The New Normal requires a NEW Response

Catte Black

Recently a prominent Covid-skeptic on Twitter announced their willingness to start a political party or “movement” to oppose lockdowns.

Several people expressed support.

I understand the good intention behind this idea, but we at OffG consider it a major misdirection of energy – and we said so.

We got a flurry of replies from Marxists and socialists telling us people need to ‘organise’ if the New Normal is to be defeated.

Well, yes, I agree. But what does ‘organise’ mean in an age of fake ‘consensus’, rigged elections and pseudo-Left fascism?

Does it mean creating yet another ‘political party’ with rules, hierarchies and leaders?

Does it mean paying lip service to the senile, corrupt old system of representative ‘democracy’ that we KNOW is fixed and a fundamental lie?

I don’t think so.

I think the New Normal requires a New Response.

This isn’t 2003 and the anti-war protests. This isn’t 1984 and the miners’ strike. This struggle is actually potentially far more winnable. Because it isn’t about trying to force a change of action on remote beings who don’t give a damn and won’t listen. It’s about reaching ordinary people. Our friends, family, community.

What we are facing is not just a new level of tyranny, but a new kind of tyranny. One that requires more than passive obedience or inaction from people in order to preserve their status quo.

The New Normal demands people do things to positively reinforce that Normal, not simply passively consent. People are being asked to make fundamental changes to their daily lives and proactively DO things that inconvenience, impoverish or endanger them and their loved ones. They are being asked to wear masks, remain inside, refuse contact, close stores, all as individual acts of faith in the truth and reality of the narrative.

This means it’s not principally the PTB who are enforcing this narrative – it’s individual people. It’s everyone who is seen to be believing the story. It’s every man, woman and child wearing a mask or social distancing, or closing their business.

We are not merely bystanders to this event, we are required to be active participants. And that potentially gives us a lot more power. Because we can simply say no.

And if people really knew the truth they would say no – out of simple self preservation – the same instinct currently being exploited to get their co-operation.

This is why a bid to organise hierarchical resistance misses the point, and aims at the wrong target.

The fourth Industrial revolution is supposed to be in part about data – information. Those with the information will control the world.

Think about that.

If information is key to them maybe it should be to us. I think we need to see the war against the New Normal as an information war.

The Great Reset merchants are selling conformity through lies. We need to counter them with the truth. Which will, indeed, “set you free.”

We, all of us, everyone reading this, need to start sharing information as if it was ammunition.

Reblog it, print it out and distribute it. Leave it in leaflets, send it in letters or emails, tell people about it by word of mouth.

If only one person in a hundred listens to you, it’s still a step.

But the information needs to be simple and true. Here are the 4 basic facts-

  1. the ‘virus’ has a blurry definition and has a survival rate of over 99% – no more deadly than some recent flu strains
  2. the PCR tests DON’T work and are a fraud.
  3. The reported ‘deaths’ are often people dying of other things and having ‘covid’ added to their CoD based on the test that doesn’t work or on financial incentive.
  4. The vaccine is NOT a vaccine. It’s experimental gene manipulation which will need decades of testing over generations before it can really be pronounced safe.

Don’t let these basic truths be diluted with irrelevant chatter about bio weapons or ‘miracle cures’. Don’t think you can be more effective if you cut the truth with a few commonly believed lies.

Don’t be tempted to meet the lie halfway. Don’t say ‘sure the pandemic was real and the virus IS scary, but it’s all over now’.

No. Tell the truth. Tell it to at least one person you know every day, and help to set them free.

Tell people how powerful they are. That this sick farce of political/corporate narrative now more than ever needs their endorsement for it to mean anything, and if they simply decline to endorse and walk away eventually the farce will be playing to an empty theatre.

We need INFORMATIONAL organization laterally – getting info out about the ‘pandemic’, about legal rights, about how to get away from total dependence on the system.

Encourage people to form their own groups and spread this info. Organic, loose – hard to monitor and pin down, hard to infiltrate because there will be no hierarchy.

Tell people they don’t need to wait for self-appointed leaders to give them direction. They can be their own change. Starting now.

Take their slogans – ‘strength in unity’ and make it mean something in your own life.

Remember ‘they’ are weak in numbers but strong in cohesion, and they have taken our strength in numbers and used it against us – like a martial arts ninja.

They try to break us apart with internal divisions, setting black against white, male against female, “Right” against “Left”.

The old politics and its terminologies are meaningless in the fact of this latest coup against humanity. It’s not a matter of Left v Right any more. It’s a simple division between those who believe in human freedom and those who want humanity enslaved.

The only way to fight this New Normal is to create another one. Where people rediscover independence of thought and genuine collectivism of action.

With thanks to Vanessa Beeley for her input and suggestions


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