DISCUSS: Bye Bye Boris

Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

In other breaking news that’s just as likely to seriously impact your life, Big Mo is returning to Eastenders and Jacques from Love Island has a stain on his underwear.

That really is the level this news belongs on. Soap operas and trash TV.

By all means follow along if it interests you, but don’t ever consider it matters or is anyway real.

Johnson’s resignation is the result of a prolonged campaign to remove him – with two weeks of ever-increasing scandals following on the heels of the absurd “partygate”, resulting in the resignation of 54 cabinet officials over the space of a few days, including half the new ones he appointed to replace the old ones.

It’s all a bit of a joke.

The only real question is whether or not this is a pure distraction and entirely orchestrated, the result of some genuine Tory in-fighting, or some combination of both.

…And since the political implications of all three possible answers are virtually identical, the only real answer is “Who cares?”

Tory rats clambering over each other to get ahead is not news. No matter how big the rat, it’s not steering the ship.

Meanwhile, the press is united in celebrating the departure of Boris, and already prepping the next round of distraction narratives.

First, there’s the Tory leadership contest. Where MPs and party members (allegedly) get to choose which particular Gerry Anderson creation gets to live in the big house while the people who really run the country ruin the economy, send weapons to Ukraine, criminalise free speech and drag us unwillingly into the New Normal.

Even if the move triggers an early election, Sir Keir Starmer is barely different, and possibly much worse. The “liberal” left have been far more enthusiastic about destroying civil rights in defense of “public health” throughout the “pandemic”.

His Covid policies would likely have been even worse than Johnsons, and under his leadership Labour have toed the line on every narrative from Ukraine to Covid to Monkeypox.

Boris Johnson vs Rishi Sunak. Labour vs Conservative. It’s just more fake binaries.

A paradigm designed to demand your engagement not your agreement, they don’t care which side of the (incredibly narrow) divide you’re on, as long as you pick one and then fight tooth-and-nail to defend it.

That’s the model. A violent debate about whether John Jackson really is better than Jack Johnson…

No discussion of any real issues at all, and never any possibility of real change.

Well, that’s what we think. But what do you think?

  • Why has Boris Johnson been forced to resign?
  • Who will replace him?
  • Will they change anything?
  • Will there be an early election?
  • If so, do they fix it for Labour this time or keep supporting the Blues?
  • And what you think caused that stain on Jacques’ underwear?


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