Free Intelligence: notes for a manifesto

Tim Hayward

Faced today with so much disinformation as we are today, how can citizens be mutually supportive in developing intelligence – intelligence being understood in all its senses, including as a capacity of individual inquirers, as a quality of publicly available understandings of the world, and as a source of insight into potentially disruptive aspects of social life?

Is there any reason not to be committed to:

  • the development and exercise of inquiring minds as an essential aspect of human life;
  • recognition of the value of social cooperation in developing intelligence;
  • maximal openness in the sharing of knowledge and understanding;
  • respect for the principles of freedom of thought and expression;
  • defence of those whose lawful rights of free expression are curtailed by government;
  • promotion of education that supports the development of intellectual autonomy and social understanding at all ages;
  • defence of a political order that respects constitutional principles for the governance of intelligence gathering and sharing, including provision for democratic oversight of intelligence agencies, state and corporate?

Are there other related commitments that should be regarded as similarly important?

Personally, I perceive disturbing trends in society today that tend to undermine the possibility of fulfilling those commitments. Of particular concern is the spread of disinformation in public communications arising not merely from negligence or incompetence.

Agencies with resources to pursue particular agendas can engage in various strategic communications aimed at influencing the public into accepting beliefs that would, with the exercise of free intelligence, be more critically scrutinised.

A further concern is that the education system is being adversely influenced, with a particular risk being that universities, whose social role is to be custodians of the highest standards of research and instruction, are drawn into ventures that dilute and even undermine those standards.

In fulfilling a commitment to raising the level of public debate about significant matters of political or scientific controversy, universities have a vital role to play, on behalf of – and answerably to – the whole of society.

What do you think? Please feel free to comment below…

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joe griffin
joe griffin
Jul 29, 2020 11:48 PM

Survivalist Developing Nation Brain Function has the major influence and control in the MIC or USA…. MONEY… MEDIA … MEDICINE… MINDS of the ELECTORATE all under the control via subtle enough monopolization by low empathy low wisdom hi iq Eurasian Bran Function! IE He who gets taken deserves it… check Senior Wall Street Executives and top Bank Executives etc etc etc allbthe real power spots from same small Eurasian cult like group … history repeats itself… if this is not recognized and somehow heralded we will all pay the consequences!!! Which we already are but its gonna get worse!!! 3 Chords & The Truth by Griffinheart The Griffinheart Project @ Patreon

Jul 29, 2020 7:30 AM

You are on 100%.

Jul 28, 2020 5:23 PM

yes and if and when and what do you think ?
and let us know your oh so wonderful ideas and thoughts ..
NO !
NONSENSE ! We have lost ! end of discussion .

i cannot believe all you fools . ITS TOO LATE
the only reason your allowed to actually ‘wake’ …because its too late !

The war is over Humanity lost
Your if/ when or what are a decade too late at least . Lets start XYZ lets start a public discussion and hope and fear and hope and despair . NONSENSE your are deluding yourselves
Absolutely re%$^&^d . I am sorry if that offends some of you . But it bloddy well is, there is no other explanations. You are all adult you all have 2 braincells to rub together
Its too late ..stop pretending it isn’t.

and plz stop articles like these
Public debate ? Really ? Now ?

there is no 'out of here' ...
you have been killed . DONT you remember ?

prepare there is no more debate
just cause you didn’t notice until recently. its long overdue and none of your ‘debates’ is gonna stop your rainbow future . prepare !

alternatively , stay in happy ignorance with your believe in public debate until they are at your door ..
until then …
bet back to work, wear your gimp mask , pay your tax and hurry up and die
Clown World ,

Jul 27, 2020 10:48 PM

My daughters university are taking all lectures online. She’s doing engineering but will have no access to workshops. Shes in effect paying over £9000 /year for what is now little more than a correspondence course. In order to secure accommodation for this academic year ( in a very tough market), she had to sign a 12 month contract many months ago. A 12 month commitment to pay accommodation fees for accommodation she no longer needs. She has no need to visit campus and so could be based from the family home saving £7000 per year. She worked so hard to get top grades to go to her first choice uni and this is her reward. Infuriating.

Jul 27, 2020 7:37 AM

According to Free Intelligence: notes for a manifesto:

I can fully agree with everything you write. I also see the aspects that you have cited as the foundations for a mature, progressive society. A society with people who, when interacting with others, first ask for the ‘for’ instead of the ‘against’, based on the premise of their counterpart, is also interested in the ‘with’ and not the ‘counter’. This includes a solidarity inherent in society, on the basis of which help and honest exchange on an equal footing would be a matter of course, not taken for granted, which could probably in the foreseeable future, most of the currently unsolvable problems of our time, be eliminated. That would be the kind of civilization that has been admired so often in literature and film through the personification of a highly developed extraterrestrial species.

I believe that people have the necessary cognitive and intellectual prerequisites to carry out a collective, self-reliant, social transformation that has arisen from the moral conviction of each individual. The transformation into the highly developed life form of sci-fi culture that he himself idealized. However, what in turn makes my hope fade is the daily confrontation with our inability to explore the unconscious within us and to come to terms with the emotional dimension of our being.

People are successful because of their IQ, but they fail because of their EQ.

Elizabeth Copeland
Elizabeth Copeland
Jul 26, 2020 9:53 AM
Elizabeth Copeland
Elizabeth Copeland
Jul 26, 2020 8:51 AM

Sorry about the “your country” in my previous post, I am filming with friends from Africa this morning 🙂

Elizabeth Copeland
Elizabeth Copeland
Jul 26, 2020 8:49 AM

Dear Tim. I am inviting you to our film-making because it is important to understand what goes on in your country as well as in the UK. This criminal lock-down has happened globally and we suspect that problems in countries like Africa in relation to Monsanto, Bayer and Bill Gates have now spread to Europe. We really should have done more about this many years ago. I tried really hard, I have been a campaigner for ten years, stopped fracking and fight 5G. Before that I campaigned mainly for peace and democracy, still do 🙂

I am an award winning film-maker and I am making a film about all of this together with Piers Corbyn, Kevin Corbett, Claire Edwards and Olle Johansson and I was hoping you would be part of this too. I am an award winning film-maker and long time campaigner for peace, our environment and social justice. My websites


Here is from my profile picture on Facebook

Elizabeth Copeland
14 April ·
Shared with Public
I am a Danish woman living in the UK, I am a mother, award-winning film-maker and communications consultant and I married for the first time in my life a year ago at age 55. I have a garden and a very happy life being ‘locked down’ with the man of my dreams. However, I cannot let this pass, not on my watch. I care about our Earth and its people and all living beings. Therefore I have fought fracking with thousands of other campaigners, and won, and before this ‘lock-down’ I was already campaigning against the next generation of wireless communication = toxic radiation named ‘internet of things’ or ‘5G’ or ‘weapon’.

We are all upset because we do not really know why we are locked down for weeks and weeks on. As always billionaires cash in on the massive shock that I, as well as many many other, desperately and still seek to convey to our surrroundings that it is a hoax; a deceitful attack on our democracy, human rights, environment and elderly for profit and more profit – and power.

The ‘virus’ can only be seen in an electron microscope, it has not been told apart from a immune system reaction (exosome), and nobody knows how and why the ‘experts advice’, that now governs our world, came about. Doctors are told to follow orders and whistle blowers from the health services have emerged since day one. In a sinister coordinated intervention ‘virus teams’ have been established at hospitals seperate (and out of control) from the established public health service and big industrial spaces are converted into ‘ventilator halls’. The non transparent authoritarian and threatening play of events are identical with suspected false flags (staged events known as Hegelian Dialectics) like ‘Salisbury’s Novichok’.

Doctors like those on my list below express their surprise, their firm objections and grave concern for human health and the well-being of our society, also considering the grave financial consequenses of the ‘intervention’ that we are under. Some say they feel like they, who are the experts with a long experience and who are indeed right about what they say about the ‘virus’, are the ghost riders and everybody else is going in the opposite direction, over the cliff edge.

Another campaigner posted the other day that he felt like now he knew what Nazi Germany was like, how easy it was possible to de-stabilise a whole population and then a whole world, with lies (this virus is not medically indentified as being seperate from the flu or the cold), spin (the death counts are rigged massively exaggerating numbers of infected and deaths and we still have no evidence of a ‘dangerous virus’), propaganda (media are told what to say) and driven by fear (the danger is pushed on all media platforms and the police, as well as paranoid people are threatening people). We are seeing it now; how fascism explodes and how it is ingrained in all of us, if we believe lies and let our fear rule our thinking and actions. NO, the Jewish people were NOT undermining the German society, NO the Arian race is NOT superior and NOOOO there is NO dangerous virus killing us all.

However, the 2nd World War killed, and this ‘lock down’ (take over by evil forces) is killing – and it will continue to kill; all those who are stressed and scared beyond their wits, the elderly and truly sick who do not get treatment because ‘the virus’ comes first, the elderly and patients who are being treated in the ‘ventilators’ (wrong treatment; their lungs get more damaged and they die). Furthermore, the ‘lock-down’ is rapidly killing our society financially, ending our democracy and human rights and this way many many of us could perish. 80 billion a month for wage compensations has been promised from the Government. What is the price per day of putting London to a stand still? What are the consequenses of partly ending our food production over night? (Farm animals exterminated.) As things were, most people were only one pay check away from loosing their home and existence. Now, with no real help for small earners, zero hours contract workers and self employed you can only ask: “Who is going to feed our people?”

Let’s not let history repeat itself. Please fight your fear and self preservation. What good would it be to you if you came out of this ‘lock-down’ having keept your wages and your house, if you had to eat synthetic food in a society poisoned by toxic radiation (5G) in a police state and your family and friends had either perished or are living on the edge of the abyss?

As I write this I am told that it is now (17th April) ‘public opinion’ that is demanding and keeping the ‘lock-down’. I kindly suggest you look into what is the truth (not coming from your TV) and let your voice be heard: PLEASE OPEN OUR WORLD and WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON. Our safety comes first.

My film from my heart:

Dr Andrew Kaufman
Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD
Dr John Lee
Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell
Dr Vibeke Manniche
Dr. Thomas Cowan
Professor Peter C. Gøtzsche
Warwick Uni Public Health Professor Sarah Stewart-Brown
Dr Sucharit Bhakdi
Dr Wolfgang Wodarg
Dr Joel Kettner
Dr John Ioannidis
Dr Yoram Lass
Dr Pietro Vernazza
Frank Ulrich Montgomery
Prof. Hendrik Streeck
Dr Yanis Roussel
Dr. David Katz
Dr. Judy Mikovits
Dr. John Oxford
Prof Knut Wittkowski
Dr Klaus Püschel
Dr Alexander Kekulé
Dr Claus Köhnlein
Dr Gérard Krause
Dr Gerd Gigerenzer
Prof Johan Giesecke
Dr Malcolm Kendrick
Dr Rashid Buttar
Dr Daniel W Erickson
Dr Sherri Tenpenny
Dr Vernon Coleman
Professor Robert Dingwall
Dr Vandana Shiva
Dr Claus Hancke
Prof. Dolores Cahill
Dr. Stefan Lanka
Dr Katrin Korb
Dr Ivette Lozano
Prof. Dolores J. Cahill
Robert O Young DSc, PhD
Dr John Oxford
Nurse Kevin Corbett
Dr. Wakefield
Dr Malcolm Kendrick
Dr. Zach Bush
Prof Beda Stadler
Dr Tim O’Shea
Dr Stoian Alexov
DR Tom Bearden
Dr Ian Blenkharn
Dr Matt Ogle
Denis Rancourt PhD
Dr Pam Popper

Marta Barham
Marta Barham
Jul 26, 2020 7:33 AM

Tim Hayward, I agree. Schools and Universities have abandoned their responsibility to educate and nourish free debate, critical thinking or even just to teach history to young people. They are verybiased and ruled by the communist/socialist manifesto disguising itself as the UN charter. Verys sad states of affair in schools. I was blind to this for far too long, and now I see it and I am very sad. We are losing generations to this false dogma (equity, diversity, sustainable development, etc all designed to depopulate Earth by CFR that has become the UN in 1945.)

Jul 26, 2020 7:32 PM
Reply to  Marta Barham

did they ever? really?

Jul 26, 2020 7:09 AM

If you don’t mention those at the top of our intentional marginalization and their project that we may be relegated to a final slavery at their hands, then you cannot be an element of resistance. Then you cannot be a power in the achievement of our freedom in a better world. The gangsters at the top are those who meet at Davos, the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission. The Council of Foreign Relations contains many gangsters and their fellow travelers.

Their project is the NWO and the means the exaggeration of the virus and the global warming hoax. Agenda 21 and Agenda 30, together with ID2020, the vaccine and further surveillance are the implementation.

It is our job to plan a different world and to bring our fellow citizens along by exposing the above and enunciating the alternative.

Jul 26, 2020 2:26 AM

Educators, this is likely to revolt you :

  • “Online teaching not working? Maybe you don’t know what you are doing.”


Quoting from the link : ….

1. A good online course must be driven by doing, not by listening; ask students to try to accomplish something they don’t know how to do and help them do it. To do this you must build “goal based scenarios” with built in expert help A. 

2. You cannot be the only expert in the room. You must find experts an record them (or provide short readings) so they can pop up as needed when a student is lost. You need to be there as needed as well. And the other students can serve can provide just in time help as well. Don’t attempt to recreate the classroom. You want students to talk to each other.
3. There can be no tests. Only goals and the possibility that the students can achieve the goal set out for them. 
4. Get over theory. Professors love to teach theories, usually because they have had no real world practice themselves. Stop building your courses around theory.
5. Make it fun.


Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe
Jul 26, 2020 2:24 AM


How nice it would be to see a free exchange of ideas in mainstream media news. Imagine,
if commentators covered significant issues with nuanced discussions. Unfortunately, those days are long gone the Fairness Doctrine introduced in 1949 by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), required holders of broadcast licenses to present controversial issues in a manner which was considered honest, equitable, and balanced. However, the FCC eliminated this policy in 1987 and removed the rule that implemented the policy from the Federal Register in August 2011.

 That was the end of that–it was the final nail in the mainstream media news coffin. Commentators no longer provided news, but merely propaganda. The notion that an historical event could have two sides or could require multiple points of view was no longer a consideration. The only concern was how to “sell” the news since it was regarded as a product to be marketed in the same manner TV commercials sold all other junk.  

The transformation of mainstream media news into a security state shill intensified in the  
late 70’s. The emergence of conservative think tanks in the early 1970’s laid the
groundwork for a multitude of reactionary policies. A powerful network of think tanks advocated regulations which not only changed mainstream media news, but the entire capitalist system moving the economy from “New Deal” Keynesian to neoliberal madness.  Neoliberalism demands imperialism to sustain its never ending economic growth. And that why there’s been nonstop military interventions.

When a government chooses to allocate huge portions of its tax dollars towards unending wars, while it decreases funds for social programs it becomes imperative to “manufacture consent” for these anti-working-class actions. And that’s why educational institutions, political organizations, and social platforms must devolve into propaganda machines for the Empire. 

Kevin savor
Kevin savor
Jul 26, 2020 1:40 AM

In your dreams,LOL….maybe on another dimension, but won’t happen in “the game”.here

Jul 25, 2020 10:09 PM

its a big room with three rows of desks
a portrait of the Leader on the wall behind the teachers chair
a map with two hemispheres, of which only one is legal
the little boy takes his seat, opens his briefcase, puts his pen and notebook on the desk
lifts his face, and prepares himself to hear drivel

Brodsky – Less Than One.

Jul 25, 2020 9:03 PM

This site, a new discovery for me, is refreshing. Thank you to all involved.

This particular article, ‘Free Intelligence – Notes for a manifesto’, though charmingly polite, almost demure, goes straight to the essence of today’s formidable problems. If truth cannot set us free, nothing can. And only free intelligence leads to truth. This must be the starting point. One can discuss what is meant by ‘free intelligence’, and debate about the limitations of ‘democracy’, and so forth, as some commenters are inclined to do, but while these procedures are necessary, we all understand what the article is about, and, in particular, its urgency. The ‘manifesto’ it looks for is sorely needed, as a beginning, and to unite this presently-fragmented opposition of reasonable people. It must however be a good one, above all an effective one, and much intelligent thought has to go into it.

The quality of the comments here is certainly excellent, in the main relevant and thoughtful. That being given, I would however really love to be a genius who says, “All the commenting, here and elsewhere, has been fruitful, and now, as a result, this is what we can agree to DO: …” – but I’m afraid I can only add to the comments. I put it this way because there is a tendency, and I think most of you will agree, for intellectuals to discuss, propose, comment, on and on, and on – if only because it’s such a delightful thing to do – even when the time calls for more than talk. I venture to suggest that we are pretty damned close to such a time. After talk – or rather, evolving from talk – what comes next? Surely, organization. What is our adopted mechanism to be?

Such a mechanism will have to evolve, of course, when put into practice. But how is it to begin, and in what form? This seems to me where our present thoughts need to be directed.

It’s a huge requirement. Time alone will show whether we go under as freedom-seeking people or successfully turn this pathological tide. Many will be active, indeed suffer, in the struggle, millions and millions. Whether intellectuals will even have a measurable influence in any of it is perhaps a moot point. Of course, we should – and will – make the attempt. We are doing our best now, but this is a crucial stage, moving from complaint and objection and debate into something that actually brings about real and valuable societal change.

I didn’t mean to go on so much. The contribution I wished to make was to suggest that some sort of organization is needed, very soon, that certainly uses sites like this, but goes beyond, into wide public awareness, into a movement that is known everywhere, that is relatively easily understood by most people, whose revelations are proveable, tangible and acceptable, whose aims are clear and popular, and whose methods garner widespread approval. It goes without saying that its executive members are to be impeccably intellectually honest, but in addition they will have to be not only believable by average intelligences but also personally likeable by them.

I’ll finish by mentioning two prerequisites for this that immediately come to mind.

Firstly, some sort of trustworthy platform of communication will have to be established. The political, media, and commercial wings of ‘the opposition’ at present are seriously interfering with what’s available to us, what we’ve got into the habit of using, and this is set to get worse.

Secondly, it’s essential to understand our opposition: its origins and causes, its extent, and its present and future powers, and limitations. This task alone is pretty big, but has to be accurate and comprehensive; and surely requires a large and very well-organized contribution from scholars.

I have more ideas on these and other aspects – as we all have, I’m sure! – but this is quite enough for now. Thank you, and all the best to everybody.

Jul 25, 2020 8:58 PM

Gutted. Peter Green died today. I am almost certain, I was chatting to him last year. He seemed fine.

“Can’t help about the shape I’m in
I can’t sing, I aint pretty and my legs are thin
But don’t ask me what I think of you
I might not give the answer that you want me to
Oh well
Now when I talk to God
I know he understands
He said “stick by me and I’ll be your guiding hand”
But don’t ask me what I think of you
I might not give the answer that you want me to
Oh well”

Songwriters: Peter Green

Peter Green (born Peter Allen Greenbaum, 29 October 1946 – 25 July 2020)[1][2] was an English blues rock singer-songwriter and guitarist.[3] As a co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998. Green’s songs, such as “Albatross“, “Black Magic Woman“, “Oh Well“, “The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)” and “Man of the World“, appeared on singles charts, and several have been adapted by a variety of musicians.

Good man.


Jul 25, 2020 8:20 PM

We may feel good, or bad about the treatment we used to receive at our local NHS hospital. I do not yet know how it is now, but it was Brilliant 4 years ago, when my wife got run over by a car, which broke her leg in two parts. They put her leg back together, which involved one hell of a lot of pain within minutes at arriving at A&E. The lovely doctor said, just imagine you are having a baby again.Then, they supplied all the equipment – crutches – portable loo, rails to put around the toilet – when she could get there – And regular Physiotherapy Total Cost UK NHS – no charge – Free.

Could anyone but a millionaire afford that in The USA – then – or get treatment now???

But the UK, is getting more and more like The USA.

To illustrate this, my personal knowledge of Veterinary Fee’s local to where we live recently

  1. Our cat, in massive distress. We all knew instantly, that he was dying. To put him out of his misery – one injection, 10 minutes vet time – cost well over £200. We took our dead cat home to bury him.
  2. Somone local – took her cat to the vet for bad breath. The vet said- bad tooth, I will have to extract it 15 minutes vet time – cost well over £1000
  3. Another girl, my wife knows – took her cat to the vet – cos she didn’t seem to be feeling too well – vet said, well we don’t know what the problem is – we need to keep her in for a few days, and do tests – vet’s time – less than 30 mins – stuck the moggy in the cage for a few days – didn’t actually do anything (so far as she knows) and is phoned up to collect her cat – which amazingly was still alive – cost well over £3000
  4. How do I escape these auto bullet points? Tony.
Jul 25, 2020 4:13 PM

Our Spook Organisations are more of a threat to this country than any foreign army or foreign power. This has been the case for the past 100 years, going back to the Zinoviev Letter and the Mountbatten coup plot against Harold Wilson. They are poor servants and terrible masters, and should simply be defunded and disbanded.

Jul 25, 2020 7:47 PM
Reply to  paul

We always cheer for the bad guy in Bond movies!

Jul 25, 2020 8:39 PM
Reply to  paul

I would not be surprised if the spy agencies have chosen to recruit a particular type of math and physics whizz that’s favoured by investment banks: ingenious, very skilled in a narrow field, cold, bordering on sociopathic, seeing everything as a numbers challenge to be resolved. See the new head of Mi5.

The banks hire emotionally-cold math whizzes for a reason. They are largely criminal enterprises nowadays. You read that right: most large banks make much if not most of their profit from crime. Organizing crime is so routine that the banks set aside millions, if not billions of dollars each year to pay the fines that they know will come. But the profit is always greater than the fine. Who says crime doesn’t pay!


Spy agencies were set up by banks and corporations as their muscle – so the intelligence agencies, to a large extent, represent the banks. You can be sure they are using the same techniques.

They need a special kind of person that’s willing to steal relentlessly and without remorse.
They need a special kind of person who can set up fake terror events to frighten, maim and kill their own people, as Mi5, Mi6, the CIA and dozens of agencies have done in the past and do today. And are doing during Event Covid.

Central to this is the the transition to a Corporate Crown and a Corporatist pattern of government. Defence of the Realm thus becomes Defence of the Corporation. Mi5, Mi6, CIA…. shucks, they’re just building shareholder value.

No cheap shot intended and I don’t doubt the insight and analytical advantages of physicists and math whizzes.

Jul 25, 2020 3:29 PM

“Faced today with so much disinformation as we are today, how can citizens be mutually supportive in developing intelligence – intelligence being understood in all its senses”

To focus on this line, and especially the part ‘intelligence being understood in all its senses’.

One should distinguish between generally accepted forms intelligence, forms accepted by society, and forms which are not accepted, known, or hardly accepted and known. There is the intelligence of the citizen in his role as a citizen, and the intelligence of the individual, as an individual, as far as he is an individual. Where the individual as far as he is really an individual, and not mostly a product of contemporary and historical culture, is ahead of society in terms of intelligence.

Oscar Wilde wrote that the goal of a manor life should be to be idle. Of which he meant not just doing nothing, but the sort of idleness which gives room to the contemplative faculties, of which by contemplative is not merely meant, to think, to philosophize, but to not think, to silence the ever active processes in favour of more subtle forms of perception.
The situation in our society though is that, while technology offers the means for people to become less physically active in order to stimulate the development of higher and more subtle faculties of perception, society is actually physically hyper-active. Also, due to technology, many people are mentally hyper-active, hence also the mental diseases related to mental hyper-activity have been exploding lately. Mental hyper-activity is also exploited and promoted, hence, in the sector of technology you can find many people who are mentally hyper-active. There are also many other people suffering from the constant exploitation of their faculties, whether physical or mental, which leads to draining, and subsequent burn-out.

Thus, intelligence cannot be understood ‘in all its senses’ by society at large, only by individuals, and smaller groups of individuals among each other. And even the concept of ‘intelligence’ as it is dominant in society needs to be seen as being a limited product of the collective. The kind of intelligence which contemporary society promotes is even subject to obsession, societal obsession. And the kind of development of intelligence which society currently promotes is that kind which it can exploit, in the negative sense of that word. Even the word disinformation pointing to information or ‘data’ is a typical product of the character of contemporary society, the type of word used is characteristic of the dominance of a lower type of reason depending on a certain type of rather vulgar and ordinary knowledge.
A society which stresses the value of ‘information’, which is just ordinary knowledge, stresses lower kind of faculties, where the mind or modern people, like Wilde wrote becomes a bric a brac shop, just containing more ordinary knowledge than the minds of his forefathers, sort of of an encyclopedic nature, but less well organized, even a mess, and containing so much redundancy, that in some people even the room needed for practical knowledge is occupied with that of an unpractical abstract type. An individual with a mind full of that mess has even less chance to develop the higher faculties which stimulate non accepted types of intelligence. As the first requirement of the acquisition of such subtler perceptive intelligence is to order the lower faculties which work with ordinary knowledge, to be silent, if even for a few moments.

To summarize: the phrase ‘intelligence being understood in all its senses’, in combination with the words ‘information’, and ‘inquiry’, the latter pointing to active faculties instead of those of passive contemplation, the phrase ‘public availability’, and the concept ‘social life’ imply that the conception of the author of intelligence actually appears to be limited to those spheres which often are against ‘all its senses’ but always comprise of an understanding which is very limited.

Information, inquiry, public availability, and social life when controlled will never produce the dreaded Orwellian state completely, because the minds of people are luckily not fully dependent on the modes of perception which are accompanied with these. So their ‘understanding of the world’, and their set of values can be derived from sources where those who control the sphere of the aforementioned have no access to, even no comprehension of. The merit of this article thus should be seen in the light of the protection of such intelligence which is a limited intelligence.

The misconception of using the phrase ‘intelligence being understood in all its senses’ in relation to the aforementioned, which in itself is naively an unintended denial of other forms is also the basis of control, where authorities may rely on a limitation of accepted forms of intelligence, in order to de-legitimize all other forms. And so, it is important to apply scrutiny on such all too grand phrases.

Jul 25, 2020 4:42 PM
Reply to  John

“disturbing trends in society today that tend to undermine the possibility of fulfilling those commitments”

It should be said that every society undermines in a disturbing way the fulfilling of ‘such commitments’, including our liberal democratic societies. To believe this to be not the case, means to fall victim to its self-aggrandizing propaganda. Above, I have already mentioned some examples of how society exploits limited forms of intelligence, and how it exploits technology in a way which enslaves, rather than using it in ways which makes free and which stimulate if not all, at least various forms of intelligence. The disturbing trends of which the author alludes to do not appear out of the blue, these are founded upon long term of explotation and pushing into a certain direction by society as a whole, not just by those elites out to control. It is rather that a level has been reached, founded upon developments which democratic control, it consisting of mediocre intelligence.. more quantity than quality, could not foresee.

“including provision for democratic oversight of intelligence agencies, state and corporate”

Even to believe in democracy as the ultimately righteous or best of all worst systems of governance is based on ideology, which is a widely accepted form of belief.
Thus, instead of the term ‘public opinion’, which is a power of ‘oversight’ in itself, the word ‘democratic’ implies some sort of more active voice, more power than that which is produced by public opinion, the latter which is produced regardless of whether a society is democratic, except in a sever dictatorship. A democratic power is a power which actually can be directed by clever demagogy and ‘perception management’, where people, instead of forming themselves freely and collectively a public opinion, they are informed by informers which in time become subject to corruption due the need to to hold on to power. The problem of democratic power, and the mediocrity of average intelligence on which it is based allows for various shrewd and corrupt greater intelligences to, after careful study.., and taking posession of various means direct it most cleverly. While such directing and controlling of the force of public opinion which does not depend on official media, but on exchanges of information and values in ordinary life and various other means which are not so easily controlled is far more difficult. Thus democratic power, different from a non democratic power of public opion is a power which is inevitably subject to many abuses and ways of control, and as such it ultimately becomes, as we can see, a deception. Such a one sided, all too flat, and explicit all too rigidly worked out and calculated form, which denies all others, solicits for calculated abuse… and ultimate deception.

Dr NG Maroudas
Dr NG Maroudas
Jul 25, 2020 6:12 PM
Reply to  John

@John: “Thus democratic power, different from power of public opinion, is a power which is inevitably subject to many abuses”.

Surely that is the point at issue: How to improve _both_ democratic power (ie, votes) and public opinion (thoughts and/or feelings) by creating “an intelligent environment”?

“Democracy is the best form of bad government; nevertheless, it is still a bad form of government”. Given the chance to put his meritocratic political theory into practice, Plato made a sorry mess. The question is: Can we, a society of differing abilities and ambitions, improve on Plato – an individual of supreme intellect in his Academy of first rate minds? Can we create an intelligent environment that will make life easier for our offspring – by endowing them with with an environment that weeds out propaganda, and stimulates their ability to expose sophistry?

Jul 25, 2020 9:49 PM
Reply to  Dr NG Maroudas

Dr NG Maroudas

Propaganda is a form of promotion, and promotion is not necessarily bad. If it is true that no thing is bad in itself, but rather that whether something is bad depends on how it is used, I would suggest that propaganda becomes bad roughly when the promotion has the quality of imposition to a degree which robs the mind of its freedom. This quality of it turning bad is then attained by repetition of a very high degree, a spreading which is too ubiquitous, next to all kinds of tactics which aim to forbid and devalue other views. The latter kind is of a subtle indirect nature, it does not expose what downright forbidding could expose.. So it is not so much the question of how to weed out propaganda, as weed is something you can do without, but rather of how to recognize situations where it is used in a way which seeks to overrule and impose.
I dare state that to weed out propaganda on the basis of an idea that it is inherently bad actually by necessity means that it would reappear in more subtle harder to recognize forms. Actually, this is already the case, as our liberal democratic society prides itself in being more free than for instance Nazism and communism was, and the latter still is.

Related to the above is ‘intelligent environment’.
This is, among other things, an issue of education. As an example, one should not weed out propaganda (as a form of promotion), rather there should be the ability to recognize the form which it can take, to differentiate between its positive and its negative use. Examples of negative use can be found in history, but if educators merely point towards explicit examples like which can be found in Nazism and communist regimes, meanwhile inculcating in children that the current system of democracy and liberalism is without or most broadly without such negative examples, they are putting people on the wrong foot, inculcating at a young age, propaganda of liberalism and democracy, which as we know works most efficient when inculated at a young age. So people currently have been raised at large with the idea that at worst there is some propaganda, but that they are really free, and that there is enough diversity. They are not only raised with that, but such a view is propagated by the media constantly. And so, a part of them have now reached a point where after being deceived by creeds of ideology half of their life, they become aware of reality, which is the hard and long way of learning.

To expose sophistry, if with ‘expose’ is meant the form of a reasoned countering, this is actually a very hard thing to do, it requires knowledge of rhetoric, of logical fallacies, etc. It would seem a step too far for all people to become proficient in that area, it would require them to invest energy and time in something which might be very alien to them, and not inline with their talents, passions and inclinations. Rather, at large one should be immune to it, and to be immune to it, not falling prey to it is not a matter of an increasing of a certain intelligence, but rather to prevent a derailment of intelligence. Intelligence, a word which has the connotation of something solely positive can also be negative, as sophists can be extremely intelligent, one cannot defy it by making other people even more intelligent, but rather by means of retaining of commmon sense, it can be neutralized in that way.
This retaining of built in common sense, everyone to his own degree depends on a system of basic education which does not overload and impose on people that what is unecessary to them in that phase of their life, a system of education which has respect for the potential of the individual, rather than a system of education which imposes itself on individual, even destroying for instance the inbuilt potential of development of common sense. Basic education for instance should be about learning people the basics of what is necessary in practical and social life, give them a bit of orientation in history, teach them writing and some math, so that the principle of it would be that it makes them ready to handle the basics of life in general, and that it provides them the mere basic tools to develop themselves later on. This then provides them a position to orient themselves further, to develop their talents as they see fit themselves, without all the ballast which is imposed on them these days, and without redundancy, and without the one-sided character, which all may lead people astray.

Of course the above point of view related to education is a mere short overview, writers like Herbert Spencer and others have elaborated on the question of education and upbringing to a much greater degree. And while much of the situation has been improved since the nineteenth, the new system leads people astray in different ways, and it imposes on people many things in a much more refined way.

Dr NG Maroudas
Dr NG Maroudas
Jul 26, 2020 4:22 AM
Reply to  John

I agree on some of your points (clipped below) – especially the need to reduce educational overload at school. So we have made a start toward building an intelligent human environment – even though by intelligence and education we restrict ourselves to common sense and social life.

“To expose sophistry… is actually a very hard thing to do, it …would seem a step too far for all people to become proficient in that area, it would require them to invest energy and time … sophists can be extremely intelligent, one cannot defy it by making other people even more intelligent, but rather by means of retaining of commmon sense it can be neutralized… This retaining of built in common sense, everyone to his own degree depends on a system of basic education which does not overload”

Jul 25, 2020 3:16 PM

The oppressors have adopted successful strategies over more than a century. One such strategy is the metaphor of the boiling frog. You put a frog in a pot on a stove and turn on the heat. The Frog doesn’t notice the incremental rise in temperature until it’s too late. The oppressors are comfortable with playing the long game. That way they don’t have to deal with as many frogs activating fight or flight. They use double speak to rebrand everything, and unless you know their intentions and how they work, Sustainable development will sound like a good thing, and censorship will keep you safe, and vaccines will save lives. So the question of how best to deal with them is usually overwhelming to most.

I’ve watched and studied them for years, and I think the solution is one they would never see coming. They are not creative themselves. They buy or steal creativity, or hire and contract it before perverting it to their own ends. We the humans are creative, and that’s always been their undoing. We create solutions they would never predict.

Because I’ve watched them for so long now, I’ve seen how they work. Slowly, methodically, always testing and polling to see how they are doing at making inroads into the next area they want to co-opt for their own purposes. They’ve taken over money, media, law, government, food production, transportation, commerce, etc. Everything we’ve been made to believe is invaluable and indispensable. And that is our out. They believe they can proceed now because we are adequately brainwashed and addicted to all the facilities just listed that we would never do the unthinkable. And that is for us to walk away. Dump everything we’ve come to believe is necessary and go back to basics while continuing to keep the planetary populace alive and well and happy and productive.

They rule by smoke and mirrors. They steer by casting shadows. They are now attempting to get much more “hands on” because they think they’ve got us where they want us. And they do, unless we change our minds. Which is no simple thing to do. We are pretty much brainwashed and addicted but while the pot is getting uncomfortably hot, we are not yet beyond the point of no return. We are intact and able to carry on without them. If you think about it, there is nothing we can do with their approval that we can’t do without it. Every farmer can farm, every builder can build, every driver can drive, every teacher can teach, every everything that goes on now can continue to go on now. But we have to accept the shift in focus that is requisite. We have to shift away from service to self and over to service to others. As long as people are driven entirely by what’s in it for them, the brainwashing and addiction remains and choice is restricted to the lesser of the 2 evils always offered by the oppressors. We just stop paying any attention to them and start paying attention to ourselves and each other. Doctors can still doctor. Restaurants can still cook for people. Artists can still art.

It’s a huge shift, but so much simpler and easier and less painful than trying to fight our way back from the cashless, Nano tattooed and vaxxed, social score striving, completely surveilled and mind controlled through implanted chips world of 90% fewer people who just happen to be slaves.

I’m not interested in that world and would much rather die in preventing it than trying to conform to it. I do not comply. I will not comply. I choose for myself. I think a target on my back is kind of a good look.

They model this stuff endlessly, and some of their modeling has gotten scary good. It may be the AI’s they’ve been developing semi-secretly for decades. And I’m not talking about the silly, obviously crap modeling done surrounding a lame little virus that they hoped could, but was never up to the task. That modeling of infection rates and percentages and death rates was just more of their visible pretense to stupidity to get everybody talking about the wrong things. The modeling I’m talking about, and which I have not knowledge of except for it’s being made visible by how well they have been able to gauge responses and compliance rates to determine the speed and ubiquitousness of the roll out of their plan. And a devious plan it is. Their own published hints and descriptions that I’ve come across date back several decades and the specific ones being enacted now were described in pretty obvious detail from various sources in 2003, 2005, 2010, and 2019. Specific details now comprising todays reality, all foretold in their own publications.

Their models and data feedback system is really, really working. And it will work, and we will be mostly killed off with the 10% remaining becoming transhuman servants of those pulling this heist of the worlds greatest resource next to nature itself. Humans. All of our responses so far have been predicted and we are being played like a fiddle. And Rome IS burning and we just haven’t noticed in enough numbers because, well, boiling frog effect. Don’t roll out useless mask orders all at once. Make it a suggestion. Make it an order with loose enforcement and a few exceptions. Tighten the exemptions and force people to enforce it on each other. Use shaming and bullying to force compliance. Then it’s mask or stay home. Then it’s fines and arrest for noncompliance. They knew going all the way all at once would cause too much disturbance in the hypnotic trances enthralling most people. So they have a deft and fluid handling of the modeling and feedback of effects which keeps people on the edge of revolt but not able to take that extra step.

One of the things they have perfected is how to successfully infiltrate and take over any organization. And by organization, I mean example of being organized. They have perfected the psychological tools needed to make “divide and conquer” a fool proof tool. They co-opt, rebrand, conquer by setting the divided against each other, etc. It’s a full tool chest which they have used to take control of everything that now controls us. So I never advocate for organizing anything against them. Buy the time it grows enough to threaten them, it will already belong to them or be under their control. Just look at how our governments all over the world bow to them. It’s sickening but obviously the case.

So in my opinion, our best and perhaps only option is to step out of the enormous ghostly structure that is really only held together by our own consent and agreement. We can’t sue for them having used double speak and outright lies and extortion and threats and bribery and even murder to get us to consent. We have consented without reading the fine print or searching out the hidden agenda’s and by now, we have only stepping around them and just dumping their ethereal grasp on our minds and getting on with the business of being a psychopath free collective humanity that is based on love and what can I do for you instead of fear and what’s in it for me and what are my rules today.

It helps to take a few moments now and then to visualize what you want your world to look like. I’m sure few would visualize what is going on here and now and open their eyes from the exercise with a smile on their face. This is not the world we want. This is the world they think needs to be. They think of us as mostly useless eaters and polluters. Yet it is their own education, money, industrial, corporate, government, medical, transportation and other systems that have done all the damage.

Zen Priest
Zen Priest
Jul 25, 2020 5:21 PM
Reply to  Fritz

Good post. It would be useful to include the supremacism and hatred in their ideology of us – the rest, who are bound by Logos, the natural order, by God.
As long as enough good people are willing to die, we will win. But the question is will there be enough.
I for one will never submit to these degenerate fcks.

Jul 25, 2020 10:11 PM
Reply to  Fritz

They not only develop AI, they also promote AI heavily through entertaiment and cultural products like movies and books. This pepares the mind of the public for acceptation through implicit forms of propaganda. Also techno aesthetics is part of this program. Finally then, the denouncing of the qualities of human intelligence, in favour of ‘AI intelligence’, and the ignoring and ridiculing of philsophies and theories related to the potential of development of human intelligence is a basic part of the program and its propaganda.

Jul 25, 2020 10:17 PM
Reply to  Fritz

“enormous ghostly structure that is really only held together by our own consent and agreement”

One may include here, active cooperation in all kinds of small ways, adding up. Some self reflection is a good thing, a without a sufficient foundation, thing cannot be so relatively easily and in such a fast manner transformed.

Jul 26, 2020 1:22 PM
Reply to  Fritz

There is no ‘them’ and ‘us’. The them you refer to are the super intelligent who figured out how the world works. Namely exactly as you describe it : by divide and conquer. The masses were and will be always easy to manipulate and will always be too stupid to understand that the world they live in is the product of their own worldview. The poor are just as much greedy as those on the top and would become just as much cynical as ‘them’ if they understood how the world works and became rich and powerful. Just look at all the children’s stories and tales we grew up, or Hollywood movies. The goal is always to be rich and have a kingdom or be better than the others. The poor genuinely believe that they would be generous and fair if they were to become kings but in reality they lack the capability to go within and see themselves as they are. They will always be keen to bash the ‘other’ for being different /bad/ gay/ indecent etc so that they can feel a little bit better. All the gossip magazines out there are for them and the church feeds their ego by telling them they virtuous by being a believer. So lol the super intelligent know that there are only 2 ways to live when you really know what’s going on. 1. Is to play the game and become member of the club who knows that the poor and miserable en masse cannot be helped.2. One can become even more aware of how the world and the human psyche works and become a spiritual teacher/prophet and shout the wisdom from the rooftop. Or one could even try to do good after becoming rich but that’s very rare cause they know it won’t change anything cause the folks will be divided and believe the character assassination some other super intelligent will carry out. The masses will always crucify their saviour. With today’s technologies and knowledge about the humans psyche even more than in the past…but the problem is still the same and to be found INSIDE rather than outside and in the ‘them’. The ‘them’ is the longing of being somebody different and better than the others. Call it greedy if it manifests in material terms but also there when thinking that one is morally and ethically superior to the other… You could say that this is exactly what the judeo-christian culture is about but if you look how quickly the once ego-suppressed Chinese culture got infected with it you can see that this ego drive is what human nature is about. A Chinese proverb says: ‘You cannot see the plain if you haven’t climbed the mountain’ so thriving to be on the top might be even spiritually necessary..

So there is no hope because enlightment or knowing what the world and the human nature is about is an individual journey. You can’t lift up a whole society you can maximum help some individuals but the process itself is a solo project.
Everybody who knows this will make a compromise that suits his or her mindset, will help others occasionally, raise kids, go working to evil multi national companies to earn money cause becoming a martyr in this fast paced world is rather a stupid choice to make. Just look how many do care about Snowden or Assange and you better mind your own business instead of saving the world 🙂

Jul 26, 2020 2:01 PM
Reply to  kishkosh23

The PTB should be paying you for your support!

Jul 26, 2020 3:47 PM
Reply to  Fritz

Thank you for that….

Patrick Corbett
Patrick Corbett
Jul 26, 2020 6:53 PM
Reply to  Fritz

Excellent post. I hope you don’t mind if I share it on Facebook. I got a bit of a chuckle when Tim said he’s “noticed a disturbing trend in society…” To me that’s like saying things seem to be getting a little wet during Hurricane Katrina. The ruling class have all of the levers of power in society, finance, military, industry agriculture and of course the media in their tight fisted little hands. Covid is, among other things, the means to take away what little autonomy the people have left, small business and farming, social media–to an extent and that hard to define but very real sense of collectivity and what it means to be human.
All of the so-called health measures have a single over-arching purpose: to break the bonds of love, family and community. And when we’re fully atomized we’ll be controlled and picked off even more easily than ever. Our fate is not a ship that requires a little course correction, it’s being steered towards the rocks and our only hope is to disable the helmsman and take over the ship. We don’t have a lot of time.

Jul 25, 2020 3:06 PM

#Libs -#globalists will not give up on their currency.
Not on their banks.
Not on their ecology.
Not about their medicine.
Not on their gender.
Not on their science.
Not in their press.
Not on their TVs.
Not about anything.
This is the #tippingpoint.

Jul 25, 2020 2:24 PM

Hello, as a former university professor who resigned because she had to stand up to corruption, and to be able to speak out freely, as someone coming from several generations of academics, and thus as someone who was born and bred in academia, for whom academia was home so to say, I have to warn the author that universities are the least likely to be able to play a role. In the present situation, I clashed headlong with former colleagues and others connected to academia and the scientific world, from senior established and well known people down to younger generations. They’ve since then become like a wall. I can feel the hatred some have developed. I would not go as far as saying that all are led by financial motivations (though one did not hide that factor), or by ulterior motives: they truly believe in their models and they truly believe they are going to die if the strictest measures are not applied. Some are still cowering in fear in their homes (however unbelievable this may sound, wont let their children out and about either). So its both psychological and what I can only label a mediocratization. Ive seen the best of my generation over the years marginalized and not given the possibility to stay on in academia. It would be a different world were they the professors today.

I tried telling former colleagues in various countries, why dont you all refuse to teach via the internet, why dont you all say: education cannot be imparted like that, or at least some of you could speak out. That very day measures would come to an end. And you are all tenured, what can they do to you? None even understood what I was saying and went on to tell me instead that they felt bad for students who did not have access to proper wifi and therefore had difficulties following online classes and that for them the issue was that every single person in the world should have good access to wifi. I ironically asked them to give me a list of places where the coverage is less, as why not, I may wish to resettle there, away from health issues due to manmade electromagnetic waves.

The situation in academia is dire. Possibly the further away you go from the prestigious ones, which are at the core of policy making, to small unknown small colleges, possibly the better it is.

Anyhow a book of mine is shortly to be published (later this year) by one of the main non-fiction publishers that notably relates to this issue. I would be happy to discuss it with the author, but not on a public forum.

Jul 25, 2020 3:13 PM
Reply to  hope

Thank you for your comment. I also left academia (STEM) after being tenured. It was several years ago, but the reasons were similar: I could see where it was all going, and the dumpster fire that academia has revealed itself to be in the last 4 months comes as no surprise to me.

To answer your hypothesis:

Possibly the further away you go from the prestigious ones, which are at the core of policy making, to small unknown small colleges, possibly the better it is.

The answer is no. I received my PhD at a top-tier institution, was a postdoctoral fellow also at a top-tier institution, but ended up as faculty at a middle-tier institution in the hopes of escaping the bullshit. I hate to say it, but most of my faculty colleagues there were even more craven than those at the top. I will say that industry is a bit better: the clear focus of a common financial purpose does help clear away some of the fog, but I have no illusions about the nature of the enterprise.

Jul 25, 2020 7:18 PM

You may well be right. I was thinking of possibly some small liberal arts college, with a small scholarly community… But then which one, indeed…
Like you I resigned a tenured professorship. When I resigned this was new in some parts of Europe, so they did not even know what rights I should still have, i.e. what level of free medical coverage and so on. Luckily the state administration was so amazed that anyone could simply resign from such a secure position they decided in my favour.

Dr NG Maroudas
Dr NG Maroudas
Jul 25, 2020 4:06 PM
Reply to  hope

Hope, it was ever thus. Einstein recorded the same phenomenon after the putsch of 1933 and the rapid Anglo Zionazi Capitalist makeover of Germany. I forget his exact words, but Einstein said it was no longer any use looking for freedom of speech in the press, nor freedom of thought in academia.

Interestingly, Einstein went on to say that he found resistance to the coming tyranny in an unexpected quarter: in the Church ie, among the sort of people who do not usually go around boasting about their freedom of speech and freedom of thought. Personally, I think Einstein’s knowledge of the resistance was limited: not all the White Rose people were religious, and the greatest resistance to Nazism came from the Communists who, in those days, would have been proudly and loudly materialist-atheist. (See Janina Altman’s painstakingly researched book on the German academic scene, “Naturwissenschaftler vor und nach Hitlers Aufstieg zur Macht”)
We humans, like our dogs, are creatures that run with the pack. Like our sheep and cattle we follow Leaders, even to the shearing shed. Hence the importance of Prof.Haywards initiative: how to build individual human intelligence into an environment of social intelligence? I rate his questions the prime environmental questions of the Anthropocene Era.

Jul 25, 2020 7:06 PM
Reply to  Dr NG Maroudas

Yes, indeed, the communists/socialists were the main opponents and the concentration camp were initially for them. The Jewish genocide came later.

Contrary to Einstein’s days, today we have no Einsteins. The system has become such that its hard for any genius to arise. Its totally mediocratized (hence today’s covid narrative from within academia). But this process began long ago. Before it was the Church that repressed thought, but then after a brief interlude which gave rise to the scientific spirit in Europe, the state rapidly took over. And already from the latter part of the 19th, academics and scientists began losing their positions for their political opinions. There was a period of hope if you take part of the 20th, very rich in every aspects of science, arts, humanities. Nazism and WW2 ended that period. Notably it totally destroyed Germany which was truly a flourishing cultural and intellectual centre. But now, contrary to before, its impossible to have the space to create works of genius while trying to earn your living doing something else (this was possible in Einstein’s days, whose main work was done while working in the patent office), and its even more unlikely than before that you will paid by a university to do such work: true originality evidently challenges the status quo.

By the way I dont mean to say people are born mediocre. No one is. The problem is the entire education system starting from early years, turns us into mediocrities, and in particular we are no longer able to even realise what the veritable questions are.

Jul 25, 2020 5:11 PM
Reply to  hope


Excellent insight.
I’ve read one or two articles where people have said the same – that academia is in a dire state for this.

Even to an outsider looking at the Twitter accounts of respected acedemics and professors, this becomes obvious. I can’t believe some of these people are top academics. They’re clueless.

I think Tim Hayward is an outstanding, brave individual of great integrity. However I believe this may sometimes come with a tendency to look for the good in others, where none exists and understate the uphill battle and opposition. The careful measured language in the article perhaps shows this.

However in my view, this MO and Hayward’s work compliments greatly the more combative style of others and glad to read him here.

Good luck with the book. It sounds like a good one to have an author review for future.

Jul 25, 2020 7:08 PM
Reply to  Loverat

The problem is from within the academic system, its difficult to truly speak freely, you have to compromise.

Jul 25, 2020 1:39 PM

Fine principles, but no way to get there without total war that pretty much kills everyone. The monsters have their tentacles and hooks in everything.

Jul 25, 2020 1:24 PM

How Far will the Globalists Go to Bring the United States to Its Knees? Sarah Westall w/ Joel Skousen (1of2)
Starts at 00:03:00

Jul 25, 2020 1:33 PM
Reply to  Moneycircus

As long as the US retains the single most valuable resource for global capitalism, it will be allowed to remain standing, however much it teeters and threatens to fall to its knees. I’m speaking, of course, of its standing military – larger than the next ten biggest militaries combined.

Jul 25, 2020 3:16 PM
Reply to  Moneycircus

Why only the USA? China or nation X,Y, Z should be equally committed to these seven principles.

Emily Tock
Emily Tock
Jul 25, 2020 1:05 PM

I have frequently had utopian dreams of forming a new higher education model that completely upends the historical and extant hierarchical mind-set that is entrenched throughout academia. Enter the pandemic, and I am depressed beyond belief to see academia retreat into the same taxonomies, as well as the recent neoliberal mantra of sacrificing the humanities for the supposedly sexy STEM streams and the administrization of higher academia. As a final year PhD candidate, I would be very interested in networking with other academics to act on those utopian ideals into a workable, practical model of egalitarian education that promotes truly free thought. Open scholarship initiatives are intriguing, but mostly any movement in that direction that I have noticed is completely tied to the current model of academia; however, the foundational principles of open scholarship might be a source for models, as well as like-minded individuals.

Jul 25, 2020 3:16 PM
Reply to  Emily Tock

Please say more.

Jul 25, 2020 5:05 PM
Reply to  Emily Tock

‘Enter at your own risk’ should be the words placed on the entrance of almost every contemporary institution of higher education. If preferred, it may be expressed in Latin words to make it look more expensive, which also would be symbolically characteristic of such intstitutions.

Tom Welsh
Tom Welsh
Jul 25, 2020 11:41 AM

As a historian, may I reassure you that governments have always lied to their citizens on an industrial scale.
Through most of history citizens have taken this for granted and sought the truth by whatever means possible. Usually this included free media – whether officially permitted or samizdat.
Recently technology and the steady growth and concentration of power has allowed governments to take over the media. Partly through “independent regulators” (hah!) such as Ofcom. Partly through leaning so heavily on owners and editors that they became very strongly biased towards the government line.
As the media became more biased and less truthful, more and more people stopped paying for them. So government filled the gap by paying the media itself. Today all the British mainstream media – including, in my opinion, “Private Eye” – are about as independent and honest as the Soviet-era Pravda and Izvestia.
That’s why so many of us get all our news and views on the Web. And that is why the UK government is pushing its “Online Harms Bill” which would allow it to censor what we say online.
If there is any way in which you can discourage the passing of that bill, I urge you to do what you can.

Jul 25, 2020 5:15 PM
Reply to  Tom Welsh

You are painting the picture of ‘citizens looking for truth’, and governments as concentrations of power looking to deceive. This may not be the intention, as a historian, aside of being aware of how power corrupts, I assume that you are aware of the nature of the citizen and the public… But, in times of democracy, it might be that readers assume the fault to be wholly on the side of those who have power. Which is typical of a lack of self-reflection, which is characteristic of the current debate on so called alternative media.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 25, 2020 8:38 PM
Reply to  Tom Welsh

Everybody knows

Jul 25, 2020 11:24 AM

A privatised university with chief executives, corporate sponsors is even more compromised than ones infiltrated by deepstate aristo types. As are naturally gifted students piled with debt while teenagers.

As their great plundering is suddenly hit by a virus to stop their recruitment of this years new chicken debtors – the privatised educators and chief execs and bankers are in a blind panic!
What will happen to their profits and bonuses?

Let’s not cry over them.

Let’s not buy into their scare stories of students and children being deprived of ‘life chances’ by the virus sabbatical – measured in MONEY! The only language they speak.

They will be fine – but the bonuses and private schools and universities won’t.

Counter Economist
Counter Economist
Jul 25, 2020 11:12 AM

Building a manifesto to counter the elites plan is essential but we must do it on a platform that ensures anonymity.

Solve this problem then we can start to make real progress.

Jul 26, 2020 7:26 AM

I don’t insist on anonymity. I won’t tiptoe. Or wear a mask.

Jul 25, 2020 10:03 AM

universities have a vital role to play, on behalf of – and answerably to – the whole of society.”
Problem with that as many of these institutions have been infiltrated with corporate sponsorship and are recruiting grounds for private and governmental control over an unsuspecting public.

Eyes Open
Eyes Open
Jul 25, 2020 10:01 AM

All roads lead to the ruling class.

George Mc
George Mc
Jul 25, 2020 2:24 PM
Reply to  Eyes Open

And I think it’s necessary to know about the areas that the ruling class DO NOT care about e.g. race, religion, abortion, culture, genderism etc. Consequently these are the areas they constantly wag in your face.

Lost in a dark wood
Lost in a dark wood
Jul 25, 2020 9:45 AM

In his latest video, Vernon Coleman places the plandemic hoax within its historical context.


The Forces of Evil Are Gathering
Vernon Coleman
Jul 24, 2020

International best-selling author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA, explains why and how governments around the world have deliberately over-stated the threat of the coronavirus. And he explains the role of the United Nations and the way education has been changed to promote collectivism. He also shows how the myth of climate change was deliberately created to control people everywhere, and he explains one of the main aims of the coronavirus hoax.

Jul 25, 2020 9:07 AM

‘School World Order’ by John Klyczek has some essential insights into where the education system is heading (especially corporatisation and technocracy). These processes having been galloping apace under Betsy DeVos and the cover of the Covid distraction.
It’s clear that any developments like the author describes can only occur outside the formal education system.

Buster Bloodvessel
Buster Bloodvessel
Jul 25, 2020 9:31 AM
Reply to  Edwige

Robert Muller/UN plan for World Curriculum has been been infiltrating into national education systems for decades .
A poorly educated population is much easier to keep distracted while the elites make all the big decisions for us .

Tim Drayton
Tim Drayton
Jul 25, 2020 2:47 PM

The industrial era brought with it a need for an educated population, along with the concomitant problems for the ruling class. It seems that need no longer exists.

Jul 25, 2020 8:54 AM
Jul 25, 2020 8:50 AM

I fully agree with your comments about universities. I happened across a website, that I can no longer find, which detailed American academics currently engaged in post-grad research projects at Oxford University. There were a lot of them in subjects such as diplomacy, social science, third world development, introducing democracy, conflict resolution and economics, sustainability and development etc, mostly sponsored by NGOs. Then you have to consider the many scholarships offered, for instance: Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme, not to mention all the intelligence service recruiters based at our most prestigious university.
I came away with the feeling that everything is connected globally and we can vote for who or what we want, but it won’t make a blind bit of difference.

Jul 25, 2020 8:43 AM

“the development and exercise of inquiring minds as an essential aspect of human life;
recognition of the value of social cooperation in developing Intelligence”

Rudolf Steiner schools have been promoting these two principles for years. They are now under attack from the state, of course.

Jul 25, 2020 3:36 PM
Reply to  Dude

I was curious about this statement.

[Steiner schools] are now under attack from the state, of course.

I clicked around a bit to find out that the problem is, of course, their anti-vaccine stance. Very interesting. Especially since the objection to vaccines is ultimately a belief that vaccines hinder spiritual progress.

Jul 25, 2020 6:00 PM
Reply to  Dude

If not under attack from the state, i’d certainly attack it on the basis of the idea that social ideas of intelligence are the product of social intelligence, of combined intelligence of which the total sum being a product of quantity does not raise the quality and extent of ideas very much Or in other words, the social is per definition quite restrained, and so are its possible conceptions of intelligence.

David hutchings
David hutchings
Jul 25, 2020 7:55 AM

We have all found our way to this website through some inner force beyond intelligence.
A knowing that what is being portrayed is not right some how. And so our journey begins and we accumulate other versions, put forward by others who are on this same journey. Through their discoveries they put forward their theories and what they have found to be facts that undermine the official narrative. We see these as affirmations of our own beliefs.
We discover we are not mad after all. We are not alone. Far from it, we are part of a community who have managed, despite the constant brainwashing, to have retained our reason and more importantly, an inner knowing.
It is this inner knowing that, to me, is the link to all knowledge and intelligence.
It is the link to nature itself.
It is the link to that which regulates this amazing vehicle we call the human body.
I suggest that those who wish to control us work tirelessly to maintain the ignorance of this knowledge, and therefore the answer to it is revealed.
Encourage people to find that inner person who lies within, who knows the inherent truth in all things. We have not arrived at this website by reason alone. Dark days maybe ahead but speak your truth clearly and calmly. Appeal to the inner person in everyone. Believe it lies within.
Yes I know that can seem impossible at times but try to remember the brain washing that has led to the state that we find ourselves in.
Best wishes to all on our journey .

Seamus Padraig
Seamus Padraig
Jul 25, 2020 11:22 AM

Thanks! All the best to you as well.

Jul 25, 2020 1:05 PM


Jul 25, 2020 3:39 PM

Thank you: I read the OP when there were still zero comments, and I wanted to write a comment that expressed exactly this sentiment. I couldn’t figure out how to articulate it, so I put it away. I’m glad someone else figured it out.

I might add that a valuable key is learning how to read symbols. This is one of the glaring deficits of modern education and what is considered today to be knowledge.

Jul 25, 2020 6:02 PM

I sincerely hope that this force beyond, is not without intelligence..

Jul 25, 2020 7:55 AM

‘Agencies with resources to pursue particular agendas can engage in various strategic communications aimed at influencing the public into accepting beliefs that would, with the exercise of free intelligence, be more critically scrutinised’

You have them here too

How to recognize them?
They spread fear, sometimes through hope, sometimes through anger
They see no light at the end of the tunnel (our situation is hopeless)
They love us vs them statements, and try to make the ‘us’ position as inhumanly as possible (they usually do this gradually)
They are for a short time very prolific, after which you will not hear from them ever again. (Who ever heard of jackjim, sunset, 1 out 7 billion, objective lately?)
They usually get a lot of up votes, but their pick on the situation is always a little bit different as to the people I generally upvote

Jul 25, 2020 7:54 AM

The poison that’s coursing through the world . . .

Jul 25, 2020 7:44 AM

What if we, as a species, have actually become so degraded by consumerism and bling and Marvel Super Heroes and the cultural genocide that is social media that the ability to think clearly and critically is actually gone and lost forever? I wrote this story (a reflection on Stupidity) some time ago but I publish it here and now as it seems very suited to the tenor of the times…
There once was a bloke. A perfectly ordinary bloke, not unlike countless millions of others. He worked hard, paid his bills (mostly) and thought that the world was pretty much organised as it should be.
When he wasn’t working he liked to watch TV. His favourite things to watch were ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, ‘I’m a Celebrity. Get Me out of Here’, ‘X-Factor’ and anything featuring Marvel Super Heroes. And in between watching Things That’s Didn’t Require the Power Of Thought he would watch The Adverts, just to make sure that he was buying enough of the right stuff to be judged as a Proper Person, and The News – just so that he would know what opinions he should express about the world should he be required to express an opinion or, worse, be confronted by someone (a conspiracy theorist, terrorist sympathiser or radical, extreme socialist) who’s opinion was not his own. And…when he wasn’t doing any of the above pointless emptiness he would spend time on Unsocial Media, chasing likes and comments like a crack cocaine addicted mouse on Fakebook and Twatter and Dik Dok and Instawank and Shiterest…and in between this onanistic chasing of the Approval Of Others he would, obviously, double check he was thinking the right things and not being subject to Disinformation and use his iDiotphone to post lots of selfies of himself holding a finger up to his lips, pouting and sticking his arse out because everybody else does and because, for some unfathomable reason (and even though he was a bloke) he really, really wanted to be Kim Kardashian.
In short, he was a hard-working, hard consuming, no thinking type of chap. A Perfect Corporate Citizen.
But one night as the man was sitting on his sofa, imbibing the latest slice of cultural genocide to be broadcast by the TV networks and having his otherwise empty head filled with the media’s crude propaganda, his intellect, which had lain for year after year in a dusty, unvisited corner of his brain, unused and unnoticed, decided that enough was enough. It was bored. Bored, bored, bored. Day after day of pointless Crap And Lies going Unexamined And Unchallenged. It was never asked to do anything. It was rotting away in this empty vessel. There had to be more!
In desperation, longing for a more stimulating home, the man’s intellect allowed itself to leak out of that dusty, forgotten corner of his brain. Quietly (and without the man realising a thing for he was far too engrossed in a Celebrity Eviction…) it slid into the his mouth, down his oesophagus, into his stomach, through his intestines and then, in a silent fart of relief, it exited the man’s bum and entered the sofa upon which he was sitting.
Thus a sofa became the new home of a bored and under-stimulated intellect.
And a Spark Of Life flared (in both the sofa and the intellect).
The sofa reached out to world in which it now realised it was living. And it was amazed for it was a world of vibrancy and colour, of hope and despair, of cruelty and love, of luxuriant wealth and starving poverty, of bravery and craven cowardice, of beauty and desolation, a world of Staggering Truths and even more Staggering Lies. It was a world in which possibility was almost boundless – if anybody could be bothered.
Unlike the man, the sofa felt amazed, awed and privileged to have an intellect and used it at every opportunity.
And it saw that Something Was Wrong. For very soon, the sofa became very much cleverer than the man who sat upon it because the sofa actually used its intellect. When the sofa watched the same TV as the man, it saw not entertainment but life-numbing drivel, when the sofa saw The News it didn’t see news but lies, propaganda and manipulation. When the sofa saw The Adverts, the sofa didn’t see an exciting bundle of consumer delights. It saw a Corporate Culture Of Consumption that was based on plundering the resources of the world to constantly create more stuff that wasn’t really wanted or needed that would then be replaced the next year with more of the same stuff, only slightly different, continuing the cycle of consumption until there were no more resources left to plunder and the Earth was left a barren, lifeless ball of mud.
Why, thought the sofa, does this creature that sits upon me, not see what I see? Does it not have an intellect?
A chilling thought struck the sofa. There were millions and millions of creatures that sat upon sofas throughout the world, and judging by the state of that world they were all obviously the same as the one that was sitting upon it now; utterly incapable of using their intellect for, surely, if they did they would not accept the lies that they were fed, the nonsense used to keep them quiet and they would understand that the life they lived was completely unsustainable and was driving the world to destruction.
That’s it, thought the sofa. This creature that sits upon me and all other creatures sitting upon sofas around the world, reveling in their Wilful Ignorance, are a danger not just to themselves but to Creation Itself. If the world is to be saved all creatures that sit upon sofas must be done away with.
A Thoughtful And Concerned sofa applied its intellect to the problem. And it soon came upon a solution.
Very efficiently and carefully it began to grow a digestive system. When its digestive system was complete and functioning, the sofa started to slowly grow a mouth, cleverly concealed in the exact location where the man would sit every night to watch his Celebrities, Marvel Super Heroes, Corporate Guide To Consumption and Propaganda.
And the very next time that the man sat upon the sofa, why, it opened up its newly-formed mouth, swallowed him down into its digestive system and, well, digested him.
Then using that precious and, by now, finely-honed and powerful intellect, it linked up to the Universal Consciousness and by this means planted a seed of that intellect into every sofa, everywhere. Soon, sofas the world over were surreptitiously growing digestive systems and mouths…
So it came to pass, as had been written, that the sofas did inherit the earth.

Jul 25, 2020 6:11 AM

I would hope to see three areas recognised : that of state authorised intelligence, that of private money creation through state backed commercial banking, and that of information control through state education, news media and internet monopolies.
These three areas of controversy are, for the most part, ignored by the political conversation and become the underlying themes of ‘quarantined debate’. They arguably are the avenues whereby secretive, unaccountable power can excersize influence and control upon an ostensibly open society.
If we are all supposedly living under a system of legal binds upon our behaviour (laws), developed through processes that range from the democratic to the autocratic, yet one group of organisations is allowed to operate within society, but without regard for the normal application of those laws, then that creates potential for an obvious abuse of power. The study of state authorised intelligence reveals this to be exactly the case. Spies are allowed to act with impunity in all manner of criminal activity. That fact has, over time led to the coalescence of an ‘Overworld’ of operatives who live and think outside the normal social realm.
If we consider money as the primary element in the economic considerations, then it would seem obvious to focus on where that money comes from, how it comes into being, by what process. This, like the criminality of state intelligence agencies, is almost never discussed though. The first debate in Parliament on money creation and banking for 140 years (as I remember), took place back in 2014. There have been none since, and it is rarely if ever brought to the attention of the public. A comparable exceptionalism has applied to money creation as to that of ‘intelligence’, whereby all but a select group of steeply hierarchical, privately controlled organisations has had license to create money : these being private commercial banks. This is the source of their pre-eminent economic power in the world, and as this power now (in the era of a fake pandemic) seems to be being claimed by equally unaccountable centralised authorities in the shape of central banks, we might see more obviously the wider societal power that is inherent within ‘the money power’.
Finally the information sphere is becoming a subject for debate. More and more people are getting to understand that if powerful actors can steer, skew or limit the bounds of discourse then that affords enormous power to them or their affiliates. Many media critics seem reluctant though to delve fully into the objectives of the organisations which seem to be so over-represented in this field of perception management – largely due to the internalisation of certain narratives that are themselves considered unassailable due to the very processes of information warfare that they seek to explore. I propose that understanding this matter fully requires the most extreme intellectual discipline and fully consistent application of the principles such as those mentioned by Tim here, even if that leads the researcher into fields which are considered off limits to their familiar political framework.
Again, if we have a ‘free market place of ideas’ where anyone can bring ideas into the public forum, yet the key nodes of dissemenation of those ideas is held in the hands of people who want to control the flow according to their objectives then it makes a mockery of the initial concept. This can precede considerations of academic impartiality to a degree as the news media is ‘the first draft of history’, (and that is before we might consider academic publishing monopolies).
If money can be created only by a small group within society then that key power must be considered before the impact of fiscal or wider economic policies. Societies can be shaped, grown or destroyed by the money power, yet relatively few even spare a thought to its importance. This was not always the case, and one reason that we find ourselves where we are today is that this is no longer the case.
We can sweat and strive to get the people that we want into positions that shape the legislative process, and get the laws that shape the society that we want to emerge. However, this is to a degree, moot, if there remain a permanently incumbent power group who are untouched by those laws.
It should go without saying that if there are exceptionalist groups who straddle all these areas then they are positioned as overlords to the rest of us.

Toby Russell
Toby Russell
Jul 25, 2020 9:48 AM
Reply to  crank

Yes, the infamous Money Power is the gateway concept that must be courageously breached if we are to have a lastingly effective discussion about how society is shaped by money and all it represents. Money, as a symbol of extraordinary power, is absolutely foundational to how society steers itself, orients itself, determines what is and is not of value. This has been my conviction since around 2008, but my experience has been that it is extremely difficult to convey this truth, as the truth itself is artfully concealed behind multiple layers of received and academic ‘wisdom’. What we Just Know about money is somehow reflexively in us about as deeply as our blink reflex. Hence, the societally corrosive consequences of attaching a numerical measure to value itself go almost entirely unnoticed. Thus, as you say, it really doesn’t matter which politician finds themselves in ‘power’ for any given term, it’s the Money Power that perennially calls the shots.

Jul 25, 2020 6:06 AM

spread of disinformation in public communications arising not merely from negligence or incompetence.. <= is a consciously directed program designed to enslave humanity.
<=Humans are embedded in their environmental surroundings. Everything they know is a result of human experience in that physical, cultural, and behavior space. Many truths have emerged from human experience. Each new truth adds a stepping stone toward reducing the noise (converting unknown to known). Full knowledge and understanding of the environment and all of its contents means a completely stable understanding of reality. Since the beginning mankind has used experience to stabilize himself in uncertainty. Reality can only be experienced, if there are no unknowns. The more unknowns, the less stable the human in environment. Truths, then, are anchors; that stabilize man's understanding, while beliefs, unless they turn out to be completely true, deny mankind the insight of reality. .
Science has discovered how to invisibly control both metabolic function and mental processing in humanity. The PTB have acquired monopoly interest in those discoveries and are busy erasing the truth from the governed environment. The intent is to replace the truth with doubt and ignorance. It is an effort to push humanity backward, into the unknown. I think your "everything is failing report" reflects their progress toward secretly abolishing known worldly truths.
So why are the PTB intentionally removing known, proven, truths from the environment? Because the PTB have discovered that energy packaged and formatted in various invisible packages (RF, Optical, Microwave, etc.) can be used, when assembled into a control room, to control all human metabolism, all human function and all human thought.
The electronic, radioactive, electronic and optical tools needed to manipulate genetic expression, human development, human maturity, human aging, and to direct and control human experience, even to direct death, now exist. Once the knowledge environment is rendered sufficiently unstable, it will be duck-soup for the PTB, those who own the tools that can manipulate metabolism and mental state, to enslave all governed humanity to a life-time of giving service to the PTB. We are fast approaching a world in which the empowered few will truly own everything.

Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar
Jul 25, 2020 5:49 AM

My response to this is that it is fine in principle, but as always you will come up against resistance of those whose driving forces (not principles) are based around might is right, bullying is normal, decency is laughable and dominance is normal.
I have tried practicing values like those for decades and I have never seen anything but power-based bullies, both male and female, stand up to crush it at the first signs of actions bearing fruit. As a small kid I was beaten up, as a youth I was mercilessly taunted, as an adult I was bullied and put under surveillance. The UK simply does not have any concept of such values and any politician who says otherwise is lying.The UK values crime, thuggery, bullying, slavery and eugenics.
You know: ‘crushing the danger of a good example’….
Values are only lasting if they win out over value-less thugs.
Animal Farm is just as relevant as 1984 in this case…..

Jul 25, 2020 4:18 PM
Reply to  Rhys Jaggar

It’s like asking a rattlesnake to stop biting things.

Rhys Jaggar
Rhys Jaggar
Jul 25, 2020 5:43 AM

I think you need to add in ‘zero tolerance for those, particularly the rich, who seek to curb basic human freedom, impose slave-like docility and oligarchic unaccountable autocracies.’

Jul 25, 2020 5:43 AM

Well, my opinion as kind of mentioned is a greater commitment to being mutually supportive and in sharing information.

But rather than perhaps in a general way among all citizens, first off the focus should be among those of us in various fields who currently share the same concerns.

Currently I would say alternative media is too fragmented. Journalists, broadcasters, writers, activists and if you include academics, seem busy on raising this awareness but perhaps don’t collaborate enough between each other. For example, someone with similar leanings from a different field may offer a new perspective in helping present an acedemic point of view on Syria to a wider audience – and vice-versa.

I don’t know but I think a kind of pecking order exists where good ideas and strategies among us all are sometimes stifled and we don’t encourage each other. Perhaps because the way we communicate is partly defined by specialisms and particular strengths. In other words, sometimes we are too busy doing our own thing than thinking how we can collectively improve our message.

The broader comment I would make, perhaps also touching on strategy to define a way to acheiving those commitments, is putting ideology and discussion of left and right aside for now. As in the mainstream, ideology is distracting and divisive even among us. We have to hone in and be distinct on the message People at the moment, often to mislead, describe truth-seekers in terms of left, right rather than those who which to encourage critical thought and debate on important matters.

Not easy to explain and not sure all relevant to the points but hopefully useful in some form.

Dr NG Maroudas
Dr NG Maroudas
Jul 25, 2020 5:09 AM

Bravo! The first positive step towards answering Lenin’s question: “What is to be done?”
The first step toward a clearly stated and generally acceptable formulation of the principles that underlie our instinctive sympathy toward Truther sites such as OffG; and the instincts that drive Truth writers toward “the path of the Cross”.
Something we might build on.