This Week in the New Normal #8

Our successor to This Week in the Guardian, This Week in the New Normal is our weekly chart of the progress of autocracy, authoritarianism and economic restructuring around the world.

1. Guess who’s back…

The UK press are warning that flu deaths “could reach 60,000” over the coming winter, with “experts” concerned over a “lack of immunity”. In response, the NHS are launching the “biggest flu program in history”.

The flu, of course, has famously almost completely disappeared since “Covid” emerged. So why a resurgence this Winter? The lack of immunity argument makes no sense, since people were locked down all last spring/summer too, and there was almost no flu over the 20/21 winter.

Seems like one of two things is happening here. Either they are going to classify all those killed by vaccine-related antibody-dependent enhancement as “flu deaths”, OR they will try to rebrand “covid vaccines” as “flu shots” to pick up the stragglers. Maybe both.

2. They just found 10 million more “covid deaths”

After two years of intense “beware the pandemic” messaging being somewhat undermined by a lack of significant mortality, the New Normal crowd have decided to take the next logical step and just start inventing “Covid deaths” that never actually happened.

An article in the Guardian details how a statistician from Israel decided to find the “real” Covid mortality figures by just sort of guessing the official numbers are too low and adding other numbers to it.

More specifically, generally speaking, wherever there are “excess deaths” that aren’t attributed to Covid…he decides they were probably Covid. Using this rough method, the Covid death toll increases from 4.8 million to over 16 million.

This doesn’t need a detailed refutation. The “numbers are not credible” the researchers say.

No shit.

3. “Lockdown should be the new normal”

Yes, that’s a real headline. From, allegedly, an actual human being. Better yet, an Australian human being, actually living in Australia.

She calls lockdown a “respite”. Recites cloying anecdotes about spending more time with her son. Talks about the benefits of working from home. She quotes a state-employed psychologist and a “mindfulness expert” preaching the good a “slower pace of life” can bring.

It’s so removed from reality it deserves to be medicated, not refuted.

For perspective, here is a list of words and phrases that make no appearance in the article: “recession”, “unemployment”, “quarantine camps”, “violence”, “protests”, “civil rights”, “freedom”, “martial law”, “police brutality”, “tear gas”, “mass surveillance”, “vaccine” and “passport”.

If you claim to be a journalist and you’re writing about Australia without using any of these words, you’re partly responsible for all the suffering being inflicted on your fellow countrymen.

BONUS: Worst Teacher of the Week

The following entirely normal teacher singing an entirely normal song to not-at-all brainwashed children is presented without comment…


It’s not all bad…

A little dose of humour to round up. Somebody sent this video to us a few days ago, which isn’t from this week, but is very funny…

All told a pretty hectic week for the new normal crowd, and we didn’t even mention George Monbiot’s claim we need “less of everything” (including money, food and people) or Israeli markets charging different prices depending on your vaccination status.

That’s it for OffG for a little while. We’re taking next week off, but we’ll be back on the 18th. Until then, enjoy our new “Best Of” section, stay well, stay informed, and see you all soon.


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