WATCH: Vanessa Beeley on Primo Radical

Independent journalist Vanessa Beeley guests on the Primo Radical podcast to detail the past 75 years of Western meddling in Syria, and how this has created the current situation in that country.

They also discuss the divisions on the Left regarding Syria, and how intelligence agencies, the corporate media and big money donors have shaped an imperialist narrative around the country.

Primo Radical is a political podcast focusing on political discussion neglected or ignored in the mainstream. You can watch previous episodes through their site, and subscribe via youtube, apple and spotify.


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Apr 25, 2022 9:05 AM

They are all wonderful and brave women fall guys

Dec 10, 2021 8:47 AM

We need a strong movement to end the war in Syria. The United States and to some extent, global antiwar movements remain largely paralyzed. There were a number of campaigns in response to specific congressional and other war bubble shooter moves, with some working particularly well against US support for Saudi Arabia. But as a movement, we can’t seem to sort out the complexities of the multi-layered wars raging across Syria and unable to respond with our internal divisions to create the kind of movement. the strength we need to defy escalating conflict.

Nov 29, 2021 1:11 PM

Vanessa Beeley has been a beacon for truth for many a year. Thank you Vanessa.

Nov 28, 2021 8:17 PM

Superb. We owe a great deal to some of these ladies like Vanessa/ Eva Bartlett/ Lizzie Phelan who have succeeded in getting the truth out through the smokescreen of BBC and MSM lies at no small cost to themselves from the corporate globalist juggernaut.

Nov 25, 2021 7:58 PM

UK Column News – 24th November 2021

This is Australia — This is a Crime against Humanity
Chief Minister Gunner Claims NT leaps to 100% First Dose
Positive and close contacts taken to concentration camp 
Influencers hired to soft sell the camps. The NAZIs did the same/

Original Tribal Sovereign Federation speaks out
This is genocide against the oldest living culture on the planet
They are coming for the old. When we are gone, you are gone. 
This is a land grab. This has nothing to do with health. 
Patrick Henningsen: The AUKUS deal was just signed. NT was told to fix its vaccination rate. 
Alex Thomson: Diego Garcia was emptied to Mauritius. Probably the camp is better in material terrms. U.S. forces exercise around Darwin. The Indian Ocean, Indonesia-facing rime is strategic. Is this about securing land and the supply chains for raw materials? There is evidence of Chinese land grabs but also Ausralian and British companies selling out their own people. The land the aboriginal people sit on is mineral rich. 
Brian Gerrish: they’re going for older people and their wisdom, so they can go for the vulnerable. He is speaking in Australia and we can see the same tactic in UK. 

The Jabbing Program Has To Stop — Dr Vernon Coleman 00:21:15

 The Guardians Of Vaccine ‘Safety’ Failure 00:36:30
 Munir PirMohamed , Prof, Sir — commission on human medicines: “95% effective”
 Jamie Coleman, Prof — pharmaco vigilance safety group: “rewriting the script”
 June Raine — MHRA talking head: still has no accurate data on adverse effects. 

Croatian Doctor Admits Children Are Subject To Experimentation 00:42:15
Alenka Marković is the top infectious diseases specialist
Alex Thomson: The West and U.S. are isolated from the universal conscience of Christendom
Slovenia’s head nurse of leading university medical center in Ljubljana exposed vials with 3 numbers — saline placebo, RNA dose and oncology gene that causes cancer. Politicians get the saline. 

Lively But Ill Youth Forced Into End Of Life Care 00:48:00
NHS Orders More Midazolam – UKC

Hospitals push sick or disabled to death
Moneycircus: Matt Hancock and the Midazolam Touch — I Can’t Breathe – a Very British Way of Death

Switzerland to Become Capital of The Great Reset
New Covid Law is Regime of Exception allowing Laws to 2031
Approval of Covid Pass includes an execptional regime bypassing democratic process
Switzerland will not escape Great Reset agenda but become its capital 
Catherine Austin Fitts: Take away family wealth and property rights and we have slavery. If you agree the Covid Laws this November 28 they will be used to strip you of your assets. Vaccinated and unVaccinated are in this together. Certificates offer you inclusion into slavery. 
State of exception is the smooth path to fascism: Ernst Frankel revealed this. 

European News With Alex 01:07:00
Dr. Ute Bergner, Member of the State Parliament — correlation of vax to illness is near 1:1
Are you up to date with your boosters? You are more likely to die
The more jabs, the more excess death. 

Russian Deputy Mikhail Gennadyevich Delyagin On Geopolitics
Mortality is higher than in the 1990s, many Russians see the health officials tryannizing Russia. 
The state speaks to the people as occupied people. A state of health emergency will remove regional powers in a short time. 

Medicine, magic, and online performance — Roger Kneebone
Now, in a time of pandemic-induced upheaval, clinicians are reframing what it means to consult online. If performance is where medicine and magic intersect, the perspectives of experts outside medicine are more valuable than ever.

New Magazine: The Critic 01:21:30
Online Harms Bill as protecting the aristocrats
Bill reinforces untouchability of the very abusers
Europeanization of Online Harms

The Critic Article 001: – https://bit.ly/3p0iUIu
The Critic Article 002: – https://bit.ly/3DTUw1x

Former BBC journalist Joshua Rozenburg on diktat in place of law
A lawyer Writes: – https://bit.ly/3HSLOD2
HoL Document 001: – https://bit.ly/3rc9qNj
Hol Document 002: – https://bit.ly/3l6mYWG

Henry VIII powers have long been retained and enforced
Supposed parliamentary sovereignty is overridden by H8 Powers. 
Lords do royal assent on behalf of the Queen
Diktak is on the way — even Peers recognize it. 

UK Column News – 24th November 2021

Nov 25, 2021 5:16 PM

This woman keeps talking about the Middle East for two hours but she never mentions Islam. Oh, what an understatement! Oh, what a minor omission! And she sweepingly talks about Jamaat Ikhwan, and blames them for being US/UK mercenaries and slaves on their pay list, but she never read a page of Shaheed Syed Qutb or Hassan Al-Bana. And no wonder she never did, as they wrote about the mechanism that also she represents. And she makes a whole long list of highly suspicious claims, and all of it with ease.

Nov 28, 2021 11:56 PM
Reply to  roula

She talks with the authority of someone on the ground, not a 3rd rate lying presstitute corporate media hack ensconced in a 5 star hotel in Turkey. And whats with the BS about Islam? Shes not a vicar talking about religion, shes an honest journalist talking about western imperialism and criminal wars of aggression based on a pack of lies.

Donald Duck
Donald Duck
Nov 25, 2021 11:00 AM
Nov 25, 2021 8:08 AM

Syria, China, Russia, Venezuela etc are not on the agenda of the middle class masses.
They’re too busy drinking their boutique beers and designer coffees, while getting pumped for the pre Christmas sales.
Oh yeah, and comparing their vax scars.
Meanwhile, WW3 waits in the wings.

Nov 25, 2021 4:44 AM

And anything and everything is just so some already trillionaires can make a bit more

maybe we do need a new start Something like an asteroid

Mr Y
Mr Y
Nov 25, 2021 11:50 AM
Reply to  Edith

Extinction, please. Leave the bottle.

Tom Larsen
Tom Larsen
Nov 25, 2021 2:44 AM

RE: Primo Radical is a political podcast focusing on political discussion neglected or ignored in the mainstream.

You mean that Noam Chomsky and George Galloway – both Covid cultists – are “neglected or ignored”? (Both other interviewees on Primo Radical.)The levels of cognitive dissonance on the “radical” left is mind blowing…

S Cooper
S Cooper
Nov 24, 2021 9:36 PM

comment image
comment image

“The question of the week is, how are going to EPSTEIN Ghislaine? Which method of suicide does one think Ghislaine would choose.”

S Cooper
S Cooper
Nov 24, 2021 9:39 PM
Reply to  S Cooper

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comment image

Jim McDonagh
Jim McDonagh
Nov 25, 2021 12:25 AM
Reply to  S Cooper

Great post as usual to bad i can no longer upvote you . I come to this site irregularly these days

Nov 25, 2021 3:46 AM
Reply to  Jim McDonagh


Nov 26, 2021 5:35 AM
Reply to  S Cooper

Up up up

Nov 25, 2021 12:08 AM
Reply to  S Cooper

Ghislane will do something appropriately feminine. My bet is doing a Lupe Velez, found head down in a toilet after vomiting up an OD of sleeping pills.

S Cooper
S Cooper
Nov 25, 2021 12:48 AM
Reply to  juno

“Her Epsteining might be something like that with a touch of Abner Louima thrown in to the mix for good measure. It probably is not going to be anything like her Daddy’s. However, one can not say for sure. After all we are dealing with a gang of psychotic degenerates that would feel right at home in the court of the Emperor Caligula.”
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