DISCUSS: Global COVID protests

This weekend huge protests over totalitarian measures being put in place to (allegedly) “combat the pandemic” are planned all over the world.

We’ve already seen protests in Rotterdam last night, which allegedly resulted in cars being torched and police opening fire on the protesters. The press are calling it a “riot” which turned into an “orgy of violence”, although how it is materially different from the “fiery but mostly peaceful” protests from last year I’m not sure.

Austria is expecting huge marches this weekend in protest of their “anti-Covid” measures after they announced this week that, from February, Covid vaccination would be mandatory. This follows their initial plan to “lockdown the unvaccinated”, which has already been changed to a lockdown for everyone.

A cynical person might argue the nationwide lockdown was instituted to try and prevent the large-scale protests they knew were coming.

The press are already demonising the protests, with headlines claiming Vienna is “expecting violence”.

The Czech Republic has already had protests too, against the banning of the unvaccinated from public events.

Australia, a ticking time-bomb of repressed anger, is still on a roiling boil of protests and marches. Victorian premier Dan Andrews has said there is very little anti-lockdown feeling, and few people object to his sweeping new powers, but footage of Melbourne – where crowds estimated between 100,000 and 450,000 have been protesting for 60 straight hours – would suggest he’s wrong.

Other cities across Australia have had similar protests. The press are calling it a “day of chaos” with protesters “storming” the streets.

In the UK today, Worldwide Rally for Freedom marches are planned in many major cities.

Italy has become so tired of the regular protests against their Covid passes, that earlier this week they put rules in place banning them.

But what do you guys think?

  • Are the protests constructive?
  • Will there be more violence?
  • Are you attending the protests?
  • What was your experience?

Discuss below.


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