REVIEW: “Modified” – A Film About GMOs & Corruption of the Food Supply for Profit Colin Todhunter reviews the award winning documentary from Canadian film-maker Aube Giroux

Parts of the documentary Modified are spent at the kitchen table. But it’s not really a tale about wonderful recipes or the preparation of food.

Ultimately, it’s a story of capitalism, money and power and how our most basic rights are being eroded by unscrupulous commercial interests.

The film centres on its maker, Aube Giroux, who resides in Nova Scotia, Canada. Her interest in food and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) was inspired by her mother, Jali, who also appears throughout.

Aube says that when her parents bought their first house her mother immediately got rid of the lawn and planted a huge garden where she grew all kinds of heirloom vegetables, berries, flowers, legumes and garlic.

“She wanted me and my sister to grow up knowing the story behind the food that we ate, so our backyard was basically our grocery store,” says Aube.

During the film, we are treated not only to various outdoor scenes of the Giroux’s food garden (their ‘grocery store’) but also to Aube and her mother’s passion for preparing homemade culinary delights.

The ‘backyard’ is the grocery store and much of Giroux family life revolves around the kitchen and the joy of healthy, nutritious food.

When GMOs first began appearing in food, Aube says that what bothered her mother was that some of the world’s largest chemical companies were patenting these new genetically engineered seeds and controlling the seed market.

In the film, Aube explains, “Farmers who grow GMOs have to sign technology license agreements promising never to save or replant the patented seeds. My mom didn’t think it was a good idea to allow corporations to engineer and then patent the seeds that we rely on for food. She believed that seeds belong in the hands of people.”

As the GMO issue became prominent, Aube became more interested in the subject. It took her 10 years to complete the film, which is about her personal journey of discovery into the world of GMOs.

The film depicts a world that is familiar to many of us; a place where agritech industry science and money talk, politicians and officials are all too eager to listen and the public interest becomes a secondary concern.

In 2001, Canada’s top scientific body, The Royal Society, released a scathing report that found major problems with the way GMOs were being regulated.

The report made 53 recommendations to the government for fixing the regulatory system and bringing it in line with peer-reviewed science and the precautionary principle, which says new technologies should not be approved when there is uncertainty about their long-term safety.

To date, only three of these recommendations have been implemented.

Throughout the film, we see Aube making numerous phone calls, unsuccessfully trying to arrange an interview to discuss these issues with Health Canada, the department of the government of Canada that is responsible for national public health.

Meanwhile, various people are interviewed as the story unfolds. We are told about the subverting of regulatory agencies in the US when GMOs first appeared on the scene in the early 1990s: the Food and Drug Administration ignored the warnings of its own scientists, while Monsanto flexed its political muscle to compromise the agency by manoeuvring its own people into positions of influence.

One respondent says:

We’ve had a number of people from Monsanto, many from Dupont, who have actually been in top positions at the USDA and the FDA over the last 20 years, making darn sure that when those agencies did come out with any pseudo-regulation, that it was what these industries wanted.

The industry will often say these are the most regulated crops in history… I’m not an expert on the law in many other countries. But I am an expert on the laws in the United States and I can tell you… they are virtually unregulated.”

Aube takes time to find out about genetic engineering and talks to molecular biologists. She is shown how the process of genetic modification in the lab works.

One scientist says:

In genetics, we have a phrase called pleiotropic effects. It means that there are other effects in the plant that are unintended but are a consequence of what you’ve done. I wouldn’t be surprised if something came up somewhere along the line that we hadn’t anticipated that’s going to be a problem.”

And that’s very revealing: if you are altering the genetic core of the national (and global) food supply in a way that would not have occurred without human intervention, you had better be pretty sure about the consequences. Many illnesses can take decades to show up in a population.

This is one reason why Aube Giroux focuses on the need for the mandatory labelling of GM food in Canada. Some 64 countries have already implemented such a policy and most Canadians want GM food to be labelled too.

However, across North America labelling has been fiercely resisted by the industry. As the film highlights, it’s an industry that has key politicians in its back pocket and has spent millions resisting effective labelling.

In the film, we hear from someone from the agri/biotech industry say that labelling would send out the wrong message; it would amount to fearmongering; it would confuse the public; it would raise food prices; and you can eat organic if you don’t want GMOs. To those involved in the GMO debate and the food movement, these industry talking points are all too familiar.

Signalling the presence of GMOs in food through labelling is about the public’s right to know what they are eating. But the film makes clear there are other reasons for labelling too. To ensure that these products are environmentally safe and safe for human health, you need to monitor them in the marketplace. If you have new allergic responses emerging is it a consequence of GMOs?

There’s no way of telling if there is no labelling.

Moreover, the industry knows many would not purchase GM food if people were given any choice on the matter. That’s why it has spent so much money and invested so much effort to prevent it.

During the film, we also hear from an Iowa farmer, who says GM is all about patented seeds and money. He says there’s incredible wealth and power to be had from gaining ownership of the plants that feed humanity. And it has become a sorry tale for those at the sharp end: farmers are now on a financially lucrative (for industry) chemical-biotech treadmill as problems with the technology and its associated chemicals mount: industry rolls out even stronger chemicals and newer GM traits to overcome the failures of previous rollouts.

But to divert attention from the fact that GM has ‘failed to yield’ and deliver on industry promises, the film notes that the industry churns out rhetoric, appealing to emotion rather than fact, about saving the world and feeding the hungry to help legitimize the need for GM seeds and associated (health- and environment-damaging) chemical inputs.

In an interview posted on the film’s website, Aube says that genetic engineering is an important technology but “should only take place if the benefits truly outweigh the risks, if rigorous adequate regulatory systems are in place and if full transparency, full disclosure and the precautionary principle are the pillars on which our food policies are based.”

Health Canada has always claimed to have had a science-based GMO regulatory system. But the Royal Society’s report showed that GMO approvals are based on industry studies that have little scientific merit since they aren’t peer-reviewed.

For all her attempts, Aube failed to get an interview with Health Canada. Near the end of the film, we see her on the phone to the agency once again. She says:

Well I guess I find it extremely concerning and puzzling that Health Canada is not willing to speak with me… you guys are our public taxpayer-funded agency in this country that regulates GMOs, and so you’re accountable to Canadians, and you have a responsibility to answer questions.”

Given this lack of response and the agency’s overall track record on GMOs, it is pertinent to ask just whose interests does Health Canada ultimately serve.

When Aube Giroux started this project, it was meant to be a film about food. But she notes that it gradually became a film about democracy: who gets to decide our food policies; is it the people we elect to represent us, or is it corporations and their heavily financed lobbyists?

Aube is a skilful filmmaker and storyteller. She draws the viewer into her life and introduces us to some inspiring characters, especially her mother, Jali, who passed away during the making of the film. Jali has a key part in the documentary, which had started out as a joint venture between Aube and her mother.

By interweaving personal lives with broader political issues, Modified becomes a compelling documentary. On one level, it’s deeply personal. On another, it is deeply disturbing given what corporations are doing to food without our consent – and often – without our knowledge.

For those who watch the film, especially those coming to the issue for the first time, it should at the very least raise concerns about what is happening to food, why it is happening and what can be done about it. The film might be set in Canada, but the genetic engineering of our food supply by conglomerates with global reach transcends borders and affects us all.

Whether we reside in North America, Europe, India or elsewhere, the push in on to co-opt governments and subvert regulatory bodies by an industry which regards GM as a multi-billion cash cow – regardless of the consequences.

Modified won the 2019 James Beard Foundation award for best documentary and is currently available on DVD at modifiedthefilm.com. It is due to be released on digital streaming platforms this summer.


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Jul 3, 2019 8:25 PM

Phew, conspiracy theorist bait right here! Aka how to know what you are reading is bullshit.

“if you are altering the genetic core of the national (and global) food supply in a way that would not have occurred without human intervention, you had better be pretty sure about the consequences.”

I would like to know how the authors think all our modern crops came to be, if it wasn’t through human intervention. Clearly, the authors of this review, and the doc producer are not well informed about plant breeding techniques of the last century, as well as the last 11 000 years, therefore there is a huge piece missing from their knowledge puzzle that would allow them to have a valid opinion.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Jul 2, 2019 2:16 PM

It is not just the seeds that belong in the hands of the people,
also the quintessential RAIN is ‘god-given’ & the
water supply chain should be in the hands of the people.

“No human being has a right to clean drinking water.”
CEO Brabeck Nestlé

Clearly some elites feel they have a God given right to dictate & decide who lives & who dies …
Coz’ in case you haven’t noticed NATO and many others have been fucking with our climate & weather,
for strategic & financial gain, largely to control people & KNOWLEDGE

Right, I best read the rest of the article …

Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson
Jul 2, 2019 3:18 AM

Quote: “…you can eat organic if you don’t want GMOs.”
What a great choice, malnutrition without poison or malnutrition with poison. The malnutrition without poison is conditional on the grower not cheating.
Organic rejects GMO’s but embraces hybrid crops. Hybrid crops are genetically engineered crops that are not cross species. To understand hybrids you must understand why both the industry and the farmers want the hybrids.
If a hybrid even creates a seed that will germinate, the seed will not reproduce the parent plant because it was a cross. Thus, as with GMO’s the farmer must buy the hybrid seeds every year. Good for the industry. While there is nothing specifically wrong with the hybridization of crops, the problem is the purpose for which the crop is hybridized. Hybridization is done to maximize revenue. This is accomplished by modifying the crop for increased yield. As the yield of the crop increases, the ratio of carbohydrate to protein becomes wider. Just what we need in societies becoming more obese. The benefit to the farmer is that he can grow a larger crop in the same soil that no longer would support the open pollinated varieties that are capable of producing a crop with a narrower ratio between carbohydrate and protein. So the farmer saves money by not addressing the declining ability of the soil to produce protein while at the same time making more money. Sounds ideal to me for both the industry and the farmer.
Taking the hybrid crops out of most organic grocery stores would leave the shelves bare or almost bare. If organic ever cares about the nutritional value, the first step would be to prohibit hybrids.
It’s not what’s in your food that kills you, it’s what isn’t in your food.
As Andre Voisin said so long ago in his book, “Soil Grass and Cancer”, “Questions of deficiency in agricultural products become subjects of interest only when they find expression in a commercial loss. As long as it is only a matter of a lower ‘biological value” for Man, no one is concerned.”

Jul 2, 2019 8:36 AM
Reply to  Gary Wilson

“…you can eat organic if you don’t want GMOs”

and they haven’t jumped the fence to infest your organic seed stock.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Jul 2, 2019 2:18 PM
Reply to  Robbobbobin

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind … 😉

Jul 1, 2019 8:38 PM

I hope somebody will let me know when affordable emigration to another solar system becomes a thing.

Jul 1, 2019 4:36 PM

“Aube failed to get an interview with Health Canada”

Rest assured, Aube, all your calls to Health Canada, and to any other government department, have been recorded, meaning many voice samples from you are now stored in a biometric identification database belonging to the Five-Eyes organisation. But the public is told, this is for training and coaching services.

As to the nature of your enquiries, Aube, rest assured, you’re now placed on the list of parasite and undesirable complainants. A special mechanism will ensure you’re going nowhere with your micro-conquest; but you might end up in hell if you persist.

Jul 1, 2019 1:12 PM

Brilliant website here, strongly recommended. Very good 5G info in this link.
It’s a shame OffG keeps focusing on issues where the horse has already bolted, as opposed to making attempts at keeping the horse where it belongs. Very transparent


Eddie John
Eddie John
Jul 1, 2019 5:14 PM
Reply to  Mucho

At least you can read stuff on here that isnt avialable almost anywhere else and draw you own conclusions.

Jul 1, 2019 7:22 PM
Reply to  Mucho

The 5G info in the link you provided is indeed very good.

OffG, however, does not do what you say it does.
I’m sure they will focus on anything you want if you ask nicely.

Jul 2, 2019 8:43 AM
Reply to  wardropper

Mucho posts enough BTL to make more than one ATL article by itself or with a few simple summaries, but imagines that would require a ghost writer with the mysterious writers’ touch, unatainable by mortals.

Jul 2, 2019 11:43 AM
Reply to  Robbobbobin

I’m just sick of all the bullshit, I’m sick and tired of walking around in a society which is comprised of a few good souls who know what is going on while the vast majority walk around in a state of total hypnosis, their entire engineered belief systems based on nothing but lies, lies which have been put there by a system of pure evil. If no-one knows what the problem is, we will never progress.
9/11 ruined our world and continues to ruin it to this day. The guilty must be exposed. The Israeli state, those who pull its strings, are, based on the evidence we have at our disposal, the kingpin in this equation. They are without any shadow of a doubt, big players in this, yet not one OffG article has ever addressed this, despite the fact they have published many articles relating to the subject. I find it shocking that more people do not pull them up on this.
I am totally open to the idea that actually, when you get to the very top of the pyramid, Israel is really just a vassal of a higher authority which none of us truly understand, linked in with secret societies and orders we have no knowledge of, maybe so, but then we are into conspiracy theory which is a dead end. We have to deal with the evidence we have and the real world as we understand it.
OffG very suspiciously chooses to look away when it comes to 9/11 evidence. Not only do they look away, they consistently publish lies about this most important of issues ,which causes the readership to remain brainwshed and hypnotised by lies. This, to me, undermines everything they supposedly stand for and serves only to expose them for what I believe they are – controlled opposition.

Jul 2, 2019 2:54 PM
Reply to  Mucho

We’re all sick of it, Mucho; that’s why we’re here – looking for some light at the end of the tunnel.
The thing about 911 is that the world has either swallowed the official story without thinking about its glaring flaws, or it fears the same fate as Assange, Snowden, Manning and others who have spoken out on other atrocities.
Chomsky, for example, who is normally unafraid to speak his mind about anything at all, is remarkably quiet on this issue, which is of course so staggering in its wickedness and its implications that one can understand people being afraid of it.
Perhaps the crucial test of our character here is whether we are more angry than afraid.

Jul 2, 2019 11:22 PM
Reply to  wardropper

Chomsky spreads lies about 9/11. Nothing else

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Jul 3, 2019 9:44 AM
Reply to  Mucho

Please don’t change the subject, Mucho, my friend: we all make mistakes and make rash judgements, in moments of ‘Heated’ & engineered frustration: and I fully appreciate Admin’s sentiments, position & frustration at your disparaging ill-informed momentary accusation and how that must make one feel in these epic times.

” It’s pretty fricken galling to put in 10 hours + per day here, for WAY less than minimum wage, just to have anons accusing us of being ”controlled opposition”.”

A simple apology relieves all anguish inside you & others. I’d never forgotten a missed shot from the hip @UreKismet, a while back & ironically have just apologised to him, elsewhere … for the record 😉
coz’ we have way more important scientific things to discuss than
lame unsubstantiated accusations towards one another. 😉

Jul 3, 2019 12:51 PM
Reply to  Tim Jenkins

I’m not apologising for anything. This website consistently publishes misinformation about a subject which has destroyed our world. It has no intention of exposing the guilty, and has never made any effort to educate its readership of the realities. No apologies.
When you are spreading lies about 9/11 and those responsible for it, you are doing the dirty work for the slime that have caused this kind of devastation. Despicable, unforgivable and totally immoral. No apologies
The Deformed Babies of Fallujah

Jul 3, 2019 12:53 PM
Reply to  Mucho

“Iraqi physicians have also long reported a spike in cases involving severe birth defects in Fallujah since 2004. They have reported children born with multiple heads, serious brain damage, missing limbs and with extra fingers and toes.”

Jul 3, 2019 12:54 PM
Reply to  Tim Jenkins

And don’t you fucking dare tell me what to do.

Sophie - Admin1
Sophie - Admin1
Jul 2, 2019 8:38 PM
Reply to  Mucho

You’re entitled to your opinion and free to express it here (you’re welcome), but it’s pretty fricken galling to put in 10 hours + per day here, for WAY less than minimum wage, just to have anons accusing us of being ”controlled opposition”.

Let’s be clear. Everyone here could be pulling in a lot more money on fewer hours doing almost anything else. We work at this because we care. No one pays us and NO ONE ‘controls’ us.

If you’d like to see an article on here about how Israel planned and executed 9/11, write one and send it to us. We publish all shades of opinion on 9/11 and everything else, and our output clearly shows we have no embargo on critiquing Israel

Meanwhile check out our extensive 9/11 archive.

Jul 3, 2019 8:34 AM

Well I appreciate the fact that off-g is pretty free about comments unlike e.g. Craig Murray and his mysterious modulators who, going by his own comments, seem to work independantly of him.

Jul 1, 2019 11:26 PM
Reply to  Mucho

Great 9/11 info too. This is how it’s done

mathias alexand
mathias alexand
Jul 1, 2019 10:39 AM

It is our elected representatives who choose. We choose to elect people who take bribes.

Jul 1, 2019 4:27 PM

They are desperately trying to stop Jeremy Corbyn getting into power in the UK as he does not take bribes.

Jul 1, 2019 7:26 PM
Reply to  Haltonbrat

It just got even worse today, where the Fraudian is trying to convince the nation that Corbyn is “too frail” to be Prime Minister . . .

What despicable twaddle continues to ooze from that awful rag.

Jul 1, 2019 7:10 PM

Not really.
I am convinced that these “representatives” elect themselves, and, in any case, no decent person would want to be in a modern western government, where EVERYTHING decent is corrupted from Day One.
Hard to know what to do about this. It sure is a problem.

Jun 30, 2019 11:02 PM

The engine of capitalism is deprivation. You can’t make money unless people buy stuff off you. If they can get stuff for free than that’s “bad business”. So, you must deprive them of anything they can get free. Close off the natural world as much as possible. (The ideal would be to cut off everyone’s air supply and have them breathe through cables where you can charge them per breath.) If you can’t privatise the natural world then you can destroy it and sell people a substitute item. If the substitute is unhealthy and causes them to fall ill, then that’s “good for business”. Ill people need stuff which you can then sell them. Of course, the stuff you sell them should not make them better since that would shut down that market. So, the “cures” you make should only result in greater sickness requiring more “cures”.

The aim is to create more and more want, more dissatisfaction, neurosis, illness, immaturity, pain – all of these needing solutions which turn out to only make the situation worse i.e. “better” for capital.

Jul 1, 2019 8:56 AM
Reply to  George


Good comment: what you say is all to true. The engine of capitalism is the creation of advertised wants, needs, and desires we never knew we had or needed …which stimulates commodity consumerism. But that leads to a relatively short term cycle of capitalist accumulation.

If your labour workforce all become middle class comfort creatures, the rates of profit tend toward an equalised class distribution, and the newly minted petty bourgeoisie become accustomed to material prosperity …the demand for more causes the system to ‘overload’ and the conditions for socialism become rife. Which is bad for capitalists.

As Rosa Luxemburg pointed out in the theory of capital accumulation: surplus capital and surplus commodities – rather than develop the home countries class structure toward equality – will find new markets abroad. Thus capital is inherently imperialising and internationalising.

A good historic example is the Anglo-Indian cotton trade – where the indigenous Indian cotton trade was deliberately destroyed by bans and tarrifs; the Indian cotton shipped to our own ‘dark satanic mills’ tariff free; the garments and cloth were then re-exported – also tarrif free – monopolising Indian production and consumption. This was proto-neoliberalism in action: the internationalisation of trade for the benefit of capitalist conspicuous consumption (fine cottons were the luxury item du jour) …without enriching either local labour powers: and maintaining the class relations of rule – by exploiting and destroying livelihoods and making labour statist or colonial dependents.

Pro-Luxemburg: surplus capital accumulation cannot be limited by national boundaries. If it is to valorise and expand it must internationalise to generate new markets. Luxemburg’s error was that she thought that once capital had internationalised into world capitalism – it would be bounded and die out …as it would within the nation state. She did not figure technology into the synopsis.

Capital internationalises not once, but in waves. This is what David Harvey refers to as ‘space-time compression’ or the ‘spatio-temporal fix’. Once internationalised as world capitalism: capitalism will seek to re-colonise previously colonised territories …with ‘new improved’ technologies – like tech-patented GMO.

The engine of capitalism is reproduction – of which deprivation is part of the reproductive cycle. In India: first you deprive weavers and growers of the livelihood (pre-capitalist form); then you industrialise production in a different centre – re-importing the product that could have been made cheaper locally for a profit (capitalised form); then revert to local production exploiting the deliberately impoverished (from step one) cheap labour force (when unionised organised labour begins to make inroads into profits) (internationalised world capitalist form); and now the ‘technofix’ technocratic form – force production from natural to synthetic patented biotech cultivation (neoliberal globalised form).

I’m generalising: but the inherent logic of capital is waves of reproduction. If there are no new markets – and opportunities are self-limited in a finite world system – create one with technology. Then colonise an already colonised and capitalised market. Remove all restrictions for reproduction – like democracy, sovereignty, local representation – by global governance architectures that are developed and optimised for the trans-national corporate model – by the trans-national corporate model (corporate voluntarism; self-responsibility; and self-organisation) …and what do you have? Waves of deprivation and desperation becoming a global tide of accumulation by dispossession. Also known as neoliberal globalisation in action.

Rosa was right: there is a limit to technological reproduction …synthetic ‘vegan’ meat grown in a lab is a repulsive anathema to most. But link it with an advertorial narrative of ‘saving the planet’ and maybe it becomes marketable? But generally, the trend is toward AI and IT technological redundancy for the majority of humanity. What will they do with all those resource hungry poor once the cycles of accumulation are exhausted? I’ll leave you to ponder.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Jul 3, 2019 10:45 AM
Reply to  George

Great comment, George 🙂

Have you thought of suggesting that to Ryan Air & Big Pharma ?

The Thinker
The Thinker
Jun 30, 2019 10:37 PM

Monsanto and then the merger with Bayer are a menace to the World. I began to start looking into some of their practises when I watched a documentary where they brought some land in Hawaii, unbeknownst to the locals.

They chose this area as it had the right climate to successfully yield the most crops in one single season. They used it to test different pesticides and fungicide’s, to make the crops resistant to resistant to environmental threats.

Over time, locals saw a spike in clusters of birth defects, carcinogenic illnesses. A scientist (I can’t remember of what specialism, started asking questions as more and more people came forward, pointing to the fields in the distance, saying, none of this was a thing, until ‘they’ started growing crops on our Island. The Scientist took hair samples of young children and people presenting with ailments and started to analyse them.

They concluded, the hair follicles contained high instances of pesticides and fungicides and these were of great concern, given the numbers of folks dying or being born deformed. Of course, when Monsanto representatives were interviewed, they showed a complete lack of concern and insisted they were within environmental parameters. The locals, lobbied their local Mayor, again to know avail, it fell on death ears, brown envelopes win out.

I also have read, where these Companies entered into agreements with Countries on the African Continent, who were at the time, doing really well in Agri Development, then suddenly, their entire crops died of some unusual affliction. The crops got a dose of Powderly mildew virus, it was entirely clear to me, when Monsanto came to the rescue with a new mildew virus pesticide at the cost of 100 Mill to save their Agri economy…

Not only are Monsanto/Bayer leading the way in buying up the heirloom Cannabis Sativa (hemp/weed) seed, so they can have the monopoly on future medicinal use and it’s use in non-medical, of which there are numerous uses. They are sterilising heirloom seeds by splicing their genus and creating hybrid species, which only have one season life cycle.

It is becoming illegal by design the grown your own, grow off grid and sustain growing your own to feed you and yours. These people want to own your air, your water and your earth growing ability.

Don’t buy F1 hybrid products, only Heirloom, swap with seed collectives, allotments and friends, if you grow your own. There are plenty of these collectives around.

I could say so much more, but I’ll can it here!

Jul 1, 2019 11:33 PM
Reply to  The Thinker

Keep talking!

Jun 30, 2019 8:32 PM

Control the food and you control the people.
Control the food and you control the world.
That’s why people like Gates and Buffett are pushing GMO on the world.
And serving the interests of the drug monopolies.
It’s no accident that male sperm counts have declined precipitously.
This is all planned population control.
A non violent genocide serving the interests of the 0.00001%
A world population of 500 million is all they need to provide them with all the personal trainers, personal astrologers, personal rabbis and child sex slaves they want.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Jul 2, 2019 3:03 PM
Reply to  mark

When you can engineer the weather, like NATO does, Kissinger’s prognosis rules 😉

‘harmonised’ with GMO particulate resistant seed, it all adds up to an AshkeNazi Zionist dream final solution, when they can run CCFCs ** as well: which they do and at GCHQ. Thus I keep repeating the necessity to STOP parallel platforms of evil intentions, as highlighted by Bill Binney & Kurt Weibe back in 2001.



Check the areas less affected, particularly 😉

** Corporate Computerised Fascist Collusion within each and every security agency,

driving Dictatorship, with zero official records of a transparent & accountable nature:
not rocket science, but computer science & fraud, masking everything-everything !

Hangin’on’in 🙂

Jun 30, 2019 7:31 PM

This is the sort of thibgs we should be doing and promoting:

Seed Keepers Network: http://redsemillas.org

Jul 1, 2019 10:20 AM
Reply to  Ramdan

for growers in the UK – https://seedcooperative.org.uk/

Jean Miller
Jean Miller
Jul 1, 2019 7:11 PM
Reply to  bobbly

Thanks bobbly, for this fantastic recommendation. I have just looked through their website, and will be ordering some seed from them for our tiny city garden. This co-operative is so worthy of support .

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Jul 3, 2019 10:10 AM
Reply to  Jean Miller

From small beginnings . . .

Huge Trees of Life grow in harmony with the matter most relevant & balanced,
for co-existence of all organisms in 360º ecosystems,

surrounded by chaos and weaker saplings, coming & going as anti-matter,
triggering positive energy 🙂

The message: it’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder, how i keep from going under …


just a few grams of anti-matter is an extraordinary valuable energy force 🙂
Just ask CERN 😉