“Stealth Omicron” reminds us the pandemic narrative isn’t dead…it’s just sleeping

Kit Knightly

Look how different these computer-generated images are. Different colours and everything. That’s science.

This week has seen several timely reminders that the Covid narrative is not done. It may have lost its number 1 spot at the top of the “news” charts, but it’s not dead. It’s just resting.

While the big red numbers at the top of every front page are now casualties instead of “cases”, the pandemic is simmering on the backburner and can be brought back to boil at a moment’s notice.

In China they are reporting huge spikes in “cases”, numbers not seen since the halcyon days of March 2020. Millions of Chinese citizens are already back on lockdowns, many now need police permission to travel from one province to another.

Giant multinationals are halting production for the near future at least, with the BBC warning that:

The lockdowns have raised concerns that crucial supply chains may be disrupted.

Yes, more supply chain disruption. Just like the war.

Funny how that works out.

It’s not just China either, according to Bloomberg Europe is seeing a “Covid Resurgence” after a “rushed exit” from restrictions, with Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands all reporting spikes in cases.

Germany’s “Covid resurgence” comes just days before the government’s emergency powers are due to expire, and just as they are planning to ease all restrictions.

Funny how that works out.

The alleged “resurgence” is the work of a not one but two “new” variants.

Firstly, Deltacron is back. They’re calling it a “new variant”, but the truth is the recombinant virus was first “discovered” back in early January.

At the time, mainstream articles questioned whether it even existed or was just a lab error.

They’ve decided it definitely does exist now.

The Huffington Post covers this story with the headline:

Why Everyone’s Talking About The Deltacron Variant Again

Why indeed. It’s a real puzzler.

Perhaps aware that “Deltacron” sounds like a villain from Transformers, they’re also pushing another new variant: “Omicron BA.2”.

Now, while that name definitely isn’t silly, it also isn’t very catchy – so they’ve got a cool scary sounding name for it too: “Stealth Omicron”.

It’s called “stealth omicron”, because it’s lacks markers that can be picked up on by PCR tests, meaning testing positive for this strain of the virus will look just like testing positive for the other strains.

Oh, and this variant isn’t actually new either, it was first discovered back in December, to very little fanfare.

But that was then, and this is now, and now experts are “worried”, apparently.

The press are already reporting that it might be the “most infectious disease on Earth”

Meanwhile, Pfizer’s CEO has said that the new variants mean people will need a 4th shot of their vaccine.

Funny how that works out.

All this just serves as a reminder that the Covid story is still there, and they can (and probably will) bring it back whenever they want. Maybe the very moment Ukraine and Russia agree on a peace deal.

Game of Thrones famously used to alternate their season finales, in an odd-numbered season the show would end with a shocking plot twist, and in even numbered seasons it would be an epic battle.

Maybe this will be our new reality, lurching from pandemic to war to pandemic to war, and around and around.

A perpetual cycle of different grand narratives, linked only in their shared consequences: More power for them, less freedom for us.

Funny how that works out.

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