Will we see a Syria-style “chemical attack” in Ukraine?

Gavin O’Reilly

OPCW mission inspecting the site of a “chemical attack” in Douma, Syria

Over the past two weeks, media headlines worldwide have been dominated by the Russian military intervention in Ukraine – launched in response to almost nine years of Western provocations.

These provocations began with the CIA and MI6 orchestrated Euromaidan colour revolution in November 2013, following then-President Viktor Yanukovych’s decision to suspend an EU trade deal.

This coup would, in turn, lead to the predominantly ethnic Russian Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics in the eastern Donbass region breaking away from Kiev’s control in April 2014. The catalyst for this secession being the anti-Russian far-right sympathisers that would make up the Western-backed post-Maidan government of Petro Poroshenko.

A near eight-year long war on both Republics would follow, involving Kiev-supported neo-Nazi factions such as Azov Battalion and Right Sector, leading to an estimated 14,000 deaths.

Moscow sought to resolve this conflict through diplomatic means via the Minsk Agreements, which would see a federalisation solution in which Donetsk and Luhansk would be granted a degree of autonomy whilst still remaining under Ukrainian rule.

The failure by Kiev to implement their side of the agreements however, as well as the ongoing attacks on the ethnic Russians in the Donbass and the inevitability that Ukraine would ultimately go on become a NATO member and host weapons and troops intended to attack Russia, would ultimately force Moscow into launching a military intervention into its Western neighbour in order to “demilitarise and de-Nazify” the country.

Two weeks into the conflict it has become apparent from the corporate media narrative of the ‘Ukrainian resistance’ that the goal of the US and its allies, with little regard for the Ukrainian civilians they claim to care about, is to drag Moscow into a military quagmire in the second largest country in Europe.

This is a tactic with historical usage against the Kremlin – in 1979, at the height of the Cold War, the CIA and MI6 would begin a covert operation of arming and training Islamist fundamentalists, including Osama Bin Laden, known as the Mujahideen.

These Islamic paramilitaries would go on to wage war on the then-Socialist government of Afghanistan – leading to a ten-year long Soviet military intervention, something which many commentators have seen as a contributing factor to the subsequent break-up of the bloc in 1991.

Indeed, Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor to US President Jimmy Carter when Operation Cyclone was launched in 1979, would later recount in a 1998 interview about how drawing the USSR into a costly military intervention was a motivating factor in its inception.

Despite the intention of the Neocons and the war lobby being to seemingly draw the Russian Federation into an Iraq war-style quagmire however, there also appears to be an element who favour an approach which would lead to far more grave consequences: A Libya-style no fly zone over Ukraine, involving the shooting down of Russian aircraft by NATO, which would undoubtedly trigger a catastrophic third world war involving the use of nuclear weapons.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a newfound darling of the Western media since their coverage of the Russian intervention began, has repeatedly called for the implementation of a no fly zone over his countries’ skies, World Economic Forum-linked Ukrainian activist Daria Kaleniuk went viral with her plea for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to intervene militarily against Russian forces, and a recent poll by corporate media outlet Reuters found that 74% of Americans supported a no fly zone over Ukraine – with it remaining unclear on whether those polled were aware of the nuclear apocalypse that such a measure would entail.

Despite this push for a Western military intervention in Ukraine, US President Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg have made it clear that such a measure is off the table, each citing the global nuclear conflict that would undoubtedly follow as the reason.

Though this may seem a reason to be optimistic that the current Ukraine crisis won’t develop into World War III however, it does not rule out the far more hawkish members of the regime change lobby seeking to carry out a false flag operation in Ukraine, one with the intention of implicating Moscow, and to push public and political opinion even more towards support for a NATO intervention, a tactic with very recent usage.

In 2017, the Syrian Arab Republic had been in the six-year long grip of a Western-backed regime change operation launched in response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s 2009 refusal to allow US-allied Qatar to build a pipeline through his country, one that would have undermined his relationship with key-ally Russia.

Like the aforementioned Operation Cyclone, Timber Sycamore would see the arming, funding and training of Wahhabi terrorists groups by the West and its allies, with the intention of removing Assad’s secular government and replacing it with a Western-friendly leadership.

In June 2013, Iran and Hezbollah would intervene in the ensuing proxy war at the request of the Syrian government, providing a key role in assisting Damascus in repelling the Western-backed terrorist campaign; what would perhaps be the most decisive factor in turning the tide of the conflict in the Arab Republic’s favour however, would come in September 2015.

A Russian air campaign, again at the request of the Syrian government, targeting the terrorist groups, and which allowed Damascus to retake the vast swathes of Syrian territory which had come under their control, such as the key city of Aleppo.

With the Syrian regime change operation not going as planned, Washington’s Neocons would soon resort to desperate – and reckless – measures.

On the 4th of April 2017, a false flag chemical attack took place in the Syrian town of Khan Shaykhun, the blame immediately being placed on Damascus and resulting in the then-US administration of Donald Trump launching cruise missiles strikes on a Syrian government airbase three days later.

A highly provocative action, though one that just stopped short of the full-scale military intervention that the regime-change lobby had clamoured for

Undeterred, the same tactic would be carried out a year later in the city of Douma, which again would result in the US, Britain and France launching air strikes against Syrian government targets, also just stopping short of a full-scale intervention.

This is not to discount the grave seriousness of NATO launching a military strike against a Russian ally and the potential consequences that that action could have entailed – however, should a similar false flag operation take place in Ukraine, perhaps also involving chemical weapons or a nuclear reactor as Moscow itself has warned of in recent days, even a ‘limited’ strike against Russian military infrastructure would immediately place the world on an irreversible path to the most grave consequence of all – nuclear war.

Gavin O’Reilly is an Irish Republican activist from Dublin, Ireland, with a strong interest in the effects of British and US Imperialism; he was a writer for the American Herald Tribune from January 2018 up until their seizure by the FBI in 2021, with his work also appearing on The Duran, Al-Masdar, MintPress News, Global Research and SouthFront. He can be reached through Twitter and Facebook.


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Mar 13, 2022 1:41 PM

SimonO Chernobyl has been decommissioned for more than 20 years. All hazardous material that could have caused a problem is removed and the rest is encased in concrete. The last reactor apparently still capable of generating electricity was take off line in 2ooo.

Mar 11, 2022 8:34 PM

Chernobyl is what I’m really worried about. A flase flag like that, affecting many European countries would undoubtedly unite the World against Russia.

Mar 11, 2022 4:17 PM

that is what is shown in IpetGoat2 – look for it on you tube and notice the russian symbolism…

Anna Lippert
Anna Lippert
Mar 10, 2022 7:53 PM

A regrettably justified concern. No further comment.

Mar 10, 2022 5:52 PM

It’s probably more likely the Ukies will blow up a nuclear power plant and blame it on Russia.

Mar 10, 2022 10:09 PM
Reply to  paul

If I was Zelensky, I’d be watching my back very carefully. Not because of the “Wagner Group” whom, we are regularly reminded, has been sent to get him. No, I’d be watching out for those closer to home. He is a puppet who has served a useful purpose to date but is he reaching the tipping point where he may become a liability at risk of giving something away and would be of far more benefit if seen as a dead martyr?

Mar 10, 2022 10:25 PM
Reply to  paul

perhaps for this reason, Russia has wisely taken control of the nuclear plants and as many as possible of the numerous bio weapon labs.

Mar 11, 2022 4:18 PM
Reply to  paul

i think that is what they will do in the US, a dirty O’boma and then blame…

Mar 10, 2022 3:31 PM

a recent poll by corporate media outlet Reuters found that 74% of Americans supported a no fly zone over Ukraine

Why oh why do my fellow Americans always have to stand at the head of the line? Can’t they just for once let another nation’s people offer themselves as proof positive of the need for Eugenics?

Mar 10, 2022 8:28 PM
Reply to  Howard
Mar 10, 2022 3:05 PM

Another Cut’n’Paste re Dr. Fauci’s Frankenstein Virus Labs:

“The Russian Ministry of Defence continues analysis of documents provided by employees of Ukrainian biological laboratories on the secret military biological activities of the United States on the territory of Ukraine.

Russian specialists have studied documents on the transfer of human biomaterials taken in Ukraine to foreign countries on the instructions of US representatives.

Detailed information about the implementation of a project by the United States on the territory of Ukraine to study the transfer of pathogens by wild birds migrating between Ukraine and Russia.

According to the documents, experiments with samples of bat coronavirus were carried out in biological laboratories created and funded in Ukraine.


Of all the methods developed in the United States to destabilize the epidemiological situation, this is one of the most reckless and irresponsible. This is confirmed by the course of the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection, the occurrence and features of which raise many questions.

Mar 10, 2022 2:33 PM

“Will we see a Syria-style “chemical attack” in Ukraine?”
Why wouldn’t we?
It always worked before…

Mar 10, 2022 1:13 PM

Yes yes minister, but can’t we do it…
* C H E A P E R * ?

P.m. Well, I suppose we could get Gavin Williamson back, ole’ chap, perfect !

In a shitstorm… call the Guardian.

Mar 10, 2022 5:55 PM
Reply to  TDj

You mean Sir Gavin, don’t you?
Gavin really deserved his knighthood for his services to fireplaces.
When H.M. knighted him, instead of a sword, she dubbed him Sir Gavin with a poker.

Mar 10, 2022 9:03 PM
Reply to  paul

[Poker] face like Andrew (lol, Rotflmao)
“Anybody for Penguins: they mature young…”

Mar 10, 2022 12:43 PM

So the pillar – or one of the pillar theses – thesis of your writ, that the ”mujahedeen are Islamist fundamentalists trained and armed by the USA”, so suppose that is/was so, then why did they not welcome NATO/American invasion in 2001? They should rejoice and send flying colours into the air and brandish their rifles when the Americans eventually set foot on their soil.
And btw, where there no mujahedeen when they destroyed the Kabul Brit garden parties just BEFORE they destroyed the entire Elphinstone army? And those mujahedeen famed for the Elphinstone massacre, who ”trained them and armed them”? Was their Islamic – excuse my French – Fundamentalism also forged by the CIA, as you suggest?
Do you really believe in what you are saying? Or you just need such tales for the sake of polishing your own argument?

S Cooper
S Cooper
Mar 10, 2022 1:09 PM
Reply to  roula
Mar 11, 2022 8:26 AM
Reply to  roula

They were not still being armed by the US by 2001. An american doesn’t have an afghan’s loyalty for life just cos he buys him breakfast once. In fact the massacre of Elphinstone’s army is a perfect example as the British had been paying bribes to the local tribesmen previous to this and as soon as they stopped paying them they turned on the British.

Ahmad Shah Masoud’s ghost
Ahmad Shah Masoud’s ghost
Mar 12, 2022 9:10 AM
Reply to  roula

Oversimplifying massively, but the CIA backed majahideen eventually (mostly) became the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, not the Taliban that were in power in 2001. Northern Alliance sided with the US (for as long as it served their interests in securing territory and getting cash for opium again)

Taliban are southern Pashtun, supported by Pakistan (and indirectly CIA through ISI though that shows that money can’t always buy you loyalty)

Mar 10, 2022 12:41 PM
Donald Duck
Donald Duck
Mar 10, 2022 12:37 PM

The current war psychosis afflicting the west is not new. It has been instantiated both in literature and science. Typical of the genre, Lord of the Flies was a 1954  debut novel by Nobel Prize-winning British author William Golding. The book focuses on a group of British schoolboys stranded on an uninhabited island when their aircraft came down and the aircraft crew was killed.  Then came their disastrous attempts to govern themselves. Themes include the tension between groupthink and individuality, between rational and emotional reactions, and between morality and immorality. Since the boys had not reached a level of emotional maturity and therefore could not imbibe the norms of structured and internalised behaviour patterns they gradually descended into primitivism and savagery. They were finally rescued by the adults.

But this is hardly new. The seething irrationalism is not difficult to stir up in mass society through constant fear and emotional manipulation. This is true in much commercial advertising. More disturbing, however, is the suggestibility  of this method when political issues are broached. Newspaper readers, radio and TV audiences, members of a political party even if not physically gathered together are easy to work up into a psychological crowd and into a state of frenzy in which attempts at rational argument only spurs the animal spirits … and mere assertion, often repeated, counts more than rational argument and so does the direct attack upon the subconscious which takes the form of attempts to evoke and crystallize pleasant associations of an entirely extra-rational impulse, very frequently of a sexual nature.

‘’The reduced sense of responsibility and the absence of effective volition in turn explain the ordinary citizens ignorance and lack of judgement in matters of domestic and foreign policy which if anything is more shocking in the case of educated people and people who are successfully active in non-political walks of life than it is with uneducated people in humble stations. Information is plentiful, but it does not seem to make any difference. We need only compare a lawyer’s attitude to his brief and the same lawyer’s attitude to the statements of political fact presented in his newspapers in order to see what the matter is. In the one case the lawyer is qualified for appreciating the relevance of his fact by years of purposeful labour done under the definite stimulus of interest in his own personal competence; and under a stimulus which is no less powerful he then bends his acquirements, his intellect, his will, to the contents of his brief. In the other case he has not taken the trouble to qualify; he does not care to absorb the information or to apply it to the cannons of criticism he knows so well how to handle; and he is impatient of long complicated argument … All this goes to show that without the initiative that comes from immediate responsibility, ignorance will persist in the face of masses of information however complete and correct …Thus the typical citizen drops down to a lower level of mental performance as soon as he/she enters the political field. He/she argues and analyses in a way in which he/she would recognise as infantile within the sphere of his own interests. He/She becomes a primitive again. His/Her thinking becomes associative and affective.’’ (Joseph Alois Schumpeter – Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy. Quoted in Political Philosophy, p.153)

These immanent tendencies were captured not only in the writings of Sigmund Freud, but also in lesser-known luminaries such as Gustav Le Bon; these theorists were part of a political elitist worldview.  In addition to this there were the militant and militaristic theories of the Italian elite theorists, such as Gaetano Mosca (The Ruling Class) Vilfredo Pareto (Mind and Society)  and Roberto Michels (Political Parties) which gave rise to Mussolini and his movement in Italy and Hitler in Germany. A milder view of these views was articulated by the British imperialists George Bernard Shaw and Cecil Rhodes.

And the same methodological approach to mass mind control is now being carried out by the western states – headed by the United States of course – against the Eurasian bloc. War is a racket, but of course, what else could it be in an age like this. Present day imperialist fascism can be compared to the earlier pedigree articulated by one Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855-1927). It was he who synthesised the philosophical rationalism of the imperialist age, ‘vitalism’ with racial theory and the and the findings of Social Darwinism. Thus, he became a direct precursor of Hitler and Rosenberg. The philosophical classic of National Socialism.

So, this is where we have arrived. Where do we go from here?!

Mar 10, 2022 12:10 PM

launching air strikes against Syrian government targets, also just stopping short of a full-scale intervention
The Empire and allies don’t do full-scale “intervention”. They hire desperate or insane people, or mercenaries, to kill civilians at close range.

Mike Davis
Mike Davis
Mar 10, 2022 10:59 AM

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Mar 10, 2022 9:31 AM

Too darn likely, as history repeats and the Guardian gaslights Chemical P R O J E C T I O N …


Truly blind sick warmongering ‘journos’ @d’guardian and worse, Nat Rothschild appears:
Demonstrating NWO Fear of half the world’s daily oil trades obviating the
Petro ‘poroschenko’ Dollar and so, in turn therein, most importantly highlighting
something 99% of people have not yet connected, technology wise…



OBVIATING the B.I.S. !!!

Think on that. And Alphabet’s A.i. for future calculus of energy markets.
I certainly spent ages, considering programming,
Vatican Bankers 🇻🇦 banking role in C.I A. operations,
And the NWO, WEF, IMF, WBO, CBDC planning where Rothschild
Nat. Needs.War. Nat.Losing.Control… [email protected].
[email protected].

Sell your U.S. Yankee dollars now. Bankrupt Monopoly money.
If you really must accept $US in payment (temporarily) sell them to
Banks immediately, easy. Dump the Dollar,

Life is so simple, when you understand it…

Mar 10, 2022 8:30 AM

War-ravaged central Kiev according to a citizen-journalist yesterday:


I also tried looking up Kiev on a site that specialises in web-cams of city centers – and the Kiev cam had gone missing.

I’m not claiming these prove we’re in ‘Wag the Dog’ territory yet but they might give some pause for reflection and further research before pushing the fear button.

A German
A German
Mar 10, 2022 7:33 AM

It is quite important especially for people in UK and US to understand at least NOW the old history of WW I and II! But it is even more important for Germans, because WW III operates with the same method as the other two: the agitation against optionally German and now Russian “beasts” and the staging of “occasions”, where the propagandistically declared beast finally can’t help but attack to try to save his own skin.

No, this is not the excuse of a German patriot. But is based on books of the UK citizens Dogherty and Macgregor as well as on the academic study on the Pilgrim Society by Stephen Bowman.

Canadian Matthew Ehret takes great efforts to research his country’s history in the context of UK and USA. UK and Germany must also finally jump over the shadow and realize the entanglements of their “leaders” who worked the entire last century and who now – to the detriment of each also own population! – to the last blow. 

This time it will be about the destruction of Germany, and the Russians are the ones who will be forced through an evil trick like Sarajewo that they can’t help but attack the NATO location Germany. There will not be much left of Germany then.

The survivors (of “vaccination”) in the UK and US, on the other hand, will have to continue to deal with the NWO then.

Germany will not, because our downfall in WW III was already decided by these people long ago.

Mar 10, 2022 11:16 AM
Reply to  A German

We(h)r macht Was? Sind ihr Machtlos? Oder einfach Bewüßtlos?

WHO elected Ursula? Undermine Fangirl Leyen… beweg dem Arsch!
Or obey Ursula’s Diktats & designs… I hope not.
Stop the War. Arbeit macht Frei, when
Energy is well invested, wisely…

Never, in the field of human conflict, has so much been owed by so few,
To so many AND NEVER in the field of human conflict has such a Mockingbird
Media Matter of Fact Fear Mongering Mind Manipulation of the Masses, occurred !
Truly Criminally Insane in the membranoUS regions of Political Spheres of influence.
Many readers here know the History of Oil from
Robert Newman, if nothing else, but not the future.
Germany would be wise to Act, before becoming impotent against
Bankers inflationary pressure ingredients cooking crypto.
Last time I checked, Germany had the highest inflation since the 80’s,
And an acquaintance hat das Bestätigt. Having worked in Deutschland, and all
German speaking nations, with Foul dialects, for example Luzerner Neo-Nazi-Nutjobs,
attacking Swiss police, not just me, you should know by now, they exist everywhere.
From Top down. Make no mistake. Ursula is gonna’ wreck German culture and reputation.
With malice aforethought… Azov now, you know that giving Weapons to the Ukrainian militias
Is utterly immoral , given inherent inflation and economic restrictions, we can all only hope that
The German People will stand up and promote education of Energetic Neo-REALISM !
You can fool me once, but… Alice Weidel? Hmm…
Der WEF’S Mädchen? You tell me…

A German
A German
Mar 10, 2022 1:32 PM
Reply to  TDj

 Sind ihr Machtlos?”

To be honest, I don’t understand your message/s.

My impression is, that Mr. Scholz begins to understand the mess. But what chance could he have against media? If he is too honest, he will be kicked off.

Germany has done. No way out of this mess. I am not able to wake up the hypnosis. And you,in your country, are you??

Mar 10, 2022 5:03 PM
Reply to  A German

Of old, there is a natural born inherent scepticism of all media, in Bulgaria.
Many even know why this is all happening, even 2 years ago, just to get a picture,
90% of truck drivers were never interested in wearing masks. But, as usual, Harvard school backed ex-pat, takes the Reign from the gangster ex-PM Borisov so,
Same shit. New day. The WEF’s preparation was supremely thorough… so it seems.
Even Wagenknecht seems to have misread German Foreign Affairs.
What about Alice? Is she not becoming more popular?
The majority call in Bulgaria on the Street is …
Neutrality, I reckon…

A German
A German
Mar 10, 2022 2:10 PM
Reply to  TDj

Maybe I understand now: you think, I am right-wing and want to get rid of being guilty as German by accusing English people?

No, that is not the intention.

My intention is, that you all investigate the international group, consisting of people in UK, USA, Germany and also Zionism (what is different from being Jewish) to understand, that it was always the same thinking and the same people in all these countries. In the past, their name was not WEF, but it was f.e.Pilgrim Society, Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Institute, in Germany then was IG Farben, today Bayer-Monsanto, BASF and now some new members of WEF-Crew, made also by Rockefeller.

Great concept, educating ALL of us for more than 100 years. Investigate your history, and forget the fairy tales you were told..

Mar 11, 2022 10:42 AM
Reply to  A German

Yo, don’t be so paranoid, absolutely misunderstood, but I see why. Maybe you are getting my drift, slightly, re. Alice. But, I was hoping you would maybe have done more research on her roots, influences and sponsors, than I.
Excuse the joke. Alice, Alice? Who the fuk’ is Alice?
And is support for her growing?
I appreciate and value your impressions,
Within German society.

As for the Networks of Technocratic FührerS, I think you will find many people in these columns are well aware of what you suggest. I , most certainly, as it was my job to research and analyse the media overnight, for the richest CEO in the world, in
The Energy Business, when HAARP was sold to my boss. Also for example, if your dog needs energy, you might buy food from Purina Mills, another of B.P.’s concerns during HAARP Times, Apart from Chemicals, Oil&Gas And moreover TECHNOLOGY, like HAARP in Alaska, now in ROSTOCK !!! Who cares, eh…? It snowed here by me at Plus +8° Celsius near the Black Sea, the other day, temperatures rising and falling repeatedly, while starting another War. Nothing new under the Sun, actually.
But, which German Politician actually wishes to discuss Geo-Engineering, publicly?
I could rant all day about Chemical Weapons and ‘Resonant Frequencies’ and using the Weather as a “Force Multiplier”, officially since 1997… ! but first
We all need a Very Public Dose of Neo-REALISM to face upto what we have truly already sanctioned, historically speaking,
Financed with public funding.
100 years long, as you quite correctly connect culprits

Let me summarise by saying it is no coincidence that we have experienced
100 years of Warfare over Energy Technology & Respective Resources.
100 years of Chemical & Bio-Weaponry Bankrolled by
100 years of Central Banking Monetary Monopoly.
Synchronised Parallel, Networking, like a sweetly tuned
Blueprinted Engine of Societal Mind Control… Roth.Rock.Hedging.
“Your Country needs… YOU!” (WW1 advert)
“So ask not what your country can do for you…” (blahblah JFK speech)

All we need to do for our nations cultural development of ANY sense
Of future purpose, is to be honest about what we have done thus far, or …
Science evolves Conspiracy against the electorate,
* under corporate Governance.*
It is really easy to see. When one looks at not just Ukrainian
* Bio-weapons labs. * http://www.dilyana.bg
Mind you, at least the Yankee twats gave Bulgarians evidence of the
Interconnectivity between banking and War machines. Plovdiv’s
Latest statue of Woodrow Wilson and John McCain in Sofia.

“Ich bin ein Berliner”
I am a doughnut 🍩 ?
Did I lose something,
In the translation? 😉

N.B. It sounds like you probably know what Göring said to Gilbert,
Before killing himself. Göring’s words should be mandatory education,
Lest we forget… who finances War and for whom…

Jeffrey Strahl
Jeffrey Strahl
Mar 10, 2022 7:31 AM

The war is part of the Great Reset plan, the segment of the plan which involves a transition from a unipolar world order to a multi-polar one, more decentralized enforcement of the plan so as to increase efficiency and make it look more “democratic.” 10 ways in which the war facilitates the Great Reset.
The Great Reset Phase 2: War, “Special Correspondent,” 3/9/22. Graphics, links.

Mar 10, 2022 12:31 PM
Reply to  Jeffrey Strahl

So Schwab and Harari should be very happy with Russia´s operation…but I don´t think they are. Actually, I think they are quite perplexed. Why?

Jeffrey Strahl
Jeffrey Strahl
Mar 10, 2022 7:09 PM
Reply to  sean

Evidence that Schwab is “perplexed”? Here’s someone from a totally different perspective than Winter Oak, Alex Newman, who reaches the same conclusions as “Special Correspondent.”

Mar 13, 2022 4:37 AM
Reply to  Jeffrey Strahl

It reminds me of ‘Stages through which the Umah Must Pass’, a bit.

les online
les online
Mar 10, 2022 6:23 AM

The West is blocking much of Russia’s communication channels to the world, which points to US-NATO’s NAZI proxies carrying out an incident that will be blamed on Russia with its very restricted communication means to counter the accusations…
Having put so much time and money into provoking a reaction from Russia, US-NATO will not like it if Russia succeeds in routing their NAZI proxies. If it looks like Russia will succeed in defanging the Ukraine Threat, that’s when desperate measures will occur.


Mar 10, 2022 6:25 PM
Reply to  les online

Spot on Les. Woteva’ media wars, it still won’t stop Russia and China,
hopefully probably with India, in
Circumventing the Petro ‘poroschenko’ Dollar, electronically ! And moreover…
Circumventing the B.I.S. this is key 🔑 Sputnik.Networks.Logs.
Where I live on the Balkan, Chinese Sputniks were out performing NATZO’s from 2006,
Onwards ! In the worst possible electrical mountain storms, I had to collect my horse,
From the meadow. Lightening strikes burning bushes not 50 metres from me and the horse !!
Did we freak? Nope, one look in the eye … running for cover. Went back inside and watched a
Chinese TV documentary, because, all NATZO governmental and Corporate electronics had
Complete Sputnik Failure … back in 2006. The Chinese Radar can LITERALLY spot @1km a
Mosquito, these days… Elon playing ‘catchup’, even I observed one of his load of Sputniks,
With my naked eyes & binoculars.

Nobody seems to have responded since I floated B.I.S. Energy Market Transactions,
Dollar daily trades, of now, in another pre-programmed format !
how distraction works 💪
People not thinking how,
To Execute Data in Future…
Except Putin & Xi, of course, 🥷
*and some programmers…*
@B.P.&Shell & inAllAsia.
And Alphabet Inc. Google a gogo…

Xi spoke briefly, gently, but firmly, with big stick, according family members
… after Soros insulted him publicly @Hoover Institute, on the 31st January.
What was most remarkable to the Chinese people was,
Xi’s application of the word “Sovereign”.
Regardless of corporation and Soros Styled open society for Oligarchs,
Dignity prevails, with true purpose, in Chinese culture.
Simples. Xi prefers honour in purpose. Soros prefers Technocracy & CFCs
Corporate Fascist Control. Schwab’s Wizards of DavOZzz, still determining,
PetroDollar daily trades. How much longer ?

Mar 10, 2022 5:47 AM

This is far bigger than Syria or Ukraine; it is about pushing NATZO back where NATZO promised to remain: West of East Berlin. This is unfinished business from WW2. Russia liberated East Europe from the Fascist plague rats whom Britain, France and U$A began assiduously to nurture 100 years ago, by being so awfully polite to Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini, and the RAF helping Commidor Franco and advising the Fascist regimes in Poland and elsewhere in Europe not to join an anti-Fascist pact with Soviet Russia but, instead, to help Germany carve up CzeckoSlovakia. The Russian bear was not thanked for chewing up 80% of the Wehrmacht, nor for liberating the captives at Auschwitz, nor for liberating Berlin from the Hitler regime. Nor were they thanked for withdrawing from Poland and other buffer zones against NATZO. Nor do they expect thanks from the U$ and other NATZO regimes whom they now regard as “constitutionally incapable of honouring an agreement”. But they do expect us, despite our firm belief in “NATZO’s irresistible armed might”, to remember the First Rule of Military Strategy:

“Do not march toward Moscow” — Monty

Mar 10, 2022 6:48 AM
Reply to  NickM

Do you geniunly belive in this rubbish or you are reading a script?

Mar 10, 2022 11:41 AM

I’m curious which aspects of laughable historic Truths, recorded in English,
Matters of UK record, you find to be “Rubbish”, little man. Man up.
Expose your ignorance of historic record. Battles of Doiran…
A good place to start, where the original 77thR.P.M. Brigade
Were witness to the British Gas Shelling of the Bulgarians, in WW1.
Carry on Gassing and rubbishing Curiosity…

Martin Usher
Martin Usher
Mar 10, 2022 4:50 PM

Since this script was written by people such as William Shirer its probably believable. (If you don’t know who he is, look him up.) I also have the (dubious) benefit of having parents who were politically active in the 1930s, yet more eye witnesses to the events of that era. There’s a lot of material out there but you do have to read it, just try and find original source material rather than the helpful interpretations put out for mass consumption in the popular media.

Mar 10, 2022 3:49 PM
Reply to  NickM

Russia didn’t liberate Eastern Europe – it first invaded it via Poland approx 3 weeks after Hitler did in Sept 39 and later did what it always intended to which was to conquer it.

The same people who were ‘awfully nice’ (why don’t you say which?) were also the same people who funded and built up the soviet union a few years earlier.

These 2 countries funded by the zio banking cartels, then went to war with each other in a war of annihilation.

thanked for withdrawing from Poland‘ – thanked for withdrawing from a country they invaded years earlier subjugating their people? What had Poland done to deserve first Hitler and then Stalin conquering their land murdering their brightest and best in the Katyn forest?

Why did we declare war on Germany for invading Poland but completely ignored the Russians who did the same?

Mar 10, 2022 9:49 PM
Reply to  Seansaighdeor

The situation in prewar Poland was more complicated than you suggest.
The population of Poland in 1939 was around 35 million.
About 22 million were Poles. Another 3 million were Jews who formed a separate community and were not very well treated by the Polish regime. There were around 1 million Germans. Poland was a not particularly nice place to live, a police state, a repressive chauvinist regime, with dreams of conquering German and Russian territory to form a large empire.
This was the western part of the country occupied by Germany in 1939, about 80,000 square miles.
The eastern part of the country, about 70,000 square miles, was occupied by Stalin in 1939 as part of the Ribbentrop/ Molotov Pact. There were very few Poles in this area. The population was made up of White Russians and Ruthenians. Poland conquered and seized this area from Russia after winning the Polish/ Russian War of 1920. These people did not particularly want to be ruled by Poland and were subjected to enforced Polonisation before the war.
Without whitewashing Stalin, you could say that he was just recovering lost Russian territory.
The situation in most of these countries, then and now, is rarely simple. Even Germany in 1939 had legitimate grievances against Poland, not that this justifies igniting a world war.

Mar 11, 2022 3:55 PM
Reply to  Seansaighdeor

Thank you for this answer. Just to mention Robbentrop Molotov pact of 1939 – not exactly anti nazi, is it? I say “read the script” becasue language used my NickM somehow reminds me of the propaganda of the 1980’s that was spewed onto all of us by USSR….

Mar 10, 2022 4:26 PM
Reply to  NickM


Manuel Cantero
Manuel Cantero
Mar 10, 2022 4:30 AM

The US also dragged first Yelstin and then Putin into the invasions of Chechnya, which by the way played another role in the fake war on terrorism. But in this “war” Moscow and Washington are more friends than enemies. The false flag “terrorist” attacks of 1999 in Russia were carried out by the FBS (the Russian CIA), so much so that even the Russian politician Zelesnyov was so rude as to announce the attack on Volgodonosk 3 days before the fact. The false flag tactic of September 11 had already been carried out in Russia. The mujahidin of Chechnya not only bought weapons from the Russian oligarchs close to Putin who sold tons of ak47s in the privatizations, they were also helped by the Clintons.
And the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan would not have been possible without Russian logistical support, from allowing US troops to cross Russian territory (something never seen in history) to lending them all Russian air bases in Central Asian countries like Kyrgyzstan. , Kazakhstan, etc

Mar 10, 2022 12:37 PM
Reply to  Manuel Cantero

Proof of your assertions please re ´´1999 false flags´´ and weapon sales by oligarchs ´´close´´ to putin? You are just regurgitating crap msm propaganda.
Look at Chechnya now. Amazing how that terrible corrupt Russia can turn things around for the better!!

Mar 10, 2022 1:24 AM

I don’t think the Syria play book will work in Ukraine.

The real question to ask is how many people will die before Ukraine surrenders, and that’s entirely up to the empire.

I think the only way this conflict will escalate is if an EU/NATO member supplies weapons to Ukraine/insurgents & causes Russia to react. I repeat, the only no-fly zone imposed over Ukraine will be a Russian one & they don’t need aircraft to enforce it.

One question that requires consideration is the export of al-Qaeda/ISIS mercenaries armed with stinger/NLAW missiles roaming Western Europe, western leaders beware. They won’t blame themselves for supplying them.

Mar 10, 2022 1:22 AM
Mar 10, 2022 10:05 AM
Reply to  Johnny

sounds more like wishful thinking from someone that does not like USA… China is of course likely to become the next superpower, otherwise I see quite the opposite happening

Mar 10, 2022 1:22 AM

On the subject of false flags/fake news everyone must by now be familiar with many of the obvious fake news reports being rolled off the production line from Ukraine (or, indeed, sourced from somewhere completely unconnected by geography and/or time) at an incredible rate by Western special forces and media machine. As per usual, and guided by the extreme success of the Syria m.o, most of them seem to involve children and hospitals, with the odd pet thrown in for good measure …quelle surprise. And most of them are successful in achieving their intentions no matter how ludicrous and contrived they obviously are.

A recent case in point is the reported slaughter by Russian forces of three members of one family with one person reportedly surviving along with two pet Yorkshire terriers. This has been reported with great prominence across all mainstream media outlets. There are two pictures of the scene in this article which includes other highly questionable tales.


We are told that this family was cut down by mortar shelling. The unscrupulous Russians have clearly now developed mortar shells that kill but cause no physical or material damage; the bodies are intact and no evidence of injury, clothing intact, no blood at the scene, no blast damage to immediate area, no blast or shrapnel damage to suitcases and pet carrier, two bodies lying in virtually parallel and identical positions…. But still we are supposed to believe they were killed as the result of at least one explosion.

I noted also that faces and hands of all the victims have been pixelated. When I initially saw that the hand of one ‘victim’ was pixelated I thought maybe the hand had been blown off, but there is no blood on scene and I then noticed that the visible hand of one of the other victims was also pixelated. It struck me that they may in fact be mannequins and the hands were just too unnatural to allow them to be on view. That would also possibly explain the similarity in pose of two of the ‘bodies’.

The frightening thing is that when I pointed out the obvious anomalies on a social media site I was ‘attacked’ by someone for being “inhumane” and “disgusting” for making these observations. I suggested the person think how it could be possible for a mortar shell to fail to damage absolutely anything yet be purported to have killed three people. The respondent didn’t answer the question but was emphatic that “the pictures aren’t fake” and that my comments showed what an “abhorrent” individual I was. There was no point in dignifying that person by responding further. This is a perfect example of the zealous cognitive dissonance we are up against, I’m afraid.

Mar 10, 2022 4:35 AM
Reply to  JudyJ

Thought that photo was obviously staged as well.

Mar 10, 2022 8:14 AM
Reply to  JudyJ

I don’t think it’s cognitive dissonance. I think it’s deliberate gaslighting by paid shills of TPTB to chase away dissident voices. They are applying with regards to the crisis in the Ukraine the same tactics they applied during the covid scam. Questioning the official narrative with rational arguments and facts is verboten. Flat-earthers are the only opposition allowed. Rational free-thinkers are personae non gratae.

Mar 10, 2022 9:47 PM
Reply to  Vjk_from_Sr

Coincidentally I was only saying to someone today that if I knew such people were shills I could live with it, but the fact that some people may genuinely be so brainwashed that they can do nothing but deny indisputable evidence is very frustrating and disturbing.  🙄 

Mar 10, 2022 12:00 PM
Reply to  JudyJ

Never, in the field of human conflict, has so much been owed by so few,
To so many AND NEVER in the field of human conflict has such a Mockingbird
Media Matter of Fact, Fear Mongering Mind Manipulation of the Masses, occurred !

Truly Criminally Insane in the membranoUS regions of Political Spheres of influence.
Mensch! A dose of Neo-REALISM is urgently required.
Regulate Media Laws. Censoring Presidential Offices & Officers is rife &
Is nothing short of Corporate Fascism of the highest order.
A very Corporate Coup over ‘Sovereignty’,
Including our metabolism.

Mar 10, 2022 12:01 PM
Reply to  JudyJ

The BBC reports of destruction/bombing are a joke.

Mar 13, 2022 4:35 AM
Reply to  JudyJ

There are a surprising number of three legged dogs actually involved in modern warfare, Judy.When their owners are senselessly cut down in their prime by secret energy mortar fire, the three legged dogs run along behind buses to the airport, thinking that their masters have gone on holiday.

Martin Usher
Martin Usher
Mar 10, 2022 1:15 AM

Syria’s chemical attacks were a disinformation campaign. Experience gained in WW1 from large scale use of chemical weapons showed them to be of limited usefulness as offensive weapons, they proved to be only useful for inconveniencing opposing troops.They’ve been used sporadically since then but they never became part of a usable arsenal — the only rationale for developing them was “the other guy had them”. What we saw in Syria was crude attempt at using what were effectively swimming pool disinfecting chemicals to provide photo ops for the propaganda corps. We might get something similar in Ukraine — there’s likely to be a lot of noxious chemicals lying around (one person’s pesticide is another person’s nerve agent) but I can’t see anyone trying to deploy them except as a photo op for the propaganda corps.

What hasn’t been widely reported is that there are a number of biological laboratories in the country. The number reported — over 280 — is a bit high for just biolweapons R&D, it sounds like the normal pathology labs that you blood samples and the like but it would be a good idea for them to be identified along with what they work on. Ukraine is primarily an agricultural country so there could be all sorts of pathogens lurking in a lab ready to get released and cause problems. (But then, like Poland’s ‘secret CIA black site’, there’s always the possibility that something tucked away in an obscure part of a large country that nobody visits is up to something. Governments aren’t very trustworthy.)

Mar 10, 2022 8:19 AM
Reply to  Martin Usher

“Experience gained in WW1 from large scale use of chemical weapons showed them to be of limited usefulness as offensive weapons,”

Again it all depends on what you believe they are for. To demonise the “enemy” as a gigantic ball of evil they are very useful indeed.

A claimed biological weapon would be more useful here than a chemical weapon because it would also prop up their ailing ‘germ theory’ narrative. They do like to “function-stack any major event.

Mar 10, 2022 12:38 AM

SCRAPS From Russian Sites March 9-10

Zelensky is accepting neutrality of Ukraine instead of belonging to NATO. still doesn’t accept giving up Crimea, Donetsk & Luhansk. 

Talk of Japan wanting to reclaim Kuril Islands from Russia as a “provocation to nuclear war.”

Military expert Sergei Marzhetsky believes that Japan is obsessed with its national idea to establish control over the disputed islands of the Kuril ridge. Russia refuses to discuss this question with Japan. Tokyo may wait for a while to see how the conflict situation with the West may weaken Moscow, the expert believes.

According to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, “The Northern Territories belong to Japan. They are the territory on which Japan has sovereignty.” 

Currently, almost all of Russia’s military contingent is located in the west of the country. The expert believes that Japan may try to seize the Kuril Islands amid the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Japanese strike aircraft may suppress Russia’s air defense and coastal missile systems deployed on the disputed islands. Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force may then block the straits and establish a no-fly zone before conducting a landing mission to capture the islands, the analyst suggests, adding that the warships and submarines of the Russian Pacific Fleet will not be able to show proper resistance to the powerful forces of Japan.

According to Marzhetsky, it is only a nuclear attack that will be able to stop Tokyo from implementing its plans to seize the Kuril Islands.
Maria Zakharova, an official representative for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that the Russian special operation in Ukraine did not aim to overthrow the current government in the country.

The goal of the operation is to defend the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, to demilitarise and denazify Ukraine and eliminate the military threat to Russia, which comes from Ukraine against the background of NATO’s influence on the post-Soviet state.

“The goals of the operation do not include either the occupation of Ukraine, or the destruction of its statehood, or the toppling of the current government,” Zakharova said, adding that the special operation was not directed against the civilian population.

On March 9, Zakharova noted that Russia’s special operation in Ukraine was going strictly according to plan.

Читайте больше на https://english.pravda.ru/news/russia/150624-russia_ukraine_government/
Russia has a list of foreign companies that can be nationalized

MOSCOW, March 10 – RIA Novosti. McDonald’s, IKEA, Apple are included in a number of companies that the Russian Federation may nationalize, the Izvestia newspaper reports, citing Oleg Pavlov, head of the Public Consumer Initiative organization.
“A list of foreign companies has been sent to the government and the Prosecutor General’s Office that can be nationalized due to the cessation of their work in Russia … So far, the list includes 59 companies, but it will expand depending on new statements from foreign businesses. Among those who have already found themselves in document: Volkswagen, Apple, IKEA, Microsoft, IBM, Shell, McDonald’s, Porsche, Toyota, H&M and others,” Oleg Pavlov said .

The head of the “Public Consumer Initiative” also noted that law enforcement officers, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Rospotrebnadzor will be involved in the work on this list . According to him, the list is open, and companies that announce their withdrawal without providing guarantees to Russian consumers are included there. In addition, he specified that administrative, criminal and judicial procedures would be applied to them.
“The total amount of obligations of these companies to citizens, the state and counterparties is more than 6 trillion rubles. Exactly this amount is equal to their revenue in Russia over the past three years. Being on the anti-sanction black list means for the violating company and its management the following risks: arrest of accounts and assets, the introduction of external management, the nationalization of property. Also, the management of these enterprises can be held criminally liable for deliberate bankruptcy and fraud on an especially large scale, “Pavlov’s opinion is quoted by the newspaper.

Earlier, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov , commenting on proposals for the nationalization of enterprises of companies that announced their withdrawal from the Russian market, said that all options for responding to sanctions and the development of events are being worked out at the government headquarters.

WASHINGTON, March 9 – RIA Novosti. The US authorities will retaliate if Russia seizes the property of US companies that have withdrawn from the market in light of the Russian military operation in Ukraine and the ensuing sanctions, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

Last Monday, Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andrei Turchak said that the party proposed to nationalize the production of foreign companies that have announced their withdrawal from the market.
On Wednesday, EP reported that the government commission on legislative activity approved the second package of measures to support the economy, including one of the mechanisms for the nationalization of property. The bill allows the court to introduce external management in companies that have ceased operations, where more than 25% is owned by foreigners from unfriendly states.

Mar 10, 2022 11:01 AM
Reply to  Penelope

Naive what Zakharova is saying. How can Russia achieve their goals, if the current Ukraine government stay in power? Not merely naive, but also impossible.

S Cooper
S Cooper
Mar 10, 2022 12:10 AM

comment image
comment image

“If one thinks one is going to escape by buying or leasing extremely expensive limited life electric vehicles (which will come equipped with Kill Switches and Tracking Devices (and are even more environmentally unfriendly than gasoline powered vehicles) THINK AGAIN!  Want some Billy Eugenics Cull Juice?”

Thomas L Frey
Thomas L Frey
Mar 10, 2022 4:03 AM
Reply to  S Cooper

Interesting that there is no link to Royal Dutch Shell.

Mar 10, 2022 12:59 PM
Reply to  Thomas L Frey

Caught my eye, too… just the biggest 2B overlooked, but there again, their deal with Gazprom is far more difficult to extricate themselves from, legally, unlike B.P.
Both of whom were actually in a Win-win War profit market position and B.P. were happy to bust sanctions before, regarding Crimea… so, what changed?
I’m sure you’ve thought about completed pipelines to China, but,
What about Oil & Gas daily settlements electronically, via 🇨🇳 China & including
India 🇮🇳, half of the world’s future demand & Energy Data, therein, Neo-REALISM.
Not utilising microsoftMITgoogle Tech. networking or the
Bank of International Settlements ?!
Can that be ? We shall see…
Obviating the B.i.s. would screw
The Petro ‘poroschenko’ Dollar for B.P.
And Shell’s Ukrainian fracking licenses, suspended?
Will B.P. be paid off in Russian currency, (chuckle) 😉

Thomas L Frey
Thomas L Frey
Mar 10, 2022 4:05 AM
Reply to  S Cooper

I bet BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street control all those oil companies too.

Mar 10, 2022 10:38 PM
Reply to  S Cooper

Not that I expect Off-G to publish the comment, and they often prefer unsubstantiated, baseless & whiny drivel, that largely conform to their opinions, and frequenlty omit substantiated, well-referenced & sourced comments, but here goes…..

This infographic, whilst highlighting the growing problem of corporate giantism, and industry consolidation, even misses the larger problem.

The largest shareholders/owners of EACH Chevron (cvx), ExxonMobil (xom), BP (bp) and Marathon Oil (mor) include:
Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street, Fidelity (fmr), Invesco, the Capital Group, JP Morgan, et al.

(Note – SSGA Funds Management Inc, which is one of the largest shareholders/owners of BP, is a wholly owned subsidy of State Street.
To help outline the highly-convoluted & complex schema of underlying ownership.)

Even worse, these largest Big Asset Management firms & Big Banks also largely exist as the largest investors/shareholders of each other.

comment image

comment image

Teddy Fikre
Teddy Fikre
Mar 10, 2022 12:07 AM

Beyer’s Remorse? Privileged Politicians Gaslight US While Neglecting Our Concerns
Forgive student loans? Yeah right! Lower the cost of healthcare? Forget about it! Ensure that the average worker pays less in marginal taxes than billionaires? Think again! It never fails, time and time again the concerns of the people are ignored by our government while the desires of multinational corporations and the oligarchs who own them are heeded at all costs.

Democrats and Republicans have perfected the art duplicity where they blame the other side for inaction while they work in tandem to enrich Wall Street and deprive the “99 percent” of the means to provide for ourselves. When it comes to issues like ending wars of choice, fairness in tax codes, lowering the cost of medicine and other positions that enjoy broad and bipartisan support, Democrats and Republicans point at each other and castigate “the other side” as gridlock is blamed for inertia….continued…

READ FULL ARTICLE AT: https://fikre4va.com/beyers-remorse-privileged-politicians-gaslight-us/