“Israel and the West Do Not Have the Means to Counter Iranian Technology”

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon

Wreckage of what Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US have claimed is an Iranian military drone. Iran have denied responsbility for the attack. A Yemeni rebel group claimed to have organised and carried out the drone strikes. Image source: NPR.

The following is a translation of today’s Israel’s News 12 headline article. The article explores the lessons delivered by the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities.

Though I, like many other commentators, am not convinced that the attack had anything to do with Iran, the attack showed that Iran’s weaponry is likely superior to the West’s ability to mount an effective defence.

Israeli writer Nir Dvori points out that the attack took place 650 km inside Saudi territory. “It proved measured Power Utilization – Sending two types of weapons that achieved accurate hits.” It also demonstrated superb intelligence capability – “both in identifying and selecting targets and in selecting the attack route and the military.”

Apparently, neither the cruise missiles nor the drones were detected and no attempt was made to intercept them before the attack. Which really means that despite the Saudis’ multi- billion dollar investment in Western weaponry and air defense systems, their sky is far from protected.

In the last few years Israel has prioritized its efforts to counter Iran’s ballistic and drone projects. It seems Israel knew what it had to dread. The recent attack on the Saudi oil industry proved that the West has not developed an adequate response to Iranian precision missiles, slow moving cruise missiles or drone technology. This alone explains why, despite Israel’s persistent threats to attack Iran directly, it has been reluctant to do so.

Israel knows how vulnerable it is and well understands the possible dramatic consequences of such an attack. Israel knows that although its anti missile system, which cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars, may be somewhat effective against German V2 ballistic technology, its system is ineffective against what Iran has at their disposal.

This helps explain why Israel wants America and NATO to attack Iran on its behalf. It may explain why Israel might consider doing whatever it can to provoke such a conflict- everything from intensive Lobby pressure to possible false flag operations.

Donald Trump seems miraculously to have gathered how volatile the situation is. As a consequence, he exited his prime hawk, John Bolton. Might Trump find himself booted out of his 1600 Pennsylvania Ave as a result of his reluctance to fight Israel’s war against Iran?

The character, uniqueness and success of the Iranian attack – worries Israel and the world.

Israel and the West Do Not Have the Means to Counter Iranian Technology

Nir Dvori

The Iranian attack on Saudi oil facilities was of great significance and is of particular concern [to Israel]. The attack was [the first of its kind] and proved that the Iranians are capable and possess both the knowledge and the ability to hurt and cut [Saudi] oil production by nearly fifty percent. At the same time, the Saudis have already begun to rebuild the buildings damaged by the Iranian bombing

The attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia has been a warning for the West and Israel – the effects of this attack are extremely concerning. This [technological] ability that can be used against Israel requires that [Israel] prepare its security system to respond to such a threat. Israeli officials analyzed the outcome of the attack and reached several conclusions : The attack demonstrated both impressive design and execution, the results were painful and cut Saudi oil production by 50%, and likely affected gas production as well.

The attacks were carried out with only two weapon types :The first were 7 Quds cruise missiles driven by a Czech jet engine, 3 of which fell before they reached their target; the second weapons were 18 suicide drones, an Iranian replica of the “Rafi” – an Israeli suicide drone.

The attack was significant on a few levels:

The attack was carried out at a relatively long range – at a distance of 650 km.????

It proved measured Power Utilization – Sending two types of weapons that each achieved accurate hits.

Iran has also demonstrated its intelligence capability – both in identifying and selecting targets and in selecting the attack route and its execution.

Apparently neither the cruise missiles nor the drones were detected and no attempt was made to intercept them before the attack.

Iran’s inability to penetrate the Saudi air defense system, despite the billions of dollars spent and deployed to defend the area, was shown by its failure against the small, slow-moving assault weapons.

Impressive and unprecedented impact accuracy of less than 3 meters. The fragments of the Iranian cruise missiles have been identified as among the derivatives of the 55-KH missiles that Ukraine delivered to Iran in 2001.

The nature of the Iranian attack has embarrassed the Western intelligence community. It turned out that Iran, a country with average technological capabilities, has developed medium and long range missiles that are accurate and effective. This basically undermines the very existence of the regulatory bodies which assumes that denying access to technology can impede, or prevent such technologies being obtained.

The attack is proof of Iran’s operational potential that relies on technological capabilities, intelligence infrastructure and coordination, leading to the conclusion that the Western monopoly on precision-guided armaments has evaporated. The countries of the entire region and Israel have learned a lesson: Discovery and interception systems do not provide a proper countermeasure to new regional threats.

It is necessary to deal with cruise missiles, slow drones and hovercraft. The ranges reached by Iran this time – 650 km – would allow damage to any point in Israel from western Iraq.

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John Manning
John Manning

Some additional information. The US shale oil producers are currently under significant financial pressure. Twenty seven have gone into bankruptcy in the last 18 months. They need an international oil price above US$70 per barrel to be profitable.

Houthi’s carried out 4 earlier attacks on Saudi territory by drone and missile in the 6 weeks prior to this successful attack. The earlier attacks had little or no effect.

The difference in this case was the absence of missile defense systems.

The outcome has been an increase in international oil prices but not necessarily crude oil prices. The beneficiaries are USA, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, and every other oil producer and fuel processor. A party that has had no benefit is the Houthi group in the Yemen.


The informative OffGuardian site is still under attack. Seems that your article on examining climate change has initiated this. Still keep us informed OG you are obviously doing something right.


We have to keep an open mind about the possibility of the Abqaiq attack being either an inside job or the result of a “lihop” stand-down order. Saudi is extremely desperate for oil prices to go up again, and local public opinion has been massaged to accept US boots on the ground in KSA (remember how controversial this was during the first Gulf War).

I’m no expert on the air defence of the Arabian peninsula, but the idea that the US and Saudi were caught with their pants down (and thawbs up) needs to be treated with the same suspicion as NORAD twiddling their thumbs back in September 2001.

There are cases in which opposing sides in a conflict are happy to go along with a false flag narrative, each for their own tactical reasons: one side to appear weaker than they actually are, and the other to appear stronger.

Before people jump on me, I’m NOT saying Abqaiq was unequivocally a false flag attack. I have no evidence for it. But in order to find evidence, first you have an open mind to explore the idea.


You have to keep an open mind and be alert for the next false flag, but somehow I doubt this falls into that category.
The Houthis have been developing their drone arsenal for some time, gradually increasing the range and effectiveness of their attacks.
And this attack was a major embarrassment for MBS and his western backers.
The Zionist Regime will keep pressuring its Shabbos goys in the US and elsewhere to supply the muscle and the blood to do its dirty work for it, as they have so many times in the past, by destroying Iran.

Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar

What about the Yemenis being susceptible to Saudi/Israeli technology?

Course, in the racist Israeli world, Yemeni safety is irrelevant, it is only Jews that matter.

Yemenis have never been a threat to Israel. Israel IS an ongoing threat to Yemenis.

Until Israelis start behaving and stop being expansionary fascists, a lot of people will say: ‘So you feel threatened. Why should I care?’

My country owes Israel nothing. NOTHING. They are a small, very irrelevant country a few thousand miles away.

I want no special relationship with the USA because that means forced supine subservience to Israel.

I have little interest in anything but a cordial arms length relationship with Israel and I want Israelgate in the UK started showing how Israel has debased UK democracy through supine conditioning of bribable MPs.

Iran is not going to bomb Israel. Israel wants the US to bomb Iran. Israel is the destabilising force in the Middle East and all sane observers know it.


Items that see items with lots of history information.


is this like a mossaid plant piece????


Xavier, it’s only a Mossad plant piece insofar as both Mossad and Gilad Atzmon share the same racist White Western superiority complex (a double superiority complex in their case — because White Westerners believe they are superior to the rest of humankind, and Ashkenazi Jews believe they are superior to the rest of Whitewesternkind. Everyone else is “an existential threat”.

“Take up the White Man’s burden / Watch o’er your subject peoples — half devil and half child” — Rudyard Kipling

The Houthi simply did what was obvious: hit the Anglo Zio Capitalist enemy where it hurts most — in Rothschild’s wallet. This no-nonsense strategy was pointed out BTL in the Saker weeks before it happened. How much longer do people have to be reminded? Saudi Arabia is nothing but a Rothschild oil company masquerading as an Arab Kingdom. And Israel is nothing but a prestige project of the Anglo Zio Capitalist Empire, inaugurated by a letter from British Prime Minister Lord Balfour to his fellow Britisher, “Dear Lord Rothschild”.

The above article (and its introduction) are nothing but howls of pain from the Western Predator Class, hurt in their most precious areas: their self-esteem and their cash flow which forms the basis of their self-esteem.


Mossad and Gilad Atzmon share the same racist White Western superiority complex

A novel take.
You been taking those *special* mushrooms again vexarb ?
Read any Atzmon ?
Quote his ‘racist White Western superioty complex’ writing ?


Crank, this is what they share as Jews, drummed into their subconscious from birth: Everyone else is “an existential threat”.

As you requested, from Atzmon’s intro:

“Though I am not convinced that the attack had anything to do with Iran, the attack showed that Iran’s weaponry is likely superior to the West’s ability to mount an effective defence.

It seems Israel knew what it had to dread.

Israel knows how vulnerable it is

The Iranian attack worries Israel and the world.”



Sense anyone ?
Atzmon has written whole books on his rejection of the ‘Jewish’ identitarian label precisely because he argues it infers supremacism, but never mind. Your quote from him here says nothing of superiority complex to me, and having read a ream of his writing I have found nothing that does.
Are you not worried that war with Iran may in fact esacalate ?
I am.
[…and ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ was written and performed by Bobby McFerrin not Bob Marley].
Facts sacred etc.


Crank, no I am not worried that the AZC will escalate their low level war against Iran — for reasons that were obvious and discussed weeks ago: too many sensitive AZC oil installations in the area, whose loss would cause uttermost anguish to Anglo Zio Capitalists.

Israel is not the spiritual centre of the world, even though Jerusalem is the spiritual centre of all “Peoples of the Book” who revere the Holy Land. It is subconscious “exceptionalism” for Jews to devote an article to modern Israel’s self-made “existential enemies” when the AZC and NATZO (of which modern Israel is a de facto member) are waging war against Yemen and threatening to “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”.

I preferred the Bob Marley cover.


Different song altogether.


No, Crank, a different take on the same Jewish conditioned reflex, the belief drummed into them from birth that they are the centre of the world and everyone else is an “existential threat”. Contrary to Atzmon’s “worries” about “Israel and the world” (his Bottom Line), it is the Houthi who are actually suffering under a concerted assault by “Israel and the (NATZO) world”.

“The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘I thank you, God, that I am not like other people”. — New Testament


Afraid I really don’t know what you are on about vex.
You have painted an inverted picture of Atzmon’s position based on a singulat interpretation of a statement.
Perhaps if you read his work you would know where he is coming from.
Perhaps if you listened to the youtube link you would know that it is not Bob Marley as labelled.


Crank, once more, I knew the song by Bobby, viewed his video and preferred the Marley cover as being more relevant to my message to Atzmon and his Israeli alarmist: Don’t Worry! Those unchosen darkies with the dreadlocks are not out to get “Israel and the world” (Azmon’s Bottom Line). In fact, those most unAshenazi looking darkies are the ones actually suffering under attack by “Israel and the world”!


Hmmmm you say
And Israel is nothing but a prestige project of the Anglo Zio Capitalist Empire, inaugurated by a letter from British Prime Minister Lord Balfour to his fellow Britisher, “Dear Lord Rothschild”.

Balfour was foreign secretary at the time of the letter -2 November 1917, David Loyd George was Prime minister 1916–1918.

Accuracy is important don’t you think?

Stephen Morrell
Stephen Morrell

There’s this implicit racist assumption floating around that the Houthis couldn’t possibly have launched the attacks on the Saudi refinery. It must have been Iran claim the Israelis, Saudis and their rogue-state bankroller US imperialism. This link has some revealing information:


Firstly, no-one seems to acknowledge that the Houthis inherited a significant soviet-made arsenal from the defunct Yemeni military, including Scud missiles that they appear to have modified to fly longer ranges, as pointed by the author in the link above.

Leaving aside the lack of motive for Iran to launch any direct attack on the Saudis, let’s look at actual empirical evidence from the Saudi refinery attacks that the corporate media are ignoring or suppressing.

First the cruise missiles (Quds 1) that hit the refinery were not the same as those made in Iran (Soumar). They have a different booster design, a fixed wing, different wing and stabiliser positions, a different shaped nosecone, engine cover and exhaust, and are of smaller diameter than the Iranian Soumar model. The Czech-made jet engine (TJ100) is also dissimilar (and less powerful) than that in the Iranian ‘equivalent’ (a Russian Kh-55).

As the article points out, TJ100 engines have been used in Iran’s drone program, but there’s no evidence of any Quds in Iran. Moreover, since 2018 Yemen has produced other missile systems roughly based on Iranian ones but not identical. This of course doesn’t rule out some external Iranian technical help in missile development.

So, the question that needs to answered by the Iran accusers is: given that the Houthis have inherited a missile arsenal and show clear evidence of being able to adapt existing missile designs and manufacture their own, and that there’s no evidence of Quds in Iran, why on earth would Iran take Quds into their own territory from Yemen and then fire them at the Saudi oil refinery, if they indeed were fired from Iran?

And why, if the Houthis already had the Quds, would they not use them against Saudi facilities when they have every reason, and right, to do so?


Well said Mr Morrell! I’m extremely sceptical of cui bono posits which offer no evidence other than “well it could have happened that way”, particularly when they are aimed at a society/culture long denigrated by whitefella imperialists.

It seems to me that it is they who are suffering from the long-term ill effects of indoctrination, rather than the people they seek to claim couldn’t have done it or even may not have done it.
Critical thinking which promotes theories divorced from evidence, isn’t smart or even critical, it is merely nonsense which only serves to confuse otherwise straightforward issues.

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driving directions

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Brian Steere

So my first thought is who benefits from the reaction to the attacks as they are framed or asserted to have occurred?
Having read F William Engdahl’s ‘Myths, Lies and Oil wars’ I see that control of oil (and energy) is much more of a prize than merely possession or sale.
Scarcity of an induced and protected dependency generates a high price and a means of control over the ‘dependent’. It’s a racket.

The seeking of global energy monopoly is extremely bold and perhaps extremely desperate – ie survival instincts on full alert. Not for humanity, but for the sustainability of (energy) control as a vital part of a full spectrum dominance – as the nature of carbon-guilted energy (and info) regulation and surveillance under IoT to operate a global and granular control of human, corporate and national-regional behaviours.

For myself, I prefer a real relationship rather than enacting fantasy on puppets. But real relationship is an inner resonance with outer conflicts that seeks and finds balance points – where a control ‘relationship’ is a mechanism or robotic conditioning of conflict management and power struggle.

Perhaps there are those whose primary drive is the ‘thrill of the game’ under ultimate stakes. It takes two to tango. Part of the pattern of technologism is that polarised identity in fear drives its development. What does technologism extend? The mindset of possession and control or marketising and weaponising. All relationships are thus subjugated or given meaning by their usefulness or not to the sustainability of these primary drives; Getting and keeping – by preventing anyone else from getting it back.
Somewhere in this is the core of the fight and flight reaction – but as an always ON or perpetual war – by which the condition for the means of control are maintained. There was a time when this really was our survival for conditions we do not experience now – although in a sense re replicate or re-enact them in war. But the program runs as a self denying denial – that is it cannot be exposed or brought to awareness on fear of pain of loss so disempowering and humiliating that it is unthinkable and blocked before the thought can arise. The mind as a defence against its own lack of validity or substance is a kind of naked Emperor or prodigal Son – having spun off in a deceit from which there is no escape.
There is no escape from a deceit because all attempt to escape or even mitigate its conflict – reinforce or feed the deceit as true.
Truth shows you that you are free – but the mind then interjects itself as possession and control of freedom as a proprietary claim. But freedom is discovered in the balance point within embraced or recognised differences and not in the attempt to force ‘balance’ from a monopolar and binary judgement of one facet of a multifaceted reality.
While the eradication of seeming blocks to total control is engaged as the right of power and the power to define and assert it – the underlying energetic that structures and sustains life is actively denied and in a sense reversed – and the Economy is tipped to destruction under illusion of profit.
But what does it profit a man to gain a world of illusion if it costs his-whole basis for being?
Illusions are temporary and sustainability is the setting up of conditions for persistence of time as the narrative continuity. But what when the narrative starts disintegrating? When the dream starts caricaturing itself.
Is the disintegration and release of illusion an extinction or a revelation depends on our active investments and attachments.
How much of our identity is gotten in terms of what we are set against?

Who can call ‘Time’ on an insanity but the recognition it makes no sense?
But the script plays out – how will you live your part? Awakening is the freedom to discern and align with the truth of your being. Not to deny the same in others as if to take theirs and grow yours.
What is ‘shadow government’ but being run by denials – unknowing?
Making choices depends on true intelligence. When notional security dictates ‘alternative facts’ no real choices are possible. Projected fears, motives and intentions are always hiding in the shadows. Shoot first and ask questions later becomes shoot without questioning.

How can one not then expect all the ‘others’ to shoot back if they have a chance?
Why make an enemy of the world and of life itself just to protect against humiliation that opens to a natural alignment in humility. Not a false humility – but a simple and clear sense of connected relation now. There is great power in being no more and no less that this – but it is of a different order.

There will always be comeback of density to force. But to generate density we have to align in opposition to our partners instead of aligning in true self interest. yes I borrowed the term from Putin.
We live together – however we then choose to organise our affairs. Is there a better way to hold the balance points for human life on Earth? Are we willing to live this now?


I still wonder whether there was any attack at all on Saudi oil installations.
If it’s purpose was to further the case for the US and NATO to enter the fray then it’s done well it’s almost a cry for help by the Saudis who were dismayed when Trump promised he’d be right behind them if they felt it imperative to attack Iran. ‘From behind” alarmed the Saudis not just because they aren’t very good at fighting a war but because of the way another ally, Britain, was treated by the Americans. While European diplomats insisted the US got the UK to seize the tanker off Gibraltar when Iran retaliated and the UK looked for help the Americans pointed out that it was a British problem and they’d have to sort it out themselves; not exactly the ally you want behind you! The Saudis seem afraid they’ll be dumped as the Arab favourite.
So how come the Houthis claimed this for themselves you may ask. Well look at their original statement that specifically commented on the assistance they had got in the Kingdom itself. It’s not hard to imagine agents persuading them that is what was going on. They may have been tricked into making the claim?
It’s similar to the tankers said to have been mined by the Iranians, helpfully above the water line so an environmental disaster for the KSA was avoided. Again no proof was offered, no surveillance and as with the recent ‘attack’ there was an awful lot of black smoke around, almost like the smoke in war movies. It’s difficult to see through the smoke.
All the attention has been on how far the swarm of weapons flew, how deadly accurate they were and how they were never spotted by any defence equipment or surveillance. People should indeed be concerned whether that’s true or not. Fantastic ‘explanations’ are given that the defence systems were pointing the wrong way (like in Singapore in 1941) or they were looking too high. Really!?
7 Cruise missiles and 18 drones and no device or surveillance aircraft or satellite has picked it up in the World’s biggest war zone? If it sounds incredible then maybe it is?
Iran is now seen not just as an aggressive power but suddenly very powerful, more powerful than anybody thought – why I bet they could get those tricky missiles and suicide drones into one attack which could lead to the destruction of the World in 45 minutes; you know what we have to do then, don’t we?

Petra Liverani

Totally agree, Paul – at least, as far as I understand what you’re saying as my background knowledge is zero.

The first question is: was there an attack at all? What is the evidence that there was an attack and if there is no compelling evidence that an attack took place why should we believe it did? As you point out, there isn’t any. Smoke and a few battered-looking artefacts? LOL. These remind me of the 9/11 airliner debris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia-4qH9YUho

Often with alleged “false flag” attacks (or generally, in reality, straight-out psyops) there are two possible perpetrators mooted to keep everyone distracted. The whole thing seems completely orchestrated to me – show me some compelling evidence of any kind of attack and then I might pay some attention. Of course, one needs to pay attention to what this attack, real or fake, is leading to.

Petra Liverani

Actually, as someone asks in the comments, “How old is the video?” All the pieces were collected, neatly pieced together and labelled by 18 September, 4 days after the alleged attack. Fast work, no? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia-4qH9YUho

Petra Liverani

Aha! So they’ve been collecting the wreckage since 14 May 2019! LOL. Knew there’d be a clear sign of fakery – plus find it hard to believe the low audio is not intentional. https://youtu.be/HFU_u0QZyHo?t=38

Petra Liverani

Just as I was thinking that the pieces look as if they’re set up in a museum I came across this comment, “Those missiles don’t look dirty, or any sign of explosions or fire. Those are from their museums.” Other commenters don’t agree but whether genuine or not it seems a little odd that they’re laid out as if they’re in a museum. https://youtu.be/HFU_u0QZyHo

Petra Liverani

What a chortle they’re having! Presenting the “evidence” as if it’s in a museum with a deliberate misdating of a card as 14 May 2019 that they slowly zoom in on. https://youtu.be/HFU_u0QZyHo?t=34

The commenter who pointed out the anomalous date but doesn’t realise that deliberate screwups are a feature of their psyops said:

If they can’t get their own propaganda right they certainly can’t expect us to believe their claims, can they?

But we do, we still do. We still believe it even when they give us nose cones popping out of the other side of the South tower, Larry saying he said to “pull it”, broadly-smiling grievers and on and on. We still believe it.


This article is confusing since it repeats the disproven claim that Iran was involved in the attack on the Saudi refinery.
It ignores the possession by the Yemeni military of Soviet missiles or that the entire ballistic division of Yemen’s Army stepped away from the Saudi Controlled ‘UN recognised government’ and instead allied with the new Yemeni Armed Forces which was integrated with the Ansar Allah movement.
As we have previously discussed, the weapons used in the refinery attack were the same as the Yemeni Armed Forces displayed at an unveiling several weeks prior to the refinery attack.
The Yemeni designed and built Quds 2 missile utilises the Czech jet engine, whereas there are no known implementations using this engine in Iran’s arsenal.

The Yemen attack is but one example of USukI’s failures in 2019.
As many have noticed already there has been a concerted campaign by US intelligence to create a coup in Iraq, one where a government loyal to amerika saudi & israel will be installed.

b writes about this on the Moon of Alabama.

At present young Iraqis of both major Islamic sects are being persuaded to act against their best interests while furthering the interests of Saudi Arabia, Israel and amerika. The program appears to follow the pattern of previous ‘colour’ revolutions which explains why demonstrators have been encouraged to try and invade the former Green Zone. Not only are current Iraqi government officials to be found there so are the swathes of US stirrers who have planned this coup, being racist amerikan exceptionalists they are far too scared of the wrath of the nation they are trying to subvert to leave the protection of the Green zone.
Anyone who followed the Ukraine kabuki will know that protest ‘leaders’ were having daily meetings with US officials at the US embassy Kiev to receive each day’s instructions. That cannot happen in Iraq where Jo/Joe Blow accessing foreign embassy staff is more difficult.

Too bad, so sad.

George Cornell
George Cornell

“Though I, like many other commentators, am not convinced that the attack had anything to do with Iran, the attack showed that Iran’s weaponry is likely superior to the West’s ability to mount an effective defence.”

Is this some kind of joke?

Petra Liverani

I wondered that myself, George.

George Cornell
George Cornell

Either that or it is raving lunatic paranoia, Petra.


“Though I, like many other commentators, am not convinced that the attack had anything to do with Iran, the attack showed that Iran’s weaponry is likely superior to the West’s ability to mount an effective defence.”

Is this some kind of joke?

No its called wishful thinking – that Russia, China and Iran have superior weapons, that’s the purpose of the Saker, SOTT etc to demoralize us.

Anyway we are told Iran attacked the refinery and that the missiles (or whatever) were not detected and no attempt was made to intercept them before the attack so therefore the Wests defense systems are just not up to the job, a false flag more like just like those limpet mines on the tankers.

George Cornell
George Cornell

It has now become impossible to believe anything about Iran coming from the MSM. It seems all composed and edited with one common theme – Iran is supremely dangerous and must be exterminated. It seems it is the party line of Israel and its subservient glut of American fartcatchers.

But if you can talk the punters into buying this crap you can get military budgets increased and justify another round of regime change. Anyway I fail to see any benefit to Iran from attacking Saudi. I do see benefit for the MIC .


George, I think you nailed that article: Scare mongering; in aid of more funding for Israel’s Armed Force. Shame on Gilad Atzmon for helping (wittingly or unwittingly) to disseminate Alarm and Despondency in a bad cause.

George Cornell
George Cornell

Yes how can they manage on that shoestring budget of 1.2 trillion!? Not to mention the unaccountable Pentagon trillions.