Hypocrisy Taints UK’s Media Freedom Conference Russian Media Ban and Assange’s Arrest Demonstrate Doublethink

Kit Knightly

The UK is currently hosting the inaugural Global Media Freedom Conference, a joint project between the British and Canadian governments. You can read the aims and itinerary on the government’s website, here.

Here’s the introduction:

Chrystia Freeland, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Jeremy Hunt, the UK Foreign Secretary, will co-host the conference. It is part of an international campaign to shine a global spotlight on media freedom and increase the cost to those that are attempting to restrict it.

The conference will be structured around 4 themes:

  • protection and prosecution, including impunity
  • national frameworks and legislation
  • building trust in media and countering disinformation
  • media sustainability

Global leaders, representatives from the media industry, journalists, civil society and academia will gather to attend interactive panel discussions. The first day will focus on defining the challenges, the second on framing solutions. Commonwealth Foreign Ministers will also meet to discuss media freedom.

…which all sounds great, doesn’t it?

I mean, “countering disinformation” sounds like state-backed attempts to control what the media can (or can’t) say. Not really in the spirit “media freedom”. And I have no idea what “media sustainability” even means.

But pushing all that aside, the entire event is simply riddled with hypocrisy.

Julian Assange

Freeland and Hunt stand at the podium and pontificates about media freedom. How important it is to democracy, and how journalists need to be protected. The pliable audience of mainstream journalists nods along in mute agreement. Happy to be told how important they are, their compromised souls ignored and their over-size egos well fed.

Nobody is talking about the elephant in the room.

In this case a rather poorly looking elephant, in a room with bars on the window.

Journalist Bryan MacDonald perfectly summed up the situation:

Julian Assange is in prison for holding power to account.
He faces extradition for revealing the crimes
He may be executed for telling the truth.

The UN Special Rapporteur called what the UK government has done to Assange, “tantamount to torture”. To have a “media freedom” event in this country, without mentioning that, is beyond absurd.

Russian Media Ban

The second controversy surrounding this public-relations fuelled farce is the fact that Russian media agencies RT and Sputnik were denied accreditation by the foreign office.

We have not accredited RT or Sputnik because of their active role in spreading disinformation,”

…the UKFO said in a statement.

Two media organizations, banned from a “Defend Media Freedom” conference, because of what they have published.

RT’s statement was short, to the point and pretty much irrefutable:

It takes a particular brand of hypocrisy to advocate for freedom of press while banning inconvenient voices and slandering alternative media.”

In fact, this is just the latest attempt by the British government to undermine alternate media in general, and specifically RT.

Ofcom, the UK government’s media regulator, has called RT to task over it’s coverage of several times, and the channel had their UK-based bank accounts frozen in 2016.

It’s no better across the pond, where RT was forced to register as a “foreign agent” in 2017, under an arcane law dating back to WWII. (Why Trump allowed this to happen remains a mystery. Worst. Puppet. Ever.).

The BBC (formerly known as the British Broadcasting Corporation), in the spirit of defending media freedom, had a nice long write up about how terrible RT is, and why they don’t deserve to cover Western events.

The little video explainer they did, “What’s so different about Russia Today” was delightful enough to warrant its own write-up.

A piece of state propaganda, warning us about other state propaganda, whilst congratulating itself for not being propaganda. A creation of meta-satire of pure genius. It’s genuinely hilarious.

  1. It’s a state-funded broadcaster, the BBC, attacking another for being state funded.
  2. The presenter works for BBC Russia, which operates unblocked in “authoritarian” Russia while Russian channels are facing constant attacks here in the “free world”
  3. The presenter congratulates the BBC for “telling both sides of the story”, whilst having not a word in RT’s defence. Not. One. Word.
  4. It’s supporting bias and censorship in the media, and was published on the opening day of the Press Freedom Conference.

You could not fit more hypocrisy into less than two minutes of video if you tried.

Turns out all newsmedia should be free, but some should be freer than others.

Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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USAma Bin Laden
USAma Bin Laden

Certain Anglo American snowflakes here are getting oh-so triggered because of one of their most beloved sacred cows (aka “Media Freedom”) is being politically slaughtered like the BREXIT debacle.

The only recourse that these Anglo snowflakes have is to point fingers at other countries like Russia or China (who just so happen to be Official Enemy Nations of the Anglo Americans) as a way to distract attention away from their increasingly discredited pretensions as the self-appointed Crusaders of Media Freedom for the entire planet.

Perhaps they are too scared to face the reality that Anglo Liberal Democracy itself just might be a kind of fundamentalist secular religion–and indeed a “God” that has failed them.

Britain Ramps up Media War on Russia


Now this may be considered off topic. It is about something that has been written in the Groaniad as usual. I wish there was a pinned article, where such observations can be posted.

I don’t necessarily hate all Groan journalists. There are a handfull who i not only agree with, but are actually great reporters and writers. They exist there perhaps as ‘fig leafs’ in an effort to keep old guards, like myself, happy.

Barnay Ronay in my opinion is one of the greatest writers they have. As a sports reporter he is as good as has ever been. His sensibilities of reportage of sport in a the wider context of the ‘world’ are high philosophy and analysis. (Check out his football world cup reports from Russia for example)

So, i spent most of the afternoon glued to a terrestial tv screen (granted to the populace, out of the blue! by the owners of the rights. There is a story in there. Probably about money) and i witnessed a cricket final as good as any sporting finale as has ever happened. Something akin to the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’.

Adrenalised, overwrought, ecstatic … sport! Effing ‘ell!!

But Barnay writes it perfectly and instantly. Give him a Pulitzer for it!

Read it yourself ( i don’t normally link to the Groan, but this is spectacularly great writing, in my opinion)


J.A. Thought
J.A. Thought

D notices. Did any (UK) journalist complain bout them?


Because MSM hope to keep monopoly on UK government newsflow.


Sundays daily Hypocrisy.

The Obsessive Groan in full lock down mode so far this morning as they go full on with the anti-semitic trope. Lol.

They can’t take any pushback. Double lol.

Why does Stuart Lee persist with them – is he that poor? Is he a secret reactionary? Is it worse than that? Seeing how the Godfather, Iannucci has ‘come out’ for the establishment and revealed his true colours as a high servant of the msm/BBC corporatist apparatchik and supporter of the AS propaganda.

Well – the gatekepers are having to show their allegiances, did they all go to the Virgin Islands for their hols?

Triple LOL.


The present UK is in “good” company: in the communist led Indian “Hindu” newspaper today: “China’s independent journalists struggle to be heard ” https://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-international/chinas-independent-journalists-struggle-to-be-heard/article28425031.ece
Totalitarianism is popping up left, right and center.

Martin Davies
Martin Davies

Why is the Guardian forgetting Tommy Robinson? you are as hypocritical as those you accuse


There is no such person as TR


Tommy Robinson is an actor, which is why he has a stage name. The real Tommy Robinson is a celebrated Luton football hooligan, whose name was pinched by Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, the man you call Tommy Robinson. Why does a supposed grassroots activist like “Tommy Robinson” need a stage name?
The man you call Tommy Robinson works on behalf of the Israeli State. He is Zionist property. There are no depths the Zionists will not sink to in their quest to brainwash people. He sells himself as the UK’s number one patriot, standing up for his country, but the reality is that every word that comes out of his mouth is carefully orchestrated by the Israeli state. They pay him to do a job of divide and rule in the UK, by stirring up hatred toward Muslims, fostering good sentiment towards Israel. He has now become his own, unique phenom. He’s very good at his job.
It’s hilarious how stupid people who follow Tommy Robinson are. They believe they are backing a real Englishman, but he reps for another country and even wears Mossad sweatshirts! Oops, all those stupid English people getting behind Tommy.
Meanwhile, Israeli influence over the UK via flase flag terrorist events like 7/7 and 9/11, and the culture they have inflicted upon the world via the mantra of “TERROR IS EVERYWHERE” and “oh look, terror is everywhere. And our Tel-Aviv tech based security companies sell all the solutions to your now ubiquitous terrorism problem”. KERCHING!
Those Tommy followers, every single one of them, has been fooled. Stupid cunts.

Tommy Robinson is a Judas Goat Sell Out!


So only Israel is against industrial rape of UK girls by Muslims there? Lock this Israel T-shirt wearer up for daring to speak outside a holy UK court with Lords inside.

I would rather lock up Hunt & co for staying num/mum on this and Freeland for messing up Ukraine.
Yes, this media freedom conference is a total farce; the fact that they have to hold one is an ominous sign.


If we’re going to talk about Britain’s rape and sexual abuse problem, especially with underage boys and girls, let’s start at the top. We have institutional paedophilia in this country. It is a national disgrace, we have child raping leaders who are protected by the media and the genocidal establishment they serve. If Muslims are getting away with this, it is by design. They do not have the power to orchestrate this.
Why does Tommy never talk about institutional paedophilia, which we know is rife in establishment circles?
Nice try
Jon Wedger (ITNJ Seating)

different frank
different frank

Tommy ten names Paedophiles
Michael McQueenie, EDL Blackburn, has just been charged with two counts of rape against a 14-year-old girl and sexual assault.

Richard Price, former EDL leader: on the sex offenders register. Price admitted four counts of making indecent images of children and two charges of possessing cocaine

Michael Coates AKA Micky Blue Eyes NW Infidels: charged with 2 attempted rapes and other sex offences.

Brett Moses EDL Hull: 12-month prison sentence for sexual grooming.

Matthew Woodward, Deeside EDL: charged with child pornography and soliciting a 13 year old for photographs.

Alan Thomas Ellis, Deeside EDL: convicted of sending texts of a sexual nature to a 14 year old girl.

Archie Sliman, EDL : kidnapping and sexually abusing 10-year-old girl.

Stephen Payne SDL supporter: convicted of grooming a 13 year old.

Nigel Hesmondalgh, BNP: jailed for possessing a series of degrading photos and videos of children.

Liam Pinkham NWI who condemned himself by admitting togrooming a 15 year old.


“Tommy” gets £10,000 a month in Zionist money.
When he was jailed recently, his support campaign was run from Israel.
He is just a Hasbara asset.


For the past week, Ch4 News has been headlining a daily report from Idlib. I can’t tell you what it’s about because I turn the TV off as soon as it starts (my only way to register my futile disgust). Even the BBC is wary of giving too much air-time to the discredited White Helmets and the terrorist propaganda machine, preferring to report on areas “liberated” from ISIS while glossing over civilian casualties, as if the Kurds liberated towns without the prior destruction by airpower.
I despise Ch4 with their self proclaimed “edgy output”. Lindsey Hilsum, International Editor, is a through and through neoCon who’s been reporting on Syria from Turkey and Jordan, she might as well have been on the moon. Channel 4 hasn’t, as far as I’m aware, even informed its audience that the White Helmets were the brainchild of a military intelligence officer and mercenary to handle the public relations of ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists. Instead, they act as propagandists for the whole false narrative that has built upon the death of Jo Cox. I know I’m singing to the choir here but I once counted Ch4 News as fairly unbiased in a world of ‘dumbing down’…..now it is the enemy, propagating lies while wearing brightly coloured ties and socks.


One longs for the old days of Ch4 – Jon Snow’s take-down of the current Israeli Ambassador to the UK:


Channel 4 is worse even than Murdoch’s Sky News and the loathsome BBC. It is pure unadulterated horseshit.

Brian McGowan
Brian McGowan

It sells itself on its ability to grill UK politicians, and expose their lack of principle, which it does reasonably well. But to be honest, anybody can do that nowadays.
The latest “Inside Idlib” stuff is laughable. (or it would be until you realise that people believe this stuff).


am unsure….is Amanpour a Pimp – a Whore, or both ?


Maybe she’s a female gigolo. 🙂

Idiot Savant
Idiot Savant

“MEDIA FREEDOM” according to these psychopathic and narcissistic goons, is nothing other than liberty for those who collude with Deep State actors in the pursuit of twisting and perverting the code of law until the innocent are harassed, persecuted, and executed in the name of “freedom and democracy” whilst those who have the blood of millions on their hands, along with the ruination of ancient cultures, the rape of this planet, and the appropriation of all for themselves and nothing for others, continue their gross mischief with impunity. “MEDIA FREEDOM” also finds expression in the recent Panorama programme broadcast by the British Bullshit Commission, whereby these same Neo-Con, Deep State engineers, employing a dramatis personae composed of disgruntled Blairite PLP malcontents, attempted a total character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn. They are all working within the same cabal which exists only to promote a state of permanent warfare, for the continued enrichment of the perverts and creeps of the Military Industrial and Prison Industrial Complex. The atmosphere right now, is currently imbued with the fetid stench of that rotting carcass which is the UK Conservative party, vassal of the Triumvirate of the USA State Department, The House of Saud, and the Likud Party. Pompeo, Bolton and Netanyahu will be rubbing their filthy hands in glee at observing all this, as it is nothing other than a green light for the perpetuation of further misery for countless individuals who are constantly being denied recourse to justice. And of course, for Trump it will be business as usual – that is, of course, until he is successfully impeached and prosecuted for his violation of the constitution committed in the form of having accepted special gifts and favours. And for Netanyahu it will be a continuation of his programme to terminate the existence of the Palestinian State. What a world we are creating for future generations – that is if these insane warmongers do not destroy it through their final tantrum. The Doomsday Clock is now at two minutes to midnight – there is much work to do to save our species, the greater percentage of whom are both ignorant and oblivious of the realities they face, a prime example being a certain person who has been trolling this discussion with his facile and febrile Russophobic remarks.


Frau Freeland is making quite the effort to elevate her international profile, isn’t she?
Somebody wants to run for Party Anführer.

David Macilwain
David Macilwain

Just one thing missing Kit – that there was another reason Sputnik was banned from this conference – the revelations published there by Kit Klarenberg all about the reborn II – the Open Information Partnership. It’s impossible to see this FCO organised stunt as not being connected closely with that disinformation initiative, whose scope and coverage was almost universal, and of course included those key mouthpieces for the Atlantic Council underworld.

I’m a little surprised the OIP hasn’t received more attention..in discussions and posts..


Someone here appears to get a fix out of being downvoted -17 , -23 , etc. etc.
I wonder if it has occurred to him that he is a fish out of water.
A bit like Christopher Hitchins if he were to write comments for the Vatican Communion Weekly, or like the Pope writing comments for Atheists Anonymous . . .

Today’s journalism stinks enough already without adding to the stench with utterly twisted comments about it.


Some propagandists are active everywhere and the other side just wants to show they are still here. They have the same ‘arguments’ all the time, too, so it shows who’s hired help and who not.

From the US I had read re Obama’s first or more probably second campaign that Murdoch media workers/journalists/interns were given several devices to insert comments from a menu, looking like many different individuals.


I know, Wilmers.
I just have to let off steam now and then . . .
I fully expect what you describe to happen very regularly, and it does.

Steve Hayes

And whilst this conference on media freedom was in progress, the British state sent Tommy Robinson to prison for having stood outside a court, talking about a trial. Corporate media pretend journalists stood outside the court and talked about Tommy’s trial, without any apparent sense of hypocrisy. As far as the elite are concerned, freedom of expression applies only to them and those who agree with them. The “Online Harms” White Paper makes it perfectly clear that the state intends to control the Internet.


There is no such person as T R

canarian mike
canarian mike

I’m waiting for the clamour against the universal banning of the docu ” The Magnitsky Act — Behind the Scenes”


Any association with Bill Browder and the Magnitsky ‘globalist imperialist’ Act has already been memory-holed in the ranks of pseudosocialism. The mere mention of it is now ”beneath” anyone to recall.

But who could forget how eloquently Austin, Cooper, Thornberry, (“it was a Russian hit”) Griffith, Abbott, and Corbyn combined to push the arch-imperialistic agenda? “From Russia with Blood” to the “killing fields of London” …not me.


I have read Bill Browder’s book and would be interested. If they think that they can defeat Russia (and China) they are somewhat mistaken. The defeat aims to take over Russia so they can sell them things….. That’s not realistic after having destroyed them first. This is not 1945.

You have to marvel at the stupidity of the Obama administration. Washington has, for decades, tried to drive Russia and China apart. The last thing they wanted was a Chinese Russian Axis but by keeping up NATO in a big way and creating that Magnitsky Act they did exactly that. Why are they not capable of seeing what they are doing???? They repeated it with Libya and Syria – hoops!


Here is some hypocrisy

‘Earlier this week, Labour’s ruling national executive committee said pregnant MPs would only be subject to a trigger ballot process one year after their return from maternity leave and would be automatically reselected if a snap election occurred within a year.’

Now why does being pregnant mean that someone is judged to be incapable of handling their responsibility?

I mean didn’t the newly elected leader of NZ campaign, win and provide leadership in a time of national crisis without claiming any special treatment?

Isn’t that what the equal rights campaigns of decades was about?

It is akin to a sick-note to avoid pt!

I see plenty of capable women, heavily pregnant or with newborns and with multiple other children, managing superbly through their careers and lives without needing an excuse.

I mean what is the specific excuse or frailty that is to be afforded to such a group?

I mean, i know of cases where criminals have attempted/got pregnant to avoid Jailing. Do they want to be equated with that?

I mean, what about the male MP’s? Won’t they want equal rights?

I mean, there may be gay male couples, who may be having a baby,
Or indeed gay female couples, or indeed some who may be adopting…or just some new dad, i mean Bojo may be expecting again..

I mean… do you know what I mean?

Or am i just being mean?

Watch as how we are denied the right to challenge greasey MP’s for their voting records and associations and political beliefs as they cling on to their parachuted perches…

If they had any self respect they would ALL stand for re selection and put their trust in their local membership EVERY time.

Jacinda did – will Stella (for example) ?

kevin morris
kevin morris

You are of course right but it strikes me that very few of us would wish to practice what we preach, for every one of us takes exception to certain views aired online or wherever and many would use similar arguments as the powers that be to ban viewpoints that might endanger our own group or personal sacred cows.


Amal Clooney was interviewed on Radio4 today. She did get to mention Julian, but wasn’t questioned further…..no puzzle as to why.

Re the delegates at the conference, anybody got a list, can’t find one for love nor money. Be interesting to see if anyone came from Saudi Arabia……did Al Jazeera get a ticket?…_

Gezzah Potts

Id be interested if any Australian journalists were attending, namely one Philip Williams of ABC, or anyone from News Ltd. I couldn’t find a list of attendees either Digger.


Gezzah. Thanks. At least you tried to answer my question.
Does seem strange that a list of delegates can’t be found…_

Gezzah Potts

Indeed Digger, very odd. The whole thing is like some warped parody… Global Media Freedom.


You mean Mrs George ‘White Helmets Cheerleader’ Clooney???

Yeah … damaged goods in my book.


So it is OK to call out Amal for her support of the White Helmets: but it’s taboo to mention Jeremy ‘Jo Cox (regime change) Foundation’ Corbyn as fundraising for the White Helmets?

What’s that word beginning with H …?



You’re in the wrong place if you think we don’t know about her links to jihadists big B. The wrong place. Plus many Herr criticise the hell out of for deserved reasons not hysterical screechings about communism and terrorism etc


BB, it is ok.

Let me walk you through it. As you seem to be lost in the woods because of concentrating on the trees and seem to spend your comments attempting to lead people here into your ever so clever duplicity.

The Clooneys are the pretty faced multi millionaire global servants for the warmongering billionair robber barons of the world. They are an extension of the Laurel Canyon setup. Propangada presstitutes in short.

Corbyn is a mere figure head of the resurgent great British social democratic class war that was won by the people in the second world war.

That great advance has been relentlessly reversed over the last 40 years by the aristo global robbers gaining back their ‘birthrights’.
The likes of the msm and their ‘Downton Abbey’ romanticising of the good old days of toffs and serfs as some idyll that we are supposed to worship.

Within that context the only way the neolib con artists, having lost control of their ‘controlled opposition’, the Blairites can hang onto their illgotten gains, is to not argue against the ressurgent post war policies but to set traps for the representatives of that ressurgence to fall into.

In short THEY have no choice except to play the man, not the ball.

Any number of provocations have been laid for Corbyn to react to.
From daily murders of children in Gaza, to attacks on Maduro, to war crimes in Yemen, to Skripal bullshittery, to adventurism in the ME…to the shady world of Cox and her hubby (conveniently memory holed) and the AS crap, etc – AIMED to get a provocation that can be laid before the British voters.

You, BB, are a witting player of these Identity Political divisions.

Clever, but not clever enough to fool all of us all, of the time.

A general election anytime since the last one would have delivered a reaffirmation of the post war social democratic covenant. As would any GE in the near future – because the voters would be given a clear MANIFESTO for a real Labour government. With or without Corbyn having to personally deliver it. That is what THEY don’t understand. We don’t choose presidents, we choose Parliamentarians.

So, that’s the Burnham Wood closing in – yet you wish to focus on the lead tree! How’s the view from your castle wall?


DG; John:

That’s unfair about my sole focus on Corbyn: especially when I had previously said I’ll be glad when Tom Watson (or Jess Phillips) is leader …then we can correctly characterise the Labour party as it is – a state capitalist imperialist party of oppression.

I have even coined the phrase ‘Corbyn singularity effect’ to describe the delusional misrepresentation of the Labour party as ‘progressive’. My main criticism is that any positive, progressive polity Labour stands for – such as social welfare, the NHS and healthcare in general, the end of austerity, education, tackling income polarisation and enforced poverty; etc – is not in question, but can be had without support for charity regime change; without support for NATO war criminals; without support for their occupation of Eastern Europe and the neo-Nazi rape culture they have installed there; without support for the global poverty that the City of London is a tributary blood money collection centre for; without support for the supranational sovereignty of the openly fascising EU and its “Military Frankenstein” Defence Union; etc

The domestic progressive anti-austerity policies are worthy and necessary: but not if they are the sugar-coating on a bitter pill …a bitter pill that ensures misery, poverty, dehumanisation, and green imperialism worldwide. Then the policies become the lie.

So if I suspend my conscientious objection to the lie: explain to me how you are going to democratise NATO, the EU, and the City of London? For the over two years I have been charting Labour’s pull to the vicious centre of the political spectrum: I have been told that come the Conference; we will get mandatory deselection and purge the Blairites. This has proved delusional, and in that wasted time …NATO and the EU have become even more fascist imperialist – enacting the Lisbon Treaty to develop an EU “Military Frankenstein” and “European Empire” (as JC lucidly described it) – now you want us to Remain?

Even without invoking the post-democratic disenfranchisement this represents: what is the future policy to democratise the depoliticisation and de-sovereigntisation agenda of the EU? If you think there can even be one: I refer you to Constantin Lapavitsas who had personal experience of negotiating with the ‘Troika’ with Syriza. How are you going to democratise Lagarde’s ECB when there is deliberately no political mechanism to even address the ECB, EC, IMF unholy trinity?

There are so many issues: so few points of contact with reality. McDonnell is one of the ones pushing the science fiction fantasy “green industrial revolution”. What does this even mean? The UK is gaily going to partially re-industrialise and create 400,000+ unionised, well paid jobs …in total disregard of the world economic implosion. Check out a few economic headlines about the globally collapsing markets (except the stock market). I have a single word refutation of capitalism’s only hope: entropy.

I could go on: but this is much bigger than one man, one party …it is global and a paradigmatic worldview. The synopsis of which is what we think we can do, and what we can actually do to harmonise with nature and confront real world exigencies – like accounting for entropy, mineral and energy depletion, global dehumanisation and poverty, species extinctions: etc …are two very different and violently clashing things.

The policies that the real world demands negate – not just Labour’s – but the whole socio-political paradigm based on negentropic perpetual expansionism and ‘sustainable’ growth and ‘net zero’ deep decarbonisation. These things do not exist outside the socio-political imagination. Their utility and agency are nihilated by entropy. This is non-negotiable because entropy exists, has causal efficacy – which can be scientifically calculated and represented as an EROI ratio.

Do you know what an EROI of 6.2:1 indicates? A society on the verge of collapse. That’s us. All the while people are dreaming of the “Birnham Wood” grassroots populist march and assault on the “Dulsinane Castle” Zionist controlled PLP and NEC of the Labour party …they are not focusing on the real world increase in entropy; the increasing rupture of the planetary metabolic life support systems; the global immiseration of capitalist accumulation – centred on London; the funding of globalisation from London’s dark money unregulated ‘offshore’ globalist slush fund (the ‘eurodollar’ and ‘eurobond’ markets): etc.

And if we come to believe that the ”green industrial revolution” is an authentic grassroots policy to ameliorate our continuing violent dominion over the environment …a genuine , heartfelt response to a concerned young girl with Aspergers – who got on the train to Davos, camped in the freezing snow, made her presence known by chastising all those obscenely rich globalists, told them to act as though their “house was on fire” …and they did. And she came to see Jeremy …and he did – duly declaring a ”climate emergency” and ‘green industrial revolution” …whose policies will save us all whilst putting us all back to work…

That is why my comments seem to be from a different planet: they are. Even if democratised and made socially accountable – the set of ‘green industrial revolutionary’ policies that will not only end austerity but “enrich us all” …are in themselves a threat to all life on earth. The set of real world policies focused on the real world exigencies and convergent crises we face would necessarily be completely different. And that is what I am trying to get across.

Labour’s policies are life-blind. We cannot ignore the real world forever. Once we are in a catastrophic crisis situation – which is inevitable with limitless cancerous growthism – the neoliberal institutions Labour is ceding power to will shut down any dreams of grassroots revivals. Tomorrow is too late. The window of opportunity is closing. Dreams of Birnham Wood are diversionary. All those who think that their day will come when they are democratically in control of the Labour party need to act now …against the Labour party.

Of course, this will not happen. Because of Birnham Wood dreaming. Forgive my demented screaming “wake up” …but we really do all need to wake up. Unfortunately, planet BigB is the real planet where entropy exists and is accounted for …and science fiction dreaming of “green industrial revolutions” are weapons grade pixie dust. Unfortunately, they have the causal efficacy to challenge all life on earth …think about that.



Have a down tick for living up to your self claimed other wordly persona. A piece of AI couldn’t do better, nor a cut and paste William Burroughs or the Space Oddity creator.

So – you ignore all my critical points about the triangulation of attack on Corbyn, the man instead of Corbynism, the current Labour Party. Feel free to address them one by one, if you are capable.

You proceed at pace instead with your MO of obscurantism.

You throw in everything from ‘charities’ to the ‘Bankers’ to ‘Entropy’as part of avoiding the issues and still play the man – ‘Corbyn Singularity’!

One doesn’t need to have studied Physics at degree level (urm… as I did) to see that your mention of a Law of Thermodynamics (and ‘sungularity’) as a simile to the Planetery ecosystem is just a piece of newage, neurolinguistic, psycho babble designed to impress and win over these who recognise such buzz words. In short you are deploying a modern MadMen theory.

Here is a simple question.

How do you expect anything to change in the UK if you don’t support the only mainstream party that will promise a reversal of the last 40 years trajectory?

Answer on a postcard, not acres of screen, please.


EROI is rock solid scientific research: as any physics graduate should know. It is a derived second law statement: as sound as the second law.

Understanding of it simply negates anything McDonnell has to say about a fantasy ‘green industrial revolution’. The physics of which should be an obvious impossibility: particularly if you covered biophysics.

The fact that you dismiss science for science-fiction: and refer to the reality of the former as “psychobabble” just shows that you do not even want to know. You do not even want to talk about it. Reversing the UK’s declining EROI and raising it to a level of 11:1 – necessary for continuous growth would be …let’s say challenging. Increasing it with renewables to sustain a modest 3% sustainable growth rate – doubling input/output ratios every 23 years is Grade A unicorn poop. That’s science fact: not fantasy.

I’m afraid you are living in a dreamworld …a dreamworld a modicum of science can instantaneously dispel. The Green Industrial Revolution is an imaginary thing: voting for it won’t make it real. Voting for it will expose the real agenda behind the sleepwalker’s dream.

Unfortunately, the future will suffer for the pursuit of illusion. TBC…


Sliding out of answering is not surprising and as expected.

Yes we know that the next industrial revolution is a grab for the remaining resources of the world and monetization of ‘green’. We know the XR is a weaponisaation of children in that cause and for their own future enslavement.

We know that identity politics are made to divide and confuse.

We know these instruments are used to attack the only real poltical cause the 99% should have.

That is the cause of raising the poorest – always at the expense of the richest.

Its the same old revolutionary cry for freedom from slavery and equality through the ages.

You choose to fight that prime purpose. That puts you in the camp of followers of the richest against the rest of humanity.

No amount of obfuscation with pseudoscience – you introduced it- can hide your allegiance.


Why shouldn’t Saudi Arabia be there?
They are chairing the UN Human Rights and Women’s Rights Commissions, or certainly were until very recently. With the support of the UK government, of course.


We have choice as to whether to persist in a ‘thinking’ identification, or instead to watch or notice such ‘thoughts’.

In the first, the thinking generates a corresponding ‘reality’ experience of filters and rules of a narrative identity, that operate a persistence of a sense of possession and control. As if inside our own thinking or model.

In the second, the attention shifts from ‘within the definitions’ of currently running thought to the coherence and congruency of its experience relative to who we now accept ourselves to be in relation to others and world.

The second is of course simply a moment of introspection or self honesty that may be delayed, evaded or defended against by frameworks and processes of thinking that operate ways to re-assert, persist in or sustain such thinking OVER the dissonance that rises AS the symptom of conflicted premise and misalignments in ways that persist the original error of taking or being taken in by the self-image in place of a relational extension, reflection and sharing in the qualities of being.

Such that for self-illusion to ‘live’ prevail or survive, truth – of a resonance within wholeness of being – must ‘die’ or be denied.

There are tipping points as to our capacity to maintain an upside down thought system relative to a true inherence, and yet the ingenuity of mind-in-thinking is the ability to accuse or flag and attack its own conflicts in ‘others’ as a distribution of fear, guilt and negative consequence away from self under illusion of power by which to sustain and validate a false identity in ‘righteous’ attack in the name of security or defence.

I write to you the reader as an expression of the true power of choice – because while we project the cause of our dissonance out and away from our self, we make ourselves powerless to change it and compelled to hate, deny and defend against the ‘other’ who is charged with all the ‘meanings’ we cast out or indeed cast them in.

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Talking of hypocrisy: surely there is another elephant in the room?

At least we have one morally functional party that has never ceased in its indefatigable campaign in defence of press freedom, universal human rights, and against the persecution of Julian Assange…

…As part of their blanket media coverage to raise awareness; they got the NUJ to rename ‘Press Freedom Day’ as ‘Julian Assange Freedom Day’…

…Oh no, they washed their hands of him and abandoned him to his fate – to due judicial process and to face spurious rape allegations in Sweden. By Press Freedom Day Julian had been completely depersoned and not worthy of even a single word in his defence [see embedded video]:


Still, Julian will at least get a fair trial from our free and independent judiciary. From a judge whose husband is a Tory peer, associated with the arms trade, RUSI, and the MI5/MI6 ‘Old Boys’ club – and who personally appears in Wikileaks 50 times (and the arms company Thales is mentioned 2,000 times).


With friends like the British Labour party: who needs enemies?

John Thatcher
John Thatcher

As usual,you ruin your case by going over the top.The Labour party and Corbyn in particular,are indeed to be condemned for the failure to defend Assange more vigorously,but it really really isn’t as black and white as you suggest.The biggest divide in the Labour party is between the PLP and the party in the country.Corbyn’s mistake ,in my opinion ,is in seeking to balance forces within the PLP,when they no longer reflect opinion in the party as a whole.Support for Assange is very thin in the still largely
Blairite PLP,that is not the case in the wider party.


On the contrary John; perhaps I did not make my case strongly enough. They (Corbyn and Abbott …Thornberry kept stum) initially opposed Julian’s extradition to the US – which is laudable – but quickly caved in to peer pressure (from the Creasy Letter) for him to be extradited to Sweden to face *rape* charges. Effectively making the signatory count 73. At the time, the Swedish Authorities were not seeking his extradition …so am I wrong to categorise this as a collective Pontius Pilate hand-wringing and delivering to ‘due process’?

Between his arrest in April and Press Freedom Day in May …nothing. JC sent a video to the NUJ that contained not a single reference …gone from the conscience.

On World Press Freedom Day, we stand in solidarity with journalists around the world and celebrate the precious, hard won right of freedom of the press.

Mention of murdered Lyra McKee: but none of Julian languishing in the torture of solitary confinement in Belmarsh …detained in breech of international law for the crime of telling the truth.

Now he really does face formal extradition proceedings from the US (as well as Sweden – which is still on hold as I understand it) and a life sentence …where is the Labour led campaign?

We thank the free press and our journalists for exposing corruption, telling truth to power, holding politicians and big business to account and helping us uphold our shared human rights.

Democratic societies cannot flourish without a truly free and independent press. #WPFD2019

His fate is all but sealed under Judge Arbuthnot. And Labour have washed their hands of him. It seems pretty black and black to me …particularly for Julian.

This balancing of power, where the mythical ”wider party” will end up taking control seems at odds with reality. The Blairite controlling faction of the PLP and the NEC have no intention of loosing their grip on power. In fact, they are gaining totalising control …with the inevitable ‘Final Say, Final Stay’ Remain position now confirmed. Which leads me to question: “who on earth do you think you are supporting”?

If you are going to take control: you have till February …for Julian’s sake.

If we had a functioning opposition and resistance: he should be free now. The truth is not a crime.


Like right now I’m going to have to stick up for corbyn and I don’t support him but if he didn’t tow the labour line on assange the media would have labelled him an anti Semite, pro rape, anti crime, lactose intolerant you name it

Steve Hayes

There are no rape allegations. There never were any.


That’s what the word ‘spurious’ means.

“If there are allegations which Julian Assange needs to answer of sexual issues, sexual attacks that may or may not have taken place in Sweden, then it’s a matter for the courts to decide”

“But, I do think he should answer those questions.”

Is how Corbyn framed the matter to Sky News. The rhetoric of rape came from Abbott and the Creasy letter of betrayal – that Abbot, Corbyn, and Thornberry effectively signed after the fact.

“This would be so the formal investigation into an allegation of rape can be concluded and, if appropriate, a charge can be made and any trial can take place.

Is how Creasy framed it. So you are right: there are no rape allegations …but that did not stop the Labour party fabricating them (whilst not presuming guilt of course). They him and labelled him a ‘rapist’ whilst doing so …a dog whistle the media was only to eager to amplify.



Like I said: with Labour championing your cause for press freedom …you are home and dry in solitary confinement in an American maximum security facility for the rest of your life. Especially when the ”due process” has Arbuthnot presiding.


You seem a bit delusional and under the impression we are labour supporters! We can see the fake anti Semitic smears for what they are and defend him against it but that’s not defending labour or even him necessarily it’s stopping a pointless smear that waters down the term anti Semitism in the same way the word racism has lost its punch

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

Britains media will never tolerate pluralism, let alone truth, so long as it continues to be controlled by a few tax avoiding oligarchs and staffed by greasy pole climbers from Oxbridge or the public school system.

Off-G has already spanked the arse of the media for being little more than propaganda multipliers (thanks to Terje Maloy) – in other words recycling stories from 3 news agencies, supplied to them by government sources.

Its an unholy mess – any journalist worth their salt should have turned round and walked out the door rather than listen to Jeremy Cunt babble on about how important it is to have a free press, while, as Kit rightly points out, banning unfavoured outlets like RT, or ignoring the fact whistleblowers are being tortured on his watch simply for revealing war crimes committed by the US.

Cunt is the man that lied, lied and lied again about running down the NHS (via neoliberal policies backed by him) – junior doctors went on strike, the nursing workforce was decimated, and more and more hospitals found themselves in debt.
This led to the the BMJ (and others) asking questions about the attack on public services being linked to an additional 120,000 deaths.

Did the conference on ‘press freedom’ focus on the brutal class war (or austerity if you prefer the MSM euphemism) – I doubt it somehow, I assume they must have been too busy patting themselves on the back to do the basic stuff they are meant to be doing.