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Consider this a catch-all discussion thread on the UK General Election 2019.

A few readers have been asking in email and in the comments why we aren’t running daily campaign updates on this, ‘the most important election in decades’, or ‘the most important election of the century’, or since time began or whatever hyperbolic descriptive being used.

The answer to that is simple. We don’t think it is the most important election since any of the above.

We think that mantle goes to 2017, when, if Corbyn’s Labour Party had won (and they nearly did) it would potentially have significantly changed the face of UK, European and maybe even world politics.

You can tell this potential was there because the Establishment at that time united across its entire spectrum to denounce Corbyn & Labour as dangerous and unelectable. No equivocations (or barely any). Just wall to wall hate and fear porn.

Contrast with now. Take off your blinders and just see the diff.

The Guardian in 2019 running ambiguous ‘maybe it’s time for a change’ pieces, and even pro-Corbyn pieces from some of its resident Blairites who were all hating on Corbyn or rooting for the LibDems two years ago.

We even have articles in The Financial Times suggesting Corbyn might be the best choice after all.

The recent “leaked” documents, on both Brexit and the NHS, have certainly been a boon to Labour. Though some sections of the establishment claim it was “the Russians” (a warning Labour should heed – Russiabaiting is a two-edged sword), the more likely explanation is that was other sections of the establishment, keen (for whatever reason) to give Labour a bit of ammunition.

Some of you might think this means the Establishment had a change of heart and likes socialism now.

If that’s helping you feel engaged and optimistic then sure – you go with that.

Others – OffG included – suggest what we’re looking at are clear signs Labour has capitulated on some vital issues, offered assurances to key people on key questions that make the Establishment feel able to back them as a safe alternative to the wildly unpopular Tories.

One key difference, of course, is that back in 2017 Labour were still committed to honouring the 2016 referendum result and taking the UK out of the European Union. Now they have – for reasons no doubt good to them – all but signed up to Remain.

This will, of course, make them more appealing to the very powerful pro-EU faction in the Establishment.

And as an added bonus, if Labour does get in on its current ‘Remain in all but name’ policy it will very likely render itself constitutionally unable to enforce its own manifesto of re-nationalisation, since EU laws expressly forbid any such ‘monopoly’ move (although this is a matter of debate).

That’s probably a nice reassurance for the chaps at the FT too.

Then there’s the much-touted “Green New Deal”, an issue at the heart of the neo-liberal agenda and which seeks to corporatise the environmental movement and net the wealthy elite billions of pounds in taxpayer’s money.

And of course, Labour has been demonstrating for a while its utter preparedness to go along with mainstream imperialist narratives on many aspects of foreign policy.

It leapt in eagerly to ‘condemn’ Russia’s perfectly legal military presence in Syria, and – like any good US poodle – made no attempt to distinguish between it and NATO’s utterly illegal invasion. Corbyn was also quick to buy into the totally data-free and implausible ‘Russia poisoned the Skripals’ narrative.

Not to mention the Labour luminaries clamouring for the release of the “Russia report” about how the Kremlin “interfered in the Brexit referendum”, and xenophobically decrying the “dirty Russian money” behind the Conservatives. (In this, Corbyn’s party have acquired some strange allies).

The FCO at least must be assured a Labour government will be on message for most of its future anti-Russ agenda.

All this – and any amount of other negotiating behind the scenes, of which we currently know nothing – could explain why Labour is currently getting a much easier time from the mainstream than it did last time.

Granted, there is much to support in Labour’s manifesto: re-nationalisation programmes (supposing they are possible), more money for schools and the NHS, scrapping tuition fees. If asked, we would have to tell anyone to vote Labour as, at least, the least bad option.

But realistically we have to acknowledge that the above issues do not bode well for any future Labour government being much more than a watered-down exercise in Blairism, with a sidelined Corbyn as its purely nominal head.

Is this the intended outcome? Or is the establishment hedging their bets in the hopes of a hung parliament, with a cross-party ‘government of national emergency’ taking us just a bit further down the road toward fascism?

There’s no denying “hung parliament” meme is certainly getting a LOT of coverage. See here, and here).

Another reason OffG has done relatively little coverage of the day-to-day of the campaign is that so little of any value has actually been said. This “most important election” is marred by a total disregard for the idea of rational debate, and complete collapse into binary factionalism.

Talk of policy is banished to the shadows, replaced with the ridiculous back-and-forth of identity politics and smears.

Sure, a few Labour die-hards talk of pensions and schools, but mostly we hear about “antisemitism” on the one hand and “Islamophobia” on the other. Corbyn didn’t listen to the Queen’s speech, Johnson said something rude about burqas. Corbyn is a commie, Johnson a Nazi.

Can the “most important election” be defined and decided by tabloid headlines? Should it be?

In the end, just to clarify – before we’re inevitably accused of being “anti-Labour” (since binary thinking is the mode du jour) – We do agree Labour are probably the only choice. Generally speaking, things are more likely to improve with them in charge. They, at least, have a few ideas and some kind of desire to at least try and change things for ordinary people.

Sadly, it looks as if they may be handed the reins of power, only on the understanding that under no circumstances should they try to steer.

Feel free to disagree wildly with all of the above in the comments below. Give us your own opinions. We’ll be keeping this on the front-page until polling day.

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Jenni Sinclair
Jenni Sinclair

Wasn’t the 2017 Conference agreement to go for a GE and the last option was to seek a second referendum. Labour Party doing what the members agreed at conference not ‘capitulating to the establishment’. Get a grip.


JC could have defended himself better from the lying Tory scum but think he seriously couldn’t believe they’d lie so much and sink that low, neither could I. His intellect, understanding, nuance and beautiful ethics have seriously stood out in this election, i’ll be gobmacked if they don’t carry him over the line tomorrow.

If they don’t we’ll know the election has been rigged, we know he has rock star status anywhere he goes, people love him, polls saying he is unpopular are false. Let’s hope we get a true result tomo, if JC doesn’t win, it’s rigged.


A bit of a xmas ad from Jezza
A cross between Grandad & JohnLewis


Ahhhhhh … now get out and VOTE you scamps.


That is gorgeous Dungroanin, cheers for the post =)


I see an example of the danger I was gonna post on already in this thread.
My point is if Johnson & the creepy tories win, the NHS promises etc., are certain to go out the door even if Johnso hadn planned on implementing them, on the specious grounds “That those euros have done us over and there is barely enough money for the rich let alone the poor.” Johnson’s carpet bagger allies are incapale of getting england outta the EU in a manner beneficial to the england economy as the need to gold plate the few will supercede the need to feed the many.

When that happens there will be a massive backlash during which the drongos, many of whom prolly voted for the tories but no longer admit it, will shift from “Corbyn should have won” to “Labour was robbed, all that bullshit about anti semitism, once again we see those jews protecting their bankers and diamond monopolies. The jews, all of ’em robbed us”.
The best propaganda contains a half truth. I have no doubt that some of the leaders of the “Corbyn is an anti-semitic” eg Margeret Hodge, are motivated by fear, fear that a genuinely socialist leaning government will put a stop to corporate welfare and billionaire tax dodging.

So they are cranking up the lies about antisemitism. Most jews have no such concern and are getting played by the likes of Hodge by leaning on leaders of Jewish charities Hodge & co support to reinforce the anti semite tosh.

When the shit hits the fan, hospitals are closed or privatised, rail companies are delivering an even worse unsafe & unreliable service, Hodge and co will be fine, they will simply hire extra security etc., but any hard grafting cabbie who fell for the anti-semite schtick will become an easy target for the angry mob .

The problem isn’t anti-semitism now, if one subtracts the valid but sometimes poorly expressed concerns of brits for the horrors being wreaked upon the people of Occupied Palestine, anti-semitism is infintesimal right now.

That will change once people are faced with the reality of a Johnson-led tory carve up and picnic, because as I said above, many will blame the lies about Mr Corbyn’s alleged anti-semitism for the Labour loss and some of those will take that blame the extra step into race hatred.

The media may try to characterise ’em as ‘labour sympathisers’ When they mostly come from, that courtesy of the media, larger than it should be segment of the electorate best labelled ‘more than a little confused’.


The bookies still have the Torys with incredible odds-on, can’t lose bets…


Whilst putting various Labour connotations at best at 10 to 1.

This is all complete rollocks. The bookies have obviously been nobbled, just like the opinion polls.

It’s all so corrupt it’s beyond belief.

On Friday the 13th we will either awake to a Tory Dickensian theme park, or else Corbyn as prime minister (which is still my bet).


Bookies don’t lose.
They balance the money bet against money potentially paid out.

All it means is that a LOT of money is being bet on a tory win.

Who has LOTS of money to spend in this election?

It is designed to make people think Labour WILL lose so don’t bother VOTING for the LOSER.


If you are betting type the odds mean it’s worth a bet and arbitraging to cover that bet with the opposite bet.

Actual professional bettors will be coining it.

That does not matter to the bookies who will make money anyway.

It obviously doesn’t matter to the bettors who will lose – they are playing a bigger game.


Finaly, an article with deasent coments, all hail to the people, from BigB to HarryS, to mention some few, but what we really need is an good debate, not an dead beating contest, I am a bit tired of them my self.

But in this times people argue from their poits of referances, when it comes to Remian or leave to the AGWs new mantra the Grean deal, witch is basically the same people doing different things, but never the less the same club, just redifing the direction we are heading and redefining what we are seeing.
I give you an analogy.
I grew up in an place that when I was an child was really nice, wdie open plains with an high diversity of plants, and life in general, to what it is to day, where the nature is gone thru over population of half domesticated animals aka raindeers, and fjords decimated by industrial fishing.
Instead of admitting any of this, regarding what some claim is to preserve biodiversity, to make shure that out plains regain its former glory and plenty, nobody is willing to do anything, this goes again to fishing and life in the sea, where everybody agrees and have them selfs expirienced the downfall as on the plains, but nobody is admitting anything because they want others to do something, not them.
And then comes the blame game, and in the mean time, time goes, nothing substancial is done and the decline is continuing and when the decline comes to an certain point, the temop shoots up the pace, and the decline acselerates and is making the life on this two arenas more and more difficould and diversity is also declining and we end up with lesser and lesser speacies, and even then, everybody whines but nobody is willing to do anything.

Then comes the political created scam called AGW, and on top of it, they drool something about biodiversity, and all we read is the scare about Carbon aka CO2. And then the people in this comunitys are in it because of the climate change, and instead of admitting the decline before this scam came along they gling to this AGW nonsense as the reason for the decline in the flora witch life on land depends on and like wise in the sea, and nothing happens other than a new field of debating what to do, and we end up with whining about some few areas where there is population, maybe even industry, mining, witch all takes an minimum of space, in an wast region, and all the focus ends up in an verbal fight to do something about this regions while the large one is stil in decline because the fndamentals arent debated, at all, namely to much raindeers.
And the same people runs Quad bikes, all over the plains, and one quad bike, running over mires, dries them up and kills the biodiversity that was in this places since it desimated their need for water and the moisture that an more provides for an range of creatures and insects, and others that feeds upon this, etc, and we have an down ward spiral, and that is ruining wast regions, and now they have become as close its possible to be an desert in the artics, and if you hear an so called raindeer herder whine, people I have no respect for, because most of them are f…. liars, and is not and will never admit their own life and their herds are The problem, not what some roads or mines are doing, since this are minute, because of the space they take, while the other issue is the entire region.
I can imagine how some regions of Africa is devestated, where they claim its due to climate, and that results in desertification, but what they dont talk about is the true reason, humans whom isnt taking their own actions into consideration over time that it indeed have an impackt of the region.
Then we have all the AGW religions scams like biofuel, soyabeans, etc, and fishfarms are heavy into soya, etc and corn where 50% is going into other issues but food and some whine about food shortages witch I claim is an flat out lie, the problem is political and created by corruptions, like the cutting down of rainforests not only in Brazil but elswhere to, like Indonesia etc, etc.

The problem is how to trust, whom speaks the truth, what to expect when we are feed lies, distorted realitys, created by people whom have an perseption where they only think about them selfs, ignoring even their own region, and to even think the EU is democratic is just another fallacy, its as far I know, nowhere near, simply because local self goverment isnt alowed, they say what we shall do and direct this to regions where and to whom we have nothing to do with other than observing the effect it have on the local comunitys, and this goes to a lott of issues as the explosion of violence, and the effect of wars.
I agree with BigB, we are on an downward spiral, noot because of the llack of warnings, but the lack of democrasy and self deremination over local resources, and all this, witch we suffering under comes from central regions witch knows little or nothing about the rest oof the land and its peoples problems.
The constant and last decades poltical hesit about centralising everything to larger units have in an nation as Norway desimated the outer regions, vilages go dark, when there is nothing to give the young ones an future, when everything they educate them for is removed to large citys.
I dont eve blame them, but the cost of centralisiation is questionable, but its been never the less the matra thru decades of both sides politics and economic issues, and somehow everything gets more expenvice, and the what we get is makeing it harder for those that tries to make an living outside the larger citys.

And then the EU is just the same but in an larger scale, the effect is the same, their economic policy is insane, and have to this day, thru shooting feets of them self managed to create an downfall, thru expsnces and sanctions, and austeritys.
And then we have the people whom is fighting for an expancion of what I define as legalized plundering, aka neo-liberalism, the leaks should scare you, because if this is the future you will get something much worse than what you already have.

I am afrid the future looks bleak, not to be pessimistic, but of what I already encounters, and to an future of whats to come, mainly where nothing is done, just some few areas of witch have more or less nothing to do with enviroment nor biodiversity or polution, but an centralised economy and larger and larger units controlling what little we have left, instead of doing something, they just leave it to be dust, and like Norway, despite that a lot of us sees the same, we simply cant do jack shit, its hard to say it, but the only chanse we have is to make shure we elect the right people and right now, its hard to say witch is worst/best, Bozo the Clown or GoreBin.
To be ruled by outsiders or rule your own land and control over the resources.
And regarding the Rabbis, give them an inch, and they will take an mile, you blinked and they will never lett that go, how easy it was to sell your soul and to destry the future of an nation, by droppin on your knees for an people whom is saying one thing and do something else.
Do as we say, not was we do.
Tsk, tsk, tsk, this wil come and bits your asses, Brits.



Trump wants less US money spend on European defense: ok, close down >90% of US bases in Europe: win -win. Except that the US Mil-complex doesn’t like less fixed sales.


Influential Corbyn-supporting Facebook page run by Hamas
The “We Support Jeremy Corbyn” Facebook page, which has 72,000 members, was run from the Gaza strip from 2017 until recently.


Corbyn wants to immediately recognize a Palestinian state, so why wouldn’t they return Labour the favour? Its all about the UK right ????


To be fair and for the sake of balance, let us look at ‘foreign interference’ in British politics


Ah yes … Shai and Joan. They might have some difficulty in remaining anonymous .


That story comes from Tazpit Press Service as I’m sure you know. Sadly TPS couldn’t provide any tangible evidence to support it. ” A source in the strip who wished to remain anonymous told TPS “Abu Rouk serves Hamas’ information campaign and is guided by it.”

That’s it … pathetic don’t you agree ?


Maybe Off-G wants to look at the desperate polls? Maybe ADMIN may even consider posting this as an article? It has many links so would be grateful if you can post it at the top when you approve it. Thankyou mod.


I posted this a while ago Richard Murphy put it on his site. I do so again to try and help us understand wtf they are doing.


Additionally I came across useful studies that explain the why? & the how? Of the fake polls.

1. Why? – it seems close polls INCREASE turnout.

So the purpose of the Opinium/YouGove/Survation type gross distortion is to LOWER the turnout.

It is good to get that proof.

2. How? – it is the self selected group of recipients and their repeat inclusion, and ‘secret’ weighting formulae by the pollsters that delivers that result.

‘A extremely essential and timely piece of research by Thiemo Fetzer (University of Warwick) illustrates some of the technical issues that arise using the example of the British Election Study, which is an important point of reference for much UK political science research. The analysis suggests that repeat participation in the BES panel may systematically skew the implied Leave/ Remain split in favour of Leave. ‘
I ask one further question that has been nagging at me for months – why try and lower the turnout?

The only reason I can think of is that it makes it easier to ‘fix’ the result.

Ballot stuffing – the lower the turnout the fewer fake ballots needed to skew the outcome; and so the lower the chance of being caught out by a suspiciously higher turnout!

It’s my theory, I have no proof of the illegality, just this circumstancial evidence, that the vector for the ballot stuffing is postal votes:-

Who the hell are Idox?

They are a part of this Borg setup:

‘Godin co-founded CGI (short for Conseillers en Gestion et Informatique, later freely translated as Consulting to Government and Industry) in 1976 with André Imbeau, who has kept a relatively low profile during his career at the company (the long-time CFO is now vice-chairman).’

‘But the company’s influence extends even farther. Through a multitude of contracts with the RCMP, Canada’s Department of National Defence, the U.S. Department of Homeland Defense and all three branches of the U.S. military, CGI has become deeply embedded in the overt and covert activities that governments direct against enemies throughout the world.’


Until the detailed data is handed over by the Electoral Commission and examined by scientific methods and experts – you may want to consider me a conspiracy theorist – when I say that was how the brexit referendum was ‘fixed’ (and i think the Scottish one too), going by the suspiciously high turnout in certain counting areas – in excess of 80% even in some. The ‘cover’ for that was the supposed Billion FB targeted adverts timed for the postal votes going out! As they are saying again is happening at this election now.

Can we rely on the supposed integrity of the privatised Electoral Commission at such a crucial election without independent oversight?

Chris Rogers

I think you’d have been better posting Craig Murray’s last two Blog posts, which, if correct, put the Tories at 42/43% of the vote, same as 2017, this is still higher than what Labour are probably Polling in reality, alas, we still have the issue of where disgruntled traditional voters are peeling off too, if soft-Tories/Shy-Tories are going to vote elsewhere, or abstain, will the Brexit Party voters be peeling off to the Tories, or again abstaining, and that’s before we focus on Scotland & Wales with their nationalist Parties, both of which happen to be Remain, which complicates the mix further.

By what I’ve personally witnessed in a very typical traditional Labour Constituency in South Wales Labour won’t achieve 50% of the cast vote as it did in 2017 and is unlikely to gain the two seats we could have also won in 2017 had resources been freed up sooner – co-ordination being very poor for the first two weeks. So, its down to Scotland, our only hope being many North of the Border vote SNP, which, may gift us another hung Parliament judging by the collapse in the LibDem vote.

Anyhow, I’m now getting most depressed at all of this, deflated actually after pushing for 4 long years for a Corbyn-led Government. And if he loses, I won’t blame the media, i won’t blame the Electorate, I’ll place the blame where it squarely belongs, with the PLP itself, much of which is opposed to a traditional Labour Party as we had in the 70’s and early 80s.


Chris , Craig Murray is going through the same exercise I did in my first link and pointing to the fake 42% number.

The polling co’s have not been releasing their raw data numbers.

And right on cue the Groaniad publishes a snapshot of the latest ICM poll – still showing a substantial tory lead!

But no link to their data set.

ICM website itself is only going up to their previous poll!

Tell me they aren’t playing fast and loose

Meanwhile enjoy Bozo pocketing a ITV reporters phone instead of looking at a photo of a child in a hospital floor!

Cummings defends by suddenly inventing the abolition of TV licence charge !
LauraKoftheCIA spins it to some fake report of Han ocks aide being assaulted by ‘Labour activists’ based on NO evidence.
She/BBC don’t show footage of bizo the clowns panic and grabbing of the reporters phone and tries to defend the PM by suggesting he had an innocent brain fart.
Peston tries to minimise their OWN reporters scoop
Haw Haw Mair on LBC ignores it completely! And tries to divert with the ‘flawed election system’.

The wheels on the bus go flying off, flying off, flying off.

No Pasaran!

Chris Rogers

Well, whatever happens, my Mother is casting my Proxy Vote for me and that will only go one way, namely, Labour, as will both my parents votes, I take it our next door neighbours will also vote Labour, both kids heavily in debt with University fees and neither able to get full-time jobs. I’m aware Labour’s posts votes from my own peer group in Wales (all post 40), however, unaware of any Tories changing Parties as not one to associate with Tories – the few UKIP voters I know, God knows how they’ll vote, but I’d imagine they actually won’t bother – Torfaen is not in the Valley’s though and the Valley’s Brexit vote was far higher than in my own Constituency – the folks I know down at Cardiff University have run the numbers and believe Labour’s on course to lose seats in Wales, which is why I’m now fully depressed about this bloody election.


It ain’t over till it’s over!

If I can get my hands on the ICM raw data tonight- i may even sit down at a computer and fire up spreadsheet to try find any truth it may contain.

This time in 2017 it was being reported as a 15% deficit i daw it as 3% – it ended up at 2.5%.

Should I ignore the numbers this time and accept the ‘reporting’?

Anyway here is a bit of venting, can’t wait for what he’ll do with todays tory shitfest.



Climategate centered around the UK’s UEA: a long institutional experience in manipulating un-shared raw data, all for the “Good Cause”.
Albion in the lead again, after 8 decades.

Frank Speaker
Frank Speaker

DG, you should submit your piece for consideration as an article to the email address shown in OffG contacts. I doubt that the editors churn through all our comments and may not notice your request.

Clive F
Clive F

I thought…. judging by some of the latest ‘news’ that we are still being bombarded with, about Corbyn, that he is, both, a commie and a nazi.

But my constituency Labour MP, Clive Lewis, who used to be on CND national council, and is funded by the pro-nuclear GMB union, and failed to vote against Trident renewal, then told us that he had to fail to vote against it because he is a ‘multilateralist’ (yet still hasn’t signed the multilateral ICAN Parliamentary Pledge in support of the multilateral UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons) has now informed us that he has talked Jeremy Corbyn out of his anti-Trident commitment by saying “look Jeremy, do you really want to go against the power of the unions?”

Now the Labour manifesto threatens to “renew Trident” if Labour are elected. I suspect that must be rather pleasing to the warmonger British Establishment, too – even if they do want us to think he is a commie-nazi.


And one further egregious example of BBC skullduggery was spotted.

‘A newspaper editor’s frank account of Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘rock star’ popularity ‘wherever he turns up’ and his ‘prime ministerial’ status astonishingly made it into the 10.30pm newspaper review. By the 11.30pm review, the article in question was not discussed at all’


Yes – lets be digging up that spaffing rose garden Cameron/Clegg dogging spot and transfer Corbyns allotment there – he needs to be near the office and keep an eye in the weeds.


And while I’m here here is a US msm view on getting their hands on NHS money …yum yum – feed me!

‘The United States has publicly declared that it would demand not only that its companies have “full market access” to the United Kingdom, but also that “government regulatory reimbursement regimes are transparent.” That would likely mean a provision allowing US drug companies to have a greater say in how the United Kingdom values medicines for the NHS, similar to one included in the US trade deal with South Korea last year.



If the UK votes that lying piece of slime, Boris Johnson, into office, it will be a very, very sad day for this nation. A seriously depressing, dystopian future will be the reality. Not a grain of hope in sight. Friday 13th December (hello Satan!) will be a day of mourning, nothing to celebrate.

It’s a choice between a good man and a total fraud, and these idiots are about to choose the fraud. Use your vote wisely and end this madness. Brexit is nothing but a con.

A senior British diplomat in the US has quit with a blast at the UK government over Brexit, saying she could no longer “peddle half-truths” on behalf of political leaders she did not “trust.”

Alexandra Hall Hall, the lead envoy for Brexit in the British Embassy in Washington, said that she had become increasingly dismayed by the demands placed on the British civil service to deliver messages on Brexit which were not “fully honest.” Research this.

Those 5G masts going up everywhere, right outside your house, irradiating you and your kids to illness and an early grave. White light everywhere from the streetlights and cars, slowly making you blind and messing with your biology on a grand scale. Poisonous food supply. You’re gonna get loads more of that, instead of the brilliant idea of free fibre optics for all, a grand Labour vision indeed. Stupid Brits just don’t get it. They actively encourage, defend and endorse their own slaughter, slow kill Boris has got a lovely 5G package for you, reactor-ready, and the Brits are licking their lips at the prospect.

Weaponized air. Weaponized lights. Weaponized food. Weaponized water. Weaponized clothing. Weaponized household goods. Weaponized everything you consume. Wake the fuck up!

When Brexit actually goes through, there will be no celebrations, it will be another day of mourning. This is the truth, Britain, it’s a fucking horrible future you are teeing up.

Divide and rule yes, but it’s confuse and rule as well. This is another one of their many black-magic tricks.

Britain is a nation of liars, it’s all they know. The people here have serious truth issues. This is why they are comfortable voting for this utter cunt, because he’s just like them, full of shit. How can any decent person vote for him?

Can you imagine the UK becoming more corporate than it already is? Yuk! Truly vomit-worthy.

A track befitting of a Tory win – Lucifers Hymn | Choir


Ho ho ho… The minions are revolting

‘When supporters of Boris Johnson say: he achieved what so many claimed was impossible: he got EU to renegotiate #Brexit deal therefore he can also get an EU trade deal done by December next year although many say unlikely .. It’s important to remember the red line PM crossed.. /1

He didn’t get the new Brexit deal by bullying/impressing/charming the EU. He got it by agreeing to protect their single market on island of Ireland after Brexit by putting a customs border down the Irish Sea. Allowing a ‘division’ between NIreland + GB he’d pledged never to do /2

Of course the EU also engaged with Boris Johnson because they believed that he – as a political figure – had a better chance of selling a deal back home to MPs than Theresa May ever had – BUT have a chat in EU circles .. /3

And you’ll hear the only way Johnson really has chance of getting bare bones FTA with EU done and dusted by Christmas next year is if he crosses his own red lines again and gives in to EU concerns ie. level playing field regulations and allowing EU fishing rights in UK waters /4

Getting it done seemed of more importance to Johnson with the #Brexit deal than keeping his word about the union and avoiding a dividing line down the Irish Sea. How might it be with an EU trade deal? Would he give up ‘control’ and ‘sovereignty’ for a quick deal by December? /5

Remember if he signs up to ongoing alignment with EU environmental, labour, state aid competition rules etc after Brexit, then where’s the national sovereignty he promised voters? And if he doesn’t sign on the dotted line, then negotiations with the EU are bound to take longer /6

Then again, if he did keep U.K. close to EU, then Brexit-related divisions between NIreland and the rest of UK would diminish as the EU need for controls/checks/paperwork to keep an eye on what’s coming in or going out of their single market/customs territory would decrease /7

It all comes down to not being able to have your cake and eat it. Those trade-offs so many politicians seem very reluctant to come clean about /8

This is why Katya is a better class of journalist than most on the BBC, as she tells it how it is!!
Could learn a lot from this lady! 👍🏻😎

Bob Rurley
Katya is facing disciplinary action as we speak


This US run club should have been abolished in 1992 after the Warsaw Pact died in 1991. With president George H. W. Bush -ex-CIA director- the US didn’t didn’t. The CIA was surprised by the fall of the Berlin Wall, but this failed mafia managed to keep its secret dominance through this POTUS of their own.
Europa had no clue and was just grateful for the new Europe: Germany even made a quick blunder incorporation of East Germany out of surprise.


Sorry, wrongly placed.


Off Guardian is way off the mark with this piece.

Mostly because France has been in an open state of revolt since January 2016 (that’s almost four years ago, folks).

The ‘yellow vests’ are just the latest incantation of this.

None of this gets reported, or talked about; and certainly not on this board.

The tides of revolution are all around us, but none of it ever gets mentioned.


“Hung parliament edging us closer to fascism”
Are we not already there! Lo Stato Corporato. a phrase first coined by Benitto Mussolini in 1919. the Corporate State.
Ever since Corbyn took the helm of the Labour party anglo-zionist and Blairites where on a war path and white aunting Corbyn’s paradigm from day one. If the legacy media are giving Corbyn favourable coverage it is plain as day light that a pact has been made with the plutocratic and oligarchical class.
The next move of the elites will be in commodifying the environment. With the advent of 5G network this will further the nail in our dying western system . Then they will eliminate cash and digitalize money which will further our Orwellian night mare.
Post Scriptum: The mere fact that Brexit has not happened only proves that democracy died with Socrates. Pure insult to any one with a scintilla of grey matter . Referendum results only get approved when it suits the elites. Greece anyone under Tsapiris.


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Something else, in the current climate, u can’t get power and get the opportunity to change to change things in the current climate, if u tell the truth, which is why JC and Tulsi are cautious. Say what u can but don’t burn ur boats to power, where u can seriously change things.

I totally agree with them!


Galloway has completely called this one wrong (but please still vote for him if you’re in West Brom)…


Love him or hate him, we need people like George Galloway in parliament.

We do not need creatures like Bojo.


Sadly i;m not but i love George too and totally understand why he feels gutted with JC.

Currently, it needs a disgusting, long game atm to get anywhere approaching power, George, Ken etc feel hurt now but hopefully there will be a gr8 endgame.


Cesca, the story of Jeremy Corbyn is one of the most incredible stories in modern politics.

If Corbyn becomes prime mister this coming week – and I believe that will happen – it will become even more incredible.

At this point the psychopaths who rule us will no doubt assassinate Corbyn.

At that point we might need to do ‘the French thing’.


I’ve got a feeling quite a lot of journalists will be fearing the madame if things go that way.

Chris Rogers


Regrettably, as I’ve detailed here from personal experience in my own Constituency of Torfaen, Galloway has not called it wrong, indeed, he’s stated the best Labour can hope for is a minority government in alliance with the SNP – he’s detailed the peeling off of Labour Traditional Voters (working class) to the Tories, and within my own Working Class peer group in South Wales this is exactly what has happened, numerous non-political and Labour voters annoyed at Labour over Brexit and many other issues of a local nature – when even my own MP is at risk of losing his seat in a Constituency that’s been Labour since the 1920’s, then the party is at risk of losing 5 seats in Wales come Thursday, one of which is down the road from where I live when resident in Wales, which is once every five weeks.


Galloway has called for a world wide ban for anyone who doesn’t except the given view on the so called holocaust, why George is this the only war we’re not allowed to talk about, what happened to free speech George, and why didn’t you work it up the other louse , Sugar , when you had the opportunity of doing so over his ridiculous claim about the boring antisemitism he made against you which lead to you being sacked from talk sport