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In his own words: Assange’s statement

Philip Roddis

Do you know the Swedish Chief Prosecutor initially handling the allegations of rape against Julian Assange found no case to answer? Are you aware she was succeeded by Marianne Ny, who has pursued a legally dubious course? Have you read Assange’s detailed statement?

Yesterday’s Guardian ran with Failure to extradite Assange to Sweden would endorse ‘rape culture’, say women’s groups. Four paragraphs in, it says:

Sarah Green, co-director of End Violence Against Women, an alliance of more than 80 organisations, said Assange’s portrayal as a victim was an affront to rape survivors.

“He’s always benefited from his cult hero status, painting himself as a victim and being very righteous. Yet this is about rape, it’s what he is accused of. It’s extremely serious.”

This is about rape? Really? Here’s me thinking the pretext for his arrest a technicality on bail, with the unsealed extradition request from Virginia speaking of conspiring to crack a password; end of.

Should Assange be extradited there’s no knowing, of course, what other charges may be added, including capital ones whose inclusion at this stage would debar extradition under UK law. But Green shows no concern and that, I fear, is of a piece with the recklessness with which, as Eric London argued, presumption of innocence is ditched by ‘progressives’ when sexual misconduct is alleged.

But insofar as that adjective can ever apply to rape, London is speaking of ‘normal’ cases. Since Assange’s could not be further from anything passing for normality, the recklessness I speak of rises exponentially. Given what Assange has told us, all of it falsifiable and none of it falsified, of the criminality of our rulers; given even what we knew before Wikileaks of their capacity to lie in circumstances less conducive, it takes myopia and blind faith to new and dizzying heights to insist that this is about rape.

No, Ms Green, with all due respect it is not, and that holds even in the unlikely event of Assange being convicted, through fair trial in a truly independent court, of that very serious crime.

In a 2012 piece, We are Women Against Rape but do not want Julian Assange extradited, Katrina Axelsson and Lisa Longstaff offer a reading that should have leapt out at anyone the moment the allegations, still repeatedly misrepresented as ‘charges’, saw light of day:

When Julian Assange was first arrested, we were struck by the unusual zeal with which he was being pursued for rape allegations.

It seems even clearer now, that the allegations against him are a smokescreen behind which a number of governments are trying to clamp down on WikiLeaks for having audaciously revealed to the public their secret planning of wars and occupations with their attendant rape, murder and destruction.

Quite. And if like me you say rape is a deadly serious matter, don’t you owe it yourself, Assange and his alleged victims to spend a little time reading what the man himself is saying? In 2016 he made a lengthy statement, not to my knowledge published in any corporate media – least of all a Guardian which, having gained handsomely from a book for which Assange received nothing, has led an odious narrative of vilification – but posted on Document Cloud and beginning thus:

You have subjected me to six years of unlawful, politicized detention without charge in prison, under house arrest and four and a half years at this embassy. You should have asked me this question six years ago. Your actions in refusing to take my statement for the last six years have been found to be unlawful by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention and by the Swedish Court of Appeal. You have been found to have subjected me to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. You have denied me effective legal representation in this process. Despite this, I feel compelled to cooperate even though you are not safeguarding my rights.

The full statement can be downloaded in PDF form here. It took me the best part of an hour to read but that won’t put you off, I’m sure. Didn’t I hear you telling me rape is serious?

Scribbler for some sixty years, and for fifteen a photographer too, Philip Roddis began blogging in the early noughties by inflicting film reviews on an unsuspecting public. Soon he was doing the same with illustrated writings on wanderings in Asia and Africa. He writes “to help me think, and because I like to be read”, and finds photography's problem solving aspects "a break from those of writing, as well as an aid to writing and to reflective travel”.

His blog is Steel City Scribblings


  1. Ian Fantom says

    Thanks for the link to Julian Assange’s statement. I’ve just sent it to my Labour MP, asking for her views, and whether she will support the line taken by Jeremy Corbyn and Dianne Abbott. I’ve also expressed my disappointment at Emily Thornberry’s statements advocating his extradition to Sweden. As a human rights lawyer I would have expected better than that. I noted that she is on the Labour Friends of Israel supporters list.

    I have to wonder where Amal Clooney is on this. She is the international human rights lawyer, who has been appointed by Jeremy Hunt to act as the foreign secretary’s special envoy on media freedom as part of his campaign to highlight assaults and restrictions on journalists globally.

  2. Svein says

    He was invited by christian socialdemocrats , sexually used by one of them, and if brought to Court judged by social democrats and their allies, if he would have been an asylum seeker he could have done real bad things and go free.

    • Jim Scott says

      Please so not compare Julian’s situation with asylum seekers. Julian is an asylum seeker so it is a ridiculous assertion to say he is getting it tough compared to asylum seekers. It appears that you are hitting out against asylum seekers because you think asylum they have a cushy ride due to the generosity of Western governments. I would point out that most asylum seekers are caused by Western governments carrying out wars in their countries in an attempt to put in place new leaders under the thumb of Western Governments and corporations, and have destroyed millions of homes as well as public infrastructure. More importantly the modern method of conquest is to divide communities to the point of civil war and to assist the anti democratic usurpers as achieved in Iraq and Libya but not yet in Syria. Have you not seen what is left of Syrian cities that have been captured by the Western backed terrorists or “saved” by America and its craven allies. Would your family live in that rubble without clean water, sewerage systems and electricity? How happy would you be staying where half of your family had been murdered and your teenage daughters raped and sold as slaves. It pisses me off that people think these broken people are criticised for seeking safety when countries like mine (Australia) lock them up where they have no access to our courts of law and until they are so demoralised and mentally and physically destroyed that even their children are sewing their lips together and suiciding.
      I would bet that Julian Assange would never blame these traumatised people for his predicament instead of the warmongering psychopathic corporatists as you do.

  3. Gezzah Potts says

    God…. What fecken identity politics has done to the brains of these miserable control freaks. As someone else said ‘The gift that keeps on giving’ and none of these people even mention War Crimes or what Wikileaks exposed. Its all about rape and bad behaviour and narcissism and smearing poo on the embassy walls and bad hygiene and all the other trivialised crap these ‘people’ push out to continue the demonisation of Assange. But don’t mention the million dead in the Middle East or entire countries destroyed on complete lies. Just keep mentioning the word rape. I wonder if Sarah Green is also in #metoo?

  4. MarkBad says

    The Guardian-Observer group endlessly promote opinions that presume the guilt of Assange. However, the Independent is not that far behind in the race to the bottom of journalistic integrity and the following is an interesting example.
    Today I was surprised to see nothing about the Assange on the front webpage of the independent. At the top of the page were pictures of three journalists along with the titles of their articles. I clicked on the first (top left) despite its Identity politics oriented title “Jenny Éclair-Gents, thanks for your opinions on Fleabag, but please rein it in”. A title that manages to effortlessly combine patronising sexism with a nasty kind of passive aggression. I do not believe for a moment these are genuine words of thanks and being addressed as a “Gent” prior being told how I should think is plain arrogance. I had no prior knowledge of Fleabag nor Jenny Éclair. I quickly formed the opinion Jenny would probably identify herself as a feminist intellectual while only writing unchallenging trivialities.
    The article turns out to be an incredible identity politic style smear on Julian Assange!
    Apparently, Assange is an autistic who refused to read books by female authors until Jennie’s mates tried to convert him!
    Is this truly the most relevant news the Independent can share with the public about Assange right now? Maybe this might have been acceptable copy if Julian had just been released this weekend but what of any value is this story trying to communicate at this very dark moment in history?
    Jenny continues-“Putting Assange aside, there are plenty of other men who don’t read female writers” & “But guys, here’s the thing, just because you don’t like a comedy written by and starring women doesn’t mean you need to be personally affronted by its success”
    The comedy for me is that any “female” journalist could be so utterly self-absorbed with trivial feminist identity issues. Is she really so entirely oblivious to the fact that real journalists who investigate genuine issues and actually publish real news stories are now punishable by indefinite periods of detention punctuated by inhumane torture? How could any editor imagine this would be something appropriate to publish about someone whose life now lies in the balance?
    Who knows, Fleabag might be a great book (for all I know) but my interest in reading it is now considerably less than zero.
    Are there any newspapers worthy of print in the UK?

  5. BigB says

    The current crisis – symbolised by the dehumanisation of Julian for telling-the-truth-crime – is the nihilation of the principles of the Rule Of Law (i.e. unlawful detention; illegal and cruel punishment (solitary confinement); violation of Habeus Corpus; forfeiture of freedom without conviction; etc); the destruction of the Social Contract (binding ALL subjects to the Rule of Law – “Be ye ever so high, the law is above you”): and bureaucratic and administrative coup d’etat over the birthrights of subjects – Constitutionally guaranteed in perpetuity; without repeal or encroachment by Parliamentary would-be-despots. The country is in open revolt, and our birthright justices and freedoms are clearly eroded – if not completely nihilated. And the solution is….

    …Among those I have garnered – broadly categorised: turn back time to some unspecified (pre-70s) social reboot point – a Social Systems Restore to the Rule of Law; mythical new management of those who respect British Constitutional Common Law and International Humanitarian Law (there are none: a GE would make many of the 70 of the Creasy capitulation and mythical ‘Rape Culture Complicity’ Letter signatories into government ministers); or the forlorn hope of British Justice upholding the law as it stands. Or the standard hand-wringing and blame-game – which does no one any good. In other words, there are no solutions, and even less understanding of the macro-scale dynamic systems flows and patterns of behaviour that are now clearly visible.

    That the state has always been an assymetric purveyor of Justice is undeniable. It is constituted – by its own state-ratified statutes – as a means of perpetuating Private Property Rights – for entitled natural and fictitious legal persons (incorporations; democracy and justice Inc.) – by violent and quasi-violent means (arbitrary detention; etc). This is a given. Whilst there can be no reversion to summary British Justice – as administered at Amritsar 100 years ago – the underlying socio-economic dynamics are not well understood. There are fundamental biophysical and bioenergetic reasons and principles why the state will manifest greater totalising control of the narrative …and of its own tarnished image.

    Part – if not all -the reason that this will manifest is that there is no viable alternative: not even a viable diagnosis – yet. Dialectical materialism – contradictions and conflicts based on material resources – has regressed society. There can be no progress until this is addressed and redressed. Living standards, social justices and freedoms gained post-war were not permanent: Thatcher ended that. Living standards have been in decline ever since: not that anyone with a ‘flexible friend’ noticed. Ersatz prosperity and pseudo-progress went on the “never-never”. Well the ‘never-never’ turned into the here-and-now-now.

    Unrepayable debts: that have not manifest as satisfaction, self-esteem, and universal progress and prosperity are part of an emergent trialectic – of debt; state; and material entropy vortices – driving social decay and state repression. This locks Master and Slave in the same materialistic dialectic: for which both share responsibility. Whether that is asymmetric or not is a moot point: but everyone that partakes in modernity does have shared responsibility for modernity. Modernity is the result of totalised subjectivised choice – at least partially freely entered in to. Even as is now becoming apparent – that choice was gamed.

    Now that the co-responsibility is being weaponised – through neoliberal de-politicisation: diminishing personal agency, dis-empowering, disenfranchising and politically alienating subjects; and the gains of modernity are also diminishing – the long decline in wages; the recent dissolution of discretionary spending (household credit maximisation); the lack of prospects and credible (that means credible, not pseudosocialist Labour dogma – to be clear) alternatives; the manifest violence and oppression …It seems to me most people want the “cake-and-eat-it” solution of continued modernity-theology progress and prosperity – without responsibility. A classic ‘blind-eye’ approach to modernity. Its ‘their’ fault. The bad guys who do bad things. If we just get rid of ‘them’…

    The sociopathological system of modernity is in omnicidal crisis – the solution cannot be a System Reboot with problem individuals and groups removed. This would be like taking a biopsy of a cancer and expecting it to stop growing with the sample ‘neutralised’ (no one states how humane this would be). Sociopathological systems develop sociopathologically – unless removed …from the basal cells. Julian’s plight has highlighted the total dearth of political acumen in this country. My only hope is that it might catalyse radical analysis toward peaceful Universal Humanist solutions: knowing we are next. There is no one else to blame. We are all in this finite worldship together.

    • Tim Jenkins says

      Perfectly put, BigB:

      But, prioritise your mind logistically & legally, because, there is an extremely complex Deep State Gamers versus ‘The Resistance’/Patriots conflict, happening now, approaching Civil War in the U$A >>>
      & yer’ twisting your melons man 😉

      and seemingly most others @OffG, inc. the author, it appears: slow down ! We know that the rape case was more than just fallible, even likely a largely fabricated distraction or at minimum a CIA engineered Psyop, with Deep State Media Hype, but NOT by Trump, who has had to endure precisely this self same DSMH & lies: for example, from the ex-MI6 C.Steele Report, Fusion GPS &&& (Fiction paid for by the DS Democrats, involving GCHQ, too!), then came the absurd case ‘Skripal’, as a Trump payback warning to the UK Deep State ! (only a CIA operative would have dumped that Nina Ricci bottle in a bin, so carelessly, I assure you, having experience of working with the CIA personnel mentality, throughout the 90’s in Switzerland & the Balkans) >>>

      What did Assange say … ? (whilst exiting the embassy with a fantastic advert for Gore Vidal’s book of analysis of the corporate ‘nature of the beast’ & “History of the National Security State”, photographed in Assange’s hand, selling now on Amazon, like hot cakes! Check !) The CIA is Amazon’s top client, in the Pyramid ! ?

      Amazon the world’s largest corporation, presently !

      “Resist UK ! ”

      Bill Binney has already confirmed technically why, how & what he knows for sure, about that DNC server “hack”, that was unequivocally NOT a hack ! And Julian Assange knows damn well from whom he got the DNC intelligence LEAK not hack, which Binney proves mathematically, well justifiable ! and Assange has , grudgingly, at least confirmed that it was not the Russians ! Which Mueller has also finally confirmed, & with Bill Barr in place now, (& Rosenstein gone), therefore, we can move forward with investigations into who killed Seth Rich & Why ? ? !

      He was not mugged, nothing was stolen, he was allegedly shot in the back (i believe), but facts and substantiated evidence are missing in Assange’s & others’ actions, thanks to a clearly and proven corrupted FBI, under Comey & McCabe, Strzok & Page …
      who were all no doubt & proven to be spying on Trump prior to the election, also, for the Deep State & committing multiple offences most grave & bordering on massive scale fuck’d’up TREASON, like WTC7 was >>>

      Trump has been telling us all along “Fake News”. I do not need to elaborate for someone like yourself & with Seth Rich dead, Assange would be excused morally for revealing his source, just this once. All i’m saying is hold yer’ horses on what is going down in the stables, coz’ none of what is actual is actual, see ?

      Leveson 2 is the only solution for the UK and the USA, who will both, in unison come to see, that legal precedent is now quintessential, regarding the MSM Lies from the likes of Madcow Maddow to Luke Puke Harding, inc. D’BBC , over Mueller & Russia & ‘D’ notices on
      everything – everything important to comprehend, from social media regulation & CENSORSHIP, dating back to long before WTC 7, & including “Collateral Murder”, itself a kind of Psyop (‘give a little’ distraction), from Blair & Bush’s culpability, (Deep State Thinking): whatever comes out, anything goes but for one thing. Never the Weather 😉 Weaponised Weather for commercial gain on commodity markets & GMO crop production, by companies like Enron Monsanto GEC, with BP & THE D.o.D. to mention just a few names, the web is huge and you know it . . . and legal liability & culpability are the DS’s most major concerns, see?

      Logistically & Legally this is a huge ‘nut’ job, to break the chain of command from the Sociopaths, you mention.

      Trump has shown us that Mueller is a Deep State puppet and always was . . . therefore, in Mueller’s role as FBI Boss, from the 7th Sept. 2001 onwards, we can start drawing the requisite conclusions and start proving scientifically, that we have been lied to, since long before 9/11 & WTC 7 … & why, how, what n’ all with Mens Rea, written in so much code, upon so many computers & servers & SOVEREIGN Supercomputing capacity, (not forgetting the US State’s interest in Google & Amazon, all with ‘intel inside’, & Intel’s Harmonie & HarmoniEPS programmes for HAC Hirlam & Aladin Consortium, with programmes founded on code by Massachusetts based Atmospheric & Environmental Research inc. all designs focussed on severe weather & Hectometric calculations for short term weather forecasting, on which all European Forecasting is based, including the British Met. office & Méteo France … (think S.T.E.V.E. link below, & NASA’s description of Strong Thermal Emissions Velocity Enhancement)

      Indeed, even long before the Golan Heights & Rupert Murdoch & Genie Energy, our NATO Military Intelligence have been playing ‘God’ , including engineering the weather, with Corporations like B.P. assuming control of Tech. like HAARP, along with many other Corporate Partners. Partners like ENRON, the 2nd largest U.S. corporation (that went bust) and the SEC investigation into their connectivity to Monsanto (now Bayer) & GEC . . . in WTC 7.

      The Thermodynamics you speak of so eloquently, all occurs within TINY parameters, indeed, the Ionosphere is closer to me in Kilometres, than Sofia or Istanbul and I live equidistant from all three, & if I triangulate with the Magnetosphere, technically speaking , the Magnetosphere is CLOSEST ;), yet most cannot imagine the extremely narrow waveband dimensions of magnetism’s ‘bandwidth’ (proportionately, London – Bristol)

      Our Biosphere & Climate Change is pointless discussing unless we put >>>

      ALL the contributory factors on the table for analysis . . .

      “Open Source all Intelligence & Engineering in real time”, is not something the M.I.C. will accept willingly.

      Assange knows this . . . so does Trump and people who go up against the Clintons, have a habit of dying, strangely…

      The Guardian of the Deep State Rocker-Feller, is a symbiotic ‘partner’ of Fox News, who, (not sure today), at least used to be, @home in Rockefeller’s ‘gaff’ Tower, and as such, Murdoch, Rothschild, Cheney & Woolsey and of course Rocker-feller, have been manipulating with their inherited Deep State Computerised Networking of MIT buddies like IBM, since 1943 onwards, already in full swing, post WW2 . . .

      Anybody who threatens this sociopathic power clique, with their CIA & Vatican Bank, including any Pope, will simply ‘die’, one way or another >>> so, Assange was understandably extremely concerned for his own welfare and thus, Trump just said that he knows nothing about Wikileaks … Lol , lmao ! ? ! Hilarious & so in yer’ face, that we are now obviously obligated to “Resist” any further Censorship & Fake News.

      Trump’s way of provoking international negotiations ! ? Certainly can be, but no guarantees, however, it would explain why he had no time for the Climate Accord in Paris, (when the Guardian slipped in an almost ‘hidden’, but ‘Lovely’ photo of the “The Purple Streaker STEVE”) >>> ‘Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement’ (say NASA)
      “Donovan investigated the phenomenon himself, matching pictures taken from the ground with readings from the European Space Agency’s Swarm satellites, which have sensitive instruments to measure Earth’s magnetic field.

      One satellite flew through Steve, and the agency’s readings indicated an encounter with a ribbon of charged gas, about 15 miles wide, moving at four miles a second or about 13,420mph.

      Steve is hot, around 3,000C (5,400F) HOTTER, than air surrounding it, at an altitude of 186 miles. But the satellite remained undamaged”

      We need to address first & foremost the Thermodynamic societal consequences of a wholly corrupted Fake MSM & Science, with conflicts of interest and ground-zero editorial control, before we start with teaching an ill-informed people, the Science of EROI & EROEI harmonised with Equilibrium. Education cannot be founded on or furthered more, with such scientific disinformation in the public domain & activities from secretive corporations & secret services, that have usurped societal control of sovereign militaries, with an agenda for global control, as Emperors of Corporate Empires, that transcend any national sovereign interests and all electorates.

      Of course, climate change is real & naturally occurring: the only question is what precisely are NATO & others, doing to accelerate this matter ? including targeting Farmers in the central USA or targeting Iran or Puerto Rico (where the Clinton Foundation has now sprung up, ‘coincidently’), and so many other questions, re. The Balkans & Depleted Uranium Munitions, like those used in ‘Collateral Murder’ , according to Ethan McCord (US Military on the ground first, immediately after the murders & terror action, carrying an injured small girl away & getting shouted down for doing so … !)

      We had so many moral questions, directly to confront even long before WTC 7 & creating big profits for Monsanto & GMO: conveniently now, another name consigned to history like Union Carbide, after Bhopal, who became Dow Chemicals. (Once dumbed down folk realise that Glyphosate is in almost everything on supermarket shelves, will Glyphosate be finally shelved? like Depleted Uranium Munitions ? & Weaponised Weather ?)

      In December 2017, Moscow received six minutes of sunlight, for the whole month >>> a record Fact:- and last year in April I got an ORANGE SNOW Deluge and so did the whole of Eastern Europe, the day before Erdogan landed in Varna, Bulgaria to discuss matters with Bg.’s NATO Puppet PM Borisov: the same guy who had agreed to the South Stream pipeline, then it was cancelled on EU orders, then Borisov & the EU agreed again on the deal with Gazprom and then since, it has been cancelled AGAIN >>>

      Absurdity all at NATO’s and the CIA’s perverted behest ! !
      When Gazprom had already built the South Stream pipeline to the Bulgarian shoreline subventing the corrupted CIA backed reactionary Nazi-NATO-Guard, driven towards US dealings with the likes of Nuland & Biden’s son & Shell & Verhofstadt’s Energy pal backer in the Ukraine, when the Ukraine had no President or PM !

      Meanwhile, North Stream goes ahead unhindered … EU Energy Planning, governed by NATO, unless yer’ German ! ?

      Hopefully I’ve given you enough to think on, & lift any depression over a wholly bizarre Assange case, (we may have been feeling collectively). Justice Leveson is an unusual man.

      Solutions; Leveson 2 . . . highlighting corporate conflicts of interests, Fake News on the Golan dating back decades & editorial control & Censorship, demonstrable with a question to all eligible voters… like,

      “Who attacked the USS Liberty and killed 34 US Navy Personnel, simultaneously, with an attack on the Golan Heights? In which year & why? And when did Murdoch buy ‘The Sun’ ? ”

      Justice Leveson was born in Liverpool . . . think pro-active memory 😉

      Leveson is smart & not afraid . . . especially of ‘Media-Matters’ & equitable accountability in legal circles.

      Thus May silenced him asap, as instructed by Murdoch: after Murdoch’s “most humbling moment ”
      in front of Justice Leveson, a decision & ruling that barely scratched the surface of the inherent problems & clear

      Conflicts of Interest . . .

      If only Corbyn had a ‘pair’ & a brain 😉
      Wardropper chose the word “Gumption”, recently …

      Potential Solutions exist: Maybe the Labour Party should officially invite Jürgen Klopp and the Cop to a conference of discussion on priority matters most serious, in Anfield, Liverpool, regarding Gore Vidal’s ‘The History of the National Security State’ , Murdoch’s “Mad Mullahs” & Soros’ ‘Media Matters’, relating to the Golan & Genie Energy &&& and discuss where, why & how ‘The Sun’ don’t shine in Liverpool, no more 🙂
      and invite Justice Leveson,
      as respected Referee, for “Resist UK” !

      So, many people may finally know that they’ll Never Walk Alone 🙂

      WWG1WGA, vis-a-vis Entropy . . .

      Just a thought 😉

      Sir Brian Henry Leveson, currently the President of the Queen’s Bench Division
      and Head of Criminal Justice.
      Born: Brian Henry Leveson, (22nd June 1949, Liverpool, Lancashire, England)

      P.s. Somebody should ask Justice Leveson for his opinion on WTC7, Murdoch, May and D’BBC, then declare a National Emergency in both Congress & Parliament, on matters far greater than any proxxxy Brexit Distraction.

      Justice > Peace > Out.

    • milosevic says

      there can be no reversion to summary British Justice – as administered at Amritsar 100 years ago

  6. crank says

    Rape, it seems, is more serious for some than others. I would impore people to look deeply into the competing seams of ethical thought which are being played out in cases such as Assange’s.
    If a moral code regards rape as OK in certain circumstances, might this not translate eventually into a ‘justification’ for false allegations (-false prosecution even)?
    Until we understand the historic and ideological roots of liberal identitarianism, we are no more than clearing up ashtrays after they’ve had their party.
    [Israel Shamir’s books are a quid in digital format]

    • BigB says


      As Monty Python put it: “Wink-wink; Nudge-nudge; Say no more!”

      What are the historic and ideological roots of liberal identitarianism? And which of Israel’s books should I be reading?

      • crank says

        Further to our aligned views earlier:

        For domination, greed is just a means to the end. Yes, it is nice to sell air [to consumers] and to make a handsome profit. But maybe it is even nicer to refuse to sell [them] air and watch their death throes? After all, my ancestors, obsessed with the domination drive, paid good money for the Christian captives after the Persian sack of Jerusalem, then slaughtered the prisoners, refusing the profit-taking. Profit is not the last word; greed is not the ultimate sin. No greed can explain the drive of a billionaire to make more billions. He is after different game: domination. As we said, domination calls for slaves, and no man can be enslaved while he is connected to nature. That is the reason for the destruction of nature; it has to be done to enslave a man. But beyond the domination drive, beyond the destruction of nature, we observe something else. As a Columbus sailor at landfall, we rub our eyes in disbelief: it just can not be so!

        – from ‘Cabala of Power’.

        ‘Masters of Discourse’ is apropos to our current situation too.

        Rightly or wrongly, I am starting to regard politics (including environmental politics) as little more than a veil over theology. The mystical touches the political in the sphere of theology.

        A firm rule must be imposed upon our nation before it destroys itself. The United States needs some theology and geometry, some taste and decency. I suspect that we are teetering on the edge of the abyss.

        Ignatius J. Reilly

        • BigB says

          Not theology, my friend – psychology. Self/Other; dominance/subservience; the Master/Slave dialectic; oppressor/oppressed; the ‘Will to Power’; dominion; the Thanatos psychosexualised drive to conquer death; or to offset death with ersatz immortality (Ernst Becker); transhumanism; AI; the Ubermensch and Untermensch; the suppressed counterdrive to create – Eros; the ‘Fearful Symmetry’ of the primal forces of darkness and light; order/chaos; birth/death; the known and unknown; The Sky Father; the Earth Mother; the mediator Son; the Divine Androgyne….

          …Draw back the veil and you are looking straight into the theatre of the mind. Theology, teleology, progress, and even prosperity are all an ancient heady mix of mythology and psychology. We have been balancing the need to create and the primitive need to accumulate and dominate since the year dot. Have you read Michael Hudson’s masterful four part history of debt? We have been wrestling with the same problem since at least the Bronze Age. In Sumer, Babylonia, Egypt and their Near Eastern neighbours (including early Mosaic Law): they were well aware of the problems of over-accumulation – leading to famine and the collapse of civilisations. So they wiped the slate clean periodically – a debt amnesty in the famous Jubilee year. I’m not sure the advocacy of mixed economy’s has any modern relevance. Not least as it has already been co-opted by Davos and the charity NGO ‘climate and human regime change’ industrial complex.

          The balance of life and death – Eros and Thanatos – looks skewed toward the primitive accumulation and domination of billionaires at the moment. I’m not expecting a Jubilee any time soon. It would only be a temporary reset any way. Firm rule seems unequally unlikely to replace moral hazard and corporate capture. It looks like the return of the Sun King might be our only hope!

      • Tim Jenkins says

        “What are the historic and ideological roots of liberal identitarianism? ”

        @BigB , lol, May I venture:- ‘Wannabes’ that support AntidisestablishmentArianism

        Sorry for jesting, but it was always just my favourite word, since school days, what with Hitler & The Aryans, I’m sure they’ll get Notre Dame rebuilt in no time, with the plenipotentiary powers of Macron (chuckle) and plenty of blood sweat & tears of laughter in Bohemia Grove 🙂

    • milosevic says

      the historic and ideological roots of liberal identitarianism

  7. When Julian Assange gets locked up with no proper charge we see another miscarriage of justice in the making. Meanwhile Christopher Steele of the Dearlove coterie, both retired spooks who are allowed to feather their nests by spinning lies and deception, while trampling all over the official secrets act, walk free

    So why are these real charlatans not being held to account?

    On Her Majesties Secret Service bringing criminal actions [often international crimes] to a place near you. Using millions in tax payers money for totally useless fit-ups, disappearances and propaganda mocumentaries.

  8. The gifts that keep on giving. The letter from 70 UK parliamentarians demanding that Assange be extradited to Sweden was organised and published on Twitter by Stella Creasy MP and supported and amplified by the usual suspects, Jess Phillips MP among the most prominent (plus the entire Tinge-Tigger Group, Labour Friends of Israel and assorted bad smells from the Blairite era & some Tory wets). Thus they were handed a stick to beat not only Julian Assange but simultaneously their other bêtes noirs, Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott. Three flies swatted at a single stroke? Genius? probably not; more a case of kicking the ball at an open net. All in all though, enough to be reported as serious news.

    Former home secretary Lord Blunkett was more explicit about the motives and said people giving Assange “unqualified support” were being “extremely unwise”.

    Writing in The Times, the former Labour MP said: “It is indeed important that any extradition hearing should be fair and take into account the mitigation of genuine revelations of wrongdoing made in 2010.”

    “However, supporting a fair hearing is not the same as a political demand that he should be treated as some kind of hero; he remained in the Ecuadorean embassy to avoid previous extradition hearings concerning claims of rape and abuse in Sweden.”

    “A knee-jerk response that presumes that hacking is acceptable if the perpetrators can claim that their motives were journalistic is particularly dangerous when it emanates from those aspiring to become prime minister or home secretary, such as Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott.”

    • John2o2o says

      Regarding Blunkett, as the old saying goes: There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    • writerroddis says

      Yes, the moment Jess Phillips – the self-serving, self deluded and supremely shallow promoter of all things Jess Phillips – threw in her Graun piece the other day, we knew that yet again a specific issue was being hitched to the more general one of ousting Jeremy Corbyn.

      As for that chap from my own home town, I’m not a huge fan of Will Self but delighted in the time he featured in a radio interview with Blunkett. I forget the topic but when Blunkett made snarky allusion to Self’s motives, the latter replied, in that sneering tone I usually detest: “that’s a bit rich, from a man twice ejected from cabinet office for malfeasance.”

      Such are the people now heeded as we sleepwalk into totalitarianism.

      • crank says

        To paraphrase a joke by Mark Thomas:

        ‘David Blunkett is a racist shit…
        …I bet nobody told him his dog is black’.

      • For those who didn’t see it, “A Very Social Secretary,” a docudrama about Blunkett’s relationship with Kimberly Quinn, publisher of “The Spectator,” is well worth a visit. Blunkett is brilliantly played by Bernard Hill; a priceless moment comes when Blunkett’s guide-dog chews up Quinn’s Louis Vuitton handbag.

        I chaired a conference for a group campaigning against Thatcher’s social security cuts back in 1983 in Sheffield Town Hall. The keynote speaker was Gordon Brown, newly elected MP for Dunfermline East, and the opening address was given by the leader of the city council, one David Blunkett. If only we knew then what we know now – but therein lies the rub.

    • crank says

      Yesterday was Palm Sunday.
      The story is that the ordinary people praised the return of the rebel Jesus and welcomed him with palm leaves as he rode into Jerusalem. Later Jesus whipped the moneylenders out of the temple.

      A shame that our contemporary ‘JC’ can’t turn over the tables of the corrupt ‘priests in the temple of Labour’.

    • Peter C says

      Ah yes, dear old David Blunkett who famously declared that we must be prepared to give up our rights and freedoms in order to protect our rights and freedoms. As you say, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

  9. Jim Scott says

    The Guardian of course is not allowing comment on thee Observer article and so I worked a comment into the debate on the Australian election. For the third time they disappeared my post but without the usual comment by the monitor. I wrote another post complaining that I didn’t like their suppression of my polite but critical post. That too disappeared very quickly. Here is my comment.

    “As someone who has been a scrutineer it is obvious that quite a lot of the One Notion Party supporters came from Labor. These voters give Labor preferences before the Coalition. It will be interesting to see where the remaining supporters put their preferences.

    On another issue I have seen no meaningful statements from any political Party regarding the arrest of Assange . The cliche’ answer by the Foreign Minister that Australia will give the same consular assistance as any Australian means no support at all. I note the refugee soccer player jailed in Thailand got more support from soccer players and organizations that the Australian Government. The Australian media is chillingly silent except for the Guardian which was benificiary of Wikileaks information and yet has done what I consider a smear job against Assange.
    What do others think about this arrest carried out to put Assange before a US deep state kangaroo court, a precedent if not challenged means that all journalists and publishers who reveal and criticise war crimes are under threat of imprisonment, and even torture given Chelsea Manning’s treatment.
    All the recent discussion about free speech is meaningless if the US military is allowed to jail whistle blowers who reveal their crimes, yet the complacent main stream media is attacking Assange and not publishing any alternative views. The kangaroo court/grand jury that to my understanding, is not required to provide proof in their evidence and can bar any legal representation or public scrutiny. We have terrible war crimes being rewarded by promotion while whistle blowers who inform the public are jailed and tortured. Furthermore the UK and Sweden who are even more under the US thumb than Australia, have a history of extraordinary rendition a crime against humanity. That Western Countries are now able to carry out this war crime without comment let alone censure by our media shows our Democracy is in big trouble.”

    • British Justice says

      Also Australian politicians believe in a ‘Robust British Justice System’ that arrests ‘Rudes’, ‘Ungratefuls’, ‘Narcissists’ and ‘Skateboarders’, and throw them in solitary confinement for a very long time.

      50% of voters have some kind of an incurable disease. What is that disease, anybody knows?

      • Ramdan says

        I remember some time ago somebody telling me they were willing to accept “being watch” if that “prevents terrorism and save their lifes”…yup…
        Seems incredible….but is real…

      • Michael LEIGH says

        I think the disease you allude to is quite simply, ignorance ! Yes, just like ” British Justice ” it is totally un-informed this is the sickness that at least the majoritity of our National, nay the Global communitity suffer from ?

        And, that is purpose of, the real duty of the free press like the publisher Julian Assagne is to inform the people of the realitity.

        And they the press to explain why our ‘ ruling classes are determined to keep us un-informed ‘.

    • John2o2o says

      I gave up trying to comment in the Guardian a long time ago and cancelled my account. I never read it now. Their writers are a repulsive bunch of conceited Establishment liberals.

      They do not facilitate comments on for example, abuse issues and women’s issues as they do not tolerate ANY dissenting opinion.

      They also employ a team of people to police comments where they are permitted.

      Free speech is completely meaningless in a medium that polices comments like the Guardian does.

  10. Frankly Speaking says

    There are some malevolent agents out there for sure, but the unProgressive ilLiberals are mostly useful idiots for the ‘Inverted Totalitarianism’ now gripping our society.

  11. Anyone who has read even a fraction of the Embassy Cables released by Wikileaks knows the MO that is followed when it is deemed necessary to bring someone down or into line.

    The dirty tricks, the innuendo, the scare tactics, all of these things were used over and over again.

    I am not claiming to have inside knowledge of the situation in Sweden but it is clear that the Assange knew very well that he had pissed off powerful people and that they had -and have- the power and the wherewithal to exact any punishment they deemed necessary.

    They have, and they will continue to do so.

    • Michael Leigh says

      For those who who would wish to know more about the original sexual misadventures of Julians’s brief speaking visit to Sweden, The best account, and the most credible is that of the former ‘ British Ambassader Craig Murray.

      It is a must read on his website!

  12. harry stotle says

    Given the backdrop there is not a snowball’s chance in hell Assange would receive a fair trial in Sweden- courts are held in secret and they do not have a jury system.

    We already know that a key piece of evidence (the torn condom) was found NOT to have Assange’s DNA on it although we do know it allowed the ideologically driven Marianna Ny the opportunity to re-open the case.

    Other evidence in the public domain such as the deleted tweets suggest Assange has not committed any crimes beyond exposing the US killing machine.

    • John2o2o says

      Harry, there is no evidence. These are malicious smears.

    • John2o2o says

      And a torn condom would not be evidence of rape even if it did have Julian Assange’s semen on it.

      (Oh, and BTW do rapists usually wear a condom? No.)

  13. Andrew Mcguiness says

    I suspect, although I’m not completely certain, that the noises about reviving the rape case are just for effect and that it won’t happen. The ‘rape’ charge relates to Sofia Wilen, who tweeted several times that she didn’t want to accuse JA of anything and the police were just out to get him. I haven’t seen any statements from her since then – only from her lawyer, and those aren’t in the form of “My client says …” – but things like “We will do everything we can …”.

  14. Narrative says

    Bryan MacDonald writing about the US relentless focus on Assange, he explains why the determination to hunt Assange down is so intense:

    “.. because he showed America for what it actually is, rather than how it likes to be perceived”

    He also shows how much Washington values journalists. He reminds us of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. How did the US administration reacted? The presedent stood by the murderers and no sanctions or penalties ensued.

    • John2o2o says

      No greater crime can be committed against the United States as to publicly reveal it for what it is.

    • Michael Leigh says

      The ‘ narrative of the ” missing millionare-playboy’s corpse ” to which you allude to?

      Can be best understood that until his body shows up dead or alive, that the presumption of death is in
      realitity a part of an international plot to overturn the current ruling family of Saudi Arabia, by the highest levels of both the CIA and Israeli undercover forces.

      And according to no less an investigative journalist who now operates out of her home country, Sybel Edmunds, a former US intelligence operative who shares the widely held insider view, that the failure to produce the body is the key, to the foregoing international planning1

      Her website is a must read for all who want to better understand if the playboy is dead or alive ?

  15. Ramdan says

    It was never about “rape”, it is not about rape and it will never be about rape.
    Sexual allegations are the easier way to bring someone down, with sex being such a basic animal instinct and the moral issues related to it, it arouses almost instantly a defense barrier in people’s mind…

    The sexual allegations are another manipulation, another smear campaing…..the smoke screen to abort discussion of western goverments use of terror, shock and literally crime to control the population, to mantain the status quo.

    Had Assange and WikiLeaks released a video of Russia doing a similar thing he would have been made a Knight of the British Crown, an american celebrity and hail as the greatest hero of moder human history…..and he could f**** anyone, with or without violence….Trump is grabbing women by the p**** anyways…
    (“The president of the United States has been accused of sexual harassment or assault by nearly two dozen women.” )

    • Francis Lee says

      (“The president of the United States has been accused of sexual harassment or assault by nearly two dozen women.”

      As was boy Clinton during his days at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Clinton was expelled from Oxford University for allegedly raping a British classmate named Eileen Wellstone in 1992. He left the UK before finishing his degree under a cloud. Whether there was any substance to this story is difficult to tell, but he certainly had form in this regard. He certainly liked the ladies, although they didn’t always like him. Compare Assange’s treatment with Clinton’s.

      • John2o2o says

        “He certainly liked the ladies, although they didn’t always like him.”

        Well that pretty much covers any non-gay male that ever lived.

    • Makropulos says

      And after rape accusations, the next most intense instant emotional reaction can be triggered by the charge of anti-Semitism. So if you can smear Assange as an anti-Semitic rapist then you’re onto a winner.

  16. Michael Cromer says

    Clearly this needs to be dealt with first by Swedish Courts otherwise Assange cannot be treated fairly in the United States not knowing the outcome.

    • John2o2o says

      Julian is not under arrest in Sweden. Julian is not wanted in Sweden.

      Clearly you are wrong Michael.

  17. Here is a John Pilger documentary from quite a few years back. I first saw it on another website, couldn’t find it again until I found that someone uploaded it to DailyMotion a couple or so years ago.

    Sex, Lies And Julian Assange – Documentary Film

    When Julian Assange arrived in Sweden in August 2010 he was greeted like a hero. But within weeks there was a warrant out for his arrest and he was being investigated on allegations of rape and sexual misconduct. Today, Assange is cornered in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, arguing he won’t receive justice if he’s taken to Sweden and that authorities in the United States are building a case for his extradition. In Sex Lies And Julian Assange, Andrew Fowler retraces what happened in those crucial weeks while Julian Assange was in Sweden. What was the nature of his relationship with the two women? And what happened with the police and prosecutors?

  18. Jen says

    This is The Fraudian deliberately running interference for The Powers That (Should Not) Be, to confuse the public and direct people into supporting Julian Assange’s extradition to Sweden once Swedish prosecutors, under pressure from the British government, revive the rape allegations.

    Why the zeal for Sweden to exhume what should stay buried and rotting and to rub everyone’s faces in again?

    The reason must be that the Swedish extradition treaty with the United States may have a lower or broader standard in judging or deciding the conditions under which a person may be extradited to the US, compared to the UK equivalent; or that Swedish courts are more susceptible to pressure from the bully across the Atlantic.

  19. Sweden is rape capital of the world according to those with close ties to Sweden, e.g. one being Ingrid N. “……What is illegal in Sweden is to make similar allegations against asylum seekers. Sweden became the rape capital of the world but horrific jail sentences and fines have been levied on victims who were brutally gang raped by economic and political refugees of the very issues that WikiLeaks was bringing to the attention of the world. … Sweden, sad to say, is making a precedent of inflating the importance of the private acts of a controversial journalist and ignoring the deeds of asylum seekers …”

    • George Cornell says

      For most of this century Sweden has enjoyed an undeserved reputation of having a liberal and principled ethos. Liberal yes, principled, no. Any country poodling for the US must be seen as complicit in their crimes.

  20. After Luke Harding’s self-destroying Guardian public relations scandal, one would think the people there would have learned their very powerful lesson on intentional press deception. But lo and behold the “good friendly folks” at the Guardian have hit the bullseye again – and nuked themselves, first Harding’s Hiroshima and now Green’s Nagasaki, in another act of history-making press suicide while falsely smearing Julian Assange.

  21. Thank you. But don’t confuse those who try to promote the idea that this is about rape, with progressives.

    • It is not about rape in our legal understanding; Sweden has a tighter law. The women were happy about sex with Assange and left plenty of messages to that effect on twitter or some such like. What they had not agreed on was the frequency of sex (one for the road) and the condom issue.

      Assange had been cleared of wrongdoing by the Swedes – free to leave. But then they changed their minds.

      There was once a decision from the West German highest court “an answer from a government department must be correct and incomplete’, meaning a revision two weeks later is not allowed.

      • John2o2o says

        With respect, you know nothing about this matter unless you were there.

        I think it worth saying that under UK (and international) law there exists a “presumption of innocence”. That is to say, a person is innocent in the eyes of the law until proven guilty.

        So Julian is guilty only of skipping bail.

        It is worth also saying that this case highlights the grave dangers of the current popular attitude that anyone making an allegation of sexual misconduct “must be believed”.

        I have never thought this a reasonable attitude and as a matter of principle I never believe allegations of sexual misconduct that cannot be evidenced other than by an accusation.

        And how can a torn condom (with or without Julian’s semen on it) be evidence of rape?

        If you are sexually active get one of your used condoms and tear it. Does that make you a rapist? NO.

        These are malicious smears designed to damage Julian.

  22. George Cornell says

    It would be nice to hear from these women’s groups as to what they exacted in tribute to betray Assange.

    • Jen says

      At least the Ecuadorian government was promised US$10 billion in loans from the IMF and various US govt and Wall Street agencies to betray Assange.

      Just imagine, Assange sitting up in his cell at Belmarsh Prison and thinking, geez, I’m worth THAT MUCH MONEY to the US.

      • wardropper says

        Attempting to scare the shit out of future whistleblowers almost certainly IS worth that much money to the US, but the world has always had its heroes who will nonetheless say it like it is, nonetheless pay the price, and nonetheless earn our eternal gratitude.


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