Venezuela defeats new power sabotage in hours

Gloria La Riva
The author is currently on the ground in Venezuela

This morning at 1:30 a.m., engineers and electrical workers restored Venezuela’s power after a massive cyber sabotage at 4:45 p.m. yesterday shut down 17 of 23 states in a blackout.

This is the third major attempt by the United States and internal counterrevolutionaries to try to destroy the power system, the first being March 7-12 and the second from March 23 to April 4. There have been hundreds of terrorist attacks on the power lines.

This quick recovery by the energy sector — engineers, technicians and soldiers deployed to help in the efforts — is testament to the revolutionary people’s capacity to resist and a higher organizational level with each new challenge.

Each attack has been met with determined resistance and the Maduro government’s countermeasures to minimize damage.

Engineer Rafael Argotti, whom Liberation News interviewed during the first blackout on March 9, explained today what is behind the power sabotage.

This blackout was simply another electromagnetic attack. From January to July of this year, we have detected more than 76 incursions of U.S. planes specialized in electromagnetic work. The sabotage took place while the Bolivarian revolution is advancing in the international arena. This weekend we held the gathering of 120 countries of the Non-Aligned Movement, which affirmed its recognition of Nicolás Maduro as president of Venezuela.”

Maduro currently presides over the Nonaligned Movement.

Argotti, a member of the National Constituent Assembly, also noted the hundreds of international delegates of leftist parties and organizations preparing to attend the 25th session of the São Paulo Forum this week in Caracas. In addition to Latin American and Caribbean delegates, China, Russia, Iran and 22 African countries will participate.

He said, “Fortunately, with our security protocol, we have progressively been able to defend the Guri hydroelectric plant. That is why we were able to respond positively with a recovery of seven hours. Now, 80 percent of those states have electricity and Caracas’ energy is 100 percent recovered.”

Argotti linked the attacks to the U.S. air incursions. “The attacks are electromagnetic waves that disrupt the electrical transmission. We believe planes flying close are responsible.”

U.S. military incursions have intensified in 2019. In June, Venezuela’s military denounced that EP-3E and RC-135 U.S. aircraft have flown along the country’s coast numerous times in intelligence missions.

On July 19, an EP-3E radio-electronic spy plane flew into Venezuela’s Flight Information Region near Maiquetía, “in open provocation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” according to the military.

Although the U.S. government claimed its plane was threatened, Venezuela’s video shows that the plane was escorted out of the zone by a Venezuelan SU-30 jet after it was detected.

The U.S. government’s aim has been to create extreme hardship through denial of electricity, water, food, transport and all means of civilian necessities for its regime-change plots. This conspiracy is not fiction. U.S. officials openly boast of their intent. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo infamously tweeted during the first sabotage: “No food, no water, no power. Next, no Maduro.”

This summer afternoon in the streets of Caracas, just hours after the blackout was defeated, children played soccer, skated and made up games while adults chatted with neighbors, shopped for dinner or relaxed in a park. This is their answer to Washington’s diabolical plots, which failed in its aim to prompt violent unrest and chaos.

This article was first published in Liberation News.

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Why didn’t they shoot down these incursions?
The US won’t stop until they have their hands on V’a’s oil, for their refineries in the States.
The refineries are geared for the heavy oil.
So let’s get it on. Get a few bodybags going back to the States…


Just typical behaviour from the Two Bit Mafia Hoods that make up the Trump Regime.
“We’re going to whack the son of a bitch in the street.” (Assange.)
“If they want their people to eat (Iran), they have to do as they’re told.” (Pompeo, the Regime’s “Chief Diplomat.”)
Following US instructions, Trump clone Bolsonaro in Brazil has just prevented the refuelling of 2 Iranian ships loaded with grain.
This isn’t going to stop till it ends in war.
Zionist Bootlickers Trump and Johnson will make sure of it.


If you prefer your neo-imperial regime-change propaganda delivered by “icons” of the Left, here’s a look at Chomsky’s latest contribution to the discussion:



“If you prefer your neo-imperial regime-change propaganda delivered by “icons” of the Left, here’s…”

Some of the feet of all “icons” are made of clay. It’s just how some of the feet off even the most consistent of “icons” are. The only “icons”, self or generally regarded to be such, who do not suffer from that condition are those “icons” that suffer from that condition. I’m surprised that someone of your clear discernment, sophistication, maturity and obvious lack of any left/right political bias appears not to know as much long since.


Chomsky Amy Goodman Corbyn
All the same story.

Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar

It is time to start challenging ordinary Americans on this.

‘Do you think US has the right to sabotage energy systems of foreign countries in an unprovoked manner?’

If they equivocate in any way whatsoever, it is time to ostracise them.

Then tell them to resign membership of either Democrats or Republicans and to refuse to vote for either.

If they refuse, ostracise them.

Americans have to take responsibility for terrorism carried out by their Government.

Americans abroad are particularly relevant targets.

Al perez
Al perez


Al perez
Al perez

First of all the author is bias, pro communist, she should know the main reason for the power outages is due to maintenance and lack of parts from Germany. There is no evidence the US has sabotaged anything inside Venezuela.
This is just a repetition of the excuses of a failing communist system, the same as Cuba “the blame game” blame the other guy when your ideas don’t work ”
People Socialism has not worked in any nation that has put it to practice, including The Soviet Union. Stop it!!

Martin Usher
Martin Usher

I don’t think that Venezuela is a communist state in the soviet model, it is at best “mildly socialist” which roughly translates to “sharing some of the wealth of the country with the people that live there”. Mildly socialist or not its more than enough to attract economic warfare. I can’t say what happened to the power system although the blackout some months ago was likely sabotage (by person or persons unknown) and since the US has been actively working on ways of sabotaging power grids the finger’s going to be pointed regardless of whether its true or not.

One country that is openly communist is China. We in the west like to think its “communist in name only” because of the way it encourages private enterprise but this was an inevitable structural reform of the original idealistic economic dogma that caused so many problems in the USSR. It also helped to play along with the capitalist system because the lesson from the USSR was that adversarial relationships sapped energy that should go into development. We’re now belatedly going into Cold War / confrontational mode with it but its probably a bit late in the day to stunt its growth by economic means (sanctions, tariffs and Entity Lists notwithstanding). We also have the normal propaganda rhetoric in our media — hardly a day goes by without China being referred to as a ‘police state’ and we’re doing the normal things of trying to stir up dissent among minorities to provoke a reaction. (Its actually quite quaint because its so hackneyed.)

Francis Lee
Francis Lee

”One country that is openly communist is China.”

Questionable. I think you should be aware that the number of millionaires in China roughly proximates to that of the United States. In addition the distribution of income as measured by the Gini co-efficient is above 40% is roughly same as both Russia and the United States. This can be taken as an indicator of the level of wealth and income roughly skewed into the hands of a very wealthy elite. China like its two peers is a state-capitalist economy with with a significant public sector and interventionist policies.

All the neoliberal crap about ‘free-markets’ does not describe the structures of modern economic systems which are basically mixed economies.


“…hardly a day goes by without China being referred to [in Western media] as a ‘police state…”

I saw a Chinese policeman in a patrol car here, just the other day. ‘Golly, that’s ominous,‘ I thought, ‘They’ve started shipping them here, in prepation, already.’ I’ve written to some editors and contacted the Commissioner. Hopefully, my efforts will be in time.


USA has a record spanning over 200 years of corrupting Latin America for corporate greed.

USA will not save Venezuelans.

Look at Ukraine, Libya, and Iraq. Are they better off?

Look at Guatemala and Honduras. Raped by Corporations and kept down by USA trained thugs. Then the people flee North to escape. To where? The USA. Home of the Corporations and the Thug trainers. If you can get here, it’s because They wanted you to get here.

USA (not the People) wants VZ oil back in corporate hands. That is the “humanitarian” reason they are intervening in VZ. They don’t give a damn about Venezuelans. That oil is not your oil.

Whether Americans vote, or don’t vote, the same people will win the USA elections, even if no one votes. The Primary and General Elections are already managed by the Corporate parties, reported on by the Corporate Media, following the script given them. The result will always be a corporate manufactured product. Every US President is related to every other US President, and they are all related to the ultra wealthy elite families that own 99.99+% of the real wealth, not held in phony US Dollars.

The international ruling elite of trillionaire families manage it all, for their benefit and only their benefit.
I wish you luck, keep the USA out of your house, and may you find leaders who aren’t from the Club.


240 years of terror, slaughter, genocide, slavery, and exploitation.
That’s the United Snakes.

Francis Lee
Francis Lee

I think it is always a good idea to give space to semi-literate half-wits (see above) since they are invariably condemned out of their own mouths.


Yep, you’re absolutely right. Stealing tens of billions of dollars of cash and gold from a country and strangling its economy in every conceivable way can’t possibly lead to anything at all going wrong in that country.


I have news for you, Little Guaido acolyte. A considerably larger portion of French GDP is publicly owned than its Venezuelan counterpart. It’s worth noting that France’s socialized health care system is raked by the World Health Organisation at #1 in the world. And citizens of France are on average wealthier than Canadians, Japanese, Brits and Americans.
Is it your contention that French socialism which is more socialist the Venezuelan socialism “has not worked”?


*ranked..not raked. Stupid phone


Rhys – As an American who is also an anti-war activist who spent several years living abroad in France (until two years ago) – you certainly got a grin out of me with your comments. Yes, by all means please do – “ostracize” “Americans abroad”- that’s a sure fire way to change the direction of Western civilization’s neo-imperial war machine if I ever heard one.

Don’t challenge your own governments in France, the U.K. or Germany for falling in line like trained poodles every time some clown in the White House tells them to jump and join the next “coalition of the willing,” to illegally and immorally militarily destroy some hapless nation in the Middle East or overthrow another democratically elected progressive government in Latin America, no, just be rude to some random American you run into somewhere. Thanks for the grin – I needed that.

Hey, I get the frustration Rhys. I once had high hopes that the European Union would act as a sane, moral counterbalance to American military mayhem after the Soviet Union fell. As you can imagine I’m a bit disappointed by the real world outcome of Western Europe’s endless support for American militarism including the CIA’s constant 24/7 clandestine mayhem around the globe. Even with years of such disappointment I must admit I was still shocked by how European leaders lined up to support the U.S. fomented coup in Venezuela led by our Orange clown of a president no less. Western imperialism no longer sees a need to even “pretend” anymore to morality or the rule of law.

The reality is this Rhys – America is an armed madhouse populated by and large by people more interested in The Rapture, the Kardashians and/or the next super-hero movie or iPhone release than events that actually take place in the real world. We are the most heavily armed nation in human history and we appear for all practical purposes to be collectively clinically insane, completely detached from reality, if “reality” can be described as having some relationship to events that actually take place in the “physical world.”

Rhys most Americans I know are completely clueless and have been carefully groomed since birth to be so. I’ve spent a lifetime “ostracizing” and educating my fellow Americans related to their ignorance and lack of interest in our ongoing amoral foreign policy mayhem, but have so far failed to see any tangible results, other than noticing an increasingly smaller and smaller circle of friends. So all I can say is good luck with your plan Rhys and warm regards from the belly of the beast.


My heart goes out to you, Gary. It’s bad enough watching the walking psychosis that is the US hold the world to ransom for decades (and being a citizen of a country that kowtows so hard to Washington that our national broadcaster never reports on Washington’s shenanigans, thus ensuring Australians continued lack of resistence against being such a lover and enabler of the beast.

This is hard enough to handle. Being an actual US citizen as you are, and trying to get my own fellow citizens to see that the eagle is a vulture? I raise my cup of tea to you, Gary. Americans are some of the most propagandised humans on the planet.

(t does seem that more Americans have woken up to the horror show though over the past 15 years though. One of the benefits of the internet, I guess.)


Sauce for the goose.
People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
But US infrastructure is so decrepit that the evil Vlad could carry out a cyber attack and nobody would know trhe difference.


The development of black op electromagnetic weapons makes for an obfuscation layer regarding what may be naturally occurring Solar caused electromagnetic events.
The use of the term cyber sabotage would relate to hacking into computing systems that regulate or manage power supply.
These two are different.
Both vectors of attack may be going on – as well as natural event that according to ‘suspicious observers’ (youtube for 23 July). And of course the capacity to influence ‘weather’ including EM effects may be one of timing applied to already moving systems.
So accusations need to be well founded – and supported or one can lose credibility.

I am not in support of ‘regime change’ as part of global economic and political subjugation.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Heartening to read your well chosen words, scientifically orientated …
Funnily enough, whenever something is changing in various fields around me & others,
the first thing i check for is, “naturally occurring Solar caused electromagnetic events.”

Actually, I ask a good woman first, to be honest: –

she usually already knows the answer … 🙂


Here take a look at solar activity, there are historical records as well.


The’ sun has been quiet for some time.
Only minor events lately.
Strange that the sun would direct shit down VZ way.

The last event was July 9, 2019. Quoting the last line of that update:
“The solar wind speed is currently above 650 km/s and could lead to additional periods of geomagnetic unrest at higher latitudes.”

Is VZ at “higher” latitudes? No, far from higher latitudes.

Occam’s Razor. The simplest answer is that whenever Petroleum or Petrodollar is involved ZIOUSA is involved on the side of evil.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

You clearly misunderstood me completely, whoooosh … my partner monitors solar magnetic storms mostly daily, as a matter of idle old age curiosity, fully aware of their effects: no need for ‘solarham’ here, thanks, she likes to know what to expect before she goes out the door onto the mountain.

Anyways, I was chatting to Binra, coz’of something I happen to have first hand working experience of, from a very young age and he appears to have acknowledged, discreetly,
that which most people fail to comprehend and decline to take a position on, for fear of being ridiculed.

If you were/are evil & scientifically ignorant, it is very easy these days to warp the shape of the magnetosphere/ionosphere with micro-radio-waves and alter the flows of Turbulence in the upper atmosphere by changing the form of ionisation, then simply steer & weaponise the weather below, see?

So, as you’ve interjected: what’s your position ? 🙂

Do NATO & many others engineer the weather and is this more important to discuss before any mass climate change propaganda ?


There is an international agreement NOT to use weather weapons – from many decades ago. Which reveals they were already developed.
If there were open discussion, the technical ability to nudge, direct or amplify extreme weather and tectonic events would have to be included – but as these are dark or ‘security-protected’ they are a black box into which the imagination has little concrete guidelines.

On the other hand there have been divergences in the polar currents in times past – that mix polar and tropical systems and extreme weather results.
Just as much warmer than now has been associated with beneficent conditions for human culture in the past. Propaganda is not concerned with debate or discussion or science – but with the weaponised narrative asserted with incremental persistence as the establishment of a ‘matrix’ of distortion under which conformity and compliance is rewarded or less penalised.
The development of EM weapons goes further than above – in the realm of mind disabling and mind-control. Biology is fundamentally Electric and the uncovering of the secrets of nature is overseen by the intent to serve a private agenda at expense and in ignorance of the whole.

IE: ‘What’s in it for ME?’ and what effect would this have on MY invested identity?
Well this could knock out your rivals. or if your rivals get this they can dispossess you. And so rivals gang up or consolidate in cartels and cabals of mutual ‘power struggle’ as a predation over the people they once served or were accountable to.
Self interest is not conspiring so much as resonant alignment. Birds of a feather…
A false sense of self – generates a distorted and destructive sense of self interest that can then become actively lawless or criminal as the intent to undermine the natural order of Life.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Classic Steere-ing, Binra 🙂

Of course, it should be mentioned that steering or engineering the weather within your own national borders, was back then & still is considered a perfectly legal and ‘super-intelligent’ manipulative game to play, within NATO nations combined borders: even permitting the first ever Financial Derivative Funds at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, on such un-‘sporting bets’ in the name of ENRON in 1997: & yes that is the same Enron who were the second largest US Corporation at that time, leading up to their bankruptcy, which left 40,000 employees pensionless and thousands of farmers in the mid-West USA Bankrupted, after consecutive droughts, before Monsanto moved in, in a predatory manner, to buy up all lands and plant their abiotic drought resistant infamous GMO seeds, with a natural tolerance against Aluminium Strontium & Barium…

Yep, the very same Enron that was being heavily investigated by the SEC in New York, when the steel framed 50 storey building collapsed in less than 10 seconds, flattened by a “fire”, that sure as hell looked like a controlled explosion to me, after the sidekick Psychic BBC announced the collapse almost a full half hour in advance, miraculously … I was sitting & watching keenly, from the getgo, even before I heard Larry Silverstein give the order to “Pull it”, once he had checked all his insurance policies twice over …

How was that for steering, Binra ? 🙂 particularly people’s conscious awareness of methods most foul, in direct relation & an affront to their cognitive dissonance on matters most crucial & scientific, were we ever to enter into a serious scientific discussion on climate ?

Which i might add, seems increasingly unlikely in Governments today, with the lens of the media only focussed on character actors, not science or scientists with scientific evidence of climate particulates …

Good lord, I appear to have forgotten to mention WTC7 completely: you know the building that was not damaged by any aircraft on the 11th Sept. 2001 …


Nothing is as it seemed – but that doesn’t mean it is as our fear suggests.
The ability to NOT choose love has to be the choice for something ELSE – which in my view is a choice of ever diminishing returns – not least in terms of a core Sanity.

Whatever agenda or purpose seems to be intended by others, I remain the conscious giver and receiver of all the meaning it has for me.
But only in the willingness to bring unconscious or subconscious beliefs and assumption to a conscious transparency.

I believe there is a way to ‘read’ everything from and in support of truth, but this calls for the release of the attempt to use the negative as a means to get a sense of worth.

So yes we can rail at the lies and throw stones but the mind that clings to the lie is either ignorant of being used or believes itself irrevocably committed to delaying a damning reckoning. Clinging on to a lie seeks sustainability where yielding to truth is regenerative and renewing.

The Big Lie is no longer meant to be kept hidden. Recognising the Big Lie as the post-truth or hidden truth of ‘politics’ is like recognising that stock markets are essentially extensions of emotional states.

Thus the attempt to be ‘insider’ or first in terms of shifts and changes so as to gain rather than loss or gain from others loss. It’s only another step to set off rumour or events that generates such reactions – and as with all cat and mouse developments it becomes such a mess of lies as to be – in my view – unworkable or dysfunctional. The whole thing is a house of cards – while presenting as all powerful or at least too big to (be allowed to) fail.

The polarity of Control is flipping to the Chaos that gave it the ‘right to rule’. That doesn’t mean all is Chaos – it means e-opening a deeper recognition.

Most do not want to buckle their sense of human reality – and so they compartmentalise in order to cope with their current situation. So these things become a situation to adapt and survive under. The system becomes an expression of a distorted (sacrificed and denied) humanity. How far is anyone willing to deny and sacrifice truth for an illusion of security and control? We all have our breaking point but some may prefer to be right at any cost.

The ‘answer’ I see is not to worship the problem and instead lean into discovering an undistorted and accepted humanity in which the problem is read differently than in its own framing. Sounds like you have inspiring nature where you are. Inspiration is vital.

Fascination with evil is past its sell by date. Breaking the spell is freedom to look beyond its framing and let new idea become in us.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Wise words again:- so, in the interests of brevity, habitat, climate & ‘Keeping things whole’, i’ll just quote a favourite old childhood poem, that was always easy to commit to memory 🙂

In a field
I am the absence
of field.
This is
always the case.
Wherever I am
I am what is missing.

When I walk
I part the air
and always
the air moves in
to fill the spaces
where my body’s been.

We all have reasons
for moving.
I move
to keep things whole.
(Mark Strand)

Somehow, I have the feeling you knew it already …

Brian Steere

I hadn’t met it – and recognise the idea of mutually exclusive yet balancing polarity. However I see exclusion as a mind framing filter. Within the mind-framed I – everything ELSE is Othered. I have a more holographic and fractal sense of life as many unique expressions of one without a second. And the recognition of wholeness is thus timeless – but yet beneath or within every moment of timing.
The subjected experience of insider to a physicalised experience is strange, wonderful and compelling – and incredibly open to forgetting.

About 99% of the physical Universe is at densities we assign or thought to define as empty space. Force and density do not apply in the way they do for the 1%. Yet as in the poem, the generation of density is in polarised relation to its dispersion. The movement of charge(polarity) separations to self organising patterns of relational structuring is not so far from ‘God moved upon the waters’ in terms of resonant reflection as a primary communication without time or distance. All out terms are sketchy metaphor through which to open perspective and be-hold it is true resonant match – within the freedom to generate dissonance and differentiation as the ever new.
The term ‘I’ can thus be imaged and aligned in as a seemingly private sphere of interest. That is exclusive by design. The attempt to expand this I sense is the attempt to possess and control Otherness – that is then driven by Otherness as a sense of lack or threat. (Just to bring it back to Venezuela).

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Very well portrayed, Brian & nicely kept whole, by bringing the whole complex notions & values, (largely held within & seldom discussed), a 360º full circle back to the relativity to the article & subject matter,
with a certain poignancy and view to soul searching on matters of possession & control, from
‘The Possessed’ / ‘Obsebene’, the Cyrillic title sounding rather like (CK’s) Obsession in a ‘Mad World’, the lyrics to which you posted and were also highly poignant, for me at least … 🙂 a pleasant reminder, in such mental fields of conflict presently: when the real conflict lies within … as we know 😉


“Do NATO & many others engineer the weather…”

Tim, with particular reference to HAARP, etc., you & many others have proposed that they do, so now why not propose, by your own little courageous self in the absence of collaboration from within NATO and any other offenders, how we may establish proof that they do. Or tell us where the proof that they do is available and where it may be perused. Otherwise your implicit speculations are of no more value than anyone else’s and, given his overall position on these things, of a lot less value than binra’s.

“…and is this more important to discuss before any mass climate change propaganda ?”

No, because extreme weather events and the onset of chronic adverse weather conditions worldwide are demonstrably becoming more prevalent so, whatever the cause, right now, in that context, binra’s far more inclusionary hypotheses are far more likely to serve us precautionarily and conceptually well than is your apparently purely reductive approach in the absence of confirmatory corroboration from the inside or adequate, empirically established, falsifiable proof from the outside. So get your ducks in a row and show us more than your so far effectively if not actually, but certainly now oft repeated but still, meaningless question.

As an aside, some recent apparent work (?) on this O-G textbox editor seems to be moving things in the right direction.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Just for the record Robbo, twas’ I that gave you the thumbs up on this, however, my journalistic skills are pretty awful, imho …


You are taking an EITHER OR polarity to something I said as possibly BOTH AND.
The nature of Solar effects are not just sunspots or coronal ejections for ‘coronal holes’ are also a vector of ‘Solar Wind’ or electrical plasma effects. Solar Minimum is associated with weakening ‘magnetosphere’ (and the little ice age or cooling).
The complexity of the subject is in my view a Living Universe and far more interactive than mechanical models ‘fusion reaction’ or relatively closed systems of human electric circuitry. That doesn’t mean the principles cannot be grasped for ‘self-organising’ structural expressions of energy and information.
Solar wind speed is but one factor among many – the fast Solar wind is much less dense than the slow for example. This is not the place to attempt to bring out all the known factors of Earth’s response within the Solar capacitance – (if I could do it justice) but mainstream news operates the same lack of journalism in any field and specialisation has made a tower of Babel of the scientific endeavour.

By all means hold the Venezuelan claim as extremely likely – as I do. But beware of giving blanket acceptance to anything that fits a learned distrust. The use of propaganda or weaponising of language is not limited to one side of any argument.

In my view the electrical (Plasma) underpinnings of Cosmology are as denied by the current narrative compliance as much any other suppressed information.

An ‘Electric Earth’ embraces so called plate tectonics – (earthquakes) and vulcanism, and climate – and indeed weather and ocean currents no less than water vapour. So when an electrical effect comes into the ‘news’ I tend to at least give acknowledgement to its natural functional activity – albeit with spikes or events that can be at times very destructive. Electrical activity is being observed on all planets and indeed across hundreds of light years of so called empty space. Very rarely named as such!

Because ‘official’ or Institutional consensus Science (sic) doesn’t accept this – does not in any way stop technological application of such discovery being developed as stealth or elitist technology.

In this particular instance I have not studied the exact report of events or the exact conditions of Sun and Earth conditions. Nor am I moved to.

Electromagnetic forces can generate local and specific conditions of a discharge of energy directly – as in lightning – but also through a range of capacitance effects between ionosphere and ground through an atmosphere that is organised and structured by such forces. Nothing is ‘separate’ or a thing unto itself.

New paradigm perspectives have to grow below the radar of an corruption of power that denies all that cannot be subverted to its possession and control. No one wants to lose and we do not have to ‘conspire’ to turn a blind eye to that which would exposes us in a false light.


“Occam’s Razor. The simplest answer is that whenever Petroleum or Petrodollar is involved ZIOUSA is involved on the side of evil.”

OK. What’s the other, unstated hypothesis (or hypotheses), the existence of which we must infer from your inadequately documented deployment of Occam’s razor, that lead to an identical conclusion, so that we can concur with your assessment of the comparative razorability of such competitive hypothesis or hypotheses, that you have failed to list, so that we may–then–move onto some sort of proof or empirical falsification of your claim that is not too likely just a hot pursuit down a bullshit hole? Or do you have an unusual form of Tourette’s syndrome in which the phrase “Occam’s razor” just pops out as an expletive from time to time (e.g. “Holy shit! Whenever Petroleum or Petrodollar is involved ZIOUSA…”) and you are actually devoid of any clue about, in philosophical or scientific enquiry en route to establishing, most economically of effort, the validity or otherwise of one of two or more competing hypotheses by way of adducing some coherent proof or disproof, which Occam’s razor was not intended to adduce, never did, and never will?


Captain Beefheart’s sources were impeccable, as we know from the Soros-funded NGO report Big Eyed Beans from Venus, Don’t Let Anything Come Between Us..
Soros predicted a Solar refraction to within 00.002 %, Caracas full-tilt boogie.. It was based on the writings of Simon Bolivar’s chief astrologer, an Acquarian named Eduardo Valdez.
Therefore, Bolivar-Valdez-Soros, a fly-over paid for by a printing press on a ship of fools..
Why is Soros always underlined in red? Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros, Soros…


Could be translation errors or quotes about different events.

They are definitely under attack and suspect number one is USA.

“We have come to save your oil from Socialism.”


Indeed. USA is openly at war with Venezuela – if not the World – via broad spectrum leverage – if not legal declaration as the claim of defence of self or alliance in conventional war.

Possession or control as an end in itself is love’s denial, and substitution. Nothing and no amount or degree of power’ can satisfy or fulfil such a driven, addictive and internalised and thus ‘invisible’ agenda.

One of the vectors of psychological war is to disempower and demoralise the target by seeming to be more powerful (in specific regard) than is actually the case. So the first order of attack to be vigilant against is being framed on the enemy’s terms.

USA is hollowed out,fragmented and running as a corporate asset to a transnational intent and so the national terminology doesn’t really serve. As directives are imposed, non compliance is penalised, leveraged or overwhelmed. The allegiance to usurping structure is in larger measure dependency on corporate-gov management. The underlying control via induced, or protected scarcity isn’t addressed by either private or public ideas of distribution. So ‘sustainability’ of a racket is the primary driver of a self-destructive addiction in which love’s honesty or relational communication – has been ruled out.

And is ongoingly of systematically being denied in the undermining of traditional values as an alternative, rival or threat to the (captured or corrupted and blind) state of engineered or manipulated outcomes.

Human Life is under attack from the sick appeal of ‘possession and control’ that dispossesses to destroy in blind conviction no other choice is real but eat or be meat. A hierarchy of predation manifests from the willingness to be eaten by allegiance to such belief. This is not a hierarchy of functional social competence and willingness – but an internalised structure of compliance in exchange for mitigation of pain or privileged status.

I read that Afghanistan was offered a choice between a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs.
And of course both are worked to one intent. It’s not governance, its a racket unworthy of support – including support via baited reaction that buys into framed reaction. Love remains a choice as a communication of wholeness – and out ‘back-doors’ to being hacked or deceived are within our personal responsibility – but often internalised in forms of acquired and inherited identity we live or act out from.

‘Identity politics’ is the manipulation of identity that is also expressed as ‘mind-capture’, mind control, social engineering and psyop.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Some things should be mandatory learning in schools, presently: like the attacks on the USS Liberty & the survivors in life rafts, also, some psychology: and I couldn’t help thinking that your comment here seems so pertinent, today, that it should be incorporated in some form into any conclusion of learning, about any objective analysis of major events or science, unfolding constantly …

A great clarification of the psychology employed by ‘dark forces’ feeding ‘anti-matter’, for any confused souls that must rationalise their own intentions, first … in their own ‘self’ best interests.

“Possession or control as an end in itself is love’s denial, and substitution.”
Love thyself first, minus the narcissism 🙂

Empowering thoughts:
Thanks Binra,


Consider the USA’s stated political goals in Venezuela and then consider that the US is the only country in the world to attack another with nuclear weapons and to attack another’s infrastructure with a cyber attack,
in cooperation with its sadistic junior partner the Israelis.
Circumstantial evidence matters.


R U sure?

Most of the “developing world” has its brown outs and black outs without CIA assistance…

One good point though: for once “the Zionists” were not behind something mayor.


Gosh you are quick – do you have an alert set up? And a fine piece of gaslighting Brown/Black outs and squirrel spotting CIA/Zionist.
I’ve got a flying start on this article comments bingo card.

It is good to see a on the ground report like this – lets have more.

Graham Hooper
Graham Hooper

But Brown Outs when US Aircraft are Flying Nearby with Transmitters going….Pure Co-Incidence or Not?And Pompeo’s Quote on How to Get Quick Changes of Government. No Food,No water,No Power,.. No Maduro..( Change of Leader)


Maduro will be replaced by a globohomo of the Rulers’ choosing.
You’ll trade socialism run by gangsters for capitalism run by gangsters.


Don’t give them ideas.
Might divert the budget of the hasbara factories in that direction.


When the hasbara troll factories see the poor level of maintenance of power lines combined with the fact that power lines often go through dry forest in some parts of Australia, they won’t even bother.


If what you say about the”developing world”having brown outs and blackouts is true then that must mean virtually every country in the world. In Australia for example, shortly after I moved here from New Zealand, a brown out in Brisbane was allowed to continue for over half an hour. More recently a prolonged blackout in the southern states was caused by a combination of heatwave, high winds bringing down major interconnectors and the unavailability of major generators for “planned outages”.While not familiar with such events in say the US I’ll bet they happen often. By the way. the recent major blackout I described was blamed by ignorant politicians on too much renewable energy in South Australia. Actually not ignorant but driving their agenda for more polluting coal fired thermal plants. Doesn’t matter what the generation source is if the transmission lines are lying on the ground. If a malign power carries out a cyber attack on control systems at the same time as saboteurs bring down a major transmission line there’s your blackout. I am a former power station operator by the way.


You did read the article and Rafael Argotti’s explanation that US spy planes were emitting electromagnetic waves to disrupt power transmissions?

And do you always have to drag Israel into the discussion? The Americans seem to be managing well enough (ahem) with their destabilisation project in Venezuela.


The USA is Israel’s golem. Every politician in America pledges fealty to Zionist Israel. Hell with defending the Constitution, there’s Zion to defend!
USA is in Syria, with CIA and SPECOPS and the trained jihadis, because Israel knows there are large reserves of energy under Syrian sovereign territory that is illegally occupied by Israel in the Golan Heights. Lebensraum for the Jews.


You do not believe all that you read; you believe all that you that fits in you paradigm. So do I.