 million, 2.5 million, and 3.5 million.

But hey, what’s a couple of million Jews to holohoax conspiracy theorists?

Apr 14, 2019 3:40 AM
Reply to  Liam

Yeltsin released the figures of the number of deaths and prisoners held in Russian prisoner and labor camps to appease the US who were bottle feeding him vodka. Hearst and Solzenytsin claimed the figure at a staggeringly outragious 22 million. The records Yeltsin openly allowed to surface showed the figure at it’s highest to be 2 million (including labor camps).
As for the number of Jews being murdered, a Jewish member of the investigation of the count actually stated it was not 6 million, but approximately 1.5 million.
Anyone openly claiming these facts as true would likely be lynched verbally or even imprisoned under the new description of anti-semitism.

Badger Down
Badger Down
Apr 15, 2019 12:11 AM
Reply to  mohandeer

It is not quibbling to insist on a distinction between “murdered”, “killed”, “shot trying to escape”, “sentenced to death for spying, insurrection, etc”, “bombed by the “allies””, “death from typhus”, and all the other ways that people die when there’s a war on.

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum
Apr 13, 2019 1:19 AM

That confirms it.
The world WILL end sooner rather than later.

Maxine Chiu
Maxine Chiu
Apr 12, 2019 10:33 PM

Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is rotten to the core….But I do not understand what all of you are getting at….If the 6,000,000 is a lie, how many then?….Or are you going along with the Neo-Nazis who claim that there never was a Holocaust?….I hope somebody can clarify what’s going on here.

Apr 12, 2019 11:06 PM
Reply to  Maxine Chiu

Watch some David Irving presentations on YouTube to get an understanding of what the evidence proves or does not prove.

Be quick as it’s likely this historians work will be removed from YouTube in the upcoming censorship purge.

Apr 12, 2019 11:13 PM
Reply to  Maxine Chiu

And this will shed some light on where that six million figure came from . You may be suprised .https://youtu.be/YqACgRA6XuI?list=WL

Maxine Chiu
Maxine Chiu
Apr 14, 2019 12:46 AM
Reply to  ZigZagWanderer

To ZigZag Wanderer and others who are offended by my comment:

OK, so the number “6,000,000” took off way back then….But if not 6,000,000 please do let me know just HOW MANY Jews were murdered and tortured during the Holocaust….Unless you believe that the Holocaust never happened?!….Further, it’s ridiculously twisted reasoning to suggest that concern for the Jewish Holocaust victims, expunges the possibility of of being equally disgusted by the suffering and deaths of the other WWII victims.

Badger Down
Badger Down
Apr 15, 2019 7:57 AM
Reply to  Maxine Chiu

Your holocaust, Maxine, is a wild accusation of mass murder. You are the one who should provide proof, or at least evidence, of guilt. When I look at your holocaust, I see millions of “survivors”. It’s no good asking us bystanders how many Jews were causted, that’s your job.

Apr 13, 2019 2:34 PM
Reply to  Maxine Chiu

10’s of millions died (maybe as high as 100 million) in the run up to, during & aftermath of the 2nd world war! Why is it only that we must only commemorate jews?

Dying in rotten slave labour camps from hunger & disease is horrific enough, why embellish the suffering?

Many innocent civilians died from state violence (not just germany) why is it we are only ever reminded about jewish victims?

Its 2019, WW2 was nearly 80 years ago. Lets start thinking about the future and leave history where it belongs. After all we seem to have forgotten the 10s of million non jews that were considered collateral in WW2!

Apr 13, 2019 4:19 PM
Reply to  Maxine Chiu

When I was a kid, I read about the “3.5 million Jews gassed at Auschwitz.”
The current figure, apparently, is “1.1 million.”
This is shown on a plaque at the site, which was built, or “rebuilt” in the 1950s.
I don’t know if you can explain this to me.
Nobody else has ever been able to.

Apr 14, 2019 3:51 AM
Reply to  Maxine Chiu

@Maxine Chiu. There was a holocaust in Germany. In Dachau over 870,000 Poles(non Jews) suddenly disappeared never to be heard from again. Some 2 million Russians and Russian ethnics(from what is now the Donbass)more than a million disabled and mentally challenged German and other european citizens and nearly 1.5 million ethnics many of whom were Roma and more than .5 million prisoners serving time for state crimes were likely murdered.If one were to add to this the six million Jews figure quoted since the late 1800 and in 1903 and again in 1933 and then again after the end of WW2, that number would have been 12 million. Since we have no evidence of mass graves that remotely suggest 6 million murdered souls, it is indicative that the claim of a “Jewish” holocaust is pure propaganda in the first place or that the actual deaths were only Jewish in the second place. You decide what you wish to believe.

Apr 15, 2019 11:48 PM
Reply to  Maxine Chiu

@Maxine Chiu
I am of serphardic background
1946-47 reports from Red Cross SWISS.
Estimated deaths from labour camps are between half million to 1,2 million and would not exceed 2 million.
Hence Tell a lie enough it will become a truth.
I am not denying the suffering and death that was attributed to the people being in those camps . But prior to 1942 these people were all maintained and treated by the Nazi regime.
Ex :Ashkanazi jew has an interesting documentary on the matter dwells in California his last name is Cole
Further more let us look at the total destruction and dehuminizing experience that the people of the Maghreb and the middle east are experiencing.IE Libya had the highest standard of living of all of Africa and further more had a human index 2 above the USA according to the UN under Qadaffi.
Look at Syria and let us not forget the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.and the pure evil nature of the IDF and the colonial outpost of occupied Palestine.
25 million Slavs and 30 million Chinese were slaughtered during WW2 but we in the west keep hearing about all these ethnic Khazarians from europe.

Apr 12, 2019 7:04 PM

Since my early childhood I was indoctrinated to believe the six million story. Not 5,999,999, six million stupid goy.

Apr 12, 2019 9:12 PM
Reply to  Escapee

“Six million” is small beer in Talmudic terms.
4 Billion were supposedly “holocausted” by the Romans.
Sort of makes old Adolf look a bit weedy and limp wristed by comparison.
Zionist media was full of the “six gazillion” trope from at least 1919 onwards.
“Six gazillion Jews face starvation”, “six gazillion Jews face persecution and pogroms”, “six gazillion Jews at risk.”

Apr 12, 2019 10:06 PM
Reply to  mark

Mark – You and I appear always to be on the same page:

”The six-million figure: another holocaust lie and the lying liars who enable it.”

Apr 13, 2019 4:51 PM
Reply to  Maggie

The world Jewish population was given as 16 million in 1938 and 15 million in 1946.
This is quite plausible, maybe up to a million, or more likely a few hundred thousand perishing in the war through persecution and mistreatment and generally poor and chaotic wartime conditions, outbreaks of typhus and so on.
Of course this doesn’t include Jews who probably died in large numbers serving in the Red Army, battlefield casualties, or “collateral damage” of bombings and shelling.
150,000 Jews and part Jews served in the German Army, many reaching high rank. Some of them were killed in action. Are they “holocaust victims” as well?

The narrative we have been fed is clearly a propaganda hoax, typical wartime propaganda of the “Bayonetted Belgian Babies/ Raped Belgian Nuns/ Crucified Canadian Prisoners/ Human Bodies Turned Into Soap” variety of WW1. Or more recently, the “Iraq Incubator Babies/ Iraq WMD/ Gaddafi Viagra Fuelled Rape Gangs/ Syrian Gas Attack” hoaxes.

There’s no doubt Jews were badly treated and a lot died in the general bloodbath of WW2.
But from the 1950s onwards, Israel extorted “compensation” or “reparations” from West Germany that was set at £6,600 (in 1950s money) per “murdered Jew.” So there was an obvious incentive to inflate the figures as much as possible.

Apart from the deliberate deceit, there is a human tendency to exaggerate horrific events. 30 years ago, the Romanian dictator Ceaucescu was overthrown and murdered. There was heavy fighting, with snipers on rooftops and tanks rumbling through the streets firing at buildings. At the time, it was announced and generally accepted that 60,000 had been killed in the fighting. Afterwards, when the fighting died down and people were able to collate figures from hospital morgues and so on, it transpired that the true figure was about 800. Applying this to the 6,000,000, the true figure would be 80,000.

Apr 14, 2019 3:56 AM
Reply to  mark

@ Mark.
Before the Romans appeared there were not even 2 million Jews wandering the ME and Khazaria and Persia gave the Jews sanctuary as did many other countries. The Hebrews had a tendancey towards victimhood even during their interim polythesiest years BC.

Apr 14, 2019 7:53 PM
Reply to  mohandeer

According to the Talmud, the Romans “holocausted” 4,000 million Jews.
Three times the population of China.

Michael Cromer
Michael Cromer
Apr 12, 2019 5:44 PM

What a totally unique and strange ‘Promised Land’ Zion turned out to be – Why on earth do they want to stay there?

Apr 12, 2019 3:45 PM

Hamas was created by the Zionist Apartheid Regime to undermine Yasser Arafat and his organisation.
They gave it money and guns.
It was just intended as controlled opposition to serve Zionist purposes.
This plan blew up in their faces.
Then Hamas won the last democratic election that was permitted in the region, in 2006.
So they are the democratically elected government of the Palestinian people.
The servile Zionist puppet Abbas has no mandate and no legitimacy.
The Zionist Regime will shortly formally annex the illegally occupied West Bank.
That is obviously next item on the agenda after Shabbos Goy Trump has given them illegally occupied Arab East Jerusalem and illegally occupied Syria, together with tens of billions in annual tribute, unlimited quantities of completely free weapons, and unlimited political cover.
Arch Zionist Kushner will then get his Shabbos Goy Father In Law to sign off on the “Deal” giving Israel everything it wants with no involvement whatsoever from the Palestinians.
They will be expected to just swallow this and accept their fate of slow suffocation, punctuated by periodic Mowing-The-Grass pogroms.
This is not without its positive aspects.
It finally gets rid of the unicorns that give the Zionist Regime and its western goy stooges a fig leaf of respectability as they bleat on endlessly about a non existent “Peace Process” and “Two State Solution.”
Instead we will get rid of the veneer, and have the world’s only fully fledged openly racist state with its own Nuremberg Laws, for everybody to see.
An openly genocidal, racist, terrorist pirate state.
Even the most bought and paid for goy stooge politicians will have difficulty in openly supporting this.
No amount of multi million dollar hasbara can conceal the ugly reality.
We will have an openly fascist state with a population of 12-13 million, slightly over half of whom are treated immeasurably worse than blacks in 1950s Alabama, more rigidly segregated than Apartheid South Africa ever was..