Iran: what next?

Philip Roddis

With so many brown skinned men, women and children in the Middle East maimed, bereaved or having their lives terminated by the high tech and highly profitable products of America’s military industrial complex, it’s easy to forget that sanctions are no less lethal.

Remember Madeleine Albright? Asked if the deaths to malnutrition and disease of half a million Iraqi under fives – before Bush – had been a price worth paying for putting a sanctions squeeze on Saddam, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State said yes.

Now turn to this Financial Times piece from April, on the economic hit to Iran from the Trump-Bolton-Pompeo sanctions. It tells of ‘collapse in economic growth, pushing the Islamic republic into a deep recession and lifting inflation towards 40 per cent’.

A few months earlier, an Independent piece had focused on the human impact.

John Bolton, as you may well recall, is on record as wanting sanctions to hurt ordinary Iranians till they rise up and overthrow the theocracy in Teheran.

Meanwhile those who dared tell the truth about what our leaders are really thinking and doing continue to suffer. Julian – abandoned by so many who should be his most ardent supporters – sits in Belmarsh contemplating the very real prospect of spending the next 175 years in a US for-profit snake pit. Meantime, for every day of refusal to help the FBI bring that happy state of affairs to fruition, Chelsea is fined $1,000. Then there’s Ed, in Moscow with no direction home.

Bear these things in mind as we move to this morning’s news.


Today I woke to hear of Iran seizing a British oil tanker, the Stena Impero, in the Hormuz Strait in an unambiguous don’t-fuck-with-us signal. Such a move has been on the cards since the ‘daring landing’ of July 4, when HM Marines impounded an Iranian tanker off the coast of Gibraltar.

Whitehall says the Gibraltar move was to enforce sanctions against Assad, but this account has problems over and above the central one of the dirty war on Syria being driven by reasons far removed from those sold to credulous Western audiences. The problems I speak of are that in the past Iranian tankers clearly headed for Syria have been let through, and in any case Syria cannot be oil-embargoed as long as she has Russia onside.

So what is going on? I’m no fan of either the Guardian or Patrick Wintour. I’m also suspicious of the hostility to Trump of liberal media that had no problem with the Clinton-Albright sanctions, no problem with Obama’s bombings and no problem with Hillary’s desire to impose no-flight-zones on Syria in a way that promised to bring us to a very nuclear WW3. But this piece todaygives a surprisingly fair minded assessment – obligatory prayers for Assad’s ousting aside – of the perilous game Washington is playing, with London in for the ride

…there were some oddities to the [July 4] British decision. Few previous shipments of oil to Syria have been impounded. The Spanish claim the British acted under the instruction of the Americans. The Trump administration is trying to freeze Iranian oil exports as part of its policy of maximum economic sanctions designed to force the Iranians to reopen talks on the nuclear deal signed in 2015.

But Britain opposes that US policy, arguing that it is counterproductive and only likely to strengthen the hands of hardliners in Tehran.

Carl Bildt, former Swedish prime minister and co-chair of the European council on foreign relations, pinpointed the ambiguities of the British action in Gibraltar:

The legality of the UK seizure of a tanker heading for Syria with oil from Iran intrigues me. One refers to EU sanctions against Syria, but Iran is not a member of the EU. And the EU as a principle doesn’t impose its sanctions on others. That’s what the US does.”

Actually, I take that back about ‘surprising fairmindedness’. On top of the de rigeur expressions of horror by liberal media at Trump’s shennanniganns, as if the Empire had been all sweetness and light till November 2016, we have to consider the diverging interests of the EU (Guardian being uncritically pro Remain) and USA over how to bring Iran to heel. Ditto on whether Europe must buy American energy rather than cheaper Russian gas.

So far, in any real trial of strength, Europe has caved – witness Merkel’s humiliating return from Washington, empty handed, over the Iran sanctions – but we can expect the Guardian to make deprecatory noises as the world’s foremost imperialism inches us towards Armageddon in the name of Keeping Us Safe.

In short, Wintour’s piece falls well within the Overton window.

But what about Tehran? All things considered it’s hardly surprising, is it, if the ayatollahs refuse to blink? But is this the longed for casus belli, or just another milestone along the road? There’s ample evidence of Washington desire – outpaced by Bolton’s personal vendetta – for regime change in Iran, dating back at least as far as 2002. But contrary to the hype from Trump and Bolton, Iran has shown little desire to develop a nuclear capability.

What she does have is the capacity to wage asymmetric, protracted war against any ground forces ranged against her. (Short of nuking Tabriz and Mashad, regime change is not achievable from the air.) Since it beggars belief that Israel would not be drawn into such a war, you really do have to wonder.

What next?

Scribbler for some sixty years, and for fifteen a photographer too, Philip Roddis began blogging in the early noughties by inflicting film reviews on an unsuspecting public. Soon he was doing the same with illustrated writings on wanderings in Asia and Africa. He writes “to help me think, and because I like to be read”, and finds photography's problem-solving aspects "a break from those of writing, as well as an aid to writing and to reflective travel”.

His blog is Steel City Scribblings

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Scribbler for some sixty years, and for fifteen a photographer too, Philip Roddis began blogging in the early noughties by inflicting film reviews on an unsuspecting public. Soon he was doing the same with illustrated writings on wanderings in Asia and Africa. He writes “to help me think, and because I like to be read”, and finds photography's problem-solving aspects "a break from those of writing, as well as an aid to writing and to reflective travel”. His blog is Steel City Scribblings

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Martin Usher
Martin Usher

Bit weird having the UK invoking action on behalf of the EU since its trying its utmost to leave that particular organization. But I suppose given the overall credulity of the media fed to today’s public its just a case of “tell ’em anything that sounds about right, nobody’s going to question it”.

Now we have the spectacle of the UK trying to rally the EU to provide military assets in the Gulf. It doesn’t appear to be getting any traction. After all, relations with Iran were going on OK until the US decided unilaterally to pull the plug, reimpose sanctions and generally mess things up. The UK just did its usual thing of going along with whatever the US tells it to. Europe wasn’t as convinced; it organized a lukewarm bypass mechanism for the sanctions but is a bit stuck because of the wholesale retribution against its economies should it tell the US what its really thinking (something along the likes of “FO”). So I don’t expect anything except lukewarm clucking from them…after all, the UK made this bed, it gets to lie in it.

Some suggest that the UK’s situation is entirely due to a lack of an effective government. Its being manipulated by Pompero and/or Bolton as a way of stirring up trouble in the ME since so far those two haven’t had much luck with their own incidents, they’re just not getting the traction.


Iran is the last country on the “Seven countries in five years” list that General Wesley Clark learned of in one of his visits to the Zionist-infested Pentagon shortly after 9/11.


Another excellent ‘scribbling’ by Writer Wroddis..
I’ve seen reading his stuff for some while.
What they seem to have in common is ‘common sense’,
which as events unfolding indicate, is not common.

He’s a sort of electronic ‘Everyman’.
Power and persistence to your pen 🙂

Philip Roddis

Thanks man!


“John Bolton, as you may well recall, is on record as wanting sanctions to hurt ordinary Iranians till they rise up and overthrow the theocracy in Teheran.”

It is a bit like the bombing in WW2 it did not dishearten the people, but unified them against the aggressor. [be they British or German]

Iranians may think that their leaders are a bunch of dictators, but at least they are our dictators.

Our so called democratic leaders in the west are little better.
If the population believes them then democracy is good.
If the population disbelieves them, or worse tries to change things, then democracy is bad and the population does not really understand the problem. So need more reeducation [by the MSM]

The Iranians [Persians] are not stupid and have a long history, not to mention memory [regime change in the 50’s, from a socialist parliament to dictatorship by the shah?]

They are also aware of the US statement on so called “rogue state’s” and the policy of destabilisation and regime change; Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and lastly Iran. So the Iranians know [like the Israeli’s] their back is against the wall and have nothing left to lose, but if things do kick off in a big way they will not be the only losers in the region.

As the writer of the article as stated Syria gets its oil from Russia. But China and India get their oil from Iran. How does the western PTB square that circle?


“If they want their people to eat, they have to do as they’re told.”

Philip Roddis

Good analogy with WW2. Also the Allies demanded Unconditional Surrender, of Germany and pre-Hiroshima Japan both. That undermined those in Berlin and Tokyo seeking to sue for peace. The same tango is playing out vis a vis Tehran. Whether this is driven by merciless calculation, insanity of the Pompeo creationist school or plain old fashioned failure of imagination is at the moment hard to call.


Javad Zarif

Make no mistake: Having failed to lure
@realDonaldTrump into War of the Century, and fearing collapse of his #B_Team, @AmbJohnBolton
is turning his venom against the UK in hopes of dragging it into a quagmire.

Only prudence and foresight can thwart such ploys.”

M.Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister of Islamic Republic of Iran

….prudence and foresight…wisdom.

….will UK have it?
Will iranians have it?
Will the human race have it?


And still people talk about “war with Iran” as if that was likely to be as insignificant an event as telling Hillary Clinton to shut up and sit down.
War with Iran is NOT going to be an insignificant event.

Our so-called “representatives” are supposed to stop WW3, because a human civilization worthy of the name is unlikely to survive it.
Wouldn’t you call that “significant”…?


The U S will be irresistibly drawn into an engagement that will not end well as the author noted Iran’s asymmetrical military capabilities, the launching of perhaps thousands of potent anti ship missiles which will quickly overwhelm U S naval vessel’s anti missile defense systems.
Iran knows she’s fighting for her very survival and will with the resolve of a mother bear protecting her cubs launch ferocious attack on many fronts at the first hint of aggression.
A beaten battered navy will be left with only a full on nuclear assault option. Trump ain’t letting them come home with their tails between their legs you can count on that!
And then there’s Russia and China who have vested interests in Iran’s future security. Will they idly stand by when the empire decides to bully Iran?
God save us from the maniacs running America over the cliff.

Ken Kenn
Ken Kenn

Trump’s electoral prospects hinge upon a successful mission.

For him personally it is a massive gamble – for Pompeo and John – Yosamite Sam Bolton it is not their ass on the line as the Yanks say.

Iran has nor been dis-armed as Iraq was and is very dangerous in terms of retaliation.

It can blitz Israel if it so wished and Israel could blitz them back too.

This sis very serious stuff.

The UK as usual is a bit player in this dangerous game.

Johnson will follow the US so here we go.


Iran here means the totalitarian Ayatollah regime. Most Iranians not religious fanatics.


Neither are most of the Chosen Folk.
Just the rabid rabbis who rule the roost in Talmudistan and the JEWSA alike.


This is a really good article, which questions the illegal methods which have been used to snatch the Grace 1 – an act of piracy IMHO.
I would question sanctions, except when they are enforced by the UN.
Why does any single country, or even a group of countries feel that it has the authority to sanction another country?
The US backed by puppet states has decided to adorn itself with the cloak of rulemaker of the World, despite the fact that it seldom if ever abides by the rules which it enforces on others.
It was the US which pulled out of the JCPOA more than a year ago, an illegal act itself. Following that the US has contrived certain situations in order to somehow show that Iran broke the deal.
For God’s sake will some group of countries have the courage to stand up to the US.


The UN is a PRIVATE organisation based on Rockerfeller money. No-one elected anyone of the several generations who live and work there.


Piracy? GB is a Nation, not a rogue without a country which is the essence of a pirate. The theft of another Nation’s property being transported on the seas of the world amounts to an overt act of WAR. It is a mark of superior diplomacy by Iran that they are willing to have the act by GB downgraded to simple piracy.


I should perhaps remind you that Sir Captain Henry Morgan, was a privateer and pirate in the 17th century. Sir Thomas Modyford who was governor of Jamaica at the time, allowed Morgan to pillage Spanish ships. Morgan was later made Lieutenant Goerner of Jamaica.
I do agree with you however about the actions of the UK, they are an act of war.

Seamus Padraig
Seamus Padraig

“One refers to EU sanctions against Syria, but Iran is not a member of the EU. And the EU as a principle doesn’t impose its sanctions on others.”

Really, Mr. Bildt? Then please tell me when the Russian Federation became an EU member, because the EU is supposedly sanctioning them, too!


I think Mr Bildt’s comments could have either been expressed better or translated better. But I think in essence he is right. As I read it, and from my working knowledge of EU trade rules, the points to be made are that ‘sanctions’ in the EU context are regulations imposed on EU Member States prohibiting THEM from economically/financially supporting the target country. So “no individual, company or organisation in a Member State shall invest in…”, “no individual, company or organisation in a Member State shall import….from..” etc etc.

Consistent with this, and as I have explained elsewhere, the oil sanctions against Syria specifically prohibit anyone in a Member State from importing oil originating in Syria or being exported to the EU by Syria. The EU’s oil sanctions do not, and cannot, apply to bilateral trade between Syria and any other non-EU country such as Iran, whether the goods are being imported into Syria or exported out of Syria. The seizing of the Grace I by the UK on the grounds that it failed to comply with EU sanctions is totally disingenuous, an out and out lie. In my view Iran has taken the seizure remarkably stoically.

So Mr Bildt is stating, quite correctly, that the EU has no jurisdiction to tell Iran what trade it can do with Syria as “Iran is not a member of the EU”.

I have looked at the list of EU sanctions against Russia and they are specifically directed at individuals, companies and organisations in the EU and prohibit them from having specific economic or financial relations with businesses in Russia. In that sense they are legally, if not morally, legitimate. Of course, having said that, I would never be surprised if the UK took it upon itself to dictate to non-EU countries that they would suffer consequences if they had economic ties to Russia. They probably already have done.


Yeah well it seems the Saudis have finally released the Iranian tanker, Happiness, and crew after 2 and half months.
Wonder what made them suddenly decide to do that?

The video of the Iranian commandos and fast boats storming the fast moving Stena Tanker shows they are well trained and excuses why the British naval ship didn’t get involved – not cowards but sensible.


Well that never made our news did it.
Both the Happiness 1 and the Grace 1, are significantly larger ships than the one which the Iranians have stopped – both in excess of 150,000 tonnes, whilst the Stena Impero is around 30,000 tonnes.


The predicate of a false premise of possession and control is its demand for sacrifice to forfend the undoing of a substitution for life. Without willing worth-ship and support in false with-ness, it has no power and cannot possess or capture and deny the heart’s allegiance.

The underlying idea of private agenda is in every mind that thinks to think apart – and thus set itself apart and over others – in ‘victory’ or in ‘grievance’ as the idea of vengeance as a self-vindication for a hateful or ‘self-conflicted’ experience of existence as ‘separation trauma’.

The mind of such a possession is blind in its drive and fragmented in its entanglement.
Fear of pain of loss runs in place of a true movement or resonant alignment in our being.

But to truly and directly SEE this, is no longer to be blindly possessed or captured by its thinking as your OWN. Recognising the false is the release of its status as fact. To then interject processes of overcoming or combating the false is to persist in it under the ruse of ‘war on false’ instead of acting or living FROM and AS the true.

The interjection of guilt and directed punishment operates a mind of personal justifiction WITHIN the framework of deceit – while providing the believe of relative moral justification as the lesser evil that is exonerated or vindicated by its denial of the greater evil.

Evils are symptoms of backward thinking or thinking that subjects the heart of knowing to become a willing victim through confusion of sympathies arising from our own split-minded confusion.

There is no end to a nightmare but waking to its status as a dream – and while our lives are experienced real, they have all the meaning we give them – including all of the inherited and acquired meanings of our personality and acculturated development. Waking up to the meanings WE give is also the capacity to revisit, revise or re-vision our core beliefs and definitions – including the mind-belief that Reality is OURS to make, direct or assert.

That an insanity is running as a ‘world’ is evident. Our part or correspondence of allegiance and support may be as well hidden as any black op agenda – and not least in being assertively identifying AGAINST it.


Sorry you lost me there.


Pretty much this by Bill Hicks 🙂 https://youtu.be/KgzQuE1pR1w


Thanks for that link.


What kind of life are you being the expression of? I don’t mean ‘good or bad’ but the scope and consciousness of all that you have lived?

Embracing all of it is a different ride from riding roughshod over whoever to get your kicks or needs met as your beliefs define you in them.

As a theme park – what are the themes of your life focus? Some of this is personality type or orientation. Life changes can flip this around.

If you are the exploration of a theme then perhaps you are not so much an intent to get to some goal as to live it’s unfolding fully. To enjoy the journey is to find the means and end becoming one. To subordinate everything else to getting CAN be a very strong focus – or it can be a completely self defeating exercise in frustration – depending on the resonance of your goal to who you truly are. Much goal setting is an expression of trying to get away from or become someone else. Self-honesty is not available to a blindly driven selfishness except to run a stand up version of self-reflection in which to announce all your faults while persisting in them even through the act of apparently owning them.

There is a sense in which taking the mind of judgement of good and evil as our own is like putting on a VR Helmet and getting completely lost from the true recognition of being within the reinforcing reflection of separation trauma – because the idea of separation IS trauma no matter how masked over with adaptive strategies.
therefore bringing ‘self-consciousness’ into awareness without letting it get in our own way is ‘awake’. Interference is LOCAL – but if your sense of self is confined to an interference pattern, then it is as if your own mind has ‘interfered’ with the heart of love, and you now live in the crime scene…

The US stand up stage of US culture has something of the caricaturist that I see in UK. Politicians that are rendered obscene or grotesque in cartoon parody often buy the originals. Perhaps the ‘elitists’ also watch Carlin or Hicks because it is expressed in a format of comedy and entertainment and in some sense a footnote to their existence.

But a core feature I see is that infotainment allows seeming to reveal truth with nothing changes as a result – although at another level everything is always changing because such is the nature of experience. But the persistence of archetypal patterns of relational or communication breakdown pass down the generations regardless the forms of the mask of Authority.


Don’t use an apology format for disagreeing with or not understanding other people unless it is accompanied by a genuine request to rephrase. Also note tbat binra is not understood by many reading here, often to the extent of infuriating some. It is because he is on a jouney to express and clarify for himself, hence–indirectly–others, something that is, for now and maybe forever, outside the Underton window. Wheras the Overton window denotes the limits of public discourse and discussions beyond those limits are confusing, meaningless, overchallenging, etcetera–or all four of those–to many whose thought processes are confined within the limits so denoted at any given time, so the Underton window, newly invented just for you, denotes the limits of the internal, often subconcious limits which we individually place on our own understanding of the world, usually to avoid internal confusions, apparently unresolvable contradictions, psychologically destabilizing trains of thought, etc–or all four of those–in our inner psyches. Because it is a journey he has to keep going forward to get anywhere and so, instead endlessly of re-explaining every prior concept he often reverts to shorthand terminology to keep up any sort of momentum. If you haven’t understood an earlier part, the words he later uses as shorthand for it can as often add to any confusion as resolve it. Maybe one day he will begin to make sense to you and Maggie, maybe not. Either way, that’s nothing to be concerned about, especially as he often returns to a point to expand or reformulate it, so provides a lot of second chances. Meantime you might care to note that he often gets a respectable number of upvotes (a really dreadful metric the Off-Guardian should abandon) and perhaps consider the following question: why do so many people behave as though their opinions are more valuable than their most treasured possessions, not excluding the apparent external, physical sustainers of organic life itself?


P.S. I often read his posts paragraph by paragraph backwards–last paragraph first, first paragraph last. Try it, you might like it. Works for me…


I have a positive resonance with many posters here and beneath the frustrations that cannot find articulation – everyone. My love for humanity is not set in personality expressions!
So I do not have a polarised reaction against for example political and social analysis – in fact it is often very instructive in revealing underlying patterns of human thought. Though rarely bridging to personal responsibility for our own consciousness.

I don’t get to hang out in a social sense of personal reinforcement – but then I need social connection to be a byproduct of a self-integrity. Else my sense is of a self-betrayal or living a lie. There is no going back 😉
(But within self-betrayal is the belief love is false and truth a lie.)

If I was to only post a brief snapshot instead of the whole of which it comes – then in many cases the last paragraph would have it. I don’t thing that anyone ‘should’ read what I post unless they find their own reasons to do so.

Perhapspart of a reason to do so is because it is not ‘understandable’ to an existing frame of thought that in my view is the nature of entanglement in division that rules out (denies) a true felt and shared joy in life. Everyone ‘understands’ a world of insanity and war because we are brought up within its learning or adaptation.

For a lot of my younger years, I sought an articulation for inner territory that I had no cultural preparation or mapping for. But at a certain timing, I recognised that such a developed ‘understanding’ became a blocking and censoring filter to the Movement of Being (Life Itself). And so a willingness to be like a child in a new ‘language’ that by abiding in, without demand to extract sense in old bottle terms, became in me.
To let Life become in me is the other way around to telling it what to be (and be-living the difference as a sense of lack and dissonance).
Converting or translating everything into ‘mythink’ is a subset of ‘groupthink’. Better to let all in to the trust that what resonates true or relevant to active purpose will come to the fore,and what does not CURRENTLY serve will fall away of itself. Then I can give all my attention to currency or presence of relationship.
Alighting in what resonates with who I am consciously accepting to be is an ongoing listening and not a preset structure. It is different than being in control or being seen as if in control. Relationship IS communication – but has been subordinated to ‘what can I get out of it’. In this sense proxies, patsies and assets are part of playground learning at primary school. No surprise to see the same patterns writ Large then. Put downs as a means of hiding insecurity, and manipulating acceptability.

I don’t take any more than my own – and look to the contributions of others as gifts of equal presence – because that is your belonging or unique participation.
How much we are self-revealing in our extension of worth is of course dependent of having a sense of worth as well as our sense of safety in openly communicating.
The underlying fear-belief is that” if I were to truly ‘come out’ I would meet rejection” and so a masking armour of socially coded correctnesses is set to guard against the natural or unselfconscious witnesses to love and life. Un-owned fear operates ‘war on life’ until it is recognised as a Call to Live. Fear can shit out the egoic ‘control’ mentality – metaphorically speaking – but only in terms of opening to a vibrational quality of exposure that we would otherwise NOT abide but seek any way to hide from. Fear as manipulative insinuation of propaganda has overspilled its remit – for if unconsciousness from fear becomes impossible, then one way or another, we have to face it. Owning what is ours is cutting to the point. Attempts to outsource and attack our fears in others makes a tortuous conflict of being brought to the point. No one wants to lose but most everyone is quick to be taken in by a self-inflation – until a healthy sense of self-betrayal wont abide it – and nor will a life in wholeness abide a sense of self-betrayal for long!

For me, resonance is not agreement with what I already think or believe so much as a touch or recognition of presence – right here, right now – like this – as this. Between the words is where the presence ‘communicates’. If a mind becomes fixated in a world of things it loses its living context.


No. If your intention is to communicate, then the onus is on you to make the connection and explain what you are saying. Any ‘personal journey’ is self indulgent and asks for indulgence from its readers – which is why no-one bothers to do anything other than the above comment.

Binra’s ‘psychobabble’ is a regurgitation of psychology/NWO/Theosophy/Hindu philosophy – and, consequently, the response most have to it is the same response as to vomit.

Your ability to understand, I would suggest, has been covered in a previous discussion where it was shown that it is possible to understand anything if we believe in our ability to do so.


I hope he understands what he’s talking about.
I’m not sure I do.


I don’t think that I am even going to try Mark, I haven’t got many years left on this planet, so try to make the most of each moment.


Please explain.

binBrian Steere

If you believe you understand then you have your reward.
I do not attack your freedom to believe or be-live as your own journey of self unfolds for you. I see that what is called understanding is simply control or narrative framing. If you truly understood, would you need to vomit on what another says?

Many assume communication should occur according to their rules and that any other expression is therefore invalidated.

Insofar as I join in commenting I never knowingly dump on others or inflame hatred and division even though the issues that are generally posted to on OG are framed in large part in blame and shame narratives.

My assertion to you and anyone else is that there is only one TERRITORY to the experience of a human life – regardless the variation in forms and mappings that then conflict as polarised or charged identities.

If you choose to believe you cannot understand, then of course you can live the crab barrel world of dragging down anyone who seems to claim to know anything. I prefer to appreciate and let understanding come in as part of a wholeness of being – which is the opposite to the intent to define and control Life first – and then make it work.

As such I witness to a choice. I do not try to make your choice for you – that is not my freedom or desire. The mind of deceit would deny a true choice by a framing in false ‘choices’.

You probably meant that anyone can believe they understand or present themselves as if understanding, as a result of incentive to do so or disincentives to reveal otherwise.

The onus is not on me to explain, justify or apologise – but I am open to engage in any point of enquiry.

As a related aside – I sing and play guitar and when sometimes looking up lyrics and chords notice that far from an ‘invisible hand’ operating as competition in which corrections result in qualitative refinements, a copy and paste laziness or indeed appropriation of the work of others, leads to monetised portals of regurgitated error. I notice the same in informational articles and see at a deeper level the same pattern in the making and setting of ‘history’. Monetised or weaponised vectors of unconsciousness.

The robotification of the human golem in our time is nearly complete. If there is even glimmer of a recognition of Life, then I speak to that in anyone, anywhere as the joining in the reversal or undoing of a thought reversal. At least such is my willingness whatever the forms it takes. I am saying that the mind has run off with its own image of Life as a narcissistic indulgence of its own thought-reflections, that it seeks to ‘understand’ so as to make its world reflect what Life and communication ‘should be’. All ‘mad emperors’ end up in the asylum. It goes with the territory. The very notion of power OVER other is a breakdown of communication and yet this is where human ‘communication developed from – as a filter and block to a prior Intimacy of being.

What seems self-evidently real is as Plato once indicated, a complex projection of light and shadow. As is the seemingly simple interface of this digital communication medium.

A disintegrity has only one other direction than disintegration. Re-integration within an already – but denied – wholeness. Love waits on willingness. Not on time.

The machinations of ‘Principalities’ in a world set apart under power of pain and death take different forms and in a sense structure and set the framing of their times. Narrative control is being technologised. Only Transcorporo-state-accepted forms of communication and exchange will be permitted.

If it were possible to truly disconnect from Source-Nature it would not be.
The capacity to believe in and understand separation from Source Nature is our nothinging – but ONLY with the support and dependence of an Unconditional Love.

And those who earnestly are lost – are lost, and lost, again – Leonard Cohen.

PS I picked up an Alice Bailey book in a store and opened it to the Fifth Ray – whose liability is of heartless clarity. I think everyone weaves their personality structure out of whatever they resonate in and live it until they let it change.
Of course an intent to mask and hide can and will use anything. Your acceptance of intent and desire is up to you. Projecting your own intent into others is putting it outside hope of change. Now you must suffer your own measure as if at the hand of another – until all judgements come home and are undone.

Releasing another is not doing something to them of for them from a place of power, but is a self-release from the belief they were as I judged and projected onto them. Now am I free to learn of you anew – that is to say – presently or in presence instead of pretence.

Gezzah Potts

Brian aka binra; thanks for this comment, it made sense to me, and no, there was no ‘fog in my head’ like most other times with your comments. Just checked out your blogspot also, and even tho you’re in England, and I’m down here in Australia, may I humbly recommend some music to you: Ana Never, Yndi Halda and Inward Oceans. All of these on Bandcamp or YouTube. Music is food for the soul, and is contemplative and soothing, and often helpful for falling asleep = lullaby. Cheers…


I’ll have a listen
I play music more than I listen – and may write more than I read! – but the key is in being tuned into a coherence of being – centred and grounded come to mind. Silence is the quality of awareness in its own light and if too much is happening without the quality of coherence than peace and quiet restores – and this can be a moment of true resonance by which to release a sense of inner struggle.

I recognise I speak from an entirely different presumption and that in itself means that messages can ‘fail’.
It may be that brain fog is a ‘defence’ AND no less a propagation of an Establishment seeking to prevent or deny exposure.
In any case it seems an overload of ‘information’ that may be an overload of attempt to control – along with what we might call toxic reaction.

I note that singing or vocal music uses a unique part of the brain. Our pre literate forbears had the capacity to hold their whole Culture in living memory – with perhaps only ritual signs, symbols and structures externalised. I sense we are overriding our true function and capacity by means of a usurping overcontrol – that then self-destructs.

Oh and G’day Mate!

Gezzah Potts

Thanks binra…. Again, get what you mean. I took note of the words… ‘centred and grounded’. Nature and the sense of connectedness also helps to centre us, tho I’ll admit, sometimes too many distractions, too much information, too much rushing about does tend to frazzle the brain. Just be….
Will further check out your blog later. Need to get going = sell Big Issue mags = so I can pay rent and have dinner tonight! Enjoy your natural surroundings, and enjoy the rest of your week🙏


Economy, coherence and precision are desirable features in any important statement or commentary today.
Meditation assignments and words like “forfend” are only going to appeal to 80-year-old priests, and a comment upon a decent article should not compete with the length of the article itself.
Several short comments are surely much more digestible for the reader.

At least it is my opinion that our current world problems are not so complicated that arcane English is required in order to clarify them.

I wish any sincere seeker for truth and justice all the best, but I also think it’s okay to encourage people to pay some regard to their fellow human beings when it comes to explaining things, and I certainly apologize if I do not always succeed in this myself.


Sacrificial ‘religion’ operates to forfend, avert or delay feared threat of disaster.
The practice is no less current than ever was.
It is the basis of self-limitation in exchange for survival under tyranny of the lie.
Rationalised thinking is predicated on irrational premises.
My first attention is to the felt qualities, and to conscious meanings of phrasing. I don’t tune in to the ‘marketplace’ because it is essentially the demand for unconsciousness.
Lies, propaganda and persuasion all run in the ‘mind’ of the world as if making sense. False framing is invisible when we act from it as if self-evident reality, and no attempt to show the nature of the deceit can reach those who think in its terms.
Truth is not at war with illusions and makes no sense in their framing. Else it would not be so readily sacrificed for war, soft or hard, in secret or openly.
Let the dead bury the dead is – to me – a call to attend the living.
In this sense I am referring ‘dead’ to the blind or unconscious – resulting from a suppression or denial (sacrifice) of truly felt awareness.

Words shape and frame our interpretation and response to everything. Being conscious to the word (definition) we give is instead of running on autopilot within a narrative dictate that SEEMS to be your own thinking.

The point of noticing is the core point of anything everything I write.
Slaves may aggressively defend their state from their adaptation to and acceptance of the life it gives them. Orwell tried to convey this but who recognised their ‘self’ in act?
Perhaps it is appropriate that those who do not need to understand and appreciate find something else to engage in. I am not interested in ‘impact’ but resonance of shared purpose.
In honesty of insanity revealed the need for sanity becomes paramount – and then much that was discarded before becomes worthy – while what passed as currency before is revealed as toxic debts or nothings presenting in dramatic re-enactment of boom and bust.


I like your use of the word, “resonance”.
Far too little attention is paid to things in our lives which should resonate, but do not.
Resonance and life are essentially the same thing, come to think of it, in the sense that the opposite of both is death.


As I see it, I share in a shift from the framing mind of impacts and collisions of forceful action and reaction to the recognition of an underlying resonant coherence.

The generation of dissonance as a blocking signal is my sense of ‘mind control’. Which I see as both intra and inter personal.

The alternative to mind-in-its-own-spin is the command of the heart – for all else aligns under accepted purpose – whether consciously accepted or unconsciously reactively persisting in learned habit.

The mind in grievance worships or gives worth to the broken or subjugated heart of victim – from which rises the reaction of vengeance – to regain what was stolen or give back in due measure.
In such an attunement the call to war overrides all else as if Life cannot happen UNTIL dues are paid, collected or meted out. There is no end to such a perpetual war excepting the recognition of utter futility, waking from its worship and walking out of its ‘attunement to dissonance’.

If Life truly Is here now as exactly this – then what is that to truly be and share in? A mind in ‘opposition’ seems to be free – but is effectively programmed by what it hates or fears – whether as in Orwell’s Room 101 or by subtler masking mind.

The idea of a private and personal possession and control is the experience of being possessed and controlled. I hesitate to use the term ‘should’ if it works a blame manipulation, but where people are clearly blocked in their natural response or communication is evidence of conflict and fear shutting the mind down to a conformed behaviour.

Much deceit or self-illusion works on our sympathies as well as our fears, to undermine a clear discernment which the mind of judgement preempts or usurps. A mind off-beam and off balance is essential for the ‘sustainability’ of the mind of structure over mind as expression or servant of Spirit. Spirit is also Purpose. Discerning the ‘spirits’ is not possible through a conflicted and conflicting agenda or investment. So a moment of stillness is the willingness to release the mind of such a charged or polarised reaction.
In any possible opening to Communication, it is in a sense already here – but rises to awareness as a shifted perception that we associate with the positive qualities of life – such as a restored sense of courage and connectedness, a workable or practical step in what had been a confusion or block.
But unlike the grandiose plans of the mind this is not ‘The Way everything Should Be’ – that then ‘Must Be Applied’ by whatever means at whatever cost – so much as an incremental willingness to come back into a focus of a higher order. I say back into focus because I hold that this was part of our knowing in infancy or before – but without any structure of articulation or integration to our world, family and society.

Each of us is in our own awakening to life, part of bridging or integrating a ‘segregative mentality’. yet it is very easy to become entangled in and part of the very thing we were originally moved to heal or undo. Like getting involved in someone else’s ‘domestic row’.
Well wishing and good intentions are easy to fall under the spell of – unless more consciously grounded in self-honesty – that is not available within the spin of our own justifications.

Someone above mentioned Koch and Soros and their ‘anti-war’ partnership. It is very likely that the intent is to use broad spectrum war to burn out or destroy the capacity for war as previously experienced. the attempt to GET RID of consciousness as a means to deny a sense of violation is the nature of denial in its negative or divisive sense. My experience is that what we reject in ourselves is projected away to then manifest in our lives in ever shifting forms until we accept our wholeness through alignment with the truly Creative, instead of a reactive entanglement within a false flagged attack – that sets off chain reactions of conflict and fragmentation of a mind-set over the heart of wholeness.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.


I rephrase for you :

You are being phished.
Suffering identity theft, and false-flagging the pain of such loss to everyone and everything ELSE.
And believing your salvation or survival depends on such a narrative control.

However I hold that we are doing this to our self regardless the agencies at work and so we are in a freedom to bring back into our own responsibility what was given away unwittingly as attempt to escape fear and pain of loss. If you do not feel the pain of conflict or separation then your ‘protectors’ are serving the purpose you gave them. But at a cost…

So you HAVE your reward – as the measure of your giving.
I have the benefit no less of my gift to you.
What we share we strengthen in ourselves.
I grow my faith in you regardless your current behaviour and grow in the realm of choice instead of reactive compulsion. You will recognise the gift when you choose to share it.

Look at what the many choose to focus upon and then ‘join’ in hating?
Polarising ‘identity’.
How can that serve anything BUT war and insanity?
I am not advocating to pretend we do not meet hateful experience, but more to find the willingness and courage to truly feel it – and bring it into a true awareness without harming ourself or others.

Many others comment well in many other facets of issues raised on OG.

I am interested in the underlying causes – including false beliefs or false foundations that cannot truly BE a cause – except in reaction of the wish or the fear that it is true.
Such is a phishing ruse in which the mind usurps the heart of knowing and substitutes its own thinking. Gaslighting.

Personal investments fixate in personae as the displacement of inner conflict AWAY from ourself. But what goes out – as I indicated above – is what comes back with interest.

Needing ‘enemies’ and generating conflict, so as to persist in an otherwise unsustainable fantasy, acted out at cost of truth, is a core archetype of the split human psyche.

To feel special, vindicated and reinforced by smearing others so as to justify attack is to generate a framework of defence through which to distort or invalidate anything offered in response. This is how to persist in judgement that inflates a false sense of self by dumping of guilt in false witness.

Hate demands a target and guilt demands penalty or pain of loss.

Put it on the ‘other’ and make them pay.
Rinse lather and repeat
and repeat
repeat repeat repeat repeat etc


Binra has the ANSWER….never mind the question. In common with most evangelicals, the answer is long, convoluted and SERIOUS. I’d recommend getting together with the common sense writer Phillip Roddis for a beer or two or three. And then a good laugh when you get the joke 🙂


The answer is reading the ‘problem’ from a perspective outside its framing.
The problem is designed to deny this by keeping you in the attempt to operate within it.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.
But look at the funding and revenue stream that is generated.

If I were an evangelical I would be perhaps a record holder for nil conversions.
Giving true witness is not the attempt to persuade or convince another.
Regardless appearances, I extend freedom to have it.

If blanket judgements gave way to raising any specific point – then the issue would become talkable.

If being out of alignment with our true feeling and desire in life generated symptoms of dissonance – and we then focus in dissonance as if to adjust it, fix it, eradicate it or understand and control it – then the one thing we would not be active in is coming back into alignment with our true desire. I am using true desire instead of the more abstract true of our being – but the recognition and appreciation for such a quality of resonance or communication is beyond measure.

Thinking inside the box is a ready made coffin.

I don’t of myself ‘have’ any answers. the idea of possession and control is nature of the ‘problem’.
I share a willingness to look or listen where ‘answers’ can find us.
If it wasn’t a collective blind spot, the problem would not operate such a persistent tyranny of mind-control. Looking AT the mind rather than running as if IN it is different than reactive identity.

Francis Lee
Francis Lee

In the seminal work ‘The Power Elite’ first published in 1956,the great American social-theorist C Wright Mills carefully identified three interlinked elites who came togther to form ‘The Power Elite. These were 1. The Warlords, what today we would call the MIC, 2. The Corporate Rich, and 3. The Political Directorate. These three bodies had sufficient hoziontal integration to form what Mills refers to as ‘The Power Elite’. And there exists sufficient lateral mobility, the revolving door which enables persons for one power group move with east into the adjacent one. For example from Goldman Sachs to the head of the Fed.

But – like his co-thinker F Scott Fitzgerald – Mills was also of the opinion that ‘these people’ were not like the rest of us. No they are most certainly not.

Now turn to David Icke and his theory of the lizard people. Okay I like David Icke and I think he wakes a lot people up, but I have thought until recently that his lizard theory was a little bit far out. But now I am beginning to think he might have something. Clearly someone who can endorse the mass murder of 500000 Iraq children like Madeleine Albright is not really fully human. Or more precisely is dominated by the imbic system in her mental make up. People of this ilk have a part of the brain the limbic-reptillian overdeveloped and their behaviour which gives rise to predictable amoral acts like mass murder, Bolton, Curtis Le May are others of the ilk . So in a sense Icke could have stumbled on something very significant here. Just thinking


The same ‘brain-damage’ can be seen in psychopaths. Inbreeding for generations, as with the deviants, propagates this trait. It is very, very difficult for us to believe that the deviants can be people because their way of thinking is so far outside our own. We assume compassion is a trait all humans have, and it isn’t. This, actually, is their ‘secret weapon’ – they know we can’t believe that they would do the things they do or lie the way they do.

It is also a lot easier to believe that they are from another planet, or that they are lizard people, or annunaki or something ‘not us’. Our programming of never being given news with some entertainment attached to it leads us to be able to accept a fantasy with our reality – hence Icke’s lizards. This programming (plus indoctrination in school) means that when we are faced with the real truth, recognising it would lead to (as Skinner, Pavlov, Russell, et al knew through experiments on children) to a, for want of a better word, ‘psychic’ breakdown.

Thus, accepting lizard people gratifies our need to face the fact that we have an enemy and are under attack without the stark, horrific enormity of the truth – there are a breed of deviant people who control, and have always controlled, the world and we are their cattle, sheep, playthings.

Anticitizen one
Anticitizen one

We are their money makers, the slaves that generate money for them to spend on anything that generally doesn’t benefit us. They get their toy soldiers out every few years. They don’t care that real lives are lost and destroyed.

’tis just a game for them that pays for more toys, it keeps the game in a state of perpetuity.

I have no desire for another resource war in Iran. Was it Nostradamus who suggested WW3 would start in the middle East?

Each morning I am expecting to hear of the latest false flag or provocation by our (mis) representative elites. They are oh so predictable or am I just getting cynical in my middle age years? Suppose I’m lucky to have reached 44 without being vaporised.


It’s what Human Resources means.

The UN states that a good citizen is one who produces and consumes. They will keep you around until you stop doing the former – then, when there are no opiates available (because we silly people keep overdosing) for the pain you have in old age given to you courtesy of GMO foods, etc., you will be offered a little pill to ease you on your way.

Nostradamus was one of them – well into predictive programming supporting the myths and propaganda which gives labels to mass murders. The Great Cull began for real in 1914 and it hasn’t stopped.

Congratulations on getting to 44 – keep going!

Anticitizen one
Anticitizen one

Thanks Mikalina, I don’t know if I dare mention this on off g as there are many great minds on here. I’ve never made that connection with Nostradamus so I’ll dig a little deeper. Thanks for the insight, its very plausible. Best wishes


Nostradamus was a bullshit artist.


“Thus, accepting lizard people gratifies our need to face the fact that we have an enemy and are under attack without the stark, horrific enormity of the truth – there are a breed of deviant people who control, and have always controlled, the world and we are their cattle, sheep, playthings.”

No (as you are wont to say). There are indeed “deviant” people, who succeed in controlling and always have succeeded in controlling the world, who regard most others as their cattle, sheep and playthings while living in uneasy alliances of convenience with those of similar nature, but while they tend to be bred apart as descendants of the first in their lineage to so succeed, they are not a breed apart. The Lizards’R’Us, each and every one of us, only a minor twist of epigenetics and/or circumstance away from “the enemy”, the Lizards of Them. And that is what causes the histrionics of weeping and gnashing of teeth and the affectations of “‘psychic’ breakdown” of which you speak. What you speak of is the mollifications of the spooky professions, the Goons of Psych, those who serve the processes of rationalization and normalization, little chips of the same block seeking the vicarious thrill of being close to the action without the chutzpa required of its instigators. To be a lizard you have to have both the inclination and the nerve. The truth is harder than the cocoons of alignment you currently see, which–as intended–obscure it without accepting it.


To put it in the terms of your first paragraph, we are all so ‘brain damaged. The lizards amongst us know this and exploit it; the exploited deny it and suffer the torments of psychic hell for that denial when confronted with it (very often and in very lizard-like ways then seeking to displace its attributes and consequences onto others); only very few of us transcend it to become freewilled “humans”.


Reading much of Icke’s stuff as accurately observed literal couched in bizarre, prophetic/poetic metaphor is not without its having a considerable utility value.


Again, no. The very valuable, truthful research he has ‘borrowed’ has been mixed in with rubbish in order to render it invisible – counterintelligence, in other words.


David Icke, cunning plagiarist?

One of the surest tests [of the superiority or inferiority of a poet] is the way in which a poet borrows. Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different. The good poet welds his theft into a whole of feeling which is unique, utterly different than that from which it is torn; the bad poet throws it into something which has no cohesion. A good poet will usually borrow from authors remote in time, or alien in language, or diverse in interest. –T.S. Eliot, The Sacred Wood


There’s nothing new under the sun.

It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.

Only 12 notes provide all the music in the western world. Only about 40,000 words comprise the vocabularies of even the most verbally -accomplished of English speakers and writers. That’s enough to fill up only about half an average modern novel. Less of a learned treatise. Somebody must be cheating.


i like icke too. i once played football against him many years ago.

his reptilian insights are born out of his indulgence in ahuasca but who is to say he is wrong?

what we are dealing with here is human consciousness and as is it well known that only 1/3 of our brains are in daily use/active who am i to argue with his theories. he comes across to me as a very serious and believable actor


They keep prodding and poking. Syria was too busy fighting UK and Gulf funded terrorists to retaliate directly and their restraint was necessary. Iran on the other hand has firepower to use directly and will use it. So the most effective strategy in this scenario is to stand up to aggression. We’ve seen a few signs of them backing off. But why seize the Iranian tanker and be surprised when they do the same? I wonder if it is sheer stupidity – or part of some plan to increase the chance of open confrontation. Either way, the people running the show should be fired. Then tried for past war crimes, terror funding and treason. I’m still waiting for a tax rebate from last year. Tax money that went to the White Helmets murdering civilians and I’m sure in previous years to terrorists destroying Libya and then blowing up children in Manchester. Has anyone here ever looked in to pursuing a class action against the UK government? There’s plenty of evidence they have breached their own laws on terror funding. I was even wondering if I should walk into the police station and ask them to charge me with terror offences – I.e knowingly paying my taxes to terror groups via PAYE.


While you are at it, turn yourself in for fraudulently supporting the European Commission. I understand that they have never had a full audit and are, consequently, operating fraudulently. The UK supports this fraud and in turn so do you (us). I promise to protest outside whatever prison they put you in.


Engineering false premise into the national dialog for peons to adopt into their imagined reality is proven to be sufficient to extract peon commitment and to incite self-sacrifice of life to make the false premise a reality.
Private greed feeds the false-premise to the nation state, nation state engineers it and the media creates the premise in virtual reality for consumption by the peon. The same false-premise is given to the USA, UK, France, Switzerland, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the virtual reality of media assures its adoption.

The problem in our world is the nation state system. It divides 8 billion people ito 200 or so person containers, and homogenizes them according to container specification, so that each individual within a contained group thinks alike, and hates alike.. Now to generate war it is only necessary to polarized the hate, and point one container against the other..

Gezzah Potts

Thanks for this Philip. Very perilous times indeed. I feel like we’re now at the edge of the cliff, and sooner or later; my moneys on sooner, this is all going to blow up in the West’s face.
Reap what you sow; the consequences of the quest for complete dominance and having puppet regimes everywhere, except Iran is not Panama or Grenada, and Iran is not going to passively sit back and take its ‘medicine’ as we all now see.
The mind boggling stupidity and hubris and hypocrisy of the Empire’s apparatchiks. Imbeciles the lot of them.
Keep playing with matches around a box of dynamite, and eventually it’ll all go…. Kaboom. All the millions and millions who marched against the Iraq invasion in 2003 – where are you all?
Just one wrong move will set this off. And many many innocent human beings will be the victims. Yet again.


“All the millions and millions who marched against the Iraq invasion in 2003 – where are you all?”

Carousing in the pub with Assange’s erstwhile supporters, sticking their hands up wimmin’s skirts and groping Bolton Trump’s pussy.

Gezzah Potts

Or going shopping for more stuff they don’t even need. Sigh. Assuming that you’re in the UK, will wish you a good afternoon Rob✌

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted
to a profoundly sick society” – J Krishnamurti.

Anticitizen one
Anticitizen one

Agreed my friend, we are one false flag or deliberate provocation away from a shitestorm. I say this with sarcasm, Iran should roll over, disarm, prove that they have, and all will be rosy… Worked for Saddam didn’t it.


As I said before, US strategy is always to keep the conflicts simmering, then fan the glimmer to a bit of burn …. You do sell more killing kit when there’s conflict.

They say 20% of global oil goes through the Strait of Hormuz – and we cannot replace that? There are plenty of innovations on all levels. Even for kerosin there are two alternatives. No more oil from the Strait – no more (or less) conflict.

The taxpayer pays for the military, not the oil companies or the insurances, totally bizarre.

Where to?
Where to?

Fair and balanced comment, Wilmers31!

They have deservedly won the title ‘united states of criminals and murderers’. (Not all Americans are criminal murderers, but those who count are). The difference with usual criminals is, the US causes destruction and mayhem on a unimaginable scale. And they designed laws to make all the killing classified. The forbade government/military personnel from reading Wikileaks cables and asked other governments to pretend the cables didn’t exist. All Western governments want to keep the sinister scheming and wanton killing classified and they have already introduced laws to that effect, making it a serious crime to divuldge governments’ nefarious cheming.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

‘The taxpayer pays for the military, not the oil companies or the insurances’ – this point cannot be over-emphasised enough.

The conflict with Iran has NOTHING to do with national security – its simply a means by which public money is being to underwrite the expense of private companies seeking to increase their market share.

In this respect the US military is no different to a private police force that has little regard for the law or morality – the sort of force that brings to mind the sort of racists cops that controlled America’s southern states.

The last thing the public want (here or in the US) is another war in the Middle East, so why are our politicians and MSM stoking the fire?


Interesting to see previous shipments of oil to Syria have gone through Gibraltar Strait OK?
I wonder if JCorbyn has the balls to stand in Parliament to lambast the government’s actions?!
He’s caved on too much so far…


Sounds like you once supported him, so wait to see what he delivers when he feels less “need” to “cave in” if he’s still there if and when Labour is elected. He won’t come near to satisfying those who listened to his words without examining the background, always there in plain sight,that informed them, but if you are one of the rest then wait until, on the basis of his understanding of past experience, he is no longer effectively powerless. Don’t suck it, never see.


….and now…taran…(dramatic music):

“The Daily Mirror report claims that UK intelligence service MI6 and the Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) initiated an investigation on whether omnipotent Russian spies used their cyber-warfare prowess to spoof the GPS signal on the UK-flagged Stena Impero tanker seized by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps”

…..to be continue…dont miss next episode of UK (and the “CIVILIZED” West resist the attacks of the evils russians and Ayatollahs….

(Epic music fade in and slowly fades out)

…We’ll go to commercials and be back in a second. Dont move from your seats my fellow hypnotized consumers…(SMILE).

Where to?
Where to?

” (GCHQ) initiated an investigation on whether omnipotent Russian spies used their cyber-warfare prowess to spoof the GPS signal on the UK-flagged Stena Impero tanker”

WOW! We didn’t know, GCHQ is an entertainment channel!


and yet….for the last week or so Gallileo (europe’s gps satellite system) has been down. not faulty; down. gone. USAF GPS (and GLONASS the Russian-run equivalent) are being used as backup, and, as is usual in times of American hegemonism, the US will likely be degrading the USAF signal by up to 10m in some areas. coincidence?


Now that’s not funny…….


When you start a war you open Pandora’s Box.
Nobody knows what will happen. Nobody has any control of events any more. None at all.
WW2 started with a dispute over the German border with Poland. A couple of years later people were fighting at the North Pole and fetid island jungles nobody had ever heard of.
All you can predict is it will be completely unpredictable and the consequences incalculable.
Nothing ever goes according to the plan and the power point presentation.
Israel invaded Lebanon and got Hezbollah.
Neocons destroyed Libya and Syria and got uncontrollable migration flows that destabilised a continent.
It destroys lives, wealth, countries, hope, democracy, civil liberties.
People still talk about WW1 and WW2 as though it occurred yesterday.
And that is what these clowns and criminals have unleashed again.


In the words of Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, “no plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force”.


Construct Mark speaks with forked tongue……


Chapter VII articles 50 and 51 UN Charter written after Fascism and Nazism scourged the west. I did not read any provisos in the above mentioned statement of fact That as long ur a WASP and USA and UK u get a fee pass. But I digress I am an ignorant Italian.
Post Scriptum: And you still think we defeated Fascism
Docius in Fundem:Qui Tacet consentir videtur.