What “community standards” did this comment breach? #22

The following comment – sent in to us by a reader – was censored by The Guardian. Which of the well-publicised CiF “community standards” did it breach?

Removed comment, posted under the Guardian story on the most recent “Politics Live” blog on Friday 29th of November:

And the gap where it used to be:

….or at least, that’s what would usually go here. But, in this instance, the Guardian mods felt the comment was so dangerous, it had to be totally expunged from the record.

There’s no trace it ever existed, except our website. That’s what we’re here for. Screencap your comments folks.

So: Which of the Guardian’s “community standards” did this comment break?

  • Did it? “misrepresent the Guardian and its journalists”?
  • Is it “persistent trolling or mindless abuse”?
  • Is it “spam-like”? Or “obviously commercial”?
  • Is it “racism, sexism, homophobia or hate-speech”?
  • Is it “extremely offensive or threatening?”?
  • Is it “flame-wars based on ingrained partisanship or generalisations”?
  • Is it not “relevant”?

If none of the above – why was it taken down?

See our archive of censored comments. And if you see any egregious examples of the Guardian censoring its “free” comment sections – email us at [email protected], and send us screen caps if possible


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