OPEN LETTER: In Defence of Chris Williamson Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein & over 100 other prominent Jews refute the allegations of Antisemtism against the Derby North MP

Image credit: The Canary

We the undersigned, all Jews, are writing in support of Chris Williamson and to register our dismay at the recent letter organised by Tom Watson, and signed by parliamentary Labour party and House of Lords members, calling for his suspension (Anger over return of MP who said Labour was ‘too apologetic’ over antisemitism, 28 June).

Chris Williamson did not say that the party had been “too apologetic about antisemitism”, as has been widely misreported. He correctly stated that the Labour party has done more than any other party to combat the scourge of antisemitism and that, therefore, its stance should be less apologetic.

Such attacks on Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters aim to undermine not only the Labour party’s leadership but also all pro-Palestinian members.

The mass media have ignored the huge support for Chris both within and beyond the Labour party. Support that includes many Jews. The party needs people like him, with the energy and determination to fight for social justice.

As anti-racist Jews, we regard Chris as our ally: he stands as we do with the oppressed rather than the oppressor. It should also be noted that he has a longer record of campaigning against racism and fascism than most of his detractors.

The Chakrabarti report recommended that the party’s disciplinary procedures respect due process, favour education over expulsion and promote a culture of free speech, yet this has been abandoned in practice. We ask the Labour party to reinstate Chris Williamson and cease persecuting such members on false allegations of antisemitism.

Noam Chomsky, MIT
Norman Finkelstein, Lecturer and writer
Ed Asner, Actor
Prof Richard Falk, Princeton University
Leah Lavene and Jenny Manson, Jewish Voice for Labour
…and more than 100 others.

For the full list of signatories, click here. This letter was previously published in The Guardian, but was removed “pending investigation”.


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Jul 20, 2019 6:44 PM

I recommend people read a small but powerful book called “How I learned to Stop being a Jew” by Shlomo Sand. He talks about the ‘Holocaust Industry’ and other related issues lucidly and brilliantly. It is worth the read, it is small and easily accessible.

Jul 10, 2019 10:58 PM

Jezza should have adopted the Trump approach.
Just respond to criticism with ad hominem personal attacks, the more vicious the better.

harry law
harry law
Jul 10, 2019 1:53 PM

The Jewish Labour Movement [JLM] of whom Gordon Brown is an associate member, are affiliated with the World Zionist Organization [WZO] who fund illegal settlements in OPT and also with the Israeli Labour Party, which when in government also backed the building of illegal settlements on Palestinian land for decades, and still do. These are grave war crimes in breach of the 1949 Geneva Conventions [Article 6] it being a grave war crime to transfer citizens of the occupier into occupied territory. This was confirmed by the International Court of Justice [ICJ] in 2004 when in its opinion the [wall case 2004] all 15 Judges agreed that the building of settlements was against International Law. Because Gordon Brown and other ‘friends of Israel’ know all this, they knowing support, and are complicit with war crimes and crimes against humanity, Gordon Brown and the LFI by backing the JLM are aiding and abetting these crimes, they are in fact war criminals themselves, that is the unvarnished truth.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle
Jul 10, 2019 8:31 PM
Reply to  harry law

Yes, its quite extraordinary Labour war apologists in convulsions over faux ‘antisemitism’ while previously oblivious to it until Corbyn became leader – this despite the fact levels of antisemitism were actually higher before 2015.

So on the one hand we have right-wing Jewish groups and a cadre of MPs who have infiltrated a party that once aspired to a diluted form of socialism and on the other left/liberal Jewish voices trying to explain why the media witch-hunt cannot be divorced from the political motivation driving it.

Presumably the likes of Jess Philips, Stella Creasy and of course whispering Tom Watson are hoping to fill the post-Corbyn void as Labour looks like selling out lock, stock and barrel to reactionary forces on the right.

On the plus side although it signals the end of socialism in Britain at least highly paid women across the higher echelons of the workplace will be rewarded with more favourable conditions such as better pay.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Jul 10, 2019 12:26 PM

Sorry to say this, but if you ever needed any evidence of why Corbyn has not got what it takes to lead any nation, with a sense of vision and priorities , this must suffice: and moreover the Guardian’s actions !


What the fuck else does Corbyn need to know first or David Lindsay of the ‘People’s Voice’ ? Well actually, apparently loads, but if Corbyn or Lindsay do NOT get this much and it needs gatekeepers like Chomsky, who comments on WTC 7 with a blithering scientific ignorance , all I can say for any beginners in Media Research & Analysis & Linguistics is that you seriously need to listen to Lord Justice Leveson and analyse the legal distinction between a Platform and a Publisher first, after a thorough examination of Media Ownership & Bias & manipulative brainwashing lies & machinations before you get to the complex issues … of “The History of the National Security State” AND

“Parallel Platforms” ! ! ! search Bill Binney’s opinion and ask yourself why every time i Type BINNEY , autocorrect is changing my spelling to some c-nut named Bonney !!!

It has happened already, a few days ago, when I was sure that I typed Binney (now underlined in red) correctly >>> try for yourself just type Binney, as an experiment …

and we are all Julian Assange ! Locked in LIMBO !

I’m not joking around , I’m warning you of Corporate Computerised FASCIST Collusion with your military intelligence services, a disaster of the HIGHEST FUCKING MAGNITUDE !!!

Damn it , I always loathed repeating myself , but this is a labour of LOVE & respect for others …


OR YER’ FUCKED and you’ll never get to understand Assange and the history of YOUR national security state and what they’ve been doing for many many decades and what they still do !

Moving on, I found this last night, an anonymous Doctor @present, who was there on the night Seth Rich was admitted to hospital with NON-life threatening gunshot wounds in the back …

With Julian Assange still to testify, it would seem that the
Seth Rich “conspiracy”… isn’t much of a conspiracy…. and Assange naming a dead source will do his professional integrity no harm and give others the confidence too, to speak out further.
According to :-
anonymous 12 hours ago

“4th year surgery resident here who rotated at WHC (Washington Hospital Center) last year, it won’t be hard to identify me but I feel that I shouldn’t stay silent.

Seth Rich was shot twice, with 3 total gunshot wounds (entry and exit, and entry). He was taken to the OR emergently where we performed an exlap and found a small injury to segment 3 of the liver which was packed and several small bowel injuries (pretty common for gunshots to the back exiting the abdomen) which we resected ~12cm of bowel and left him in discontinuity (didn’t hook everything back up) with the intent of performing a washout in the morning. He did not have any major vascular injuries otherwise. I’ve seen dozens of worse cases than this which survived and nothing about his injuries suggested to me that he’d sustained a fatal wound.

In the meantime he was transferred to the ICU and transfused 2 units of blood when his post-surgery crit came back ~20. He was stable and not on any pressors, and it seemed pretty routine. About 8 hours after he arrived we were swarmed by LEOs and pretty much everyone except the attending and a few nurses was kicked out of the ICU (disallowing visiting hours -normally every odd hour, eg 1am, 3am, etc- is not something we do routinely). It was weird as hell. At turnover that morning we were instructed not to round on the VIP that came in last night (that’s exactly what the attending said, and no one except for me and another resident had any idea who he was talking about).

No one here was allowed to see Seth except for my attending when he died. No code was called. I rounded on patients literally next door but was physically blocked from checking in on him. I’ve never seen anything like it before, and while I can’t say 100% that he was allowed to die, I don’t understand why he was treated like that. Take it how you may, /pol/, I’m just one low level doc. Something’s fishy though, that’s for sure.”

Jul 10, 2019 6:41 AM

My sympathy for Williamson diminished when I read the following.

“I am told that in various blogs and in speeches he (Gilad Atzmon) has adopted
anti-Semitic language. I wasn’t aware of this until after I tweeted the petition. As soon as
I was informed, I deleted the tweet. I’ve always condemned all forms
of racism, including anti-Semitism, and strongly disassociate myself
from Atzmon’s anti-Semitic views.”
Isn’t Williamson using the same tactics as those directed at him.? He
says “I am told”. He did not read any of Atzmon’s views. I have read
Atzmon’s views and see no evidence of anti-semitism but this is not my
point. Why did Williamson accuse Atzmon of anti-semitism on the basis
of hearsay?

Jul 10, 2019 8:59 AM
Reply to  Barry

I agree. At that point I wrote to Williamson telling him to get up and fight despite the pressure that would come on him. As professor Ilan Pappe said, there might well be a price to be paid if you support justice for Palestinians.
Gilad Atzmon is not an antisemite. The Zionists just do not like the way he reveals the truth.

Jul 11, 2019 4:19 PM
Reply to  Haltonbrat

“Gilad Atzmon is not an antisemite. The Zionists just do not like the way he reveals the truth.”

and there is the rub: Atzmon cannot be “anti-semitic”, as by defintion, he is a “semite”. (he isn’t even that, but that’s another story) Is he anti himself?

He is an anti-zionist. This is a totally separate thing (as you and everyone here already knows) the former is based on ethnic grouping; the latter is purely, and exclusively political.

“I’m a zionist” Joe Biden. Zero % Jewish. QED.

Mendacious, supine, lying media (and the ADL etc etc) are quite happy to have these terms confused

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength

Jul 10, 2019 3:53 PM
Reply to  Barry

This is a frequent response from people targeted by Zionist intimidation and smear campaigns.
Issue grovelling apologies and beg for forgiveness for imaginary crimes.
This was quite common in the Stalinist show trials.
It never works.
They always double down and become even more arrogant and implacably vicious.
Nothing is ever good enough for these people.
They just want to completely destroy anyone who “offends” them.
The Board of Deputies and the Mossad Office at the Embassy and their legions of bought and paid for 30 shekel whores like Tom Watson state quite openly that they will not rest until they have driven Corbyn out of public life, as they already have done with Ken Livingstone, Marc Wadsworth, Chris Williamson and a number of fellow Jews who have failed to toe the line.
The BBC is going to ratchet up the smear campaign tonight.
Seumas Milne is next on their hit list.
They are picking off all the people around Corbyn one by one.
When all his supporters have gone, they will turn on old Jezza himself.
They are not going to stop.

Jul 10, 2019 9:00 PM
Reply to  Barry

I’m afraid what you are relating is a common experience for me too. I am excited to find a writer who talks sense but then come up against the most galling limitations. I was happy to read Tony Greenstein’s expose of Zionist hack David Collier, here:


And then I read down and see this:

“Conspiracy theorists and advocates of Holocaust denial are a wider problem on the Internet and they are not confined to Palestine related groups. Many people, lacking any explanation for imperialism and its wars and devastation of the Middle East and Africa, instead of looking to simple explanations about international class relations, look to conspiracy theories or what they perceive as Jewish lobbies. Part of the reason for this is that Zionist lobby groups like AIPAC or the Board of Deputies of British Jews openly proclaim that their support for Israel is in the name of all Jews. It is no surprise therefore that some people take them at their word.”

What a bizarre hodge podge! First – of course that moronic knee-jerk warding off of demons: “conspiracy theorists”, this catch-all charm guarding that properly designated area of mainstream “leftist” thought. “Holocaust denial” is another monolithic demon term which can be used to tar those merely asking questions by lumping them in with far-right neo-Nazis and Hitler apologists. And note the bland use of “and” to link those two simplified entities together. And then there’s that bit about “simple explanations about international class relations”. Simple? And why should a (perfectly justified) analysis of class relations and imperialism preclude conspiracy theory?

Michael Parenti had a lot of good stuff to say about “conspiracy phobia” on the Left. As in:

“Those who suffer from conspiracy phobia are fond of saying: “Do you actually think there’s a group of people sitting around in a room plotting things?” For some reason that image is assumed to be so patently absurd as to invite only disclaimers. But where else would people of power get together – on park benches or carousels? Indeed, they meet in rooms: corporate boardrooms, Pentagon command rooms, at the Bohemian Grove, in the choice dining rooms at the best restaurants, resorts, hotels, and estates, in the many conference rooms at the White House, the NSA, the CIA, or wherever. … Yet there are individuals who ask with patronising, incredulous smiles, do you really think that the people at the top have secret agendas, are aware of their larger interests, and talk to each other about them? To which I respond, why would they not? …The alternative is to believe that the powerful and the privileged are somnambulists, who move about oblivious to questions of power and privilege; that they always tell us the truth and have nothing to hide even when they hide so much…”

Jul 9, 2019 8:18 PM

One possibility for an investigation may be that one of the signatories had not consented and contacted the Guardian.

Red Tick Alert
Red Tick Alert
Jul 10, 2019 2:15 AM
Reply to  Philip

George Soros probably.

Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar
Jul 9, 2019 6:38 PM

The BBC is printing more rubbish today from Lords Darzi and Triesman, both of whom need to make specific allegations against specific names or be expelled from the House of Lords.

Everyone is entirely sick of the following views being acceptable:

1. British Foreign Policy is decided in Tel Aviv, communicated to Washington where issues are ordered.
2. Israel can have 250 nuclear weapons without that undermining peace and stability in the Middle East.
3. Israel is in open contempt of global conventions concerning chemical and biological weapons, yet openly foments-, encourages- and cheer leads false flag accusations against other Middle Eastern states concerning alleged use of aforementioned weapon categories, all of which allegations turn out to be McCarthyite lies. The appropriate punishment should be a missile strike on the Knesset building.It might make Israel tell the truth……a similar bombing of BBC Wood Lane should also be encouraged the next time false flag rubbish is spouted through that corrupt and lying MI6 rabbit warren of an organisation….but only if Mark Urban is in the building.
4. Israel can break the Oslo convention on territory, not only against Palestinians but also against Syria, without global sanctions entirely appropriate to their continuing illegal behaviour.
5. Both the UK and the US legislatures, not to mention the entire electoral cycles, have been disgracefully infiltrated and debased by the State of Israel under plain cover. The false accusation of Russia to hide Israeli misfeasance, corruption, blackmail, bribery and embezzlement in the entire US democratic process is the greatest political scandal since 9/11, an event in which Jews played a huge unacknowledged role and out of which all US foreign activities were aligned to the narrow interests of Israel.

The time has come to confront Lord Darzi and his ilk, giving him no mercy and telling him in no uncertain terms to resign his peerage, give up his UK Citizenship, leave immediately to spend the rest of his days in Israel and accept that his corruption of UK interests in favour his homeland is incompatible with UK citizenship.

I have no interest whatever in the State of Israel and I consider it racist for any Jew, or any Muslim for that matter, to make any claim that adherence to their faith makes them genetically-, spiritually or in any other way superior. I consider the Talmud to be an entirely racist treatise and were it newly written today, most would think adherents of far right racist groupings would have written it. I think similarly about the Koran in some ways….and the Bibles Old Testament.

Israel is a very irrelevant part of the world, given importance out of all proportion to its significance.

We should not treat Israel badly, we should simply ignore them, until Mossad members render a final solution diplomatically necessary. Any member of the Mossad fomenting terrorism in the UK has no right to human rights and all UK Jews should watch a Jewish criminal get exactly what they deserve.

Punishing Jews for crimes is NOT antisemitic. It is merely upholding the law.

The biggest crime Jews currently commit is claiming they are above international law.

If they could simply get over themselves and their silly childish religion, the world would be a better place….

Francis Lee
Francis Lee
Jul 9, 2019 9:27 PM
Reply to  Rhys Jaggar

You might have mentioned

6. Sponsors terrorism such as the Irgun Zvei Leumi commanded by Menachim Begin, and the Stern Gang (Lehi) – who made an attempt to murder Ernest Bevin foreign secretary of the Labour Government in 1946 but failed. Letter bombs were also sent to other members of the Labour administration but were luckily intercepted. LEHI was commanded by one Yizthak Shamir, who was later to become Israel’s PM. Lehi were even more fanatical than Irgun. The Irgun started the ball rolling by blowing up the King David hotel in Jerusalem in 1946 killing 91 people including 17 jewish imployees/residents. Then things really began to roll during the expulsion of the Palestinian from their homes – the Nakba catastrophe as it was called. The Deir Yassin massacre carried out by the zionist militias, during this episode, was a particularly gruesome episode.

This sort of outsourced terrorism has been superseded by a more official in-house type. IDF snipers shoot down unarmed Palestinian protestors, including kids, for demanding dignity and rights as human beings. This is called ‘mowing the grass.’

Now everything I have written above is a statement of historical fact.. It happened, and is still happening. Attempting to assert that none of this actually happened by the intonation of ‘anti-semitism’ isn’t going to change these facts. Don’t like the history. Tough shit. Try acting decently for a change.

Jul 9, 2019 11:32 PM
Reply to  Francis Lee

They also kidnapped, tortured and murdered two British army sergeants, then mutilated and booby trapped the bodies.

The anniversary of the King David Hotel terrorist bombing was recently commemorated in Israel. Not to commemorate the British, Palestinian and Jewish victims, but to honour their terrorist murderers.

It may be worth briefly recalling the events of 1947-8, in view of the Zionist propaganda version of history relentlessly peddled by them ever since.
By 1947, Palestinian organisations, political and military, had been brutally and ruthlessly suppressed by British colonial authorities in accordance with long established policies of handing over Palestine to the Zionists.
The Palestinians were virtually helpless, disarmed and leaderless, and easy prey for the burgeoning Jew terror gangs. They set in motion “Plan D”, a carefully preplanned campaign of atrocities and ethnic cleansing, characterised by mass murder, robbery and rape, atrocities of a Nazi character, committed on a Nazi scale. 400 towns and villages were wiped out. Hundreds of thousands of people were driven from their homes in the clothes they stood up in.
It was only when this orgy of murder and ethnic cleansing had been in progress for several weeks that there was a very limited and half hearted response from the surrounding countries.
This was when the mythical “seven Arab armies invaded”, but were defeated by “plucky little Israel.”
In actual fact, there were 65,000 armed Jew terrorists at the time, and they outnumbered the 21,500 armed Arabs by 3-1. The surrounding countries were all British and French colonies, or had just gained a nominal independence.
There was a force of 10,000 Egyptians, 6,000 Arab Legion Jordanians, and 5,500 rag tag bands from Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.
Not surprisingly, they were defeated, though the Jordanians in particular did quite well in preserving the West Bank and Jerusalem from Zionist occupation until 1967, when a carefully planned Zionist war of aggression succeeding in stealing the remaining 22% of Palestine that had escaped their clutches at the time of the 1948 ethnic cleansing.

Zionist historians like Morris and Gantz have been surprisingly honest in covering these events.

Jul 10, 2019 9:10 AM
Reply to  mark

Read the book “STATE OF TERROR – how terrorism created modern Israel” by Thomas Suarez: http://thomassuarez.com/SoT.html
It gives 680 very detailed references to government documents on terrist attacks by the Zionists.
Suarez gave a talk to a local branch of Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Jul 10, 2019 3:59 PM
Reply to  Haltonbrat

Prior to 1948, British diplomats wrote that if Palestine were to be taken over by a Zionist Regime, it would never be anything more than a rogue terrorist state.

They were right.

Jul 20, 2019 6:36 PM
Reply to  Francis Lee

Francis Lee – spot on. Politicans around the world conveniently forget that Netanyahu, Begin, Shamir and other members of the Israeli Government were actually terrorists killing people in the name of creating the State of Israel. Funny how the world leaders define terrorism isn’t it? It’s ok to deal with terrorists in the Israel Government but not with other political parties deemed by the USA to be so. As you pointed out, these terrorists are now perpetrating terrorist acts on the Palestinians and other nations probably. The USA, another rogue, terrorist nation, is fully supporting it to do so. It is true what Rhys Jagger said, Israel is a largely irrelevant country now and should be treated as such. Interesting that Trump has listed recently that one of his achievements is that he has made Israel Great.

Jul 10, 2019 4:14 AM
Reply to  Rhys Jaggar

All peanuts compared to your Sunni friends in Pakistan, KSA, Egypt, UAE,Palestine etc. They control more of London and Washington, posses more nukes, have contempt of any non Islamic nations domestic laws or culture, have more cash, run more terrorist organizations etc.

Non ever mentioned here on Off; rarely an article on the Sunni world grab (going on for centuries), but tons on tiny Israel trying to exist.

Jul 10, 2019 5:32 PM
Reply to  Antonym

“…tiny Israel trying to exist.”

Tiny liile state, large illegal land grab, huge human bloodprint, trying to nonexist Palestinians…

Proud to be antiFAsCemitic

Jul 12, 2019 2:52 AM
Reply to  Antonym

You mean the fake Moslem crypto Jews in Shady Wahabia?
The ones who’ve been in bed with Nuttyyahoo for years?

Francis Lee
Francis Lee
Jul 9, 2019 6:01 PM

There seems to be a war going on in the Labour party between factions who basically have nothing in common with each other and which unfortunately actually makes a coherent Labour government impossible. How do Corbyn and his left social-democrat following justify a continuing co-existemce with an openly hostile Labour Friends of Israel, a group which is little more than a Zionist front organization consisting of more than 80 Labour MPs and peers whose whole function is to advance Israeli policies – a war with Iran for example – together with the UK and US establishment and at the expense of British interests. These people are not going to stop even if it either destroys or neuters the Labour Party. Having a broad church is all very well but such an inclusive arrangement should not include hostile forces with their own blatant agenda. Viper in the next would not be an unfitting description.

This is exactly the same pattern, only much further advanced, being played out in the United States.

But hey, who gives a toss about ‘national interests’ when big money and career advancement are in the offing. Today’s politicians are basically somewhat mediocore and bought souls who ‘want to get on’ and are a little short of moral and intellectual accoutrements. Take someone on the make like Tom Watson, (Pleaseeee!) or Jess Phillips another nonenitty, both total political ignoramuses, but it doesn’t seem to matter nowadays. As long as career aspirant makes the right mouth noises they will be seriously considered.

All things considered I have to agree with Joseph De Maistre.

‘Every country has the government it deserves.’

Jan Brooker
Jan Brooker
Jul 9, 2019 6:06 PM
Reply to  Francis Lee

Broad Church? Would that include synagogues? [Let’s not lose our sense of humour]. Zionism isn’t a religion or an ethnicity. Most Labour MPs aren’t actually socialists ~ that’s the problem. A career is not a political position.

Jul 10, 2019 4:03 PM
Reply to  Jan Brooker

Very well put.
The Labour Party is no longer a Broad Church.

It is a very Narrow Synagogue of the most rabid and extremist kind.

Jan Brooker
Jan Brooker
Jul 10, 2019 7:52 PM
Reply to  mark

I wouldn’t say that. But in a Church it helps if you believe in the same or similar *God*. Some people only worship/hoard money/positions of power.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle
Jul 10, 2019 11:50 AM
Reply to  Francis Lee

‘There seems to be a war going on in the Labour party between factions who basically have nothing in common with each other and which unfortunately actually makes a coherent Labour government impossible.’ – in other words, Corbyn vs the Blair rump.

Those attacking Corbyn are Blairites so it is a given their sympathies are towards the right with particular deference shown to US and politicised Israeli ideologies, especially when it comes to supporting illegal wars.

The media, and the Guardian in particular, have championed right wing elements even though Britains descent into a neoliberal dystopia has been documented by the UN’s rapporteur on poverty, Philip Alston amongst others.

The dispproportionate attention given to nuanced statements by non-right wing Labour MPs, usually pertaining to egregious attacks on their character or Israels treatment of Palestine, illustrates all too clearly how politically motivated such attacks have become.

In other words if you are more outraged about a throw-away remark at a minor political gathering than you are about the fact tory policies are literally killing people or maintaing a state of permenant economic fear (with all of the externalities that go with it) then at the risk of stating the obvious you are probably not fit to represent members of a political movement who once upon a time saw themselves as champions of the downtrodden.

The faustian pact made with Blair (to attain political office) has come as close as anything to wiping out the credibility as a party although far from perfect that took some measures to restrain the excesses of capitalism such as founding the NHS, supporting trades unions and adopting more sympathetic relations with states portrayed as enemies of US imperialism.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle
Jul 9, 2019 5:57 PM

What do emminent Jews know about antsemitism compared to whispering Tom Watson, Jess Phillips or Joan ‘lets call it a million’ Ryan?

Throwing Chris Williamson, Marc Wadsworth and Jackie Walker under a bus is simply the price that must be paid to appease the friends of apartheid, sorry, I meant Israel.

Jul 9, 2019 11:36 PM
Reply to  Harry Stotle

Add Ken Livingstone and Seumas Milne to that list.

Jul 10, 2019 9:17 AM
Reply to  mark

Went to a Gilad Atzmon jazz gig the day after Livingstone was suspended. In the interval ex-Israeli Gilad said that it was disgusting that Ken, a long term member of Labour had been suspended simply for quoting the truth.

Idiot Savant
Idiot Savant
Jul 9, 2019 5:17 PM

Put my name to that letter too – for I am in total agreement. This Antisemitism debacle is an absolute fiction, brewed and concocted by the most mischievous entities functioning in this world right now. We must defeat them, not with disparaging words, but with reason, dialogue and truth.

Jul 10, 2019 5:38 AM
Reply to  Idiot Savant

The Antisemitism debacle is a distraction. The real fight should be between the endless austerity promoters and the Financial/Colluding Class. But what can you expect from a party and a country who once elected Tony Blair?

This Australian, originally from Berlin, hopes for a speedy Brexit. A member like Britain is causing more problems than can be solved in three generations. The EU will need to speak with one voice, given the brew that is fermenting which is not possible with Britain inside.

Martyn Wood-Bev
Martyn Wood-Bev
Jul 9, 2019 5:07 PM

It is such a shame that Neoliberal Right-Wing Labour MP’s who have no real purpose being in a Democratic Socialist Party in the first place work with militant Zionists who defend a corrupt Israeli Govt. with the full support of the most Right-Wing MSM in Europe. Neoliberalism DOESN’T work!

Jul 9, 2019 5:53 PM

Neoliberalism works exactly as designed; you and I are just not in the small cadre that benefits.

Jul 10, 2019 2:32 PM
Reply to  Ash

Let’s not get too pessimistic here.
The same was true of the French Monarchy before, well, you know what . . .
It, too, worked exactly as designed, until the French people said, “Enough.”

Not all change is politically correct.
But it always comes.

Jul 9, 2019 4:51 PM

Being a cynic and being genetically serphardic hebraic semite. Been their done that. My grandfather was a free lance journo in southern Italy I am also of neapoletan background. My grandfather refuted the whole the Nazi’s gassed any semite. See my grandfather was one of the founding members of the southern branch of the Gramscian party which was the birth of the PCI (Partito Communista Italiano).
All,the Italian semites went totally out their way to ruin his life until his dying day of terminal cancer in 1963. Hence I for one am not holding my breathe that anything will come of this as hounarable that these popular characters are attempting to counter the narrative nothing will change.
POST SCRIPTUM: “Their will always be an elite class” “He whom controls the narrative controls the outcome” Old Gianbattista Vico Quote. It was true then it was true 6 billion years ago it will be true today.
Ashkanazi’s will always push the limits as my grandfather use to say,
Still good to see more people coming out and demonstrate some intellectual honesty. Impressed with Chomsky not withstanding he has been called out by us Italian old fashion Gramscians as a gate keeper of the left.

Jul 10, 2019 3:00 PM
Reply to  falcemartello

I have not read anything that would lead me to consider Chomsky a “gatekeeper of the left”, with one glaring exception:


Of course he is a linguistics expert and a genuine expert on a great many other things, but one could hardly expect him to be an expert on absolutely everything.
That said, his rather terse comments about 9/11 display an astonishing scientific ignorance which to my mind cannot be reconciled with his otherwise brilliant grasp of world events.
The normal perceptual experience of an educated human being simply cannot accept the official story, even though, I must admit, the official story makes an exciting movie.

Perhaps it is indeed asking too much for us to expect him to be familiar with the common visual basics of architectural stress, melting points of metals and other engineering phenomena. More to the point, however, we might ask who among us has the courage to risk a stunning world reputation for the sake of telling the truth about that awful day?
Hesitation on that subject is at least understandable.

If I were Chomsky, I would probably just try to be mysterious, and say, “That is something I cannot comment on at this time.”, letting people make up their own minds as to the significance of such a statement coming from such a man.

It is hardly “gatekeeping” to castigate the U.S. for its completely unjustified view that it may interfere in any world politics it chooses. As Chomsky rightly points out, no other country would get away with that.
I’m almost surprised that the current administration hasn’t already charged him with treason for “undermining America’s greatness”, or some such poppycock. If he were 40 years younger, they probably would.

I think one is right to be impressed with Chomsky. He is obviously not a man who craves swimming pools, gold and power, but values knowledge instead.

Jul 11, 2019 8:45 AM
Reply to  wardropper

As you mentioned 9 11 and the zionist fascistic colony known as Israel. Speaks volumes . To each his own. KNOWN GATEKEEPER TO US ITALIAN GRAMSCIN LEFTIES

Jul 11, 2019 8:54 AM
Reply to  wardropper

Addit did not do a thing with regards to Norman Finklestein. CRICKETS

Andy Coombes
Andy Coombes
Jul 9, 2019 4:41 PM
Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Jul 10, 2019 1:28 PM
Reply to  Andy Coombes

FAB observations Andy 😉