DISCUSS: The Queen is Dead

Queen Elizabeth II has died aged 96.

The mainstream media had been giving live updates on her majesty’s “medical supervision” all afternoon, along with the news that the extended royal family was gathering at Balmoral in Scotland, where the Queen was reportedly “comfortable”.

One BBC political reporter announced the Queen’s death, apparently in error, and then deleted the tweet:

It was clear and obvious that the queen had been dead for several hours before being officially reported, a little insight into how the news media actually works.

Moving forward we can expect a distraction to end all distractions, certainly, they will take the opportunity to “bury some bad news”.

Following that, this is a narrative which could go in many directions.

One potential story to develop from this will be UK’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss. Her “handling” of this “crisis” will tell us a lot about the direction her administration will take, just as Tony Blair’s “people’s princess” speech set the tone for his entire term.

They may try to parlay it into a source of “national unity”, similar to messaging at the beginning of the “pandemic”.

Mick Lynch of the UK’s RMT Union has announced that strike actions planned for September 15th and 17th will no longer be going ahead.

It is already being reported that Charles is now King Charles III, despite stories over the years that he may be skipped over in favour of his son William.

It has been reported in recent months that “experts believe” Charles might hand the crown to William, and it would be very on-brand for the current global narrative to have a “modern young monarch” to tackle the “unique challenges facing the country and the world”, or something like that.

But what do you think?

    • Who will succeed?
    • What bad news will be buried?
    • Is there a grander narrative being planned?


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