Australia is going full Fascist …but resistance is growing

The Australian government has been leading the pack on Covid-based tyranny from the beginning, but are they pushing their citizens to breaking point?

Kit Knightly

Covid19 has been used as an excuse to increase government control of pretty much everything, pretty much everywhere.

It is, without question, the greatest campaign to seize power, and greatest assault on personal freedom, of my lifetime. With countries seemingly in a contest to outdo each other’s clampdowns, lockdowns, quarantines and surveillance programs.

From the beginning of the “pandemic” three countries, in particular, have set the pace on this – Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Since last spring these three have been one-upping each other in a race to the fascist finish line. And right now, Australia is putting a sprint in to pull away from the pack.

Cities are going into full lockdown for just one positive test. Some Australian cities and states aren’t just under total lockdowns, but also ever-extending curfews. The details of which read like a dystopian novel.

People are not permitted to leave the state, let alone the country. They’re not even permitted more than 5km (~3 miles) from their home. They’re not allowed out at all after 9pm or before 5am. Masks are mandatory everywhere for everyone. Outdoors and in. No religious services. No weddings. Shoot stray dogs, just in case.

Police barge into “unapproved” shops and fine business owners, or go house-to-house making sure no one has gone out. People who test positive are taken from homes for “indefinite stays” at “quarantine hotels”.

They are herding thousands upon thousands of children in stadiums, without their parents, to perform (allegedly) voluntary mass vaccinations, despite the possible dangers. The army has been deployed to check papers and vaccine status at road checkpoints.

The homes of those “self-isolating” are having government notices nailed to the doors. “Unauthorised protests” are banned, and if organize one you get 8 months in prison.

The unvaccinated are told they mustn’t leave their homes:

And the nation’s billionaire-owned propaganda channels pump out this hysterical fear-mongering:

Increasingly their rules and limitations are becoming not just tyrannical but literally insane. It seems, just about every day, one or another Australian politician or health “expert” is on the news saying something crazy.

Don’t take your masks off to drink. Don’t be friendly. Don’t watch the sunset. Tape your balcony shut. Don’t go out to shop, and don’t order online either:

This is Australia’s “New Normal. This is just it, now. They’ve said they’re not going back. Even if they have “zero cases”, and over 80% are fully “vaccinated”, you’ll “still have to respect some rules regarding masking, social distancing”:

We will always need to live with a measure of restrictions.”

It gets worse.

Having decided that the “quarantine hotels” were inefficient, Australian states are now building coronavirus camps. Sorry, not camps, “national resilience centres”.

There’s already one in the Northern Territories, another being built in Melbourne and a third was just approved for construction in Brisbane. To underline that these rules aren’t temporary, these camps won’t even be operational until 2022.

For now these “resilience centres” are reserved for “returning travellers” to undertake “mandatory supervised quarantine”. But it’s not hard to see them becoming near-permanent installations to house the unvaccinated. Based on the current speed of deterioration, I can see it happening by the end of the week.

It also gets better.

The good news is that the people of Australia seem to be reaching a hard limit with just how much they can take. We already saw huge numbers at protests on Global Freedom Day (July 24th), and this past weekend saw even bigger protests in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney:

These kinds of protests are the key to winning this battle.

Noncompliance works. Simple refusal to do what you’re told, en masse, cannot be beaten. It also shows other people, who may be complying out of fear and isolation, that they’re not alone.

If you doubt the power of mass movements like these, simply look at the effort put into discrediting them.

The mainstream media has come out in force, decrying the “disgraceful violence”. The crowds of people are accused of being just “angry men” out there “looking for a fight”. Or branded lunatics and antisemites.

The press lies about the numbers, turning what was easily 10,000 people into “4000” or just “hundreds” (that’s an old trick).

They list the number of police officers injured, and make no reference to any protesters being hurt at all. But then go into the number of arrests in detail, but keeping them anonymous so no dissenter gets accidentally humanised.

Footage like this never makes it on the news:

While the commissioners go on TV crying crocodile tears over the violence, the truth is that police wanted the protests to turn violent.

Violence gives them further excuse to crackdown, whilst discrediting the message of the protest. The police response was designed to instigate that violence.

Generally speaking, the Australian police have taken to their role as fascist enforcers with remarkable ease in the past year. They’ve been sending threatening letters to independent journalists, hitting protesters with their cars, stamping on their heads, pepper-spraying teenaged girls and performing dangerous chokeholds with genuine enthusiasm.

In the run-up to the planned protest, the police made it clear they would be taking a confrontational stance:

In Melbourne, 1500 officers took to the streets, in full riot gear, manning street-wide barricades in their faceless storm-trooper helmets. They fired rubber bullets into the crowd. They pepper-sprayed teenaged girls (again).

It was clear they were instigating a confrontation. It was no surprise when people eventually rushed the barricades and broke through.

It’s another tactic, as old as the hills, to put some undercover officers among the crowds whose job is to start getting violent, heat up the crowds, throw the first punch. It happens. All. The. Time.

Regardless of the rhetoric from the state and their tools in the press, more protests are planned for the future. Australian truck drivers, hard-hit by the lockdowns, are planning an industrial action to shut the country down, and there are several legal challenges in the works.

Australia’s government may be setting the standard for Orwellian control, but Australia’s people are showcasing the simple solution: Resist. They only win if we let them.

To paraphrase A Bug’s Life, we’re a lot stronger than they say we are, and they know it. Or, to quote one iconic protester on a white horse, “cross over, they cannot arrest all of us.”

This morning Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews took to the television screen to send a message. He condemned the “Terrible scenes. Ugly scenes.” and the “disgusting violence”, and tried to spin the line that this was a protest over Covid, rather than spectacularly cruel government overreach:

Today’s Monday and the virus is still here…because protests, however agitated, however appalling, however willing, don’t work on this.”

But what we all know, and every day more and more people are realising, is that this isn’t about a virus. It was never about a virus. It is about tyranny.

And protests work on that all the time.


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