DISCUSS: Exit Polls and Election Results

The polls are closed, and the exit polls are in, and apparently Labour has had a terrible day. The story taking shape is that Brexit, over everything else, was the deciding factor.

The first results show Blyth Valley, a Labour safe seat since 1950, has turned blue. Over Brexit. It will be the first of many. That’s allegedly what the exit polls are saying.

But can Exit Polls be relied upon? No one at OffGuardian has ever been included in an exit poll, or knows anyone that has. It’s possible they are invented, or at least manipulated.

It’s still only early, but right now this result makes very little sense to us.

As always, discuss below.

  • Are these exit polls accurate?
  • If so, what hurt Labour in the polls?
  • Does the projected result really seem believable?
  • …have any of our readers ever been in an exit poll?


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