Dangerous? Not So Much

Todd Hayen

As long as he keep the blind fold on, he won’t fall. Right?

There is so much arm flapping going on from us shrews to get sheep attention that it can become rather annoying.

I have used the Chicken Little analogy before: we are all running around getting continually bonked on the head by falling acorns it isn’t funny, “Look! look! look! The sky is falling!! People are dropping in droves! Death, disease, mayhem! Why don’t you see it???”

But what is it really that we are seeing that they are not? We believe it is proof that what we have been saying since day one is truth. From the extreme that they are intentionally trying to eliminate most of the population on earth, to a slightly watered-down accusation that their vaccine is far more dangerous than intended and people have to stop taking it because A) it doesn’t work as advertised and B) it is not as safe as they assured us it was.

What the sheep see is slightly different. First of all, they will never buy the genocide angle unless they have to wade through dead bodies, literally, to get to the store to buy some eggs (which won’t be there because all those responsible for eggs on the shelves are also dead).

And they won’t buy the lesser of these two intentions until they have to literally wade through those same dead bodies…you get the point.

Actually, if the stated reason (wading through dead bodies) was true, the sheep probably would only BEGIN to believe the vaccine “might not be as safe as originally thought”…the genocide scenario most people will never believe was caused by an intentional extermination, no matter what happens.

And what really are we flapping about? 40 dead doctors in Ontario? Why not everywhere? 30,000 VAERS deaths, reported by anyone who can fill out a form?

A dubious (dubious to sheep at least) report from Pfizer that a large percentage of pregnant women in their trial had miscarriages? What about my niece who just gave birth to a healthy child? And the numerous other births I have heard about in my experience from vaccinated mothers who are perfectly fine?

Excess mortality? Deaths in 2022 a few percentage points higher than deaths from 2017? One out of every 73 vaccinated persons now dead in the UK? Really? Who? Do I know any of them?

These examples, and many more like them, are pisses in a bucket to sheep. Do you want to hear other figures that fly right over a sheep head?—Other pisses in the bucket?

In the US alone per year: 696.962 deaths from heart disease, 602,350 deaths from cancer, 200,955 deaths from accidents, 102,188 deaths from diabetes. And what about starvation around the world? 36,000,000. Let that sink in. Thirty-six million.

Who cares enough to do something about it? Or find all this sobering information to be of central importance? Not I, said the fly. Not I.

What’s my point? Well, in our current context this sort of arm flapping to sheep is only just that, arm flapping. And speaking of flies, it seems the sheep keep on happily chewing on their cuds while just flicking the flies away with an ear twitch here and there.

The numbers listed above about the disastrous effects of the vaccine are just not impressive enough for any of them to really care, they should care, and the statistics are indeed quite impressive, but not impressive enough for the average sheep to give them a second thought.

They will just rationalize these statistics away with idiotic statements like “all that is due to Covid and long Covid,” or “all that is due to climate warming,” or “all that is due to Trump being an idiot.” Whatever.

They also may not even believe any of it. And if they do believe it, even if they by some miracle attribute it to the vaccine, they will brush it off with a “well, it isn’t THAT bad, and if it all IS true, it was worth it because it prevented many millions from dying of Covid!”

Good enough. Go on living your nice comfortable, protected lives, my little sheep friends.

Yeah, I’m getting angry.

There are a bunch of reasons for this. One of them is that all these folks look over their shoulder to consult with the MSM or the talking heads they trust whenever they are confronted with any of this and say, “Should I believe this?” And of course the answer is, “No, little one, you will not believe this.”

I have a very close friend who I used to feed some seriously damaging information (to the agenda). He never looked at any of it, he would respond with comments like, “The news source that published the article you sent me is known to promote Russia,” or, “The author of that article is a Republican, I didn’t bother to read it.”

Before considering anything, he looked over his shoulder to see what daddy or mommy had to say first. According to mommy and daddy we are all children to our handlers, we are all incapable of deciding for ourselves what is true or not true.

Another reason is their fear of the consequences of being wrong after having committed their lives, their health, and the lives and health of their loved ones to this agenda.

When they are shown their commitment was based on false information and lies, it all crumbles down, and then they become responsible for not only their own death (potentially) but also the death of all the people they love who have been on board with the same agenda.

Better to play it out to the end in that particular tribe than face that reality. It is simply too much to bear. We also cannot forget the unconscionable possibility that their precious government, their sweet and loving mommy and daddy, are evil devils. Their entire ego structure would collapse if that were true.

For us shrews it is a given, we always knew mom and dad were wicked (the government ones, I don’t know about the real ones) and our ego structure isn’t built on fantasies.

So what sort of disaster becomes big enough to wake up the sheep and for them to start questioning some of this? If 36 million deaths from starvation worldwide isn’t enough to inspire most people to donate at least $500 a month to end world hunger, then it would have to be a mighty heavy stick to whack a suitable impression into people’s heads regarding the dangers of Covid vaccinations. It also probably would take at least some form of personal experience, like having a child die in your arms of a proven vaccine injury.

Sheep have a myriad of reasons why they don’t wake up, not the least being they simply are not impressed with our arm flapping. They think it was all worth it, and that the thousands of excess deaths and injuries are at best an exaggeration, at worst a small price to pay to have avoided the ravages of the Great Covid Purge.

Todd Hayen is a registered psychotherapist practicing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He holds a PhD in depth psychotherapy and an MA in Consciousness Studies. He specializes in Jungian, archetypal, psychology. Todd also writes for his own substack, which you can read here


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