What “community standards” did this comment breach? #25

The following comment – sent in to us by a reader – was censored by The Guardian. Which of the well-publicised CiF “community standards” did it breach?

Removed comment, posted under the Guardian story on the most recent by Andy Beckett, on January 11th 2020:

Since the comment is quite long, and the image possible difficult to make out, here is a transcript:

There is nothing more ludicrous than the spectacle of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour left being lectured by the same so-called moderates who enabled Johnson’s victory and whose empty rhetoric is not supported by the cold hard facts.

In 2017, on a pro-Leave manifesto, Corbyn raised the Labour Party’s share of the national vote by 10 percentage points, the party’s biggest increase since the 1945 General Election.

In April 2019, a poll of polls in the Daily Telegraph predicted that the Tories would lose 59 seats in the event of a General Election, making Labour the largest party in the Commons. 5 months later, Labour centrists forced the party leadership to promise another referendum – only this time one which excluded the option of a no-deal Brexit.

In the election which followed, Labour lost 59 seats, of which 55 had voted Leave in the 2015 referendum. Of the remaining four, three had been safe Tory seats before the previous election.

Yet despite the Labour’s Brexit policy reversal and the most relentless campaign of character assassination ever directed against a Labour leader by the corporate media – reinforced by the antics of the supposed moderates in his own party – Corbyn still won more than 10 million votes.

This was 600,000 more than Blair got in 2005 and was a bigger share of the vote (32%) than that achieved by Brown in 2010 (29%), Miliband in 2015 (30%), Kinnock in 1987 (31%) and Foot in 1983 (28%). Apart from Foot, these were all centrist Labour leaders who faced far less hostility from the media and their own parliamentary party than Corbyn did. And 3 of them (Brown, Blair and Miliband) were up against weaker Tory leaders than Johnson.

The notion that moving to the centre will guarantee electoral success is further discredited by the dismal performance of the LibDems and the 18 self-styled moderates who, prior to the election, defected from their parties and subsequently lost their seats. No wonder the corporate media are peddling this idea so enthusiastically.

As for the suggestion that Labour’s election defeat was a rejection of hard-left policies, this is yet another centrist fiction. For example, the party’s manifesto proposed increasing public spending as a proportion of GDP to 43%, compared to 45% in Germany, 48% in Sweden and 56% in France.

Apropos projected tax increases, Labour would have raised the top rate of corporation tax to 26% compared to 27% in Italy, 29% in Germany and 34% in France. And polls such as the Opinium poll (September 2019) – which found that only 12% of voters and 6% of Labour defectors rejected its economic policies – consistently showed that Labour’s policies were popular.

Apart from Labour’s disastrous promise to hold another referendum, the one other factor which decided the outcome of the election was the voting behaviour of the elderly. According to a YouGov poll of 42,000 adults who voted in the 2019 General Election, Labour won 44% of the vote and the Tories 33% in the 18-59 age group. Even in the 18-69 age group Labour maintained a lead over the Tories (40% to 37%) and, by 43% to 29%, did much better than the Conservatives among those educated to degree level or beyond.

However, it was the Tories’ massive lead over Labour amongst the over 70s (64% to 17%) that won them the election. These are voters whose political views are, more than any other generation, shaped by the lies and distortions of the anti-left mainstream news outlets.

An analysis published by the journal Science in January 2019 showed that they are four times more likely to share fake news on Facebook than younger age groups and suggested that the effect of ageing on cognitive function means that there is a large demographic of voters in their 60s and beyond who are unable to determine the trustworthiness of news sources.

In short, the deterioration of the pre-frontal cortex with age makes the elderly just as susceptible to fake news as they are to financial scams, a vulnerability which is ruthlessly exploited by the hard-right propagandists of the corporate media.

…and here, is the gap where it used to be:

So: Which of the Guardian’s “community standards” did this comment break?

  • Did it? “misrepresent the Guardian and its journalists”?
  • Is it “persistent trolling or mindless abuse”?
  • Is it “spam-like”? Or “obviously commercial”?
  • Is it “racism, sexism, homophobia or hate-speech”?
  • Is it “extremely offensive or threatening?”?
  • Is it “flame-wars based on ingrained partisanship or generalisations”?
  • Is it not “relevant”?

If none of the above – why was it taken down?

See our archive of censored comments. And if you see any egregious examples of the Guardian censoring its “free” comment sections – email us at [email protected], and send us screen caps if possible

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Jan 18, 2020 4:51 AM

The Guardian has stopped pretending ‘comment is free’. I occasionally comment there, but I am on approximately my twentieth user name, and so self censor.

There are certain ‘hot button’ topics you aren’t allowed to contradict the editorial line…Radical feminism, climate change, race….I do think if climate skepticism, however well expressed is verboten, then is should be explicitly stated in the standards. I once got moderated on a climate piece for enquiring how Monbiot’s community service was going…. (He was sued for libelling Leon Britton, as I remember). I thought it germane as it went to the judgement of the author. You’ll look long and hard for it on the internet, as GM has clearly exercised his right to be forgotten, just like Mr Mosley, of Formula One fame.

Guardian comments are so heavily moderated that the only real interest is when author gets it wrong, and the direction of the comments is in complete opposition to the editorial line. The discomfiture evident among guardian staff is massively entertaining, but sadly it only really happens nowadays on topics of no great importance, like the gulf in prize money between male and female golf players.

Jan 18, 2020 8:37 AM

Been there, done that, years ago. Welcome to the party here.
Only to know the Establishment line read the Guardian, WaPo, NYT, Le Monde or Die Zeit.
The best part of the Guardian used to be BTL; now anyone with a human brain, consciousness or non Mi6 troll contract has left there.

Ieuan Einion
Ieuan Einion
Jan 16, 2020 9:43 PM

I lament the fact that here, where I live in France, most left-wing activists are over 60 and young people mostly don’t give a fuck. Some of them are wishy-washy green but’s it hard to identify the future generations of reds.

I came on here really because I’ve just read a Guardian link from this story:


where it says in its midst: “Jackie Walker, who was expelled from the Labour party for antisemitism.”

The phrase “who was expelled from the Labour party for antisemitism,” is hyper linked to another Guardian article, which says she was expelled for:

“prejudicial and grossly detrimental behaviour against the party”.

They’re not the same thing, but I’m pleased that nobody wants to confuse me with the facts, for I have already made up my mind.

different frank
different frank
Jan 17, 2020 1:46 AM
Reply to  Ieuan Einion

could you clarify what I was expelled for? Today’s report by
claims it was for antisemitism

Jan 16, 2020 3:20 PM

I posted a perfectly reasonable comment which I ensured did not breach your guidelines in any way. It has been removed. Can you explain please?

Jan 16, 2020 6:31 PM
Reply to  Pamela

Dear Pam, did you, perchance, pee before your water came?

Jan 16, 2020 3:16 PM

It is offensive to those of us over 60 yrs age. The suggestion that once you turn that, relatively, in todays terms young, age you are unable to think straight and therefor should not be able to vote, is based on highly flawed premises, is easily refuted by evidence of the many many “older” people undertaking substantial responsible positions [or would the writer have had President Putin banned from his position as he is 68 yr old?] and is evidence of extremely “limited” and linear thinking.
The worship of youth which the Anglo Sphere has indulged in for the past few decades is certainly no advert for the under 60’s given the increasing mess the West is in. In fact, there are a multitude of factors involved in any decision making process. We are a product of our environment from all of our lives, so the longer lived have had many other experiences to draw from; educational standards have dropped – many older people had a more stringent education in critical analysis; and we are the product of our genetic lineage and lifestyle. How can one compare a 70 yr old ex-University lecturer who has kept up with research and developed his/’her learning range between physical activity, sports, and good health, with another the same age who has never been very bright, spends their time on a couch in front of TV smoking and eating fast food??
Incidentally, I fall into the first category.

Jan 16, 2020 4:22 PM
Reply to  Pamela

Sounds to me like you take everything personally. No one gives a toss what you were, it’s what you say that counts. And you sound like radio 4.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc
Jan 16, 2020 9:26 PM
Reply to  Pamela

Honestly, Pam, while you may not be senile and embittered by life, and viciously antipathetic towards the young, you CANNOT extrapolate from your experience to the whole of your age cohort. All studies, all opinion polls, voting results etc, show an undeniable Rightwing bias in the elderly, one that grows with age.

Jan 16, 2020 1:42 PM

Yup. I agrees with those that says it as it is, whom wants stinking, &¤%#%& facts, and oh…. horror truths, and shit like that, and British MSM is widely known as the bottom of the barrel, where the level of shere idiot propaganda is beyond riddicilous, and this case shows us/me one thing, the clevage of thos that belive what they read and those that dont belive, eh…. everything they read.

But the level of petty lies, exsagerations, flatout scare porn about economy, etc, was amazing, and nothing, not linking to people whom is in the center of lets say Banking, even they, where just ignored, or riddiculed, etc.
But this election was won by the MSM and neo-CONs etc, witch is an more loose term where as I really dont know whats the real difference as in Norway, we elect, nothing happens, and above all, you cant get ridd of the people we all see as the problem, and years pass, the politics remain the same, liberalistic neo-faudal, where legalising plundering is the name of the game and we pay for it all and cant change jack shit.

This coment was by the way, not often I can say this but was 100% dead on.
Hell the person should have been hailed as an genius, because this kinds of articles should be what I want coming from the MSM, not from civlians as us.
There is more but I end it here since the moment I step into that, things change, we can talk about a lot but never about the people in charge, whom are they, and why do they do this, but do notice Labour and the pathetic Bozo the Clowns crawling on His knees infront of te even more insane Trumpstein and Co.
There you have the problem, there you have the people behind the MSM, etc. and now, after been hitt with rising tax 25% on cars, where the Germs admitted it to, but couldnt leave it there but drooled on with nonsense to justify their lack of spine, etc, aka the threats of sactions coming from the imperial banana republic, they dropped onto their knees and bowed for the scums in the WH, in the district of criminals, run by the pirates on Potomac, in the imperial banana republic UssA regarding their attack on anything that have to do with Iran.
Yeah, Bozo is becoming the personification of an spineless bitch.

And then the light came and shone down on the latest nuttcases in the Labour, the truth about them and what the new labour really is, this article made my day and should tell you everything you need to know, about Labour.


George Mc
George Mc
Jan 15, 2020 8:01 PM

It’s going to take me some time to fully assimilate the significance of the Corbyn episode. Here we had a brief and totally unforeseen resurgence of the old “social compact” model of politics i.e. the recognition of such a thing as the working class and the admission that there is a tension between this class and the rulers. This is a vision that has been banished from neoliberal theology in which there is either no class issue at all or the very concept of working class has become so maniacally “spun” that it is practically a joke and a Blairite sycophant like Jess Philips can write a book called “Truth To Power” without the slightest trace of (intentional) irony. Corbyn momentarily disrupted the pantomime by breaking out of the rear of the horse costume. But he has been dealt with. And the show must go on.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc
Jan 15, 2020 9:17 PM
Reply to  George Mc

The Corbyn episode illustrates a few things nicely. That ‘democracy’ is a dirty lie when all real power belongs to the rich, when the rich own all the brainwashing apparatus and it is a machine of truly diabolical mendacity, hypocrisy and class viciousness, manned by creatures among the worst that humanity has ever spawned. When one tiny group, the Jewish elite, can destroy a political party with a campaign of the filthiest and most villainous lies, when probably half the Jewish community refuted the whole episode. When half the population is of below median intelligence, many far below, when the senile vote out of stupidity, dementia, hatred of the young and greed for the Tory ‘austerity’ killers, and when FPTP ensures a landslide for tiny pluralities of the vote. Oh, and when the whole sham is so easily rigged through groups like Cambridge Analytica, the Israel ‘Artemis’ operation and God knows how many others, and the apparent rigging of postal votes in the last farce. Roll on austerity, roll on another 200,000 or more deliberate deaths inflicted by social and class hatred and roll on the destruction of the NHS.

Jan 16, 2020 1:28 PM
Reply to  George Mc

The fact my friends is we have been subjected to a December Coup.

Any allusion to how that was carried in the public arena is struck down on hard and fast as part of the brainwashing and maintenance of the illusion that we have a fair and honest democracy.

From the example of what is happening in France – our junta will move to strike down grassroots activists and suspend judicial oversight over such ‘political decisions’.

That means a fight to the death, again, after less then a hundred years. We have pissed up hard won freedoms in a couple of generations of Thatcherite excess and fragmentation of society.

Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe
Jan 15, 2020 7:06 PM

t was strange to censor the above comment, inasmuch, as the only offensive part of the post is its ageist analysis. The ageist comments were a bit simplistic especially when describing older voters brains as being physiologically more susceptible to propaganda. More than likely older voters were especially affected by neoliberal policies wrecking their lives over the last three decades. Older voters were voting for BREXIT more than Bojo. It was a mistake for Corbyn and the Labor Party to align with the “centrist Remain.” Labor should’ve developed a “Left Brexit” to counter Bojo. If they had done that, the other propaganda would have been less effective. In other words, the election was a relitigation of the 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum.

Jan 16, 2020 1:21 AM

If the UK is like France the elderly are more racist and therefore more likely to vote Brexit to keep out Johnny Foreigner.

Jan 16, 2020 2:55 AM
Reply to  Haltonbrat

Why would they not vote Remain on the basis that they are Europeans?
The idea that people voted Brexit “to ‘keep out Johnny Foreigner” is a Blairite talking point.

Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe
Jan 16, 2020 5:17 AM
Reply to  Haltonbrat

Interesting, how austerity is the result of Western imperialist wars in the Middle East and Africa creating a greater refugee crisis that the one which occurred during WWII. And this is all compounded by neoliberal economic policies. These sames factors are simultaneously economically devastating all of Western Europe.

Richard Comaish
Jan 15, 2020 6:27 PM

The small print version and the large print version don’t quite tally in paragraph 1. By the way: -https://prnt.sc/qo67ft

Jan 15, 2020 6:19 PM

In my experience of working within the MSM (just holding on to work as I push 60), people tend to be more left-wing with age.
By accident of multiply-divorcing parents, I also have siblings who are under 30.
Most of them are small-c conservative of the “Political Correctness is just politeness” variety. Two are postmodern feminists and one claims to venerate Stalin. But I find them to be quite inflexible intellectually… unable to lay out their stall, let alone sell it. Strident, yes. Persuasive, no.
In fact they yield ground quite quickly, and that is worrying. It suggests they wear their politics rather than believe it.
Add the fact that they are ill-informed by Facebook — the one with a German boyfriend behaves as if Brexit could part her from her fiance forever, and blankly resists any reassurance that people lived abroad before the EU and have married partners of any and every origin since time immemorial.
I cannot say with any certainty that these young people would vote Tory or Labour. They are low-information, single-issue voters.

George Mc
George Mc
Jan 15, 2020 7:01 PM
Reply to  Bailed

As someone who grew up in the 70s, I find it difficult to imagine what the political landscape looks like to the young now. Consider how relentlessly everything has swung over to the right e.g. of how “Labour” means Blairite “Labour”, “communism” is a noise signifying something that was “very bad” way back in the past, unions are, possibly quite rightly, viewed with extreme suspicion, and the entire notion of going on strike would seem unthinkable in the deepest sense i.e. it wouldn’t even occur to anyone. Also consider how atomised our society is now i.e. how isolated people nowadays tend to feel, how helpless in the face of those increasingly numerous and increasingly mysterious organisations – third sector and NGOs and non-profit this and that etc. Not to mention the deluge of fake news, fake fake news, double bluff fake news, real news dressed up as fake news etc. I can’t help feeling sorry for the poor little sods.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc
Jan 15, 2020 9:25 PM
Reply to  George Mc

The atomisation is the key. The Rightwing worldview that other people are the enemy has been normalised as the basis for all inter-personal actions. If you don’t trample over them to reach the crumbs that fall from the Masters’ High Table, they’ll trample over you, you loser.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc
Jan 15, 2020 9:23 PM
Reply to  Bailed

The results of your recent election farce was plain-the young voted heavily for Corbyn, the senile very heavily for the Tory class haters. All opinion polls show the same result. Your personal experience is yours alone, and cannot be extrapolated in the face of reality.

Jan 16, 2020 7:58 AM
Reply to  Bailed

Good comment. A lot jumped on the XR bandwagon but never examined it in any depth. I don’t know any young people who express an interest in political history, ideology or economics. I’ve met quite a few who identify as “left-wing”, yet saw Corbyn as a step too far in this election while they were prepared to vote for him in the preceding one. It doesn’t bode well for the future.

Jan 15, 2020 5:44 PM

It was taken down because the electorate decided what government they wanted when the vote was held. Autopsy of the election is now finished and all the electoral pathologists have submitted their reports.

Kicking dead horses beyond death is not the mandate of The Guardian or their shareholders.


Jan 15, 2020 8:22 PM

Downvoters erroneously think that The Guardian is governed via democracy. It is owned by elite Media Empire oligopoly and private shareholders. The people of the UK are merely duped into believing that The Guardian is somehow benevolent & above feeding you propaganda.

It isn’t.


Jan 15, 2020 5:19 PM

No, this had to be removed. It contained documented and well researched facts, and as we all know, facts are anti semitic and have to be censored and removed with the help of all those splendid chaps at Newsguard, Integrity Initiative, Bellingcat and Propornot.

Facts? We don’t need no stinkin facts! We’re the Grauniad!!

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle
Jan 15, 2020 4:03 PM

“Is it “extremely offensive or threatening?” – well it certainly threatens the alternative reality nurtured by the Guardian about Corbyn’s suitability as leader.

The vituperative smear campaign aimed at Julian Assange is just as bad, worse maybe, employing similar tactics such as the kind of lies, distortions, and controversial associations used to nobble Corbyn .

It has become increasingly obvious that the Guardian is now little more than a cesspit of sanctomonious identity politics and right wing apologia, yet for all that there are still a few posters BTL who refuse to let them have it all their own way.

All Mr White does, albeit in a focussed, forensic fashion, is to take Guardian journalists by the hand, then walk them through important facts they have studiously ignored, and which go some way to explain why the election result turned out the way it did.

The irony, of course is that the Guardian has been at the forefront of demanding an exercise in soul-searching (following Labour’s defeat), yet the minute they come across an analysis that does not fit with their Corbyn-hating agenda they immediately shut it down rather than counter the many excellent points that are raised.

Mr White’s post is a cracker – it might be viewed as a companion piece to this article (see below) which says “if only Britons over the age of 65 were allowed to vote, the Labour Party would be all but wiped out, whereas if only Britons under 25 were allowed to vote, there would simply be no Tory MPs whatsoever.”

My take is that young adults are less likely to be taken in by ‘red-top’ or BBC propaganda because;
[a] they get their news feed from less biased providers.
[b] they can see that the kind of future offered by Johnson holds little promise for their future.

Older voters on the other hand, despite enjoying social and economic gains derived from left wing ideology, appear to want to deny succeeding generations the same kind of benefits, unless they really have become so demented that they believe what the likes of the Sun and the Mail say about who is best to lead the country.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc
Jan 16, 2020 8:00 AM
Reply to  Harry Stotle

The Guardian’s treachery towards Assange after co-operating with him on the leaks, particularly the filthy venomousness of the feminazi Maenads, was utterly despicable. One of them, probably that (expletive deleted) Hyde, even took the ‘faeces smearing’ lies seriously.

Jan 15, 2020 3:30 PM

I’ve been told that Tory party members go around care and nursing homes to check all the occupants have registered for a postal vote and then before elections go and help them fill in their postal vote.

Jan 15, 2020 4:48 PM
Reply to  Ruth

I commented on the day of the election, my polling station, normally empty had cars queueing around the corner this time. Each one dispatched well-heeled geriatrics who shuffled into the polling booths. I am over 60 myself but I have genuinely never seen anything like it. I never even knew there were so many well off pensioners in my ward and it was pouring with rain that day.

Jan 16, 2020 4:57 AM
Reply to  lundiel

I made a similar observation years ago when perusing the electoral roll and noted some households had 20+ postal votes. The agent said these were care homes. Asked if we knew if they actually voted, and did they include dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers, he said there was no way of knowing and anyway the marked register wouldn’t be available for months and we couldn’t afford to buy it.

Jan 15, 2020 2:44 PM

A marvellous comment and a very clear explanation of the election result. It shows that the correct answer to the current ‘leadership’ race is “None of them.”
There is one problem, however:
“…In short, the deterioration of the pre-frontal cortex with age makes the elderly just as susceptible to fake news as they are to financial scams, a vulnerability which is ruthlessly exploited by the hard-right propagandists of the corporate media.”
This is nonsense. The problem is not “the deterioration of the pre-frontal cortex with age.” but the susceptibility of the Cold War generation to government propaganda. In particular their reliance on radio, TV and newsprint. The problem is not physical but related to communications.
This seemed so obvious to me that I have always been amazed by the failure of the Corbynites to establish a newspaper-a weekly on Sunday would do the trick- based on the membership’s support.
Incidentally I would add to the comment itself that the real loss was not in the election but in the aftermath and the surrender of the leadership without completing the democratic reformof the Labour Party. It was that which sounded the death knell.

Jan 15, 2020 4:58 PM
Reply to  bevin

I disagree. They/we had generous pensions and if like me you are working class, we had a once in a milleniem gift of our council home for next to nothing along with a policy of no more building of social housing, this made some Londoners property millionaires. The first thing the bastards did was pull up the ladder behind them by embracing neoliberal values, they fell in love with Thatcher and Blair, Cameron, May and Johnson.

Jan 15, 2020 5:03 PM
Reply to  lundiel

And you could swap almost the entire population of Essex with that of Texas and you wouldn’t know the difference.

George Mc
George Mc
Jan 15, 2020 7:04 PM
Reply to  lundiel

…except perhaps a slight increase in intelligence?

richard le sarc
richard le sarc
Jan 15, 2020 9:30 PM
Reply to  George Mc

In both regions?

Jan 15, 2020 5:36 PM
Reply to  lundiel

Maybe the key is ” this made some Londoners property millionaires”. As to that you are undoubtedly right but, unless I missed something, the collapse in PLP support came not in London and environs so much as in the north where properties are not, I gather, as bankable as in the south.
In either case the deterioration of the whatever cortex is irrelevant.
On the whole I think the banned comment itself is so valuable, as a provocation to discussion and as a source of information, that OG should detach it, get the author to put a byline on it and welcome a new and regular contributor to the site.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc
Jan 15, 2020 9:29 PM
Reply to  bevin

So, what is your explanation for the plain age distribution of voting intentions, with the young voting for hope and an end to neo-liberal savagery, and the senile voting for austerity, the end of the NHS, class hatred and another 200,000 or more deaths from austerity’s malign effects?

Jan 15, 2020 11:37 PM

Thank you for asking, it makes one think to have to articulate the logic behind one’s opinions.
Two quick points. First, a minor thing but not insignificant: “the good die young.”
And so do the working class. Most of those who in the early 1980s bought their council houses are long dead. Income is a big determinant in longevity- a disproportionate number of the over 70 cohort never did consider voting Labour. After fifty years of neo-liberal policies designed to lower living standards and elevate levels of insecurity and stress the disproportionately low proportion of the radicals who survived to live three score and ten includes many who have lost their independence and morale.

The second point has to do with the heritage media the MSM. Again this is disproportionately important for the elderly most of whom find the internet and its possibilities difficult to navigate or understand. They tend to get their news from the networks, BBC Sky etc and the radio. And in doing so they fall into the old grooves established over their lifetimes- they feel that if the BBC does lie it is only for our own good, many people needing to be told what to think and how to act. And they are still products of the old regional accented, snob ridden society in which they grew up, in the days when half the population went to church and all respectable men wore ties: deference casts a long shadow.

After 2017 I thought that the days of the MSM ruling were ending. Since then the ‘freedom’ of social media-never absolute- has been increasingly curtailed. And the curtailment has been supervised, gun in hand, by the government (that gun being the threat of legislation, taxing etc which has quickly brought Facebook to heel). Still I believe that the MSM is discredited and its influence is rapidly being eroded.

Having said all that I would re-iterate two more points. One, Corbyn was defeated by the PLP under the direction of the Blairite centre (wherever inn Hell that may be). And, two, though I’m reluctant to criticise Corbyn, Milne et al who had a very hard row to hoe, they made a real error by trying to compromise with forces who they mistook for their opponents but who, in actual fact, are enemies of humanity. There was and never can be any common ground between those who want democracy in society, in the Unions and in the Labour Party and those who fear democracy.
The sad fact is that once a man, or woman has a guaranteed job, virtually for life, and the income of a wealthy professional, he is very reluctant to give it up. Especially, as is the case with most of the PLP, there is no other job that would employ him at such a salary for anything but selling out poor people and tricking political radicals.

Jan 15, 2020 12:11 PM

Corbyn – as a human being who refused to sell out even though compromised by his party and certain internationally active lobbies, is damaging to the reality control until ‘reality’ (sic) is restored.
This shows up an MSM sock puppet for the controllers and reveals the bought, bound and gagged nature of the political class.
The MSM are ‘mouths’ of compliance and so they all become an echo chamber of ‘virtue signalling’ to their controllers in willingness to pre-emptively strike out anything incorrect – even if there is no crime or breach of plausibly assertable rules.
This kind of ‘control’ is by fear and deceit – or ‘incentivised’ mafia under technocratic ‘globalised’ stratagems – rolled out inexorably as idea, then guidance, then regulatory inclusion, then mandate of law or regulatory requirement.
Its a state of paralysis – and a fundamental driver of its operation is the abandonment of humanity for a polarised – and polarising identity.

As long as people are open to being phished, they are able to be manipulated by identity in reaction whenever a carrot or a stick is dangled or wielded.
Leveraging the human mind is something we all do all of the time – but there are those who are so adept at operating this as to be ingenious. How much of this is fear’s self fulfilling prophecy as low hanging fruit to be taken and how much is in the realm of a ‘principality’ operating apart from its true inheritance?

What then is YOUR mind? – when it should be obvious it is so easily hacked in so many ways as to run a hidden enslavement under the belief you are operating freely. The reactive defence of one’s identified thoughts is exactly the sign of capture.

Uncovering the true – as your core trust and discernment of your being, of your own curiosity, observation, testing and willingness to accept as a result of no longer desiring to align in fear, coercion and deceit, is the shitting out or evacuation of what doesn’t truly belong to you or in you , but has either served a role in your past sense of who you were or what you believed you HAD to be to survive or find acceptance.

This is a ‘harvest’ in that it is a sorting out of the wheat from the tares – but that the mind of such a conflict and narrative overlay CANNOT reliably determine the true from the false, and so the only true test is the test of peace. When you bring your thought and feeling present rather than seeking to hide and manipulate a personal masking narrative of correctness to yourself or others – then you will rest in that which is in accord with who you truly are and can feel that quality of peace or recognition even amidst a storm or great temptation to drama and reactive identity reinforcement under triggering conditions.

No one else can tell you who you are and make it true but by your consent – but in accepting and aligning to the true presence of yourself, you can extend recognition to others as an automatic or unselfconscious invitation to respond in like kind. They do not have to consciously accept, nor need they immediately have to allow that they HAVE accepted to register with them. Everyone has their own timing and yet that timing is a synchrony through the whole.

Looking at everything through the frame of a fear defined sense of self and world is so invisibly structured that anything truly witnessing to love will seem to undermine the structure of ‘reality’ – which carries the invested identity of survival within a personal or private sense of ‘possession and control’ rather than alignment in relational honesty.

The ending or the winding up of ‘possession and control’ is to its revelation as fundamentally mistaken or indeed a mis-taken identification under a farming of thought in self-conflicting fear, fragmentation, guilt and cover story.

We are simply being brought to our starting place perhaps in some recognition of cooperation and perhaps kicking and screaming – (or a bit of both!) – but ideas unfold and evolve their meanings from their underlying predicate as variations upon the theme. Ideas do NOT leave their ‘father’ and become something ELSE! But we can and do explore and experience the result of a ‘principality’ running under false premises, in mis-taken inheritance, defended against the messengers of the true.

If anyone thinks I am addressing the personality evaluation market for trading praise and blame – they are still focussing in a cover story called ‘what’s in it for me?’ or what do I get out of this?’.
The parsing of data derived from a database-driven mind set as a past by which to forfend or avert great fear of pain of loss, short circuits and overrides the listening in the heart – and becomes a habit of heartlessness, normalised, adapted to and protected as the ‘lesser evil’ by which a SEPERATED sense of self seeks power FOR itself.

How does aligning in the true of who we are, moment by moment or alway in our present responsibility, address or change the problems of the world we live in?
Well can we not see that a world of lies is alloyed amongst a truth we may dare not trust – because we are so often betrayed or deceived in our trust?
The Call to wake – (and notice the word is already pre-emptively ‘devalued’) is set against great fear – that shifts and changes when we reach through it as OUR Call for a true connectedness, in our living, and so opening our ‘here and now’ from its ‘cover story’ to a relational honesty AND appreciation.

Whatever we accept and align in as true automatically ‘teaches’ through us. Others are free to direct their learning and teaching, but only insofar as they are not sharing in the same error.
The mistake that is characteristic of the ‘ego’ or self imaged sense of self is of usurping what Life Is and Does through us. As I ‘i’ have to actively go out and teach, change, impact, coerce, manipulate an outcome that I accepted as a ‘good idea’ and then marketised and weaponised it to serve my own self-evasions and private gratifications acted out on others. The power given to this is the shared agreement to private or masked thinking as both self asserted grievance and self justified attack. Its a cycle of self-reinforcing ‘split-minded’ timeshare of a mind become ‘legion’ that can ingeniously shift and shapechange to resist and undermine any intrusion so as to turn the attempt to relate into a weapon against the willingness to heal. It doesn’t want healing. It wants self vindication in vengeance. But DOES it speak for You? Is this the thought you recognise and accept as true of You?
Everyone here has a masking cover story over separation trauma – that are not necessarily recalled or outwardly dramatic. The love that comes into Experience meets denial, lack and conflict and learns ‘defence’ or adaptation under threat of lovelessness (ie hate, fear, guilt, rage, chaos etc).

I supported JC in his leadership bid because I recognised the quality of human being amidst a coterie of fear-in-denial and NOT as part of an ‘anti-anything’. The nature of ‘power’ in the world is being given to fear-in-denial while this is our collective priority – to deny and evade our fears rather than honestly bring them to light and question them in a relational field of resonance – instead of a database of past form-associations (howbeit we are phished).

a reply
a reply
Jan 15, 2020 7:09 PM
Reply to  Binra

I think it was/is Binra who coined the word/verb de-nature. I think the original sentence was: Their aim is to de-nature us; I feel this happening to us everyday!. A truly one word that speaks volume. ‘de-naturing’ -somehow- should be made a crime.
“a hidden enslavement under the belief you are operating freely”. Indeed, we hear this often nowadays:

I am FIERCELY independent

I can talk without words / I can eat without food / I can think wihout having any idea / I can laugh or cry without a sound / I can dance without music (and without floor?) / I can see nothing / I. Am. Firecely. Independent

Jan 15, 2020 9:16 PM
Reply to  a reply

I’m sure ‘denatured’ not uncommon currency.
The denaturing of the true of you is your engagement with a loveless world. You have survived and adapted a particular way of seeing your world.

Lawlessness is already criminal. Because you do not see justice in your own terms and timing doesn’t mean there isn’t a consequence. There is always consequence – but the world of ‘sin’ is the belief that your illusions prevail over others and Life and that you have gotten power from their powerlessness. Until of course the roles reverse.

To be forcefully clear is not a bad thing in regard to meeting disintegrity in others who need to understand that your ‘No’ means ‘No!’.

But when you say ‘should be made a crime’ you are effecting the mindset that so readily gives up its freedom to an external power by which to make the world fit our demand or fears – No?

No one else can do to you but that you do unto yourself.
THAT is a statement of independence from externally applied or insinuated meanings or definitions. But to uncover this is to no longer deal in the meanings you do not accept worthy in yourself. That one reason why I write in very considered terms – because I am releasing the habit of acting out fantasy grievance and attack in thought and word. The deeds witness to what we have accepted true.

Existence Is. All that is Is. This seems a truism to write – but a felt quality of awareness of Existence is the light within and beneath all that Is – or seems to be. There is nothing ‘else’ to be independent from.

However what we give and receive sets the measure of our experience of existence – which is where a coercive thought results in a comeback that is seen as unrelated to the invested self illusion of ‘getting away with coercive thinking’ and so the ‘other’ or reflection of nonsupport or imposition – is seen as an independent oppositional entity in their own right. Now in giving this – you learn it. But have the experience of struggle and survival as totally justified.
But the coercive intent is hidden in the mind that thinks itself free – but for a world of obstruction, opposition and treachery.

If the ‘world’ calls everyone to take a step back – and you do not feel your integrity in doing so – then you have in effect stepped forward. A strong mind can be a great asset… and a terrible liability. Self-acceptance allows using what we have when we need it – and not otherwise.

An aspirational culture is a growth that does not desecrate, degrade and destroy our world.
Saying No to a deceit is no longer accepting its framing thought. Thanks – but no thanks.
However, we often find we are compromised – and this means there are other ‘hidden payoffs ‘that we are getting from it – or we wouldn’t hold onto it any more than a burning coal. So the uncovering of self illusion and deceit is an ongoing willingness that may initially meet great opposition – hence without a relational willingness – the floor disappears – the sky falls in and it’s hard to dance with a devil on your back!

“Their aim is to de-nature us”

Divide and rule is the introduction of doubt and conflict into a wholeness of being – that is then easily led to seek freedom from doubt and conflict by casting it onto others. BUT note you have to be willing to do this to yourself for others to then capture your will. And no matter how intensely we assert our will – doubt and division will not be eradicated by force – but is active in forming the nature of our attempt to get rid of it.

So I say – get a fresh take from the Well of willingness, rather than persisting in War on division (which is of course the protection and persistence of the the very thing we think we are seeking independence or freedom from).

Jan 16, 2020 3:39 PM
Reply to  Binra

Of course empowering the individual is very much welcome and appreciated, but let’s not go into balme-the-victim mode while letting the criminal perpetrators off the hook.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc
Jan 15, 2020 9:42 PM
Reply to  Binra

Corbyn did sell out by surrendering, totally and immediately, to the filthy campaign of lies that was mobilised by the Jewish elite,, the Tory MSM and sundry other scum. He could have gathered his supporters in the Jewish community to attest to his unsullied record, declared himself opposed to ALL racist and other group hatreds, defended Livingstone for simply garbling the truth, Wadsworth for doing NOTHING and Williamson for telling the truth, declared a position that all human beings, including Jews and Palestinians were of equal human value (the Zionists would HATE that)and told them all to go to Hell.
Instead he ensured five more years of austerity Hell, the end of the NHS, the return of the Blairite vermin, and, inevitably, mounting hatred for Jews among those whose years of effort and hope were dashed by an unprecedentedly vicious hate campaign. One that is already being emulated, as false accusations of ‘antisemitism’ are weaponised by the Right throughout the West, the Zionist Lobby grows ever more powerful, presaging more Hell on Earth for the imprisoned Palestinians. Regretably, some people will blame all Jews for the Evil actions of Rightwing Zionists, Jewish elites and other Judeofascists, but the Zionists will welcome that, hatred being the essence of their natural habitat.

Jan 15, 2020 10:24 PM

You have a rabidly hateful way of asserting your views richard le sarc.

I felt Corby became compromised by trying to keep a Party together that was split with many of his own MPs set against him. The means by which this was done indeed included penalty for criticising Israel’s policies and refusing to bend the knee.

Your view of this is clearly one of his immediate grovelling confession and recant. I have seen others do this but I haven’t seen Jeremy do this. He was in an impossible position.

I read of a number of Jewish Corbyn supporters. It isn’t about Jewishness, but about power to set what can and cant be said – or else there is penalty – and by aligning in its power (left and right) there is favour.

“Hatred being the essence of their natural habitat”.
Do you regard being ‘right’ as an exceptional state regarding what you accuse in others?

richard le sarc
richard le sarc
Jan 15, 2020 11:58 PM
Reply to  Binra

Yes, Binra, I do harbour some very hateful feelings. I hate lies in the service of vicious, misanthropic, power. I hate cowardice in the face of that power. I hate the Rightists who, since time immemorial, have persecuted and terrorised the rest of humanity. I hate the fact that the very worst of the Jews have acted so damnedly and thus brought hatred and resentment down on all their fellows, at least in some minds. I most assuredly hate how hateful thugs run this world, and are driving us to a catastrophe from which there will be no return. You might even say that hatred possesses my soul, but to not be driven to hatred by Evil seems to me to be an even worse state of being. So there-you are correct.

Jan 17, 2020 1:53 AM

(Written earlier today but failed to send)

This is the first response – of many – I have from you that holds a sense of communication. Thank you for sharing.

Harbouring is nurturing and protecting.
I don’t have issue with the broad points of critical information that you package – but I don’t share or support the framing.

Grievance begets attack begets grievance begets attack begets grievance begets attack begets … and all the while ‘possessing ‘ the mind.

The idea of aligning in wholeness of heart and mind is inconceivable to the need for Enemy. And I capitalised it because you (but not only you) CAPITALISE for leverage or Significance and hence priority in your mind.

Bush reiterated the binary mind when he laid down the threat; “Either you are with us in the War on Terror or you are against us” – by implication harbouring and supporting terrorism.

Now you wont like a comparison with him – but the polarised division rules out any OTHER narrative or perspective – and that from my view is its primary intent as a ‘mind-capture’ under threat of terror.

The power to set the narrative as to what is true or false, good or evil, and protect it against change, is power over the minds of Men.

There are recognisable characteristics of the programming, regardless of forms and appearances, one of which is always being framed in a choice of evils, such as to choose to align in the ‘lesser’ evil.

But do you hate your life?
If the answer is at least allowing that this is so – then might the truth of you, be your life – and ‘hate’ be a mis-taken or partial and unresolved identity conflict?

That you are willing to communicate is evidence to me that you are not completely possessed o r more accurately, dispossessed by hatred.

The nature of what is assigned power in our world is in my view corrupt. Our very concept of power is in error – and the error spreads through the mind like yeast through dough.What we GIVE power to (note the capitals 😉 is our freedom – but having given it to a coercive and deceitful ‘grievance-attack’ of doublethink that compartmentalises to operate – we are no longer able to recognise freedom – excepting as to escape or overcoming of an evil or ‘backwards’ of which we have become entangled in.

Standing or aligning in wholeness, is of shared presence and not of assertive presentation of bully or victim. That can mask in the forms of anything in order to seem justified or command sympathy and support.

I am not promoting the hiding, masking and denial of our feeling being – as if to escape its consequence as our own.

And so when negative feelings feed on themselves – such as fear of fear growing to hysteria, terror and overwhelm, or hate of hate growing to rage driven violence and destruction, I pause from reaction to re-member myself instead of persisting or succumbing to a negative feedback loop or ‘vicious cycle’.

I suggest that in one form or another the hateful that you see in specific Others is a pervasive deceit of which they are surface expressions.
And so I am interested in recognising and undoing the spell of deceits.
This is literally ruled out under the blaming hating mindset. And so it has to be paused for at least an instant, to be open to a perspective embrace.

That initially is enough.
Because everything else proceeds from there.

I’m not in the business of trying to change anyone – but in willingness to join in accepting change of our fundamental perspective because we no longer want to persist and protect a ‘backwards’ attempt to dig ourselves out of a lie of our own making.

Hate is not an abstracted idea. I am no stranger to intensities of negative or conflicted feelings. I understand the urge to die or kill to escape pain and that in some sense this is the nature of a ‘territory’ that must become conscious as the regaining and restoring of a freedom and joy in life that is NOT at war with itself in any degree whatsoever. This – of course – is the ‘road less travelled’. The primary conditioning in our mind and world is to get any-when ELSE or get rid of onto anyone OTHER than the overwhelm of the intolerable.

But what if this panic at our root is a mind-set of a phished or stolen identity?
How do you know you are not being deceived by thoughts given acceptance in a past that is now hidden – while the thought are invisibly active as a default from way back when – or even family stuff coming down as the unspoken trauma of broken and denied love, in pain of loss and set in hate?

Where are the hates within your immediate relational situation that you have some responsibility for?

I am no denying the world stage – but I see the feeding on the energy of hate as a food supply. Hatred is ‘hurtred’ – and that which is hurt is a love.

Self-specialness is part of our sense of having or being a self among selves as a shared world. But a sense of self lack wishes for and feels deprived of, what it believes it lacks and grasps the image as its invested treasure of a self inflation that is then devastated by its dispossession or dis-appointment – when reality does not support its dream. You only have to observe a baby.

Self-uniquness is inviolate as a signature of your very being. There is nothing you have to do to attain or deserve or attain this and so it cannot be attained – but it can be lost by the attempt of self-specialness. This in effect is where a sense of wish in the mind is given power over the true desire of the heart. Just look at how we learn to override and deny our own will in order to fit in with – or in some cases set in opposition to – the ‘group’ as is projected onto it by fear of missing out or worse of rejection and exclusion. Those already identified as excluded nurture the justification (hate) of the ‘group’ as their self-vindication for separating and withholding – or self-exclusivity. This is the basis of self-specialness set over and against Others – and thus of Others attacking the self-special. Both work polarities of the same underlying identification in self-image which includes all our concepts of ourself in relation to others and world.

If something is abhorrent to us we can evacuate it – but in recoil from abomination and horror we lock it in even as we cast it out and away from a self-protective split. I am suggesting that the intensity of the energy of the feeling can serve to clear the filth from the ‘Augean stables’ or the interjector from the Temple – as a result of a new channel of connection.

To inhibit the destructive effects of hurt feeling is part of civilisation as a shared cultural order, but not to merely back up the shit feeling and die inside.
The inhibition of love is a result of its perceived threat to the social ordering of backed up shit with make up on.
The first needs more vigilance against leaking – and the second needs the be consciously released as the means to heal or undo the framing of the first.

If we try to ‘love’ without responsibility for the hates and fears we then propagate unmindfully – we meet the reinforcement of our underlying ‘script’ of hate and fear.

I am seeking to deprive the support for a ‘mind of hate and fear’ by aligning INSTEAD in willingness to learn what love is – in its OWN terms. This is not a thinking – but a new way of living – in which what was hidden is revealed – and some of what was hidden is a hate imposing over an innocence of being.

Innocence is lost SIGHT of – in the cast of the inherited and acquired human personality structure. (Our world).
The latter intuits guiltlessness of being as THREAT to its power and survival and blocks Communication by ANY means whatsoever. It literally fights for its survival against impossible odds as a temporary defiance and rebellion against feared extinction and loss of power.
Its says “NO!” to Life – EXCEPT on MY terms.

We don’t really stop being ‘babies’ so much as cover over with layers and layers of complex development of thought and ability to live its experience as our world. In learning to walk, we didn’t rage at the ground when it seemed to wobble beneath us – but persisted through to find the balance point in motion. As we learn to think, we develop a self-consciousness that effectively blocks our own growth and development as a resident troll!

Thank-you for clarifying that abuse of power is not a racial characteristic – regardless the use of its ‘identity’ as a means to deny communication.
Extreme examples offer a clearcut illumination of principles – or lack of them – by which to know who you are – and who you are NOT.
To persist in both is to cancel yourself out. If we don’t put the evil behind us it is because we fixate under its fascination. This need not be.

Jan 16, 2020 3:36 AM
Reply to  Binra

There is nothing wrong in hating evil, arrogance, lies and hypocrisy. Quite commendable in my view.

Jan 16, 2020 5:52 PM
Reply to  paul

Are you talking about the ideas and beliefs that result in evils or are you talking about hating the living ones who may be deceived – or indeed reacting against your hate if they don’t support your narrative identity? You are writing so vaguely in your seeming truisms as to be saying anything anyone wants to read into it.

Self-specialness doesn’t believe it is arrogant but right – and justifies or overlooks its ‘lesser evils’ by contrasting itself with a ‘greater evil’.

So it may be that you can easily virtue signal yourself to sleep, by commending the acts of those hating ‘evil’ or by outwardly conforming to such behaviour so to feel you are ‘on the right side’. And it is this sort of mindset that allows deceit to operate in the open – unseen – by nature of ‘flagging it’ to symptoms or diversionary cover stories or distractions.

If you had said;
“nothing wrong in hating evil, arrogance, lies and hypocrisy in my self and not giving them permission to frame my thoughts, perceptions and responses”.
I would commend your view.

If you would speak truth to power or indeed to the insane – you need first to accept it for yourself – or you will be seen immediately as hypocritical – for you might know that the mind under threat is expert at seeking and finding what is hateful and unworthy in others so as to use that to justify full denial or attack.

And of course if you are honouring of life in your intentions and addressing the issues rather than attacking the person – the threatened may none the less project their hate onto you and accuse you of it first, but in personal terms – so as to have ‘pre-empted opposition.

It remains so that what we hate in others we hate in our self – and if we are not awake, will WANT to attack in others as a way of evading it in ourselves – and thus protecting and harbouring evil. This is always easier to see in others than ourselves. We have a self-protective ‘unconsciousness’ or blind spot – but it protects a ‘self concept’ that has served its time and is no longer affordable – because when masking strategy persists beyond its need, it blocks the needs of growth, and maturation, and so the sense of a persistently blocked life conditions a negative and hateful polarisation that attacks whatever it associates with its denial. Whatever offends a sense of being denied. It may not attack openly – but in secret and by stealth and guile seek its time of special self-vindication and vengeance acted out on the ‘hate target’. But whatever ‘hit’ it gets will never be enough and it will not stop until your death or your releasing of a protection racket from your service.

Aligning in moral integrity is a self-honesty that doesn’t have to fit into anyone else’s religious or ideological ruleset. But if self-honesty is too threatening to an investment deemed ‘too big to fail’ – then we look desperately and ingeniously for all the ways to seem to have it – or come out from hiding in fear and get clean. Your relationship with your own life and self is foundational to your perception or recognition of others. While you think to make reality serve your agenda you will interpret everything from and through it premises.
Otherwise, listen in the Heart for the true of you. It isn’t manufactured.

Jan 16, 2020 5:59 PM
Reply to  Binra

redrafted opening

Are you talking about the ideas and beliefs that if acted from as if true result in evils? Or are you talking about hating other living ones who may be deceived, and also reacting against your hating them as an attack on their narrative identity?

richard le sarc
richard le sarc
Jan 16, 2020 9:42 PM
Reply to  Binra

I spent years hopefully awaiting an awakening of consciousness among the Evil imbeciles in my country and abroad, and they have just grown ever worse. I don’t think that Evil imbecility is necessarily innate in people, but it is vigorously inculcated by an Evil system, and vicious social arrangements. Every step towards a more humane society, say queer matrimony, has been opposed by undying hatred, from bigots who imagine that God, a Judaic God in fact from Leviticus or some other ancient hate-crazed tract, tells them to hate their fellows for being gay. So, yes, unfortunately, I do hate many people, because I believe they are Evil, omnicidal and insatiably greedy, or, at the very least behave that way for some reason or other. I await their spiritual enlightenment with NO optimism whatsoever.

Jan 17, 2020 1:28 AM

One of the characteristic signatures of a split mind is that of excepting oneself from our own thought system. So I started out reading you had some vision for awakened life and then found you were only expecting or waiting for everyone ELSE!

By self exclusion you no longer recognise a common Good and find all the ways to feel deprived and denied your Good.

Any thought system that is loveless will become some sort of structure of stricture in which to die in whatever way is your style.
A system – any system – is only as good or workable as the quality of the presence that embodies through it.
The replacement of relational trust, honesty and frankly the ability to dance through the chaos of life – is a current human development of inhuman or robotic replacement of everything living by state control – humane or otherwise.

The problem with enlightenment is when it is forced upon the unwilling. Good ideas like good intentions, pave the way to hell – (hate and pain and struggle in isolation). Misery is an extension of miser. What you give sets the measure of your receiving. Giving ‘patience’ and then giving up and getting mad was only giving in attempt to get what you want!

For myself I would like the state to keep out of the pledging and joining of lives – unless it wants to – (like Putin recently) – support the love of family as the social unit and provider of future generations.
Marriage – along with everything Real is not ‘in’ the world so much as sharing the world in the heart.

But now the state does recognise a union of same sex (gender spectrum?) of any two (why only two?) who sign a state legal document as ‘married’ – which is a collection of rights and responsibility for and to each other – in law. I was pleased to see a civil agreement made legal for heterosexual couples – as I prefer the state and marriage be on two different levels.

I’m not into organised religion – its like state marriage – an oxymoron of two things that do not belong and contradict each other. But I don’t know that homosexuals are hated for their sexual attraction, but for having it forced into all levels of society as a Top Down (International) state mandate – along with vilification and social exclusion of ‘hate speech’ that doesn’t agree or conform to what may be fine as another’s choice – but not as a narrative dictate. The same with top-down vegan – linking to top-down carbon guilt.
There are no grass roots movements now – because top-down policy is to pre-emptively capture any opposition.
Where do they get their power from?
They farm hate in the hearts of people and weaponise it to serve their agenda by token incentives to get the job done.

In the West, the family is targeted (even further) so as to separate parental rights from children who are to be state parented. Weaponised infant vaccine mandates and child gender surgery are to be given the child’s decision and the child is to be educated (sic) to make the choice it is framed in.

I cant wait for anyone else. Not that I am impatient. But that I am actively engaged in my life – whatever that is – with or without labels.
Let the dead bury the dead meant; “Come Now!”

Everyone is called, but few choose to listen.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc
Jan 18, 2020 12:48 AM
Reply to  Binra

Blah, b;ah, b;ah-paid by the word and the cliche’, are you?

Jan 18, 2020 9:29 AM

There’s a troll on your shoulder – using self Hate to take over your mind. It has all the power you give it by all of the Grievance and Attack your cherish. And it turns your world and fellow man to Shit.

I Live the posts I write. They are written in freedom to the free alighting in of any who find resonance. They are not teaching hate, attack, and identity in grievance. But are illumination of an alternative source of shared identity.

The attack on Life is blind hate.
It ‘sees’ itself in everything, and attacks itself in everything its sees. It’s wages are death.

Jan 15, 2020 12:01 PM

Very illuminating – thanks

V Majithia
V Majithia
Jan 15, 2020 11:47 AM

The Groaniad is just performing it’s Statist function as an Integrity Iniative / 77th Brigade puppet that is maintaining the Deep State Narrative.

The deletion of such comments is aimed at the web based users obviously – who still revere the reputation of the old anti-Thatcherite , non-Murdoch or Mail sinecure it provided for decades as it allowed a focal point for protest while allowing the neo-lib privatisations and neo-con wars and ‘rightward’ movement of the Overton Window and their readers to Blairism.

Any challenge to that narrative is struck down without reason.

The identification of the distorted voting statistics of the elderly by the commentator is the main reason that comment is incendiary- it very clearly points to voter fraud – when 40% of voting was by POST in this election and ‘only’ 18% in 2017- it does not take a rocket scientist to know that something very nasty and illegal happened in the dirtiest election ever by the unelected establishment of the country. To stop the first proper socialist Government since Wilson from reversing the gains of the neocon/libs AND to deliver a HARD brexit that saves the ancient CITY that owns the unelected elites.

A ‘turnout’ of these over 70’s, and postal voters will show how the election was fixed.

So even as the gate keeepers and Narrative managers in the MSM, social media AND ALT-MEDIA and their troll armies carry on delivering the Hard Brexit and continued vilification of anti-centrism to put their place(wo)man into the opposition- the Obssessive Groan which is not a Trust but a LIMITED company with representation ON the D-Notice committee (!) AND i.i. & MI5/6 owned presstitutes – people still believe their bullshit. Two examples from right now:

1. ‘Exclusive: 2,000 Syrian fighters deployed to Libya to support government’ – No its not an exclusive. No they are not Syrians as in Assads Syrians – they are the mercenary jihadists who actually are well laid and have TURKISH PASSPORTS who are the wests and saudi funded jihadists being withdrawn from their lost cause – otherwise they would be destroyed or more likely surrender and their testimonies would be explosive – many are no doubt the ex ‘White Helmets’ and many nutty Jihadists – ALL proxy western mecenaries. Most probably who have families in the ‘camps’ who would also talk and will be removed to Libya as the real Syrians reclaim their country (funny how the Iranian crisis has completely moved the public eye away from the Lost Cause of Cameron & Obama/Clinton innit?)

2. As the government steps into help out Bransons regional airplane company for no reason of commerciality / ideological / or national security – the Groaniad is busy pushing the candidacies of Phillips, Nandy and Starmer using the same tropes identified by the disappeared commentator.

Fuck all these mentally retarded Guardianistas who sail happily along in her doomed voyage – though there are a precious handeful i would save – the Groaniad that putrid equal of the current Beeb, still has a decent subversive cartoonist or three left (pretty much the only reason to visit it nowdays) – this by the usual football pundit is genius on the MONARCHY.

Gezzah Potts
Jan 15, 2020 11:05 AM

Short and sweet… Screw the pond dwelling corporate media, and screw the identity politics zombies at The Guardian.
As numerous commenters here, and other independent sites keep saying:
It’s all brainrot propaganda. Just boycott the MSM.
And for gods sakes, don’t actually give them any money. They deserve our full contempt, not money.
Treat them like you’d treat a troll.

Jan 15, 2020 10:27 AM

The idea that Corbyn was and is popular is a frightening concept for the mainstream media, for it casts doubt on the election result itself, as well as the efficacy of the long-running smear campaign they have been conducting for Tory donors and ‘deep state” backers. I haven’t read the Guardian since their awful election coverage but I do remember being slapped down very quickly by one of their trolls when I commented, quite innocuously, I thought at the time, there on the huge numbers at one of Corbyn’s election rallies in the North – “That”s a safe seat – it’s not surprising”, I was told. There seems to be enormous sensitivity about Corbyn’s popularity that goes beyond Brexit and to me raises suspicions that the ‘deep state’ are trying to justify a stolen election.

Jan 15, 2020 4:22 PM
Reply to  Thom

Yes. I have little doubt the election was rigged through the postal vote.

George Mc
George Mc
Jan 15, 2020 7:07 PM
Reply to  Thom

“I haven’t read the Guardian since their awful election coverage ….”

I haven’t read the Guardian since they made it impossible for me to do so without signing up to them – which I have no intention of doing. It could be the best thing they ever did. Like a disease that cancels itself out.