Exposed: The Guardian’s Collusion in State Censorship

Thomas Scripps

Minutes of Ministry of Defence (MoD) meetings have confirmed the role of Britain’s Guardian newspaper as a mouthpiece for the intelligence agencies.

Last week, independent journalist Matt Kennard revealed that the paper’s deputy editor, Paul Johnson, was personally thanked by the Defence and Security Media Advisory Notice (or D-Notice) committee for integrating the Guardian into the operations of the security services.

Minutes of a meeting in 2018 read [You can read the full document here, or embedded below – OffG Editor] :

The Chairman thanked Paul Johnson for his service to the Committee. Paul had joined the Committee in the wake of the Snowden affair and had been instrumental in re-establishing links with the Guardian.

D-Notices are used by the British state to veto the publication of news damaging to its interests. The slavish collusion of the mainstream media ensures that such notices function as gag orders.

Johnson joined the committee in 2014 and evidently excelled in his performance. A separate set of minutes from the first meeting attended by Johnson records the Guardian’s close collaboration with military officials.

Under a section detailing “advice” given by the intelligence agencies to the media, the document reads:

…most of the occurrences and requests for advice were related to further publications by The Guardian of extracts from the Snowden documents. The Secretary reported that the engagement of DPBAC [Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee] Secretariat with The Guardian had continued to strengthen during the last six months, with regular dialogues between the Secretary and Deputy Secretaries and Guardian journalists.

The secretary and deputy secretaries were Air Vice-Marshal Andrew Vallance CB OBE, Air Commodore David Adams and Brigadier Geoffrey Dodds OBE. The chairman was Peter Watkins CBE, the MoD’s director general of Strategy, Security and Policy Operations.

Under the direction of these military intelligence handlers, the Guardian played a role in bringing other newspapers internationally to heel. The minutes note,

…because of an agreement between The Guardian and allied publications overseas to coordinate their respective disclosures of Snowden material, advice given to the Guardian has been passed on to the New York Times and others, helping guide the disclosures of these outlets.

In September 2014, the Guardian allowed the former head of GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) Sir David Omand to publish an article titled,“Edward Snowden’s leaks are misguided—they risk exposing us to cyber-attacks.

He declared:

“Journalists are not best placed to identify security risks; we have to trust those who oversee the intelligence-gathering.”

In 2016, Paul Johnson used an unprecedented interview with a serving head of MI5, Andrew Parker, to propagandize for the antidemocratic, warmongering interests of British imperialism.

These facts are damning proof of the Guardian’s total integration into the propaganda wing of the MoD following its involvement in the WikiLeaks and Snowden files releases. Indeed, the work of WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange has served to expose and confirm the deep ties of the entire mainstream media to the military-intelligence complex.

The Guardian has been viewed historically as the voice of British liberal dissent, critical of the worst excesses of British capitalism at home and abroad. But it has always acted as a political policeman—filtering the news “responsibly” and channelling the resulting anger into impotent moral appeals to the state and other authorities.

Its dealings with Assange and Snowden transformed political allegiance into direct subservience. Its liberal, critical pretensions unravelled in a matter of a few months.

When Assange looked to the Guardian and other papers internationally such as the New York Times to publish the Afghan and Iraq war logs and secret US diplomatic cables in 2010, the editors’ main concern was damage control. Within a month of an initial publication of documents, the Guardian had broken off relations with Assange—publishing an infamous December 17 editorial WikiLeaks: the man and the idea.

It stated that the Guardian had only agreed to publish “a small number of cables” to control the political fall-out from the details of murder, torture, espionage and corruption they revealed and give it the opportunity of “editing, contextualising, explanation and redaction.”

The main purpose of the editorial was to support Assange’s extradition to Sweden on trumped-up allegations of sexual misconduct relating to a trip to that country a few months earlier.

In an op-ed piece published last month by former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, he assumes to take the moral high ground by claiming that WikiLeaks issued leaks unredacted, and wanted to continue this practise, in contrast with his “responsible” journalism.

An editorial published immediately prior to Rusbridger’s article, again supporting Assange’s extradition to Sweden to face “charges” that don’t exist, stated:

The Guardian disapproved of the mass publication of unredacted documents … and broke with Mr. Assange over the issue.”

This is a self-serving lie.

WikiLeaks has pointed out that the editorial “conveniently leaves out” that it was the Guardian — through a book authored by David Leigh and Luke Harding — that disclosed the password to the digital file Assange had given them in confidence.

The book was a hatchet job on WikiLeaks. The rights to it were sold, becoming the basis of a slanderous Hollywood movie.

When NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked files detailing blanket state surveillance of the world’s population in 2013, the Guardian set out to play the same “responsible” role.

Asked afterwards if the paper had held back from publishing anything about GCHQ and UK security services because of “worries about national security,” the ever-pliant Mr. Rusbridger replied, “Yes, we’ve held back a great deal, we’ve published a small amount of what we have read.”

This time, however, the Guardian was told by the security services that even rigorously filtering the Snowden’s revelations was not good enough. It must stop publishing immediately.

The country’s top civil servant, Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood, called the Guardian’s offices to pass on the demands of then Prime Minister David Cameron that the Snowden material either be returned to the government or destroyed. Editors were threatened with legal action if they did not comply.

Rusbridger later explained, “The tone was steely, if cordial, but there was an implicit threat that others within government and Whitehall favoured a far more draconian approach.”

This is a masterpiece of understatement. Emails obtained by the Associated Press in 2014 showed that this was an operation conducted in intimate collusion between the government, the British security services and the US National Security Agency, including then Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

In the end, two GCHQ security officials directly oversaw the Guardians destruction of its own material. Three Guardian staff members, including Paul Johnson himself, destroyed the hard drives in the Guardian’s possession with angle grinders and other equipment provided by GCHQ officials.

The Guardian had been put in a position it never wanted. Its liberal reputation, and previous disclosures, had made it the newspaper of choice for WikiLeaks’ and Snowden’s revelations. But the scale of what had been uncovered threatened the fundamental interests of British and US imperialism. It therefore rolled over when the government told it to cease and desist, before taking its place alongside the rest of the right-wing media on the secret committee responsible for press censorship and propaganda dissemination.

One of Assange’s persecutors-in-chief, Luke Harding, enjoys the most intimate relations with the security services. His notorious November 2018 fabrication, claiming Assange held meetings with US President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, was published in the Guardian just two weeks after Johnson was thanked for “re-establishing links” with the MoD.

The story was widely cited and formed a keystone of the efforts, spearheaded by the Democrats in the US, to present WikiLeaks and “Russian interference” as the causes of Trump’s 2016 election victory.

Harding played a central role in silencing questions over the UK government’s bogus account of the Skripal affair in mid-2018. These events were the subject of at least one D-notice, issued while Paul Johnson was on the responsible committee.

An unintended but valuable consequence of the WikiLeaks exposures has been to explode the fraud of the Guardian’s claim to any critical independence from the state. The crimes of the major imperialist powers against the world’s population made available by WikiLeaks were so great that they could not be neutralised, even by the Guardian’s professional gatekeepers of the “truth.”

Not a word published in this imperialist propaganda sheet can ever be taken at face value.

Originally published by World Socialist Web Site

Full Document – Minutes of DSMA Metting, 18/11/08


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“We have to trust those who oversee the intelligence gathering”

Yes, of course we do, because we are the sheeple who know our place in society.
Trust the kind of intelligence gathering which was responsible for the Iraq war, the false chemical attacks in Syria, the coup in Ukraine, war crimes all over the World, including the current conflict in Yemen.


The Guardian will have a field day shortly with the bogus Equalities Commission investigation into the Labour Party. Expect the smearing to go off the scale shortly in the run up to Halloween Brexit and the next election.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

The Guardian is at the forefront of a non-stop campaign to discredit Chris Williamson.

To be clear, Williamson is not antisemitic and has done no more than raise legitimate concerns about the treatment of Palestinians while pointing out that antisemitic slurs are but one way of closing down debate on this topic.

Of course the Guardian’s faux outrage is given greater traction because torture apologists like Jess Phillips and Stella Creasy are on board, while whispering Tom Watson has done his bit to sanitise aparthied in order to curry favour with right-wing Jewish groups.

Phillips, Creasy or Watson have never called for Tony Blair to be held to account for his role in the collapse of Iraq, or the cascade of events that followed on from this catastrophe, presumably because in their minds thought-crime is a far graver sin than mass murder?

Well done Jess.
Well done Stella.
Well done Tom.


That’s what you get if you vote Labour.
You get them.
You don’t get Jezza, Ken Livingstone, Marc Wadsworth, Chris Williamson; or anybody decent.
Personally I find people like Watson, Phillips, Benn, Bradshaw, Bryant, Creasey and 85% of the PLP even more repulsive than the Tories, if that’s possible.
Time to flush the Labour party down the toilet.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

“I’d vote for Boris, rather than a Jess Phillips as leader, coz’ at least i’d be sure that that would mean finally the end of the Conservative Party as we know it …”

Said my brother, just last night 😉

If in doubt, just compare Boris Johnson to Sergei Lavrov and their records as Foreign Minister: and then check the most recent damning photographic evidence of Theresa May shaking hands with Putin @G20:) Pictures often speak louder than words and when you can’t look someone in the eye, (in public), you know who has been lying . . .


Britain leads the world in DEMONstrating what a useless bunch of wholly morally & financially corrupted, visionless, & unscientific intellectually incompetent puppet politicians actually looks like in action …

Calling that display ‘democracy’, is both an insult to any notion of ‘Democracy’ & all Science & a profound wake up call to the people of the UK, who should be equally feeling the SHAME of/& DisMAY !

The Possessed or Demons or ‘Obsebene’ (in Cyrillic), take yer’ pick to describe the British Politicians of today and if it stinks too much, you can always buy some …

Obsession by CK (Louis), to spray & twist perceptions 🙂 or read Dostoyevsky

which leads on nicely to far more serious matters in Germany 😉
for sure not reported in G.B.


One day very soon, (any doubting Thomas OffG readers that have doubted my constant claims & assertions of Weather Modification, with 100% certitude because i worked with & have inside first & secondhand knowledge of both corporate & military intelligence), OffG & its’ readers will become more focussed on the political & scientific engineering in play, instead of being sucked into the Climate Change debate of ever decreasing circles, circles created by the motherfuckers who’ve been deceiving people,
utilising Faux scientists & science …
The Guardian has fully colluded with the manipulation of the minds, souls & body of peoples, worldwide and articles like this will help in exposing their censorship of THEIR VERY OWN …


David Macilwain
David Macilwain

Given the events of the last few weeks in Australia, where there were police raids on the ABC that were some sort of political stunt, my question now is the degree to which the Guardian Australia is compromised and exactly who within it is directing its content. Increasingly the G is gaining acceptance in Australia amongst its typical demographic, safely “left” without ever venturing into real left territory. Because limited hangouts like Monbiot are popular with the climate activists, it gives the whole content of the Imperialist rag great credibility. And I’m sure that people actually believe the revolting appeal at the end, based on supporting its “independent journalism” – at least over the Murdoch organs and other print/electronic media. eto bolshoi problema!


The Enemy of The People.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

A brilliantly accurate summation Mr. Scripps !

Which just serves to demonstrate what some of us here have been saying all along:-

The Guardian has actively participated in Deep State Treason USA, with GCHQ and the Italians’ & Ukrainians’ Secret Services, against Trump.

Lord Leveson should be investigating Luke Harding as primary scum, before elevating
the intellectual discourse at the corporate board room level and then onto the matter of

CFCs Computerised Fascist Collusion, corporate dictatorship
within military intelligence, running “parallel platforms” &&&

& i promise, i never utilise the word fascist lightly and
I have something drafted and will justify that statement, if required ? !

“If they can do this to the President of the United States,
imagine what they can do to you!”
Jim Jordan (Congressman)


An excellent takedown of the Guardian by Darren Allen:


Gezzah Potts

Hands up who remembers Operation Mockingbird? How many of you have also heard of a now deceased German journalist called Udo Ulfkotte who spilled the beans on how ‘independent’ many ‘journalists’ were of the CIA and other intelligence services in the West. Unfortunately Mr Ulfkotte passed away not long after writing a book on the subject… ‘Journalists For Hire: How The CIA Buys The News’. Apparently this book is now available in English, published by Next Revelation Press. Regards the above article, am completely, totally, absolutely…. Not Surprised. Not even one iota surprised. Also refer to Herman & Chomsky ‘Manufacturing Consent’.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins


good comment, Gezzah:
thought you might like something serious to digest for Frühstuck …

No wonder Ms. Merkel is shaking in her NATO boots, on the ground &
in the air & the airing of the costs of NATO compliance, for the German people.

65 x specially modified AS-340 Airsolbus, secretly hidden out of sight,
for the purposes of Weather Modification, at an annual cost of 17 Billion Euros,
for Tax-Payers, will not sit well in times of diminishing German Economic Growth.

The 31st September may well serve as the opening of the European bridge over the troubled waters of CENSORSHIP, on the subject of Climate & Weather Modification. Whether, Merkel is alive or not …

The German people are not quite as poorly educated, as the British today and whilst societal brainwash has occurred throughout Europe, (having worked also in German spheres), I can confirm that the word is OUT, despite the mainstream media ‘Blackout’, on this ‘Matter’ !

People: Look up regularly, not just down at yer’ dumb phone: which, incidentally I could take control of any time i choose, were i so evil & working today on any of the existing NATO…

‘MUTIPLE Parallel Platforms’

‘Ironically’, that just happened to a friend of mine in Austria early this morning, immediately after I’d forwarded the Link above, asking for his wife’s assistance, regarding Merkel’s secret hidden 65 x AS-340 Airsolbus, designed specifically to spray our European Airspace, Peoples & Lands . . . all for NATO !
(excepting Austrians, presently)

Gezzah Potts

Hi Tim, thanks for your replies, and the link. Had a quick look at that site then, browsed the Dalai Lama being a CIA asset article which is fairly well known among awoken people (as opposed to being in a deep slumber…). Dumb question for you: why didn’t NATO disband after the collapse of the Soviet Union? The answer is pretty obvious. They are the ‘muscle’ for the full spectrum dominance of the planet, and the implementation of Neoliberalism everywhere. No, I don’t know what Multiple Parallel Platforms are. What I do know is given my many anti imperialist, anti neoliberal, anti zionist comments here, and on various other sites, plus being involved in political activism in the past (including occupying an MPs electorate office) I expect my phone is under surveillance, which is what I use to comment here and elsewhere. Don’t have a VPN or anything. And no, the edit button was removed after the last Cyber attack on this site. Global fascist dystopia becomes ever more real Tim.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

whoops, that should of course read,

‘MULTIPLE Parallel Platforms’

Whilst yer’ here … 😉 Just for clarity, a parallel platform of computers is pretty much identical, in principle, to keeping 2 sets of books, i.e. Double-Bookkeeping, so that
one may spy, be it on you the individual’s subversive nature, or industrial or military espionage, wholly ABOVE & BEYOND all surveillance Laws & Data records
of same !

In other words, NATO’s Military Intelligence has usurped all European democracy &
imposes daily … FASCIST Military Methodology for the Dictatorship of their own agendas,
as well as others, but it is largely aimed at controlling their own peoples and the stealing
or stalling of any grand designs you may have … Intellectual Property Theft,
NATO’s Trademark, globally.

If ever some political numbskull starts spouting “Freedom & Democracy”,
all you have to say is…

“First & Foremost, Fascism FFs, Do you understand what a parallel platform is … ? ”
P.s. sorry for the Lecture, but I couldn’t find the ‘Edit’ button & got carried away,
with Bill Binney’s wise & courageous intelligence, shared.


Limiting the exposure of who is in the pockets of the state to the Guardian is not enough.
The Blairite rump in the Labour Party regularly have a lot to say in Labour List that is worse than the Guardian https://labourlist.org/ The faux left careerists also need to be held accountable…_


Unfortunately, it’s a very big Zionist rump.


Zionist rump? Please go wash your mouth out, that comment is so pointless and puerile…_


Oy vey, goy! The truth is anti semitic!! Close it down!!!”


How do you feel about the term crypto-jews (Dame Hodge for instance)?
I aim to please, I really do.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

The intelligence community are out to get Julian Assange and the Guardian has played a key role in denigrating Julian’s character so that fewer people will be repulsed by the disproportionate punishment inflicted on him.

The UN rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer wrote an Op-Ed that the Guardian (and other media outlets) declined to publish.

In it Melzer says, ‘Sweden and Britain have done everything to prevent Assange from confronting these (sex) allegations without simultaneously having to expose himself to US extradition and, thus, to a show-trial followed by life in jail’. Prior to this Melzer deconstructs the flimsiness of the allegations while highlighting the astonishing fact no charges have ever been made (despite Swedish prosecutors having close to a decade to prepare their case).

He goes on to say, ‘surely Assange must be a hacker! But what I found is that all his disclosures had been freely leaked to him, and that no one accuses him of having hacked a single computer.’

Where is the mea culpa from the Guardian – where is the apology over groupthink, or the pack mentality that led to sneering articles despite the dire circumstances Assange found himself in.

This proves a couple of things in my opinion.
At Guardian Towers truth is always second best when it comes to confronting the preferred narrative of intelligence agencies; be it lies told about Assange, Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad, or Maduro.

Moral outrage is highly selective and insincere if only applied to approved groups within the PC rubric – one may not agree with what Assange has done but it should be impossible for any empathic, mature human being not to identify with the terrors inflicted on him (James Ball, Luke Harding, Marina Hyde, Suzanne Moore, Hadley Freeman, Deborah Orr, Nesrine Malik and others please make note).

Censorship is a key mechanism to quell dissent below the line.

In short if you want to know what a neutered, compromised and amoral MSM looks like then look no further than the Guardian because it is hard to find a platform that fails every important test with quite the same aplomb


The Guardian is the pits. Everyone who works there are just human sewage.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

The guardian of the faecal remains of the day, in a daze in the haze of empires &
paradise lost in a sewage pit: containing ‘Freedom of Expression’ & professional journalism, you mean ?

Thinking lumberjacks & printing presses, do you happen to know where the Guardian
continues to purchase its’ rolls of ‘toilet’ paper from ?

mark my words, great Scott, trust me,
thur’s mileage in analysing their pension funds, too:
and ole’ Alan cannot afford to speak honestly in that dept.


The elites have always shielded themselves from truth and justice. Now we understand why The Guardian is still here, approved collection vessel for those of us who see behind the mask of the Colluding Class.

And in Australia they have another method, superinjunction for books, of this one:

‘Sydney Inc.’ is a story that explores the unique way in which money, power, sport and politics work in Sydney. When Michael McGurk was gunned down in front of his son in Sydney’s North Shore, nobody believed it was a random killing. In ‘Sydney Inc.’, investigative reporters Kate McClymont and Vanda Carson unravel the tangled web that is McGurk’s life and times, and the circumstances that led to his death. Their investigations take them from the slums of Glasgow to the ultimate address in Australia – Wolseley Road, Point Piper – and along the way pick up a colourful cast of characters from all walks of life, including politicians, sultans, bankers and some of the richest people in Australia.

When the murder was active in the papers they never revealed what that guy had done before 1992. With his connections here he looked like he’d been an operative but when the Cold War ended he was jobless. The Colluding Class’s answer: Ban the book.


When you understand all this, it really is quite amazing. The Guardian and it’s journalists controlled by our government and intelligence services and willing accomplices in mass murder, war crime and terrorism.
That makes all Guardian journalists criminals. The evidence is compelling so at some point they should go to prison when their lies are widely recognised as they will. So many narratives collapsing lately which is encouraging. By the way, some great insightful comments here.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Precisely why I’ve been repeating myself, so why not once more, (must i stuttttterrrr…)

L.. LL… LLL… Leveson 2:0 ‘s the solution for you, given the Liverpudlian loathing of Murdoch & Lord Leveson’s birthplace, what the cop needs is a sound KLOPP Management of ‘media matters’, most damn firkin’ urgent … Laws must change and Murdoch’s famous “most humbling moment”, the first time in front of Justice Leveson, should pale into insignificance, as does his generation of political engineers.

& if you’ve done yer’ legal homework, you’ll understand why Dis’MAY squashed that proposal, immediately ! Somebody could win an election if the truth be told … ! ! !


Think about it logically.
How do those people compare with reviled child killers like Brady and Hindley?
They killed 5 children, and at least did their own dirty work.
Guardian scum have the deaths and misery of millions on their hands.
The worst criminals who have ever passed through our courts and prisons look like choirboys compared to that filth.


To put the narrative mongers at the Fraudian in perspective look at how they went all out “Cleggers” last week. The once revered Tory enabler crossed the Hard Drive Rubicon by stating the bleeding obvious when saying, that there is “absolutely no evidence” Russia influenced the Brexit result using Facebook. What a revelation for the hoodwinked!

The Fraudian did not report on what Nick Clegg said directly but mounted a hit job led by Nick (now anti-clegg) Cohen: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/jun/22/sapped-by-brexit-little-wonder-we-dream-of-doing-a-nick-clegg

As with the excellent report above we see the shameful deception that the Graun offers these days as informed opinion often dressed up as news. It never amazes me the lengths they will go to to deceive. Now as the in-house journal for GCHQ and MI5/6 they seem to fail to see the irony of their pitiful demise.

All of this started with Harding way before the hard drives were hammered. When he somehow came to the paranoid conclusion that, what was most likely his Russian landlady in Moscow moving things around in his apartment, while he was out. Was really Putin waging a psyops against him.

He who then under the tutelage of his MI6 handlers managed to fake a semi -international crisis by messing up his Russian immigration documents. Thereby being denied entry into Russia back when he was the Graun’s head of bureau Moscow. Lavrov even flew to London to sort out the furore but, and here lay the rub, Harding refused to go back. He then became the so called Russian expert at the Graun and still, to this day, the renowned plagiarist remains on the sorry rags payroll, always willing to trot out a trope for his handlers.


That Clegg whitewash of how FB was instrumental in the Brexit referendum is as transparent effort as any Orwellian allusion.

“How many fingers do you see?”

Talking of the Propaganda Prize – it’s been pissed from Cadswallop to Mooron. Lol. Shameless.

Well these monsters in their seats at the tables of power are about to be served their marching orders to their faces in Osaka.

They will scream at and bully their families and the rest 0f the population, when they return – pretending great injustice to their martial sacrifices, their birthright, their exceptionalism, THEIR country – then they will fuck off to their remaining feudal lands and islands to carry on interbreeding until their spaceships are ready – except the truly dangerously deluded who will rage, kill all they love and burn the house down while saving the last bullet for themselves. Das Bunker, here we go again.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Rope a dope a trope, Lukewarm,
(in Mi7 circles) 😉


Also, what a total useless ritual psy-op the physical destruction of the hard-drives was.
Security theatre at it’s most basic and pointless. (Stop! Hammertime!)


With propagating the idea that “Debates Are Won and Therefore Should be Closed”, these media barons, along with Murdoch’s troops, are effectively trying to justify –and conceal– more crimes against humanity. Crimes that have already been committed and many more being planned and executed both overtly and covertly.


Aiding and abetting in the cover-up of what is also called institutionalised pedophilia
(rule by blackmail/pedopower).
The “spaffing” on Boris Johnson’s wall.


Working for the war department makes The Guardian’s workforce soldiers. They ar defending the unelected Oligarchy with their pens/keyboards and greedy obsequiousness.

But shouldn’t we give the Guardian’s soldiers a well-deserved credit for the hard work in ‘Extreme Logic Twisting’ (ELT) as they rely on diehard lefitism to justify and achieve NeoCon/far-right agenda?

It must be really tough for them, unless they are gaining Artificial Intelligence assistance which it seems they are using in replacing the forcibly-retrenched traditional commenters with Establishment-friendly bots.

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum

‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only son _ _ _ ‘

Don’t put me down there, they’re all fucking mad!’


“… we have to trust those who oversee the intelligence-gathering.”

Gotta luv it, dontcha?

Okay, I HAVE to eat, otherwise I’ll starve to death.
I HAVE to empty my bowels regularly, otherwise they’ll get into such an uproar that I’ll die from infection.
I HAVE to sleep, otherwise I will die from exhaustion.

Now, I HAVE to trust those who oversee the intelligence-gathering . . . ?

Ermmm . . . Nope. I just don’t get it . . .

I don’t HAVE to trust them at all, and I don’t.


And all the while the rest of the media collude in the deception of the public by labelling the Guardian at every opportunity as “left-wing”. Exactly the same conspiracy exists involving the BBC.


Working with intelligence agencies plays to the egos of these ‘journalists’. Anything that makes them feel important.
The Guardian prints for Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty. Enough said.

Intelligence: “Russia is doing X,Y and Z. This is strictly off the record.”

Make a load of posts on Guardian comments with spoofed Russian IP addresses

Intelligence: “We’ve got information Russian intelligence is influencing article comments with bots”

Guardian “Oh my God..you’re right. We’re being attacked by Russia. God save the Queen”

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

“Can you keep a secret … ? ” MP

monty python member of parliament & military police,
to media parasites 😉


The Jew Fifth Column in Labour is chimping out over Chris Williamson being reinstated.
Grovelling apologies for doing nothing are never enough for these people.
All they understand is Juden Uber Alles.
Jezza needs to understand that whatever you do will never appease these people.
Jesus Christ couldn’t manage it when he walked the earth, so what chance has he got?
They’ve already got hundreds of MPs to take loyalty oaths to Israel.
Next they’ll want primary school children doing the same.
We’ll soon have Jew Kay in addition to Jew Ess Ayy.


The “chosen ones” according to Gilad Atzmon.


They’ve picked off Ken Livingstone and Marc Wadsworth.
Now they want Chris Williamson’s scalp.
The few decent people left in Labour are being targeted.
The handful of decent MPs and Corbyn supporters left are being driven out one by one because they have “offended” the Board of Deputies.
Moslems complaining about blasphemous portrayals of the Prophet are told to suck it up – “nobody has the right not to be offended.”
When Jezza is further isolated, they will move in for the kill on him.
Probably engineer an internal coup led by Watson, Thornberry and the massed ranks of Blairite backstabbers.
The Board of Deputies, the Mossad Office, and the LFI say quite openly they won’t stop until they have driven Jezza out of public life. And Labour is just a Zionist plaything.
This isn’t going to stop.
Whatever you do to appease these people, it is never enough. They just want more.

John Thatcher
John Thatcher

Who is “they”?the Jews is it,you disgusting little man.Some people here need to learn the difference between Zionist and Jew,there are plenty of non Jewish Zionists,but not all Jews are Zionists.


Sorry, I must have got that wrong. They’re probably all Fijians, Nepalis or Botswanans. The Fijian Embassy and the Labour Friends of Botswana must be behind it all. Just don’t mention the Jews!


So Mr. Thatcher, you reckon we should call the Shomrim on Mark?
Seeing how disliking Jews is a no-no and we need to, have to, really must ride the choo-choo chew-chew jew-jew train.
According to all those professional advocy organisations
(with FRIENDS like these…) that are so connected, influential and well funded, that is.
Then again, no true scotsman, so there is that.


Of course ‘disliking Jews’ is a ‘no no’. As is disliking Moslems, Catholics, Anglicans, Buddhists, black people, white people or any other such generic grouping.

It’s a ‘no no’ because only bigots and fools claim to ‘dislike’ entire religious or ethnic groups. We don’t encourage bigotry or foolishness here. Anyone indulging should either up their game or quit trolling.

John Thatcher
John Thatcher

Why is “mark”allowed to post these nakedly antisemitic remarks here without being modded?


Because it’s true.

John Thatcher
John Thatcher

No it isn’t “true” you ignorant(I will be charitable as to your motives) little twerp.Many Jews are Zionists and are to be condemned for their racist belief.many Jews are anti Zionist,but you lump them all together like any good fascist does.


Hodge and Ellman have been spewing out their lies and hate today trying to get Chris Williamson purged.


Rusbridger could of course have given a few concrete, specific, examples of where exactly the Guardian and Assange clashed about what texts should be released for publication, along with their reasoning. This would have allowed readers to see for themseleves and make up their own minds.

The gap between Assange and the Guardian is precisely founded on this difference. The Guardian doesn’t want people to have the opportunity to make up their own minds. They just want people to trust the Guardian to tell them what they need to know. This, of course, is the very reason Wikileaks came into existance, in opposition to this journalistic, priestly, set of liberal dogmas.


Exactly right.
If the guardian had even pretended that it seriously knew what it was talking about, people might have had a smidgeon of trust in its articles.
In its current state, it might as well be Mickey Mouse Weekly.