WATCH: Trump’s Censored Speech

The media refusing to air the President’s allegations of vote rigging is an open display of who REALLY runs the country

On Wednesday, December 2nd Donald Trump – the sitting President of the United State of America – released a 46 minute recorded speech. In an alarming display of co-ordinated censorship, much of the media simply refused to air it.

In the speech (embedded above) he details all the suspicious behaviour surrounding the November 3rd election, as well as showing charts of evidence of peculiar activity in the vote counts of key swing states.

None of the major networks aired it in full. CNN simply refused to broadcast even clips, instead letting the millionaire son of a political dynasty lecture the viewing public in a bizarre ten-minute long abuse-laden rant.

Twitter and Facebook stuck “fact-check” warnings under anyone attempting to share it while papers like the Guardian or Independent post mocking summaries without ever showing – or even linking to – the original.

If you want to actually see the speech in full you have search out smaller youtube channels, or go to C-SPAN. (We would suggest downloading a copy while you can, it is likely to become hard to find. There’s also a transcript here.)

Their defense of this overt censorship is that Trump is “endangering lives” and/or “encouraging violence” by calling the legitimacy of the vote into question. Such claims were never made about claims Putin’s Russia had rigged the vote for Trump. In fact, Russiagate nonsense was spouted nightly by every major news outlet in the country, if not the world.

However they justify to themselves there’s no denying the hard truth of it: The mainstream media are actively and openly engaged in the wholesale censorship of an elected head of state. Deliberately crippling the ability of an elected leader to communicate with the public.

Whether or not the vote was rigged – and there is more than enough reason to think that it was – the behaviour of the media is verging on the kind of co-ordinated gagging you would expect to happen during a palace coup.

Even if you hate Trump and love Biden, even if you don’t care about the vote and count all modern democracy a sham, there’s a coup going on here that’s bigger than just who gets to sit in the Oval office:

The billionaire owners of the media are deciding what you can and cannot see. Granting themselves a monopoly on “truth” and usurping the power of the ordinary citizen to inform themselves and make a reasoned decision

Rigged vote or not, what’s left of our crumbling democratic freedoms has never been in more danger.


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