Gone Fishing? No Fish, but Plenty of Pesticides & a Public Health Crisis

Colin Todhunter

There is mounting evidence that a healthy soil microbiome protects plants from pests and diseases. One of the greatest natural assets that humankind has is soil. But when you drench it with proprietary synthetic chemicals or continuously monocrop as part of a corporate-controlled industrial farming system, you can kill essential microbes, upset soil balance and end up feeding soil a limited doughnut diet of unhealthy inputs.

Armed with their synthetic biocides, this is what the transnational agritech conglomerates do. These companies attempt to get various regulatory and policy-making bodies to bow before the altar of corporate ‘science’.

But, in reality, they have limited insight into the long-term impacts their actions have on soil and its complex networks of microbes and microbiological processes. Soil microbiologists are themselves still trying to comprehend it all.

That much is clear when Linda Kinkel of the University of Minnesota’s Department of Plant Pathology said back in 2014:

We understand only a fraction of what microbes do to aid in plant growth.”

And it’s the same where ‘human soil’ is concerned.

People have a deep microbiological connection to soils and traditional processing and fermentation processes, which all affect the gut microbiome – the up to six pounds of bacteria, viruses and microbes akin to human soil. And as with actual soil, the microbiome can become degraded according to what we ingest (or fail to ingest).

Many nerve endings from major organs are located in the gut and the microbiome effectively nourishes them. There is ongoing research taking place into how the microbiome is disrupted by the modern globalised food production/processing system and the chemical bombardment it is subjected to.

The human microbiome is of vital importance to human health yet it is under chemical attack from agri-food giants and their agrochemicals and food additives. As soon as we stopped eating locally-grown, traditionally-processed food, cultivated in healthy soils and began eating food subjected to chemical-laden cultivation and processing activities, we began to change ourselves.

Along with cultural traditions surrounding food production and the seasons, we also lost our deep-rooted microbiological connection with our localities. It was traded in for corporate chemicals and seeds and global food chains dominated by the likes of Monsanto (now Bayer), Nestle and Cargill.

Environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason says that glyphosate disrupts the shikimate pathway within these gut bacteria and is a strong chelator of essential minerals, such as cobalt, zinc, manganese, calcium, molybdenum and sulphate.

In addition, it kills off beneficial gut bacteria and allows toxic bacteria to flourish. She adds that we are therefore facing a global metabolic health crisis linked to glyphosate.

Many key neurotransmitters are located in the gut. Aside from affecting the functioning of major organs, these transmitters affect our moods and thinking.

There is strong evidence that gut bacteria can have a direct physical impact on the brain. Alterations in the composition of the gut microbiome have been implicated in a wide range of neurological and psychiatric conditions, including autism, chronic pain, depression and Parkinson’s Disease.

Recently published research indicates that glyphosate and Roundup are proven to disrupt gut microbiome by inhibiting the shikimate pathway.

Dr Michael Antoniou of King’s College London has found that Roundup herbicide and its active ingredient glyphosate cause a dramatic increase in the levels of two substances, shikimic acid and 3-dehydroshikimic acid, in the gut, which are a direct indication that the EPSPS enzyme of the shikimic acid pathway has been severely inhibited.

The researchers found that Roundup and glyphosate affected the microbiome at all dose levels tested, causing shifts in bacterial populations.

This confirms what Mason has been highlighting for some time. However, she has also been pointing out the environmental degradation resulting from the spiralling use of glyphosate-based herbicides and has just written an open letter to the Principal Fisheries Officer of Natural Resources Wales (NRW), Peter Gough (NRW is the environment agency for Wales).

The letter runs to 20 pages and focuses on glyphosate and neonicotinoid insecticides. She asks who would re-authorise a pesticide that is toxic to aquatic life with long-lasting effects and is causing serious eye damage along with various forms of cancers and a wide range of other health conditions?

She answers her question by saying the European Glyphosate Task Force and Jean-Claude Juncker President of the EC along with various regulators in Europe who have basically capitulated to an industry agenda.

Mason argues that the European Glyphosate Task Force (who actually did the re-assessment of glyphosate) omitted all the studies from South America where they had been growing GM Roundup Ready crops since 1996. She discusses the suppression of key research which indicated the harmful effects of glyphosate.

The Principal Fisheries Scientist Wales sent Mason two NRW Reports two years ago. In it, Mason discovered that giant hogweed on the River Usk bank had been treated with a glyphosate-based herbicide.

NRW had also admitted to not studying the effects of neonicotinoids, which had been introduced in 1994. Mason pointed out to NRW that run-off from farms of clothianidin in seeds would be enough to kill off aquatic invertebrates.

In early January, NRW attempted to explain the absence of salmon and trout in the River Usk on climate change (warming of the river), rather than poisoning of the river, which is what Mason had warned the agency about two years ago.

In Britain, information on emerging water contaminants has been suppressed, according to Mason, and there is no monitoring of either neonics or glyphosate in surface or ground water. In the US, though, measurements of these chemicals have been carried out on farmland and their correlation with massive declines in invertebrates by separate agencies and universities in the US and Canada.

Mason notes there has been 70 years of poisoning the land with pesticides. Although the National Farmers Union and the Department for Environment and Rural Affairs in the UK say fewer pesticides are now being applied, the Soil Association indicates massive increases of increasing numbers of pesticides at decreasing intervals (official statistics obtained via a Freedom of Information request).

Readers should consult the full text of Mason’s open letter on the acamedia.edu site to gain wider insight into the issues outlined above and many more, such as government collusion with major agrochemical corporations, the shaping of official narratives on illness and disease to obscure the role of pesticides and Monsanto’s poisoning of Wales.

What Mason outlines is not specific to Wales or the UK; the increasing use of damaging agrochemicals and government collusion with the industry transcends national borders.

Nation-states are becoming increasingly obsolete and powerless in the face of globalised capitalist interests that seek to capture and exploit markets, especially in the Global South.

What follows is the e-mail that Mason sent to Peter Gough by way of introducing her letter to him.

Dear Peter,

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) classified glyphosate as a substance that is toxic to aquatic life with long-lasting effects

Your colleague Dave Charlesworth declared on BBC 1 Breakfast last week that the declines in salmon and trout were due to climate change and warming of the rivers. I told you just over 2 years ago that it was due to pesticides and showed you the proof from assorted NRW documents you sent me.

Why are NRW, the government, ‘top’ UK doctors, farmers, the corporations, the media and global pesticides regulators protecting the agrochemical industry? All of you could suffer from the effects of pesticides in food, in water, in the air and in rain. Why don’t you inform the people?

Monsanto claims that Roundup doesn’t affect humans, but their sealed secret studies that scientist Anthony Samsel obtained from the US EPA, shows evidence of cancers and that bioaccumulation of 14C labelled glyphosate occurred in every organ of the body (page 9).

The NFU and Defra deny they are responsible for 70 years of poisoning the land and the subsequent insect apocalypse; they should read their own document “Healthy Harvest.” The National Farmers’ Union (NFU), the Crop Protection Association (CPA) and the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) combined to lobby the EU not to restrict the 320+ pesticides available to them. The publication is called: HEALTHY HARVEST. [1] (Pages 6-9)

The Department of Health and the Chief Medical Officer for England claim that parents are responsible for obesity in primary school children. However, Pesticides Action Network (PAN) analysed the Department of Health’s Schools Fruit and Vegetable Scheme and found that there were residues of 123 pesticides in it, some of which are linked to serious health problems such as cancer and disruption of the hormone system.

When PAN informed them, they said that pesticides were not the concern of the DOH. (Page 14, 13-16).

Dr Don Huber, Emeritus Professor of Plant Pathology, Purdue University, US, speaking about GMO crops and glyphosate, said: “Future historians may well look back upon our time and write, not about how many pounds of pesticide we did or didn’t apply, but by how willing we are to sacrifice our children and future generations for this massive genetic engineering experiment that is based on flawed science and failed promises just to benefit the bottom line of a commercial enterprise.” (Page 18)

Kind regards,


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So much BTL tut-tutting, so little BTL now what?ing

George Mc
George Mc

cf. John McMurtry’s “Cancer Stage of Capitalism”:

The ‘cancer stage of capitalism’ has been widely misunderstood as a ‘metaphor’, including by this book’s marketers. It is not a metaphor, but an explanatory model. A metaphor identifies a likeness, as in “he is a lion in battle”. Because it blinkers out the weaponry, skills, and strategy that the man has but not the lion, it is an image which fails to explain beyond an impression. In contrast, the cancer model of capitalism is an explanatory mode. For all of the hallmark characteristics of cancer invasion apply to the self-multiplying money-sequence system at the macro level of life reproduction, as we see in depth ahead. The pattern is first recognised in emergent global capital sequences which proliferate, decouple from and attack the productive functions of life hosts. A process of elimination leaves it as the only unifying framework of all the data. Its diagnosis is tested on crises of organic, social and ecological life systems for significant exceptions. Direction of the depredation to increase or decrease, successful response or not, is tracked across 25 years. Life coordinates and criteria are applied throughout to identify what the ruling money-value parameters cannot.

More here:


Richard Le Sarc
Richard Le Sarc

I could never agree that capitalism had reached a ‘ cancer stage’. For my money it was neoplastic in every way since the get-go.

Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz

The foundational myth systems that undergird our global capitalist order are quite simply completely insane and totally detached from physical reality. Endless growth on a finite planet? The earth’s land, water, air and even human and animal bodies as simply a – dumping ground – for our ever increasing toxic wastes while collectively pretending the consequences of such madness are somehow unimportant? Funneling massive amounts of global resources, both intellectual and economic, into the creation of and endless stockpiling of, ever more deadly military weapons and delivery systems that can literally destroy the very habitability of the planet many times over, yet with no end in sight?

We’re a now simply a bizarre global “death cult” rather than anything resembling a sustainable civilization. Humane values, the basic earth-connected Indigenous values that sustained humanity for many millennia aren’t even allowed a seat at the table. Such values are instead mocked and labelled naive and unrealistic, or here in the U.S. labelled “communistic” by the propaganda systems that are used to keep the masses mystified and passive.

Survival as a habitable planet requires that we embrace a new myth system (based in some fashion on the old Indigenous systems of earth-connection and balance) if we are to have a future that doesn’t most closely resemble a dystopian nightmare of global proportions. The intersecting myth systems that undergird global capitalism are a collective suicide pact.

The following quote from U.S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs John Oberly (1888-1889) illustrates how even 100 years ago our Western myth systems contrasted with that of the Native American peoples being colonized by the United States. Oberly described the change of thinking that would be required of Native Americans for them to be effectively integrated into our Western mythic beliefs as follows:

The (“Indian” – “must be imbued with the exalting egotism of American civilization so that he will say “I” instead of “We,” and “This is mine” instead of “This is ours.”)

This global, toxic, uber-violent, hierarchical, greedy, individualistic, insane global mess we have created is certainly – “ours” – and is of our making alone. It’s foundational myth systems will poison all of us until and unless we find a way to transcend them.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

The problem with capitalism is that it represents the human psychopath in action, with their insatiable greed, massive egomania and hatred of others (including ALL Life on Earth and future generations), love of violence and killing, and all the other odious paraphernalia of the Rightwing Authoritarian Personality type. Even their ‘religions’ are cults of death, destruction and hatred. The antithesis of the capitalist is not so much Marx, but Jesus Christ.


US war on humanity:
– Bombs on brown people
– Poisons in white People’s food and (increasingly) in air and water

Tallis Marsh
Tallis Marsh

Yes, and also the dangerous EMF/RF/pulsed frequencies saturating our environment: e.gs 4G, 5G, wifi, wireless tech, mobile phones, DECT phones, smart meters and other smart devices, and even dirty electricity e.g. in badly wired buildings.

These dangerous EMF/RF/pulsed frequencies cumulatively affects animals’ and humans’ physical bodies (especially our DNA, mitochondria, our immune systems and fertility health) and brain (mental health), and it also affects plants including trees. It also affects the navigation system of insects including wasps and bees. People should research this – there are many independent studies from all around the world about this subject; and Barrie Trower’s work is a good start along with Dr. Martin Pall’s work on 5G etc.

Tallis Marsh
Tallis Marsh

Re: pollution of air/water/ soil/food: also geoengineering – contrails are different from chemtrails/geoengineering so what is actually being sprayed into our skies (that subsequently falls onto our lands and water)?

And of course the ultimate questions are not just what and when, but also who and why are the establishment poisoning us all with all these different methods? Eugenics, depopulation of most of us into a controllable number (like the Georgia Guidestones state) once we are in a centralised, technocratic ‘global governance’ world?

We the public need to be more curious and question things more; research then pressure the ‘authorities’ to give us honest answers?


2018 Research into hair dye sold to black women

“[A] new study looked at 18 different hair products including hot oil treatments, anti-frizz hair polishes, leave-in conditioners, root stimulators, hair lotions, and hair relaxers. The products were chosen based on results from a survey of Black women asking them about their product use.
“The researchers tested each product for the presence of 66 endocrine disruptors that are associated with a variety of health effects including reproductive disorders, birth defects, asthma, and cancer. A total of 45 endocrine disruptors were detected, with each product containing anywhere between 4 and 30 of the target chemicals:
– 11 products contained 7 chemicals prohibited in the European Union (EU) or regulated under California’s Proposition 65. Hair relaxers marketed at children contained the highest levels of 5 chemicals prohibited in the EU or regulated under Proposition 65.
– Parabens, fragrances, nonylphenols, and diethyl phthalate were commonly found in root stimulators, hair lotions, and hair relaxers.
– Cyclosiloxanes were more frequently detected in anti-frizz products and at the highest concentrations of any chemical measured.
– All products contained fragrance chemicals and 78 percent contained parabens.
– 84 percent of chemicals detected were not listed on the product label.
Yes, the questions remain, why do they do this? How could this Systematic Posioning escape the regulators?

Tallis Marsh
Tallis Marsh

Yes, despicable stuff. Horrible. Sadly, it’s the same with almost all mainstream-shop toiletries like all make-up, all deodorants (parabens and aluminium that causes cancer). Also household products like washing-up liquid and shop soap/cleansers etc. Even stuff like Johnson’s talcum powder (that people use for babies was exposed by people to show it had asbestos in it?!). Really horrendous, all this poison put into our day-to-day items.

Personally, I stopped using as much artificial man-made chemical products as possible since 2006. Stopped using any aluminium cooking pans etc even earlier than that. That’s why I homestead full-time now – I make literally everything from scratch: ALL food recipes (including making own stock/broth, desserts, dried fruit, roasted snacks, sauces and dips), I make our own ‘soap’ and toothpaste, and use traditional things to clean the house like vinegar, salt, bicarbonate of soda, and lemon, etc. Bicarb, ACV, herbs and iodine for ‘medicine’ – no pills, conventional meds in this household!

Even so-called eco things like eco-bulbs are a con because they contain mercury and have minute cracks in them so they leak – we just buy the traditional filament light bulbs.

It is so frustrating that we cannot trust anything without researching them in this modern era due to the establishment’s despicable agendas. Really frustrating but has got to be done; what else can we do? Imo, the best decision I have ever made was not to have children; I love children but the anxiety & guilt would kill me (I could not bring a living thing into the world through my own volition to have them navigate all these horrendous things). To be clear, I don’t judge people who have children – it is a natural instinct (and I have it too but my other instinct over-rides it), I am just extremely cynical about the world and am very risk-adverse when it comes to myself bringing living things into this horrible world. Another world, another time, maybe I would have…

Tallis Marsh
Tallis Marsh

Forgot to say, the thing that guides me is tradition – what things did our grandparents/great-grandparents and earlier traditionally use in their era? I think what they used in their life was probably much safer than the consumer/packaged stuff forced on us in this era? E.g. the cleaning items I mentioned in my comment above(using vinegar, salt, lemon and bicarb instead of supermarket washing-up liquid like our ancestors used).


Eating like our grandparents did is definitely the best way to eat! Food without industrial additives is medicine.

Day after day, a study after study are showing modern food is a blight on humans, assaulting every organ inside our body.

Nowadays, to find what products to use and consume, and learn about all the harm caused by ‘modern’ foods and additives requires time and dedication, as if it is a full-time job.

Richard Le Sarc
Richard Le Sarc

The ‘ regulators’??!! I’ ll piss myself if I laugh any harder.


Re: pollution of air/water/ soil/food: also geoengineering – contrails are different from chemtrails/geoengineering so what is actually being sprayed into our skies (that subsequently falls onto our lands and water)?

Jet fuel (avtur, Jet A-1 and Jet B) aerosols and partial/complete combustion residues.


Got my first👎just when I wasn’t going to score today!

How to pollute the atmosphere from ground to stratosphere with naphtha combustion products and have flocks of urban idiots postulate that their effects–from supposedly direct to still unresearched and possibly adjuvant–must be down to widespread alternative spraying of distilled rats vomit or concentrated solutions of freeze-dried district nurse’s knickers powder. No wonder tinfoil has a bad name.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

And coronaviruses in Wuhan fish markets.


I often hear farmers advocating zero till cultivation methods to produce arable crops such as wheat. They say this practice eliminates the need to plough using heavy tractors. For this reason they claim it is better for the soil which is less compacted than it would otherwise be.

Instead of ploughing the fields are sprayed with a glyphosate herbicide after harvest. The seed is then drilled into the soil.

I wonder if anyone is monitoring what harm this process, repeated year after year, is doing to the soil. Over time I would think it is possible that the soil will become sterile. Nitrogen fixing bacteria will be destroyed, beneficial bacteria and fungi will be decimated and creatures such as worms will disappear from the field.

In addition the food and animal feed crops produced from the fields will be depleted of minerals vital to health such as manganese, calcium and magnesium as these elements are chelated by the glyphosate molecules in the soil.

It is possible apply zero till methods using a cover crop to smother the weeds instead of spraying with glyphosate. I wonder how many farmers use this approach. I doubt if many do.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

We’ve LONG known that glyphosate and proprietary preparations like Roundup sterilise the soil, killing its living biota. Modern capitalist agriculture kills the soil.


Should be: “Modern capitalist agriculture kills” there I fixed it 😉



There are myriad of products and services that can make more profits while keeping and improving people’s health. So, the profit argument doesn’t explain the insistence and persistence in deliberate increase in the use of these agri-Poisons.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Yes it does-the parasites will make a profit out of anything that returns sufficient gelt, whether it harms Life on Earth or does not. There is no morality in it but greedy self-interest.


Excellent article showing “agribusiness*as yet another means to poison human beings for the sake of profit. The depravity of the elite cam sink no farther.


I am pleased that other aspects of power wielded by stealth is coming into OG.
Medical Mafia is another tentacle.

I find it rather sad that people still associate eugenics as simply ‘capitalism’. It is a derivative of unregulated capitalism – as the cartel power to capture the levers of power across a broad spectrum. Its power by deceit and coercion that can create the official narratives that operate its sustainability at our expense.

Now it may be that people involved in ‘delivering’ toxicity knowingly run under some narrative justification – I found that my local council do. Instead of a precautionary principle we have top down edicts of ‘perfectly safe’ and the is ‘top’ seeded and incentivised as a range of global ‘experts’, or NGO’s and key opinion leaders.

But the target is Life. Not selected lives – as in different vaccines for the ‘developing nations’, or toxic and denatured cheap phood for the poorer in society – in education and finance.

My sense is that Life will ‘work around’ this or adapt to it – but maybe it doesn’t – and has to spring from a new place after a ‘long sleep’. I have no doubt that it undermines our gut flora and contributes to digestive, immune and cognitive degradation.

The USA I think with UK decided to make food a global weapon. By replacing independent smaller farmers with Oil-fed agribusiness – as the ‘Green Revolution’.
F. William Engdahl writes clearly in ‘Seeds of Destruction.

Boris is paid to open the floodgates to GM and biotech – because ‘your cant stop progress but you can trust our Great British Businesses to play by the rules and be the world leaders in a lucrative market’. (Paraphrasing his UN speech).

But its primarily US based Corp monopoly with UK as an asset or partner.

johny conspiranoid
johny conspiranoid

The problem is the capitalists capturen the regulators. Has this ever been prevented anywhere?


Once the legal or regulatory framework has been changed to protect the ‘monopolist’ or cartel interest against public accountability, it has also effectively captured the Media and educational system. This hasn’t – as far as I can see – ever been rolled back – excepting token sacrifices that becomes the means for further undermining of rights and freedoms.
I was listening to a recent public speech about Merck’s criminal ‘Vioxx’ toxic headache pill that attracted billions of dollar losses via litigation, but then a fast-tracked development of a mandated (toxic) HPV vaccine bounce-back from predicted bankruptcy. The speech by RFK Jr, illuminates criminal organisations (Mafia) running behind a scientific and suited front and to a large degree supported and protected by public and institutional ‘health fears’ or conditioned ‘medical’ compliance.

In the past in UK, most all of the people of the town of Leicester – refused to accept the then mandated smallpox vaccines and man suffered imprisonment before they won their cause (and subsequently had the lowest incidence of smallpox in Britain).
But in short – I don’t see there is as yet a consciousness or a conscience for representing the public Good when it has to stand in the rejection and exclusions of being seen as the ‘denier’ or ‘social threat’. Again their is the ‘mafia’ like offer you cant refuse without meeting penalty to your person, reputation, family, career.

In this way we are like ‘Skinner’s rats’ being farmed, managed and engineered under frameworks of incentivisation for plunder – as captured revenue streams and captured ‘identities’ of emotional investment (mindshare), and thus as a food and energy source for the surface narrative to overlay – like Big Brother’s boot – over the will to live.

Thus my focus is in the nature of mind-control – or loss of a true will to a fear-framed narrative identity – that once lured into by a seeming empowerment or protection, is seen as impossible to escape.

This is the deceit by which living truth is lost to a fragmented and distorted mind – that also becomes the protector or the guide.

The nature of the belief and alignment in governance may be set in terms of protecting the whole from the tyrant – but as we see a constitution or set of laws do not in themselves guarantee anything. It is the maintaining of freedom that is easily lost to seeming progress, and to threats, fears and alarm in search of safety.

Merck – as with likely all such companies – kept a hit list of doctors who were critical, oppositional, or doubters and a profile for each as to the ways to neutralise or win them over – along with millions of dollars of slush fund to do so – as small change in protecting their ‘market’.

False gods deliver unto evils – including ‘rationalism’ that is operating within a presumed or provided framework of bias at best and manipulative deceit at worst.

Living our Sovereign will – is recognising a true authority from a false and aligning in the true. What you pay Peter, robs Paul, so make your choice within who you can live with – because self-betrayal is the most toxic element to our capacity to know and share life – no matter WHAT we stuff or paint over it.


I might add that the vast bulk of glyphosate production is done in China, over 80 million tonnes a year!


I find it rather sad that people still associate eugenics as simply ‘capitalism’. It is a derivative of unregulated capitalism

Capitalism? Derivative of unregulated capitalism? Does Marx even mention pre-hominid capitalism?


[Eugenics] is a derivative of unregulated capitalism…

From Kit Knightly’s piece on Putin’s recent reforms:

In the days of the Roman Empire, upon conquering a province the Romans would take children of members of the ruling class to back to Rome, to be fostered in Roman families and raised as Romans. Then, when they reached adulthood, the new Romanised Celts or Assyrians or Goths would be sent back to the land of their birth and rule as the province in Rome’s name, serving Rome’s interests.

Does that not look to you, Binra, as something like post-hominid, pre-capitalist “eugenics lite”? And what about the intentional, endless pre-capitalist incidents of war rape stretching back from feudalism to pre-history? Or, similarly, the repeated mass takings of female slaves from the lands of the defeated into the harems and other servitudes of the conquerors?


I don’t get your point Robbobobin. War and enslavement or destruction are on the record as the development of all means of war and of the ‘breaking and taming’ of the vanquished nation to conditions imposed by the victor.
The complexity of modern times does not SEEM so barbarous but is operating much more by stealth of guile and deceit. Eugenics is the idea of ‘civilised and rational’ breeding control and killing for the improvement of the ‘stock’ as a direct follow on from Darwinian interpretation fused with the Upper class Malthusian desire to reduce the population of the poor rather than help them vis sanitation, education, nutrition etc.
This changed its appearance after the dumping of total war guilt onto the German people for its ‘National Socialism’ and runs under Genetics, and a masking of psyoperative language that couches its agenda in terms opposite to its meaning – thus inducing a population control program by deceit – which includes degrading and retarding cognitive abilities – again via multiple vectors.
So what is your point?
War, plunder and rape are part of our human psyche and history – and our current world into the future?
The struggle or drive for possession and control from a largely unconscious fear of pain of loss of possession and control.


So what is your point?
War, plunder and rape are part of our human psyche and history – and our current world into the future?

No. Or, alternatively, not necessarily.

My point is that war, plunder and rape are part of our human psyche and history and that, wherever you are, you start from where you are and where you are determines the possibilities and actions or resolutions available to you for the next step. In many matters, eugenics included, where we are after Darwin is not where we were before Darwin, so post Darwinian starting points for such matters, including “eugenics”–a word coined by Francis Galton in the new age of Scientific Everything–has earlier names, understandings and methods of realizing what is the same basic concept, as Wikipedia itthelf noteth:

Eugenics (/juːˈdʒɛnɪks/; from Greek εὐγενής eugenes ‘well-born’ from εὖ eu, ‘good, well’ and γένος genos, ‘race, stock, kin’) is a set of beliefs and practices that aim to improve the genetic quality of a human population through selective breeding.

The concept predates the term; Plato suggested applying the principles of selective breeding to humans around 400 BC. Early advocates of [what is now called] eugenics considered it as a way of improving groups of people. [Emphasis added]

as we seeeth in the aforereferenced Plato (“The Republic”, Book V, trans. Jowett), allowing for the fact that The Republic is a pipe dream:

How so?

Why, I said, the principle has been already laid down that the best of either sex should be united with the best as often, and the inferior with the inferior, as seldom as possible; and that they should rear the offspring of the one sort of union, but not of the other, if the flock is to be maintained in first-rate condition. Now these goings on must be a secret which the rulers only know, or there will be a further danger of our herd, as the guardians may be termed, breaking out into rebellion.

Very true.

Had we not better appoint certain festivals at which we will bring together the brides and bridegrooms, and sacrifices will be offered and suitable hymeneal songs composed by our poets: the number of weddings is a matter which must be left to the discretion of the rulers, whose aim will be to preserve the average of population? There are many other things which they will have to consider, such as the effects of wars and diseases and any similar agencies, in order as far as this is possible to prevent the State from becoming either too large or too small.

Certainly, he replied.

We shall have to invent some ingenious kind of lots which the less worthy may draw on each occasion of our bringing them together, and then they will accuse their own ill-luck and not the rulers.

To be sure, he said.

And I think that our braver and better youth, besides their other honours and rewards, might have greater facilities of intercourse with women given them; their bravery will be a reason, and such fathers ought to have as many sons as possible.


And the proper officers, whether male or female or both, for offices are to be held by women as well as by men —

Yes —

The proper officers will take the offspring of the good parents to the pen or fold, and there they will deposit them with certain nurses who dwell in a separate quarter; but the offspring of the inferior, or of the better when they chance to be deformed, will be put away in some mysterious, unknown place, as they should be.

which seems to be as blunt and as topical a statement of eugenics as could be uttered in any era, though sans Science and sans your post-Darwinian understanding that would seem, under your definition of eugenics as capitalist phenomenon, thereby to restrict erroneously the instrumentality of war to “enslavement or destruction [which] are on the record as the development of all means of war and of the ‘breaking and taming’ of the vanquished nation to conditions imposed by the victor”, Whereas at least one of the conscious intents of open wars and sub-bellum conflicts (such as some of the subjugations of the African sugar trade triangle–a pre-capitalist development of predatory mercantilism) was decidedly eugenic in nature. Similarly non-capitalist expressions of eugenics can be found in other cultures than Greek-Roman Judeo-Christianity. The only common denominator is that, in general, eugenics has been imposed and exploited by dominant cultures or subcultures over weaker ones.

So “my point” summarized is that to ascribe the proposal or practice of eugenics to post-Malthusian, post-Darwinian capitalism or its derivatives is to overlook the basic nature of the concept in the related, millennia-old pantheon of racist, xenophobic and other problems that is rendered hard precisely by its long and persistent presence in the human psyche.


Robbobbobin, Thankyou for your post.

My general gist is to illuminate the human psyche of a split mind rather than embody it as unconsciously inherited and acquired identity. A casting of identity asserted and defended in terms of being set apart, threatened by and defended against ‘other’.

That breeding can be contrived to result in various objectives is simply obvious in the animal and vegetable realm, over which seed or stockmen can select.
The transfer of this to humans is the intent of some humans to impose upon others. However, coercion – as noted in your post – breeds reaction, and so the realm of guile and deceit is engaged to engineer and frame the conditions such as to degrade the ‘unworthy human stock’ of their ability to question the frame in which they are cast, as well as of their ability to procreate, and to survive outside of controlled conditions that can be progressively of suddenly removed or choked off.

A current meme being fed the masses is of humans as a cancer or virus on the (Holy Victim of a) planet. (Incidentally I l looked for theDuke of Edinburgh’s post hospital remark on wanting to come back as a deadly virus and wipe out the (presumably selective) population and find it has been deleted from the ‘record’ and reframed as an internet myth – though I saw it on tv at the time on on youtube since).

‘Go forth and multiply’ is generally interpreted as making babies – begetting more begetters – but my sense of the Creative is that whatever we hold in thought by accepting as true of us – DOES go forth and multiply – whether that be a sense of self-lack or of abundance and fulfilment.

And so there is not only a pervasive and systemic fear, hatred and enslavement of life, set against loss of possession, and control in fear of pain of loss, but the collective embodiment of the bot-net of such ideas given power – running a ‘Luciferian’ hate agenda from the blinding light of a hate that insists IT is Right – over and against a wrong or unworthiness cast out or projected ‘into Other.

In some sense I see that I have choice regarding my own thought – but not over yours. But in attempting to take over other people’s choices, I cast myself into their minds and use them for my own ‘mythological’ or narrative fantasy fulfillments – rather than recognising and sharing in Life as true withness or currency. Likewise using others as the ‘blame’ or ’cause’ of my choices, so as to plausibly deny my own conscious decision to ‘the Other or world made me do it’.

That those intent on conflict as a means to disempower and claim power from it seek out every means to false-frame, manipulate of ‘engineer’ us into supporting their loveless thinking of assertive ‘Right’ is also an education in our own proclivity to take the bait and run with it when it ‘fits’ our (targeted) profile – and this is therefore offering an education to a mind of which we would otherwise run blind in.

No one can warn or wake another of a deceit that they WANT to hold as true of them and their world. Addicts may become so identified with the self and world their addiction gives as to defend its identity to the death, against life, love and healing. In this sense I posit a mind of ‘possession and control’ seeking power as a phished identity under fear that splits the mind to know not what it does.

Once ‘out of control’ or overwhelmed by chaos – a mind invokes control as an EXTERNAL force, agency or intervention – and willingly gives its power of allegiance to its ‘protection’ as Order set against and OVER Chaos.

This has served the archetype of a consciousness development for human experience, but is there a new basis from which order emerges as an innate recognition rather than an imposition in the image of a god of terror?


A current meme* being fed the masses is of humans as a cancer or virus on the (Holy Victim of a) planet. (Incidentally I l looked for theDuke of Edinburgh’s post hospital remark on wanting to come back as a deadly virus and wipe out the (presumably selective) population and find it has been deleted from the ‘record’ and reframed as an internet myth – though I saw it on tv at the time on on youtube since).

In Fleur Cowleshttps://www.vanityfair.com/magazine/1996/10/fleur-cowles199610 People as Animals (ISBN 9780688061500; UK: Robin Clark Ltd, 1986; US: Morrow, 1987) “Over one hundred world-famous celebrities respond to the author’s question, ‘What would you choose to be if you could be reincarnated as an animal?'” HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh writes in the Foreword: “I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species had been so reduced in numbers than it was in danger of extinction. What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist… I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus.”

*The word meme was coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene as an attempt to explain how ideas replicate, mutate and evolve (memetics). The concept of the Internet meme was first proposed by Mike Godwin in the June 1993 issue of Wired. In 2013, Dawkins characterized an Internet meme as being a meme deliberately altered by human creativity—distinguished from biological genes and his own pre-Internet concept of a meme, which involved mutation by random change and spreading through accurate replication as in Darwinian selection. Dawkins explained that Internet memes are thus a “hijacking of the original idea”, the very idea of a meme having mutated and evolved in this new direction. Furthermore, Internet memes carry an additional property that ordinary memes do not: Internet memes leave a footprint in the media through which they propagate (for example, social networks) that renders them traceable and analyzable. –[Wikipedia→”Internet meme”, Emphasis added]


Yes – but in the capability and in such instance of the erasure or editing of Internet history, ‘ideas’ can be propagated and purposed to be whatever the power to do so and assert and defend, say is so.

IE: When searching for the video clip, I found internet traces and analysis of the ‘debunking’ of the Duke of Edinburgh ever having said something very similar to “if there is life after death I would come back as a deadly virus and solve the overpopulation problem”.
At the time I simply registered him as propagating the belief in an ‘overpopulation’ of the unworthy – for his attitude was not at all one of opening communication within and among populations – but rather of culling them – and sowing the mindset of beliefs that serve a willingness to expect and align under such ideas – by thinking and saying them.

And so the Internet is developed to be used to serve an ‘Establishment’ narrative control that is in fact more of an ‘alien’ or inhuman will – operating through those dispossessed of awareness and sharing in a truly felt and known life. Such is the power of thinking, given identity and allegiance, that truth waits on acceptance and recognition, while the mind of its bias and substitution operates as its chosen reality-experience.

‘Survival’ against threat operates blindly and indiscriminately to protect accepted and believed self – and is therefore programmed or conditioned by whatever we are accepting by reacting as true of us.

Have we ‘Gone phishing?’ – in a realm of collectively reinforced dissociative, displacement ‘meanings’ by which to maintain identity set in opposition – as the premise of a self-autonomy, justified in overriding love and life made weak and treacherous by lies taken as true.

Meaninglessness, given sense, makes a nonsense arguable – once entering its frame of reversal, health and wholeness become the ‘pest’ to be eradicated – because health is the condition in which absurd insanities of the lie, find no host of acceptance, welcome or propagation as our thoughts, words and deeds.

The idea of responsibility for thought is in my view fundamental to all else – but not as blame, shame and penalty – so much as the support for awakening freedom from the ‘mind’ that uses guilt and vengeance as its sense of possession and control as an autonomy set over and apart from – and thus suffering limitation and subjection of – feared, hated and unforgiven life.

But whatever the forms it takes, the underlying act is the acceptance of what is not true – as ‘true’ because it serves who we think we are – in the frame of reaction against who we are not – or fear to be.

The theme of vengeance and self-vindication in the frame of conflict is pervasive and yet in many ways invisible. As the human conditioning.
Self interest becomes destructive under false premises.
So everything occurring is reliable feedback to conflicted premises – that CANNOT be understood from within the mind of its own making, for the mind will always interpret for its ‘survival’ against exposure to truth by which its lack of substance is revealed Obvious.

If I write longer than you prefer – it isn’t to nail your ear to what comes – but to listen to what is coming up as a result of asking and receiving.
Any idea of ‘wielding truth’ is a reversal of the true movement of our being – which Is truth – that we do not make – and so offers true Perspective on all that we made in alloy of love and fear.
I see a harvest here – but discern and align in one to let the other go.


When searching for the video clip, I found internet traces and analysis of the ‘debunking’ of the Duke of Edinburgh ever having said something very similar to “if there is life after death I would come back as a deadly virus and solve the overpopulation problem”.

Debunkers debunk. That’s what they do. Validity is not their concern. I, too, saw it on tv; whether or not (any of) that found its way onto YouTube or not, I don’t know. It doesn’t seem like something they’d delete for political or crowd control purposes (at least not yet).

At the time I simply registered him as propagating the belief in an ‘overpopulation’ of the unworthy – for his attitude was not at all one of opening communication within and among populations – but rather of culling them…


I saw it on tv and on youtube but a reasonable attempt to re-find it (for a reference link in a post) drew a blank and web searching found many references of either debunking or regarding it as an internet myth. So that was a direct and immediate recognition of the internet being used to airbrush something from my ordinary personal experience.

I read (in a Tesla biography) that J P Morgan had a grotesque nose and was able to ensure published photos of him would be retouched.

Disinformation is an ongoing practice to socially engineering a most unsocial agenda. I do not spend any energy in dwelling on it. But if you find the video of him saying he’d like to come back as a virus and sort out the ‘population problem’, I be grateful for a link.


I think it’s brilliant that the MIC sell what was originally a weapon used to defoliate the Vietnamese jungles killing their own troops, combatants and any civilians who happened to get in the way and market it as a herbicide actually it should more correctly called a genocide but who cares?

This is what they did with fluoride after it was used to process Uranium of course and Nutrisweet which just happened to be a toxic nerve agent that they had lying around in their arsenal. Hey but at least its low cal and fat free and we all know that’s what really counts!

All the above are carcinogenic yet not a word about this from the American (can’t find a cure or more accurately prevent a cure for) Cancer Society.

johny conspiranoid
johny conspiranoid

Cancer; when the immune system fails to mop up the cancer cells that all animal bodies constantly produce.


Are you aware of the role of GcMAF in this process? – and that nagalese ‘turns off the body’s synthesis of it? There is a story of dead alt health doctors associated with that.
Lynn Thyer recently extradited to France – on hunger strike for discovering how to synthesise GcMAF in the lab. Moves to extradite David Noakes for supplying it to people suffering cancer who have greatly benefited – alive regardless of prognosis.
As far as I know NO MSM has touched this story but UK column has some of it.
And ANH have given coverage
(While the last item indicates Thyer’s release was TO happen, it is not confirmed that it did or will be allowed to happen).
There are innumerable other accounts of the effective elimination and thuggish suppression of treatments that actually work or are much more efficacious and less toxic than chemo, radiation and surgery. How many deaths from cancer are from the treatment? Under the nocebo mindset of ‘Imminent Extinction’, fear demands ‘ACTING NOW!’ or it will be ‘Too Late!’ – ‘Don’t Research!’ The ‘Science is Settled’ under multi billion dollar Research funding, and anyone acting outside the legally protected ‘Standard of Care’, is a ‘playing with the lives of the sick’ (risking being struck off or imprisoned – and to promote any such is to be a ‘DENIALIST!!!’ And the worst kind of ‘quack’ preying on the fear of an ‘Incurable Disease’ that can be best managed to attempt a survival prognosis at a cost that is not on the front of a sales pitch seeking a willing signature.

As it happens the ‘quicks’ were the quicksilvers – physicians using mercury as a purge – in the theme of heroic intervention to fight the poison by driving it out with a poison.

There are patterns, archetypes of belief and identification within and beneath all of this.
To look at the symptom picture is to see their projection as if a standalone reality.

There is no one size fits all ‘system’ – and there is a call to recognise every case as an individual need – and we can only work with the individual in the context of their current willingness and belief. The belief in the fear (or the fear AS the accepted and invested belief), protects itself, as a self.

Tessa Jowell pleaded in the Lords before her death for a relaxing of the regulations about exploring new approaches to treating cancer. But I ask you – to WHOM was she pleading?
For it was a plea to Power and not a call to activism.

Where then is Power to heal?

Richard Le Sarc
Richard Le Sarc

The corruption of the capitalist medical-industrial complex and its suppression of various, non-patented, treatments for cancer, bears no relationship whatsoever to climate destabilisation science.


From what I understand cancer is not an immunological problem but caused by cellular mutation due radiation and other extreme stress factors in the environment that may have a similar effect such as highly toxin substances such as Dioxin AKA Agent Orange or Glyphosates as used in Roundup and other pesticides and herbicides.

See the book the Effects of Nuclear Weapons:



I think it’s brilliant that the MIC sell what was originally a weapon used to defoliate the Vietnamese jungles killing their own troops, combatants and any civilians who happened to get in the way and market it as a herbicide actually it should more correctly called a genocide but who cares?

Are you suggesting there is some significant chemical relationship between “Agent Orange” and substances such as neonicotinoids and glyphosate?

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum

We are made of the Earth.
We exploit it at our peril.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

I think it highly probable that glyphosate is the biocidal weapon that the elites will use to cause a mass culling of the ‘useless eaters’ they hate and fear. Its widespread pathways of toxicity and damage are destroying the soils (pedocide)the beneficial bacteria and other micro-organisms in animal guts and various plants, while creating glyphosate resistant super-weeds. Its use, following the cancer logic of capitalism, only grows and grows, despite the clear, but easily suppressed knowledge of its toxicity. As ever the capitalist will do ANYTHING, even destroy the basis of Life on Earth, for filthy lucre.


i’ve compiled an (0ngoing) list on this topic:



Excellent summary at your site. thanks.

deda Stanko
deda Stanko

Thanks for your site link Barovsky. I’ve emailed it to a couple of allotment friends.