Send Labour A Message: Vote Brexit, Vote Galloway


David Lindsay

At the forthcoming European Elections, every Labour candidate favours a second referendum and would vote Remain. Add in the sentence handed down to Julian Assange, and it is time to send a message. The way to send that message is by voting for the Brexit Party on 23rd May. And if you happen to live in Peterborough, then it is also by voting for George Galloway on 6th June.

Jeremy Corbyn has opened up the debate on economic and foreign policy for the first time in a generation. Before the summer of 2015, Britain had an unquestionable State ideology in international affairs and in relation to the architecture of the economy. It was occasionally possible to make a small and probably jocular criticism of the Government. But it was effectively forbidden to criticise the State. Corbyn has brought onto the platform the voices of opposition in principle to politically chosen austerity and to wars of political choice.

Nevertheless, Corbyn has overlooked his supporters by appointing his enemies to frontbench and other positions. He has permitted a free vote on Syria. He has whipped an abstention on Trident. He has never brought the arming of the Saudi war in Yemen back to the floor of the House of Commons for another vote. His housing and transport policies go nowhere near far enough. He supports the Government’s indulgence of gender self-identification. He sides with neoliberal capitalism on the issues of drugs and prostitution. He wants a Customs Union with the EU, possibly even at the price of accepting its State Aid rules. He is open to a second referendum on EU membership. He has accepted some of the Government’s baseless and collapsed claims about Salisbury, Amesbury, and Douma.

Corbyn has acted against the social and ethnic cleansing of Labour Haringey, but not to secure justice for the 472 Teaching Assistants in Labour Durham. He has failed to prevent the expulsion of distinguished black activists from the Labour Party on trumped up charges of anti-Semitism. He has failed to defend either Kelvin Hopkins or Chris Williamson. He has walked into the Government’s trap over Donald Trump’s State Visit, a Visit that is being held purely in order to elicit such responses and thus to shore up what would once have been the Conservative Party’s core vote. And he has failed to oppose without compromise any extradition of Assange to anywhere, on any pretext.

So send a message by voting for the Brexit Party. After that, of course it would have been fun to have seen Fiona Onasanya returned at Peterborough. It would have been interesting to have seen the latest incarnation of the SDP make a breakthrough there. I have heard good things about the Labour candidate. But come on. It has to be George Galloway. It just has to be. Already, he is who everyone is talking about. Well, of course he is. He is George Galloway. Put him back into Parliament. Put him into this of all Parliaments. Send a message.