12 Memes to Get You Through the Day – Part 19

Well it’s Monday again and, for now at least, that means more memes. Yes, Meme Mondays two weeks in a row! Isn’t that a treat?

Don’t get used to it. You just know there’s an unhealthy dose of reality out there ready to ruin the fun sometime soon.


Some of you may have noticed current thing changed this week.


Nancy pulling some serious double-Gs (I stole that joke).


Seriously, it’s just all the universities and politicians and mega businesses are somehow in the minority.


He makes a good point.


It’ll cure what ails ya.


No wonder they’re worried about monkeypox. It all makes sense now.


These are the same people who did the Covid modelling, aren’t they?


Now with the new “unfalsifiable hypothesis” attachment!


It was meat. And cold showers. And stress. Honest.


Yes, I’m not in a car right now, but other people are. Don’t be selfish.


I got no syringe to hold me down…


In honour of Alex Jones telling it how it is.

We all know it’s true.

BONUS – From the comments

Every edition from now we’ll pick a few of favourite comment memes from last week and feature them here.

It’s sweeping the world.

Being cynical is contagious.

And finally…

Shor’s bones, and senile man in Falkreath…

Ok, so it’s not technically a meme, but still it was too good not to share.

Credit to The Silent Memejority and Sal the Agorist for some of these, and thanks to the people who sent others in.

A question for our readers: The old format was Meme Mondays every two weeks, and 15-25 entries a time. Did you prefer that, or would more frequent posting with fewer memes each time be your preference? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see which side wins.


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