The Right to Healthy Food: Poisoned with Pesticides

Colin Todhunter

Environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason has just written an open letter addressed to three senior officials in Britain: John Gardiner, Under Secretary of State for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the British government; Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer for England; and Chris Wormald, Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health and Social Security.

Her letter focuses on the issue of food and the herbicide glyphosate. But the issues she discusses should not be regarded as being specific to the situation in Britain: they apply equally to countries across the world which are facilitating the interests of global agrochemicals conglomerates.

For instance, according to a September 2019 report in the New York Times, ‘A Shadowy Industry Group Shapes Food Policy Around the World’, the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) has been quietly infiltrating government health and nutrition bodies. The article lays bare ILSI’s influence on the shaping of high-level food policy globally, not least in India and China.

Accused of being little more than a front group for its 400 corporate members that provide its $17 million budget, ILSI’s members include Coca-Cola, DuPont, PepsiCo, General Mills and Danone. The report says ILSI has received more than $2 million from chemical companies, among them Monsanto. In 2016, a UN committee issued a ruling that glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup, was “probably not carcinogenic,” contradicting an earlier report by the WHO’s cancer agency. The committee, it turned out, was led by two ILSI officials.

And this brings us to Rosemary Mason’s letter.

In it, she describes how she established a very successful nature reserve in South Wales, which attracted huge numbers of insects, two bat species and many swallows, house martins and swifts. She says that it was miraculous. But disaster soon followed.

In 2011, the local council was asked to attempt to destroy Japanese Knotweed using the glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup.  Japanese Knotweed had become resistant to Roundup in the 1980s. That meant that however much of the chemical was sprayed, it was impossible to kill it; the plant just grew bigger and stronger. Between 2012 and 2017, Mason notes that the number of insects on her reserve began to decline. It ultimately became a wildlife desert.

Mason asks:

Monsanto, the British government and the UK and EU regulators say that glyphosate is safer than table salt. But would table salt kill all these insects that we recorded in our photo-journals or cause apocalyptic declines globally?”

She adds that the invertebrates in her nature reserve were poisoned. But that was only the half of it:

My neurologist concluded that I had developed a toxic neurodegenerative disorder secondary to long-term exposure to glyphosate-based herbicides.”

Mason proceeds to outline the cosy relationship between the agrochemicals sector, Cancer Research UK and the British government, the result of which is to promote a disease narrative that diverts attention from the effects of toxic agrochemicals and place the blame on individual lifestyle behaviour, choice of diet and alcohol consumption. She asks:

Where is the scientific evidence for this?”

Aside from the government’s collusion with pesticides manufacturers, Mason says the corporate media, most notably in Britain, are silent about pesticides that are poisoning the public:

They haven’t informed the British people about the trials involving Roundup in the US. Bayer estimates that there are currently more than 42,000 plaintiffs alleging that exposure to Monsanto’s Roundup and other glyphosate-based herbicides made by Monsanto caused them or their loved ones to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In the UK, there were 13,605 new cases of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in 2015 (and 4,920 deaths in 2016).”

Mason refers to Robert F Kennedy Jr, one of the US attorney’s fighting Bayer (which bought Monsanto). He says that Monsanto told Bayer that a $270-million set-aside would cover all its outstanding liabilities arising from Monsanto’s 5,000 Roundup cancer lawsuits. However, Bayer never saw certain internal Monsanto documents prior to the purchase.

Kennedy explains that for four decades Monsanto manoeuvred to conceal Roundup’s carcinogenicity by capturing regulatory agencies, corrupting public officials, bribing scientists and engaging in scientific fraud to delay its day of reckoning.

He adds that Monsanto also faces cascading scientific evidence linking glyphosate to a constellation of other injuries that have become prevalent since its introduction, including obesity, depression, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, autism, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, brain, breast and prostate cancer, miscarriage, birth defects and declining sperm counts.

Moreover, strong science suggests glyphosate is the culprit in the exploding epidemics of celiac disease, colitis, gluten sensitivities, diabetes and non-alcoholic liver cancer which, for the first time, is attacking children as young as 10.

Whether as a weed killer or as a desiccant to dry oats and wheat immediately before harvest, farmers have been spraying Roundup directly on food. Roundup sales rose dramatically to 300 million pounds annually in the US, with farmers spraying enough to cover every tillable acre in the country with a gallon of Roundup.

Glyphosate now accounts for about 50% of all herbicide use in the US. About 75% of use has occurred since 2006, with the global glyphosate market projected to reach $11.74 billion by 2023.

Kennedy asserts that never in history has a chemical been used so pervasively: glyphosate is in our air, water, plants, animals, grains, vegetables and meats. And it’s in beer and wine, children’s breakfast cereal and snack bars and mother’s breast milk. It’s even in our vaccines.

And yet, in the UK, as Mason explains, the Department of Health says pesticides are not its concern. None of the more than 400 pesticides that have been authorised in the UK have been tested for long-term actions on the brain; in the foetus, the child or the adult. But perhaps that’s to be expected: between May 2010 and the end of 2013, the Department of Health alone had 130 meetings with representatives of the agri-food industry.

Mason then says that the Department of Health’s School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme has residues of 123 different pesticides, some of which are linked to serious health problems such as cancer and disruption of the hormone system. Moreover, the scientific community has little understanding about the complex interaction of different chemicals in what is termed the ‘cocktail’ effect.

The effects of these toxins carry through to adulthood. Mason discusses the deleterious effects of glyphosate on the gut microbiome. Glyphosate disrupts the shikimate pathway within these gut bacteria and is a strong chelator of essential minerals, such as cobalt, zinc, manganese, calcium, molybdenum and sulphate. In addition, it kills off beneficial gut bacteria and allows toxic bacteria to flourish. She adds that we are facing a global metabolic health crisis provoked by an obesity epidemic linked to glyphosate.

Gut bacteria are vitally important to our well-being. Many key neurotransmitters are located in the gut. Aside from affecting the functioning of major organs, these transmitters affect our moods and thinking. Findings published in the journal Translational Psychiatry in 2014 provided strong evidence that gut bacteria can have a direct physical impact on the brain. Alterations in the composition of the gut microbiome have been implicated in a wide range of neurological and psychiatric conditions, including autism, chronic pain, depression and Parkinson’s Disease.

Mason then proceeds to provides evidence that shows that Britain (and the US) is in the midst of a barely reported public health crisis.

She refers to a letter written in 2013 by the late Marion Copley (US EPA toxicologist) to her colleague Jess Rowland. She accused Rowland of conniving with Monsanto to bury the agency’s own hard scientific evidence that it is “essentially certain” that glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer, causes cancer. The date of the letter comes after Copley left the EPA in 2012 and shortly before she died from breast cancer at the age of 66 in January 2014:

Jess, Since I left the agency with cancer [breast] I have studied the tumor process extensively… based on my decades of pathology experience. Glyphosate was originally designed as a chelating agent and I strongly believe that is the identical process involved in tumor formation.”

Dr Copley makes 14 observations about chelators and/or glyphosate, including that they are endocrine disruptors and suppress the immune system and damage the kidneys or pancreas, which can lead to clinical chemistry changes that favour tumour growth. She notes glyphosate kills bacteria in the gut: the gastrointestinal system is 80% of the immune system making the body susceptible to tumours.

Copley adds:

It is essentially certain that glyphosate causes cancer.”

Mason concludes her letter by saying:

The probability is that the population in Britain will increasingly suffer from the diseases associated with glyphosate-based herbicides and with the 400-odd pesticides that contaminate our food. The deleterious effects of glyphosate on trees and crops will also continue because it is in the soil, water, air and rainfall.”

On the back of Brexit, the Conservative government in Britain is set to jump into bed with the US via a trade deal hammered out without public scrutiny or parliamentary oversight. That deal could see the gutting of food safety and environmental standards so that they are brought in line with those in the US.

With its recent ‘landslide’ election victory (having gained just 29.5% of the electorate’s votes), it seems increasingly likely that, given his stated commitment to do so, Boris Johnson will usher in herbicide-tolerant GM crops.

US agrochemicals and GM seeds manufacturers must be salivating at the prospects of any such trade deal. With the privatisation of an increasingly burdened NHS likely to be part of a deal, private healthcare providers and insurers must be too.

You may read Rosemary Mason’s open letter in full (with all relevant citations) on the academia.edu website.

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Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar

The solution is groups of 100-200 people banding together to fund a CSA veg box scheme. They go direct to an organic farmer, pay him/her more than the supermarkets pay but pay less than they would to supermarkets. You know: disintermediation.

That way, you as the customer control as part of the contract how the food will be produced. You identify a farmer with a strong ethical commitment to organic/other modes of healthy food production and you stipulate in the contract that this is how the food will be produced. You organise inspections and ask for regular auditing of both the farm and food to ensure that the rules are adhered to. There would be a role for a third party doing that on behalf of many groups of 100-200 people.

The more people simply stop buying from supermarkets, the more farmers who are guaranteed an annual income through going organic and selling direct and local, the less farmers will be buying glyphosate etc etc.

Do not change the criminals: work with honest people instead.

Much easier solution……….

Frank Speaker
Frank Speaker

It’s evident to me that the fascist owners of capital, money, land and resources are going to ROUNDUP the “proles”

Frank Speaker
Frank Speaker

In case you might have missed the official announcement that was notified worldwide on 11 September 2001 in all the print, internet and other broadcasters: the Corporations and their paid politicians, i.e. fascists, have privatised and poisoned your food, drink, air, soil, medicines, politics, education, news, army, politicians, parliaments, senates, and a whole lot more…
Was Orwell right?
Was Huxley right?
Was Debord right?
Was Wolin right?
Were they ALL right?

Berlin beerman
Berlin beerman

Get Immunized and re-immunized. Eat GMO. Eat nitrates and nitrites. Drink sulphated wine. The list is long and goes on and on. The Heath Agency is here to protect you …. don’t worry.

The last time anyone died from food related illnesses in my area of the World was not from small independent growers and producers but from large federally inspected food plants along with all their nitrate, nitrite, fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide, GMO, pasteurized garbage products.

i want to live
i want to live

100% Natural = Deception on large scale

Food ingredients soaked and saturated with BIOCIDES are labelled ‘All Natural’. Is this what science brought us? Is this what people we elected give their approval for? Is this what supermarkets shelves are filled with, at the expense of closing smaller farms and smaller vendors? Is that why, filming how food is made is not allowed like before?

johny conspiranoid
johny conspiranoid

All chemical elements occur naturally.


What’s more, glyphosate is causing constipation so severe that the crap is coming out of the keyboard instead of the usual conduit.

Frank Speaker
Frank Speaker

So much so, that perhaps the fascist owners can now ROUNDUP the “proles”

Frank Speaker
Frank Speaker

You are clearly not a chemist.

i want to live
i want to live

The tenacity with which the authorities are forcing us to consume and breathe all sorts of poisons is enough reason to claim that elected government officials no longer represent us, the plebs. There are a multitude of other reasons that demonstrate these neoliberal governments have lost legitimacy. But soaking our foods with DNA altering poisons is too hard to comprehend.


…reason to claim that elected government officials no longer represent us…

You found that on an Assyrian Stone Tablet, didn’t you?

George Mc
George Mc

More from Tom:


He wasn’t being disloyal. He was being ……a rebel! Cue punk rock music!

What’s the bet that if he had done the same on BJ’s side, the headline would have read “Backstabbing Bastard!”

Still – at least Tom is now set up for a career writing glamourous autobios with him as the flamboyant individualist. You tell ‘em Tom!


France is now into the 4th week of a massive general strike; this on top of 58 weeks of gilets jaunes/yellow vest protests.

I get bored stupid with people from the UK and US pontificating about this.

Here in France we are actually fecking doing it, unlike you sheep.

I’m afraid you deserve everything you get

@brit sheep US sheep


Pontification is the British way. Ever since Henry VIII went around chopping things off we’ve had no option but DIY.


Somehow, this reminded me of Mussolini’s and Hitler’s ideas about how the corporations and Fascism can support each other and profit through the deepest collusion with the darkest forces.

But yes, I would still call it what it is. Fascism. In the U.K. Now out in the open and bragging about it.

George Mc
George Mc

OT but what the hell! It’s all a rich tapestry. If someone can blab about the moon landings then I can have this:

One to go out on?:


Watson quits because of Labour brutality! And look at this:

Watson said: “Does the Labour party in its current form actually want power? The ultimate betrayal of working-class people is not to take power when you can, and if you are a party that believes in power through elections, then that requires pragmatism, prioritisation, compromise and collaboration.”

Not to take power when you can is the ultimate betrayal! The “can” bit refers to “pragmatism, prioritisation, compromise and collaboration” …with who precisely? With the Blairites! Now what would that require from Corbyn? “Here Jeremey get yer tackle out on this block and say goodbye to yer gonads!”

Pragmatic compromise and collaboration …with Blair who, as she admitted herself, is Thatcher’s greatest achievement! Thus pragmatic compromise and collaboration …with Thatcher! There Is No Alternative!

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

The Quisling Fifth Columnist bleating his lies on the MI6/Blairite house journal. The quintessence of filth.

George Mc
George Mc

I don’t know what this portends but I can no longer straightforwardly access the joys of the Grundian. They’re asking me to sign in. Are the fuckers now asking me for money? Well I don’t feel any incentive by the glimpse they are permitting me of an article with the exciting title “If you must compare Corbyn to a past Labour leader, it isn’t Michael Foot”. It seems we are to turn to the spectre of Kinnock’s second defeat. No, not exactly insightful – is it? We are to just have a little cup of tea and sit and chat about how “Labour” may be able to win back the “trust of the working class” next time …or the time after that etc. The lesson being to NOT rock the neoliberal boat in any way at all.

Of course one of the errors that Corbyn made (and I’m just guessing about the article’s content) is that he didn’t understand the absolute necessity of “modernising” the NHS for the 21st Century by “restructuring” it in a kind of diminutive direction thus liberating the population from anxiety of health care by …well, by removing the health care.

But I suppose I’ll have to sign in to get the real thing. Hmm… it’s a tricky one.


Watson’s departure from politics was also part of a wider shake-up of his life in which he has lost eight stone in weight and begun to retrain as a gym instructor.
— The linked On-Guardian article

Tom’s “my retraining” sprung rhythm mixup. He wrote down “gym instructor”, he meant “sergeant major.” Mrs Tom is hoping ‘Jim won’t Fixx it”.


Mrs Tom is hoping ‘Jim won’t Fixx it”.

Or even “Gym won’t Fixx it.”

Mr Todhunter has sure scored big with lots of looneys out there today.


That’s quite brilliant.

Does the Labour party in its current form actually want power?

One of the best sentences ever. Because of its applicability. Unmatched.

Does the Democratic party in its current form actually want power?

Does the SPD in its current form actually want power?

Does any of the so called ‘opposition’ parties in their current form actually want power?

If that is so, why is that so? Mind manipulation? Collective confusion? Evolution? The signs of Roman decay and downfall?

I’d say mind manipulation.

George Mc
George Mc

What Watson means when he asks, “Does the Labour party in its current form actually want power?” is that the Labour Party did not play the game properly i.e. that it did not exercise “pragmatism, prioritisation, compromise and collaboration” i.e. that it did not prove its credentials for being entrusted with furthering the neoliberal project. The bottom line is that the only parties who are to be permitted to exercise power are the ones who will stick to the neoliberal programme.


I would just say to people to try and grow your own food.

Even if you live in an apartment block in a big city this is still possible.

You might have a balcony where you can put pots and grow stuff. Even if you don’t have a balcony you can still use window baskets and grow things like tomatoes.

The city air might be polluted, but it’s still far better than the total crap that the big supermarkets will sell you.


RobG, I’m sorry to talk about a different subject, but you said you had some facts about the ‘landslide election’. Are you going to do an article on it?


Ruth, thanks for your interest.

I’m still going to do an indepth piece on this, but in the meantime others have beaten me to the post…


This Empire Files programme was released on 23rd December, and has been heavily censored across all social media.

My own little blog was heavily censored in the run-up to the election, and during the election.

In France we’re now into the fourth week of a massive general strike (which of course the Presstitutes will never tell you about in Britain and America).

The social movements are huge at the moment, not just in France but all over Europe.

The European Union is now dead from the neck up, despite all the propaganda.

It’s important to say that we are all Europeans, and most of us believe in that ideal.

What most of us don’t believe in is the neoliberal lunatic asylum that is the EU.


Thanks for all the interesting info. However, nothing was said about rigging the postal vote in the marginals/North.


Ruth we will have to agree to disagree.

I’m still of the opinion that this election was totally rigged,

The UK is a complete vassal state of the USA (and Israel).

There’s no way that they’d allow a socialist like Corbyn to become prime minister.

That’s the reality that people have to understand.

What it means is that we don’t live in a free country, we live in a police state.


I’m still of the opinion that this election was totally rigged…

Opinions are free but facts are sacred.


I know very well that the Establishment/deep state would never ever allow Corbyn to become PM. My interest is in how they manipulated the election – of course through the media etc. but I’m looking for evidence that they rigged the postal vote


‘In 2011, the local council was asked to attempt to destroy Japanese Knotweed using the glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup. Japanese Knotweed had become resistant to Roundup in the 1980s. That meant that …however much of the chemical was sprayed, it was impossible to kill it; the plant just grew bigger and stronger.’
In my experience of trying to get rid of Japanese Knotweed, Roundup did get rid of most of it but the rest came up very small and deformed, not recognisable as Japanese Knotweed


Use sodium hydroxide, or ‘drain cleaner’ as it is more commonly known.
Being an inorganic compound, it has no lasting biological side-effects.
Just follow common sense safety precautions when using it.
Pour a solution of that on it, and it’ll burn it out down to the roots, and never grow back.


On how to clear glyphosate from the body


Friends, humans, countryfolk,

Lend us your ears;
We come to change our Government,
Not to praise it;
To disempower the shirking element

Who on their backsides sit,
While gathering our taxes
Who say they’re doing their bit.
Our Environment was heaven-sent,

Did you see where it went?
It must be bent, It must be negligent
On the part of the Government
To authorise so much harm
To this world which has such charm!
So while the Government continues

To fail to provide
The resources we need
To prevent this suicide,
We’ll pay no more tax-revenue
To continue down this avenue
Of destruction and disaster
They’re our servants,
We’re their masters!
It’s UNLAWFUL to pay a servant

To commit a negligent act.
The Government are civil servants;
We, their masters pay them
That’s where it’s at!
So it’s unlawful to pay a tax

To this Government that’s lax
In it’s duty of care
For the Environment we all must share!
Because the Common Law says
You must be careful in your ways
Not to injure your neighbour:
A clean Environment we need

To sow our daily seed,
And a World without health
Is a World without wealth!
You Law Lords in our House of Lords

Must force negligent companies
To cease their pollution immediately
And to use the confiscated property
For the benefit of our Ecology!
Yes, the collectors of tax

Have been getting very lax
Upon the peoples’ backs,
Can you see the cracks
In the makeup?
If this country went to war

Of resources we’d want no more,
Yet the sickness from pollution
Needs a grand solution,
Resources at least as great
To save us from this fate!
So we will pay no more tax

Until the Government acts
To facilitate the Nations’
Environment salvation
Only true respect for Creation
Will save us from damnation!
So now that we may use

The resources we need to choose
To redress the balance between
The order and the Chaos that we’ve seen.
We’ll take the resources we have earned

To create the World for which we’ve yearned.
Before Earth’s Spirit’s all burned,
Her gifts gratuitously spurned
If you can call yourself a blade,

Then live NOW for Mother Nature’s glade;
Trees infused with Sunlight-
Useless fears from peers take flight! Source https://reclaimthelaw.wordpress.com

Brian Steere

You may get shut down quicker for reporting the agenda of global political subjection by stealth and deceit – ie via all vectors of ability to set up and control needs. But at least it reveals a more tangible sense of the nature of our deceits rather than being run as if the political circus is where outcomes are decided or enacted.

Instead of rambling on (I have already in a comment response) I am reminded of a poem set to the song Sto Perigiali (in Greek) by Mikis Theodorakis that related to the military coup.

Based on (Arnisi) DENIAL by Giorgos Seferis – (Nobel laureate and one of Greece’s best loved poets).
[English trans : Edmund Keeley and Phillip Sherrard]

On the secret seashore
white like a pigeon
we thirsted at noon
but the water was

On the golden sand
we wrote her name
but the sea-breeze blew
and the writing vanished.

With what spirit, what heart
what desire and passion
we lived our life – a mistake!
So we changed our life…

Steve Hayes

It seems odd that the author concludes by worrying about our leaving the European Union when the European Union authorises the use of glyphosate. A decision that was made by the unelected, unaccountable, anti-democractic European Commission. When we leave the European Union, such decisions will be made by elected politicians who are democratically accountable and therefore open to pressure from below which can offset the power of corporate lobbyists.

Brian Steere

The ‘good cop bad cop’ is used to break down any residual resistance or check against complete breakdown of defences. The EU has not been able to ban roundup/glyphosate – but they are not compliant to GM agenda – there are still factions within ‘globalism’.

The ‘brexit’ looks more like a psyop than a genuine grass roots movement – but your genuine concerns about lack of democratic accountability are thus allied with the cultivated fear-fuelled ‘populism’ to reconfigure EU and likely split up the UK – while opening ‘markets’ (read mind control) for the likes of the article’s agenda. Out of the frying pan into the fire.

It is feasible to ask if the appearances of politics – in which the people can attempt to ‘pressure’ their ‘representatives’ from ‘below’, is simply the circus of presenting a fait accompli to a captive audience – who are none the less fed upon or exploited regardless the noise they make – and even cultivating frustrations as a way to generate proxy identities by which to undermine any real capacity to recognise and change or influence anything.

The hope that the people find a voice for truly human interests to check and counter and undo an inhuman or anti-life agenda, may need them to wake from the crafted deceits by which they THINK they are pursuing such – under various deceits such as weaponisation of climate’s changing patterns and the ‘Great Crusade against Extinction by which to actually and literally bring it on.

The film “Before I Go To Sleep” – is a (not vg) movie where Nicole Kidman’s memory is wiped daily and she is held captive under completely false premises while the story unfolds her attempt to regain or recall who she is – from a fear-traumatised state that is exploited by possessive control operating deceitfully.

The core issue to all the anti-life agenda masking in forms of salvation or protection from evils be they real, contrived or nurtured and fed as PR for the unfolding of the ‘Solution’ as a transfer of possession and control – is DECEIT.

The very nature of deceit cannot be assigned exclusively away from ‘self’. There is ALWAYS a hidden correspondence or ‘back door’ of sympathy or resonance by which the trojan horse is given access to destroy from within.

Like a parasitic attack, humankind is being subverted and used for effecting its own destruction as the agenda of an alien agenda. Alienation from our Self and Life is the mind that seeks possession and control as a replacement or substitution for life.
True Sovereign will is lost to self-conflict and its invocation of an alien power by which to stamp out or eradicate the hated.

Freedom to be who we are is deceived by the wish to be what we are not, and the fear of pain of loss of what we fearfully believe we have become and must protect against change.

Our right to whole thinking is our right to recognise and refuse to use or identify (life, reality or self), in the doublethink of self-contradictions hidden in weaponised language.

I do not say give up on accountability under the law – but recognise the law itself is being weaponised against freedom to speak and that the corporate version of ‘socialism’ is joining in common possession and control of capturing revenue streams – as corporate ‘survival’ within a financial system corrupted to override all else in rebellion against extinction or loss of sustainability of possession and control. And so the ‘regulators’ are captured, bought or installed. Revolving doors are simply archways – by which a global corporatocracy operates upon the resources of the body politic exactly as a tumours and lawless growth – of diverted sustenance – while using all means of the body-politic’s protection to poison and block any realigning to remedy.

The nature of a disconnected ‘trauma’ is to seek control over chaos by lidding or denial that dissociates to false premises under which to protect and maintain unconsciousness of the trauma. If we come from fear and hate we embody the triggering of defences that use our own mind against us.

The above article is terrible in its revelation and yet great to see being given voice. So much of politics is as I said a circus running crisis actors who are only fed the script that captures their identifications. But what has been running underneath is not merely ‘capitalism’ in competing self-interest – but corruption of self-deceit running unchecked and increasing as conformed compliance of systemic capture.

Identifications or sympathies and antipathies of conditioned or acquired response – are being manipulated like sock puppets.

An underlying wisdom holds that the wish for possession and control ‘possesses us’ or phishes the mind-reaction to then dispossess us of all awareness of what we truly are, in exchange for a world of fantasy turned to nightmare. For the more we fight the terror – the more we feed it our reality.

I doubt that I speak to your current willingness to listen – because your post is set in hopeful trust to a world of rational expectations that have not altogether been revealed flimsy – in the context of terror. I would love to see an expression of a true movement for being ourselves – but it has to be wise enough NOT to identify in a captured and controlled Resistance.

Its all about Identity – or what identifies (you) Truly – and the deceits of the (mind’s) ability to NOT recognise, receive and share in being – as we are. Invested fear, factions to ‘control’ by limiting and denying ‘other’ so as to SEEM to get a private gratification of a need – that does NOT fulfil – but must be repeated, possessed, captured, controlled.

So this is all about Relationship or the breakdown of communication BROUGHT to real relationship. Others may hate to be brought into direct awareness of their own hate – when you no longer support the mask of hiding it in moral group judgements. But as long as you are aligning true to yourself – you are not attacking them but releasing them as part of freeing yourself from patterns of dis-integrity you no longer accept or act from as true of you.

The setting up of ‘global’ (sic) NGOs is long being used as a deceitful masking of seemingly multiple vectors by which to leverage or ‘incentivise’ compliance.
Do you want a carpet of gold – by selling out your people? – or a carpet of bombs?
While an extreme example is is basically the Mafia means of ‘making offers you cant refuse’.

There is no way to limit deceit or corruption – excepting the fool who thinks he has.
Then it seems that truth would demand sacrifice of Everything – even the little that he hath, and so is cast as the greater of evils to the sustainability of self-deceits that implicitly demands sacrifice of true awareness of Everything you have and are – for the world of a fantasy gratification that may sometimes hit passing pleasures amidst a masking over fear of pain of loss.

Unmasking passes through great distress. But the true and free willingness of a life restored is beyond substitution or measure.

We either find and are found to share in something true – or give truth and thus power to illusion by which to refuse and deny our inherence. Noticing the latter is the beginning of the awareness of the freedom to refuse to persist it – unless we are seduced by the attraction of guilt. Guilt operates the denial and substitution of a true awareness for a personal sense of ‘possession and control’. A true awareness holds the quality of recognising an other as our self and our self in the other – and both (or all) in one light.

Is the real problem where it is flagged out to seem to be?
is a true address also a revealing of the answer where it is truly needed and immediately effective?

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

There is NO ‘democratic accountability’ in any capitalist state. There is subservience to the money power of the owners of society, end of story.

Brian Steere

So you can see that science is not ALLOWED to serve a truly democratic end – excepting to SEEM to do so, so as to generate markets, scarcities, dependencies and captured revenue streams or ‘mindshare’ and the means to defend them. Science – along with communication itself is subverted, weaponised and marketised for possession and control agenda. But that doesn’t mean there are not leaks or cracks in the ‘continuity’ of the narrative.

Scientists and corporates flock to the money around fear-driven markets and research.
You are right, Big money distorts the science. Big money owns the science.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Big Money distorts some science, medical and pharmacological research the most notorious. It does not distort all science, climate science being a good example of science untouched by capitalist corruption, unlike the climate destabilisation denial industry, the quintessence of intellectual, moral and spiritual corruption.

Brian Steere

Is that me then – the ‘climate destabilisation denial industry’? But I assure you there is no money in denying sense to an insane attempt to flag climate fear and environmental guilt as the intent to destabilise human civilisation – both as consciousness and social integrity.
All the money is diverted to compliance and conformity.

“No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.”
~ Alan Bullock, in Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives

Big Money aligned with coercive deceits can and does set frameworks within which other people live and work unaware.

Now I cant live your life for you and so all I can say is you are making no sense by aligning in nonsense. It does not matter how many are induced to conform of comply – the stink of it is fear, coercion and deceit.

“Do what you are told or else you suffer pain of loss”.
That’s the bottom line of all tyranny – which of course can make the headline “Do as you are told and you will be rewarded, protected and empowered”
The background only comes into play if you don’t comply.

There is no need for scientific expertise – the narrative dictate is only using the ‘science’ as PR.

TEST: IF there was real danger in the framework supplied – then not only would the monied be getting out of vulnerable areas and prices dropping – insurance would be unavailable or skyrocket.

TEST: If really about new ways of living – there would be an upsurge of FREEDOM to explore such ways – given support or at least allowance by top down structure of control. The opposite is intended and being effected. People are intended to be cleared from a privatised ‘Nature’ into smart concentration cities.

Everyone knows – (but not everyone wants to know they know) – that we (humanity) are under an insanity – and suffer insane ‘solutions’ of attempts to protect insanity by projecting its diagnosis on ‘others’ and on false flagged ’causes’ to then ‘morally’ attack or deny.

An invested identity in established order seeks ways to consolidate and sustain control – and is not open to ways that call that into question. And so they are inducing you to relinquish your right and voice to a program of sacrifice framed in ‘moral righteousness’. But money is being diverted into new frameworks of investment, speculations and instruments of concealment or evasion of toxic debt – made legal – and protected by law from any democratic intent to change the law.

I don’t write just for you Richard. But you are included. However – your freedom to include yourself is the basis of my sense of natural inclusion. Not a ‘with us or against us’ coercion.

Reason operates from freedom to think. Fear overrides reason as ‘self-justifying rationality’. You can simply and easily observe this in the course of your day – IF you allow or risk into freedom to re-evaluate your own thoughts and responses.

I see we are in an era of ‘mind-control’ – or rather the nature of mind-control is rising TO awareness rather than operating to deny awareness. Mind-control is what Orwell points to when he offers the reversal of freedom and slavery as the willing slave who wants to be told what to think – as freedom from having to be consciously alive.

Not all frameworks of rules and mores works against life – but only blindly accepted rules and mores – that invite a predatory or parasitic opportunism MASKING as protection, power, or progress under false premises.

How do you recognise a true guide from a false?
It takes one to know one.
If you are not willing to open your own though system to transparency and account – you will seek and see only what offers support and reinforcement for it.

The ingenuity of the mind is a filtered distortion of the truly creative.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Your schtick of inverting reality and projecting at will is obviously well-honed. Understanding the reality of climate science and doing something to avert the catastrophe, is the exact opposite of ‘….the intent to destabilise human civilization-both as consciousness and social integrity’. That is unless you consider ‘human civilization’ to be innately Life-destroying and ecocidal. In fact, of course, nothing with destabilise, then destroy, human civilization more certainly than massive climate instability. To deny that is truly incomprehensible.

Brian Steere

Ah but you won’t understand climate scientifically or otherwise, and are mind-captured by an overriding martial dictate.

As for human consciousness itself containing and expressing self-destructive intent – is that not OBVIOUS!

The overriding martial dictate – or the reptilian survival response – works the self-destructive war on life, self and other under mistaken or fear-reactive identity in which conflict within is projected or flagged ‘without’ and sought to be resolved externally. This feeds conflict as an external diversion from true account revealed and is thus sustainability and survival for the ‘mind’ of the attempt to deny its own breach, split or loss of true foundation.

Thus you have ‘civilisation’ that depends on ‘enemy’ and ‘threat’ to maintain its mask of authority as martial override and scarcity as market capture and control. Climate weaponisation is specifically associated with CO2 as a vector of both global energy control and behavioural control as a result of guilting populations through weaponised environmentalism – operating as a captured opposition.

I could say I find your capacity to swallow the bait incomprehensible – but I don’t – because I know the nature of a deeply conflicted identity, and I recognise that there is a part of the mind that will do say or believe anything to ‘survive’ in its own terms.

Until there is a space of free awareness in which to NOTICE the fear-mind – its operates as your replacement of distorted substitution – in which the fear is outsourced to externals and others, under the compulsion to seek external validation and ‘consensual’ reinforcement – so as to be engaged through re-enactments of sacrifice in death and taxes – that is the burden of feeding and sustaining the broad spectrum military industrial complex that is revealed to have captured or corrupted the financial, media, educational, medical, scientific and political or regulatory functions of ‘civilisation’.

The term Civilisation is more aptly assigned to the inspirational culture of its foundation or roots. When structures become rigidly imposed and defended against change, the outer shell persists over a living death.

Your currently chosen path is one that advocates a drastic reduction and degradation of life in structural terms – so that an elite can persist and consolidate as systemic structure of control over a more ‘manageable’ human stock. Using tech such as IoT, A.I, biotech, GMO and robotic replacement for labour. AND you get to feel good about yourself as part of selling out on your self, your world and your kind. But only when set over and against something to judge over in moral superiority.

The other side of this whole thing is that the destructive self-reinforcing loop of consciousness is coming up from the ‘Deep’ of an unconscious invisibility to a disclosure or revelation of true account. This is where apocalyptic fears arise – as a result of invested and defended and denied illusion. But this is where a true foundation can be restored – and so the seed of the New is even now being grown under the conditions of compression under which conflicting illusion can not be masked over or pushed somewhere else.

As I have indicated – I am open to align in qualitative alignments from the heart of a truly shared willingness for life – that rise in Life rather than seek to conform, enslave or exploit Life. Yet this movement is what ‘Big Brother’s Boot stamps itself upon – to then cast as its own reflected reinforcement.

Before a mind in hindsight judges its experience – there is a real world. I will meet you there – not least because there is no real communication in an illusion of meeting that actually feeds and reinforces separation and conflict under repackaged definitions. This is no meeting at all – but only being scanned for the gathering of ammunition or threat.

If all your nightmare is exported to ‘others’ then NOT meeting becomes the bubble of your protection, and bubble realities consolidate to trade and divert conflicts, debts and toxic results as an imposed hierarchy of narrative and symbolic values.

The symbol of the toxic evil is assigned to carbon dioxide as the lever to a global state control of carbon-based fuels – and total energy supply and distribution. Its all about denial and deceitful dispossession of toxic debts as a means of exchange for possession and control.

But who would sell their very Soul for such a world?
Only those who hate their life and see a mitigation of that hate as ‘good’. Like the abused who see not getting hit as ‘love’ and comply to protect the abuser as the authority and power of survival.


You clearly can’t do science – just writing 1000’s of words in a a meaningless ‘stream of consciousness’ ramble devoid of any objective analysis.

Brian Steere

Ok breweiana – engage me in science or even reason -instead of summary judgements that self-justify your narrative identification.
If by ‘doing science’ you mean being relieved of responsibility for your own thought – then you are right – I don’t do THAT kind of ‘science’.

Monsanto do that kind of science – and feed you with toxic and degraded lies and foods that help you to ‘trust’ them because you can no longer engage in thought as a true enquiry and discovery of who and where you are in your world.

Science proper doesn’t give power away to mere assumptions or assertions of belief or suggestion.
Assume less. Question more. Grow in consciousness or die in its atrophy as a corporate asset – or hollowed out corporate discard.

If you choose not to think, others will do it for you.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

You’re not ‘thinking’. You are engaging in verbal incontinence and mental Onanism, seemingly to your own satisfaction. When people think for themselves and find that they concur with the vast bulk of the world’s scientists, and the facts on the ground and one’s own personal experience, you agree with the consensus. No-one is doing your thinking for you but yourself.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc


richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Good God-what gobbledigook. The fact that we need to avert an ecological Holocaust by ending capitalist neoplasia is unarguable, rationally, so we get pseudo-profound verbiage, non-sequiturs and meaningless casuistry that would make the Talmudists and Jesuits green with envy.

Brian Steere

In accusing you offer smear by self-assertion, claim to unarguable fact, invocation of the Holocaust as you authority, and contrive clever sounding put-downs.
I do not share the frame of your ‘we’ thinking.

How does the Talmud or Jesuit fit into your repackaged reality?

The con is in generating ecological degradation and collapse and assigning it to false flagged causes – so as to redirect the self-protective impulse to serve as a proxy weapon for a sense of possession and control operating as a mind of deceit. To bring about our own degradation and destruction under belief we are at war with the evils that are flagged as cause – and therefore good and right and necessary.

Stomper of fuctards
Stomper of fuctards

Dogmatic and all-encompassing pronouncements, to which presumably you think people are meant to bow down and swear fealty, can’t substitue for concrete analyses of specific cases.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha I don’t believe it, if you honestly believe this shithole will ban the use of these poisons , you are going to be very very disappointed, this shithole under Cameron was one of the most prominent countries trying to promoted GMOs , they don’t give a shit about you or anyone else, elected or otherwise ( like the house of lords, or head of state, or civil servants, or the last PM voted in by nobody.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

A two-eyed man, in the land of the blind.


Can’t see that

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Delicious! The Tories will listen to the bleatings of the villeins, will they? It is to laugh. To please Trump, you’ll be drowned in Roundup.

Steve Hayes

richard le sarc Why would drowning me in Roundup please Trump?

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Because Trump loves Monsatan’s money?

Steve Hayes

richard le sarc You seemed to have missed the fact the Monsanto is owned by Bayer.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Monsatan still operates in the USA and still buys US politicians, as is traditional.


So you have now had your day but the politicians you have elected will have a free run to do what they like without any checks whatsoever for the next 5 years. Brilliant.

Steve Hayes

Orage The way parliamentary democracy works is: there is a general election and the party with the majority forms the government and uses its majority to introduce legislation, which is subject to scrutiny by parliament and the people, who are able to lobby their members of parliament to persuade them to amend or oppose. There are no such mechanisms in place for the control of the European Union: there is no record of the meetings and decisions of the Council; the Commission is staffed by unelected, unaccountable appointees; the parliament has no power to initiate or amend legislation nor the power to hold the executive to account. The EU is designed to insulate policy makers from democratic pressure and accountability.


Are you perhaps not aware that major decisions are not taken without the approval of all leaders from the 27 now 26 nations?

Steve Hayes

Orage I am aware. I referred to it specifically. The twenty-eight (not “27 now 26”) heads of government form the Council. There is no public record of their proceedings, so there is no way one can hold one’s head of government accountable for their behaviour in the Council.

Corbett Fan
Corbett Fan

I hope you do a piece soon on aspartame, the deadly poison that was approved for human use only by Rumsfeld pressuring the FDA.

This powerful neurotoxin & carcinogen is being fed to millions daily, including the most vulnerable members of society, the young and the sick.

If you have diabetes you are advised to drink ‘diet’ soda, even though aspartame is proven to induce Type 1 diabetes and worsen pancreas function.

It’s a public health scandal with few parallels.

Don’t imbibe aspartame. Sugar may be bad in excess, but aspartame is many times worse.

George Mc
George Mc

“On the back of Brexit, the Conservative government in Britain is set to jump into bed with the US via a trade deal hammered out without public scrutiny or parliamentary oversight. That deal could see the gutting of food safety and environmental standards so that they are brought in line with those in the US.”

That reminded me of this quote from the science fiction movie “Independence Day” (and this is a case of projection if ever there was one!):

“I saw… its thoughts. I saw what they’re planning to do. They’re like locusts. They’re moving from planet to planet… their whole civilization. After they’ve consumed every natural resource they move on… and we’re next. Nuke ’em. Let’s nuke the bastards.”


Interesting factoid is that the glyphosate related toxin dioxin better known as Agent Orange was initially used in warfare. This goes for many of the products now sold to consumers such as nutrisweet aka aspartame which is basically a neurotoxin used in nerve gas then of course there is fluoride used in processing uranium. Mercury etc … The list could go on and on.

One would begin to get the idea that someone is perpetrating covert chemical war against the general population but of course that would be considered a “conspiracy theory”.

norman wisdom
norman wisdom

the question should bee
bayer owns monsantan now
why does bayer still exist who are the families that own bayer

bayer made zyklon b
how come the friends of larry silverstein have not been paid 100s of billions for the things that happened in schindlers list?

how come german tax payers have too pay israel compensation for another 30 years
how come poland is working out land compensation packages for holocaust victims in israel.

how come every day the children of gaza are idf shot because of hitler
yet the gas company corporation bayer gets a free pass.

who owns bayer
the swiss paid larry 6 billion insurance for work done by some patsy and plenty state actors from usa,israel and uk and bayer gets a pass

whats going on already


IG Farben actually owns Bayer which now owns Monsanto that Schiff and others like the Rothschilds have a controlling interest in just as the Fed and the Bank of England but of course these facts are not mentioned in polite company.

As you know big pharma and big farm are evil Siamese twins joined by the hip. Zyklon B for instance was originally promoted as an insecticide then allegedly used at Treblinka and Auschwitz in extermination of Jews and other undesirable or so we are told despite no confirmatory proof which has led to accusing those who question the narrative as “Holocaust Deniers” and has led to the imprisonment of some.

Actually there was an actual Holocaust by definition as a sacrifice that the Zionists were willing to make in order to illegally acquire Palestine but that’s another story for another time.

The fact is that all seems to have been forgiven and forgotten along with Bayer’s involvement in what has been called the “Holocaust” it seems and the guilt has been transferred to the German people. Many who protected and objected to Jews who didn’t have the good fortune to move to Palestine from being dragged off to work camps but it seems that doesn’t matter.

Like the Palestinians they are subjected to the same group guilt while Bayer turns a profit for its Zionist masters.


Glad someone else sees it as I do, we’ll be alright now as regards to antisemite now the election is over


What is the group guilt of the Palestinians? Were they responsible for the Holocaust because they did not want to be colonised and genocided by the Jews?

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Silly chap. They are guilty of what Jabotinsky called ‘..getting in the way’. The sentence for that act of ‘antisemitism’ is death, ‘…down to the last suckling babe’, as the ‘Good Book’ prescribes.