Keep It Simple and Question: Propaganda, Technology, and Coronavirus

Edward Curtin

My father, a well-educated lawyer with a very sophisticated mind, used to advise me to “keep it simple.” By simple he didn’t mean simplistic. He meant fundamentally logical and to the point. So I will do that here and stick to some simple realities, now that understanding what is going on in the world has become an idiot’s game played by the corporate mass media to confuse people.

I have been writing about the dangers of technology for many years. Not all technology, of course, for the pencil I am writing this with is a technology, and an amazing and underappreciated one. I am referring to the techno-scientific, digital, high-tech sort, the world of computers, cell phones, genetic engineering, biological weapons development, etc. You know, all the stuff that has made our lives better and easier.

Two of the major problems the world faces – world destruction with nuclear weapons and the poisoning of the earth’s ecology and atmosphere – are the result of the marriage of science and technique that has given birth to the technological “babies” (Little Boy and Fat Man) that were used by the U.S. to massacre hundreds of thousands of Japanese and now threaten to incinerate everyone, and the chemical and toxic inventions that have despoiled the earth, air, and water and continue to kill people worldwide through America’s endless war-making and industrial applications.

Technology and technique, the technical way of thinking that undergirds it, are what we should fear most, not the will-o’-the-wisps marched out daily by the corporate mass media to create fear and panic. Those are ghost fears that should only frighten children.

But as I have written before, most Americans are children, living inside a doll’s house of illusions and delusions while government and intelligence forces and their mass media accomplices play with them through technological propaganda.

For every problem caused by technology, a technological “solution” is always offered that creates further technological problems ad infinitum. But since people have been taught to love technology, they embrace the alleged technological “solutions” that are necessitated by the problems caused by the original technology. It’s a circle game.

In our technopoly, logical thinking has become illogical; cause and effect, means and ends have been inverted. The causes of our problems are touted as the means to end them. These “solutions” are always offered with a straight face, as if they made perfect sense. This is how societies operate when in the grip of myths. In this case, the myths of science, progress, and history.

Such myths render the obvious invisible as they create a hopeless inevitability in people who can imagine no alternative and have been convinced that science is the secret to salvation and the means to the things they have learned to desire, including longevity and perhaps “immortality.” And these things have become the means to additional means in an endless loop from which, by definition, ends are absent. As a result, the search for truth, celebrated as a goal of science, is slyly eliminated. Keeping it simple becomes harder and harder.

The important point is that the entire system of propaganda works on fear that is promulgated via the electronic media: television, cell phones, and computers. It is pumped out non-stop.

The fear is the fear of death, the fundamental human fear that haunts humans like nothing else and is a linchpin of human activity. It is what the powerful know how to manipulate to control people.

Death that can come at the hands of fabricated enemies, disease, or state forces that will get you if you step too far out of line. Russia, China, Iran, corona virus, Julian Assange, and Chelsey Manning being a few prominent recent examples of what to fear and what will become of you if you resist the fear-mongering and lies, and are brave.

Since today’s news is dominated by the fear of coronavirus, here is a partial list of other diseases that since 2003 we were told loudly and repeatedly would become pandemics and decimate the human race. Diseases to be very afraid of since they were coming for you if you weren’t very vigilant and forgot to wash your hands.

  • 2003 SARS
  • 2005 Avian Flu
  • 2009 Swine Flu
  • 2012 West Nile Virus
  • 2014 Ebola
  • 2016 Zika

Well, they didn’t, very far from it; they were like scam telephone calls that scare the gullible into believing the message that they will be immediately arrested if they don’t send $1,000 to Mr. X somewhere. But just like the colour-coded terrorism warnings under George W. Bush, the pandemic alerts regularly pressed the panic button and kept fear in the air, until the panic balloon later burst under careful scrutiny, but at a point when most people had ingested the false fear of the earlier headlines and were not about to follow-up.

Now we have Coronavirus (COVID-19). So beware. Let us show you how to wash your hands and protect yourself.

Ten minutes viewing of any of the major television networks news shows is like entering a house of horrors at an amusement park. After viewing one, you want to wear your football helmet and mask, go to bed, and never get up. They ooze fear, as is their intent.

The game is both obvious and subtle. Even while COVID-19 is hyped, here and there the media throw in exaggerated figures on the regular flu, as if to say: we are fair and objective; both are bad, even if the coronavirus might soon become a pandemic.

It’s akin to their saying Trump is really scary, but look how scary the socialist Sanders is. You don’t want either.
You want the one we will tell you to want who will protect you. Listen to us, for we are here to advise, so you will consent.

The news reports about the regular seasonal flu are most revealing. If you peruse the media across all platforms, including alternative sources, you will see people repeating as fact the numbers of flu deaths in the U.S.A. so far this flu season (October 1, 2019 until today).

The numbers range from 12,000 to 18, 000 and higher, from CNN, CBS, NBC, etc. Try it. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates the “flu deaths” for this season will be 18,000 to 46,000.

However, if you dig down into the CDC figures and look at its table, which few do, you will see that the actual number of flu deaths claimed by the CDC for this season is 3,994 at the time of writing (3/6/2020 – the latest data through eight weeks of 2020), while they also estimate at one place on their website the deaths from flu at 20,000 – 52,000 so far and 20,000 at another spot.

The disparity in figures is bizarre. They also claim the number of cases is decreasing and this season doesn’t look particularly bad. (Go here, scroll down, and click on “View Data Chart”).

Isn’t that strange? A bit of a simple discrepancy, wouldn’t you say? Why would the CDC do that, and why would the media repeat it?

The CDC estimates that there will be 18,000-46,000 deaths this season and estimates 50,000 or 20,000 have already died of the flu but their facts show only 3,994 have so far died of the flu and the peak months for flu have ended. Where do those tens of thousands of additional deaths come from? Estimates?

Despite the facts at the table on their own website, in the next six months, the CD will announce , as they do every year just in time for the next flu season and the PR campaign for everyone to get their flu shot, the cumulative results for the season, which will be many tens of thousands.

What kind of game is going on here? Are you confused yet?

To repeat: the essential fear that the powerful use to manipulate and control people is the fear of death. Death in many guises: physical, social, psychological, etc. But the fear of death must be used in a way that is very confusing and scrambles people’s thinking while it frightens them.

If we keep it simple and examine what there really is to fear, it is the growth of the sophisticated modern technology in the hands of governments and corporations that has destroyed privacy, poisoned people and the earth, created digital dementia on a vast scale, allowed propaganda to flourish as never before, and is poised to blow the world to smithereens with nuclear weapons.

Then, of course there is the biologic disease warfare research and development that the U.S.A. has been involved in since it brought the German scientists here after WW II (Operation Paperclip) to continue the work they did for Hitler. Genetic research and the creation of virulent forms of viruses and bacteria became twisted into a system of science and medicine funded by the government to serve duel purposes that have become hard to distinguish.

So instead of panicking, perhaps it is better to ask some simple questions and seek simple answers. Maybe start by checking the CDC data and then asking what those anthrax attacks following the attacks of September 11, 2001 were all about, and why the U.S.A. refused in the summer of 2001 to sign the Protocol to the 1975 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) that would have added verification procedures to the BWC.

Maybe read Graeme MacQueen’s eye-opening book, The 2001 Anthrax Deception.

Maybe see that the mass media reports about the coronavirus conceal more than they reveal.

Keep it simple and question.

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Covid19 is a TICKING TIMEBOMB and the USA won’t cope

14 Mar 2020


China publishes coronavirus patients autopsy results, says infection sources determined

The report notes that the coronavirus was found in the human excretory system


The article provides data on infection degree and pathological changes of lungs, and reports significant shrinkage of spleen and degradation of myocardial cells. The report notes that the coronavirus was found in the human excretory system, which might also serve as the source of contact and aerosol infection mechanism.

Aerosol infection mechanism implies transmission of the virus while talking, coughing and sneezing. It also includes the dust transmission, when dust particles containing the virus get inside the lungs of a healthy human.

Besides, Chinese researchers have discovered two subtypes of the novel coronavirus with different virulence, Beijing Daily reported Wednesday citing Chinese Academy of Sciences.



TASS dateline ->4<- March. Having previously sequenced and published the genome in record time, then–from it–developed the first half-reliable test kit (while, meantime, in the same time, the US CDC developed a fiasco), then (now 10 days ago) having distinguished two evolved subtypes and determined several differences in various parameters and their pathologies, then published all that (this is ‘old’ news, already reprinted elsewhere), one has to hand it to those inscrutable Chinese: they’ve been thinking so quick on this novel Coronavirus stuff compared to everyone else, despite a long pre-, in- and post-denial period, waiting for Xi to emit an aerosol or two of dodgy flatulence, it’s almost like they’ve been using an occult cheat sheet.


Did I say several ‘critical’ differences? I meant to say several critical differences.

Prez Xi mitigating his “excretory system” flatulences: https://cdn.newsapi.com.au/image/v1/71789437e9072a6ccef4f88f21d9ecd8
(even more inscrutable than usual, as appropriate for such delicate bodily functions). Note: as a leading member of the world’s ‘socialist’ elite, Prez Xi never travelled on the N95 from Victoria to Becontree and, as we see here, he still wouldn’t (/doesn’t).

Q: How many tiny dots of “excretory system” flatulence does it take to connect Wuhan’s Level 4 biolab to the CMC in Bejing (rhymes with ‘Jinping’).
A: Not too many.
C: Hellöo…



There are numerous reports on the net similar to this one claiming different strains of coronavirus are at work. There is a recent one published in the Lancet on pathological findings:


However, you won’t find any concrete scientific evidence in these reports about the isolation of the virus itself or that it, and it alone, is the cause of COVID-19.
All we get here in this one, is a reference to RT-PCR – here’s the quote from the Lancet article cited above:

On Jan 22 (day 9 of illness), the Beijing Centres for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed by reverse real-time PCR assay that the patient had COVID-19.

But if you haven’t isolated that strain of virus and published the genomic details (which they have not done) PCR assay is useless to confirm it was a coronavirus that caused the COVID-19 syndrome under investigation.

These so-called ‘scientific’ news stories that you report MUST include full details and proper scientific references to be worth anything and not half-cocked details that are not acceptable and will not do to establish this alleged virus and its alleged effects – period!

Even the CDC in the US admits that PCR assays do not detect virus because it can only do that if the genome has been sequenced FIRST but it hasn’t – here’s the quote:

Notably, the detection of influenza viral RNA or nucleic acids by molecular assays does not necessarily indicate detection of viable virus or on-going influenza viral replication.


Covid-19 is not an influenza virus, it is a coronavirus.



Nobody said coronavirus was an influenza virus it is an RNA virus similar to what they are referring to as an influenza virus because it allegedly causes similar symptoms. The acronym COVID-19 by the way, is not a coronavirus either, its the alleged symptoms that the virus is supposed to cause. Here’s the full quote from the CDC for all its worth:

On February 11, 2020 the World Health Organization announced an official name for the disease that is causing the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak, first identified in Wuhan China. The new name of this disease is coronavirus disease 2019, abbreviated as COVID-19. In COVID-19, ‘CO’ stands for ‘corona,’ ‘VI’ for ‘virus,’ and ‘D’ for disease. Formerly, this disease was referred to as “2019 novel coronavirus” or “2019-nCoV”.

The only reason why influenza viral RNA was mentioned in my last post from the CDC quote was to illustrate the fact that a PCR assay cannot detect virus whether its an RNA virus or a DNA virus unless the viral genome has been isolated and sequenced FIRST to be used as a gold standard of comparison which has not been done.


OK Edward,

Let’s try and make a more complex issue simple.

There are now stories going about that this alleged coronavirus strain was ‘genetically engineered’. So what? The same problem still has to be addressed by science even if we assume it was engineered.
What is very SUSPICIOUS more than anything else is that NOBODY – NO SCIENTIST has ever claimed to have isolated this alleged virus and sequenced its genome by the proper methods required.

You can rest assured that if the virus were genuine – engineered or otherwise, the scientific results of the study would have been published and peer-reviewed soon after the so-called outbreak commenced. They have had plenty of time to have done that -assuming there was nothing to hide.

So, even if we assume the existence of such a ‘virus’ – the same scientific criteria must apply to the isolation/purification and genetic sequencing of that virus that I have specified numerous times on other threads and the pure particles must be proven to be ‘infectious’ with the proper scientific controls.

Since nobody has ever done that to date, and delivered the required proof, therefore, any claim that such a virus is ‘pathogenic’ due to being genetically engineered (or otherwise) in a lab, or is the one and only cause the of the so-called “COVID-19” syndrome is simply based on PURE SPECULATION not FACT.


Also check this folks by Dr Lanka:



“…any claim that such a virus is ‘pathogenic’ due to being genetically engineered (or otherwise) in a lab, or is the one and only cause the of the so-called “COVID-19” syndrome is simply based on PURE SPECULATION not FACT.”

That would depend on who is making (or not making) or obfuscating (or not obfuscating) such a claim, to whom, and–if there were any genetic engineering involved–then what the intent of that engineering was, including all aspects of its intended behaviour (such as its intended pathogenicity or otherwise, its intended titre, and so on) and how close any such engineering effort was to achieving its pre-specified (black budgeted) goals, etc. To address only the first point: if such a virus had been the object of an engineering effort that either escaped or had been escaped, which Level 4 lab in any country that was seriously committed to a ‘defence’ budget would seek to clarify, beyond ‘speculation’, anything at all? By way of analogy, consider post Vanunu Israel re confirmation of not of any detail whatsoever of a possible national nuclear ambition (or not). You think the Pentagon or its analogues in other countries eschew ‘speculation’ in their assessment of possible future ‘requirements’? What do you imagine the word ‘games’ in ‘war games’ means? Something that John Nash confined to battles of tic-tac-toe with his special friends at RAND to keep his beautiful mind mathematically ‘pure’?



I agree that would depend on who is making the claim one way or another. One example of such a ‘claim’ in question stems from the Epoch Times in an article by Yuhong Dong who holds an M.D. from Beijing Medical University and a doctorate in infectious diseases from Beijing University, he states that:

There are many scientific questions regarding this novel virus. Based on recently published scientific papers, this new coronavirus has unprecedented virologic features that suggest genetic engineering may have been involved in its creation.

Notice that he is suggesting that genetic engineering only “may” have been involved – he doesn’t know that is was in fact involved here and there’s no proof that it was.

He also cites that a Lancet article which reported that the Wuhan virus was “not likely to be caused by natural recombination”. It has also been claimed that the genome of this virus has been sequenced but the scientific papers I have read are scant in relevant detail and don’t use the appropriate isolation methods that are absolutely necessary.

But were back again through the revolving door, nobody DOES claim to have isolated a pure virus with its whole genome intact and conclusively proved that it, and it alone is the single cause of COVID-19 –with the proper necessary experimental details and controls. They obfuscate the issue, and try to blind people with scientific jargon and metaphors like viruses ‘hijacking’ and ‘controlling’ cells when they can do no such thing.

Another article by Mike Adams of Natural News appeared March 3rd entitled: Irrefutable: The coronavirus was engineered by scientists in a lab using well documented genetic engineering vectors that leave behind a “fingerprint”.

Hence Adam’s bald statement:

Every virology lab in the world that has run a genomic analysis of the coronavirus now knows that the coronavirus was engineered by human scientists.

But in fact, and in reality, nobody has ever run a proper “genomic analysis of the coronavirus” in question (whether claimed to be engineered or not) because you have to isolate the original coronavirus FIRST and prove that you have actually done that FIRST before anything else -before you can engineer a new strain of coronavirus and prove that it’s the cause of COVID-19. To pretend otherwise, would mean that you wouldn’t know what you were engineering! It might be something but it certainly wouldn’t be a coronavirus!

So to say that “every virology lab in the world knows that the coronavirus was engineered by human scientists” is a pure speculative statement and is not a fact. How can Adams know what the scientists in every virology lab in the world knows???? It’s bad enough trying to
know what’s in one’s own mind let alone someone else’s!


“Notice that he is suggesting that genetic engineering only “may” have been involved – he doesn’t know that is was in fact involved here and there’s no proof that it was.”

Not interested in Adams, not saying that practically everything about this virus is not speculative (note double negative). Am saying that speculation (and circumstantial evidence) is usually all there is to go on in most national covert planning. Doesn’t stop us knowing pretty well what Dimona is up to even behind Mordechai’s back. Claimer: am acutely aware of evidence v speculation gaps, am extremely allergic to tinfoil.


Ooops. For :

“Notice that he is suggesting that genetic engineering only “may” have been involved – he doesn’t know that is was in fact involved here and there’s no proof that it was.”


“Notice that he is suggesting that genetic engineering only “may” have been involved – he doesn’t know that is was in fact involved here and there’s no proof that it was.”


Yes Rob, you say “that speculation (and circumstantial evidence) is usually all there is to go on in most national covert planning”. But when the fire brigade arrives at a fire to put it out they are not necessarily the cause of the fire, if you catch my meaning.

Circumstantial evidence and speculation as put out by the MSM and others can lead us down the wrong path towards drawing the wrong conclusions. In fact with circumstantial evidence one can often think whatever one wants to think! There’s enough “tinfoil” going around Rob, so it’s probably a good thing you are allergic to it, so you can avoid it like plague!

Petra Liverani

What is a fact is that every single available piece of evidence perfectly fits the hypothesis that the coronavirus pandemic story we are told is, in reality, a “live exercise” where deliberate anomalies are introduced into the story to distinguish it from a real pandemic (on top of the naturally occurring ones) while numerous questions are raised for the “real pandemic” story.


Hi Petra,

I’ve just posted this on the along with another post on the “Watch: Is this the big event thread” see what you think.

Here’s a summary of some of the possible, unlikely, and also undetermined scenarios connected with coronavirus and COVID-19:-

1. The coronavirus is real has not been genetically engineered in a lab and is the sole cause of COVID-19 but the virus rapidly mutates. (Unlikely, because no scientist has produced any scientific paper claiming to have ever isolated the virus and proved that it is indeed infections whether it mutates rapidly or not).

2. The virus is real and was genetically engineered in a lab somewhere in China (or America or elsewhere!) and is pathogenic and is therefore the sole cause of the outbreak of COVID-19 (Unlikely, because it cannot be proven that any virus is the sole cause of disease including COVID-19, and it’s never been isolated to date to prove that it even exists or is infectious, or whether it mutates).

3. The coronavirus exists as a ‘pathogen’ in name only and is just a cover cause for the syndrome known as COVID-19 which manifests as a form of pneumonia and flu-like symptoms but is really caused by trial run for the new scalar weapons technology that several countries now possess as well as China and are being deployed in selected areas throughout the world. You can decide the motive or agenda.

4. The coronavirus has nothing necessarily to do with COVID-19 – in traditional Chinese medicine this syndrome would be referred to as Wenbing – a warm disease caused by different forms of pathogenic energy or Qi (Chi). That was the case with SARS and it was classed as a ‘heat-wind’ epidemic (not a virus per se, but you can call pathogenic Qi a ‘virus’ if you like).

5. The coronavirus and COVID-19 are part of a psyops programme and also a trial run for the oncoming economic collapse, again, using opportunistic ‘infections’ such as pneumonia and flu-like symptoms for COVID-19 and blaming an alleged ‘coronavirus’ because it fits the frame very well
because the majority of the population believe in pathogenic viruses and are easily conned.

6. Which scenario (or combination) will you chose and why?

Petra Liverani

There is nothing in what I’ve seen of alleged sufferers that indicates they’re suffering from anything so I would go for Number 5 (at least as far as COVID-19 is concerned – whether or not coronaviruses in general exist I wouldn’t know, however, I think it’s perfectly possible that they’re all made up) and other than alleged sufferers I’m not aware of any evidence that indicates anyone is suffering from the alleged COVID-19 as distinct from whatever viruses and flus are floating around normally.

I think SARS, Swine, Avian, Ebola, MERS and Zika are all made up too.

SARS allegedly came from the civet cat and for the current pandemic we see an image of someone holding a civet cat. However, the caption says:

“Media said about 50 types of wild animal were on sale at the market, including endangered pangolins.”

I’m sure it didn’t say “Media said …” when I first looked at this article. “Media said …”. Doncha love it?


They love connecting their hoaxes with little references and I have to say I do get a chuckle out of the animals. “Narwhal tusk” for recent attack in London, cat and two guinea pigs for Skripals, civet cat for SARS, camel for MERS and now pangolins, Chinese cobra and many-banded krait.

Around the time of the Swine flu I did hear of people allegedly suffering from it, however, I think they were probably just suffering from a really bad flu that happened to be going around at the time.

This is footage of obvious staging for both Ebola and COVID-19.

Petra Liverani

Just to add: I also think they wouldn’t manufacture a virus and release it because that would fuck with the control of the story … and it’s all about total control of the story.

Petra Liverani

And just to add again: I think in their psyops they only ever do what they want for real, for real. Everything else is staged. They wanted the buildings down on 9/11 so they brought them down. They didn’t want real death and injury nor faked plane crashes so they didn’t do them for real – not that doing it for real was possible for the plane crashes or would have worked well for death and injury either. But a psyop is a psyop! And I think they take pride in ensuring that their psyops are 100% psyop.

Yet the whole time they psyop us they tell us the truth at the same time. That’s the staggering thing about it. They always give us the clues.


Hi Petra,

I think that you now see why the coronavirus has been selected as the easiest way to explain COVID-19? The current virus theory
in microbiology is incoherent and untenable as it stands but I
don’t want to get into details of that now and I’ve probably said enough already. However, for the present I would like to add the following points regarding the current situation wrt Psyop.

Bearing in mind that behavioural changes are at the root of a Psyop mission and information and disinformation are used to achieve certain strategic objectives. So let’s consider the following points:

1. The population already believes in the one cause germ theory, through constant social conditioning and indoctrination with mainstream medical ideology and propaganda for decades – because it’s so easy to understand anyway. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the strong tendency to generate an underlying germ phobia, and that germs must be killed, and in the current situation a ‘virus phobia’.

Also, many people are now apprehensive and afraid of what’s going on and what’s going to happen to them, but that is exactly what the perpetrators are banking on – and now the fear itself is generalizing, and in some cases paranoia and agoraphobia is beginning to set in – particularly in the elderly, and the authorities are making it worse through their various threats of confinement etc. An old divide and rule strategy is also gradually being implemented to ‘regulate’ and isolate people socially and physically by inculcating the fear of contagion.

2. The ‘virus’ is the easiest way of explaining the situation and symptom picture of COVID-19, because the mainstream scientists and the central and local authorities themselves believe in the pathogenic virus myth and the scientists are either too far gone in their belief, or too afraid to admit and determine that there are other causes and conditions at work in producing the presenting COVID-19 symptoms that have nothing to do with any virus. If they are forced to admit that, it would give their game away and contradict their mono-causal germ and virus theory.

This implies that many diseases blamed on viruses either have unknown or undetermined causes and conditions, or other causes and conditions are known but suppressed due to the financial interests involved and the political influence of the pharmaceutical industry who is the main supporter of virus and germ theories of disease which help to flog its bogus vaccines to make huge profits.

3. As already indicated elsewhere (and in my opinion unless proved otherwise) the popular lived fixation with the ‘coronavirus’ myth serves as an ideal cover story not only for explaining the symptoms of COVID-19, but is also represents a practical diversion of attention away from the causes of the long overdue problem of the oncoming financial collapse as it will for the most part be blamed for it, (again it’s easy for the population to grasp single cause explanations – it’s the coronavirus that caused it!).

4. It will therefore be an attempt to shift the blame from the corrupt practices of the international criminal network of top bankers, corrupt politicians, ideologues and corporate powers etc that are responsible for the dire mess we are now in and whose imperialistic policies have destroyed, and still are in the process of destroying, the global economic and social fabric of nations.

5. However, if this so-called current ‘pandemic’ does just turn out be just a socially engineered ‘trial run’ for worse things yet to come, then it should be a lesson to be learned and for people to get their houses in order –fast, before it’s too late.


Fear: the Most Insidious Contagion. And it’s Cure.

12 Mar 2020

With the intensity of recent global events, we decided to create a short video as a reminder of how essential it is that we maintain our practice. There is no better time to meditate than this moment – not just on the cushion, but to do our best to bring the elements of our practice to every experience of our inner and outer worlds. When emotions run high, it can be particularly challenging to keep observing the egoic mind and all of its conditioning without reacting or getting caught in identification. Thomas Carlyle, a 19th-century Scottish historian, coined the saying “no pressure, no diamonds” and this expression can be seen as an invitation to surrender deeply to what is, understanding that the higher the intensity of experience, the more profound the possible insights if we can remain open and present.

The practice of meditation cultivates our ability to bring our attention to what is arising and passing in each moment with an equanimity or allowing that reduces our suffering. The meditative traditions have gifted us with techniques that, for thousands of years, have led to deep purification of the self structure; a means to master our minds and free our hearts.

We have created a FREE guided meditation series to convey a sense of the meditation that leads to Samadhi (union or awakening to your true nature).


PANDUMBIC (Official Trailer) | The Daily Show

10 Mar 2020

One man… immune to information.


See also:



You’ve overheated the loonies this time, Mr Curtin. They’re feeding each other with your coronavirus. How many coronavirus articles does it take to fabricate one gluten free steak?

insearch of reason
insearch of reason

8 billion humans find themselves divided and sorted into 206 different but commonly managed and linked containers (nation states). The invisible few claim the right to rule by power of some kind of enabling instrument; they use that same claim to institute laws, generate military force, and to make the masses work and pay to redirect the benefits of society to the invisible few. <=what is wrong with this situation? Why do the programmed masses allow it.. because they have been kept in the dark?

Virtual division of containerized humanity. Inside of Container A people are taught, urged and forced to hate the people inside of Container B. The people in each a and b containers are sorted into governor vs governed, then sorted by political party (red vs blue); and again sorted by a long list of binaries. In time these sorts develop their polar opposites into hate groups. the members of the polar red group are taught to hate the members of the polar blue group.

Think Are we each and all victims of division strategy and experience control? Our experience molds our thoughts, controls our behaviors, and instills our morality. Has the power to rule been extended to be the power to mold and govern conscious human existence?

Any binary can be used to divide and polarize humans (20 polar negatives[against abortion)+20 polar positives(for abortion) = net 0 votes <=the vote of the 41st person rules ). The governed are manipulated into fearing and hating the humans in the other nation states so that the manipulated humans become tools of war to be lead by those in charge. within each container, polar binaries (democrp/reputaturd, abortion/no abortion, Bexit/remain, socialism/capitalism, public/private health care, war/no war, etc.) are used to render helpless the power of mankind to organize and to coordinate that power in ways that serve the collective masses.

Human gene products are differentiated by their experience. [<= the most greedy persons and most devious minds seem to direct the activities inside of the containers] the mental state of each containerized person is a result of a sensory-system-visible, engineered-environment.

Behavior, knowledge stores, and belief are functions of experience.. Human experience shapes the character, establishes the relative feeling of security and defines the behaviors allowed to, or expected of, each human person.

The environment inside of the container (nation state) is structured to enable those in charge to manipulate the variables that determine human behavior, that express human emotion, that polarize opinion, that allow tolerance to the other, and that establish human belief.

C. E. Leper, Jr. <=meaningless mnemonic, but useful to remember and to standardize the list order..
| || | | | | | | | race
| || | | | | | | jobs
| || | | | | | religion
| || | | | | economics
| || | | | propaganda
| || | | entertainment
| || | law
| | education
| culture

Each person is a gene product of their genetic composition, but after birth, humans mature into behavioral and emotional echos of their personal experiences. The sensory visible environment in the container produces standard thoughts, regulated behaviors, and it suppresses our objections to immorality.

It is prudent to ask, if the viral nature or genetic target of this virus was or is composed of a genetically engineered element, or if its pathological element is natural, but its path to target human infection has been enabled by human intervention. It is urgent to the survival of mankind to discover if this is a 9/11 type event or not.


Nice attempt – but as I say above and below – just follow the MONEY.

That covers all your points and gives you a truly historical time line.

Some important topics to try and coalesce about are :
Treaty of Westphalia, Setting up of the Bank of England, the Red Shield enterprise, the East India Companies, the American rebellion, Napoleon, Duke of Wellingtons rise, Cecil Rhodes rise, British Empire, American Civil War, assassination of Lincoln, the setting up of the Federal Reserve, its role in the First and Second and THIRD world wars and the world of QE we have been living in for the last dozen years and upto date the rise of the SCO nexus that finally kills the ancients Imperial escapade.

Of course it can go back to the various papacies and Crusades and the Roman Empire !

Tim Steinkamp
Tim Steinkamp

Watch prime time TV, it is all about government employees or Hollywood. Like Patty Hearst and the many people in cults we are brainwashed. It starts with the Lie of Santa Claus and goes to school, boot camp, law school, medical school or any thing that needs a license to make money.

Petra Liverani

The disparity in figures is bizarre. They also claim the number of cases is decreasing and this season doesn’t look particularly bad. (Go here, scroll down, and click on “View Data Chart”).

Isn’t that strange? A bit of a simple discrepancy, wouldn’t you say? Why would the CDC do that, and why would the media repeat it?

There is a very simple reason for their doing it, Edward, and it pains me that I have to explain it over and over and over again as if to people who are simple-minded.

This is the irony, Edward, the massive irony.

The power elite are utterly scrupulous in the manner that they hoax us which is completely at odds with the way we plebeians analyse how the power elite exert their power over us. We plebeians choose to willfully turn from and wave away the clear evidence in front of our eyes while the whole time the power elite push it in our faces. They ram it in, they make a complete mockery, they chortle their heads off while we turn our heads away and … even worse … turn on those pointing out their mockery, deriding with “you-think-everything’s-a-hoax” (does the evidence say it isn’t?): Flight 175 popping out the other side of the South tower; the terrorists popping up alive; Robbie Parker, smiling broadly as he approaches the microphone to twice tell us in a 17-minute press conference about a fundraising site already set up (with no explanation or limit) for his 6-year-old daughter who was allegedly brutally murdered the day before.

Could they make it any clearer? They really couldn’t … and yet even those who’ve allegedly swallowed the red pill demur from seeing the clear truth in front of their eyes. They’ll only go half-way which to my mind is completely ineffectual … and also EXACTLY how far the power elite know people will go – an ineffectual half way.

How the power elite are utterly scrupulous while we plebeians are not:

— They always give us clues of staging: sloppiness of execution, over-the-top ridiculousness, discrepancy between show and tell, the actual truth, smiling grievers, things that don’t add up, contradictions in the story, physical impossibilities, Masonic numbers and symbols and on and on.

— They are utterly scrupulous in manifesting total absence of a single piece of evidence faked so well that it can be used by believers of their stories to defend their belief. When you blow away the magic propaganda dust, there’s simply nothing there.

How many times do I have to say this for people to get it? It’s so self-evident and when I initially heard the first part (the corollary second part I observed for myself) I didn’t pause for a nanosecond in believing it because it explained so many things that had puzzled me, including items identified above.

So why would the CDC do that, Edward?
Because it’s part of the MO. The MO is to include deliberate discrepancies to distinguish “live exercise” from real event. It is so very, very simple.

The power elite always give us the chance to opt out of the response they wish to instil in us but, generally, either, we completely go along or we go along at least part of the way. We accept figures that don’t add up because we respect the BIG DEATH TABOO which means that we cannot state that people said to have died did not. In the case of the coronavirus we do have a perfectly good way of avoiding breaching the BIG DEATH TABOO – we don’t have to worry about whether they’re lying about the death statistics only that they’re lying about the cause so I’m sorry that OffG haven’t taken the opportunity to call this out as a complete hoax because they could have avoided breaching the BIG DEATH TABOO anyway. Of course, while we little plebs respect the BIG DEATH TABOO, the power elite only exploit it to silence us and keep us in our place. They show no respect at all by telling us ALL THE TIME that people who died didn’t so we really choose to put ourselves on an uneven playing field when we respect the taboo that they only exploit. We choose blunt swords against their sharp ones when we really don’t have to … it’s just a damn taboo after all. If our search for truth and desire to expose it means respecting societal taboos then … you may as well just forgeddaboudit cos the big boys don’t play fair in that way.

Another anomaly on the CDC website is that they give us only three symptoms: fever, cough and shortness of breath. For such a serious health issue shouldn’t they talk about symptoms as the disease progresses towards possible death?

We have not been shown a single convincing case of a sufferer of this virus and another commenter, Tony, obviously clued up on virology says the alleged COVID-19 cannot be isolated so there is no way to identify sufferers of this virus if it even existed.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to believe in this pandemic in any shape or form except as a “live exercise” (which every single piece of evidence presented supports heartily) following Event 201, the “pandemic tabletop exercise” held in October last year.

And, Edward, Chelsea Manning is an intelligence asset who used the faked-up Collateral Murder to infiltrate Wikileaks. You talk about myths. You have swallowed the “brave whistleblower” myth lock, stock and barrel by the look of it. Nothing could make more sense than the power elite pushing out something that makes them “look bad” – with zero repercussions, of course – (they sooooo don’t have a problem with that and it only makes them look bad to the small percentage of people who care in any case) in order to establish the credibility of an infiltrator. Please apply logic, evidence and reason to Chelsea Manning, brave whistleblower. If you can provide the tiniest skerrick of evidence that she’s genuine please do and if you can’t (and I know you won’t be able to because the power elite are utterly scrupulous in always giving us the clues and never providing a single thing that a believer in their psyop can brandish to defend its reality) then please do the logical and intellectually courageous and honest thing that you surely believe everyone should do – change your mind about Chelsea, brave whistleblower.

Petra Liverani

Actually, I shouldn’t say the big boys don’t play fair. What one is obliged to do is not respect taboos but the evidence – that’s really not a huge ask on their part, is it, simply to accord absolute respect to the evidence? If only we respect the evidence we cannot go wrong in working out what these events are. The perps always give us on a platter the evidence of their hoaxery and they never, ever fake anything so well that a believer of their story can brandish it in support of their belief.

They could give us a real dead body (say, taken from a morgue) to throw a complete spanner in the claim of fakery, but they never do.
They could have a griever cry in a convincing manner, but they never do.
They could make their discrepancies less obvious, but they never do.

They implement their “live exercises” by the book and really go out of their way to ensure lots of signs of fakery without anything convincing with which to back their story.

They implement their hoaxes with blaring signs and lack of reality flawlessly while our analysis pathetically ignores, glosses over, does not accord correct significance to and even denies the evidence.


Hi Petra,

Check this out by Dr Lanka:


Petra Liverani

Okaay, Tony, what a can of worms. My questions about polio, measles and smallpox are though that these diseases exist (whatever the cause) and vaccinations work for them, no? So if not a virus for these diseases what causes them, assuming you accept they do exist (at least, smallpox did exist and is supposedly wiped out). I’ll leave HIV/AIDS for the time being.


Hi Petra,

You ask a valid question, and there are several different answers to that question.
Perhaps the first point to make is that everyone is DIFFERENT and so are the causal factors and so are the conditions of existence of each particular case of disease.

If you define say polio as an illness caused by an alleged polio virus then each and every polio case must have precisely the same viral cause – namely, the polio virus, they must all have that in common because that’s the way the disease was conceptualised.

If each and every polio case is simply an effect of the same virus as cause, then how do we account for any differences in the conditions of existence of the disease itself and its causal factors if they are all equally effects of the polio virus? Do you see the problem?

The answer is – we pretend they don’t exist or that the differences in each case are just so many different expressions of the same cause – the virus. The essentialism is evident – the virus is the essence (cause) and the signs and symptoms of the disease are simply the phenomenal forms of its expression (as effects). It’s easy to con you from there. But that’s philosophy not science and you can’t explain differences between particular polio cases effectively by reference to a common essence –an alleged polio virus. It ‘s the same with coronavirus and COVID-19.

Insofar as science is concerned, you have to specify their different conditions of existence and specific the causes in each case which is not easy to do as I have already indicated elsewhere. Polio has also undergone a few name changes in its time from a form of abortive poliomyelitis, to aseptic meningitis (nonparalyitic polio) and paralytic polio all allegedly caused by the same virus! Viral mutation is usually played as the ‘get out of jail free card’ but they never come up with the actual isolated virus as proof, so if any further differences in the disease pop up they would be explained away simply as expressions of the new alleged mutated virus! Simple isn’t it?

You have probably heard of the blood brain barrier (BBB) which is supposed to protect the brain from toxic molecular material. Well, they have now discovered that there are parts of the brain without such ‘protection’ where toxic material and ‘excitotoxins’ like MSG can get through anyway and damage the neurological tissue brain and produce an inflammatory response, and the bacteria will then move in to play their part, but the bacteria are not the cause of polio.

Heavy metals like lead and cadmium are well-known CNS toxins, and so are certain pesticides, many industrial poisons, aluminium and mercury in vaccines all play a role as causal factors to mention only a few. But any specific toxic materials(s) would have to be determined in each case and that is unlikely to happen, since they believe it’s all down to a mythical virus and won’t move away from that dogmatic position. There are many other causal factors too but hope that this will suffice for now. This article might help for starters. Let me know what you think.


Petra Liverani

Holy fuck! The mind simply boggles. I thought waking up to 9/11 was a big one … but, in the scheme of things, not so big really and there’s so much more hoaxery … only to be expected, of course.

OK, so what about smallpox, the first vaccinated-against disease I believe? Is that a con too? If genuine and suffering cowpox prevented it, it would seem to be that a vaccination against smallpox based on cowpox would be pretty benign but perhaps you know better? I won’t keep asking about every virus, I can do my own research but if you’ll answer on smallpox I’d be grateful.


Hi Petra, hope this helps:

In the late 18th century, Edward Jenner developed the practice of using raw pus from cows referred to as ‘cowpox’ to innoculate people against smallpox – harmless viruses were not discovered until 1892.

Jenner then took pox pustular lymph from the pock of an inoculated human and rub it into the arm of the next human recipient. Although many other diseases from the vaccinated were spread by arm-to-arm vaccination, this method was used for about 100 years until it was outlawed in 1898.

Jenner and the medical community ignored abundant evidence that the vaccine was ineffective and caused harm. In the 1844 smallpox epidemic, about one-third of those who had been vaccinated contracted a mild form of smallpox, and nearly two-thirds a severe form, and roughly 8% of those vaccinated died. Deaths resulting from vaccination were often not reported because of allegiance to the practice of vaccination. Also, death and other adverse effects from cowpox vaccination were very common and often resulted from a disease called erysipelas. Lymph-derived vaccine could also transmit hepatitis, tuberculosis and syphilis.

Vaccine contamination was not addressed in the 19th century. A 1915 investigation showed that vaccines were contaminated with foot-and-mouth disease and had probably been responsible for several outbreaks of that disease.

Today if we consider smallpox caused by an alleged ‘smallpox virus’ and the vaccine that’s supposed to have eradicated it, even the CDC admits that the smallpox vaccine allegedly containing the ‘vaccinia virus’ has never been proven to cause even a mild dose of ‘smallpox’ (which almost all medical and non-medical authorities on vaccination agree that vaccines are designed to cause a mild case of the diseases they are supposed to prevent). But it might cause a dose of something else. Why is that?

Firstly have a look at what’s in the vaccine, and it is definitely NOT what is alleged to be VARIOLA – the smallpox virus itself. According to the CDC website:

•The smallpox vaccine currently available in the United States (Dryvax, produced by Wyeth) is a live-virus preparation[s] of infectious vaccinia virus. Smallpox vaccine does not contain smallpox (variola) virus. •The current vaccine was prepared in the early 1980s from calf lymph with a seed virus derived from the NYCDOH strain of vaccinia virus. The vaccine is provided as a lyophylized (freeze-dried) powder in a 100-dose vial, and contains the antibiotics polymyxin B, streptomycin, tetracycline and neomycin. The diluent used to reconstitute the vaccine is 50 percent glycerin and a small amount of phenol [carbolic acid is a neurotoxin] as a preservative.

The vaccines don’t contain the smallpox virus (variola) because they have never isolated it and sequenced its genome to prove that it is infectious and is the sole cause of smallpox. To determine the real causes of smallpox you need to determine the causal factors in each case other than blaming a virus as the single cause, and whose existence has never been effectively established by science to date.

Petra Liverani

Oh my goodness. So why is it that smallpox seems to be eradicated?


Hi Petra,

Here’s the simple answer given by DR S. Humphreys:

There are numerous reputable sources that clearly demonstrate how improved living conditions, more nutritious food, better obstetric care, and other non-vaccine elements were responsible for the decline in infectious disease death rates. Despite this clear evidence, today’s vaccine proponents continuously and falsely claim that vaccines are the principal reason for the increase in life expectancy we enjoy today. (Dissolving Illusions, Dr Suzanne Humphreys, p. 57)

In the United States for example, starting from 1900, the measles mortality rate had declined by more than 98% before the introduction of a vaccine, and whooping cough mortality had declined by more than 90% and diphtheria mortality by 98% before the DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) vaccine was introduced.


Goodness me!

Right-wing pastor Andrew Wommack had to cancel an event because some attendees might not have strong enough faith to protect themselves from the coronavirus and if they spread the disease, he’d get blamed.



every time I see those assumed illustrations of this Corona (Sun) Virus….I’m reminded of the tens of billions of professed planets drifting around the universe – so even if I felt this latest trip was ritually pure – there’s still no way on Earth I could take it for the critical adventure…it’s said to be.


thanks petra. still nothing from the uk as far as i know


Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar

If you are saying that global economic terrorists should be able to use virus scares to loot the economy repeatedly because ‘it is better to be paranoid than not’, then the world will be full of serfs very soon.

This event has been flagged up for a few years and the outcomes emerging from it have been too.

They involve huge losses of freedom for the majority and yet again the hyper rich will be bailed out by the poor.

It is not possible to separate out CoVid19 from global economics. The two are irrevocably intertwined.


4300 deaths so far, not an economic issue Mr.


a friend of mine,a boy soldier,was sent with his regiment, to the south pacific(christmas island)after ww11 so that the powers that be could see the effect of radioactivity on the body of a squaddie.
they were lined up and told to put their hands over their eyes when ordered to by a sergeant. my friend followed the order when it was given. the “supposed weapon” was activated and he saw the bones in his hands.
returning to the uk he subsequently married and had two children.the teeth of both children crumbled and they were left toothless, before becoming teenagers,without any sign of disease.coming from a farming community in the north of england,neither side of the family had a history of dental abnormality.
make of that what you will.

Petra Liverani

Paul, There is no “fakery” answer to your friend seeing the bones in his hands. I feel for his children (and no doubt their children will suffer issues too). All I can say is that there is evidence that nuclear bombs were not dropped in Japan and that the Bikini atoll tests were faked too. http://mileswmathis.com/bikini.pdf

It seems the tests in Christmas Island were real. It sounds as if the test your friend the British Army used your friend in was part of Operation Grapple.


Hi Petra, thanks for those links. It would appear that we have four trolls here?


addition: Your first link was wrong. Without a doubt the atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I have a book written by children and adults who were victims.

Petra Liverani

It’s a big hoax, Maggie. It astounds me the number of books and films they make about hoax events and the number of people who participate in them. The 1993 Battle of Mogadishu was staged and they got the film, Black Hawk Down, out of it. These hoaxes make heaps and heaps of money from the books and films made about them. What a great title … but all hoax and we have the soldiers allegedly involved spinning their stories.

austrian peter

Excellent report Edward, thank you, and I am entirely with you on this one. My search for truth always requires Occam’s Razor to be applied, and for Covid-19 this is equally true.

DON’T PANIC – Stay Calm and Carry On (as normal). At a minimum, 50% of the people have no symptoms whatever. Another 25%, at least, have mild effects akin to a bad cold. The rest are treated well and recover. It’s mainly the old, weak and infirm who actually die and would probably expire in a short time anyway.

It has all been planned to be highly infectious and persistent. Exactly what I would design if I wanted to induce short-term panic to cover for a financial crash. Never underestimate the psychopathic elite that hold the power in this world – don’t let them win this time around.

I wonder why no panic in Russia? Because they already know? “When we asked clinical infectious disease specialist Valentin Kovalev to comment on the situation surrounding coronavirus diagnoses, he expressed certainty that people infected with the new virus have in fact entered Russia. “I think the coronavirus infection got to us from China a long time ago, and a lot of people have already contracted it. However, we don’t know about those cases because most of the time, the infection feels just like any other ordinary respiratory illness, and people who are infected get better on their own. Nobody here is about to routinely check everyone who comes down with a cold at home.”

Petra Liverani

I’m an aficionado of Occam’s Razor too, Peter. There is no evidence of a single sufferer (only people falling flat on their faces, lying on the ground, crying hysterically, etc) so in the absence of evidence of a genuine sufferer Occam’s Razor favours complete hoax and lying statistics – either statistics are applied to people suffering or dying from other causes or they’re made up.

austrian peter

Glad at least someone else is thinking straight! Cheers Petra.


“My search for truth always requires Occam’s Razor to be applied, and for Covid-19 this is equally true.”

OK. So provide a precise formulation of your COVID-19 meanderings in terms of the correct application of Occam’s razor.

austrian peter

In March 2013 the Cyprus bank crisis turned out to be a test run for the ‘Bail-in’ process to protect banks during a future bank run. It had been modelled earlier. My book starts with the Cyprus event.

This time we have Event 201 in October 2019 and a release of the exact same postulated virus in November 2019 – coincidence? I think not.

We know that the central banks know that the global economy was due to crash – all they needed was cover – follow the money.

The WHO was resisting calling a ‘pandemic’ – I wonder why? Is it because there are a great deal of the World Bank’s ‘pandemic’ bonds due July resting on it? – Follow the money:


“This time we have Event 201 in October 2019 and a release of the exact same postulated virus in November 2019 – coincidence? I think not.

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t read your book, apart from an initial glance just now, so I stand to be corrected, but from your response hereabove and other postings in this forum I’d say that, in its epistemological connotation, you’re as much an aficionado of Occam’s razor as is your new soulmate Petra, in that neither of you has a fucking clue as to what the hell, in either the traditional ‘logic’ sense deployed by Ockham or in the more modern but closely analogous, ‘scientific’ sense of some of his current successors, his ‘razor’ is either for or about. I don’t think it’s fair to label an uncompounded ignorance behind fatuous claims as “false advertising” when it’s actually just uncompounded ignorance, so I won’t.

Jihadi Colin

The latest Modi coronavirus mania making move is to put a _very long_ recording of how to “tackle coronavirus” when you call someone. Only after you’re forced to listen to someone coughing and then the interminable lecture (for almost a minute) will the other phone start ringing. Assuming that by then you haven’t hung up in disgust and messaged instead, of course.


Very well said Edward Curtin.
Fear CAN call forth a deeper self-honesty and alignment in being.

I would expand ‘fear of death’ to fear of pain of loss.
This hasn’t the same dramatic ring to it, but consider fear of utter humiliation, rejection, exclusion and isolation; fear of denial and deprivation of needs; fear of impotence and helplessness relative to the inflicting of pain and death on those you love and upon yourself.

Death can thus offer ‘salvation’ or escape from such pain – and in a sense is often accepted in such terms when life becomes too much of the above to bear. Because we can unfold the experience of our fear in a ‘care home’ or a diminished life that has become a terrible isolation or meaninglessness – with or without the manipulative leverage of the FEAR of the above as inducing belief in it as our impending reality, and thus reacting ‘self-protectively’ along the lines of a contrived agenda.

Fear itself – regardless to what it attaches or associates is thus the toxic debt or conflict that an ingenuity of mind seeks to hide from – and yet hides IN, as the masking or repackaging of a sense of self-defence that escapes fear by flagging it AWAY. Casting it out to the evils of ‘others’, world and a sense of love and life rendered treacherous and unworthy – and thus to be controlled, replicated and replaced as a ‘new order’ that runs as the management of life as fear-conflict-threat-pain-loss.

What then at root is fear – BEFORE it is flagged to ‘outside agents, forces, inheritance or pathogens?

… Continued at:


austrian peter

Excellent Binra thank you. When I was completing my diploma for counselling in 1997 I came across a small book which I have used extensively and effectively with my clients. It uses twelve steps for personal transformation and deals with “Love is Letting go of Fear”:


You are welcome austrian peter.

Thankyou for your willingness to share in sharing the appreciation of true worth in a world so given to disinformation. Without a true foundation – is nothing that will stand.

I live and walk in Companionship with the source material that inspired Gerry to make a ‘more accessible’ rendering of its core teachings and the ‘attitudinal healing’ movement.

Until fear is recognised as fear, it will seem to be something else – such as all the means by which to cover it over, hide it, hide from it or seem to have it.

That we can cover our hearts with layers and levels of deceit and diversion is from an initial impulse to DO from what we took to be love at that time and met dissonance, resistance and opposition in a chaos such as to call for the defence of a love denied, deprived or abandoned and betrayed. Fear became our protection from areas of self experience that were at that time unresolvable or irreconcilable.

No one willingly releases their protection – and so they seek love in the image of themselves protected or empowered.

Letting go of fear, love Is.
But no one can release what they are not the owner of.
While we WANT the cause flagged or projected OUT onto the ‘other’ or our past or to ‘conditions’ we get a mitigated sense of temporary and conditional relief in exchange for the true power of decision – and give it to whatever seems to ‘work’ in our particular pattern of addiction. Where addiction is the driven compulsion to evade facing what is actually troubling us – and can be anything or any pattern of thing.

Because practical spirituality of awakened and aligned purpose – can be virtue signalled, dressed up in and made a self-masking ‘identity’ of – its underlying insights are thrown out with the dirty bathwater.
This is also when we seek to share what we have not really allowed to penetrate and register with us – in attempt to validate or vindicate a ‘self lack’ by teaching what we think is a matter of information rather that relational willingness for the heart of listening.
This then makes a wishful ‘love’ that has no healing and aligning power and can operate as an intensity of good intentions – but again covering a sense of self-lack.

The practical result is the fruits by which we recognise a true alignment, and release the driven need to support an off centred attempt to impose balance on the whole – as if set apart and seeking control, instead of yielding to the movement of our being as the wholeness in which we are already truly identified by the extension of wholeness instead of a filtering and blocking distortion – such as the disinformation theme in this article.

The persistent development of the mind as lack of love, in wishful forms of controls and protections set to escape or overcome conflict, brings us at last to recognise that without love is nothing. Because a word can be misused, taken in vain or mocked does not at all affect the truth. But it does affect the mind of the intent to do so. Until we change our mind (about our mind).


“When I was completing my diploma for counselling in 1997…”

Got it. You’re one of the papier-mâché template brigade, right?


More disinfo from the house rag of globalism:

“The German government has decided on a raft of measures to soften the blow of the coronavirus on Europe’s largest economy, as the number taken ill rose to 1,112 on Monday, reports the Guardian’s Berlin correspondent, Kate Connolly.”


No. 1112 people have not been taken ill. A particular virus has allegedly been discovered in 1112 people.

‘Taken ill’ implies symptoms at the very least.



Technology is of value only insofar as it helps us humans to live more fulfilling lives. In nutrition we are familiar with U-shaped curves whereby the optimal amount is somewhere in the middle, with an increase or a decrease bringing disadvantages. I think something similar operates with regard to technology, which although applied in the past to relieve us of a large amount of drudgery, is now being used purely for ist own sake – a kind of fetishism, for the the sake of profits and for the control which it gives the rulers over the ruled.

Technology increasingly frustrates the achievement of fulfilling lives and distances us from each other and the real world. It creates a ‘virtual reality’, within which psyops such as the present one can be more easily carried out.


How a black swan is created and why ‘the interventions’ make no sense at all (unless you want to create a black swan)


In short:
1. The death rate of COVID 19 is inflated as it concerns a biased sample of admitted/symptomatic patients
2. You cannot test for COVID 19 positivity. If you do, you get false positives that may be related with opportunistic infections, like common cold or pneumonia, and that is all.
3. Interventions (like closing down universities or companies) are made by non-experts who are more concerned about prudence or liability than they have any background into biology or epidemiology

This thing is a hoax, and it will kill the elderly but not through the virus, but through the (upcoming) austerity measures like cutting pensions as the stock markets imploded ‘because’ of COVID 19.

Petra Liverani

Right on, Willem … except I think loads of people are probably in on this and the interventions are actually done with full knowledge that the alleged pandemic is just an exercise.

austrian peter

It was an exercise: check out Event 201

Petra Liverani

Yep, glad we’re on the same page, Peter.


“Yep, glad we’re on the same page, Peter.”

So they lock you up together and it’ll all be singing in harmony thereafter?


What interest would the Chinese government have in helping its NATO enemies perpetrate a hoax on this scale?


If the hoax is necessary to reconfigure the world financial and monetary system – a change from which China will benefit.

The hoax would be necessary in the West because the coming changes will result in hyperinflation in Europe and the US, with the concomittant destruction of pensions and savings and reduction of other incomes. The psyop would allow the infrastructure of control to be put into place in order to contain the necessary disorder – quarantines, martial law etc.


My current position is still however that the attacks on China and Iran were real, but that we are witnessing a psyop in the West.

However, it is still in China’s interest to cooperate with the psyop.

I noted with interest that in a speech several weeks ago, Predsident Xi said that China would emerge more prosperous from the crisis.

Remember, China is still effectively ‘on strike’ – and in going ‘on strike’ is contributing to the monetary paradigm shift.

China/Russia vs the West. On some levels competing, on others cooperating.


I concur with your opinion. On march 8th on tass.com chinese scientists published the autopsy report of Covid19 patients . They mention significant shrinkage of spleen. The spleen is a very resilient organ whose function related to blood cleansing.
Anthrax Bacteria damages the spleen for example .
China had no chance of saying the truth the western press would have annihilated them and there has to be also great care taken with reaction of the chinese citizens

Richard Le Sarc
Richard Le Sarc

I rather think that it is, plainly, a bio-warfare attack on China and Iran, but appears to have gotten out of control in the West. Perhaps the targeting of East Asians through the ACE-2 receptors was not perfected, or there was some mutation at some time into diverse populations. In any case the Western Empire is freaking out that China has got this near or well under control, and the hate-mills of racist Sinophobic agit-prop are grinding away with fury. Why, the BBC even dredged the very bottom of their sewer to regurgitate the execrable Matt Frei, who got right down to the most vile Sinophobic hate propaganda, targeting the WHO, for praising China’s efforts, as well, like some FoxNews reject. But, is there really any real differences between the BBC and FoxNews?


If the hoax is necessary to reconfigure the world financial and monetary system – a change from which China will benefit.

— in that case, what reason would the NATO-zone governments have for helping their Chinese enemy perpetrate a hoax which would hurt their own interests?

China and the Empire can’t simultaneously be collaborators and enemies with respect to the same issue. It has to be one or the other.

austrian peter

The power elite have no national interests; they are out for total global control regardless of country of origin. However, Putin is not playing the game at present, for his own reasons, as Russia is in a very strong financial and economic position. He has single-handedly crashed the oil price and left MBS swinging in the wind whilst the Fed have nowhere to go but down after a decade of Mal-investment.


Each player in this simply plays that card or cards, which at any particular time appears to have the best chance of maximizing present and future power. Power being the only issue. Sometimes this involves conflict, sometimes compromise, and sometimes cooperation.

In this situation the order of play could have looked something like this:

2013 to 2014:

China ceases accumulation of US government bonds, announces Belt and Road.

2015 to 2016

US pushes back – tries to dissuade allies and others from joining China’s projects.

2016 to 2019

A new faction – based around the Pentagon rather than the CIA – takes power in Washington. This faction sees the key to the maintenance of US hegemony in turning up the pressure on China.

Increasing economic pressure on China is coupled with a massive ratcheting up in propaganda.Plans for military action (bio weapon) are put into place.

September 2019

Repo market breaks in US. Monetization of the budget deficit (itself increasing) goes up several notches. End of the dollar’s reserve status comes several steps closer.

October/November 2019

US intelligence agencies become aware of a Chinese plan to issue a gold-backed cryptocurrency within the next 6 to 8 months – as mentioned by Max Keiser on RT in November.

November to January 2020

US realizes time is short. Maximum pressure needed on the Chinese economy – either to bend her to the will of the US or to at least weaken China as much as possible.

Military action goes live in Wuhan

January to March 2020

China realizes of course that she has been attacked. Realizes that her Daoist strategy of rolling with America’s punches has now reached its limit. Goes ‘on strike’ in order to deal with the attack and – as the workshop of the world – to ‘call time’ on the current US-dominated monetary and economic arrangements. Demand shock ripples out. Supply chains break.

February 2020 –

NATO executes Covid-19 psyop. Surprised and frustrated by China’s success in getting the epidemic under control, NATO first attacks Iran and then sets about building the infrasructure of control, which will be needed to deal with civil unrest as China and others institute a new monetary paradigm. The ensuing depression to be blamed on ‘the virus’.

Let’s see what happens next. None of us can know with certainty what is really going on, but my sketch does seem plausible to me.

By the way I don’t think any of these power blocks are as monolithic as we tend to think they are. Rather it is fractal, with different factions, organizations and sub-groups all having their own agendas, and often involved in shifting coalitions with and against each other. Nevertheless, there are broad themes and lasting trends at the top macro level.


If you want to clearly see the dying empire struggling with the emerging empire you need to go back at least a little further in time! Back to the millennium at least.

The SCO was just setup and China and Russia set a plan to resist the Anglo Imperialist once and for all.
Within a year of getting serious 9/11 happened! The old empire set its sights on the ME to grab a victory march on the usurpers.

20 years later without being able to go to a boots on the ground and body bags and having lost with their proxy armies – they still want their regular payday. A wartime economy without being able to go to war.

That is the geo-politics of what we are witnessing now.

We arr in a war and it has become wholly economic now. The Dollar as a Reserve Currency may not survive.

The new flu spreading now will take a few seasons before it achieves the same status that we have with our current strains and herd immunity rises. In the meantime without resorting to full blown socialist public management of the situation we instead have a short sharp shock!
Instead of the managed chinese one! We ate in the exponential phase now and the inflexion is not due for a month at the moment, before peaking around the end of April into May by which time there may be enough isolation beds and blood oxygenating machines around so we don’t have to intubate the thousands of serious cases.

Richard Le Sarc
Richard Le Sarc

Well, click, I reckon that might just be a very close approximation to the truth of it. The Real Evil Empire was never going to allow China to surpass it, and their increasingly desperate measures were always at risk of producing ‘blowback’ of considerable intensity, and it looks awfully like that has happened. Poor war-gaming, perhaps, but it certainly makes war that much more likely.


Milo I nearly answered this question the other day, when you asked why Iran, China and Russia would participate in a co-ordinated hoax? Brendon O Connell has gone to great lengths to show that these exact countries, as well as a few others, do indeed work together. As Brendon says, to get to the truth, you’ve got to go five layers deep. Nothing is what it seems. What they show you in the media is not reality, it’s a rolling show. All the world’s a stage. I laughed when you mentioned those three as a combination


why Iran, China and Russia would participate in a co-ordinated hoax

That’s not what I asked. It’s not a secret that those countries have a de-facto alliance; it’s called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The question is why any one of them, or all three together, would participate in a hoax intended to further the interests of their mutual enemy, the anglo-zionist empire.

Richard Le Sarc
Richard Le Sarc

You gotta BELIEVE, Milo. Everything is a fake. Don’t you get it?


He asked the question, and it turns out a link between the exact nations he highlighted has been established by a very talented researcher. It proves nothing, but the link is there. If you are an Aussie, Richard, you might be interested in Brendon as he is an Aussie as well. His stuff is all on YT.
As clickkid points out, this could be a more complex scenario than we appreciate. 20,000+ US troops have recently landed in Poland for a training exercise called “Defender Europe 2020”. involving multiple nations, which is quite scary. These are to be the biggest “training exercises” ever. Frightening
We know about training exercises popping up at just the right time when shit really starts kicking off, which it already has, to an extent, especially if you are Italian. This is potentially a big manoeuvre by the controllers to tighten their grip, that’s what it’s all starting to look like, plus all the benefits to be had from cashing in on an engineered crisis. Instigating big change through crisis.


austrian peter

Agreed, bang on – it is a hoax – see my above comment. I hope more people begin to understand this and the silliness will eventually moderate. Tulips and South Sea Bubbles come to mind. The herd will always panic first and then run off the cliff.


8 Mar 2020

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