Increased energy prices could “cause heart attacks and strokes”

In the middle of the cost of living crisis, the press has found yet another reason people might keel over…and it’s still not the vaccine.

Kit Knightly

Our UK readers will be familiar with the press coverage of the cost of living crisis in this country, as wages continue to fall further and further behind inflation, and the economy reels from the deliberately devastating lockdown, the cost of everything from food to fuel is ever increasing.

People are understandably troubled and anxious, whether or not the energy cost crisis is genuine or manufactured for the sake of profits, the reality is that many people will face the choice of heating their homes or eating enough food over the last two months of winter and into the spring.

This could easily result in people – especially the elderly or disabled – suffering health problems or even death due to the cold or malnutrition. Many of these people will likely become “covid cases” or “covid deaths” once they’re subjected to the totally unreliable tests.

It’s all a perfect little circuit. And it serves the Covid agenda in more ways than one, because it’s just handed the press yet another explanation for heart attacks that haven’t happened yet.

It seems like only a few days ago we ran an article pointing out all the numerous different reasons the press are predicting people will have heart attacks this year…and that’s because it was.

Stress, anxiety, the weather, “long covid” and a plague of undiagnosed aortic stenosis are all predicted to cause thousands upon thousands of heart attacks and strokes in the near future.

And now so is the increased cost of living.

Appearing on Lorraine on ITV yesterday morning, Dr Amir Khan claimed:

…if you can’t afford to heat your home, it actually causes an increased risk of developing heart attacks and strokes because your blood vessels contract to conserve heat, which pushes your blood pressure up, and over time that has an impact on your heart attack risk.”

In future, maybe they should simply run press releases saying “Covid vaccine only thing in world which doesn’t cause a heart attack”

As Neil Oliver pointed out on Twitter…


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