The Canaries That Sang “Things Suck”

Edward Curtin

Don’t get me wrong. I am not foul-mouthed or in any way vulgar, having been trained in the niceties of academic discretionary writing and research. I apologize for the title and even for using the personal pronoun “I.”

As “one” knows, to write as if you are a person with values and beliefs is very crude in the academy from which so many of our finest national priorities, like perpetual war-making and economic exploitation, emanate. In this case, however, I must use certain language that may be offensive to some sensitive folks in order to explain my thesis in the hope that it will encourage others to grasp why so many of our compatriots of every sex and gender dispensation imaginable have become such suckers. I hope you will grant the importance of such an endeavor and excuse the means used to achieve its ends.

Let me say this at the outset. To say something sucks has always confused me. I have asked many people how something – let’s say a pizza – could suck, and they have just rolled their eyes. I know a vacuum cleaner can suck and a sump pump can suck or is it pump, but after that, I’m lost. How can a movie suck? Spaghetti? You can suck it but can it suck? You see my point?

Perhaps you have heard the saying that “there is a sucker born every minute.” That seems to me to be so off statistically. Do you agree?

What’s your estimate for the birth rate of suckers: a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand a minute? I don’t know, but my theory or thesis, if you will, is not statistically based. And let’s not get into that ridiculous debate about nature versus nurture. We both no doubt agree that suckers are both born and bred in the USA at a feverish rate.

I am a social theorist, not a statistician, so please just consider my theory. I can assure you that there is no conspiracy involved in it, since all the variables I note are well-known, if forgotten, by the general public. In this article I will touch on a few, for if I went on too long you might think this article sucked, despite the incongruity of your lingo.

Indeed, there is an enormous amount of academic research to support my thesis, but this is not the place for footnotes or references. Trust me, as you do CNN or The New York Times.

It was in the early 1990s when I first noticed that many people were saying things “sucked” an awful lot. I would have thought that after the great American TV victory in the Gulf War and the election of the fresh-faced, forthright young governor from Arkansas to lead the ship of state, the sucking lingo would die down. No way!

The pace picked up quite dramatically throughout the nineties. Movies sucked, the party sucked, the concert sucked – so much was starting to suck it frightened me, and I’m not easily frightened, having been toughened up in the academy with its fierce in-fighting over trivia and its short vacations.

There wasn’t a “ton” of such sucking in those early days, but this way of talking struck me anyway. “Ton” wasn’t cool yet. The heaviness of our new social reality hadn’t fully sunk in yet; the massive growth in depression was just getting started. It was just “it sucks”/”that sucks” that was hot in those years. I started to wonder if this little phrase was a harbinger of things to come, the unconscious canary in the national mineshaft, the lack of breathable air shortening people’s verbal responses to a growing unreality.

One day I was in the checkout line in a supermarket when a very elderly woman got into an argument with the checkout girl. The girl had charged the old woman twice for her National Enquirer, or so the old one said. The girl denied it and showed the old woman the receipt, which failed to mollify her. She stormed away shouting, “That sucks. You suck.”

I couldn’t help laughing, so incongruous was the scene. But I took note as a good academic should, and started to collect the variables that would eventually result in my present argument, one that has involved almost thirty years of diligent thinking and research, so I hope you will appreciate its significance. I would hate to think my years of toiling in the academy were for naught.

After the loud sound of all things sucking came the fear of being dehydrated, as if everyone, even people walking through Central Park in New York City, were lost in the Sahara Desert and were afraid they might collapse into a sere heap without constant water intake. I guess you can never be too careful.

Everywhere you looked, there were people sucking on those plastic water bottles that sprung up like locusts. To be without one was then akin to being without one’s cell phone today. Mr. Death seemed to be stalking the bottleless ones, those not sucking. But to be more precise, people didn’t exactly suck on the bottles until the sports tops were added.

I heard there was a very creative entrepreneur who tried introducing water bottles with baby bottle rubber nipples, but that was too suggestive then, since adults were just starting to dress like kids and the kidification of adults had to be somewhat disguised in those early days.

Come on, can you imagine if you saw a forty-five-year-old man in a Yankee jersey and hat, walking around sucking on a plastic water bottle with a baby nipple. That would be too much, too fast, even if you were a Yankee fan. You could say the Red Sox sucked, but you couldn’t be seen to be so obviously sucking yourself.

Then there was that cool cat, Bill Clinton. Whenever you turned on the TV or glanced at a newspaper, there he was out jogging or walking with a huge soda or something, sucking away on the straw. Or blowing on that horn on Saturday Night Live. It almost seemed like the poor guy had an oral complex or something. On the golf course where he was often pictured, he and his pals had big cigars they sucked on, making cigar sucking very popular.

The magazine, Cigar Afionado, born in the fall of 1992 when Bill and Hill so sincerely refuted those Paula Jones sexual allegations and won the White House, would soon publish covers with famous actresses fondling cigars in a not so subtle come-on. Stores everywhere had humidors hawking them.

Sucking on quart sized drinks and cigars took the country by storm, and please, I am not alluding to Stormy Daniels and her lurid tales, which come later. I am just listing some of the many variables that I have spent my academic career gathering in preparation for the release of my upcoming book that I hope will be my crowning achievement: Sucking and Suckers: A Qualitative Study.

This cigar craze got so wild that one day I walked into my local liquor store and the owner showed me his new humidor. He said, “Jack, you should try one on me.” I said I didn’t smoke, to which he replied, “But you really should just try one, they make you feel powerful, like a big man.”

I told him I felt big, capacious, and enormous already, sort of like Walt Whitman, who said, “I am large, I contain multitudes.” He just rolled his eyes and lit up.

I was reminded of a quote from Wilhelm Reich’s book, Listen, Little Man, a long-forgotten book that is perfect for today:

A great man knows and in what way he is a little man. A little man does not know he is little and is afraid to know. He hides his pettiness and narrowness behind illusions of strength and greatness, someone else’s strength and greatness.

And behind his cigar and bluster.

Then came Monica and Bill. I guess the cigars weren’t enough, or the occupancy of the big White House, or eight years of continual bombing of Iraq and sanctions that killed well over 500,000 Iraqi children, or making all those sexed-up welfare queens with all their babies scream when he did away with welfare as we know it, or his sadistic bombing of Serbia and the El Shifa pharmaceutical factory in Sudan. It seems as though nothing is sufficient to make war criminals feel big enough.

Excuse the politics. I’m getting carried away from my theme, which sucks. Okay, there was Monica. But I will leave it to your imagination, if you dare. Sorry for being crude.

Variable number four or five are those pacifier necklaces, as if eight years of Bill hadn’t been pacifier enough. Do you remember them? Did their wearers suck on them, or was a message being sent? Then came the oral sex craze among the young, serendipitously connected to Bill and Monica. Stuff happens.

Perhaps for me, in my academic life, my eureka moment came one day in the early 2000s when I was teaching a class on the growing cleavage between the rich and the poor. Bush Jr. had the country pacified and simultaneously whipped into a war frenzy after the attacks of 9/11. He was lying his way to the invasion of Iraq after having been “accidentally” rescued from a disastrous economy by those nineteen Arab terrorists with boxcutters. I was explaining to the students, mostly college juniors and seniors, how the percentage of the very wealthy had been increasing for years and the poor and middle-class were suffering, when I looked down to see a pretty female student in the front row. Bingo!

Instant insight, or was it outsight?

I was about to say something wise about the economic gap but my voice cracked. Right at my feet was an example of a different form of cleavage that had my eyes quickly popping up to look straight ahead as if I didn’t see what I saw. Right there was a culminating variable that I was able to notice for many years to come. Call it the cleavage phenomenon, but it was real, and it could be seen throughout the classrooms and byways of America ever since. I will let you take it from there.

Over the following years, I continued to collect my evidence for the phenomenon I call “suck.” But I also noticed that under Bush Jr, as under Poppi Bush and Clinton, people were increasingly being taken for suckers by the authorities with their lies about Iraq, 9/11, the anthrax attacks, the economy, the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the war on terror, etc.

It’s true, I know, that the same happened under the presidency of Ronald Reagan, but he was generally considered an acting president and life in the 1980s a feel-good movie. Everyone was happy then, and suck was just a bad word that could spoil the fun of “Morning in America.”

When in 2008 Bush Jr. returned to the ranch and full-time brush cutting, in rode Obama. Slicker than Slick Willy, he really sucker-punched liberals, who were desperate for some classy speech in the White House, someone who could correctly pronounce “nuclear” while promising to spend a trillion dollars on making a new generation of them. They got conned (I guess) when he immediately bailed out the banks and the Wall St. crooks, sent more troops to Afghanistan, cracked down on whistle-blowers, launched killer drones, increased surveillance, destroyed Libya and Syria, sent special forces throughout Africa, etc., smiling as he went marauding.

The power of the Obama propaganda was overwhelming, and so many were sucked in, as they still are. I started to wonder if my years of cultural research on the significance of suck, sucking, and suckers was a waste of my life. Maybe I had missed the bigger issues, having made diversity and sexuality my focus of teaching and research, since they had become the rage in academia.

Then Trump shocked the world with his election and Stormy Daniels burst forth and the rich got richer and the poor poorer and the wars continued and the little-big man tweeted out his foul rantings about immigrants and so many others while the country further descended into a cesspool of insanity as he threatened North Korea and Iran with nuclear annihilation and his buddy Robert Kraft got his quick suck and the fascist Israeli government got his approval to continue slaughtering Palestinians and the deluded citizenry fixated on the 2020 election and the next con-artist who will promise to make things suck no longer.

But I have seen the light. While my thesis still seems valid to me, and the variables I have mentioned here (a fraction of the whole) demonstrate that there’s more to the seemingly trivial than meets the eye, I have concluded that the only thing I can conclude is that the American people are suckers and will continue to be so.

And I, too, have been a sucker for thinking that a simple, popular phrase wasn’t profoundly true from the start. I began as a hopeful young professor, thinking that I would debunk the crassness of our society and make a name for myself. I thought I was so smart.

Now, however, I have to admit that I was wrong from the beginning: things do suck. The canaries were right. Or to be more precise: the political elites who run the country suck. And the presidents suck big time.

That’s just the way it is.

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17.8.2019 (as we know, suppressed in MSM, usually)


….The Truth Hurts.

“It is the false shame of fools to try to conceal wounds that have not healed.” —Horace Satires



Such. That. We. Are. Eager. For. Change. (…emphasis on Change…. seemingly absent from the EC diversionary article.)

Observed by Tim Parks (translator of The Prince):

“Neither straight journalism nor disengaged art, satire alludes to recognizable contemporary circumstances in a skewed and comic way so as to draw attention to their absurdity. There is mockery but with a noble motive: the desire to bring shame on some person or party behaving wrongly or ignorantly. Its raison d’ȇtre over the long term is to bring about change through ridicule; or if change is too grand an aspiration, we might say that it seeks to give us a fresh perspective on the absurdities and evils we live among, such that we are eager for change.”

….fwiw, in response to the Hebdo cartoon and EC, “Yes, we know they are puppets and useful idiots. Please direct us 99% to their leaders / puppet masters. Thank you.”


Ironically? Re-reviewed 17.8.2019. Really?! Satire, here, funny or not, is somehow distracting attention away from corruption and war crimes. imho.
Is this distracting of attention deliberate? Or, is it unwitting?

A bit like Rudi G spending too much time ‘media-ising’ 3 or 4 different ways Colonel Mustard was killed in the library…. Why?!!!


Thank you Edwin for your very amusing article on the absurdity of the game in play.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Wanna’ know how absurd dear Maggie, just read this & think on …
a letter to the Clinton Foundation, for public consumption & pure ‘ORCHESTRATION’,
of Public Opinion !

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Thinking back, it’s amazing to remember all the things you’ve accomplished.

You put us on the path to prosperity with record economic growth. 22 million jobs were created during your administration.

You inherited a budget deficit and transformed it into a surplus of $236 billion dollars by the end of your second term. You led the way on fiscal responsibility.

You enacted sensible gun control legislation that banned assault weapons…a ban that the Republican-led Congress would later allow to expire.

You brokered a peace agreement in Bosnia, a ceasefire in Northern Ireland, and even brought us breathtakingly close to an Israeli-Palestinian accord. When Rabin and Arafat shook hands on the White House lawn, you were behind them with your arms outstretched, as if to gather both men into an embrace.

That is your gift…you bring people together and help them find common ground.

You did it again when you forged philanthropic partnerships with George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, and former political rivals became dear friends.

You have a huge heart and a phenomenal mind. We’ve all seen you take a complicated subject and explain it in such a clear, concise way that we’re suddenly able to understand it.

You left the White House, but you never left us. You kept reaching out to people in need, through the Clinton Foundation, which has been such a force for good in the world.

Thank you!
Barbra Streisand

No comment, for now at least … 😉

Edward Curtin
Edward Curtin

Now that comments to this bit of satire have more or less died away and few have laughed and many have taken it seriously, I would like to add addenda from Christopher Morley and George Carlin.

“Humor is perhaps a sense of intellectual perspective: an awareness that some things are really important, others not; and that the two kinds are most oddly jumbled in everyday affairs.” C.M.

“When you are born, you get a ticket to the freak show. When you are born in America, you get a front row seat.” G.C.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

“The Target is arranged , the trigger wants revenge , the bullet is inside , ready to bite , we never leave the fight , we always bring the light,
& then consume the fruits of what’s right . . .”

Some lyrics from my son. Edward:- please consider my offers below, to help avert the loss of Culture, globally … The Genocide of any Culture is a Terrorist Act ! And Corruption is the root of all evil, that we can evidence so easily, today …

I appreciate your satirical style & eloquence in conveyance of what constitutes often very good & well meaning pointers towards absurdity in modern existence: but, we need in the societal sense, & especially Academia & in Science, collectively to focus on ‘The Evolution of Consciousness’ and our education systems & Leaders of same, have been caught …very sadly Lacking in talent, morals, principles, CONSCIOUSNESS & COURAGE !

I’m talking about the teaching of CRITICAL THINKING, across the board, in all areas of education and particularly in the application of Law & Algorithms, that exist already & I’m sure that by satirising many Academics & Scientists, that writers like youself can evolve their consciousness, in a well meaning manner & fashion that presents them with no other alternative than to think of & conclude …


P.s. we are not helpless, (check Molloy’s comment below), but you have conveyed a tad too much helplessness in this satirical piece and it completely voided my sense of humour, as a lover of George Carlin and someone who has looked both physical & cultural Genocide in the face, up real damn close, knowing the stench in the aftermath: I’ll leave you directly confronted in your academic world of intellectuals, with a very simple question for you to consider personally:- riddle me this …

Are you resting on the Laurels of Laurel Canyon ?


Tim. Great post. The (obvious embarrassment) silence is deafening!

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Thank you, brother, for that vote of confidence: clearly inextricably in the direction we are inevitably headed together: with you & I on the same wave of positive energy, after ‘Sound’ reflections 🙂 with a clear head & conscious reflection on the evolution of consciousness: presently controlled & very largely manipulated …

We must think for ourselves, how to convey positive energy, for the individual spirit to rise within all ‘Floater Surfers’. . .
and not just think back to the great ‘waves’ of the past & past so called ‘glory’ (sic).
“So long as men die, LIBERTY will never perish … ” 😉

How right you are, the sound of silence is invaluable and speaks volumes …
“Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again …” 🙂

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

For some readers, my very simple question to you all & Ed. may seem confusing, abstract, even boring: but, it is not, in any sense whatsoever abstract, when one considers the huge nature of the whole military inspired ‘Psyop’ realms & programming of the Internet,
we all use … & all own ! Financed with Taxes ! with control Usurped !

So, if in doubt, read the link below first and then think on the
And how it has been abused, by Military Intelligence …
because the article ends with a Title Track !


These are existential matters & moments in time: seriously …


Serial Loser PUTIN SUCKS Headlines:

Has Putin Lost His Sex Appeal? NY Times, Mar 2012
Putin Losing the Sochi Olympic game, Washington Post, Feb 2014
Putin’s Lost His Mind New Republic, Mar 2014
Putin Losing the battle for Ukraine, Spectator, Mar 2014
Putin Losing In Ukraine, Forbes, Mar 2014
Putin Losing in Crimea, Yahoo News, Apr 2014
Putin Losing Energy Gamble, Oil Price , Apr 2014
Putin Losing his geostrategic footing, Gulfnews, Nov 2014
Putin Losing Battle to Online Media, Newsweek, Jan 2015
Putin Lost this war, OpEdNews, Mar 2015
Putin Losing Food Fight, StopFake, Aug 2015
Putin Is Losing, RFERL, Aug 2015
Putin Losing badly in Syria, Washingtonian Post, Oct 2015
Putin Lost Ukraine, New Statesman, Jan 2016
Putin Losing grip on pipelines, Reuters, Nov 2016
Putin to Lose his grip on power, Marketwach, Mar 2017
Putin Lost France, Daily Beast, May 2017
Putin Losing Public Support, Statista, Jun 2017
Putin Power Is Losing Its Shine, Stratfor, Jun 2017
Putin Losing His Grip, Project Syndicate, Oct 2017
Putin Losing Control of Russia’s Nationalists, Foreign Affairs, Oct 2017
Putin Losing the Long Game, Bloomberg, Nov 2017
Putin Losing European Energy Gamble, Yahoo, Jan 2018
Putin Lost Control of Russia’s Assassins, Newsweek, Mar 2018
Putin Losing Popular Support, Carnegie, Aug 2018
Putin Lost ‘invulnerable’ nuclear-powered missile, Business Insider, Aug 2018
Putin Losing His Balance, Gordan Hahn, Sep 2018
Putin Losing Russia’s Far East, Bloomberg, Sep 2018
Putin Losing steam, The Hill, Oct 2018
Putin Losing grip: Russia protests, Express, Oct 2018
Putin Losing grip on Siberia, BBC Newsnight, Dec 2018
Putin Losing to Trump in global arms sales, Japan Times, Mar 2019
Putin Lost Russian youth, Washington Post, Jun 2019
Putin Losing the Trust of Russians, Politico, Jun 2019
Putin Losing Moscow, MSN, Aug 2019
Putin Losing his grip on energy, Gossipela, Aug 2019

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Vexarb: A shining demonstration of ‘perfect’ proper Propaganda in the West, that evidences what a bunch of nasty vindictive Nazi / Fascist Journalists are employed today …

You might like my latest comment to Ed. (the author), as it relates to both Music & Science,
indeed the science of the ‘Psyop’ and how academics & scientists have wholly failed at the highest levels of education today, in the West … you’ll see 😉

Meanwhile, thanks again for this terrific piece of evidence of psychological brainwash,
& Best Wishes,

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Vexarb: No need for comment on this link, lol 🙂


But I simply _must_ comment! Some 10 years ago I wrote a story about a people called Yancans. The Yancans not only lived on canned food but even thought canned thoughts. Or as one would say today, cloned thoughts. Thank you, Tim, for that clip which brings my Yancans to life.


Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

The link you’ve attached here, appears to be identical to that which I’d already posted directly below, so perhaps you meant to attach another ?
If so, I’d be interested to see it … 🙂

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Dr. Vexarb, I would be grateful if you would study the micro-facial-expressions of Mike Pompeo, specifically around the 6 minute mark on the link below and check the corner of his mouth, as the questioner raises absurd criticism of Russia & Putin, in opening statements…

In fact, i’m going to analyse the whole thing, once again: but, i’m sure you will see what I see; and I believe I know what is actually happening, in terms of Trump’s style of negotiating & diplomacy in general, given that he is confronted from outside the USA and within, due to a systemic deep state infiltration of and public records of “The History of the National Security State”, & so many deals obviously made behind closed doors : and in turn the mainstream media . . .


Tim, sorry to refuse your invite to study the phiz of Pompous Ass from close, but I follow “The Way to Wisdom” by Karl Jaspers: Be very careful what you take into yourself. No human can gaze on the Basilisk without being turned to stone.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Completely understand and it was per chance that i’d noticed this, so to say, as this video had followed another I was checking, before I was distracted and came back and noticed, without the volume, exactly what I was looking at, so to say animal signatures: so, I switched the volume on for a moment just to confirm and happened then also to notice that if required, this guy Pompeo looks totally capable also of passing a lie detector test, when focussed & with his coca-cola to hand … then came your message and I thought wtf, I won’t bother with the rest, because I’d already remotely viewed this man’s mind & mindset …

Thanks for saving my soul, lol …


And by the same author:-

Putin And The Pirates
Putin And The Aliens From Mars
Putin Pulls It Off
Putin And The Buried Treasure
Putin And The Wolf Man
Putin And Frankenstein’s Ghost
Putin And The Loch Ness Monster


Sorry, EC….
imho — ……unwittingly ‘false friend’, highlights helplessness ? i.e. conveys a (false) sensation to victims, the 99%, that nothing can be done.

Discourse. e.g. “ ‘Twas Ever Thus “ ….effectively facilitates the wrongdoers.


Admin/Mods/site Author

Having increasingly run into having to post off-topic missives – because I consider them worthy of note – I would like to offer a suggestion and EASY solution to keep the site and articles on topic.

It is extremely easy and better than having us posters going to another part of the site which is not so visible, to set up a thread which stagnates immediately. Ok? Here goes.

Set up a simple pinned ‘article’ at the top which simply says something like :

Use this for talking about whatever you want to talk about.”

You can have a new one every week/month or when it gets too big.

I guarantee it will work as it will allow us readers to flag emerging news and other topics at our hearts content there, thus keeping the main articles on-topic.

It would also allow you to pick up on important topics that you may wish to write about.

I do this in an effort to try and evolve online blogs and sites such as this – that can allow us to get away from and critique the controlled msm.

What do you say?


Mailman here, FW: “John Pilger
@johnpilger·Aug 11
Visiting Julian Assange in prison I glimpsed his barbaric treatment. Isolated, denied proper exercise, access to the library, a laptop, he cannot prepare his defence. He is even denied calls to his US lawyers. His UK lawyer wrote to the governor on 4 June. Silence. How lawless”

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Seriously bad, sad news that truly ‘sucks’ !
and it could be any one of us or any politician &&& the National Security State Trolls are,
calling us the Nazis & Fascists, for wanting to regulate their clinically insane collective sociopathic & psychopathic behaviours …

Check the link to Mexican Avocado & Drug lords, below: how that is not mainstream news, will always remain a stunning indictment of the mainstream media & our times …


And not even RT is running the story, yet … rather telling, No?
Just as long as Uncle $cam get their fix of drugs, avocados & daily distractions, who cares? It sucks so much that even Ed just satirises the word, not the deed (s) >>> talk about resting on the Laurels of Laurel Canyon, & the article even ends on a satirical musical note & quote from Bruce Hornsby & the Range of apathy, with zero interest in the genocide of Culture !

Heartfelt greetings,

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

MAD – Mexican Avocado & DrugLords …
MAD – Military Advances Drugwars …
MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction …

Itsa’ Mad mad mad mad World !

MAD – Music Alleviates Depression 😉

If it is not inspired by Military Intelligence, see ? As a part of a Psyop …



There was an oral sex craze in the Clinton era? Why the fuck didn’t anyone tell me?

Frank Speaker
Frank Speaker

It has to be said: this article sucks.

Frank Speaker
Frank Speaker

Seriously though, I see the usage of the word as a symptom of the dumbing down of public education and the consequent verbal inability of the average person to express themselves adequately.

Gezzah Potts

Aw, that’s ratshit Frank. It all sucks lemons, aye. Everything has been dumbed down to the point of going shopping, watching the latest Marvel blockbuster from Hollywood, and ticking a few box’s once every 4 years. Sigh.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Never forgetting watching women’s football, rugby, hunting, fishing, shooting, cricket & Porn with scorn for anything that is remotely male orientated. Next we’ll be informed that lesbians ‘get it’ more than homosexuals …
No Discrimination, No Reservation No News is good News …

In fact Gezzah, I have some BeeGee breaking news …

God was a woman all along, actually, originally a tranny with fanny, & logically the truth is that hermaphrodites have always existed, too, but some people hate history & science 😉 and want the best of both worlds and gimme’ gimme gimme, yummy yummy yummy, I want my mummy back, so, all hail mary with a good dose of engineered severe extreme weathering of the body, mind & soul: who needs stoning ? … I’m just waiting for women to demand their tournament for a universal world series of Ami-Football/Baseball/Ice-Hockey and aboriginal rights to hunting grounds, on the West Bank & in Gaza … and a sit-in demo. @Mecca … itsa’ mad mad mad mad world, where anything flies, including plastics, if you check the guardian today, literally, i jest not, now we have flying plastic nano-particulates in soil samples from the Rocky Mountains … Boom! Spot poll, would all women bricklayers, please stand up please stand up and identify the real slim shady and confirm that the real ‘Stig’ was/is Ghislaine Maxwell, flying all these years under the most sophisticated top gear radar systems ever … Girl Power 🙂 Now where’s her Häagen-Dazs ? must dash, before it melts, logic, it’s jam hot, like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder, how I keep from going under …

Have a fine day,

Gezzah Potts

Cheers Tim. Edward wrote a damn fine article above, as was the previous article on Postmodernism, tho sometimes you just need to step back, take a breath, and yeah, chill to music, coz it all gets a bit overwhelming and surreal at times, aye. Listening to a band from Chile called The Holydrug Couple – tho without partaking in any substance, except caffeine.
‘In rode Obama’ indeed (to quote Edward). I still have friends (?) who think Obama was the greatest thing that happened to America since the car was invented. They refuse to acknowledge his myriad war crimes. What a strange World Tim. A small number absolutely creaming it in, billions & billions, and the vast majority getting royally screwed. And crushed. Have a good day✌🙏


Your eloquence at joggling questionable language is commendable. It is my firm believe that a good portion of humor is required to make it through times that suck. However, there is another enigmatic use of language, that I still have a problem with to understand. May I ask whether You have looked into the use of ‘effed up’? Today I was reading a comment that stated that the US is effed up. Something I really don’t get. Could You please elaborate on that one, too? In another essay? Thank You very much.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Fuk’d up, or ‘eff’ for ‘F ‘-F-ucked up, is politely written ‘effed up’ & down the road map of English language, a while back, the Verb, Noun & pro-noun is now in the Oxford fucking dictionary, my friend 🙂 lol, I won’t be a fucker and give you all the ‘effin’ examples, coz’ I’m sure you get the ‘effin’ drift and others might think I’m totally gefickt im Kopf 😉

John Hanson
John Hanson

Mr. Curtin you have corrected your error but you have not proposed a solution.. Therefore I have proposed a solution which i would love to hear a debate about.. Thank you for the article. .

Proposal for parallel government (a functional government and a oversight government)

The governance model which the constitution of the USA describes produces a governmental structure and enables functions strong enough to operate and function without elected or representative leaders of any kind, IMO.. Certain constitutional changes would be needed:
1. voters instead of elected critters would be given the authority to accept/reject all laws the functional government proposed. This accept/reject voter veto authority would be decided by citizen voter elections (to be held by the oversight government) upon proper presentation by the bureaucrats of the functional government, of “a or any” proposal for a new law or decision to be voted on, and
2) the creation of a new independent voters court (independent of, and not part of, or dependent on the functional government at all) would need to be established) <=the voter's court would have no connection to the sitting bureaucratically manned functional government, but
3) the oversight government would be supported by ten (10)% of the taxes that are assessed to run the functional government, and
4) of course the article One congress (450 people) and the article two President and Vice president(2 people) would be eliminated. Under such an amended constitution, the government would be run by functional government bureaucrats who will be charged, by their job descriptions, to operate in their position and to do only that which the voters have voted on as goals, constrains imposed by job description and laws, such an oversight government would remove politics from elected representatives and place most politics respecting decisions as to who should run the government in the hands of the voters.. and
5) it would establish and empower an oversight government to examine each functional government proposal, and it would, I believe, in time result in laws that would criminalize any undisclosed non factual propaganda put forth by, on, or over any media.

What would make this leaderless government work is that any voter would be able to single-out any one of the bureaucrats or members of the Article III courts, and charge that bureaucrat or Article III judge with one of, or any of, three charges
1) failing to conform to the plain text meaning, or actively seeking to change the plain text meaning of the USA constitution or one or more of its voter approved functional government laws, or
2) failing to move toward the voter approved goal for which the position of the bureaucrat is responsible to accomplish (incompetence), or
3) engaging in corruption while in the employee of, or while contracting with, or while serving in an agency or military of or to the functional government. At the people's (voters) court; the Judge would decide if the case has supportable merits, a jury would be convened to hear the case against the defendant bureaucrat or Article III judge, and upon conviction or judgement the bureaucrat or Article III judge would be removed from the job, the wrongful actions order corrected, and the culpable punished accordingly..

This would
1. put those the functional government governs (voters) in control of their own governance (people direct) .. and
2. it would limit the activities of the functional government to that which the governed people first and foremost understand, and
3. it would eliminate secret or covert to purpose of government operations or activities, and
4. it would make those who get hired and paid to govern, accountable to those who they govern..

Leaving the existing Article III court system in play would mean the employees and judges would be responsible for what they are currently responsible for, but to be sure such employees of the functional government and judges of the Article III courts, preform as the voter's expect, it would subject the judges and their opinions to the jurisdiction of the people's (voters) court and it would make both the laws the government is expected to enforce, and the enforcement of such laws, subject to the oversight government.

I believe the oversight idea (parallel government) would substantially improve human right protections and it would virtually eliminate corruption and help to curtail incompetence. I would be useful to see if all governments in the world could develop such a system.. Maybe a UN mandate.. ?

What do you think?


About five thousand words in the above piece, just to say that we are ruled by corrupt psychopaths, and the plebs are stupid enough to buy into what they’re told by the presstitutes.

Oh dear, is there any hope…


“…Trump shocked the world with his election…”

Which “world” would that be? In the world where I live millions were delighted; mostly, I presume, from team spirit (Go! Go! GOP!), many that I know of from sheer longing to be rid of the Clinton McBeths, the pair of them “wading so deep in blood that to go forward were as tedious as to go back” — plus a few canny operators such as Shoddy Adelson and Nutty Yahoo who had backed Trump’s election with to the tune of U$ Millions and were looking forward to receiving Tax Break$ and U$Aid to the tune of U$ Billions.


The psychopaths who rule us want a war with Iran (and by extension a war with Russia and China). Such a war will end Trump in 2020 (and will probably end the world). It’s notable that in the last few weeks the presstitutes have started pushing Michelle Obama as a potential presidential candidate. The first black woman president!!!

The con just goes on and on.

Michelle Obama (who’s not quite what she seems)???

I have to be careful what I say about Michelle Obama, on whatever board, because I can’t afford the inevitable lawsuits in the so-called free societies we are told we live in.


Agreed. The unmentionable “leaders”.
Question is, away from all the “sucking” diversion, did the cuddly psychopaths murder Epstein, Kashoggi, an endless list?
Or, via more corruption & concealment, are Epstein and all the others allowed to live?
So as not to deter other ‘helpers’?
Tricky one.


Wow here is something that SUCKS on the bbc radio 5 right now, a scion of Alistair Campbell ( yes the dodgy dossier) is getting acres of space for being a comic – supposedly – she has spent lots of time dissing Jeremy Corbyn !!! Claims that she was a member until she resigned and has summat in common with her old man now.

Yes the election campaign or at least the coup is underway.

Here is the funniest thing – her accent – she has been trying to maintain an estuary, Lilly Allen, common one but can’t stop herself slipping into yarh, omg, jolly hockey sticks drawl.

Apparently Sadiq Khan likes her act. Yeah of course he does.

It totally SUCKS.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Date & time stamps will show that I’ve responded to this comment subsequent to my comments below & you must just believe me when I tell you that I did not read this comment first ! The fact is that I’ve already suggested elsewhere to Gezzah that we should start an annual AKA >>> ACA, Alistair Campbell Award for


Capricornia Man
Capricornia Man

Sounds like another crude piece of anti-Corbyn propaganda from that “impartial public broadcaster”, the BBC. The only thing “public” about this outfit is that an increasingly reluctant public is forced to pay for it. It’s reached its use-by date, and so has the ABC, for similar reasons.


Gosh wasn’t there a nice calm weekend without the trolls -i almost thought they must have been withdrawn by their masters seeing the futility of engaging with us bottom dwellers… or they had a mass dropping of tools as their psyches couldn’t handle it anymore… then i realised yesterday evening it was just their summer holyday.

They are back! Refreshed no doubt in mind, body and …spirit.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Yer ‘bang on’ right there, DG. : just check my downvotes, they’ve re-appeared and worse still, I’ve been remotely viewing their mindset, due to their loss of control of our collective opinions on what is truly happening … particularly, most specifically Flaxgirl & Flight nonsense have said to WHB, that they cannot manage themselves & their knowledge scientifically, against me is wholly inadequate and WHB knows full well, deep inside …

So is his !

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Oh, and any BODY can see this, if they so wish … simples !

Jihadi Colin

There are too suckers born every minute. Three sucking reflex is essential to neonate survival. Nobody who wasn’t a sucker can survive to toddlerhood.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Ed: After reading the first few paragraphs, one has to conclude that, metaphorically speaking Ed., you appear to be sucking mental energy for the sake of self glorification, when we have damned important things to discuss, that really do ‘Suck’ >>> like the case of Imran Awan and “Parallel Platforms” …

This article had better get better and more relevant, as I read further or I’m gonna’ have to start telling you that you suck energy regularly, basking in irrelevance and questioning your motives for writing anything whatsoever, in future …

Keep it real & real contemporary, Ed, please: seriously … Bruce Hornsby & the Range, just doesn’t ‘cut it’ anymore, because there are highly serious matters that urgently need HIGHLIGHTING for example the aforementioned case of Imran Awan …

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

Oh well, at least you admit you have sucked energy and have wasted much energy in others:-

try making amends now and re-apply your obviously talented literary style, into ‘becoming extraordinary’ and highlighting the covered up cases of corruption of mind, body & soul, with highly relevant contemporary examples of what truly sucks in any societal development and are wholly illegal, immoral actions, that constitute the Destruction of Culture:-
that really sucks …

” The Destruction of Culture is a Terrorist Act ”

That is now officially Law @UNESCO.
Discuss the connectivity, like Imran Khan has just done with Trump and employ the example of the incredible case of the Dems. IT Guy >>> Imran AWAN !

I never criticise constructively without offering some constructive solution, or having some constructive solutions up my sleeve, ready & waiting, living by my own rules.

& “That’s just the way it is” and should be, imho …

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

And here is something else most contemporary that sucks, when you know the CIA is so heavily participating in corruption, in every sense well worth Highlighting this evidentiary societal corruption …


I’ve seen & smelt the stench in aftermath of genocide, up real damn close and not just once, in my life: and genocide can be engineered in all manner of ‘fashions’ by exploiting fear & financial frailty & weaknesses, beyond most imaginations … until it happens in front of your own eyes, and it is also happening electronically now,
worse still, today … No resting on Laurels, please Ed !