DISCUSS: Bye Bye Liz

Just 44 days into the job, embattled British Prime Minister Liz Truss has just announced her resignation.

Already among the more forgettable people in the world, with this move Truss consigns herself to the dustbin of history as nothing but a potentially tricky trivia question for future generations.

It doesn’t come as much of a shock to anyone who has been paying attention. The writing was on the wall the moment the International Monetary Fund publicly criticised her taxation plans.

See that the mainstream is already reporting that the pound has “rallied” in the 45 minutes since the resignation was announced.

Not to imply that Truss is some kind of rebel who went against the globalist agenda and lost, but rather she was never supposed to succeed and was being set up to fail from the start.

One wonders if she was in on the joke, or they didn’t tell her and just relied on her natural incompetence to carry the day.

Either way, what was the point?

Well, just as the Corbyn “experiment” was said to show people had no appetite for old-fashioned Labour politics, Truss’s failure will be used to argue people have lost their taste for “traditional conservatism”.

Enter some “new kind of politics”, perhaps in the person of Sir Keir Starmer or his coterie of soulless drones, who have somewhat predictably called for an early general election.

Whoever takes the office next, you can bet they’ll be bringing the Great Reset with them.

Some questions to consider…

  • Will there be an early election?
  • Are we being set up for a Labour government?
  • If so, what will change?
  • If not, who will be the next PM?
  • What was the point of this exercise?
  • …and will anyone even remember Liz Truss WAS prime minister in ten years’ time?


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