‘Reality’ in the time of Covid

Actors appearing on Good Morning Britain, fake cleaners on the London Underground..is life becoming the Truman Show?

Kit Knightly

On July 7th, Matthew Roche appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain live from his hospital bed. He was suffering from Covid, and his message to the people was simple:

I was like ‘I am going to get the vaccine but I would like to see what happens in regards to side effects […] No one takes it as seriously until they have had it.

See? He’s just like us! He didn’t want to get the vaccine, because he was worried about side-effects, but then he got sick!

Are you getting it? Do you see the subtle subtext?

If you put off having the vaccine, or worry about side effects, you will get seriously ill.

Oh, by the way, Matthew Roche is an actor. He has an interesting CV which you can read here.

Apart from appearing on the first-ever episode of Channel 4’s Naked Attraction, Mr Roche is fully qualified in “Casualty Simulation training” and has appeared in multiple training exercises for mass casualty events.

Does this mean the interview was staged? Or that he was never sick?

Obviously not. Even crisis actors get sick. He may have developed a real respiratory infection and would then in all likelihood have had a meaningless PCR test that happened to return positive, which of course would instantly make him ‘sick with covid’.

He may then, while lying in his sick bed, have attracted the attention of a passing TV news crew who stopped to ask him about his story, which just happened to dovetail perfectly with current propaganda.

We would never suggest such things are impossible in this crazy world.

It’s unfortunate that this interview has become quite hard to find since Matthew’s ‘cover’ was blown, so hold on to any copies you have.

Just recently, we were sent this video on twitter:

It shows ‘cleaners’ working in London, notionally “decontaminating” a tube station, but they’re not actually doing any cleaning. Just posing for photographs.

Why are they doing this? Illustrations for an ad promo for ‘Churchill’ cleaners? Are they documenting ‘proof’ they are working when they clearly are not and see no need?

Some other mad reason we can’t imagine?

You have to wonder – is anyone going to at any point really clean that place or is the performance deemed sufficient?

But maybe that’s a question for the pre-covid era? I mean they’re wearing hazmat gear and holding cleaning stuff, right, so they’re ‘helping’, as the passerby in the video says. Helping create an impression of reality. Helping reinforce current belief systems. Leave them alone. Don’t question or criticise. They’re on message.

Last year, when the “pandemic” was sweeping southern Europe, this video emerged from inside an Italian hospital:

Note the healthcare workers and their patient are all done up like extras from Chernobyl…and then we have the other guy, sitting behind them, in what looks like nothing but a t-shirt. Arms crossed as if he’s both confused and irritated by the circus around him.

There’s this famous photo from the very early days in Wuhan, in which a man has allegedly ‘died of covid’.

Is that portraying any recognizable reality of death in a street, from ‘Covid’ or anything else? What happened? How did he end up falling over backwards with his arms neatly by his sides like a fainting cartoon character?

Whatever happened to him, he had no sooner hit the ground than a random AFP photographer happened to stroll past, saw the dead man lying there and – naturally – began snapping photos of him.

While he was doing this an ambulance appeared and the two dudes in painting overalls and sneakers/Uggs got out, seemingly paused to chat with the photographer, then loaded the dead guy into the ambulance and left.

At which point a helpful lady turned up to tell the photographer that scenes like this were happening all over the city.

It’s not obvious any of this gang thought to check the guy on the ground for signs of life, or try CPR, or other real-world things. No, this guy was just dead. Without need of verification. In the script, if there was one, he was probably defined as ‘the corpse’, devoid of life and a name before the drama began.

Listen again to the guy filming the fake cleaners, listen to the pain and outrage in his voice as he almost begs these guys to explain their apparent insanity to him. He’s all of us, isn’t he – a lone voice and alone, surrounded by the automated and heedless masses, trying to make sense of his own species gone mad.

But at the same time, he’s admirable and authentic – a real human being surrounded by those who have surrendered their reality. We have to believe it’s people like this who will prevail in the end.

Meanwhile, that video he made, along with the TikTok nurses dancing their rainbow way through the invisible carnage, and the cartoon dead man in Wuhan, will be how this insanity and those who surrendered to it deserve to be remembered.

Fun and games, man, fun and games…

Is all the world becoming a movie set? And right now do most people even discern the difference?


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