WATCH: 9 Demolitions and 1 Fire

Questioning the events of 9/11 is key to understanding the geo-political landscape of the 21st century.

Just as you cannot understand the Vietnam war, or the presidencies of either Johnson or Nixon, without looking through the lens of the JFK assassination – you cannot hope to understand the dynamics of the War on Terror, or the invasion of Iraq (and others) without asking questions of the 9/11 narrative.

Nevertheless it remains a difficult topic to introduce to people. It’s complex and can seem too multilayered and confusing.

As AE911Truth have been saying for the last few years, Building 7 is the smoking gun. Its collapse is inexplicable in the official narrative, and yet many people still have no idea it existed. This is no accident.

This little vid is our contribution to getting that message out. Please share it with anyone you know who still laughs at “twoofers” and has never heard of nanothermite.

Then share this independent expert saying Building 7 is a controlled demolition. And Larry Silverstein himself, the building’s owner admitting in an unguarded interview they had decided to “pull it”.

As the new normal descends and the world is changing for the worse all around us, it’s never been more important that people are woken up to the way our world is run. We have uploaded the video to youtube, twitter and bitchute. Please share it widely.

It’s never wrong to ask reasonable questions, or seek rational answers. Encouraging this process at times like this is key.


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