The Hospital They Didn’t Bomb

David McIlwain


When I first set eyes on Douma Hospital a year ago today, it came as something of a surprise. As the scene of the notorious alleged chemical weapons attack only a month earlier, I was already quite familiar with its emergency ward, shown in “activist videos” around the world.

Viewers of Russian and alternative media also got to see more of the same ward when their reporters visited it soon afterward in search of some verification of the claims before they led to the US-led missile strikes on Damascus of April 14th.

The emergency ward looked like so many others that we’ve seen pictured over the last seven years in those videos “that can’t be independently verified” and – for all we would know – mightn’t even be in Syria, and mightn’t even be in hospitals.

Well, maybe Douma hospital is different because you just can’t miss it – as is clear from my photo! Somehow this public hospital, serving the local community with free healthcare for many years, remained in operation throughout the occupation of Douma by the violent extremists of Jaish al Islam – who were described to James Harkin of the Intercept by local residents as “ruling with an iron fist”. More to the point, the hospital building evidently didn’t come under attack from the Syrian air-force, despite its terrorist occupiers.

Harkin visited Douma looking for evidence to support – or counter – the chemical weapons claims some months after the event, and released a comprehensive analysis of his observations with other analysts in February this year.

His report, and the slickly produced video accompanying it, appeared to pre-empt the final release of the OPCW’s report from their Fact Finding Mission to Douma, conducted in late April 2018. Most significantly the authors of the Intercept’s report concluded that the video scenes taken in Douma hospital’s emergency ward were “likely staged”, but they nevertheless echoed the public conclusions of the OPCW that two chlorine cylinders had been dropped on nearby apartments and killed 35 people.

Both the Intercept’s conclusions and those of the OPCW leadership have now been shown to be not just mistaken but criminal fabrications, following information from the OPCW itself, and analysis from the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media. The details of the engineering assessments of experts from the OPCW who visited the site showed quite unambiguously that it was not just the hospital scenes that were “staged”, but that the Chlorine gas cylinders could not have fallen from the sky, dropped by the Syrian air force. As they described it:

…the dimensions, characteristics and appearance of the cylinders and the surrounding scene of the incidents, were inconsistent with what would have been expected in the case of either cylinder having been delivered from an aircraft. In each case the alternative hypothesis produced the only plausible explanation for observations at the scene.”

The “alternative hypothesis” being that the cylinders were moved into their respective positions manually – “staged” in other words. The Working Group has drawn the many conclusions that follow from this piece of simple scientific analysis, and very serious consequences must follow for those organizations and governments who collaborated on this massive deception and the war crimes that accompanied it.

That is not the immediate focus of my article, however, which remains on the “unmissable” Douma Central Hospital that wasn’t bombed, and the elaborate campaign of disinformation and lies that has surrounded it. As Western governments and their puppet media once again fire up their “juggernaut of lies” about the Syrian and Russian governments moves to clear the remaining areas of Western Syria from Al Qaeda-linked terrorist groups, the talk of “bombing hospitals” is once again to the fore.

This interview by the ABC’s Fran Kelly with a Dr. Samir Al Taqi from the Orient Research Centre in Dubai gives the essence of the new campaign, both in her questions and his answers. It includes the claim that “twelve hospitals have been destroyed in recent days”.

Not coincidentally, a renewed barrage of disinformation alleging ongoing serious human rights abuses by the Syrian government has been launched by Western media, led by the New York Times former Beirut correspondent Anne Barnard.

As key actors in the development of these false narratives about Syria that saturate our media, James Harkin and his associates, Eliot Higgins from Bellingcat and Eyal Weizman from Forensic Architecture now have a lot to answer for, as their seemingly impartial and honest assessment of the Douma incident is shown to be an elaborate deception, contrived both to suit the interests of the Intercept’s sponsors and to maintain the pretence that this is “investigative journalism” of the best and most trustworthy kind.

But like the deception by the OPCW leadership, who simply omitted that most important part of their investigations in Douma, Harkin has left the six-storey hulk of Douma hospital out of his article, replacing it with a “makeshift underground hospital”:

Douma was a blackened shadow of its former self, many of its buildings still listing or reduced to charred metal and concrete, but a whole new city had been quietly carved out beneath it. Our first stop, a few yards from al-Shuhada Square, was at the mouth of a 3-meter-wide underground tunnel, reinforced with corrugated steel and concrete. It had been constructed by the Islamist rebels several years back, according to a soldier who walked us through it. He told us that hostages held by Jaish al-Islam had done the building. In total, it stretched for more than 5 kilometers and was broad enough to drive a truck through.

The tunnel had been set up to access a makeshift hospital emergency ward, whose spartan facilities were arranged over a single floor underground. Five meters below ground and reinforced by 13 meters of sandbagging above that, the hospital was still functioning when I arrived.

Robert Mackey, talking in the Intercept video also gives the impression that Douma had been mostly reduced to rubble, yet rows of apartment blocks over the street from the hospital are still occupied and little damaged. But the photos Harkin uses to illustrate his report show only the tunnel entrance and a view of Shahada square showing neither the hospital building nor the apartment blocks.

All these elements are visible in my photo, with the Shahada sq monument on the left and the hospital entrance on the right. This doubles as one of the main entrances to the extensive tunnel system, machine excavated and reinforced with prefabricated steel sections.

Giving Harkin and his colleagues the benefit of the doubt is now out of the question, so we can only conclude that his failure to describe or illustrate the Douma hospital building was an integral part of the Intercept’s disinformation package. It was even a fundamental part, and to reveal its un-bombed presence would have blown a hole in the whole pretense of “honest journalism in the fog of war” that the Intercept assumes.

Readers of the article might then have asked, not just why the Syrian or Russian air-force didn’t bomb the hospital, controlled by the militants they were fighting, but why they hadn’t bombed it in the previous five years? Those readers have been told repeatedly that “Assad” wants to kill civilians who support the “rebels”, and destroy their hospitals and schools, so why didn’t he do it here in Douma, which has been one of the most troublesome opposition-held areas close to the capital?

Might those readers then start to wonder if they have been spun a tale by their trusted journalists and that they should listen to some contrary viewpoints?

So for anyone of them listening here, this is the story of the hospital they didn’t bomb, and it’s quite simple. Just like the M10 hospital in Aleppo, used as a center of military and surgical operations by Al Qaeda and the White Helmets, its role as a public hospital serving the local community kept it safe from attack by the Syrian Army.

Contrary to everything the victims of Western media lies have been told, the Syrian army and its allies have gone to extreme lengths to avoid civilian casualties in their campaigns to liberate communities from their violent extremist occupiers. You could say it was all about “winning back hearts and minds”, and the evidence of life now restored in Ghouta and Douma shows that.

Countless Syrian soldiers have lost their lives in this fight to protect those communities from the foreign-funded and armed militants and terrorist groups, and each one is no different from our own citizens who have lost their lives in similar terrorist attacks, but for one thing – they are our terrorists.

It is a chilling, and frankly disgusting thought, that the violent psychopaths of Jaish al Islam who secured their release from the siege of Douma the day after they staged the chemical attack, are now being cheered on by Western NGO’s and media to commit more murders of Syrian soldiers and the villagers they are trying to protect in Idlib. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova noted this in last week’s briefing:

Over 30 Syrian service personnel died in Idlib last week following a series of heavy attacks by Al-Nusra militants. The terrorists also fired mortars and missiles at towns and villages near the Idlib de-escalation zone, resulting in civilian deaths. According to incoming reports, the terrorist groups there are planning an offensive on Syrian government forces’ positions in the provinces of Hama and Aleppo.

And the “hospitals” that were bombed? Do we really think that the Syrian or Russian air-forces would waste their bombs on civilians, when there are armies of Al Qaeda terrorists attacking Syrian soldiers and villages on the frontline with missiles and car bombs, and even chemical weapons and cluster bombs?

Can we believe anyone who tells us that – now?

Originally published on the American Herald Tribune

Sixties drop out, Scientist-farmer, cheesemaker-Luddite, late life activist for the Resistance, Putin/Assad/Nasrallah lover. Atheist. Traveller-student through MENA-Russia-Europe. Abandoned UK frying pan for Australian fire. Marginalised dissident. Author for Russia Insider/AHT and OffG.

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Sixties drop out, Scientist-farmer, cheesemaker-Luddite, late life activist for the Resistance, Putin/Assad/Nasrallah lover. Atheist. Traveller-student through MENA-Russia-Europe. Abandoned UK frying pan for Australian fire. Marginalised dissident. Author for Russia Insider/AHT and OffG.

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“The Russians and Syrians continue their bombardment of hospitals in Idlib”……”deliberately driving out the civilian population by terror”……”world outrage over the atrocities”…..”The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says”……”The White Helmet rescue workers say”……………..Sky News spewing out its usual lies and poison, business as usual. This Zionist Murdoch Mouthpiece is even worse than the BBC.


Robert Fisk shone light on the staged chemical attack in the emergency ward, which he visited.
But he also described it as an underground facility.

“”It was a short walk to Dr Rahaibani. From the door of his subterranean clinic – “Point 200”, it is called, in the weird geology of this partly-underground city – is a corridor leading downhill where he showed me his lowly hospital and the few beds where a small girl was crying as nurses treated a cut above her eye.”


Please, please, lets be accurate. Otherwise all criticisms of biased western media will be trashed and discredited.The last thing we need is for Off guardian to be shown to be inaccurate
Its fair to point out that not all buildings in Douma were reduced to rubble. But there is no way the hospital pictured could possibly be functional


Precisely the point I was trying to make.

David Macilwain
David Macilwain

Yes but it’s not a valid point! The point I was trying to make is Douma Central Hospital, THE hospital in Douma, was not BOMBED. I don’t know when all the windows were blown out, though imagine it was a result of JAI using the hospital as a base and sustaining missile or shell damage from the SAA, following the seizure of Adra. Not only were there then hospital patients to worry about, but the thousands of civilians they kidnapped were held somewhere around Douma and were threatened with execution if the SAA attacked.
As it was also, the huge earth berms around the hospital protected the underground floors and the entrance to the tunnel system. If you want to see more of this, Eva Bartlett published some good video about six months back. The hospital emergency ward, which I also visited of course, is not “makeshift”, but is now below ground level and accessed off the side of the main tunnel entrance. The room has about a dozen beds, and side rooms with some diagnostic equipment basics. Some women were being treated when I was there, and the staff were friendly if slightly bemused at the interest, specially in the red hose, for washing the floor…
As for the apartment blocks opposite – they are mostly undamaged and inhabited. The ones where the yellow cylinders were placed, past the Shahada monument on the left of my picture, were damaged and perhaps partly occupied. Other areas of Douma may have been much worse affected by bombardment, but Harkin and Mackey weren’t talking about those.
But my article was a criticism of the current lies being aired at the UN about “hospitals” being bombed, when the SAA has NEVER bombed real hospitals, even when they are used by the terrorist groups as bases and human shields. Without this fundamental lie, spread by groups like Amnesty and MSF, along with the nonsense about “barrel bombs” and chem weapons, the attack on Syria could not be sustained.

Jerry Alatalo

Is it fair to say that the Intercept is a fake left disinformation website created for the sole purpose of becoming the “new WikiLeaks”, with Greenwald and Scahill the “new Assanges”, and with its “grand opening” coinciding with the imprisonment of Julian Assange? Fortunately, the Intercept’s psychological operation cat is now “out of the bag” for all the world’s people to see.


That does not look very much like a functioning hospital even if it was not reduced to rubble. Perhaps a few pictures of the intact apartment blocks would give clearer evidence of your argument.


Final nail in the coffin for Greenwald and The Intercept. They lost their way at some point in the last couple of years (perhaps intentionally) and it’s almost impossible to ignore the stench now.

A similar thing has happened at several other ‘independent’ sites I read also. Sudden collapse in below the line engagement, a slow turn towards promoting ‘centre ground’ politics and the gradual addition of more mainstream commentators.

It’s such an effective and monstrous system of control that it’d be impressive if it weren’t so depressingly terrifying.

Gezzah Potts

Thank you David and OffG for continuing to point out the real role of mainstream media, including ABC as well as others like SBS, The Age, The Guardian, in fact the entire cabal of presstitutes. I no longer watch ABC or SBS, nor listen to RN. Why would you? They serve Empire, Imperialism, and the status quo. Again I’ll mention: Udo Ulfkotte.

Oslo - Norway
Oslo - Norway

We are at war with sanctions already. The public bought the lie that sanctions are peaceful persuasion. There’s nothing peaceful about killing people by depriving them of food, medicines, equipment to keep the lights on, to clean the water. It’s estimated that sanctions killed around 600,000 Iraqi children. It’s estimated that sanctions have already killed tens of thousands of Venezuelans. How is that peaceful?

Between any two equally powerful nations this would result in war, but the US is far more powerful and so nations must just ‘take it’. Economic warfare is the new favorite for this reason. ‘Humanitarian’ murder. The public is oblivious to it’s devastation and ‘eventually’ the country will strike back in anger even if through rogue elements and that’s when the hot war begins and it’s all ‘there’ fault. How dare they object to their children dying.


I would dearly love to see the Exceptional And Indispensable People have to watch THEIR children slowly starve in front of their eyes, as so many millions have had to throughout the world for so many decades. “If they want their people to eat, they have to do as they are told.”
Or watch THEIR children slowly die in front of their eyes for lack of basic medicine.
Nothing in human history would be so justly and richly deserved.
I sincerely hope I live long enough to see this.
There will be no peace in the world till millions in the Yew Ess Ayy are starving and freezing in the rubble of their ruined cities, like Germany in 1945.
Only then will they realise the enormity of their crimes without parallel.
And this may be coming a lot sooner than anyone realises.
The Crazy Folk are desperate and going for broke.
Taking on Iran, Venezuela, Russia, China, and a host of other countries all at the same time.
Like Hitler taking on Britain, Russia and America at the same time.
Trying to impose their economic strangulation on the whole world, like Napoleon trying to impose his Continental System on the whole world, with his satellites rising up against him one by one.
They are going down. Then the world can breathe freely again without their jackboot on its neck.


to use a (much hated) millennial phrase: cancel the Intercept.


Sometimes when I start my car in the morning the voice of Fran Kelly comes out of the car speakers. I try to turn it off quickly but sometimes I cannot avoid hearing a few words. On almost every topic of foreign news she is execrably and egregiously wrong. I still have not determined whether she is evil or stupid or both. She interviews war criminals who supported and helped organise the attack on Iraq, and drools over every word they say. The same goes for Libya and Syria. She fervently believes Russiagate, she believes the “chemical weapons story”, she believes that Iran is the greatest terrorist problem in the world, that Gazans are villainous and that Israel is the poor innocent victim, and that Putin is the Devil Incarnate. She lives in a fantasy world. Unfortunately my taxes pay her salary! And as we approach a Federal election tomorrow, I am faced with the problem that neither of the major parties will do anything about it.

Gezzah Potts

The only time I even look at ABC is too quickly peruse the headlines of World news when I get up in the morning to see what they’re saying. Thats it. I go on Independent news sites for the actual story. Fran Kelly, Michael Rowland, Barry Cassidy, Annabel Crabb, Philip Williams… It doesn’t matter. They are all sycophantic stenographers for Empire and Imperialism. They will never have the integrity of say, John Pilger. Not even a minuscule amount of JP’s honesty and integrity. These creatures serve Power. They are not journalists…. They are propagandists. They’ve sold their souls, and they disgust me. As for Liberal and Labor….#@”$€®$


Fran Kelly is the main reason I stopped listening to/watching/reading the ABC. Giving her the benefit of the doubt some years ago, I emailed her with a summary (plus a few links) of info she was obviously not getting (or ignoring), but I didn’t even get a standard acknowledgement of my contact. And apparently polls show that most Australians trust the ABC. What does it take, how many wars are needed, how many countries destroyed, how many people reduced to poverty, for the masses to wake up!


Many thanks to OffG for these articles on Syria and the MSM deception and the long suspect Intercept. It’s always hard being on the right side of history because the record is never set straight by them, they just move on to another fake-fest.

Once you realise their game there is no going back.


Fine and poignant article – so many innocent Syrians, civilians and soldiers alike, are dead or mutilated because of the mass deception perpetrated by ‘humanitarian’ western governments and their msm and NGO slaves.

From recent communications with my local (Labour) MP about Julian Assange, he appears to be a decent (and intelligent) bloke. He also previously voted against military action in Syria. I am going to email him these latest three O-G articles about OPCW/Douma to make sure he is fully briefed on what is going on. Other readers may wish to do likewise. Anything we can do to spread the word can only be for the good.


Fake or misleading news or history is more potent than a weapon of mass destruction, exploded at its intended target. Published deceit is, or can be, more powerful than a weapon of mass destruction. Without ways to discover, find, and punish those that invent, design, fabricate, produce or publish such, humanity will always be the victim of the fabricators.
see this article to understand https://russia-insider.com/en/military/absolutely-orwellian-humanitarian-concerns-increase-wars-benefit-only-arms-producers. same or similar article at https://off-guardian.org/2019/05/15/fake-humanitarianism-masks-murder-for-profit/

It seems to me, humanity can serve humanity by engaging in a common global project aimed at developing, transparent to place of presence, religion, and independent to journalism or governing authorities, a system capable to defake all messages that come into public view, and once such a system is working and proven adequate, to then find legal ways to punish those that invent, design, fabricate, produce or publish fake, no matter its form.
Nations, corporations, and institutions of all types are inanimate [values(names) in a namespace, nothing more]. None of those names can be guilty of, or be held responsible for, anything). Its the people who animate the name space (not nation, corporation or institution name) that engage the activity for which responsibility for fake should attach.
The badge of fake (w/a url reference to the activity or product that earned it).. an international symbol, personalized for each person that produces fake.


Pleased to hear about a positive response to the Julian Assange story from a Labour MP. My Labour MP has repeatedly ignored my emails about JA with the exception of my first to which he responded that Julian was free to leave the Embassy any time he chose. Emails to Federal Shadow Cabinet members have also been ignored. I voted accordingly.

Proud of What?
Proud of What?

What is USSOCOM (The United States Special Operations Command)?

“USSOCOM develops and employs fully capable Special Operations Forces to conduct global special operations and activities as part of the Joint Force to support persistent, networked, and distributed Combatant Commands operations and campaigns against state and nonstate actors, to protect and advance U.S. policies and objectives”

Now you are aware of what USSOCOM is, have a look at some of their homework here:


They are proud
They are proud

US military complex is a ‘malignant virus’

– Andrew Cockburn (and every person who knows how to read)

Syria is a blatant proof of US use of terror groups for geopolitical gains.


Throat slitting jihadi head choppers, Ukrainian Nazis, its all the same to the Exceptional And Indispensable People. Any old useful idiots and cannon fodder will do in their endless bloody intrigues all round the planet.