Brexit ‘crisis’: political theatre & the demonizing of democracy

Catte Black

“It’s a coup!” – “Oh no it isn’t!” – “Oh yes it is!”

We already know democracy is currently a sham. A lip-service. And nowhere more so than within the EU.

Time and again this has been revealed. EU referenda exist only to rubber stamp oligarchical decision-making. And when they fail to do so they are rejected, or held again and again, until the ‘right’ result is obtained, by whatever means.

The Brexit ‘crisis’ is providing a great opportunity to take this further.

A decent Brexit could have been negotiated months ago if anyone had wanted it. But no one did. Not because Leave would be a disaster for the PTB. We’ve always argued the choice between Remain or Leave was in real terms no choice at all and that it would make little practical difference to the 99% which particular set of neoliberal mobsters was our interface with the IMF – the real string-pullers for all western economies.

No. The reason a decent and sane Brexit has been opposed from the outset is because a Brexit ‘crisis’ was always the desired outcome from the moment Leave so unexpectedly won, if not before.

Crises are always useful political tools. They facilitate rapid change and seismic shifts in public perception. They can be very handy when you want to normalise the unthinkable.

With this in mind consider how the push from the centrist media has been to use the supposed ‘insanity’ of the Brexit vote to pose the suggestion that voting is or can be dangerous. That it can lead to disaster, social breakdown. That sometimes voting can even be undemocratic, if not actually evil.

The concept of suffrage is the target of the Brexit manipulations. The aim is to pry the public mind away from the idea that ‘one person- one vote’ is the lynchpin of democracy.

BoJo’s job, whether he knows it or not, is to become the living symbol of a popular vote as the antithesis of itself. A bloated, uber-white, uber-privileged posho that everyone can despise. He’s been cast as The Heel in this particular little show-fight.

His function is to represent everything ‘we’ (the ‘civilized’ center-thinking people) are supposed to deplore and reject, up to and including bullfighting.

His posturing and gesticulating, his absurd protestations, his even more absurd ‘coup’ (which of course was no such thing) have done nothing but discredit him and – by association – the 17 million who voted Leave.

His major achievement – to permit neoliberal warmongers such as Hillary Benn to surge into positions of leverage, demanding the overturning of a democratic vote on the back of ‘#DefendOurDemocracy’ hashtags.

Handy or what?

It follows of course that if voting can be undemocratic then ‘democracy’ can exist without a vote. As a nebulous concept in the mouths of centrists or yet another hashtag aimed at driving the populace toward yet another policy box canyon.

It’s the separation in the public mind of voting from democracy that the Brexit ‘crisis’ is aimed at. And – for the chattering classes at least – the ploy seems to be working.

Meanwhile, manipulated into a position approaching powerlessness by a series of ‘strategic’ cave-ins,Corbyn is now so estranged from his own Left roots he’s considered almost eligible by investment bankers, and is actually facilitating this anti-democracy move.

His final defeat will be obeying calls from his PLP (and other remainers) to refuse a General Election if Johnson offers one. Why? Because Johnson may “sneak Brexit through” during the campaign.

Yup, can’t have any of that pesky voting getting in the way of ‘defending democracy’ can we?

Right now people on the ground seem more clued in to what’s really going on than a lot of the alt-media, many of whom are busy running down rabbit holes or dying on strategically unimportant hills.

Don’t bother with BoJo hate. Of course he’s a malign buffoon. He’s supposed to be.

But while the crowd is baying and screaming at him they aren’t noticing that ominous cloud looming at their backs.

It wears Hillary Benn’s face and has Jess Phillips’ sense of whinging entitlement, Owen Jones’s virtue-signalling hypocrisy, and is painted a disarming shade of corporate-sponsored, carbon-credit Green.

And it’s going to eat us all alive unless we wake up. Whether that happens while we’re in the EU or nominally outside looking in will matter very little.


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