India’s Tryst with Destiny Freedom Struggle from Exploitation and Degradation Is Global

Colin Todhunter

Today, we are in the grip of a globalised system of capitalism which drives narcissism, domination, ego, anthropocentrism, speciesism and plunder. A system that is using up oil, water and other resources much faster than they can ever be regenerated.

We have poisoned the rivers and oceans, destroyed natural habitats, driven wildlife species to (the edge of) extinction and have altered the chemical composition of the atmosphere with seemingly devastating effects.

With its never-ending quest for profit, capitalism thrives on the exploitation of peoples and the environment. It strides the world hand in glove with militarism, with the outcome being endless destabilisations, conflicts and wars over finite resources and the capture of new markets.

This is sold to the masses as part of an ongoing quest to achieve human well-being, measured in terms of endless GDP growth, itself based on an ideology that associates such growth with corporate profit, boosted by stock buy-backs, financial speculation, massive arms deals, colonialism masquerading as philanthropymanipulated and rigged markets, corrupt and secretive trade deals, outsourced jobs and a resource-grabbing militarism.

That such a parasitical system could ever bring about a ‘happy’ human condition for the majority is unfathomable.

Over the last 70 years, material living standards in the West have improved, but how that wealth was obtained and how it is then distributed is what really matters. Take the case of the UK.

While much of manufacturing has been outsourced to cheap labour economies, welfare, unions and livelihoods have been attacked. Massive levels of tax evasion/avoidance persist and neoliberal policies have resulted in privatisation, deregulation and the spiralling of national and personal debt.

Moreover, the cost of living has increased as public assets have been sold off to profiteering cartels and taxpayers’ money has been turned into corporate welfare for a corrupt banking cartel.

Meanwhile, the richest 1,000 families in the UK saw their net worth more than double shortly after the 2008 financial crisis, the worst recession since the Great Depression, while the rest of the population is confronted with ‘austerity’, poverty, cutbacks, reliance on food banks and job insecurity.

But let’s not forget where much of the UK’s wealth came from in the first place: some $45 trillion was sucked from India alone according to renowned economist Utsa Patnaik.  

Britain developed by underdeveloping India. And now the West and its (modern-day East India) corporations are in the process of ‘developing’ India by again helping themselves to the country’s public wealth and natural assets (outlined further on).

Under this system, it is clear whose happiness and well-being matters most and whose does not matter at all. According to researcher and analyst Andrew Gavin Marshall, it is the major international banking houses which control the global central banking system:

From there, these dynastic banking families created an international network of think tanks, which socialised the ruling elites of each nation and the international community as a whole, into a cohesive transnational elite class. The foundations they established helped shape civil society both nationally and internationally, playing a major part in the funding – and thus coordinating and co-opting – of major social-political movements.”

Additional insight is set out by David Rothkopf in his 2008 book ‘Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making:

The superclass constitutes approximately 0.0001 percent of the world’s population. They are the Davos-attending, Gulfstream/private jet-flying, money-incrusted, megacorporation-interlocked, policy-building elites of the world, people at the absolute peak of the global power pyramid … They are from the highest levels of finance capital, transnational corporations, the government, the military… and other shadow elites.”

These are the people setting the agendas at the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, G-7, G-20, NATO, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization. They decide which wars are to be fought and why and formulate global economic policy.

Tryst with destiny

In 1947, on the steps of the Red Fort in Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru spoke optimistically about India’s tryst with destiny. Free from the shackles of British colonialism, for many the future seemed bright.

But some 72 years on, we now see a headlong rush to urbanise (under World Bank directives – India is the biggest debtor nation in the history of that institution) and India’s cities are increasingly defined by their traffic-jammed flyovers cutting through fume choked neighbourhoods that are denied access to drinking water and a decent infrastructure. Privatisation and crony capitalism are the order of the day.

Away from the cities, the influence of transnational agricapital and state-corporate grabs for land are leading to violent upheaval, conflict and ecological destruction. The links between the Monsanto-Syngenta-Walmart-backed Knowledge Initiative on Agriculture and the associated US sanctioning and backing of the opening up of India’s nuclear sector to foreign interests show who really benefits from this.

Under the guise of ‘globalisation’, Western powers are on an unrelenting drive to plunder what they regard as ‘untapped markets’ in other areas of the globe. Foreign agricapital has been moving in on Indian food and agriculture for some time. But it first needs to eradicate the peasantry and displace the current model of production before bringing India’s food and agriculture sector under its control.

Other sectors have not been immune to this bogus notion of development. Millions of people have been displaced to facilitate the needs of resource extraction industries, Special Economic Zones, nuclear plants and other large-scale projects. And the full military backing of the state has been on hand to forcibly evict people.

To help open the nation to foreign capital, proponents of economic neoliberalism are fond of stating that ‘regulatory blockages’ must be removed. If particular ‘blockages’ stemming from legitimate protest, rights to land and dissent cannot be dealt with by peaceful means, other methods are used. And when increasing mass surveillance or widespread ideological attempts to discredit and smear does not secure compliance or dilute the power of protest, brute force is on hand.

The country’s spurt of high GDP growth was partly fuelled on the back of cheap food and the subsequent impoverishment of farmers. The gap between their income and the rest of the population has widened enormously to the point where rural India consumes less calories per head of population than it did 40 years ago. Meanwhile, unlike farmers, corporations receive massive handouts and interest-free loans but have failed to spur job creation.

Millions of small-scale and marginal farmers are suffering economic distress as the sector is deliberately made financially non-viable for them. Veteran rural reporter P Sainath says what this has resulted in is not so much an agrarian crisis but a crisis of civilisation proportions, given that the bulk of the population still lives in the countryside and relies on agriculture or related activities for an income.

Independent cultivators are being bankrupted, land is to be amalgamated to facilitate large-scale industrial cultivation and remaining farmers will be absorbed into corporate supply chains and squeezed as they work on contracts, the terms of which will be dictated by large agribusiness and chain retailers.

US agribusiness corporations are spearheading this process, the very companies that fuel and thrive on a five-year US taxpayer-funded farm bill subsidy of around $500 billion. Their industrial model in the US is based on the overproduction of certain commodities often sold at prices below the cost of production and dumped on the rest of the world, thereby undermining farmers’ livelihoods and agriculture in other countries, not least India.

It is a model that can only survive thanks to taxpayer handouts and only function by externalising its massive health, environmental and social costs. And it’s a model that only leads to the destruction of rural communities and jobs, degraded soil, less diverse and nutrient-deficient diets, polluted water, water shortages and spiralling rates of ill health.

We hear certain politicians celebrate the fact India has jumped so many places in the ‘ease of doing business’ table. This term along with ‘foreign direct investment’, making India ‘business friendly’ and ‘enabling the business of agriculture’ embody little more than the tenets of US neoliberal fundamentalism wrapped in benign-sounding words.

Of Course, as Gavin Andrew Marshall notes, US foundations have played a major part in shaping policies and co-opting civil society and major social-political movements across the world, including in India. As Chester Bowles, former US ambassador to India, says:

Someday someone must give the American people a full report of the Ford Foundation in India. The several million dollars in total Ford expenditures in the country do not tell 1/10 of the story.”

Taking inflation into account, that figure would now be much greater. Maybe people residing in India should be given a full report of Ford’s activities too as well as the overall extent of US ‘intervention’ in the country.

A couple of years ago, economist Norbert Haring (in his piece A well-kept open secret: Washington is behind India’s brutal experiment of abolishing most cash) outlined the influence of USAID and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in furthering the incorporation of India into the US’s financial (and intelligence) architecture. But this is the type of thing just the tip of a very large iceberg that’s been going on for many decades.

After the recent general election, India seems destined to continue to capitulate to a programme that suits the needs of foreign capital for another five years. However, the focus is often on what India should or should not do. It’s not as if alternatives to current policies do not exist, but as Jason Hickel wrote in The Guardian back in 2017, it really is time that the richer countries led the way by ‘de-developing’ and reorienting their societies to become less consumption-based. A laudable aim given the overexploitation of the planets resources, the foreign policy implications (conflict and war) and the path to environmental suicide we are on. However, we must first push back against those forces which resist this.

On 15 August, India commemorates independence from British rule. Many individuals and groups are involved in an ongoing struggle in India to achieve genuine independence from exploitation and human and environmental degradation. It’s a struggle for freedom and a tryst with destiny that’s being fought throughout the world by many, from farmers and indigenous peoples to city dwellers, against the same system and the same forces of brutality and deceit.


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Aug 11, 2019 2:21 PM

This is a very imortant article. It’s not only about India. It’s about India as an example for the rest of the world.

I read the industrialisation of Australia was made possible courtesy of the generosity of the Indian population; something worth remembering when analysing the racist conduct of some Australians towards Indian nationals.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Aug 12, 2019 11:22 AM
Reply to  Ending

I thought it was a very important article as well, Ending and I find it a shame that others have failed to pay attention & comment: indeed, I find it wholly disappointing that OffG readers are so far away distracted from what seems to me & you clearly most important …

An article worthy of re-releasing with the existing comments attached, which was FYI the only way that Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing became famous, after John Peel had played it regularly at first, nobody was listening … for whatever reason.

I too loathe racism, thanks for commenting intelligently, Ending …

Aug 12, 2019 1:03 PM
Reply to  Tim Jenkins

Yes, we’re on the same wavelength.

I second the suggestion, the article is worthy of a re-release. Hopefully Admin can find a suitable time for that.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Aug 12, 2019 1:42 PM
Reply to  Ending

Soul searching the right moment to publish this poem from my youth, that has accompanied me throughout life, due to its’ simplicity to remember and complexity within the Universe of Science & Beauty, the opportunity presents itself, given your comments, have a bonus memory of today: if you know the poem already, no harm done: if not, I feel sure you will enjoy the magnetism of the wave energy, we ride together, as one …

Keeping Things Whole
In a field
I am the absence
of field.
This is
always the case.
Wherever I am
I am what is missing.

When I walk
I part the air
and always
the air moves in
to fill the spaces
where my body’s been.

We all have reasons
for moving.
I move
to keep things whole.

There is one more complex comment below, addressed to ‘nottheonly1’ and my focus was the banned Ted talk on Physics, as it is one that is worth listening to a few times, until you fully grasp what the Physicist is saying, with a rather monotone style and an extremely dry sense of ‘Humour’ , regarding remote viewing: that is real and demonstrates perfectly, how little we know in the world of science & academia in Universities today, that purport to understand Humanity & Science, while restricting any Growth in Humanity, because our educators are cowards, that live in fear of both themselves & powers that be …

Respect & greetings

Aug 12, 2019 6:00 PM
Reply to  Tim Jenkins


Very neat, this poem. Thanks Tim!

Aug 10, 2019 3:57 AM

Perfect! The next time someone asks why all these mass shootings, I’ll point him to the first five paragraphs of this article. We are so screwed without a serious change in paradigm.

Aug 9, 2019 2:31 PM

“With its never-ending quest for profit

The more we read, we come to the realisation that the profit is a secondary objective; a byproduct.

The main quest is ‘Dominance’, and to be achieved by destroying the reliance [by humans] on nature.

Rendering the majority of people sick, they create a form of healthcare bondage where we are all trapped.

And yes, it is all sold to the masses as ‘lifestyle choices’, ‘individualism’, ‘independence’, ‘freedom of choices’ and ‘customised solutions’ etc..

Aug 10, 2019 7:47 AM
Reply to  Ending

It even has its own slogan: Full Spectrum Dominance.

It is now up to India to give the UK the cold shoulder and work with the neighbourhood = Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), especially to resolve the dispute with Pakistan.

Secondly India ought to reduce the role of religions (including caste system) in the public space. Religions only ever shoot the people in the foot and prevent people from moving forward. We do not need evergrowing GDPs but the influence from religions is more of a curse than an asset.

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts
Aug 9, 2019 12:08 PM

Just a brilliant exposé of the whole exploitative and heartless nature of the Capitalist system; thank you Colin. The first 5 paragraphs of this searing indictment were like mini explosions going off in my head….bang bang bang. Neoliberalism is just unmitigated socialism for the elites.
It is the vast majority of humanity who get screwed; whether as wage slaves, as struggling farmers not paid a fair price for their produce, as those struggling on benefits, as those who cannot afford health insurance, as those who are homeless and sleep in the local Park, as those on the minimum wage who can barely pay their utilities bills – a whole list of human beings screwed and ground into the ground by Neoliberalism.
How many people now own the same amount of wealth as half of humanity? 9-10? The levels of inequality on this Planet is Dickensian. And very sadly, more and more people choose to take their own lives because they are constantly being ground into the dirt. And all around, such grotesque, ostentatious wealth.

Aug 9, 2019 1:06 PM
Reply to  Gezzah Potts

I second that. In a time where readers are bombarded with fake news, propaganda and outright lied to, it is much more than refreshing to read such a well written essay.

It also goes to show how the selection circus in the US is just that – a circus. Otherwise the so called ‘candidates’ there, as well as in the UK would speak about the status quo in the same way. They don’t. They are the problem, not the solution.

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts
Aug 9, 2019 11:47 PM
Reply to  nottheonly1

Correct – the Entire system is the problem. Regards ‘elections’ I havn’t voted for a over 20 years. Realised, like Emma Goldman: ‘if voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal’. The system and all the attendant cruelty and exploitation remains, even if you vote for a ‘radical party’. One word… Syriza (one of many examples). Colin Todhunter is an excellent purveyor of the truth of our World imo.

Aug 10, 2019 8:00 AM
Reply to  nottheonly1

After all the privatisations it is quite clear that those who own these companies have now the power. Soros has more power through spreading his money for underlings than half the EU.
BlackRock, only in existence for 31 years, owns strategic shareholdings in many countries and companies, including of course Raytheon & Co. Carlyle Group is not public but said to ‘work’ with former high office bearers for mutual benefit in utility companies.

The hostility against Russia intensified when they demanded that there be a differentiation between political and economic activity. People should not, like Soros for instance, use their money to become a political manipulator.

The hostility against China intensified when they made clear that government ownership was not evil per se and would not be abolished. They want to keep their successful mix to which they are entitled. Taking on a less successful system of all out private ownership like we see in the UK now, is not on their menu. With so many privatisations having gone wrong, I am on the Chinese side. But government ownership only works well when there is proper supervision which seems to be lacking in India.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Aug 12, 2019 12:06 PM
Reply to  Gezzah Potts

I third your great comment Gezzah and I’m really disappointed in other readers @OffG not getting to grips with the significance & profound importance of Colin Todhunter’s terrific prolific piece of journalism.

No accounting for taste, I guess and those still living in fear & afraid to face the brutal reality in play today … and I loved your one word ‘Syriza’ pointer: which I was coincidentally discussing in depth with three intelligent Bulgarians, just yesterday: that defining moment of electoral success, that was wholly undermined financially, & distractions were huge, also with high profile Terror Attacks & Tsipras still disgusts me, the cowardly traitor, on a potential movement EU wide, that was preceded by the Charlie Hebdo false flag terror attacks and followed by the Bataclan false flag attacks, with TV in tow … So damned predictable and I had predicted it, in both cases, (not to mention what happened in Nigeria when Shell were in London’s High Courts & other attacks in that fateful year );- the Bataclan Act, being the moment that Modi visited London and my brother & son were at a concert, just down the road from where Modi was speaking, when that feral faecal matter in Paris collided with the rotating oscillator and I became worried for their safety … genuinely ! Just in case a double hit was going down … London, Paris, New York etc. we both know how these peoples’ mind works and their methods for filling the ‘news’ with an agenda & strategy of fear & “LOOK OVER THERE” … to avoid noticing or thinking about Syriza/Tsipras/&OXI/ECB/IMF/Troika & Schaeuble’s goals …

So glad you like Irfan, ‘Qdos’ to you, my friend, like I said, no accounting for taste, but in which case, you might enjoy the Cavallo works of Theodosis Spasov as well and when played live in the nature, it becomes a truly mystic & haunting wind instrument …

Warm greetings, in fact it’s damn hot here right now,
Time to chill with some Irfan 🙂

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts
Aug 13, 2019 12:26 AM
Reply to  Tim Jenkins

Tsipras still disgusts me as well…. Hello Tim! Was taking time out from commenting for a bit, then saw your reply. Appreciate it, aye. Only made those comments 4 days ago, but seems longer. New stories keep coming thick and fast at OffGuardian, as I said, try not to comment on everything.
At times just feel bombarded by all the truly evil machinations of the Anglo Zionist Empire, and what is going on, just go…. AAAGGHHH. And my phone is really playing up. Often have to rewrite comments at least 3 times coz it turns off and have to start again.
On the subject of music, have most albums by a Macedonian band called Undone. Sort of Macedonian folk psychedelic, if that makes sense!?
What false flag will the Empire try next? They’re getting more and more blatant, aye. I wonder where Epstein is now? Tel Aviv? Cyprus? Panama?
Colin Todhunter also posts articles at an Indian based anti imperialist website I go on called Countercurrents (educate, agitate, organise). Don’t look a

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts
Aug 13, 2019 1:24 AM
Reply to  Gezzah Potts

P.S…. Yep, phone konked out again, so had to post above comment before I lost it. Unfortunately, there’s 2 Countercurrents, one is that excellent Indian site, with the () beside it, the other is a far right white nationalist site. Oh dear. Yeah, think Colin is a truly excellent writer, and I too am perplexed why he dosn’t attract the comments that others do.
Sorry to hear it’s so hot in Bulgaria, here in Melbourne, its so cold, have to wear large jacket inside! Been following the situation in Kashmir, which is a tinderbox at the moment. This is where a supremacist nationalism (Hindutva) leads to.
Really nice to hear from you Tim, hope your day goes well. Oh, yeah, avoid Sunny Beach like the plague….

Brian Steere
Brian Steere
Aug 9, 2019 11:39 AM

The introduction can be refined regarding locked in subjection to degradation and exploitation.

It is a particular mindset of self-belief that locks us into a false sense of scarcity and disconnection – from which the fear of dispossession and pain of loss of control drive the mind or logic of possession and control in self-reinforcement of its underlying premise. There can never be enough nor rest in what we have – in the frame of such thinking.

The very nature of such thought is a reversal of cause and effect and resulting double-thinking that does the thing it accuses or projects AS IF to get rid of it.

Locked into dualistic and oppositional thinking is locked into the world of its result. Because the overlay of such results are many layered and complex mutually reinforcing conditioning the simplicity of looking at our thought is effectively ruled out by an incessant ‘problem solving’ that is incapable and unwilling to actually resolve anything truly.

The mind will actively seek to compensate or to exploit the heart’s troubles, but it will never seek to remove or to cure them. For the heart’s despair is the mind’s option for power.

The heart is rendered weak or treacherous in the frame of mind given power and so we do not look, listen or abide there but sacrifice our attention and allegiance to a guide that is blind to wholeness or infinity – and blinding – and so destructive in outcome. The ability of the mind to repackage ‘toxic debts’ into ingenious ways to redistribute pain is the sustainability of the lie of a self betrayal to our tolerance for pain and indeed our ability to redefine it as pleasure – such as to take joy in sacrifice or self denial when framed as a lesser evil or the apparent escape of someone ELSE paying the price.

The evils of capitalism cannot be wholly seen exclusively in the attempt to get for private gain at another’s expense. There is also the corresponding willingness to sell one’s body or life instead of aligning in the creation and sharing of value – which is the true basis of all wealth.

You may read this as if I am blaming victims on top of their being victims. This is a knee jerk defence OF the mind that denies or sacrifices the heart by the use of grievance as power in the name of the heart yet with outrage that denies communication by forceful claim to right of vengeance for offence taken or construed.

We can start only where we are with what we have – but from a deeper honesty of owning or knowing our own thought – in the heart. One step leads to another and unless we are guided truly we can as well follow good intentions to ‘hell’ instead of owning and moving through our fears or negative self beliefs within a willingness to heal, undo or reconcile and reintegrate within ourself – FROM WHICH we can engage with our world on a different basis. No longer seeking profit for our self or circle of interest alone.

The unfolding of destruction as a broad spectrum collapse is the logical outcome of an ancient premise.
The internalised structures that effect external systems of subjection and control are mutually agreed pacts – but at a level that is hidden or plausibly denied by the presentation or masking persona that is predicated upon hiding fear of truth under the intent to make it.

The mind seeking global control through systemic corruptions and technologised deceit can only work though a sympathetic correspondence. Using our experience to serve a positive or integrative outcome is our responsibility and decision, each and together both. A re-education is possible BECAUSE the false is recognised as false – but without a true guiding purpose one can jump out of the frying pan into the fire.
The mind will always seek to interject, subvert and substitute for the heart – until it is brought under command of your true authority.

Exploitation and degradation proceed from a sense of conflicted disconnection and lack of worthiness that in some ways operates like a bot-net of contagion that GIVES power away to a private security system that operates a ‘back door’ of manipulative entanglement. Mind for-getting running as default.

Aug 9, 2019 11:55 AM
Reply to  Brian Steere

Absolutely. I have recently reached this point of understanding in my own journey. We stand aghast at the horrors and injustices of capitalism and neoliberalism on a global scale yet are stunted and unable to address the same principles we adopt on a diluted, micro scale as we live lives that ultimately seek to protect our own interests and that of our closest circles. As above so below, from the micro to the macro. How do we free our minds from this way of being?

Brian Steere
Brian Steere
Aug 9, 2019 1:02 PM
Reply to  Zoominzoomout

Firstly it is not really a way of ‘being’ so much as doing that obfuscates awareness of being.
Looking at our language and phrasing can reveal the answer in reading and noticing the way we ‘frame ourselves’ in problem.
Consider that deep seated habit is undone by awakened discipline of persistence and consistency – as ‘new pathways of automatic response’ that serve presence of mind rather than blind reaction of which we may not even notice occurs.

But in your statement of desire is an invitation to have answer revealed in a way that you will be able to recognize but not from the ‘mind of the problem’.
Self interest is rightly within a relational or collective context. So it is not wrong to engage in circles of shared interest except when used to deny and denigrate or ‘exploit and degrade’ others.
It is a sense of self ill-gotten that corrupts. In alignment with your peace or joy in life you have no need to ‘bolster’ or aggrandise a sense of inadequacy. And so aligning in joy currently (a lovely warm breeze coming in the room) is strengthening the heart of an awareness and recognition that notices where I deny myself but then assign it to a sense of helplessness or compulsive dictate. This is where noticing allows innocent curiosity INSTEAD of being fed to blame of a self-judging attempt to stamp out, deny or escape the sense of dissonance.

Dissonance is genuine feedback that at first may seem a violation of our peace. But ‘go away and leave me in peace’ is not LIVING – so much as falling asleep in form or sleepwalking through life. Resonance is both the Call and result of a true alignment. That we ‘lose it’ over and over again is simply habit to be replaced by conscious choice and not a backwards step. The ‘backwards mind’ works a backwards world in which others are also judged unworthy of love’s awareness and freedom and so they are ‘helped’ into a sense of lack that makes us ‘feel less bad about ourself’ and adjust our scale to make that seem to be joy in life.

If You are your own worst enemy – who will be your true best friend. There is a sorting out of what is truly worthy from the ‘packaged toxic debts’. We all share in some collective shit-processing. The attempt to outsource it in grievance may be a much larger overhead in real terms than a profound self-forgiveness – because no one ELSE can release who you persist in condemning. Behaviours are thought embodies in act and need to be addressed but personifications are extremely open to projections of ‘narrative control’ that is power struggle in the name of truth. But true power is not in conflict with itself in any degree.

Sickness as reaction to the insanity of human thinking given power over human being is perfectly appropriate – but instead of letting its make us wretched, let it initiate the clearing of the Augean Stables because of ourself we do not have the wherewithal to pull out our own false roots. The grace of noticing is a gift of awareness that, given welcome, initiates wholing. Don’t shoot the messenger.

I write the moment I am unfolding. The forms do not have to fit for any reader to pause, notice and give welcome to a felt awareness that always rises to the willingness to receive – and perhaps for some, noticing the ‘lock-in’ to mental dissociation is too maddening to abide long – and so, little and often – because anything made into a war or struggle persists the very problem under guise of ‘getting there’.

Identifying the problem at the level of our currency of thought may seem ‘inward’ and no longer active as a voice or a presence – and that would be a valid perception if we merely interject another process (or struggle) to ‘think about thinking’ so as to present a ‘better’ suss or handle on the world that changes nothing except to reframe the same issues in different clothes. That’s all that the mindset of psychic emotional conflict avoidance can do – its cannot do anything else or know what it does – because it is set to reject and deny its predicament as if to escape or overcome it – and is fed or reinforced by shifting alliances as well as by meeting rejection and denial. A self-reinforcing loop of depletion that ‘runs out of time’ or indeed wiggle room of evasive manoeuvre.

Aug 9, 2019 1:21 PM
Reply to  Zoominzoomout

By acknowledging that there is a Much Bigger Picture. A human life is as long as the evaporating rain on a hot road during summer. The focus on one’s priorities over the priorities of the collective poses this perpetual confusion and misunderstanding about the ‘human condition’. An also excellently written essay can be found on Trained Like Pavlovian Dogs (In German). It describes in detail the shifting of responsibility from those who create suffering and pain to those who are on the receiving end. Victim Blaming – a highly effective way to shut people up that question the present model of exploitation and oppression of the masses.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Aug 10, 2019 12:10 PM
Reply to  nottheonly1

“…verbunden mit einer unglaublichen antiwissenschaftlichen Propagandaorgie — anschreiben, sehen die abgerichteten Menschen dann nicht mehr.”

A good read: & Useful post & link, ‘nottheonly1’ : and though one can become somewhat sceptical of these so called “TED talks” & their patterns & timing of programming, there was one that was useful recently for a family member to glean clarity on what constitutes justifiable anger responses, as a trigger to move oneself or one’s mind set or priorities, in one direction or another, to evolve healthy societal awareness & change, by re-focussing and channeling . . .


This following link was in fact subsequently banned by Ted, which begs the critical thought & question: Why ?

Critical thought in Physics, has never been more essential with the Tech. we employ already, let alone what is coming …

Sometimes, the ‘just deal with it’ response to Anger Management, becomes wholly inadequate in the societal collective, when one recognises a certain consistent collective failure of recognition of depravity or deprivation & corruption of/in others, with a professional cognitive dissonance, that then wholly corrupts any collective culture of learning & growth:-

For example, when the judiciary has repeatedly failed to address the corruption within.

These are tough ‘dog eat dog’ times to maintain & propagate any legal clarity within the societal ‘psychology’ of capitalism, that has failed, according to Christine Lagarde in Mansion House 27/5/2014 and here we are, five years later and the potential solutions for the failed economics of

“Socialism for the Rich”, are never discussed adequately, except by the self same elites still wielding the hammer, to protect themselves, not the victims … the very victims that often see the root causation, but now especially, with so much censorship and such a huge media propaganda campaign to maintain these elites’ positioning, these Victims are tendered & rendered seemingly helpless, when solutions exist in the application of computing algorithms & Laws !

They just need to be applied, with a judicial awareness for imperatives for sustaining any Culture …

Pavlov’s dog experimentation should be taught to all kids, because I still recall clearly as a child and can reflect upon a life of gratitude to my grandfather for bringing these extremely scientific conclusions on the “Physiology of Psychology” and how deeply these methods can be abused, in terms of the false premises of ‘Possession & Control’, that are inherently in denial of and rest in conflict with ‘LOVE’; something Binra & Brian have endeavoured to highlight, here in these columns, repeatedly …

‘Life is so simple, when you understand it . . . Fully.’

However, our education systems are not designed to develop critical thought processes, indeed the very opposite, and this is pretty easy to demonstrate scientifically, when one sees the absence of awareness in most post-school kids, of why, how & what Pavlov’s Dog salivates for … and how the MSM and the school curriculum never mention the USS LIBERTY !

I think I best leave ‘it’ at that for now, because I figure that we both know (& Brian likely certainly does too), that the change must come in Education from the top down, but organised clearly from The BOTTOMs UP 🙂 , as the butts & victim syndromes must evolve in the minds of the masses, which are presently systemically deemed by the elites, as the …

“Barbarous Multitudes” and lives & societal consciousness & conscious awareness are steered with media designs & regulation legally set to merely AMPLIFY this ‘Common Spirit’, that ‘Shylock’ referred to so memorably,
without legitimate cause & due consideration …

(If you’ll excuse a little humour on matters most grave & urgently in need of revision, requiring conversations & communication with Grace…)

and if you can’t excuse the humour, “just deal with it” 😉
Something else useful, (that my grandfather Taught me),
in my formative years, is that…

“There is a time & place,
For conversations with grace,
Better in a neutral space,
& always Face to Face.”

And presently, it appears to many of us, that critical thinking is being ignored in the world of Academics & Scientists where cognitive dissonance rules, for at least 2 reasons: fear being one of them and the other is seemingly needless to mention when “Capitalism has Failed” !

Corruption is the Destruction of Culture.

Therefore it follows logically, & in legitimate legal terminology with new laws established recently @UNESCO by Irina Bokova …

” The Destruction of Culture is a Terrorist Act ”


Have a laugh knowingly, that you are not the only one with great cause for concern.

Damn warm here right now in BG.
(35º Celsius in the shade, that feels like 40º+,
due to engineering of cloud formations).

Warmest regards,

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Aug 11, 2019 2:13 AM
Reply to  Zoominzoomout

Zoominzoomout, far be it for me to tell you exactly how to answer that question, when you are clearly wholly capable of doing this yourself …

So, without wasting loads of space & time within these columns, I believe I can point you in the right direction at least: that will help you to start creating YOUR OWN RULES by which to live a life of greater contentment, that will take you to places you never imagined possible, in your journey …

Education today urgently needs incorporating ‘The Evolution of Consciousness’ …
Scroll down, & you’ll find another comment from me, to ‘Nottheonly1’ that discusses other failures in the world of Education, at the highest levels of Academia & Science.


Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins
Aug 9, 2019 2:32 PM
Reply to  Brian Steere

Finally Brian, an article right up our street of critical thinking,
studying real values:-

‘Over’ to you, my man, seriously, you are more eloquent than I 🙂
just make sure you take middle stump clean outta’ the ground,
with a ‘Yorker’ …

Keep it real & ‘Keeping Things Whole’ for the Soul of OffG readers and perhaps
that short poem by Mark Strand, may well assist … in its’ simplicity
in conveying to others the need to evaluate & prioritise, within ourselves, first.
Never forgetting what Dostoyevsky said, too …
In ‘Demons’ / The ‘Possessed’ / ‘Obsebene’ (its’ Cyrillic title)
(sounding rather like Obsession).

“If you want to overcome the whole world, overcome yourself.”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Demons

Aug 12, 2019 5:33 PM
Reply to  Tim Jenkins

Thank you for the insights fellow off guardianers. I shall follow the links. Breaking through the barrier of wanting to protect your own and your loved ones’ security (especially so if you have children), if not at the direct expense of others, then at the very least at the expense of your logical and compassionate instincts, is the holy grail of our life’s journey it seems to me.

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum
Aug 9, 2019 11:09 AM

President Johnson once declared a ‘war on poverty’
It was just political shitspin of course.
It’s time for a war on greed and we’re gonna be in for a long, long battle.

Brian Steere
Brian Steere
Aug 9, 2019 11:59 AM
Reply to  Fair dinkum

That is what war does – locks YOU in conflict from which there is no escape – though you can release and be released in any moment of active willingness.
Anything presented and asserted as ‘War on’ is as you say shitspin.
A sense of NOT ENOUGH or ceaseless restlessness compels a mind of GETTING.
Some forms of addiction are unacceptable or guarded against. Others are socially invisible and yet active.
To engage with the problem in the framing of its setting is to feed it. THAT is the drive for ‘sustainability’. Truth is renewal and regeneration that the lie must induce you to reject and deny by setting your thinking in the frame of war.
If others make war on you then find and stand in the integrity that acts to bring it to an end. Don’t take the bait of hate – it cannot be given out without being your receipt.
What do I do with hate or conflict?
I learn to inhibit its expression in harm of self and others and actively dis-inhibit the willingness to receive and extend love – as relational honesty – not wishful manipulation.

Those who hate their self seek to get another from the world or on the bodies of others. In this way lack of love drives addiction to a false and distorted thinking.
Renewal and regeneration is not a mere recycling of old identities in forms of appeal to persist in them. It is the willingness to yield to truth instead of seeking to use it as a weapon.

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum
Aug 9, 2019 11:29 PM
Reply to  Brian Steere

You’re preaching to the self aware Binra.

Brian Steere
Brian Steere
Aug 10, 2019 9:00 AM
Reply to  Fair dinkum

I was reflecting your lack of self awareness in the framing of your post. Not to denigrate you but to join with you in freedom from deceit.
Don’t ‘war’ on greed – but I invite you to notice notice when such compulsive dictates frame the mind so as to open a choice in place of a subjection.

What is greed but a compulsive self-deceit?
Perhaps you don’t mean to address greed but only ‘richer people’ who you judge against – that represent greed or perhaps envy and resentment?

Corporate laws have a lot to answer for along with unequal leverage of technologies of dependency and subjection. Systemic corruptions allow destructive intent to break down or break into our lives and plunder them. But a sense of grievance seeks vengeance – and yet that IS what drives the destructive agenda.

The belief that you SHOULD be unchecked or unlimited by others as freedom to DO what you want is the freedom to deny life or truth in others as your self and operate on surrogate power stolen by deceit from your heart’s allegiance.

I call for re-waking of the awareness of the freedom to be the love that you are in place of a hate that robs you of your true life under grievance given worth-ship and power.

I don’t deny the pains of life under the evils of human ignorance and arrogance – but nor do I feel to persist IN them as war on them. If you would war on greed – what is ‘greed’ to you and how might you engage or effect to change it, eradicate it, or manage and control it?

What if greedy manipulators use your emotional reactivity to serve their agenda by setting you up as part of a mob outrage that can be used to break into ‘power’ for themselves?

Some currently don’t care about the outcomes for others as long as they get their ‘hit’. Or get their ‘hit’ by subjugating or sacrificing ‘others’. Is this an addictive identification in self-image?

Self awareness is innocent. Accept no substitutes or you will suffer substitution in image.
Self-consciousness – as doubt, division and inhibition or conflict may seem to effect ‘narrative control’ as the sustainability of a lack of true foundation. Persisting in conflict is thus the way to evade self awareness, but to gain allegiance, it has to mask in a form of righteousness, or as the lesser of evils set against a greater hate or fear.
The mind can shut the door of your heart behind you.
And will do so by default until you release it of such employment.
Self-awareness is already the case but for the busy-ness of a mind of dissociated fragmentation, and seemingly compulsive diversion. Aligning in true purpose is an integrative recognition rather than war on symptoms of dissonance.

Aug 9, 2019 10:18 PM
Reply to  Fair dinkum

We’ve got a minimum wage.
Why can’t we have a maximum wage?

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum
Aug 9, 2019 10:49 PM
Reply to  mark

That’s great in theory, but it goes against the main principle of Capital$chi$m: Fuck you, I’m alright.

Aug 9, 2019 10:22 AM


What happens when the so called ‘0.0001 percent of the world’s population’ is dispensed with?

Has history ever shown that they are not replaced by a same group of people with the same interests and the same goals?

Also this ‘capitalists will destroy life on earth’ meme is annoying me. It seems to me that according to writers, such as above, that we always need an external enemy that should be dealt with.

But maybe humans are not that bad. Maybe they are just stupid, hiding stupidity under ‘capitalism’ which is just another word for enslaving and exploiting labour.

Then the question is: how can you prevent that people are enslaved and exploited?

The answer to that question does not need the meme that there are bad men, and that earth is being destroyed. All one needs is an invention that will make the enslavement and exploitation of labor redundant.

Robotics may be the answer…

Aug 9, 2019 2:12 PM
Reply to  Willem

“Has history ever shown that they are not replaced by a same group of people with the same interests and the same goals?”
You tell me.
History, of course, is ideology. It would be immensely surprising if “History” did not teach us what the ruling class wants us to believe, which is what you appear to believe: that something in the nature of things makes equality and mutual love impossible.
The past, as opposed to “history” suggests otherwise. The traditional community, before ‘agriculture’ reared its head and indeed in most peasant subsistence communities was characterised by division of labour of a kind but not of anything resembling the hierarchies that are part of our civilisation.
What characterises these civilisations seem to me to include two things. The first is the accumulation of surpluses rather than a striving for subsistence within a general relish for leisure and recreation. The second is that civilisations appear to be founded on cannibalism, which in the beginning was literal but which soon took on the more efficient form of ‘eating’ the lives of the exploited through forced labour, which is analagous to the discovery that cattle are most efficiently exploited by being milked rather than roasted.
It is unnecessary to idealise ‘primitive’ communities in recognising that, in the great majority of cases, they were co-operatives, rather than piratical schemes, democratical in essence and unburdened by the need to solve those problems, including disease, caused by ‘civilised’ living and urbanisation. Civilisation on the other hand, aims not only to produce surpluses but to protect them from the producers, which necessitates, in order to feed the soldiery, even greater surpluses, created by slave labour, inadequately provisioned.

Aug 10, 2019 2:34 AM
Reply to  bevin

this book discusses many of the issues you mention, in the context of the origin of class society and the state. written by anarchist(?) anthropologist James C. Scott.

Against the Grain — A Deep History of the Earliest States

Aug 10, 2019 3:05 PM
Reply to  milosevic

Thank you for the tip. I actually know the book and would urge those who do not know Scott’s work to read it for themselves.