Names and Locations of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet

by Jordan Engel, 13 June 2019, via Films for Action

“The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.” – Utah Phillips

Just 100 companies are responsible for more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988. The guys who run those companies – and they are mostly guys – have gotten rich on the backs of literally all life on Earth. Their business model relies on the destruction of the only home humanity has ever known. Meanwhile, we misdirect our outrage at our neighbors, friends, and family for using plastic straws or not recycling. If there is anyone who deserves the outrage of all 7.5 billion of us, it’s these 100 people right here. Combined, they control the majority of the world’s mineral rights – the “right” to exploit the remaining unextracted oil, gas, and coal. They need to know that we won’t leave them alone until they agree to Keep It In The Ground. Not just their companies, but them. Now it’s personal.

Houston tops this list as home to 7 of the 100 top ecocidal planet killers, followed by Jakarta, Calgary, Moscow, and Beijing. The richest person on the list is Russian oil magnate Vagit Alekperov, who is currently worth $20.7 billion.

The map is in the form of a cartogram which represents the size of countries by their cumulative carbon dioxide emissions since industrialization.

This map is a response to the pervasive myth that we can stop climate change if we just modify our personal behavior and buy more green products. Whether or not we separate our recycling, these corporations will go on trashing the planet unless we stop them. The key decision-makers at these companies have the privilege of relative anonymity, and with this map, we’re trying to pull back that veil and call them out. These guys should feel the same personal responsibility for saving the planet that we all feel.

Closeup of the top 32 North Americans killing the planet.

WRI Climate Analysis Indicators Tool
Closeup of the top 18 Europeans killing the planet.

“Names and Location of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet, 2019” was made by Jordan Engel.

2017 Carbon Majors Report
WRI Climate Analysis Indicators Tool via The Carbon Map
The Forbes List of Richest People in the World

Correction 6/14/19: Krzysztof Sędzikowski is no longer the head of Polish Mining Group (Polska Grupa Górnicza) in Katowice, Poland (since January 2018). He was replaced by Tomasz Rogala (https://www.pgg.pl/o-firmie/zarzad).


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Now if only CO2 actually were harming the planet! Do your homework guys. Look at the evidence1! Why do you believe this nonsense without evidence when you disbelieve everything else for which there is no evidence?


Blaming 100 people for materialism is flat out dumb.


What is without doubt dumb is that what you get from this article is “materialism” is the issue. Flat out that’s dumb.


Material resources become consumed as commodity materialism. Energy resources go into the manufacture of material goods, even services, welfare, and military usage has a material component. We live in a material world, which makes your lack of understanding not so clever either.

The economy is biophysical, as I have been detailing for God knows how long. Depending on whose statistics you use: capitalist materialist consumers account for between 15 and 30% of the world’s population. It is those discretionary consumers that are living off the rest of the worlds wellbeing, and conspicuously consuming the future too. That’s energy and climate imperialism: because we export the costs of consumption and the Human Impact crisis to the Global South …expecting them to pay, with their lives if necessary.

Reductively assigning culpability for the profligate consumption of up to 2bn people is dumber than dumb. And deliberately obfuscating the dynamics of capitalist lifestyle imperialism. Yes, some people benefit maximally. But a lot more benefit sub-maximally – so they exonerate their own hidden greed and desire imperialism and offset it on to 100 people. So if they are somehow tamed – the entire world will return to equilibrium?

Dumb, dumb, dumb. The entire capitalist materialist consumer modernity is killing the planet. Those people have names and addresses in every town, in every street, in every country of the advanced economy financialised world. Only, they give themselves a free pass and scapegoat 100 for their materialism …not ours.

Dumb, dumb, cruel, and dumb.

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum

Satan’s soldiers wearing suits.
They have only one pursuit.
Loot, loot and more loot.

Brian Steere

Carbon diversion or carbon false flag is the means to obscure the active harming that is actually current so as to persist in a ‘sustainable’ business model – as the business of possession and control.

The blame game is the projecting away or ‘outsourcing’ of pain and consequence for enacted fantasy at expense of true account and relation. It translates as power struggle by all and any means, to effect someone ELSE paying the price.

Investment and addiction to power to avoid and evade pain of loss of possession and control works a negative agenda of division set up to rule out true with-ness in true worth-ship, by asserting and establishing self-reinforcing patterns of conflicted polarised identity.

The true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.” (~ Alan Bullock).

The article above is seeking to weave the carbon dioxide capture of outsourced corporate environmental guilt into a mob-driven self-righteous hate. You are being made into a proxy weapon by a mind seeking power by deceit. It has nothing to do with saving anything but a mind, and society founded in fear, hate, and deceit.

All of which are the natural consequence of identifying in self-illusion or ‘masking’ at expense of what then becomes feared truth. The attempt to deal with guilt or manage guilt within the worth-ship of guilt as power or control is only going to redistribute toxic debts in complex shifting packaging and presentation – AS IF something real has changed.

If we are to deal with where the problem is located then we have to recognize and release the intent and attempt to use guilt (and denial) of others as a means to ‘feel better about our selves’ or mitigate our own denied and obscured and displaced pain.

Invoking the ‘victim’ as a call for vengeance is the oldest trick in the world – because a world set apart and against you was MADE by such a ‘mind’. Self-judgement underlies all ‘other-judgement’ but blame is an EFFECT of denial and rejection and not a true cause. Response-ability is re-cognizable to freedom to feel and know truly and so release the false to the embrace of the true.

Only the willingness to suspend judgement can actually SEE anything. The mind of judgement operates tyranny as a selection and rejection of exclusivity and denial. It is a tool by which to divide and compare – as if from outside or apart or ‘set over’ the lives of others. Addiction or fixation in seeing others as hateful and unworthy is both an attempt to dump our own hate and fear judgements on them and a justification for the sustainability of hate and fear (control) as a business model (possession – or survival in fear of loss).

The lie is pervasive to the world’s thinking and frames language so as to assert itself in place of the true.
It has been called the deceiver, the devil and in psychological terms the ego, but it is itself a deceit or illusion by which to experience through a lens or ‘mind’ of separation.

The capacity to notice the device and use of the ‘mind’ is the freedom to reintegrate and align in unified and unifying purpose instead of the reactive or conditioned purpose of possession and control – that results in the weaponisation and marketisation of ‘getting’ for private agenda, that grows conflict, debt and powerlessness under self-illusion.

Hate always seeks a target so as to psychically and emotionally discharge an intolerable pain. But pain recognised as a need and call for healing undoes the mind of vengeance.
The human ‘world’ is running on grievance seeking vengeance that is largely the hidden power of denial.

The belief that putting out of sight is putting out of mind is an error that blinds and binds to a surface appearance or masking over the denied. The out of sight is still active within mind but placed outside the realm of response-ability by the power given to judgement.

The realm of the mask is the personality. The struggle within personality is the acting out of inner relational conflict onto others and world. Lived and suffered, defended and died in, as if true. Identity conflict is a lack of identity in search of a self. But that which identifies you perfectly is yours to extend, share or shine, and recognize in others and world. A false sense of possession ‘creates’ an idea of lack – and makes it real to itself by acting from it (from mind) instead of the flow and flowering of being.

What you give out is what you get back, and if you then give in the measure of what you get back you become self-conditioned by definitions or judgements you are unaware of as the cause to such effects – which now seem to be cause outside you by others and world.

It is not your function to judge your brother but it is your function to extend a true with-ness or you forget who you are in false witness AND teach awry to a similar proclivity in others. No one can live to the wholeness of another but that they accept in for themself. There IS a sense in which all our projections and denials ‘come home’ to the mind that thought to get rid of them, but NOT as a damnation or destructive payback of life as Divine Vengeance. But this is up to you, because to heal is to allow the hateful or the feared to be brought to awareness so as to be translated or undone to a truly discerned appreciation.

The call to hate and war masks itself in ‘saving and protecting’ from evil. But unlike the Call to Joy, it delivers you unto evil. As long as this outcome is believed to be a sustainable sense of hidden or private self-agenda, will it be given allegiance and sacrifice as your ‘survival’. But it is a living death that seeks and sucks on life so as to seem to have it – but for itself apart and alone.

The casting of mind is not only projection ‘away’ as if there is an ‘outside’ but the casting director of a script in dramatic or mythic narrative identity set out as self in world of personae, props and themes. All the characters and themes are drawn from Mind to become ‘who you are in role’ within the script. Waking to the scriptmaker, is freedom to accept a script of awakening in place of the script of forgetting.
Illusions are not killed or destroyed, but undone or released of the capacity or employ in hiding truth.
Investment in illusion fears to ‘die’ with them and so resists their undoing as humiliation and pain of loss. Shifting within the ‘dream’ to align with waking, offers transitional steps in the release of what hurts us, to a true and truly shared appreciation or worth-ship. Owning the fears and hatred in our heart is a moment through which to realign in the call to heal – which becomes stronger and clearer as we release the call to hide or deny and sacrifice.


Brian Steere. Is this BINRA in disguise?


brian is binra – no disguise. Its a ‘handle’ or login name i took years ago when brian was already taken. You can read into it whatever you want.
Are you Maggie or disguised as Maggie? What is the point of your point?
My writing is recognisable regardless the handle – unless perhaps I chose to write under an assumed persona. I find it tiresome to have to ‘try’ to be anything I am not – so what comes up is what I feel moved to write. Truth is recognised wordless in the heart but when the mind is engaged in substitution, truth is masked out or disguised so as to be effectively unrecognisable. But truth neither hides or goes away or attacks illusion. The simple truth is – ‘it takes one to know one’. You cannot meet what you are not the vibration of. Nor can you not meet what you are the vibration of.
Do we breathe or are we breathed?
What is anyone without the life that lives them?
Life in disguise perhaps?


binra uses lower case, darling.

Bonnie Camo
Bonnie Camo

I don’t see Monsanto or Bayer on these maps. They are killing the earth more than anyone else.


Double up on your meds and have a good lie down.


You know, when somebody says that, as somebody quite often does in places like this, that it’s that somebody who needs those meds.


Read the post then shuddup.

Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar

This article is totally based on the unfounded allegation that carbon dioxide emissions are killing the planet.

A few facts:

1. Without carbon dioxide, no photosynthetic organism can convert sunlight energy into sugars, since water and carbon dioxide are the input materials for photosynthesis. The by product, oxygen, is essential for all mammals to survive. So carbon dioxide is intrinsic to our survival.
2. Because carbon dioxide levels are generally low, increasing carbon dioxide can increase photosynthesis rates linearly, which acts as a major stabiliser when major fires reduce forests and the balance of global ecology shifts towards respirers exhaling carbon dioxide.
3. The earth has existed happily in geological time with a few thousand ppm carbon dioxide, so saying it is a poison is a flat out LIE.

Now let us discuss how the earth might be endangered.

Firstly, deforestation. The primary downside is destruction of soil, loss of habitat and creation of desert. So major logging companies and those who destroy forests for mining purposes can legitimately be held to account. It is they who should pay for reafforestation and environmental clean up. Their shareholders might view investments differently if they had to….

Secondly, industrial pollution of rivers and oceans. The byproducts of many industrial prcesses should not be released into aquatic environments, as they are toxic to life and destroy biodiversity. Once again, such release is all about shareholder profit. Put the shareholders in stocks exposed to those poisons and they would soon divest. Criminalise investors who pollute without living the consequences of their pollution. Pretty simple really.

Thirdly, warmongers. Modern weaponry with depleted uranium shells is teratogenising vast areas of the earth, punishing the unborn by giving them genetic afflictions. It is even worse than Auschwitz, as it is intergenerational. Those selling depleted uranium weapons, those military bigwigs buying them and those governments sanctioning their use need their own Nuremberg. They do not need forgiveness, they need extermination.

People need to stop creating false bogeyman and focus on the true enemies….


So we can all just stop worrying our silly little heads about carbon dioxide concentration can we? And methane as well, no doubt. Thanks for setting my mind at ease, all those peer reviewed papers pointing towards the correlation between greenhose gasses and global warming really were beginning to spoil my sunny disposition.

By the way, nowhere in the article does it state that carbon dioxide is a poison, so making a point of calling that a lie is irrelevant. As are its positive properties – no-one will deny them. It’s just that, evidently, you really can have too much of a good thing.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins


? So, are you of the belief that it is impossible to engineer the weather ?

Not wishing to spoil your sunny disposition, but we have to finally start somewhere,
that is if you wish to discuss Climate Change seriously & scientifically ?

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Wow, I truly wonder at whomsoever disliked me asking a most straight forward and honest goddamn question, without having the testicles to answer or respond ?

Not even a grunt of sincerity ?

You firkin’ unscientific coward, who ever you are, you would probably benefit from a healthy chat with a clinical psychologist like JP (Jordan Peterson) 🙂


Brought to you by big coal and big oil; co sponsored by the CIA.


I dunno what you’re good for, but you’re good at cliche.


Robbobbobbobbobbin…. and it would appear that you are a Hasbara troll with nothing of any substance to add, but here seeking to cause disruption.
Push off pal…

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Aaaargh, having a bad day Maggie?

or are you Antipropo, in disguise ?



Hmmm. Hasbara troll, huh? In that case, pls don’t “pal” me.

And, also, here is some text I was preparing to post in reply to a post under another article but never did because the article got dropped from the right hand end of the horizontal scrolly thing at the top of the main page and it was too much effort to locate it:

Quoted passage and some positioning preamble not here relevant so omitted.

1. The formation of the State of Israel was illegitimate (reasons here omitted for brevity) and so had no “right” to its existence before its recent formal, legislative assertion of its Jewish exclusivity and even less of any such “right” since.

2. The Oslo Accords and the “two state ‘solution'” were a massive con job (read “fraud”) perpetrated on the Palesintian people of the old British Mandate by some hard headed Jewish negotiators informed by some downright fascistic Jewish ideologues and Zionist ideologies, aided by some pure but extraordinary luck (Red Sea God moment my arse) plus Arafat’s ineptitude at political negotiating and pusillanimously self-regarding narcissism (however resourceful and fortitudinous he was as a rebel commander) and abetted by many thoroughly disingenuous, self interested and disreputable external politicians with no legitimate dog in the fight except that of imperial colonialism and Middle-Eastern resource extraction (including war favours), a.k.a. “plunder”.

3. Diaspora Jews who wish to move to the ancient homelands of their chosen or inherited religion as well as those already there, have the “right” to so do, subject to the settlement policies of a reconstituted single-state entity to which those in the Palestinian Diaspora have an equal but historically prior “right” of return until all of the imbalances in those rights accumulated in favour of the Jews over the last near century have been resolved by peaceful internal political processes, fully overseen as necessary and as forcefully as necessary, both logistically and financially, by those 33 United Nations member states who voted for the albeit never-implemented General Assembly Resolution 181 plus the United Kingdom and the existing state of Israel (and only those 35), as those who choose to meddle and so egregiously assume judgement over the affairs of others are, to use the implicit logic of the current Israeli electorate and the Nuremberg Trials, the only ones who need pay the price, whether in blood and money or both, for any consequent reparations.

[It goes on a little to a “conclusion” but that’s incomplete and needs subediting, so is omitted here as I think that, in itself, the above gives a fair idea of my attitude to the subject in general.

Firstly, I suggest you stick that up your Hasbara and light it.

Secondly, there are far too many BTL sheeple (to use their contemptuous and therefore contemptible nomenclature) who presume to divine, by some sort of magical thinking, that they have discerned another’s attitude on any given subject from a single post or, as often, part of a post, that simply appears to agree or disagree with their (usually received and monoideational) “point of view”. These fuckwits are so goddamed dumb that it never occurs to them that any discussion or chat of any complexity and depth, if and when it is conducted on a half-duplex, asychronous, high-latency serial channel such as a comments section like this, will inevitably have significant sections where an ambiguity and its resolution (if any) are often significantly definitive and sufficiently delayed as frequently to give a clear impression that a poster’s position and intent are anything up to a full 180° variant from the actual case. That is why there used to be (and maybe still are) frequent Internet chat group injunctions to lurk for a while before first posting, with the implicit injunction to get, also, an idea of regular posters’ ongoing posts while so lurking.

You’re not looking for intelligent, ongoing discussion or even incisive, if wrong headed, one liners; you’re looking for a nice, cosy little clique of like-minded monoideationists, like a 1940s British pub. You’ve even posted a comment that explicitly says so. Seems you would be better suited to a polite knitting circle than an outspoken contrarian platform like the Off-Guardian, no? Or have I got you all as wrong as you’ve repeatedly got binra? So what’s it going to be? You going to Hasbara off to Twatter or are you going to get yourself a shampoo and soft set and get into some useful, extended interaction?


Rhys, nobody said that CO2 is toxic to the planet. The high its concentration in the atmosphere the higher the absorption of light energy. Some people call this the greenhouse effect. And yes – it has been higher – but then – no men around by this time… So – you know that I know that you should know that CO2 is bad – for us.
Agreeing on 1 and 2 besides. 3 is bad as well. I do not like to prioritize any of the four (of five or more). Bad is bad. And reminding people, that are at the top of the food chain about their responsibility is not a bad idea…


No No. CO2 doesn’t absorb light energy. It absorbs IR (infra red for the non-cognoscenti) reflected from Earth’s surface. It immediately releases that energy to the other 99.96% of atmospheric gases that are


CO2 (second law of thermodynamics). The whole heated airmass rises due to convection (go look it up) and continues to rise and cool; eventually the heat energy makes it all the way to space. Earth and its atmosphere and oceans and physical processes are not a closed system

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Good comment, Rhys:-

I’m trying to gauge OffG & its’ readers ability to reason scientifically & logically: and further initiate constructive ‘talk’ about where to begin ANY serious change in public awareness of ‘Climate’ & what WE have already unloaded historically on our planet, inc. far beyond our minuscule Biosphere.

Therefore, I have but one question for you personally: do you believe that we have the ability and have already utilised this ability to engineer, weaponise and steer the weather, both for military and corporate economic gain ? Ostensibly, to bolster the control of Science, Knowledge & Peoples via the MSM ?

My AIM has everything to do with highlighting Artificial Ionospheric Mirrors, where smoke & mirrors have prevailed, preventing any Legitimate public mainstream discussion internationally on the world stage. Because imho, only a state funded scientist, in fear of losing their job & creature comforts, would respond like the hypnotised & brainwashed materialistic lap dogs in our Western Universities, we find at present: Universities in full denial of ALL evidence & declarations from military intelligence documentation and private Corporations’, in the loop.
‘Warmest’ regards,

Question This
Question This

Here lies the problem, the blame game!

Whilst it is demonstrably true that our civilization is ruled by a psychopathic minority with the wealth that provides them the power to rule over us & cause catastrophic ecological devastation. Its wrong to play the finger pointing game. It’s a fact capitalism has driven the demand in consumerism & exploitation of natural resources, & technology driven the explosion in human population, its wrong to try to pin the blame on one single issue or individual, because we all literally bought into it.

It is also a misconception the greatest threat to our planet is global warming & climate change. There is no denying climate change will have devastating consequences for many species, most certainly including Homo sapiens. But the greatest threat to civilization & all life on planet earth is diminishing biodiversity & mass extinction.

Its not so easy to disentangle the effects of climate change with extinctions but global warming is just the most imminent threat not the soul threat. The simple truth is, it is our extravagant, self indulgent, convenient lifestyles that are the root cause of the issues we face, even the majority of impoverished Africans are living above their ecological means! The disingenuous tiring narrative that its consumption V’s population, privilege V’s poverty is just a distraction. It doesn’t matter where or how you live you are part of natures processes, every action each individual takes & makes, impacts on the ecology of the planet. Distributing wealth & greater equality to save the planet is I’m afraid ecological nonsense, you can not politicize the natural world.

As a species we can not continue to live the way we are on this planet! Its the basic principle, repeated and ignored time and again, you can not have infinite growth on a finite planet. We are devouring our planet with excess population & consumption of natural resources without allowing it time to replenish itself, its a simple ecological fact of carrying capacity! Changing from oil to wind power is NOT going to change this.

No doubt this comment will be inundated with cries of going back to living in caves. Well if only we had that option, the days of that utopia are well & truly over, there are just to many of us. Is there a solution of consumption & population? I very seriously doubt any of us are willing to sacrifice our smart phones & fancy coffees to find out, let alone central heating & Uber rides. I do know mass extinction is almost inevitable if we don’t make radical change yesterday, because we have already reached the end of the beginning of the sixth mass extinction event, with the loss of the mega fauna, now the less iconic taxa such as insect populations are in free-fall & without them nothing can survive on this planet.

Those “plastic straws” are symbolic of the ecological suicide we are currently undertaking, we are killing our oceans, polluting our fresh water systems, degrading soil fertility, destroying habitat, driving species into extinction with pesticides & herbicides, participating in ecological Armageddon, disrupting natural processes & polluting the skies. Any single one of those factors is likely to cause mass extinction. Combined well its almost impossible to mitigate against the damage!


What the consumer ants don’t know is that Nature ALWAYS takes care of business.
Not only are pesticides and herbicides having a traumatic effect on ‘lower’ species, but ‘man’ is effectively being sterilised.

Question This
Question This

Unfortunately the sterilization of man doesn’t mitigate against the hideous effects chemical pollution is having on more intelligent protozoa.


I agree but the damage is already done, and the hideous effects of chemical pollution is sadly having a far, far greater effect on the LESS intelligent protozoa and they aren’t even aware of why or how…. that is why Nature keeps trying to regulate itself. The life blood is being sucked from the Earth to quench our insatiable appetites and there is no end in sight.
We can throw our arms up and protest, but woefully those who could make a difference if they had the will, are just not listening .
As John Lennon said ”All we need is love’ -‘ awareness and healing, within ourselves, and our world.. Otherwise known as ‘Collective Consciousness’ which is a mighty tool, and acknowledging it could save our world, if it could be nurtured.

>>In questioning the belief’s that individually we follow so blindly, we can begin to turn the destructive path we are on around. And live personal lifestyles that are more aligned with our intentions of peace and love.
Our actions shape Collective Consciousness and it shapes us, and we DO have the power to divert the world from the destructive path it has been on.
Not that we should be afraid if we continue down this path, most of what we would be facing is – if we do – is our collective fear of loss, and of not having or being enough…This has been the driving force behind mans greed for more and more and more…
Out of our own fear of powerlessness, helplessness and inadequacy we have given away our own power, then blame governments, various institutions, authorities and corporations for some of the bigger problems of the world without really understanding how we have contributed. We .. individually and collectively ARE the force that maintains them, and WE are far more powerful than we know.

The same way as our individual bodies have an energy field that contains imprints of thoughts, beliefs, memories and emotions .. so too does the bigger energy field around a collective or planet. That is why the general health of a the majority of individuals within the collective can begin to be reflected by our environment as well.
Nature – seems not herself anymore (peaceful and supportive). Her weather patterns (mirroring our moods and drives) are more aggressive and chaotic. Her frequency appears to be speeding up. She is being poisoned in the same way we are by our drive to produce and consume more and more artificial products and goods than we actually NEED.
Because all is one.. and Mother Nature is the perfect mirror a bigger picture begins to unfold. She begins to display that something is radically amiss, by the deleterious effects that humans are causing her bounty to suffer: the exhaustion of resources, depletion, excesses , destruction, pollution etc..
The state of imbalance arises from our collective beliefs taught/conditioned from birth to believe that we need to survive..
We must have a life ‘purpose’.. in this case a job. In this ‘purpose’ we must strive to make as much money as possible. We are taught to believe that we can use this abundance to buy, consume and enjoy the various forms of leisure and convenience that are advertised to us. (brainwashing) They recommended that we continue to buy/sell these ‘products’ to prevent our infrastructure from collapsing? And we never ever stop to challenge these beliefs that are passed down from generation to generation.
As a result we end up feeling stuck, unhappy striving to make enough money to pay for the mortgage/rent, bills and debt. Resulting in ‘severe stress’ because we are desperately striving to find external happiness – which is what collective consciousness prescribes – causing our health to decline.
But things can change… if enough of us want it to… But not many people have the confidence to, because we are comfortable being trapped and conditioned in familiar territory.
The first step is learning to visualise the box, before we can step out of it.
Unless we do, we will continue mindlessly conforming to certain belief systems without even realising how truly destructive they are to our world and our souls.
We can begin to examine how aspects of our own lives, dreams, goals and beliefs are contributing to the manifestation of something we didn’t intentionally create in the greater World. Only by questioning everything we buy, sell, eat, believe or use, can we learn what kind of demands we are passively creating in order to make a more empowered decision. When we truly know what we are asking for and creating on a deeper level, we can begin to awaken and serve our higher intentions… Until then we may find that our intentions serve split purposes. We may wish to be a force for unity, love and peace within the world.. but our lifestyle may contribute to a different kind of intention or outcome – environmental degradation, striving and ‘separation consciousness’ ( the belief that we are separate from others) We have to fend for ourselves and compete with one another rather than co-operate.
Our willingness to move beyond the current ways and means of collective consciousness will be what lays the foundation for an ”awakened consciousness” that is loving and conscious rather than unconsciously self destructive… <<<
''I am the Lotus not the Muddy Pond by Mandy Peterson''
Chapter 4 – Levels of consciousness and Thought.


I do hope you’re not falling in love with binra. He’s on meds, you know.


Lol, Sorry….I know the post was rather long… but appropriate I thought?
And no I am not enamoured with binra/brian/brain, whatever he is called this week..
I am repulsed, and bored to tears with his verbal gymnastics.


So hit the “Next” button or do the equivalent in your browser? His name is at the top left of his every post. Easy to spot. Nobody is forcing you to read stuff that is too difficult for you to comprehend if you feel compelled to stay in a mindset that can’t accommodate it. (And no, it wasn’t the length of your post that prompted my comment, it was the content.)